Earth to ABC News fact-checkers: Ford did NOT accept bailout money!

If you suffered through last night’s State of the Union address, you probably noticed when President Obama strongly implied that Ford was one of the U.S. automakers bailed out by the government, along with GM and Chrysler.

Here is the text from that portion of the speech:

On the day I took office, our auto industry was on the verge of collapse. Some even said we should let it die. With a million jobs at stake, I refused to let that happen. In exchange for help, we demanded responsibility. We got workers and automakers to settle their differences. We got the industry to retool and restructure. Today, General Motors is back on top as the world’s number-one automaker. (Applause.) Chrysler has grown faster in the U.S. than any major car company. Ford is investing billions in U.S. plants and factories. And together, the entire industry added nearly 160,000 jobs.

Obama must think he’s pretty slick because he does this all the time, lumping Ford in with GM and Chrysler as he attempts to put a positive spin on the auto bailouts. Of course it is common knowledge that Ford stands out among the Big Three American auto companies because they refused to accept bailout money. They even made a commercial emphasizing this fact, for crying out loud.

So, put another one in the “pants-on-fire” column for Obama, right? Wrong. Not only did the ABC News “fact-checkers” not correct the record, they were even more explicit in stating that Ford was among the bailed out U.S. auto companies.

You really have to read this to believe it.

Fact or Fiction Number 3 – The American Auto Industry is Back

When Obama took office in 2008 the American auto industry was indeed in crisis. General Motors, Chrysler, and Ford were all facing financial turmoil, and seeking government bailouts in order to stay afloat. In 2009, Obama hired Steve Rattner to serve as his car czar, and oversee the federal bailout of these three American institutions.

Today, General Motors, Chrysler, and Ford have turned around. General Motors recently reclaimed its place as the top-selling automaker in the world, ousting the previous top-seller, Toyota. Chrysler is currently America’s fastest growing car company, and Ford recently announced plans to invest $446 million in manufacturing in Brazil.

Is it any wonder that the mainstream media is held in such low regard these days? Even the so-called fact-checkers can’t get their facts straight.

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  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I blanched when he mentioned Ford. But then I figured there was probably some kernel of truth to it and he’d get away with it.

    Some of the big banks were forced by the government to take bailout money even though they didn’t ask for it and didn’t want it. They had no choice. Ford was probably forced to take some money, too. That wouldn’t surprise me.

    • Amy

      I doubt Ford took anything. They have a record of telling the federal government to shove it. They had no problem telling FDR they weren’t going to surrender their plants to the feds for production of planes/trucks.

      • Anonymous

        They probably got stimulus money. Don’t they have an electric car?

        Remember, all Obama needs is that little kernel to let his protectors in the media say he’s telling the truth.

        • Amy

          They have a 2012 Focus that is pretty cool. Pretty sure nothing before that. It charges in half the time of the Nissan Leaf and is a full five passenger vehicle. As for stimulus money, I’m still sure that’s a no. Their outgoing CEO is not a fan of the administration.

          Can you tell I’m a Ford chic? 🙂

          • Anonymous

            I love my 2000 Ford Focus. When it dies, hopefully many many miles from now, I’ll get another one. Not electric, though. I’m all for the internal combustion engine.

            • Anonymous

              My 2002 Ford Focus SW has as little over 51K, it is my first Ford. I am staying with Ford because (I thought) they did not go the government issue route.

              • B-Funk

                They had completed their re-tooling by that time. If they got any money, it was the freakin cash for clunkers debacle, and probably so subsidies for electric cars. Go along to get along, ya know? /sigh Love my old Ford truck!

  • Amy

    ABC – All Barrack Channel

    • B-Funk

      NBC – New Barack Channel

  • Jim Botts

    There is no imcompetence of fact checkers here, it’s deliberate lying and deception

  • I think their claim is that the entire American auto industry would have collapsed because there would be no more suppliers or whatever. They have a habit of assigning some ridiculous alternative scenario to create the illusion of accomplishment.

  • Anonymous

    Claiming the U.S. Auto industry would have collapsed is itself a fallacy. they would have entered into bankrutcy court and reorganized. The Unions would have lost. That is who Obama was bailing out.

  • Maxsteele

    This is why that, when I was looking for a new car just after the bailout, I bout a ford focus and will continue to buy ford from now on.

  • Anonymous
    • K-Bob

      Great. So now Gingrich is Clinton?

      Conservatives hate to admit it, but Clinton was a decent “caretaker” President. Heck, I’d take two more Clinton terms over one more year of Obama.

      Your only other choices are Romneycare Mitt and Santorum. Unless you’re really supporting Ron Paul!!1!11!.

      Romney is a bad idea. Santorum would be good for the country, but he desperately needs a big win. I don’t see that happening.

      • K-Bob

        Note the word “caretaker” is not at all like claiming he was a good President, in general.

        In fact, “W” was the best caretaker President we’ve had since Ike. W screwed up many things, but his managerial style was good for basic governance.

      • Is_Sense_Common

        Am I the only person who thinks that it’s possible that Newt maybe changed his life when he found Christ? I was a different person 15-20 years ago & Lord help me if people continue to judge me by my actions then.

