EPIC! Michelle Malkin torches Juan Williams for smearing the Tea Party as racist

This is epic. Juan Williams tries to smear the Tea Party as having racist members, as if to compare it to the violence that occurs in the Occupy movement, but Michelle Malkin does NOT allow him to get away with it. She demands that he cite even one example of evidence of racism in the Tea Party, but he cannot. He eventually admits that he has no evidence, but he doesn’t seem to be bothered by that. But Malkin makes sure that’s the last thing people remember about his comments, that he admitted he has no evidence that the Tea Party is racist in any way.

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  • Malkin is a honey badger.

    • Joe

      I dare not post the link –

      If you wish – Go to youtube and

      enter a search with “The Crazy Nastya$$ Honey Badger”
      ( “bad” language alert – It is really funny)

      • Yeah, I know. There’s actually an iPhone game, based on the vid, in the App Store.

        • Honey badger don’t give a ****!

  • nehemiahreturns

    Yay!!! You go girl!

  • Joe

    Not this charge again!


    I bet you will recognize a favorite of this website>>>>>


    Case Closed!!

    • “did you see or hear anything?”

      ‘reporter’- ” I wasn’t walking with them…” “But there were crowds…”

      Good Lord, there were crowds so it MUST BE TRUE!

      Love seeing Zo there 😉 Thanks Joe~

      • Joe

        Boy – You are good!

    • Nukeman60

      If there is no spit, you must acquit! Love it.

    • WordsFailMe

      Joe- I cannot thank you enough for posting this link! I had never seen it.

      Among the many memorable things which were shared, I liked this one best, at the end of the video:

      “Race should NEVER be an issue.” I put these words next to Thomas Jefferson’s declaration. In fact, I think that these are the words he might have used.

      Thank you Joe!

      • Joe

        Just for you >>> If I post the title – It may be misconstrued


        • WordsFailMe

          Curly Bill- My favorite bad guy of all time.

  • capelady

    OWS should be declared a domestic terrorist group. If Bill Ayers were anywhere but Chicago, he would be in prison and not comfortably teaching college… God help our students!!!

    • Sober_Thinking

      Agreed 100%! If this BS didn’t benefit Democrats then the FBI and Homeland Security would be WAY up in Bill Ayers’ chili. That fact is, these people are domestic terrorists. They are commiting violence and advocating for heinous crimes, and have disrupted Americans in several cities – even shutting down a seaport… Start arresting these people, build a record, and go after Bill Ayers, Van Jones, and others who are pushing these mindless idiots out into the streets and provoking this insanity.

    • Bill Ayers was recently the featured speaker at a Milwaukee seminar. A teachers union group if I recall. They were outed and forced to change locations (the original one wanted nothing to do with Ayers) but a union hall or something sufficed and the event went on.

  • freenca

    Go Michelle, he didn’t have a leg to stand on. Just watched it on Hannity and Juan was sooo wrong.

  • I think Michelle Malkin is going to be the next Andrew Breitbart. She is not going to let people like Juan Williams get away with Democratic slander unless they can back it up with facts, which they certainly cannot. Michelle is taking the war to the Democrats, just like Breitbart did, and she should be congratulated for it. Good for her. We’re going to need a lot more like her if we’re going to stand up to the mainstream media machine that’s already in the tank for Obama.

    • marketcomp

      I was cheering Michelle on because she was all up in Juan’s grill. He made these stupid random statements and she just shut him down asking him to name the incident or the person who ever made a racial slur in tea party like in OWS. OWS are delusional and this has been seen and proven over and over. I once thought Juan was somewhat sensible and fairly intelligent but now I see that he just another political hack for the democrat party. Right On, Michelle, crucify them, and we all must back her up and do the same!

      • HarrietHT2

        Bulletin: I cancelled my cable subscription one year ago because FOX, the only news channel I could bear watching, would permit Juan Williams, night after night, to spew out LIES and no one would sufficiently counter his LIES; other guests would let him just drone on and on, and well, I have better things to do with my time. I haven’t missed it at all!

        We have the internet and therightscoop.com; that’s all we need, them and others like them. My home is remarkably peaceful these days without the irritation of being lied to every night.

