Egypt unrest: Morsi declares emergency in three cities

Forget about the soccer game. Looks like most of the unrest is unhappiness with Morsi and the way he jammed through the new Sharia constitution of Egypt. And now he’s going to institute a curfew in 3 main cities to quell the protests and violence.

Did he think the people of Egypt were just going to roll over?

BBC – Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi has declared a state of emergency in the cities of Port Said, Suez and Ismalia after days of deadly unrest.

A daily curfew from 21:00 to 06:00 will be imposed for 30 days from Monday, he said in a speech to the nation. At least 33 people died over the weekend in Port Said, where a court judgment sparked rioting. … Protests erupted in Port Said after a court sentenced 21 local people over deadly football violence nearly a year ago. …

Unhappiness with Mr Morsi’s rule fueled unrest elsewhere.

In the capital Cairo, anti-government protesters clashed with security forces near Tahrir Square for a fourth consecutive day. The liberal opposition accuses Mr Morsi of being autocratic and driving through a new constitution that does not protect adequately freedom of expression or religion.

The government is also being blamed for a deepening economic crisis.

Mr Morsi said he might take further steps “for the sake of Egypt” as it was his “duty” as president. He also invited political leaders to a “national dialogue” on Monday.

The state of emergency applies to the three cities along the Suez Canal, and their surrounding regions.

“I have said I am against any emergency measures but I have said that if I must stop bloodshed and protect the people then I will act,” the president said. “If I must I will do much more for the sake of Egypt. This is my duty and I will not hesitate.”


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  • DCGere

    Chaos over there. Not going to end well.Arab Spring!

    • BlueGood

      O’BAMA…QUICK…SEND 987 F-22’s……

      A$$HOLE….giggle snort….

  • marketcomp

    Mmm, just like Obama Morsi is also popular, as we are told, in Egypt? If these men were so loved and popular and was voted in with no voter fraud then why is that popularity has not manifested in excitment from the populus. Obama, significantly less people watching the inaugural and Morsi total unrest. That just goes to show that you can cheat machines and votes but you cannot manufacture support and popularity.

  • PatrickHenrysBody

    Awwwwww. Poor Islamifascist Morsi having a bad time of it? The people are already out en masse with torches and pitchforks after what, less than a year? Time to call in the Islamist blackshirts to put an abrupt end to the violence. This couldn’t happen to a better group of people. Okay, maybe I wouldn’t mind if it happened to the global authoritarians in our country as well.

    • snowshooze

      Ya really gotta hand it to our Peace Prize Winning President.
      When he facilitated the Mubaric overthrow..
      I wondered: Gee, what do you do for an Encore after that?
      Well, he came through.
      Next we will give them the bomb.

      • PatrickHenrysBody

        Yeah. Zero is already going to give them F-16s and Abrams tanks. Giving them tactical nukes wouldn’t be out of the question for the man who would be king.

  • sjmom

    Happy to see the Egyptian people are asserting their voices. Methinks this is only the beginning of the unrest and another Arab spring is on the way.

  • Rshill7

    I know what you can do for Egypt and what Egypt can do with you.

    You can git, and Egypt can shove a secular scimitar up your…constitution before you go.

    Reminds me of the words to a song from “Paint Your Wagon”

    “Away out here they got a name
    For rain and wind and fire
    The rain is Tess, the fire Joe,
    And they call the wind”…Sharia

    • Orangeone

      I commonly refer to it as the “plumber’s pathway”

    • sjmom

      That was a good song.

      • Rshill7

        Lots of good show tunes out there. I had the lead role in a couple of musicals in HS and college.

  • This…isn’t gonna end well.

  • Acting for “the sake of Egypt” as it is his “duty” sounds eerily familiar to our own leader’s claims of his noble intent.

    • TexasPGRRider

      More like “the snake of Egypt”….

  • Orangeone

    “Did he think the people of Egypt were just going to roll over?”

    Well yes he did!

  • Orangeone

    And just what is he going to do with Barky Boy’s armament gifts?

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Just wait until Morsi gets those F-16s that obama has promised….then the demonstrators better duck for cover because Morsi will certainly use those aircraft against his own people to protect his position. Way to go, obama!!!

    • TexasPGRRider

      Morsi is scheduled to visit the US in March. I`m curious to see the state of world events….

      • Army_Pilot1967

        I’m curious to see the reception obama throws for the MB chieftan. What’ya think: Red carpet for sure, twenty-one gun salute? A military parade? State dinner and all the fixin’s? Sure, why not….make Morsi feel like he’s a cherished and welcomed ally. I’m not sure anyone other than obama would go to that much trouble for a thug like Morsi.

        • TexasPGRRider

          Maybe we could ship a few smoked hams and some hickory smoked bacon to DC for them to enjoy while the world is burning….

          • Army_Pilot1967

            LOL…….uh, I don’t think those two would partake in such delicious food.

