EGYPT: Morsi opposition rejects new compromise, plans more protests

The compromise made by Morsi yesterday isn’t enough for the opposition, who disagree that the referendum on a draft constitution that they say doesn’t represent the Egyptian people is still set to go forward:

TELEGRAPH – But opposition groups refused to back down, and held a press conference on Sunday night to denounce both the referendum and Mr Morsi’s repeated constitutional decrees.

“We do not recognise the draft constitution because it does not represent the Egyptian people,” a statement by the opposition coalition National Salvation Front said.

“We reject the referendum which will certainly lead to more division and sedition.”

The compromise was “a continuation of deception in the name of law and legitimacy”, said the April 6 Movement, a left-wing group behind last year’s revolution against former president Hosni Mubarak which is part of the Front.

The Brotherhood is confident it has enough groundswell support to win the referendum, which will be decided on a straight majority.

They believe that the liberals represent a minority view within Egypt as a whole, which is happy to see the emphasis on Islam that runs through parts of the constitutional draft.

“The seculars and liberals are mobilising people to bring down the Islamic state,” Mohammed Bishawi, a long-time Muslim Brotherhood member, said at a counter-rally at the organisation’s headquarters on the outskirts of Cairo.


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  • NoToTyrants

    “The seculars and liberals [Egyptians] are mobilising people to bring down the Islamic state,” Mohammed Bishawi, a long-time Muslim Brotherhood member, said at a counter-rally at the organisation’s headquarters on the outskirts of Cairo.


    But alas…Contrarily, the seculars and the liberals in the United States are attempting to bring about an Islamic state.

    • An irony which I could do without. :-/

      • NoToTyrants

        I agree. It is a wet blanket.

        But we need to point out the machinations of Obama and Hillary, and their preference and active assistance to the Muslim Brotherhood.

        The world needs to know where Obama and Hillary’s allegiances lie, so whatever they do is under a microscope. The world must be watching, it is the only way these brave freedom fighters in Egypt stand a chance at ousting the Muslim Brotherhood.

        Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

        • I’m workin’ on that! I’ve been trying to show that for a long time, and will keep at it. Sunlight, for sure. And some raid doesn’t hurt either 😉

          • NoToTyrants

            I know you have. You edified me greatly about it.

            You are sunlight my ducky friend.

            • Aw quit it! You’re making me tear up over here. Thank you NoToTyrants. You are a source of light yourself my friend! ((()))s 🙂
              Have a Blessed week. Thank you.

  • Marridge

    Go, Egypt, go!! Fight for true freedom! Down with Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood!

  • Orangeone

    This is the beginning of the end of the moooslim brotherhood and Barky Boy’s plans to fundamentally transform the US. Other Middle East countries will follow suit and fight for the freedom they were promised and never received.

  • Don

    Looks like the hundreds of millions of American taxpayer dollars for military aid and financial support that Obama is giving the Muslim Brotherhood is not working out as good as he thought it would.

  • shukov


  • shukov


  • Seems like the Muslim Brotherhood is determined to take over Egypt for good, especially if it gets the constitution it wants. So it’s all up to the Army to decide who stays and who goes. I think since Morsi has already given in quite a bit, he knows the Army isn’t fully on his side. And that can be fatal in that part of the world. Long term, I think the Army will take over as it always does in Egypt and will eventually put in its own dictator. Remember, both Sadat and Mubarak came from the Army and between the two of them they ruled Egypt for over 40 years. Seems like the Army isn’t about to give up its power to anyone, especially the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafists. If it does, the Army knows it will never get it back.

  • This is the only time i think i’ll ever be cheering for liberals and secularist….

  • white531

    I wish it were not so late. I know most of you are gone by now. Regardless, the survival of Democracy in Egypt, is a turning point. A milepost, if you will, in the fight for Freedom in the region. It is a weak possibility, that our presence there, all these many years, has made a difference, in the minds of the people who live there.

    There is something about Freedom, that draws you in. and gets under your skin. Its not an American thing, necessarily. Its actually more a Human thing. Whenever this blanket we call Freedom, is laid upon someone’s shoulders, their reaction is, “this feels good! I like it!”

    Wrap that blanket tightly around you, because there is a war coming. This is only the beginning.

    • Well said whitefriend. The freedom blanket does feel good- I want it back for us, and I want it back for them too.

      Now I really am going to sleep. Night my friend. Have a Blessed week white!!

  • bbitter

    Backing down for them right now means death. If there is to be a chance of any kind of freedom, the kind they are demanding, they can’t compromise on it. Period.

    They know it.

    This will not end well for most of the people there. And I’m betting that they know that too – they’ve got nothing to lose. I will watch this one with interest.

    A bit of an interesting thing that we aren’t hearing much about this in the MSM. Originally, this was all over the news. Everywhere… and we were told how this was wonderful, how it was freedom, democracy… but what is this now that it is against the jihadist and militant islamic muslim brotherhood?

  • Yazz55

    This is starting to sound like the double talk in triplicate that the arab terrorists spew forth with regard to making piece with Israel. One comment is made in english for consumption by the nyslimes, commie nazi network (cnn) etc, another comment in a french for the antisemites there, and the commentary in arabic where they state there aint no 2 state solution, just anihilation of Israel.

    But this time, it seems like the muslim brotherhood has enough thugs on duty to intimidate those who oppose them.

  • mikeinidaho

    Go for it Egypt! Unfortunately, you got what you wanted when you threw Mubarik out and now you’re stuck with the “muslim Brotherhood”. In the future, be careful what you wish for. (Obama voters should pay particular attention here!)