        • HarrietHT2

          And by the way, what has the honorable Janet Napolitano had to say in response to the violence perpetrated by OWS? It was her department, after all, that singled out returning Iraqi-war veterans and “right-wing extremists” as potential threats to our country.

          Where is the memo from Homeland Security about OWS? Did I miss it? Where is it?

          • HarrietHT2

            The very fact that FOX gives Juan Williams — hyperventilating one lie after another — the very fact that they permit him to utter such outrages against the truth, night after night, is in itself DESPICABLE. You DO NOT give a megaphone to a megaliar!

  • conwis

    Michelle Malkin for VP!


    • FutureOnePercent

      I was thinking Press Secretary, but hey, VP works too!

  • This is kind of odd. Juan looks more like he is spewing talking points and not thinking them through. I’m sure he understands his point. I have confidence in him. But, really he should know better.

    Juan is the same guy who wrote the book on why it’s wrong to scream racism in a white theater. He wrote chapter and verse, documenting others guilty of this very thing.

    Seriously, he did.

    • Joe

      It’s just a job –

      I doubt he believes what he says

      • hbnolikeee

        You mean he is just lying, that’s all?

        • A lot of leftists do this….and admit to it, probably because the positions they have to take are becoming so transparently ridiculous. Beckel is another one, except he pulls the angry yelling card to distract from his lies. Funny how he considers himself a person of faith, but is willing to lie for money.

          • Beckel’s a person of faith? Seriously didn’t know that because I’ve only ever watched clips of him on Scoop. But didn’t the latest one involve the f bomb on air, then he tried to blame someone else?

            • He’s a recovering alcoholic and allegedly does good work to help others, but I can not get passed the hypocrisy of someone that proclaims the rich are greedy for wanting to keep their money and hurting no one, while he lies to the people and Dem constituents to keep them dependent, only to earn a paycheck.

              Edit: He is the main reason I don’t miss “The Five”. I don’t watch it, don’t miss it. I can not watch people lie— too disgusting.

      • Great point Joe. I would have to agree.

        Too bad, really. I kind of get tired of hearing the same talking points from 15 different people. It kind of takes the point out of listening to different opinions if all they are going to say is the same thing.

        What is even odder, at least it is for me, is that a bunch of genius’ actually think the best way to get ahead in the world of the First Amendment and Free Thinking … is to say the talking points better than the other guy….

        Honestly, that one is throwing me the most.

        Thanks for your thoughts.

      • poljunkie

        We often wonder that about Juan.

    • WordsFailMe

      Somebody else here described it as “Poo flinging.” lol

  • 4Hoppes2

    I would like to ask Mr. Williams, who would you prefer to rebuild this nation after the anarchists have totally destroyed it, the Tea Party participants or the OWS participants?

  • AUGRAD1996

    Love it! That girl has tenacity!

  • Hooliganz513

    malkin is a conservative warrior

  • Susanna958

    “Bottom up, top down and inside out”. Van Jones

  • Thank you Dr. Scoop! Perfect shot of medicine. YAY Michelle! Love the way liberals always admit that they don’t have anything to back up their opinions, yet never admit they’re wrong!

    • a man convinced against his will be of the same opinion still. “shakes head” we have alooooot of work to do…..

  • hbnolikeee

    Nice Michelle. Once again Juan is seen to speak with his head clearly planted up his butt.


    Has Michelle become the “female” Brietbart? ♥

    And yes Juan, you are a nitwit.


  • GJPinks

    Tea Party Racists!!! They probably worry when they see Muslims on airplanes.. OPPS! That would be Liberal Jaun Williams.

  • Cindy09

    Man, she is P*ssed!!!! She gave Juan the scary eyes!!!

    • Wasn’t that great?! Usually for me, that’s the look I give just before the blood shoots out of my eyes.

      • Is_Sense_Common

        I noticed she kept closing her eyes b4 her smackdown. I wonder if she was attempting to stop the blood from shooting? hahaha

  • I LOVE MICHELLE!!!! You can see she was beyond pissed at the BS Mr Williams was flinging. “I dont have the evidence” was a perfect quote from Mr Williams as it once again shows that a liberal/progressive is alway going to be beholden to their liberal/progressive views and not the the facts get in the way of their own personal truth and narrative. Once again Michelle brings a fully loaded Apache helicopter to a knife fight and destroyed Mr Williams at the end in EPIC fashion. Thank you Michelle.

