Eric Bolling reveals secret that will drop oil prices by $1 per gallon

Eric Bolling revealed his secret tonight with co-host Sarah Palin on their oil and gas special, “Paying at the Pump”.

Watch below:

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  • Raising the margin requirements will crowd out the small speculator, not so much Goldman Sachs or Morgan Stanley. I like the 10% caps by the regulator better. Good show, though. Sarah Palin did very well.

    • There’s nothing good about the government interfering in private business, and its un-Constitutional. Increasing production to match and exceed consumption/demand will be what we need to lower gas prices to something reasonable. If Wall Street wants to continue trade in high volume, as long as we’re producing more than enough to offset what’s traded, we should be good. We don’t need Congress using this as another reason to tax.

      • Amy

        That was my thought in this as well. Red flags went up as he was talking about his fix.

        We have enough oil under foot to meet our energy needs – lets break the hold the environmentalists have on our economy and get the US back in the oil business.

        • What they’re suggesting isn’t even anything even remotely like the Free Market. I can see why Sarah really didn’t have a whole lot to say.

        • These may be good ideas, but if we also use Newt’s plan, we solve every one of these problems. Abundant oil, jobs, independence from foreign sources, pay off the national debt in a generation, jobs, opportunity, renewed strength, vital economy.

          Once people understand what we can do, the enthusiasm is off the charts. Listen to this crowd. Newt tells us how.
          ALABAMA GOP PRESIDENTIAL FORUM – March 12, 2012 – Birmingham, Alabama – 33:21

      • K-Bob

        You are absolutely correct. The minute the next Congress and Administration opens up drilling and refinery building, oil prices will spiral downward rapidly, well before the first oil wells and refineries come on line.

        A dollar a gallon? That’s like getting a hundred dollars off your next new car purchase.

        • stevenbiot

          Right On!!!! Also, it’s another area that government will never be able to be removed from. Once you let them in, they never leave.

        • I still believe that one of the ways to prop up and the USD to proper levels, and beyond, is to follow the example of oil republics like Saudi Arabia. By tapping and mastering our own petroleum and natural gas resources, not only do we achieve energy independence and enhanced security AGAINST rogue nations like Saudi Arabia and all other oil republics, we benefit from petrodollars. By undercutting OPEC through the offer of lower cost energy sources that come from a politically stable, militarily strong nation, we can attract more customers with our democratic honey, than nations like Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia can with their state sponsored terrorism and dictatorial vinegar. Sure, speculators would continue to speculate, but as long as domestic energy supply is not dependent on them in any way, that is another way to eliminate un-Constitutional government interference. Any regulations would have to come from not only the market, itself, through self correction, but from the People and the States, where the Constitution says it should come from. We should be paying less than a dollar/gallon, just like they are in Saudi. We’ve got better people, better technology and a better system of law and government. We just have to use it.

      • Velvet

        The side mention is also the printing presses on full steam. USD declines, oil inclines (inflationary manipulation) and meanwhile other countries are ditching the USD as their reserve currency and making direct trade deals with oil producing countries. Producing more oil and supplying it in our markets is the answer along with getting cronyism out and fractional reserve accounting practices (malpractice) while rehypothecating collateral and CDS eliminated, etc. etc. Though what lobbyist would ever have that on their docket. America needs to wake up now.

      • Really? Then do away with all regulations… after all, government should not interfere in commerce at all… no licences required, no rules or regulations…

        idiot… without regulations there would be anarchy.

        Someone set the margin limits already… all he is saying is increase the percentage. They do that all the time with commodity trading and even margin on stocks.

        Why do you think there was a financial blow up a few years ago? Because the greedy bastards could take a plain old mortgage, pay a bank to be able to use it to bundle with more mortgages in a fund and some other greedy bastard formed a fund that held a number of other funds and then another greedy bastard wrote an option on the mortgage fund that held a number of mortgage funds and then another greedy bastard formed a fund that held a number of options on a fund that held a number of funds…. and on and on and on…. so that there were 50 variations of ownership based on each individual mortgage.