            • TexasPGRRider

              If we could introduce some hogs and pigs into the areas these people want to control, game over…they will NOT occupy space where the animals have been… it`s against sharia. Such a simple solution to the dogma….

        • Yazz55

          Just to show his caring and affection for the new democracy in Egypt, the obamessiah could send the blind sheikh home with Morsi.

          • Army_Pilot1967

            I certainly hope not…..the blind sheik is in a safe, secure place protected from any spontaneous outbreak of democracy!!!!!

    • sjmom

      Obama is either the biggest fool on the planet or he is in cahoots with Morsi. If Morsi does use the tanks or the jets to kill his own people its more blood on Obama’s hands.

      • badbadlibs

        Well of course it’s more blood on bo’s hands, not that he has any room on them, but just like all things concerning the devil…er, bo….it won’t get any play, and he’ll skate until it’s too late.

      • notsofastthere

        Obama is not a fool. Having blood on his hands (to hasten peace throughout the world and lower the seas, and hopes the Madi shows up for a State dinner) will not cause him any loss of sleep.

      • Army_Pilot1967

        Let’s see…….biggest fool or in cahoots with Morsi, that’s a tough one! It could easily go either way in my opinion!!!

      • snowshooze

        Well maybe Obama is setting it up so he can be the next ruler of Egypt.
        He doesn’t need the work, but it would be something to do.

  • Conniption Fitz

    Islam is typically a lose/lose situation for the countries it infests – either a Sharia totalitarianism or dictatorial totalitarianism.

    Right now, the tourist trade and Western business (a big part of Egypt’s former economy) is nonexistent.

    No one wants to be caught in anything like the last Libyan situation.

    Right now, Europe is calling its citizens home from several Islam plagued countries where specific threats have been issued.

    The US, UK, EU and UN are worthless to speak truth about Islam and its human rights atrocities.

    Strangely, the CFR has spoken out.

    • Orangeone

      Who would travel there, especially when the Islamists are saying raping of Christian women is not a crime.

      • badbadlibs

        They’ve slit their own throats, with the help of the vicious man in the WH. By the time the leftists get done with this world, it will require Jesus to return to put an end to all of their lunacy.
        Then everyone will….well, I’m sure you’ve read the Book of Revelation.

    • snowshooze

      Not only is the tourism dead, I was reading they want to destroy the pyramids and cleanse the country of all the things that do not conform to Islam.

  • TexasPGRRider

    Let`s see now, if I`ve got this…We are fighting a global war against islamic extremists the head of the snake of which is the muslimbrotherhood. The mbhood controls the new “democratic” government in Eqypt, and we are sending 20 F16 fighter jets, state of the art in the world today, and 200 Abrams M1A1 battle tanks, state of the art in the world today, to the head of the snake. Is this food for thought, or are we feeding the very beast we are trying to defeat?….

    • Orangeone

      And hundreds of millions of tax dollars too.

    • sjmom

      The question is now with Obama in office is: are we still trying to defeat them or have we bowed our knee to them?

    • badbadlibs

      Welcome to yet another segment of the “change” the idiot voters of this country “hoped” for….they won’t like it one bit when it’s all said and done.

  • Godisright

    The MB may soon be flying F16s. How comforting.

  • Constance

    So, am I to understand that my country is supporting Morsi’s government with weapons and money, which basically means that my country will be partially responsible for the deaths of Egyptian citizens when the government comes down on them with brute force? Okay. I was just making sure. I’m thinking some rioting and pitchforks in the streets here might be in order against our own government if things don’t change soon. If our elected representatives aren’t going to stand up for us, then who will?

    • StrangernFiction

      I’d settle for the States telling the Feds to fvck off. And that has been in order for some time.

    • Landscaper

      Can we just send the H. Clinton, J. Kerry, A. Sharpton and J. Jackson instead? Those four would be enough to scare the daylights out of everyone.

      • sjmom

        As long as it’s a one way trip.

    • Orangeone

      You are correct and the moooslims in our country will take their revenge on the common people here.

      • snowshooze

        Too bad they will take it out on us because we really have discovered some common ground:
        We ain’t all wild about Government.

      • sDee

        They have been steadily filling our cities and towns with muslims. Each mosque is a FOB. This is why the globalists pressure Hussein to disarm us.

        The muslims can not silence or intimidate Americans – we have the First Amendment, and when the barbarians get tired of hearing us tell the truth about them, we’ve got the Second.

    • snowshooze

      Great Point.
      ” Everyone has to do their part ”
      ” Your Tax Dollars at Work ”
      ————Ask Not———–
      really… don’t ask.

  • M_J_S

    At the rate he’s going, Obama will be declaring some emergencies at home soon, too.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Question: Didn’t the people of Egypt vote Morsi and his crew into office? They got rid of Mubarak because they considered him a dictator, right? Morsi is going to be a tyrant so it doesn’t seem to me that the Egyptians are any better off now than they were under Mubarak.