    • PVG

      “Poo-flinging monkeys”……..that is priceless!

      • wodiej

        LOL…yep, that was great.

  • PVG

    She is fearless! Good for her calling Juan out for his mindless, groundless, party line, repeating.

    • kong1967

      It’s pathetic how Juan dragged the Tea Party into the argument, and there have been no arrests at Tea Party events. How many thousands of occupy imbeciles have been arrested?

      • Is_Sense_Common

        Actually I kind of enjoy it when libs attempt to compare the Tea Party movement with this OWS crap. It certainly brings on a vivid contrast for all the world to see.

        • kong1967


  • Boris_Badenoff

    The sad thing is that stupid liberals will repeat the racist lines over and over and actually believe what they are saying is true when they cannot produce any proof of such claims..
    The MSM will never play that clip with Malkin taking Juan to the woodshed.

    Liberals are emotional idiots. They do not deal in facts , the lib leaders and media take every opportunity to incite their believers on an emotional level as a method of controlling them and the fools eat it up.

    A study of the Trevon Martin case is all that is needed to understand how the left operates.

    Over 90% of blacks murdered are killed by other blacks. Where is the outrage?

    Jessie and Al can’t make any money on that one… Not the right hook for the MSM..Does not go with any of their agendas.

    The Lib media mantra, Never let a fact get in the way of a good story..

    The bulk of the Media IS an enemy of the United States.

    • wodiej

      You nailed it with liberals deal w emotion not facts.

  • How about Michelle Malkin, Press Secretary and WH spokesperson in the new admin? Yeay, I can go for that!

    • kong1967

      That sounds like a good idea. She would beat up the liberal media a lot more than Newt did.

  • It makes you wonder…

    Juan Williams seems to always be defending weirdness…

    in the Democrat party
    in the Obama administration
    in the Occupy movement
    in the Progressive/Socialist/Marxist “transformation” of America

    What’s up… or twisted… with Juan Williams?


    • wodiej

      Like attracts like.

  • GEDouglas

    Juan is falling off that thin wire he attempts to walk between two ideologies. He see’s the failures of the left but has been so indoctrinated by a life time of propaganda he just can’t accept who and what the democrats really are. Consequently he is lost in a political wilderness…a man of no conviction…unable to make a cogent argument for or against a platonic form such as justice. If he doesn’t find the courage to say what he means, mean what he says, and stand his own ground, he won’t be long for the pundit world.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Malkin is a national treasure.

    Juan is a boob.

    Any questions?

  • Michelle Malkin RULES!

  • I never understood the FOX people defending Juan Williams when NPR dusted him… since he is a wacko left wing nut case who lies his butt off and just repeats liberal talking points over and over…. until you realize it is all part of the butt kissing circle jerk club the media has – an example being Ann Coulter with Anthony Weiner

  • M_J_S

    I love how Occupy people threaten violence to armed Conservatives. Is that a joke?

  • Breitbart was here tonight !

    Way to put on your brass malkins Michelle !

  • Why does @foxnews have on its pundits/staff retarded morons like Juan Williams and Geraldo?

    • kong1967

      Do you know any other libs that aren’t retarded? They are about the most reasonable libs around….which isn’t saying much because they’re all dumber than a box of rocks.

  • poljunkie

    I wouldnt want to make Michelle mad.
    She gets takes names, and settles the score.

    • kong1967

      She’s tough.

  • #OWS is a chaotic, violent anti-American thuggery movement.

    • They act like communist

      • kong1967

        A lot of them defend communism, mostly because they have never lived in a communist state and they have been fed a bunch of lies by the left.

  • PFFV

    Michelle Malkin is a shining example of a True Conservative that uses the facts against the left to make them look like the fools and liars that they are. Not only is she smart as a whip but she is hot as hell too….lol! She has the fire in the belly like many great Conservative Women. She reminds me a lot of Sarah Palin. Michelle really beat down Juan Williams…lol! I loved it! She has one heck of a bright future and I could see her being a great leader someday soon.

