Drill baby drill: Sarah Palin talks oil drilling and Keystone with John Stossel

Sarah Palin went on with John Stossel a couple of nights ago to discuss our overal drilling potential as well as address the ‘concerns’ environmental groups have over the Keystone Pipeline:

I’d really love to see Sarah Palin become Energy Secretary in the next administration because I think she’d be really good at keeping the oil companies in check but also fighting the environmental groups and helping unleash the drilling potential we know we have in America.

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  • keyesforpres

    One thing that needs to be talked about is this: It is believed the Saudis are paying the “environmentalists” to stop our drilling for oil in this nation. This needs to be investigated and if true (I believe it), it must be brought to light. Also, the folks that are taking money from the Saudis should be prosecuted.

    All federal lands should be turned back over to the states. It is unconstitutional to have federal land.

    • AMEN BRO!!!

    • Rshill7

      That makes a lot of sense keyes. Now I’m going to watch the video before commenting further. It’s a cold rainy day in North Michigan or me and boaty would be out chasing fish.

    • nibblesyble

      Nice chicky!

  • The lefts mantra is : “Kill baby, kill!”

    • Rshill7

      What’s your mantra? Shill baby shill?

      • drill, drill ,drill here

      • My mantra would be an old one, but a good one:

        “Don’t tread on me”


      • I am thinking I would like to kill baby kill you.

      • you remind me of a jackal lurking in the gloom with red eyes blazing—

        • Rshill7

          I would remind a rodent of that. Rodents are my favorite. They need to be disease free though. Sorry Charlie Mattie, only good tasting rodents get to be R-Kist. I have something you can kiss though, after you sanitize your face.

          • that so demon boy…they will come in the night… enjoy.

    • Donya G

      Moby is back!

  • conservative58

    Yep, she would make a great Energy Secretary! Now, that would really get the Dems all ‘wee-wee’d’ up for sure!
    We need to do everything possible to decrease our dependency on foreign oil.
    Drill Baby Drill!!

  • anneinarkansas

    Sarah would be a great, great energy secretary…or head of the EPA.

    • Nukeman60

      Yeah, I’d like to see her head of the EPA, and then on her first day, disband the entire operation and move on to the Dept of Energy.

      Kill, then drill, baby, yeah.

    • maynardb50

      I would prefer we simply got rid of the energy department AND the EPA !

      • Dick_Parker

        Offtrack, perhaps, but you could throw the NEA in that hat too. Make it a hat trick

  • RefudiateObama2012

    While I agree that Palin would make an excellent Dec of Energy, I just don’t see her accepting any position in the Romney administration. Romney and his cronies represent everything she’s against. Romney may try to get her to join his administration in some capacity, but I think it will be for the purpose of silencing her. A Palin shackled to a job in the administration would be a dream come true for the GOPe.

    Palin will serve us well doing what she’s doing now. She knows that the makeup of Congress and the makeup of local and state governments is the key to long term victory over the liberals.

    We all know that a Romney administration will have little effect on the cesspool in D.C., so we need Palin to continue to rage against the machine. She may very well be our last and best hope to lead the process of restoring our country to its glory days. Who else on the outside can accomplish that?

    • keyesforpres

      Alan Keyes comes to mind, although he certainly doesn’t get the press and attention that Sarah attracts.

      • RefudiateObama2012

        Surely you jest. Alan Keyes doesn’t have the ability to inspire anyone. That’s why he’s never been able to get any traction.

        • keyesforpres

          He didn’t inspire because the press didn’t give him any coverage.
          He is very solid on the constitution like no one else.

    • SaraPFan

      Watch the movie the Undefeated. Palin is a maverick. She’s been designated to positions of power before and she doesn’t just fall in line with crony capitalism. She resigned from her position as the Chairwoman of the Oil & Gas Commission after repeatedly reporting on the crony capitalism going on within. After years of being ignored, she resigned and reported these abuses to the public which started an investigation and ended up with corrupt politicians in sent to jail. She cleaned up the backroom deals with politicians and oil executives and forced the oil companies to start drilling in Alaska or get their permit & leases revoked.

