Ed Schultz: The NFL should demand players don’t own firearms

Ed Schultz believes the NFL should deny players their 2nd amendment right to own a firearm (via Newsbusters):

Just like, you know, every major company has an employee manual that you have to follow, I don’t think it’s out of the realm that the NFL should be asking players or demanding or making su-, don’t own firearms. Just, don’t, all that is is trouble. All that is is trouble. And there are authorities out there, there are law enforcement people, there are security people out there that we can get around you, this is a multi-, multi-billion dollar industry, our players don’t have to have firearms. I mean, that’s how they should view it. And I don’t know if they do but I think it’s a real good time for the NFL to rethink their position on all of this.

If I were an NFL player, I’d be rather insulted over the implication that because one guy murders his girlfriend and then commits suicide, that I can’t be responsible with a firearm, or that my right to own a firearm should be curtailed because I’m in the same line of business.

What nonsense! And this is coming from a guy who owns guns.

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  • rls77

    I’ve thought for some time that this guy should not have access to a microphone, so why not.

    • Sandra123456

      If Ed didn’t have that microphone he wouldn’t say such stupid things. Let’s help Ed and get that microphone taken away for his own protection.

      • All microphone owners or people who have access to a microphone should be registered and have background checks. Their registration should be on a public available online database that people can look up to find out if there is someone in their area who owns or has access to a microphone!

        h/t to Rush. 🙂

      • ram

        maybe we can have him stick it up hi A S S

    • Susan Rice may have caused Embassy troubles in the nineties and she is now considered for SOS?http://www.youtube.qr.net/jOZj/watch?v=7U-D-DXobAw

  • Sandra123456

    If i were an NFL player I would be insulted at the suggestion I am not to be tursted with a firearm because I play a violent game, and may not be able to control myself.

    • Great point! I hope some NFL players who do own guns speak out about this. Moronic statements like Ed’s need to be and should be challenged.

      • Don

        Wolfie, Ed Schultz is challenged, mentally challenged. If he wasn’t he wouldn’t be featured on MSNBC (Mentally Sick National Bogotry Channel). Being mentally challenged is a basic requirement to be a host on their broadcasts. Being compared to Sgt Sculltz is the highest compliement he has ever had.

        • Great comment Don. ” MSNBC (Mentally Sick National Bogotry Channel). ” That’s probably the best acronym I’ve ever read for MessNBC! Love it! 🙂

  • anneinarkansas

    Did I see that Sgt. Schultz was invited to the White House yesterday with other MSNBC hosts to discuss the fiscal cliff? Surely I read that wrong.
    The world is upside down and going to h e ll in a handbasket.

    • demographicallychallenged

      I’ve read the same points you mentioned. The House should just tell The POTUS, send us your budget, and we will pass it unamended. They should first go to the media and announce it to the American Public. NO MORE its Bushes fault, blaming the Republicans, it’s exactly what you asked for. The wealthy will take care of themselves. I have had enough, just tell me where I can pick up my Government pill. As far as the use of POTUS my remarks would be deleted if I used *&%$$#*%$#@&^* like I wanted to.

    • Please don’t give them the language. There is no ‘fiscal cliff’. It’s window dressing.

  • MrSmithInDC

    Ed, stop being a racist.

    • colliemum

      Nice one!


  • Rshill7

    Mr. Ed:

    Consider Switzerland’s present and their history regarding gun ownership, than admit to being a fool, not that anyone really needs that admission, It’s just that folks should at least know themselves and their own shortcomings.

    Bacon kills people too…I hear.

    I read somewhere that each slice of bacon takes 9 minutes off your life. According to that I should’ve died in 1749.

    • HAhaha!! Love it… Both your comment and bacon! 🙂

    • Rshill7

      Speaking of Switzerland and it’s long-standing policy on universal gun ownership, check this out:


      Shazzaam! :-I

      • sDee

        Cool Rshill. I think I’ll head on over to Switzerland. Open borders all around ya know. I can walk right in without so much as a visa.