    • kong1967

      Mmmmmmm…..I don’t know about being a leader. She’s a great warrior to have on our side, but she can’t keep her cool. That’s not a bad thing, but she’s not a politician by any means and she can’t put on a face. If she’s pi**ed you’re gonna know about it. I would love to see her debate Obama, but I don’t think she could get through it without reaching over and giving him an elbow to the jaw.

      • leaky_sink

        “reaching over and giving him an elbow to the jaw”

        …would it be wrong for me to think how I’d LOVE to see that? 😀

        • kong1967

          Lol, not at all.

      • wodiej

        So what does she lack to make a great leader? She’s not a pansy?

        • kong1967

          My apologies. I don’t mean to sound like I’m insulting her. I’m not because she is fantastic.

          Calm. She gets very irate and “in your face”. Those are great qualities for someone fighing on your side, but is that what people look for in a leader? Believe me, if she ran for President I wouldn’t let that get in my way, lol.

          Maybe I’m wrong on this. In any case she is a great conservative.

          • Give her a few years and she is going to be a tough cookie

            • kong1967

              Lol, if she gets any tougher the libs will be hiding under tables shaking from fear.

      • jjsmntha

        Giving an “elbow to the jaw” That would be funny!

  • Freeway1996

    Quick question. Was that lady in the middle born here in America? She looks foreign

    • kong1967

      That’s Michelle Malkin….one of the best conservatives to have on our side. She is an American and she doesn’t tolerate liberal stupidity. She stares it in the face and grabs her baseball bat. None of the Boehner bullcrap from her.

    • badnewzbearz

      Yes, Michelle is American – of Filipino heritage.

  • kong1967

    “The problem is capitalism”. This is the message the liberals (led by Obama) have been feeding the public. Treasonist bastards, the whole lot of them.

    “Unfair”. I’ll tell you what’s unfair. The United States has to tolerate Marxists within it’s borders at the highest levels of government. Our founders would have them tried for treason.

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    I’ve said it before: Juan Williams deserves no voice on Fox News. He’s repeated this meme about the Tea Party being racist without offering up any single shred of supported evidence — other than one time referencing a blog that turned out to be false — and he’s no journalist.

  • Jude O’Connor

    Juan is a delusional lier, makes statements just to control the conversation in a rude, offending way. He babbles almost incoherently to accomplish control.

    • WordsFailMe

      I love that silly and dull smile he puts on when Michele goes for the throat over his racist remarks.

      I’d rather see her go on the attack about how he, Juan Williams immediately takes the conversation about OWS, which essentially is about 99% white into a discussion about racism, which is about 107% black.

      Juan’s a moron, a democrat’s commie stooge, a black liberal who’s been fed scraps off the table of smarter, richer white liberals, and trained, like a monkey, to run to the same corner of his cage and pull the “Racism lever,” anytime he gets frightened or when he wants another piece of banana.

      I have no sympathy, no pity and no respect for a man who cannot defend himself without resorting to techniques his mama taught him, “I’m black and I can say anything and you can’t touch me.”

      You are passe, Juan. You are last year’s bogey man and no one will ever give you another inch of slack for you in-grained ignorance or your black victim-hood, “NPR mal treated me” excuse. You’re not popular anymore. No more free lunch. No more cocktail parties on the east side. You are going to have to earn a living from now on.

      Get into the street with the post racial OWS, punk.

    • timeout31

      Most accurate picture of Juan. Thank you.

  • wodiej

    People drawing pictures of monkey’s? Malkin really went off on Williams. Give me evidence or retract it. Lie. YOU GO GIRL!!

  • Arrrggghhh

    I’ve posted this story her before, so I apologize to anyone that has already read this.

    I was at the 9/12 march on Washington in 2009. At the end of the march, I saw a booth for the D.C. Opportunity Group. They are the group that was working to save the D.C. school voucher program. I had heard about them before and was glad to see them. The booth was manned totally by young minority volunteers. They had a sign up asking for people to sign their petition. As a huge supporter of school vouchers, I eagerly went up to a young man and asked if I could sign the petition. He said “no”. Surprised, I asked why? He told me that they had run out of petition sheets. The massive angry mob of racists supported their cause so much that they ran out of petition sheets to sign!