        In other words there was only one mortgage but over time there were 50 investment vehicles that were based on that one mortgage…. smoke and mirrors… they should have let the whole thing collapse… because only the smoke and mirror investors would have lost and the original mortgage holders would have fared a lot better….we got screwed as the speculators were bailed out and the people who held the original mortgages got the shaft.

        • kong1967

          I don’t believe he said we should get rid of all regulations. At this point, though, our markets are buried in regulations and I can understand the disapproval of even more of them. No doubt there need to be regulations, but a lot of the current regulations do nothing more than kill business and there are too many of them. Someone needs to go through them and kill all the nonsensical ones.

          • Right. While according to Article 1, section 8 of the Constitution, Congress has the enumerated power to control the value of the currency, they do not have the power to regulate institutions that deal with it, such as banks and credit unions. These are un-Constitutional powers they illegally seized, as those powers are specifically left to the States and the People, which is explicitly stated in Amendments 9 & 10. Federal regulation has never improved anything in the US; it is only a device that they have un-Constitutionally seized for themselves in order to enable their out of control (and equally un-Constitutional) spending. Dodd-Frank is completely un-Constitutional and illegal, as it delves into something that the federal government has absolutely no power to control or regulate, in any way. They should have no power to regulate the environment, business, commerce within states, housing, banking, etc. Even their commercial regulation powers that exist, if looked at in a Constitutional lens, are truly limited to providing a common and fair framework that protects states from predatory states (as they used to trade quite unfairly against each other, back in the earlier days of America’s inception), as well as to protect from unfair business dealings from other countries. Like a PC operating system, it does not tell the computer’s other software how to operate; it only insures those software packages function properly in context to working alongside of, or in conjunction with, other software packages, acting as a regulatory system, or framework. People that don’t understand the Constitution are too ignorant to understand this, people that don’t care about the Constitution are against limits on government power, in the first place.

            • kong1967

              You are going much more deeply than I have the knowledge to know about. I know that the government is drowing our markets in regulations but I’ll have to leave the Constitutionality of it in your hands. You obviously have a much better grasp on the details than I do. I trust that you know what you are talking about. Obama may be a Constitutional scholar, but it wasn’t to protect it like you want to do. He studied it so he could find ways around it. No doubt in my mind.

            • Isn’t Wall Street speculation affecting commerce on all of the states?

          • Your right! We need to comb through and get rid of nonsensical ones! We need a weeding out! I know when I had opened a beuty shop in my home it was ridiculously hard! Why make it hard to start businesses while leaving enough capital behind inorder to increase the success of that business? I am now trying to start an art business, please check out and! Yes, artists can be conservative!

            • kong1967

              I checked out the first link but the facebook link didn’t work….(page couldn’t be found).

              “Horse Mania” was awesome! That’s real art. I can’t stand looking at paint blotches that look like someone let a monkey paint it….and they call it art. I used to be very good at art, too, but too many people asking me to do things for free was really making me mad and I quit.

              I like how your pics immediately sort-of like blow up (enlarge) as soon as you click on them. They were kinda bouncy like they spring up. It was cool.

        • I really don’t care if you take my words out of context.

          Regulation is not the job of the federal government, and if you were any better educated in the Constitution than Obama and the average leftist democrat, you’d know and understand this.

          The housing market failure was, in large part, due to that government interference you champion. The federal government has no Constitutional authority to have any involvement in the buying, selling, leasing, renting, etc. of houses, and therefore the USHUD (United States Housing and Urban Development) is un-Constitutional, as well as the federal government’s involvement in Fannie May and Freddie Mac. Those are institutions that should’ve been privatized, and the federal government shouldn’t even have had stock or shares in them. What cause the housing bubble to burst was the crony capitalism that you seem to have some great love for, resulting in government interference in banks, as well, which, in turn, resulted in government control over mortgages and bullying banks into making the sub-prime loan. This resulted in people that could not afford housing getting it, and the US taxpayer being on the hook, as well as banks. While the Congress does have the Constitutional power to control weights, measures and the value of the currency (something paulnuts are too stupid to understand), they do not have the power to impose regulations on the housing industry, or on banks, or on financial institutions of any kind.