        Once I plop my ass down, do you think the Swiss will……

        Give me a Swiss drivers license?
        Let me open a Swiss bank account or get a credit card?
        Allow me to get a job?
        Provide me free medical care and welfare?
        Let me buy a car and register it?
        Automatically enroll my kids in their public schools?
        Give the family all free college educations ‘cuz I’m a Swiss-American?
        Let me rent an apartment or buy a Swiss home?
        Let me register to vote without any identification?
        Provide me an English translator so I can understand the ballot when I vote?
        Order their police to not demand I show my passport or papers on demand?

        Give me Swiss citizenship for no other reason than they were stupid enough to do all of the above?

        • Rshill7

          Nope. Because if all that could happen, it would then slip down to where we are on the list.

          We were at the top of that list in 1988.

  • It’s obvious the moment he opens his mouth that Ed doesn’t own a brain, so it should follow that anything he says is brainless.

    OJ used a knife, does Brainless Wonder want all knives confiscated too… You know, just to be sure!

    • Rshill7

      Right. If you insist on eating a steak. Cut it with a spoon.

      We use those little corncob holders. Each one has two tines. If you stabbed someone right in the temple with one of those…yikes!

      In fact, I was vacuuming the other day and it sucked the life out of me.

      • Wow, that sucks. 😉

        Off to empty out the silverware drawer of all knives, forks, corncob holders and spoons. People don’t kill people, silverware does. I couldn’t sleep at night worrying that the silverware was in my drawer in my kitchen plotting and planning to get me as soon as I come down for breakfast!

    • Dukehoopsfan

      Ed needs to make a little trip to Oz and hope to find a brain.

  • unclesamnephew

    dear cuz, did you read the comment? it was not to alllow a player to OWN a gun. what? have you seen the new bit regarding an Auto Zone employee being fired, after retriving a gun from his car to foil an armed robbery? liberals attack of the rights, via the backdoor “company policy manuals.

    • sDee

      – someone robs a business
      – worker shoots the robber in defense of themselves and their property
      – lawyers and activist judge stack a jury, then award the robber millions of dollars
      – to avoid lawsuits, businesses are forced to implement policies to protect and enable the robbers.

      Businesses get to chose between being sued while protecting lives and property, or, letting employees be killed by armed robbers and not being sued.

      real objective: ensure that even if we use our weapons within our rights and our laws – we will still pay a steep price.

      • unclesamnephew

        dear sDee, yes you are correct. corporations cannot alllow bottom line to be negatively affected. stock holders’ earnings above the bill of rights. sad but true

  • Arrrggghhh

    Why do you say that Mr. Schultz? Is it because of the very high percentage of African Americans? Do I smell racism?

  • Rshill7

    Based on the empirical evidence gleaned from this thread and the previous one, we should outlaw the name Ed…unless it’s attached to a talking horse.

    With no exceptions for a horse’s ass.

    • Landscaper

      When I was a very little kid, I thought he could really talk. What are you going to say next? There’s no Santa? Dang man !

  • Haywoodjbl

    Truly perhaps one of the dumbest people to ever have his own show. 10 more IQ points and he would be a tree

  • sDee

    Last week three people were shot to death on a Wyoming campus. Normally such a shooting would have been 24hr non-stop, breaking news coverage on every news media outlet with the the corresponding calls to strip Americans of our 2nd Amendment rights.

    There was nary a peep. Why not? The shooter did not use a gun, he used a bow and arrow.

    If it does not fit the narrative, it did not happen. Propaganda.


    • I’m pretty much a news and politics junkie and as if to give credit to your comment (not that it lacked credibility to begin with.) This is the FIRST time I’m hearing about this!

      • sDee

        The media is locked down tight on this. They intend to enact gun control in Hussein’s second term.

    • Dam. I’m not giving up my bow and arrow anymore than I’m giving up my guns.

      • Have you seen the new series Arrow on TV? It’s good.