    Absolutely true story.I’ve never seen a larger or more well behaved group of people in my life.

    • Arrrggghhh

      p.s., the D.C. Opportunity voucher program was under siege by Democrats. Of course the Democrats didn’t like it because the teachers union was opposed to giving inner city minority students the choice of getting a decent education.

  • timeout31

    It is always a mystery to me as to why Juan is allowed to be so vocal. In most instances he is not stopped. I am so proud of MM for being able to think quickly and make truthful points. Her aggressiveness is refreshing, and she put Juan in his place by pointing out that he repeatedly made “racist” accusations without ONE shred of proof. I am really getting tire of Juan. I think I have been tired of Juan for decades. Great piece for MM!

    • WordsFailMe

      You are right. It also appeared that Hannity finally had the courage to peak out around Michelle’s skirt and make a funny face at Juan.

  • Philo Beddoe

    Malkin is way to smart and assertive based on facts. These pathetic lib’s are so desperate they will lie, admit they have no facts and lie some more.

    Malkin’s appearance proves again why Bill O’Reilly will not have her on, she to good

    • conservativemama

      O’Reilly is no intellectual so he cannot take the risk of having Michelle on his show. I suppose he knows enough to not embarrass himself.

      • Edwin Benton

        The reason Michelle Malkin will not appear on O’Reilly is because of Geraldo Rivera. He made extremely hateful comments about her on O’Reilly’s show and O’Reilly refused to make him apologize to her, so she has refused to appear ever since then.

        • Edwin Benton

          Actually I don’t think Geraldo made the comments on O’Reilly’s show and Malkin’s refusal to appear was probably based more upon the fact that O’Reilly refused to stop having Geraldo on his show. So Michelle Malkin decided she did not want to be on the same show with Geraldo or any show that would allow him on…or something like that.

          • WordsFailMe

            Regardless this woman show excellent taste in venue

        • conservativemama

          Oh, I didn’t know this. Thanks for sharing.

  • OldmanRick

    Juan Williams is a total loser. He only spews liberal, progressive, marxist BS.

  • ljbost

    I can think of so many comments, I don’t know where to start. I’ll just say this. As Michelle said, the line from Juan to remember is this, “I don’t have any evidence.”

  • n4cerinc

    Juan: I have no evidence.
    End of discussion.

  • celestiallady

    We need more like Michelle to speak out – I saw this last night – awesome! Juan should know better than to lie to her.

  • conservativemama

    Love Michelle. This is the fight that we conservatives want to see. We are not RINOs, we will not follow the Bush example of letting every falsehood, every unfounded accusation, every insult go unanswered.

  • Rocco11

    I gave up on Fox when they signed that idiot Williams to a $2 million contract. $2 million to be dead center perfect wrong on absolutely everything. Great work if you can get it, apparently…

  • toongoon

    Juan Williams tried to isolate the leaders of the #OWS movement from the “fringe” of it’s members in the face of evidence while blanketing the Tea Party as racists without a shred of evidence. What a tool.

    I love it when Michelle Malkin’s eyes get big.

  • KM

    Boy, it must be tough these days being a democrat. Having to defend such asinine failures of obama/biden/pelosi/reid/schumer/etc. and liberalism, and having to make things up, hoping that something sticks against the GOP.

    Welcome folks to today’s democratic party – or should we say, today’s socialist-democrtatic party.

    • FreeManWalking

      or could we say socialcratatic party?

      Actually there is much more Oligarchy than Socialism in their party and more of both of the latter than democracy!

      Their leaders of each fractured group are propped up and put in the forefront to tell the minions how to think. resist we MUCH!

  • Kordane

    Juan is just a mouth piece for the “Liberal narrative” which declares that the Tea Party is racist, violent and bigotry. Juan can’t think outside of the Liberal narrative, because that’s what he reads, it’s what he believes and it’s what he articulates every chance he gets. If you want the Liberal narrative on anything, just watch clips of Juan Williams.

  • Joe

    I would not want to see her really mad !