          It is the kind of behavior that you challenge that lead to the creation of further un-Constitutional, un-American legislation as TARP. If that’s the US you want to live in, keep voting against the Constitution, and for crony capitalists like the guy in the video, who thinks government intervention is the answer. I won’t.

          • Also if you want no goven’t intervention, there should be no tax credit for owning a home. No interest and re tax deductions. I am sure many including you are not in favor of that if you are a homeowner. As long as there is a tax deduction on federal level on home homeownership, the govn’t will control the discussion on home mortgages.

            • I’m Ok with giving up a tax credit for home ownership, somehow we have to walk back government intervention into our lives. Simplify tax code. Either have a flat tax or a fair tax (with provisions!) If we have a fair tax, I would stipulate that the consumption tax is across the board for all consumption, save food, and can only go up or down at the same rate. Also, everyone has to pay, no exceptions!

          • We are in quite a cunundrum! The banks got our money, can we ask them for a temporary truce on speculation? Can we appeal to reason, rather than involving new regulations?

        • Good point! I am not a no regulation anarchist, but we need to revue the many regulations that we do have. Being a free market capitalist that I am, I do worry about too much intereference into private business. That being said though, the “Private businesses” in question were bailed out with taxpayer money, when they were at the heart of the problem along with government. So a temporary cap, to spur the economy and ease the pain on taxpayers, is not unwarrented. However, I would like us to take a longer and broader view and tap our own resources! We’ve had these conversations since the 1970’s and it drives me crazy that we don’t become energy independant!

      • warpmine

        GS invests in this sort of trading because it’s a better investment than what’s currently out’s almost a sure thing and when you compare that with the horror of the bond market you can bet your ass that that’s where they ‘ll put their money.

        Government interference in the market has assured us that everything is tainted. The government is our worst enemy. If you think Wall St owes the commoner anything for his financial assistance via bailouts of ’08 think again. We shot ourselves in the foot over and over again and the only way to fix it is to wipe out government interference.
        Hang them all!

        • If there’s to be any government regulation of markets, it has to be at a state level, not this one size fits all, top-down, authoritarian, all powerful centralized government regulation that we have, now, aggravated by having a president that not only hates the Free Market, but hates Freedom and the Market.

      • stevenbiot

        Pure Capitalism is the only way to go, VirusX. Good call. Philip James, below, loves being told what light bulbs and toilet paper to use. Without regulations, how would us barbarians manage. Regulations are a way for government to make money and control business, nothing else. PURE CAPITALISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • We’ll never have “pure” Capitalism, but we don’t need the type that we have, now, with the White House and Congress leading it around by the nose, and following the smell of money. Once there’s a stop put to that, a lot of positive change would start. It wouldn’t be the end all, be all of that change, but it would be the start.

          • Congress has been regulating with their own best interest in mind! They were making trades based on their regulations!

          • kong1967

            I’m interested in your opinion since you mentioned it. I previously said that I don’t believe in “pure” capitalism but it needs to be a lot less government interference and socialism than there is now. I got accused of being a liberal because I said our elderly paid into SS for 50 years so they should get their money back. In my view that’s not socialism. They had that money taken away from them to begin with. Yet, I’m a liberal. He said we should drop them and let them fend for themselves. Where do you stand?

    • She said very little in this 6 minute clip!

      • kong1967

        Yeah, I wondered what the point of her being there was. There has to be a lot more to this presentation.

        • Eye candy?

          Face it, she’s a viewer magnet. Her extensive knowledge in the energy sector is what adds to her credibility. But first and foremost she attracts attention.

          • stevenbiot


          • kong1967

            No kidding. She is very attractive and I would be a liar if I said I would kick her out of bed for eating popcorn. That can work against her, too, because it automatically gets her labeled a ditz because that’s how people stereotype. We know better, though.

            • Wow!!! Many of these replies are extremely sexist!!! You all are dimwits! She does have energy expertise and she was a Govenor! Show respect! The left merely attacked because she is a conservative and had a traditional family! BTW, so do I and I am sick of traditional families being attacked!

              • kong1967

                Lighten up. I was joking. The reason I like Palin is because of her success in Alaska, her views, and her ability to rally people behind the conservative effort. I would never support someone because they are sexy. I just stated that I couldn’t DENY that she is sexy. Get off your high horse.