    • c4pfan


    • Conniption Fitz

      Well, as soon as he was elected, Morsi gave himself vast powers, (even more than Mubarrak had) and rammed through a strict Sharia constitution which makes Egypt a theocracy and ends all freedom and tourism putting the economy in dire straits.

      People in Egypt are suffering – from the tyranny and brutality of Islam.

      Christians especially. Everywhere the Arab Spring has occurred, churches have been burned and Christians murdered.

      • Army_Pilot1967

        So dictators/tyrants aren’t always greener on the other side of the minaret!!!!!

  • jleinf

    And Morsi declares: i love snackbar

  • Godisright

    Hope they’ve allocated a boatload of FEMA money. Oh, I forgot we will give them the money to rebuild. The plaque on the new mosque door will read “Made possible by a generous donation from the Infidel.”

  • There is going to be a major civil war there soon. But the salafists and the Muslim Brotherhood will have the upper hand unless the Army goes against them. THAT is the big question mark right now, which side the Army is going to come down on. Whichever side gets the Army’s support will win. But, for some reason, I think the Muslim Brotherhood will win simply because they have been at this for so long. It doesn’t look like it will end well, though.

  • c4pfan

    With the help of the US, Morsi will get his way. Makes me sick.

  • Grumpa37

    Ah, so Egypt is a bit ahead of us — on the rocky road toward revolution. Morsi’s at the “I won’t hesitate” stage, and Obama’s only at the “I’ll be very aggressive” stage. May both our nations turn around before we match either Syria’s civil war or Greece’s bankruptcy. But somehow, I doubt that either leader will lead in a beneficial direction. Radical Islamists, both.

  • Sober_Thinking

    We should send him some F-16s and 200 Abrams tanks to help with stability…


  • Conniption Fitz

    Who’s who in these Islamic countries?

    Who is fighting who in Egypt – are there two groups or more?

    Is there a ‘good guy’ in any of these conflicts?

    In Syria?

    Who are the rebels and who are the Islamists in Mali that France and the Mali army are fighting (with the help of the US which is supplying refueling tankers and transport)?

    Who are US drones really targeting and killing – good guys or bad? Can we be sure?

    Are Hillary, Holder or Obama being up front and truthful with Congress, the media and the people?

    Why is the AlQueda flag flying in Libya if AlQueda is dead?

    Why are the Taliban killing people in multiple countries if the Taliban is not our enemy?

    Does Israel have any allies anywhere?

    Is Obama even a US ally?

    • Conniption Fitz

      Meanwhile things are heating up re: Syria and Iran according to these Drudge headlines:
      “Israel warns of possible pre-emptive strike in Syria…
      Ahmadinejad: Muslims should mobilize to uproot Zionism…
      Kissinger: Iran nuclear crisis close…
      Key facility hit?
      Journalists arrested in raids on (Iran) newspapers…

  • mikeinidaho

    Hmmm, looks suspiciously like what Obama is doing here, huh?
    (“Arab Spring”, my Aunt Fanny!)
    How long before there is similar unrest here in the States? I predict not that long from now as Obama attempts to ram more and more dictates from “on high” down our throats.
    Lock and load, there is trouble ahead!

  • No this will not end well. God says you curse my people I will curse you. You bless my people I will bless you. Obama and Hillary and Susan Rice trying to split Israel.They have brought nothing but HARBINGERS down on America. God says you divide my land I will divide yours. Everything this Administration does is against Israel and God. We has Americans will pay the price of putting this evil right back into office. He is straight up Muslim and has promised Muslims to get Islam in America. Obama and U.N. are bringing down America. Ninety percent of the Leaders at the U.N. are muslims. Giving jets to Egypt we has Americans will pay a big big price for allowing this to happen to Israel. America will be taken down because God will not protect us if we do not protect Israel. Pray America for God to forgive us for the evil we let back in the White House of our once Great America.

  • a2zand123

    What is the definition of TREASON. If it’s not giving our technology in F16’s and tanks to someone who said openly that United States and Israel should be blown off the face of the earth, — there isn’t a better example. There was a lot of folks bought off cheap for what they’ve sold for us all. Alot of men gave their lives and always took the battle to lands across the way so that it didn’t touch our soil and was willing to do this, to keep their loved ones safe. He’s spitting on what every one of them fought or died for. Alot believe we’ve not had to live like alot of these other countries because we were built of christian values and too, because we have stood by Israel. Alot of us to believe our country has been incredibly blessed. It doesn’t mean that hand of protection can’t be taken away. And the representatives that are supposed to be looking out over the interests of “we the people”, have turned into bobbleheaded idiots who have their pockets well lined. It’s not we the people they are looking out for.