    She really is a fearless Honey Badger like Dave Kawasaki said in this post

    I dare not post the link –

    If you wish – Go to youtube and

    enter a search with “The Crazy Nastya$$ Honey Badger”
    ( “BAD” language alert – It is really funny)

    • Is_Sense_Common

      I think you did just see her get really mad! I loved it! 🙂

  • denbren52

    I just LOVE that last line from Michelle!!! She’s my hero of the day!!!

  • Joe

    Don’t get excited about Juan –

    Juan Williams and Bob Beckles and Kirsten Powers are on FOX to give another viewpoint

    They are NOT serious about what they say –

    You can tell by looking at their faces

    To them – It’s just a job – Nothing more or nothing less

    • Sandra123456

      Couldn’t agree more. Of late when I watch some of these “matches” it’s beginning to make me compare them to “professional” wrestling. It’s good guys vs. bad guys, everyone has an act to play, resolving nothing, and they all go out for a beer and a laugh afterwards…and they are all millionaires anyway so it is all great fun.

      Wish there were in depth discussion shows sort of like “The Five” but shows that would take an hour and one subject and discuss it in depth with facts and figures without the emotionalism and half baked conventional wisdom. A show like that, I think, would be well watched.

      • Joe

        “professional” wrestling. —- Great analogy

      • Summer

        Sandra, I cannot agree. I don’t watch 5 only because of Beckel… If they fired him, I would watch.. But otherwise these left / right boxing matches don’t change anyones minds.

    • Summer

      Joe. You are kidding I hope. Kirstan, Beckel, and Juan all believe this cr ap…. they live by it.

      I wish that Fox fired them all..

      When any of these three are on, I TURN THE CHANNEL TO HGTV. Seriously….I don’t waste my time listening to any lib on fox.

      • Joe

        They are NOT serious about what they say –

        You can tell by looking at their faces

        • las1

          You mean like phrenology?

          If it is as you say, then they are simply paid actors who don’t believe in their hearts what they say and secretly believe in their hearts that we are correct in what we say. And if that were true, then Malkin is a liar too… she does not believe what she says and she believes secretly that what Williams says is true.

          Sorry dude, that’s just weak. Obviously that illogic does not fly. No! These people mean it. If there is any “look” to be discerned, then that “look” on their faces is the look of intractability, stubbornness and the resulting look of contamination that comes with wrongly held ideas.

          Williams believes what he says as Malkin believes what she says.

          • “You mean like phrenology?”
            No. … More like physiognomy – there’s a difference and MM fits the latter.
            just tryin’ ta help

            • las1

              I was saying it tongue in cheek. Williams physiognomy was definitely betraying what he really believes… that’s why I disagreed with Joe’s assessment. But thanks for the help anyway.

              • Joe

                The only one who believes what he says is Alan Colmes

                To the others – IT IS JUST A JOB

      • Joe

        They are NOT serious about what they say –

        You can tell by looking at their faces

  • badnewzbearz

    Whew! I’d hate to have Michelle Malkin mad at me ;-D And of course, Juan Williams just had to go there – the endless unfounded accusations of Tea Party racism. But yeah, we need more fighters like Michelle, out there on the front lines.

  • earlgrey133

    So Juan says that some people have been expelled from the tea party for being racist and that somehow means that the tea party is racist??? We need more people like Michelle and Breitbart.

  • Summer

    Juan and his lib friends only have the word racism to throw out. They can’t say: Great economy, liveable energy prices, peace, freedom, freedom from debt….

    Only the word racism…. ho hum

  • Liberals never fact check nor do they need evidence, a simple accusation will do just nicely.
    As far as Juan is, NPR and the liberals threw him out and a conservative station gave him a nice contract, and he say thanks by trashing conservatives. Just like the puppy dog who comes back and licks the masters hand after having been beaten.

    • las1

      A more apt analogy is in order of what Juan is like.

      He’s like a dog returning to his vomit.

  • Liberals never fact check nor do they need evidence, a simple accusation will do just nicely.
    As far as Juan is, NPR and the liberals threw him out and a conservative station gave him a nice contract, and he say thanks by trashing conservatives. Just like the puppy dog who comes back and licks the masters hand after having been beaten.