        Website: http://www.cwtv.com/shows/arrow
        Have a look, you might not like it, but then… You might! 😉

        • I’ve heard of it Wolfie. We do have a tv set, but I never watch it anymore 😉 I just don’t have time to watch it either anymore. Mornin’ friend Wolfie!

          • (yawn) It’s morning? Already? Yikes… Seems like a short while ago I took a tiny nap! 🙂

            • Me too. Ducks don’t get very long sleeps.

              • It’s them darn wolves howling all night! Believe me, I know all about it! Try… Just try and tell them young uns to shut up and you’ll get a barrage of howling abuse about “Freedom of Howl”… 😉

    • Rshill7

      If the left could figure out how to get lunatics to boil their victims in oil, or stone them with coal chunks, we could accelerate the war on affordable energy.

      Note: If anyone from the left would like to pay me $400.00 per hour for a strategy session, please send a self-addressed stamped envelope to BR 549. Enclose advance payment for the first 5 hours….you know, for my retainer. Orthodontist would appreciate it.

  • Landscaper

    Great photo of Sgt. Schitz.his.pants

  • another hypocritical moron whom I never listen to. I think news media corporations should have a manual that you have to follow, which states, “morons are not allowed in front of a mic or camera.”
    But then again, with the hiring practices of most of the propaganda press, no one they hire would be allowed to be shown. Hmmmm. there’s an idea.

    • sDee

      Yeah well ….the media found it was getting damn expensive to hire “journalists” smart enough to know they had to lie, deceive, and abandon all ethical principles in order to keep their job.

      Much easier to hire the ones too stupid to know better.

  • What? The NFL players don’t have the same constitutional rights as all other Americans?

    What the ^^^^ is wrong with these people?

    • If only we knew the answer! Imagine we could cure them! 🙂

      • NYGino

        Sorry Wolfie, as someone once said “…can’t fix stupid.”

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    Shouldn’t he start with the NBA?

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    The Left has a strong affinity to the bow and arrow. It is rooted in Robin Hood worship.

  • tshtsh

    Should also take away exercise and weight equipment since their bodies can be a lethal weapon too.

  • SCotUS ruled long ago that the police have no duty to protect anyone. ‘Nuf said. F**k Eddie and anyone else who would deny me the right to self-defense.

  • mikeinidaho

    Ya Ed, and we demand you get a brain and have a rational thought!
    So much for demands, I guess!

  • stevenbiot

    Is Ed just sad that daddy never took him hunting?

  • sjmom

    If the NFL continues in their PC ways this could easily become one of their rules. Not so far fetched anymore.

  • jleinf

    Talking points straight from the WH

    • I would expect no less from a Puppet…

  • Ed Schultz only proves that, these days, any moron can have a cable TV show. I think Schultz should go full monty and just have a reality show called “The Idiots of MSNBC.” A camera crew could follow him and everybody else there through a typical day of electro-shock therapy, oral perscription medication, anger-management classes, and classes on the “Ethics in the Modern Broadcast Media” they are all forced to take as part of their work-release programs (especially for “Reverand” Al Sharpton). Yes, it would make “The Housewives of New Jersey” look like child’s play. Come to think of it, after looking at Schultz for a few brief moments, I’d take the Jersey Housewives any day.

  • celestiallady

    So will they search their homes to make sure they don’t have weapons – I mean duh? What an idiot he is. Now I know there are people from another planet on earth!!!

  • ryanomaniac

    Well considering that your boys want to control peoples behavior….isn’t one of them obesity? Michele talks about it all the time and how it kills more than guns and blah blah blah then shouldn’t you quit pounding your face with cheesecake?

  • tvlgds

    There have also been NFL players murdered with guns. They’re wealthy and they’re targets…they have every right to protect themselves. That was one great thing about my previous employer–even with CHL, we couldn’t carry in our offices, but in our cars “in accordance with the law!” In TX, as in other states, our vehicles are extensions of our domicile and no license is required.

  • Lord that is some serious stupid.