      • wodiej

        the show was an hour folks so she said alot more than this. This is the only clip available right now.

        • BarbaCat

          I hope this was the introduction of a series of these presentations leading up to the election. There is so much more to say.

      • FYI…the show is one hour…did you see all of it?

  • It sounded too good to be true, and this 2008 analysis by (Austrian) economist Robert P. Murphy reinforces that:

    Is Murphy wrong?

    • Honestly this late I would much rather go to bed than read the entire thing, but I would be surprised if Murphy was wrong on this. From what I read it didn’t sound like he disagreed with this guy though.

  • Wait — is that the whole show, 6 minutes? Or are more segments going to be posted?

    • wodiej

      that’s all they have right now. The entire show was an hour.

    • MaxineCA

      It’s going to replay today and tomorrow. Check your local listing.

  • So now all of the sun Fox News comes with the idea to reduce the price of gas. Meanwhile, there’s been a candidate who’s been promoting much better and realistic ideas on how to get to (or below) $2.50 among other very interesting bold ideas. Please somebody calls Fox News to let them know! Oh wait…

  • Cindy09

    Waow!!! Palin needs to be Energy Secretary if not President!!

    • kong1967

      Ok, but she hardly said a word in this clip so where is the “wow” coming from? What did she say that was so fantastic? All I heard was “top secret” and “this is consumption”.

      • wodiej

        She does know alot about energy. Did you watch the entire show? There is a clip where she was on the plane w Greta flying over ANWR? She was co-hosting and her first time so I don’t think anyone expected her to be front and center. Give her a break.

        • detectivedick

          Rememeber Clinton (the impeached one) rejecting drilling in Anwar because it would take 10 years to get the oil to market? That was 15 years ago, There are consequences for actions, and if you look in the Clinton Administration you will find the same Progressives that are running Obama…Soros, Podesta, Holder and list goes on!

        • kong1967

          Don’t worry, I love Palin and I know she knows a lot about energy. I was just confused about what she said in the clip that made the attention go to her and to give her credit for what was being said….it was all coming from Eric. That being said, I mentioned in another reply that there must be more to the show. No, I didn’t see it so I didn’t know if there was more to it or not. I’ll have to look for the whole show later.

    • Karl Rogue

      Wait, I thought the Republicans were going to abolish the Energy Dep’t. Did I miss something?

      • stevenbiot

        Talking points are hard to implement.

  • 911Infidel

    I’m not interested in ideas that force out smaller traders; or for that matter more regulation. The best solution is to get this POS President out of office and put someone in office that doesn’t worship at the church of Gore. We have tons of oil and gas that we’re not even touching because of stonewallers like Obamas energu policies. We have oil rigs that are idle in the Gulf because of dipweeds like Salazar. We have the Keystone XL that would flood the market with oil and drive the prices down. The solution to high gas prices starts with rejecting bad ideas like cap n trade, not-ready-for-prime-time pie-in-the-sky notions like algae, wind and solar, AGW and Obama.

    • HuntingMoose

      I think you misunderstand what is going on.

      the target was at traders who trade more than 10% of the market (or whatever that may be).

      The problem they are addressing is that the virtual market is many times over bigger than the real market because of a few very large big traders (including Obama’s Pet GoldmanSachs) who distort the market with this.

      And regarding more drilling. If this had come from anyone other than Sarah Palin, I would have been more sceptical , man, she is about the biggest proponent of more drilling and she is always talking about the smaller stakeholders (e.g. on the tax deferrals that Obama want to scrap and will be disastrous for small drillers).

      • 911Infidel

        Nope I don’t. Smart energy doesn’t involve trading, or ponzi schemes like cap n trade. Smart energy, and price reduction is all about getting the product to market and the assurance that future fuel commodities will be there in sufficient quantities. More stable, available fuel (not susceptable to terrorist attacks or any other ME insanity) is the answer. Funny bunny manipulation of the commodity market is NOT the answer to lower fuel prices, and transportation costs. Not in my book it ain’t.

        • HuntingMoose

          You are right.