  • bflat879

    I’m really surprised at how Democrats have gotten away with this tea party meme they’ve put out. If the Republicans were smart, always a challenge when it comes to Republicans, they would point out the obvious truth, the tea party is made up of mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, your neighbors, your fellow parishioners, your aunts, your uncles, and your friends, all of whom the Democrats are trying to smear, call racists, and demean, just because they feel it’s important that we deal with the accumulating debt.

    That’s one of the reasons the tea party is silent right now, they’ve said their piece and they’ve voted once and they’re getting ready to vote again. They’re certainly not going to vote for the guy that’s calling them racists.

  • The Reporter and the Asian woman are full of shit.

    • GraceKnows

      And what is Juan full of?

    • sounds like racial profiles or hate, but then liberals don’t believe in that. Hypocrit.

    • tx_gold

      Kind of like you, allison?!

  • magic_beans

    Anyone who doesn’t realise the fit that was pitched about the TEA party, made up of mostly older people with flags and lawn chairs lives under a rock. The Democrats were trying to make them out into a sinister group bent on bigotry. They just didn’t like your healthcare law. They thought it was unconstitutional, cost too much money, and relinquished control over a lg portion of our economy to the state. Looks like the Supremes agree.

    But the OWS are media darlings. Dems love them and the rapes, and vandalism, and desire for anarchy, and the overthrow of our system of government goes largly un critiqued.

    I wonder how different this would have been if Occupy had managed to blow up that bridge in Cleveland and citizens died?

    • Ya See …
      When the OWS crowd dictates Democrat policies, the barely articulate dregs of society cannot even make a cogent argument. Kinda like their champions in the embarrassment known as the Senate.
      SPQR (Senatus Populusque Romanus) my glorious glutes.

  • GiantM

    Favorite Malkin line: “Poop slinging Marxists” Just like most Americans, sounds like she’s had enough!

    • wodiej

      don’t forget she also said “monkey’s”…lol

  • DamnCat

    The media will always claim that the criminals don’t really represent OWS. Of course, if anyone at a Tea Party rally so much as jaywalks then the entire movement is labeled as rightwing, racist, nazi extremists.

  • Bill Ayers is a terriorist and never did a day’s time in prison for his part in the bombing of the Pentagon. Supporting the Occupy movement should show everyone who he is. He helped to shape Barack Obama’s life and most likely wrote “Dreams of My Father.”

    I get really tired of the “racist” meme. Juan Williams is a smart man and knows the Tea Party doesn’t have any racist people in it.

    Maybe Juan should check out the Democrat party. He might be surprised what he might find.

  • TruLevinian

    She’s tough. I don’t know what the hell a honey badger is, but maybe I’ll call her a wolverine since I live in MI.

  • All that said: Debating Juan Williams is easier ‘n shooting fish in a barrel.
    At least Juan does occasionally stray from the racist DNC talking points.
    He SHOULD have used this opportunity to hone his intellectual credibility.
    NOTE: Assuming he has any.

  • cincinnatius

    I watched this confrontation with more than a little amusement! It served as a perfect example, (if one is cogent enough to connect any dots what-so-ever) of the typical leftist and their: “this is what I believe, so this is true and verifiable”, philosophy. The question that continues to baffle me is how can they continue to be so self-delusional? You would think that given time, the truth would slowly trickle into their conscientiousness and logic would creep into their analysis of events, people, processes, effectiveness, et al. BUT, it never does. Juan was non-pulsed by Malkin’s destruction of EVERY premise he put forth! His delusion is complete and total. There is no room for cognitive reason, his faith is absolute in the dream world wherein he lives. The scary part of Juan (and every other liberal) is: they will willingly walk into tyranny, taking us with them!

  • 911Infidel

    Juan Williams is a lying little man. Malkin looked ticked enough to smack Juan on his little pointy head. You go girl.

  • stevenbiot

    Those bombers look like professionals.

  • stevenbiot

    Why did Fox hire Juan Williams? That dude is a liberal wanker.

  • stevenbiot

    Can we send weapons to law enforcement to make sure they keep the “peace?”

  • Looks like Juan Williams didn’t like being called out. But as he said, he doesn’t have any evidemce. Hope you liberals heard that.