      • RefudiateObama2012

        Don’t assume that you need to educate me about Sarah Palin. I’ve watched The Undefeated, but not to learn about her. There was nothing in the movie that was new to me. I knew a lot about her long before McCain picked her and I have kept abreast of everything since the election. While what you wrote is accurate, it hardly addresses what I wrote. I clearly stated that I don’t see her accepting the position, because of who and what she is. She’s smart enough to know that Romney is not interested in real reform. There’s nothing in his background that suggests that he is.

        • SaraPFan

          Oh, sorry. I was just pointing out that even though a government or administration is a cesspool of corruption, people don’t have to be tarred by it. Sometimes it’s necessary to rage against the machine from the inside. I look at the makeup of the Supreme Court, the Pentagon, the military leaders. We all can’t just abandon it and leave it to the good ole boys. There has to be vocal opposition and reform from people inside.

    • Cindy09

      The difference is Romney will be President. If President Romney asked her to serve her country in that respect, she may accept because she is a patriot. I am hoping that Romney will, I believe that though they have different opinions regarding policies, she can be an incredible asset to his administration. I want to think that he is smart enough to have figured that out already!

      • RefudiateObama2012

        You misunderstand her smarts. She is smart enough to know that Romney, and certainly not those surrounding him, can be trusted and she’s not going to uproot her family to go to work for or with a bunch of people who have already shown they have no integrity.

        Besides, do you really believe that anyone within the GOPe will ever allow Palin to succeed? They still have hopes for Jeb Bush and they certainly have hopes for Rubio. They want Palin to disappear. As long as she has any kind of visibility, she is a threat to them.

        Yes, Palin is a patriot, but that doesn’t mean she must accept a job from Romney, if offered. The fact that she is a patriot is reason enough for her not to get involved with this bunch of charlatans.

        • wodiej

          At some point patriots will need to infiltrate DC from the inside. What Gov. Palin has been doing has been very effective. Whatever she decides to do, it would be a family decision and all would be well with it.

        • Cindy09

          Man, you sure know how to throw fire on my hopes that Sarah Palin be out there representing us as Secretary of Energy or Vice President to a Romney Administration. The thing is: Palin did not run as President! I am pretty sure she has high hopes for the future and except to get in sooner or later. She is a savvy politician and will seize an opportunity when she sees one. The VP slot for 2016 might be a stretch but for now Sec of Energy is something I am inclined to believe she would not pass by. She gets a big chance to prove herself in what she does best: Energy Policies. Now if Romney reaches out to her, that would be gracious of him to put petty politics aside for the good of the country. Personally, Romney has some traits to Obama that I do not like. Nonetheless, he is the best of the worse and if he pulls the right people in such as Palin, IMHO she should seize the opportunity to DO something for her country. Which I would expect her to do. The damage done to this country is beyond petty politics. Every good man and good woman that can help, should help for the sake of the future of our children and grandchildren! Now I may still be wrong in thinking that she would join a Romney’s Administration but my gut tells me that she would support the Nominee-turned-President!!

          • RefudiateObama2012

            If Palin was the Sec of Energy, she would still be working at the direction of the POTUS, and much of what she might want to do would be subject to his approval and/or the approval of Congress.

            Palin has been very clear as to how to effect lasting change that’s needed. She has talked about the need to get conservatives elected not only to the House and the Senate, but also the state houses, local governments, and even school boards. She fully understands the role the media plays and without building the conservative movement from the bottom up, any gains at the top are temporary.

            I think she sees her role now as facilitating the building process. Any position she might be offered in a Romney administration would be a hindrance to accomplishing that. Palin is painted as polarizing and/or a right-wing extremist, but when you corner someone who makes that claim, they usually can’t tell you what her positions on the issues are. They rely on what they’ve heard or read from the media.

            In December of 2010, Palin was on with Tom Sullivan on FBN and I think it’s one of the best interviews by any FNC/FBN host.

            Here’s the link: http://conservatives4palin.com/2010/12/governor-palin-on-fox-business-with-tom.html

            In this video, she makes some very strong points, especially about the need to replace most of the congress critters, plus she talks about the need to elect conservatives at the local level.

