Ed Schultz: The NFL should demand players don’t own firearms

Ed Schultz believes the NFL should deny players their 2nd amendment right to own a firearm (via Newsbusters):

Just like, you know, every major company has an employee manual that you have to follow, I don’t think it’s out of the realm that the NFL should be asking players or demanding or making su-, don’t own firearms. Just, don’t, all that is is trouble. All that is is trouble. And there are authorities out there, there are law enforcement people, there are security people out there that we can get around you, this is a multi-, multi-billion dollar industry, our players don’t have to have firearms. I mean, that’s how they should view it. And I don’t know if they do but I think it’s a real good time for the NFL to rethink their position on all of this.

If I were an NFL player, I’d be rather insulted over the implication that because one guy murders his girlfriend and then commits suicide, that I can’t be responsible with a firearm, or that my right to own a firearm should be curtailed because I’m in the same line of business.

What nonsense! And this is coming from a guy who owns guns.

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