  • Juan Williams has obviously been drinking the kool-aid being served on the Left. His attempts to defend the indefensible makes him look like a fool! I love Michelle Malkin because she always has an answer the these loons and the facts to back up what she says! God Bless her! We need more people like her to expose the Left for the liars they are.

  • DavidScottMasiwchuk

    She is correct on all counts and Juan knows it.

  • Oposition to Obama’s policies is racist by definition.

    It is an illogical definition, nor does the argument have any internal consistency, but insisting on those standards is also racist, apparently.

  • tx_gold

    I saw this. She nailed him!

  • Michelle is my heroine of the female political scene… She pulls no punches and readily B-slaps nonsense to the side and presents facts to back up her claims unlike the moronic fecal-spewing left wing libtards. God Bless Michelle Malkin.

  • Give ’em hell, Michelle! Nothing more attractive than a conservative woman with brains, beauty, and the confidence to use them.

  • Conservative_Hippie

    Wow, she reemed Juan a new one!

  • How do you know when liberals are lying?

    They st st st st stutttttttter like a machine gun.

  • mariohm

    Poor Juan Williams, when shows up at any other show but O’reilly, he pretends to be very tough. But at O’reilly he is puzzy cat, so docile. He as Colmes is a full. Michelle and Catherine Ham have proved it time and time again.

  • David Hackney

    Interesting that the same comments the right makes about Occupy are made by the left about the Tea Party. Listen to President Obama’s comment on Oct 6. His description could apply to both movements.

    • wodiej

      Difference is they are lying.

    • WHAT? I think you have clearly over thought these situations and rallies and have totally confused yourself!

    • DebbyX

      There are hours and hours of footage from the Tea Party rallies and not one scintilla of evidence that O’s description could characterize the Tea Party.

  • Now I see why Juan was fired at NPR. He can be very stubborn when he is wrong.

    • DebbyX

      When you back a liar into a corner, they don’t like that and become very ornery!

      Don’t feed the animals.

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    OH MY!!!! God bless her husband! A man’s man for sure!

  • Amy

    K- I googled the monkey comments and tea party and found nada. Nothing.

    Juan is a liar and got called out. Thankfully Michelle didn’t let him get away with it, because Sean won’t be that hardlined about it.

  • NJK

    Ayers is one of those that Obama works for, along with the Muslim Brotherhood and possibly Putin.

  • NJK

    This punk needs to be expelled from the country.

  • NJK

    Juan Williams will never admit that Obama is a fraud.

  • Typical.

    The well documented (by police forces across the country) violence, criminality, rapes, drug use, public indecency, etc., all boils down to a minority causing trouble.

    Imagined cases of racism in Tea Party rallies, however, are tantamount to endemic problems or rampant racism and violence.

    In other words, the rabble keep changing “the world is watching”, and when we see their violence and bigotry, its nothing. Minor crap, from minor factions. When manufactured charges of violence and racism are levied against the Tea Party, though nobody sees it, its got to be true.

  • everybody is frustrated , but you don’t destroyer, what does not belong to you.

  • you cannot defend this crap for one minute. its all anarchy . Michele you kick ass.

  • B-Funk

    Wow! It’s about time we unhinge our mouths and speak plainly! I don’t know why Juan supports these ingrates. They’re the racist ones, quite clearly. I don’t get it, nor do I want to. He’s gotta get his head on straight. Poo-flinging monkies at ows! LOL! How true.

  • Two buttholes on Fox news.

  • This November Obama will see The American people in all their frusration clearly, when we vote this one term, foodstamp, behind, out of office.

    Impeach Obama
    Tea Party Patriot

  • At 3:26, the President of the United States, absolves law breakers, instead of stating that they will be dealt with.
    At 3:44, an elected representative of one of the besieged areas of her constituents states that the OWS message is ‘a message to all establishments, God bles them.’ Instead of “taking care of her constituents”, she absolves those besiegeing them!
    Juan Williams never really ‘left’ PBS. He has brought his ‘racist’ and ‘elitist’ attitudes with him to Fox.

  • Michelle for President

  • Where are the American flags that normally are behind a president?