            • Cindy09

              I have to applaud her willingness, passion and endeavor in endorsing candidates for both the Senate and Congress. I agree, we have to replace both Houses with fiscally responsible Conservatives. Though I love her job as a facilitator, I certainly would love to see her in a much higher position, that would ultimately lead her to a Presidential position. But however one looks at it, she has since 2008 set her heart to helping out Conservatives and make our/her voice/s heard and she is not ready to give upon that mission. In time, more exposure would be great.


    …one of the ways out of this ECONOMIC CATASTROPHE the others are lower Corporate Taxes to 20 % , a new TAX Structure (Flat Tax on consumption) and once an for all send Barry Barach HUSSEIN Soetoro Obama back to KENYA where he belongs to be buried beside his Father .” (period)

  • View_From_Here

    I understand that the Keystone pipeline would end up in Texas at an Arab-owned facility where it would be shipped to their refineries and then dispersed world-wide. I don’t believe Sarah Palin understands the whole picture. Is there really “Domestic” oil when all of the Petroleum companies are multi-National?

    • crosshr

      in case you don’t understand that more than 50% of oil consumed daily here in US are Arab supply oil. since you are only allowed by the LMSM to see and hear their one sided EPA anti America anti wealth, just take a hike down to any gas station and check the gas prize American families are paying today.

      in case you don’t even have the slightest insight that Palin and all America loving citizens of this country are taking back the Energy production and supply to Domestic level. Yet the EPA , OPEC, UN and current administration are attempting the multi-national controll so they can manipulate and bring America down to Her knees ( where we heading ). in one day you may wake up and realize how much you’ve been owned!

      • View_From_Here

        Well, ask a silly question….

  • nibblesyble

    I’m glad to see Stossel finally have an avenue on Fox to cover the topics he wants to, and I am always thrilled to see Sarah and hear her special kind of wisdom. Thanks Scoop!

  • kclightguy

    Sarah Palin could make a great Energy Secretary if Romney has the courage to ask her. It would serve to legitimize his “conservative” credentials and also could act as a great springboard for any of Palin’s future political plans. There’s a lot of Maggie Thatcher grit, honesty, and determination in her.

  • “we”(some of “us”) keep on letting terrorists to fund their terror against USA, refusing employment of thousands to work in our oil industries (wells, refineries, etc)…..
    It’s time to start drilling wherever we can!
    Commence it, Sarah! The hell with moratorium!

  • SaraPFan

    Right RS. Sarah Palin has the right experience. She can reel in the EPA and strip them of their unlawful authority. They’re unelected, self-appointed and force laws upon us that only Congress has the Constitutional power to enact. The EPA is is basically a board full of czars.

    • SaraPFan

      I will fall in love with Romney if he tags Palin to be the Energy Secretary. She can even live in Alaska since that state has an abundant supply of oil and is central to national energy.

      • warpmine

        Remember, up until just prior to his run for President, Willard bought into the hoax himself along with our betters(dimwits) politicians.

      • warpmine

        Remember, up until just prior to his run for President, Willard bought into the hoax himself along with our betters(dimwits) politicians.

      • Bogdan51

        If Romney decides to do this it shall not be for the purpose of giving her a free hand in resurecting America’s energy industry and drive her towards the energy independence but in order to neutralise her.

        By applying a passive resistance to her ideas and initiatives he would try to frustrate and exchaust her and force her to quit his administration.

        What we have to bear lways in our minds is that Romney is being treated by the so called “establishment” as a kind of a transitional (if prosepective) President whose strategic task would be to help that establishment avoiding being held responsible for the “theft of generation”as Sarah has named it they have inflicted on the American people.

        It would be impossible for Sarah to function peacefully within Romney administration filed with the operatives of a dubious morality and with a strategic target so different from her own.

        It would be virtually impossible for Sarah who is ten times larger human than Romney and all his minions together.

        It would be as if a general were forced to serve under a lieutenant.

        That’s not going to happen.

        I think that Sarah will wait until Romney wins and then direct her criticizm towards him and perhaps prepare herself for the possibility of launching the third party.

        Greetings from Aussie.