        • K-Bob

          You’re correct, of course. I’d sure never run for public office. And I’ve been a real straight-up, mostly sober character since my kids were born. But unfortunately I was young once.

          Then again, it was a blast.

  • K-Bob

    Good point Dan! I’d also highlight the thing we noticed about GM becoming “number 1” again:

    Did anyone else notice how he took credit for the misfortune of the Japanese earthquake? The 10,000 and more dead, and the widespread ruin of power plants and infrastructure caused Japan’s auto output to falter below the miserable output from GM.


    Also, I “third” the comments by Ozzie and Altexas. Introducing the whole topic, Obama said:

    On the day I took office, our auto industry was on the verge of collapse. Some even said we should let it die.

    No, Mr. President, that’s not what anyone seriously following and commenting on the issue said. What we were saying is that the bankruptcy laws were written to provide for these situations, and reorganizing under them would be the correct way for GM to proceed. You and your cronies decided to nationalized them, defrauding all the bondholders, and giving their ownership stake to your union buddies in exchange for votes. This is only one example of why you are the worst President in US history (so far).

  • ………and thanks to the fact that my department of transportation tried to single handedly force Toyota out of business in order for me to look like an economic genius…

  • Anonymous

    WON’T get their facts straight. Not can’t. Liars one and all.

  • I contend Obama made the Auto Industry worse by not allowing it to fall now it will just happen later and more money will be lost. You cant save a industry when you are covering for the unions that are killing it.

    • Is_Sense_Common

      You got it! Ugh.

    • Is_Sense_Common

      Most newspapers are printed at a 2nd grade level. How crazy is that?!

  • Anonymous

    This whole State of the Union speech, actually this whole administration, is based on a single quote.

    “you will never go broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public”

    P.T. Barnum

  • Anonymous

    He may be trying to down-play or stick his thumb in the eye of one of the last great American car companies… I’m proud of Ford for not taking (ar asking for?) a bailout. I drive a Ford and will likely buy from them again. GM, Chrysler… go to bankruptcy please. You have lost.

    • Anonymous

      Two things. First, when I heard Ford refused the bailout, I immediately stood up and applauded. Then I put the stock on my radar to buy it when it stabilized at the bottom. I bought 10,000 shares at $2/share and held onto it till it hit $16/share and sold it. Thank you, Ford. BTW, if billionaires are not allowed 15% capital gains, the rest of us with 401Ks and IRAs aren’t able to either. (It hits us all, not just the rich).

      Secondly, I understand that Ford Union employees are allowed to strike while GM and Chrysler Union employees are not, due to the fact that they took the bailout. This sure as hell doesn’t sound like equality for all and everyone playing by the same rules, like the O tried to claim during the SOTU.

      • Anonymous

        I’d hate to put words in dear leader’s mouth but I think that is precisely what he wants… anything to help out his dear union brothers… Favoring unions and giving them preferential treatment is indeed what he considers “equality”. Just venting…

        Nice play with Ford’s stock! Great timing!

  • Anonymous

    He can’t help it…look at that stupid, stupid grin….

    • Anonymous

      My mom would call that a sh*t eatin’ grin.

      • Anonymous

        You have a smart, smart mom!

  • Anonymous

    He who controls the past, controls the future.

  • Duke Chesnut

    A lie told often enough goes around the world, the truth takes a little longer.

  • Anonymous

    Ford did not accept “bailout” money per say…………

  • Anonymous

    Just as Orwell predicted, they are literally making the news up now.

    I wonder if Ford will have anything to say about this.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    They’re all UAW and support the Dems. What’s the dif?

  • Anonymous


  • bobemakk

    That is because Obama is an idiot and one of his teleprompter operators screwed up. He cannot answer anything without the teleprompters. God only knows how this dumb president won the White House, I believe by a rigged election.

    Gingrich is the man for the presidency. The lamestream media now including RINO Romney, is trashing Newt for “historical” baggage. All politicians have baggage if we dig deep enough, but the lamestream/left socialists won’t expose democrats, they love the big zero/Obama. Newt has made his mark with his “Contract with America,” a contract he fulfilled that no other politician can match. He is a true conservative, and gaining in the polls. He also now has the support of the Palin family and Rick Perry and now Chuck Norris, JC Watts and former Sen. Fred Thompson. Newts daughters also wrote to ABC about the Brian Ross interview with their mother and said it was a mean and nasty move right before a primary, which Gingrich won anyway. We need this man to bring back our country into prosperity. Look at Iraq when the troops were brought home, the Iranians will take over and the violence has started again and is worsening. We can all blame Obama for that and all the soldiers lost or maimed was all in vain.
    However, I will vote for anyone who runs against the Obama regime.
    I just wish that the candidates would stop slamming each other and focus on the multitude of failures by Obama, he has ruined US and we are on the brink of bankruptcy.

  • Anonymous

    ABC has never been known for letting the truth stand in the way of any story.

  • c d

    Ford actually did accept bailout money, it was just kept quiet.