Ed Schultz: Pepper-spray incident just like Rodney King beating

Ed Shultz says that this pepper-spray incident is reminiscent of why cops got the label “pigs” in the first place and goes on to say that this incident is exactly like what happened in the Rodney King beating (via Radio Equalizer):


I think I like Bill Whittle’s take on this incident much more than the idiot above:

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  • KenInMontana

    Just like the Rodney King beating? Really Ed? I think “Dung for Brains” needs a thorough lesson in the differences between being beaten with several batons vs. being “peppered”.

    • Sounds like he should take part in a real world test. I bet that would clear it up for him 🙂

      • KenInMontana

        You betcha 🙂

    • Actually Ken, in a way I think Ed is right. It is like the Rodney King beating. For those not from the not-so-great state of California, Rodney King was high on PCP, ignored orders from the police, attacked officers, and then was beaten. The media blew the entire episode into a civil rights action and only showed a portion of the tape out of context.

      These fools at UCD were looking for a publicity stunt and good ole Ed is happy to call the police “pigs” and stir up the useful/willful idiots. It’s all a game.

      The real problem is these children were never spanked as children.

      • Anonymous

        You are right about Rodney King. Maybe they should have stopped sooner, but police get killed by druggie thugs like him all the time. Granted, these students weren’t violent, but they didn’t get a beat-down, either. In my world, if you don’t like the price, you shop somewhere else…including schools. The idiots should be protesting government, because massive government funding of tuition has caused rates to go sky high. Why not? There’s no competition.

      • Anonymous

        He was drunk. Not high on PCP. If you remember, the cops “thought” he was high on PCP and that was their defense. There were too many officers present for that kind of beating to have taken place, sorry that’s just the facts. That would have been a typical apprehension of an inebriated suspect had the police made the right decision. However to compare pepper sprayed suspects who sat there and were able to withstand the “assault” and continue to disobey the officers is inane. Rodney King was immediately subdued upon the completion of the beating and obeyed the officers commands without fail.

      • TOUJ

        How did these people attack the police? When did that happen? In any jurisdiction this would be considered excessive force for sure.

    • Anonymous

      Same cause, though: refusal to obey a police officer’s lawful commands.

      I bought the full-length Rodney King video, and read an article on it by Massad Ayoob. It was another media-created event.

  • I didn’t bother watching the idiot I watched PJ. They were right on, and I loved Whittle’s take on the 1st Amendment- he is absolutely correct.

  • Maxsteele

    Man, are the socialist MSM so desperate now that they are milking every single logical and sane thing that happens to push their agenda?
    Rapes, violence, theft, vandalism, etc..happening at these Occupy thingies and not a word from the MSM but then the police step in to do their job and it’s like crimes against humanity. I hope that Mr. Shultz never has to call the police for assistance in any regard because it seems he does not respect the job they do.

    • Anonymous

      I hope they ignore his call.

    • Anonymous

      It would make little difference, the police wold show after crime was committed to take the statements of the witnesses and victims. Absolutely useless! Be responsible, be armed be vigilant.

  • Anonymous


    Let me choose here:

    1) get blasted with law enforcement strength pepper spray
    2) experience a Rodney King style beating


    pepper spray: rinsing the affected areas with water for 20 minutes negate the burning. 45 minutes after rinsing begins, burning nearly gone if not entirely gone. Lesson learned: It’s called pepper spray for a reason.

    Beat down: Since I am a slow learner the beat down option will probably serve as a better and life long lesson.


    Pepper spray: It’ll pi55 you off and make snot pour outta your head.

    Rodney King ‘All you can beat’ buffett: possible death; broken bones; contusions; possible punctured lung(s); concussion; possible brain damage; way long healing period; a sadly enough justified mistrust of all law enforcement going forward; a huge bill if you aren’t insured; infection; and diarrhea.

    Ok, not really diarrhea but I figured as you lay there in pain and on huge doses of pain killers in recovery the last thing you want to have is the trots. Can’t hardly walk, once you sit on the can you probably can’t stand back up so you have to have that nurse that is totally hot come help you….oh, truly the icing on the cake.

    Back to my point:

    Pepper spray is just about the softest non-lethal option out there. Give me a break “it burns, it burns”. Ok it goes away.

    I think that maybe your brother Ed has been pepper sprayed but never had his can kicked with clubs for several minutes while he rolled around begging for help. His base of experience is just lacking here. So, how about we see if he is willing to take a severe clubbing so he has a new base from which to make his comments from. Since he is old we will let him where a helmet.

    • KenInMontana

      Let’s not forget that most Police Departments now use ASP style batons (something akin to a collapsible steel pipe) as opposed to the fiberglass batons of the time of the Rodney King beating. Of course in my youth the Police carried hardwood nightsticks backed up by a sap in their back pocket and Mace instead of pepper spray. Man, kids have it soft these days. 😉

      • Anonymous

        Not only were the night sticks of ole’ hardwoods, some had a lead core so they had serious boom power. One of those old clubs would have only needed one swat on RK to take him down.