        • RefudiateObama2012


          • heshtesh

            I’ll double up your Bingo,i’ve said all along Romney will be in for a tough time if he attains the Presidency as Sarah will be there to remind Romney constantly what a ” severe conservative” he is.:)

        • Cindy09

          I agree with most of what you say. However, we have already “evaluated” the possibility of a third party which after the tally could give any democrat candidate a larger margin of victory. Also, the purist idea of steering away from a Romney administration does not help.

          With time, the passion for Sarah Palin – which by way was incensed by the possibility that she would run in the elections – will eventually wane unless she becomes a public figure. If for some political reasons, she couldn’t join Mitt then there’s still the possibility of running for US Senate.

        • Cindy09

          I agree with most of what you say. However, we have already “evaluated” the possibility of a third party which after the tally could give any democrat candidate a larger margin of victory. Also, the purist idea of steering away from a Romney administration does not help.

          With time, the passion for Sarah Palin – which by way was incensed by the possibility that she would run in the elections – will eventually wane unless she becomes a public figure. If for some political reasons, she couldn’t join Mitt then there’s still the possibility of running for US Senate.

  • 12grace

    As always, Sara Palin knows her stuff.

  • If she’s not tapped for energy secretary, I’d really like to see her run for a seat in the U.S. Senate advocating and passing legislation that will lead us to use our natural rescources. Which could also lead to job creation, less dependcy on foreign oil, lower gas prices at the pump, and a strong econnomy. I wonder if she’s considering running for the U.S. Senate in Arizona?

  • c4pfan

    Sarah would be great, but I doubt that the GOP will even give her a prominate speaking or any at all at the convention.

    Mitt will be like all of them and give that as some pay back to someone that gave him a lot of money.

  • wodiej

    Gov. Palin would be excellent in a position involving energy. I’d also like to see Gingrich, Trump, and some other big names in there. I’d really love to see someone scrappy as the WH press secretary. Trump would be good on trade policy. He’s always talking about how the Chinese are ripping us off.

  • People who think that we don’t need to drill here, drill now are the same who scream about middle eastern oil, or complain about potential disasters like the Gulf spill. These morons need to realize that we need to get our oil from somewhere, and the US has more oil than we’ll ever use in a few generations. They need to realize that onshore or interior drilling is much safer and environmentally sound than making the companies move off shore where they have to go down so far. As for off shore drilling, there is much that we could drill for and if we don’t- China, Brazil, Venezuela, Russia and other countries will. Personally, I’d trust Americans to do it safely over any other nation.
    For those who say we need to turn to ‘green energy’ and get off our dependence on oil, do they have any clue of what is made of petroleum? I suppose they could go without the following things if they want to depend soley on wind or sun:

    plastic ties, irrigation piping, bags and packaging, pesticides and herbicides, food preservatives
    fertilizers, ballet tights, nylon cord, everything polyester: blouses, pants, pajamas etc.
    everything permanent press: shirts, dresses etc., beads, bracelets, pantyhose, nylon zippers
    plastic hangers, purses, thongs and flip flops, earrings, ribbons, windbreakers, sandals
    garment bags
    shoe laces, rain coats, iron-on patches, sneakers, sweaters, sofa pillow material, tote bags, umbrellas, ball point pens, diskettes, thermometer, Ink, computers, business card holders, copiers, waste baskets, calculators, printer cartridges, microfilm, binders, erasers, rulers, scotch tape, magic markers, telephones, cell phones and cases

    backpacks, air mattresses, cameras, beach balls, fishing poles, hang gliders, footballs, glue containers
    puzzles, darts, Frisbees, golf ball and golf bags
    shotgun shells, ear plugs, knitting needles, waterproof clothing, stadium cushions
    earphones, yarn
    kites, tennis racquets
    fabric dye, decoys, lifejackets, nylon strings, volley balls, model cars
    plastic water guns, fishing bobbers and lures
    soccer balls, oil paints, parachutes

    light sticks, playing cards
    photographs, monofilament fishing lines
    diving boards, poker chips, goggles, rollerskate and skateboard wheels, whistles, guitar strings, picks, rafts, ice chests, tents, sleeping bags, motorcycle helmets
    skis, water skis, rubber cement, plastic flowerpots, hot tub covers
    sails, snorkels

    photo albums, wet suits, flippers, tennis balls, boats, insulated boots, acrylic toys
    baby oil, laundry baskets, waterproof pants, baby aspirin, bath soap

