Egypt’s ruling Islamists move to ban selling of alcohol

Revolution is a wonderful thing isn’t it? I’m sure Obama is proud of Egypt. In fact he’ll probably be toasting this new law with Morsi the next time they are together. After all, Egypt is using a false narrative of ‘public safety’ to force it down people’s throats, just like we did with the ‘uninsured’ and Obamacare and are currently doing with ‘massacres’ and gun control.

Ugh, all dictators are alike aren’t they?

AL ARABIYA – Egypt’s Islamist government will no longer issue licenses for selling alcohol in certain areas of Cairo, Alexandria and other major cities, an official has said.

Nabil Abbas, the vice president of the New Urban Communities Authorities (NUCA) told Reuters on Sunday: “NUCA has stopped renewing licenses to sell alcohol but the current ones will continue until they expire.”

The current law states that only licensed outlets can sell alcoholic beverages.

The authority said the move will reduce access to alcohol and will increase safety in Egypt’s suburbs. In his statement Abbas said that the consumption of alcohol has led to deviant behavior in the country such “attacking women and randomly ringing doorbells of people’s homes.”

However, Ahmed Abdulhay, a Cairo resident and an opponent of the Muslim Brotherhood rejected Abbas’s statement as “totally untrue.”

In an interview with Al Arabiya, he said only a small number of Egyptians drink heavily. “They cannot be causing such a large problem that deserves this much attention by the government.”

This is just a way for the authorities to “impose their views” on society, Abdulhay said.

Islamist President Mohamed Mursi’s government increased taxes on alcoholic beverages in December 2012, but they reneged after the move was criticized.

When asked if there had been an angry reaction to the newest proposal, Abdulhay said: “No, people who drink know where they can go,” adding that there hasn’t been a widespread ban on the activity.


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  • BlueGood

    So I suppose this means “Barrack’s Muslim Brotherhood Buddies” rejected his Beer recipe??

    ~~percussive snort~~

  • Beer today – gone tomorrow! It’s the Islamic way! Disagree and they’d take the head off of you… Literally!

  • Sandra123456

    …and Libs thought that Christians were intolerant! HA!

  • Dodoforever Canspell

    Egypt’s #1 moneymaker is their tourist industry. Even Muslims, being the hypocrites that they are, drink gallons of liquor when they are holidaying outside their own countries. If the dictator in Egypt thinks he can do without Western tourists, his own Muslim bros from the neighbouring countries who want their gallons of alcohol will decide to vacation in Dubai instead …. until the same happens there too, LOL.

  • Clearly they must have skipped this lesson in Infidel History (meaning us) when our goobermint tried the prohibition on us, and look what happened.

    In short, BEER RULES and MUSLIMS DROOL!! 😛

  • Rshill7

    I’ll drink to that.

  • T4Ut

    In his statement Abbas said that the consumption of alcohol has led to deviant behavior in the country such “attacking women and randomly ringing doorbells of people’s homes.”

    Really??? You really want to put in “randomly ringing doorbells of people’s homes”?


    I can just see the youth in Egypt now…

    Hey man let’s go out and do some serious doorbell ditching.

    Oh man, your drunk again!!

    Alright give me the reigns to the camel… How many times have I told you? Friends don’t let friends drunk doorbell ditch. You might spew on someones front step dude.

    OK, lets go attack some women instead.

    • Serious post, but humorous! 🙂

  • Yazz55

    I guess this means he aint gonna show if Obama decides to throw another beer summit.

    • OneThinDime

      Ah but remember laws do not apply to politicians and “elected” dictators.

  • All the Muslim countries try this yet the corner bar manages to open anyway.

  • Marridge

    Say bye bye tourism! The only income that country had still left……

    • True… I wouldn’t visit Egypt now if they paid me to! And I would have liked to see the Pyramids for myself… But I would also like to leave the place alive… So it’s a NO -GO now!

      • Same goes for me. Plus, I don’t want any of my hard earned money to go to any of them. It’s bad enough they get our tax payer money, our F16s jets and Abrams tanks without our consent.

    • cabensg

      I read it’s already gone. Destitute, starving and now no booze. Maybe they’ll revolt.

  • Don’t worry, there is an underground alcohol industry being established as we speak. LOL.

    • OneThinDime

      Hopefully from Israel 🙂

  • Sober_Thinking

    I hope the riots and resistance in Egypt don’t go away but that it steps up mightily.

    Oh and I’m sure Obama’s toast with his best buddy will be filled with American blood… since they both crave it so much and it’s generally non-alcoholic.

    • QUICK!!
      Swap their glasses with genuine pig’s blood without them looking! lol


      • Sober_Thinking


  • Conniption Fitz

    Things Islamists ban:
    Education for women
    Driving privileges for women
    Women going anywhere without a male family escort
    Women whose bodies are not painfully mutilated
    Womens’ faces seen in public

    Things Islamists allow:
    Racial hatred of Jews and Infidels
    Slavery, including child sex slavery, including homosex child slavery
    Forced marriages
    Honor killings
    Lying, deception
    Suicide bombings of innocent civilians

  • OneThinDime

    “attacking women and randomly ringing doorbells of people’s homes.” Wow, glad to see these on the same level, NOT

    • cabensg

      It’s satire for heaven sake. Am I the only one who thought that was hilarious. In fact this is exactly the thinking of people like Abaas. He would definitely equate ringing doorbells with attacking women that’s what makes it funny. Oh! never mind.

  • Why would a government need to worry about drunk citizens? Ok they drink to much alcohol?, But after all, the the whole world knows the muslim brotherhoodz etc are already drunk on evil, performing their murders, death and mayheim.
    Interesting, alcohol bad, murder,beheadings, rip apart bodies (alive), kill family members in from of parents, is Okay.
    So their cause saids, killing thy neightbor is very good, hum; something wrong with the picture, may need a major do over.
    When the muslim looks in the windows of their soul do they see, Shadrach, Mechach, and Abendnego, the fire that burns within the muslim is the fire of Satan, it’s death, not the Spirit who saves one from the fire.
    It is great advice that muslims should spend more time being concerned about the fire that will burn their soul, and not the fire that calluses their heart and mind leading them to commit crimes against the creations of GOD, he whom they will surly have to answer.
    But they can not hear, their calluses are thick, their ears,hearts, minds, and hands, are numb, and like wild beast the sons run greedily after their prey, the same prey that in the end will devour the hunter.

  • cabensg

    This is the first thing they’ve ever done I can agree with. If there’s anything we don’t need it’s a bunch of murdering cut throats hopped up on booze.

  • stage9

    I can’t argue with this seeing as how islam and alcohol just wouldn’t mix well. It’s bad enough when they’re sober.

  • tinlizzieowner

    This is a good thing but not in the way others have mentioned. Egypt has been a secular Islamic country for a long time. If the Theocratic, Shia administration tries to pull this off, it’s going to cost them, not only in their wallets (tourism) but among the people as well.