Emails reveal Justice Dept. regularly enlists Media Matters to spin press

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  • sDee

    The central government actually has a formal Bureau of Propaganda and its departments actually use it for it government propaganda!?

    What a shocka!

    Next you are going to telll me it was established and funded by a Jewish ex-Nazi collaborator – get outta here!

  • iaintlyin

    wo, hold the phone on this collaboration. Eric Holder the Czar in charge of DoJ has a relationship with the George Soros founded Media Matters. This isn’t a good thing? Think of all the good things that can come out of this relationship when Eric Holder becomes the next Supreme Court Justice. Its beautiful, everything is falling into place easier than anticipated, the end won’t be as torturous as expected, it’s becoming hideously obvious and very ugly, but it’s coming quick.

  • And yet their tax exempt status will remain. I love it how the left screams about taxing the rich and the Koch brothers when they have Soros and Media Matters…and that just scratches the surface for starters too!

  • warpmine

    More importantly, when will the IRS revoke the 503C status of this entity? It’s now proven beyond a shadow of doubt that it is purely apolitical in nature. Waiting for the DemonRats party upper echelon to come down hard on this latest but not unexpected revelation,3…..2…..1….crickets.

  • Blatant corruption and media and news manipulation. And all under the 5013c banner too. How charitable! Ugh! Not a damn thing we can do about it… Oh wait! Yes there is! Come November! We The People will begin the process of eradicating the cancer of Liberalism beginning with retaking the WH and having an Actual President again!