    bibs, rattles, baby bottles and pacifiers, disposable diapers, baby shoes, teething rings, dolls, stuffed animals, baby lotion, allergy medication, cotton-tipped swabs, inhalers
    liquid Pepto-Bismol
    aspirin, lancets, band aids, first aid kits, latex gloves, prescription bottles, burn lotion, glycerin, mosquito spray, rubbing alcohol, chap stick, heart valve replacement, nasal decongestant, surgical tape, syringes
    antiseptics, anesthetics
    artificial limbs, eyeglasses and sunglasses, antihistamines, cortisone, vaporizers
    denture adhesives, laxatives
    Bactine, oxygen masks, stethoscopes, prescription glasses, cough syrup, hearing aids

    vinegar bottles, egg cartons, meat trays, trash bags, cake decorations, jars
    microwave dishes
    utensils, candles, freezer bags, milk jugs, vacuum bottles, coasters, gelatin molds, nylon spatulas, wax paper, coffee pots, ice cream scoops

    mops, drinking cups, ice trays, plastic containers
    fabric softener
    detergent bottles, plastic table service, drain stoppers, dish drainers, lunch boxes, pudding molds, sponges, dish scrubbers, brushes, baggies, drinking straws, Styrofoam

    measuring cups
    Teflon coated pans, table cloths, refrigerator shelves

    cologne, hair brushes, lipstick, perfume, hair color, mascara
    petroleum jelly, comb

    shampoo, contact lenses and cases, hair spray, hand lotion, shaving foam, hair dryers
    shoe inserts, dentures, body lotion, face masks, skin cleanser, deodorants, moisturizing cream
    soap holders, disposable razors, leather conditioner, mouthwash,
    facial toner, nail polish
    sunscreen, tooth brushes, toothpaste tubes, vitamins, bubble bath, carpet padding

    Venetian blinds, TV cabinets
    extension cords, picture frames, shower doors, Formica, refrigerator lining, vinyl wallpaper, curtains, carpet, welcome mats, fan blades, lamps
    shower curtains, patio furniture, swings, linoleum, upholstery, rugs

    caulking material, light switch plates, plungers
    faucet washers, clotheslines, measuring tape, polyurethane stain, water pipes
    electric saws, paintbrushes, propane bottles
    wood floor cleaner/wax
    vinyl electrical tape

    shingles (asphalt), light panels, garden hoses
    plastic wood spackling paste, awnings, Plexiglas, spray paint
    enamel, epoxy paint, artificial turf

    floor wax
    glue, house paint, paint rollers, toilet seats, water pipes, putty, solvents
    roofing material, plywood adhesive, sockets

    antifreeze, flat tire fix, asphalt, car battery cases, coolant, motor oil
    tires, loud speakers, bearing grease, sports car bodies, traffic cones
    car enamel, brake fluid, dashboards, windshield wipers, visors
    car sound insulation, oil filters, car seats, convertible tops, fan belts

    dog food dishes, toolboxes, CDs and DVDs, balloons, dog leashes, synthetic rubber
    bubble gum, dog toys, nylon ropes, bungee straps, flight bags, disposable lighters,flutes
    lighter fluid, electric blankets, tool racks

    cigarette filters, ammonia, insect repellent, crayons, ice buckets
    dyes, pillows, credit cards, flashlights, fly swatters, plastic cup holders
    dice, movie and camera film, luggage, video cassettes, rayon
    safety glasses, gloves, hats, shoe polish
    cassette tapes, watch bands, waterproof boots, shopping bags (yes, even the “green” bags!), bedspreads, checkbooks

    clothes hangers, flea collars, masking tape, safety flares, flags,butane

    • toongoon

      This list brings up a whole new discussion, almost everything on your list used to be made in the US and are now imported. With oil independence we could bring back some of what Biden calls that three letter word: Jobs.

    • Nukeman60

      The funniest concept for the ‘alternate energy’ people is this: Without oil, we don’t make solar panels and wind turbines. Also, those electric cars are run off our outlets which is electricity produced by that dreaded coal. They can’t quite wrap their little brains around that.