  • Glad you didn’t bother adding a video or audio on his crap but I actually could see the NFL banning guns from players and then they will be called racist because they don’t think the black athlete is responsible enough to own a firearm.

  • As an obese person, I wish the nanny-state would ban silverware & force me to exercise.

  • Lives4Freedom

    I don’t know this Schultz guy, and walked into this posting expecting sarcasm like Rush used yesterday about microphones. Is this guy really serious?

    The second amendment is clear as day, and at least 20 states respect it enough to disallow employers from regulating their employee’s carry of firearms. The other 30 states are being unconstitutional, but I digress. Ed, your silly idea can’t even be implemented by law in nearly half the country.

    Now, if the employer owns the property that the business is conducted on, then they can prohibit firearms on their property….but guess what, if they do so, they are now responsible for the safety of everyone on said property, and may be held liable for injuries or deaths that may occur out of failure to provide that safety. The theater in Aurora is being sued….I wonder why.

    Ed, do you really think you can ask someone to give up a fundamental constitutional right as a condition of employment? Also, if you are a gun owner as TRS says, double shame on you for your discriminatory position!

  • Hey Eddy, you just let the world know when you do that, though you’re going to have to put private armed security on your star players or their cribs are gonna get ransacked for sure by thieves confident in not encountering an armed citizen. The Players of the NFL guided tours will be up though as thieves take crib notes in the back seat.

    In New York it’ll be even worse, and might be the only thing that, if adopted by baseball, would counterbalance New York’s enshrined right to ignore player salary limits, afterall if they’re going to be robbed on a semi-weekly basis, they need all the pay they can get.

    Of course Eddy could just be admitting that many football players are over bulked steroid abusers who could go off at the touch of a mental button, but that’d be entirely too much like the truth. Can’t go having that, can we? You train a person for aggression and combativeness you shouldn’t be too terribly surprised that not having encouraged modification of that behavior off the field that some players MIGHT have problems with it.

    It’s like in the old days when soldiers mustered right out of a combat zone out of uniform into civilian life with no transition period, and people were surprised that they had problems. Why the surprise, what do you think happens when people go from having their entire lives planned for them while engaging in lethal combat against an enemy not directly of their making but the planning only goes as far as death or discharge?

    Coaches have to tell their players that the FIELD is the place for aggression, and not the home, and maybe you’ll have less in the way of domestic violence and public acting out, not to mention murder/suicides, though frankly I’m not seeing any epidemic there right now.

  • ekimskoorb

    It’s a shame that Costas and Schultz think that black men should not be allowed to own guns… http://perceptionasreality.blogspot.com/2012/12/bob-costas-nbc-agrees-with-jason.html

  • James1754

    Just exactly how many player are there in the NFL? And all of these should be denied their rights under the Constitution because one murdered his girlfriend and committed suicide.
    I just love the way left wing liberals think.

  • syvyn11

    Okay, Big Fat Ed. Tell me under what law could the NFL do this?

    Ed is such a genius, he could tell us with ease.

  • Ed is a racist.


    …(2 words) shut up .’

  • Nukeman60

    I think everybody should have their 1st amendment rights and I would never say that Ed Schultz should not be allowed to “own a microphone”, but I think it’s the broadcasting industry’s responsibility to ensure that his microphone is not plugged in. That’s all I’m saying. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

  • ram

    thats like asking schultz stop eating. fat bastard

  • NCHokie02

    What a retard. And who is going to pay for those policemen or contracted bodyguards to be around these players all the time? The NFL? The players?? Do all of them have to have them? If the NFL is going to pay where do you limit it? Only starters? Everyone on the roster? What about the guys on the practice squad? And how are you going to enforce this Ed? NFL authorities have the right to search NFL players homes whenever they see fit?? And what happens if they find a gun? Is the NFL going to confiscate the weapon? Is the NFL going to repay the player for the weapons they take? What happens when a player says “Hey thats unconstitutional! I have a right to keep and bear arms!” Then your argument completely falls apart.