    • Anonymous

      I’m not sure what part of your comment you’re attributing to Rodney, but he didn’t roll around begging for help. It was because he was not overcome by the taser that they resorted to using nightsticks.

      And Rodney’s mistrust of law enforcement stemmed from the fact that he was a criminal.

      • Anonymous

        Sorry about the begging for help. I could have a partial false memory. I mean the cops beating him and all the other stuff going on.

        “It was because he was not overcome by the taser that they resorted to using nightsticks.” I did not try to imply anything other than that. I specifically spoke of RK and pepper spray in regards to Mr. Ed.

        “And Rodney’s mistrust of law enforcement stemmed from the fact that he was a criminal. ” My comment there was not to RK, it was a con of what people would experience after a beating like what RK went through.

        Did you target things on purpose or something? The RK incident was not being relived and discussed to the n’th degree, but only a contrast to the RK beating. Why not go on to tell me that Rodney King didn’t get diarrhea, it was in there too? My whole post was not a recap of history but a commentary on the differences between to happenings and not a specific moment in time.

  • U sure Ed? I don’t remember Rodney King say, “Yes, officer, PLEASE beat me up!”

    They were told that they would get pepper-sprayed and protestors said, do it….so they did.

  • They weren’t pepper sprayed rather deloused. No signs of irritation in their eyes & they didn’t curl up in a ball. Optical fail, fleabaggers.

  • Joe

    Ed Putz – Get new Glasses and a hearing aid and I like your photo

    They were warned at least twice and said – “that’s fine”

    In my opinion they should have gotten up and left – why subject yourself to injury?

    BUT also the cops should arrested one by one to break the chain and spary anyone who resisted

    Stupid for the students and stupid for the cops

    I wonder which student may not be a student but an outsider

  • Joe

    Why isn’t Bill Whittle running for President ?

    Does anyone know?

  • L B

    My opinion… let these kids protest in China or Cuba— real socialist nations.

    • TOUJ

      With police like this, why bother? We’re already halfway toward totalitarianism thanks to how far right this country has gone in the past 30 years. Obama makes Nixon look like a commie pinko.

  • Anonymous

    I went by Occupy Madison (WI). Whatta buncha pigs. Looks like the camp I lived in when I was an addict. They’re lucky they didn’t really get the ’68 Democratic Convention treatment.

    • Joe

      Wait ’till the DNC Convention in Charlotte – They are not prepared for this AND it is BANKING CENTRAL

      Big mistake to have it here

  • Anonymous

    Like all leftist, schultz uses an incident like this to fit a narrative…even if it requires distortion or out of context comparisons. Like eddie, I’m a child of the 60’s, and the anarchist and marxist were much more successful in the 60’s than they are now with the OWS debacle. I could probably write a grad theses on all the reasons why.

    • TxGold

      schultz takes things out of context and lies about them just about every time he opens his yap. Every time I try to watch his show, he blabbering about something that he’s dreamed up and tells as ‘news’. What a joke.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think the cop over-reacted. The students trapped them inside their circle and refused to let them out. Is that not kidnapping? They were warned and they still refused. The dumbasses remind me of Hezbollah. Do everything they can to create an incident and then use the results of the incident to cry to the world and say they are victims. If this and OWS were Tea Party members, the left wouldn’t be so tolerant of them. Janet Nepolitano said the Tea Party was a threat to national security. The left has no ethics.

  • Anonymous

    I would rather listen to a cow piss on a flat rock then to hear schultz speak.

    • Joe

      I knew it reminded me of something – but an Elephant not a cow.

      He really is nuts!

  • Anonymous

    Ed looks right at home in a Nazi outfit.

    Ed likes the OWS . . . and OWS recently had the support of the American Nazi Party thrown behind them.


    Is Ed coming out of the closet?

  • Anonymous

    THE COPS LEFT? THE OWS ORDERED THEM TO LEAVE AND THEY LEFT? If – IF – that was actually what happened, then the OWS has just won the war, and communists everywhere are celebrating.

    Even if it just appeared that way, it’s still a terrible defeat. As a professor of mine used to say, “Reality doesn’t matter; it’s people’s perception of reality that matters.” (Well, he was half right.)

    I didn’t see any officer do anything stupid. (Except when they left.)

    And if pepper spray doesn’t influence them to cease their war, try vomit gas. And there’s another product that causes diarrhea.

    Why not? These OWSers are making me nauseous. Especially when I see a whole squad of cops knuckling under to them. Green’s concern about having passed the point of no return is well founded.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    OWS? no its COWS, ‘community occupys wall street’. these people are cows. they are herded in any direction just like cows. people should shout from their windows in unison,
    ‘MOOOOO, MOOOOOO, with mega-phones.

    • Anonymous

      “no its COWS, ‘community occupys wall street'”

      Nice, but let me play on that a little: COWS, ‘communism occupying wall street’

  • Anonymous

    Better yet mjs_28s, it’s at the core.