  • 911Infidel

    The Odumbo administration is full of eco-looney-tunes. There are 3 Trillion barrels of oil untapped sitting in an area the is called (I belive) the Green Mountain Reserve…Its an area that streches from Oklahoma to Pennsylvannia. And this DOES not include super rich supplies of gas in the Gulf, or the huge deposits of oil offshore and in Alaska,.

    Obama and his cronnies are so full of crap it isn’t even funny. They care more about Gaia than they do about getting us the “f” off of foreign oil.

    Oh and speaking of Keystone…part of the reason for Keystone is not only to get Canadian shale oil to the refineries faster, but it would also feature interconnecting pipelines that would be fed with US shale oil. Right now the big winner in the oil biz is the government who taxes oil twice…once on the profits and once at the pump. Oh and it is big money for Obammy’s Robber Baron buddy Warren Buffet who owns the railroads bring oil to market from Canada. Naturally he is opposed to the Keystone project.

    Read Brian Sussman’s book “Eco-Tyranny” and educate yourselves. Obama and his crony socialist tree-hugging swines (yeah media and university profs too) are so full of lies that
    you’d think that they were raised in a vacuum by the Shatain himself.

    We need to get rid of this fool Obama and dump his entire administration in the crap pile of history.

  • Palin would make a great energy secretary but it won’t be in the Romney administration.

    • Karl Rogue

      Riding a desk job in DC?
      Ugh, sounds like a fate worse than death.
      I’m sure Sarah has more sense than to jump into a DC job for the Republicrats.

  • This woman has so much potential. We could almost instantly create hundreds of thousands of jobs in this country if we only opened up our vast areas for oil drilling. The Keystone Pipeline should also be a no brainer, yet we do nothing about it. This is insane given our terrible economy. Romney would be able to create lots of new jobs almost on day one of his administration just by reversing Obama’s energy policies and he would also bring down the price of gas too, not to mention reducing our dependence on foreign oil. Not a bad day’s work, I would say.

  • silly disqus

    • Nukeman60

      Obama has two kill lists on his desk. One is foreign terrorists list and the other is his conservative sites list (domestic terrorists). He uses control over disqus to disrupt our communications. Be proud that he has targeted you. 🙂

      • 😀 He’s been following me on facebook for years lol! Now he’s found me here. Hi Dear leader!

  • More Stossel please. He is the best.

  • Michael Shepard

    Right after Romney appoints Lt. Col. Allen West as Sec. of Defense & John Bolton Sec. of State & Paul Ryan Sec.of Treasury he should make Sarah Sec. of Energy. She did an amazing job on the Alaska Gas & Oil Commision. That would be a nice team. Oh…yea…Mark Levin as Att. General.

  • All these calls for Palin to be Energy Secretary…the Department of Energy should be eliminated! It is an unnecessary bureaucratic agency we cannot afford and do not need.

    Limited government…remember?

  • RefudiateObama2012

    I thought the way Stossel’s show was produced was unfair to Palin. Her segment was pre-recorded and then it was followed up with a live discussion where Jerry Taylor of the Cato Institute attacked her as a conservative pretender. He ridiculed her for her support of the Alaska constitution (natural resources owned collectively by the citizens) and for her opinion that we need an energy plan. She wasn’t given the opportunity to rebut Taylor’s stupid comments.

  • carltonwest

    Forget the oil. Sarah Palin has discovered the fabled Fountain of Youth somewhere near her Wasilla property. What a gorgeous, glamorous lady!

    • Michael Shepard

      Well…that too.

  • bobemakk

    The politically uneducated DO NOT know the truth, and Obama is not telling the truth. He stopped drilling on the east and west coast and the gulf that were all open and being drilled during the Bush administration. AND Obama refuses to open the Keystone pipeline that will create over 20,000 American jobs. Obama has to go.

  • Communists. Scream, baby, scream!

  • But it’s not about the environment, that’s why it doesn’t make sense – it’s about the communism.

  • MYTH: All of our oil comes from overseas.

    REALITY: 55% comes from U.S.

  • cudaforever

    Disagree Scoop, While Sarah would be excellent in that role she is a larger figure than some DC Desk Jockey job.

  • cudaforever

    I have a better role fo Sarah. POTUS !!!

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