          The real answer is increase of supply and getting it to the consumer more efficient.

          All other things are gimmicks that are not needed once that has been accomplished because then the whole speculative trading will no longer exist.

          But to get those things done it will take time and until then some bandage to deal with the artificial shortage created by Obama that helps his crony donors at Wallstreet may help us reduce the pain during this period.

          Sarah Palin is the most outspoken proponent for increasing the supply and improving how the stuff gets to market. You may say that is her 5th baby ( trig who was born after her take on the supply in Alaska is her 6th child)

          She also has been talking that we need things until we get there and this is one of them, interestingly also taking out Obama’s crony sponsors on Wallstreet. But there is no doubt in my mind that such a rule would have an expiration date since her overall goal is less regulation, not more. And she has a governing track record to proof that.

      • kong1967

        What I got out of it was what the expert guest said about it. The only people that would stay in the market are the biggest traders and the little guys would be pushed out. This is what Frank-Dodd does to the banks. It kills small banks. I don’t much care for the idea of creating more “too big to fail” industries (or financial institutions) that control the entire market.

        • HuntingMoose

          The expert raised that as a very valid concern but it was countered with the remark that it focusses on those trading more than 10% of the market demand.

          They did not elaborate on the exact implementation but something like that can easily be achieved, e.g. the requirement for a higher margin will kick in only if your volume is over a particular amount so smaller traders are unaffected.

          As i mentioned before, Sarah’s trackrecord in legislation has always been in favor of leveling the playing field and taking out advantages of the big players. May be that was not clear in this presentation but i bet 100$ that you will find that in the details. Just as i would bet $100 that if Obama comes with a regulation, it is sold as for the little guy but in fact helps his big donors, cronies and has another tax to his coffers in it.

          • kong1967

            I trust Palin, and she’s much more of an expert in this field than I am (just by a little, lol). I had intended to find the rest of the program today but I’ve been sitting in a tornado shelter. Might have to go back.. 🙁

        • CD File

          That’s why there is no such thing as “too big to fail” let them collapse from their greed on a regular basis so the market can recycle itself like it’s supposed to.

          • kong1967

            Exactly, and I agree. However, when was the last time our government kept it’s nose out of it? Bush said he didn’t want to do a bailout, but he caved and did it anyway. Obama literally asked bush to get the ball rolling so it would be ready for Obama, when what Obama really wanted was someone else to take the heat for doing it.

  • ApplePie101

    I miss Glenn Beck.

    • GBTV is awesome well worth the $5 a month, for the price of a pack of smokes, or 1 gallon of gas you can watch in HD whenever you want…best money I spend

  • this is just a rehash of what Glenn Beck did a year or so ago..

    • sometimes, you gotta drive it home again, and again, and again…..

  • Well I am driving with E85 (etanol) only about 3 years and I am very happy to report that. No more oil dependency for me.
    What a wonderful world will be without oil cartels and oil tyranny

    I do not feel any pain at the pump at all

    • unclesamnephew

      so you would rather drive arround on corn vs. eating corn. not me i like my corn on the cob, not in my tank.

      • ernst1776

        A typical selfish liberal… he’s happy but it’s OK corn prices are skyrocketing.

        • warpmine

          Wait till he gets that repair bill after the ethanol destroys the fuel system. The systems aren’t built to handle alcohol without serious modifications. Alcohol attracts water which further diminishes your return. Only good thing is that you can run much higher compression ratios with alcohol than you can with cheap gas giving you better efficiency which is why more power can be made as that compression goes up. You best modify that fuel system or save for the repairs that come after you.

          • Ford flexifuel with engine heater for winter/cold starting are perfectly OK,
            Winter time it is more like E75.

            Kill the oil tyrannies and cartels with ethanol

            • Ethanol is a pathetic excuse for gasoline. An ethanol molecule does not contain the amount of energy that a similar molecular sample of gasoline contains, and therefore isn’t as efficient or powerful. All E75 is good for is subsidies, which should be abolished, at least on a national level, as the federal government has no power to subsidize any business or behavior. If business fought back against organized labor (unions), then they could reduce the cost of labor and vehicles, and actually be able to turn a profit off things like HEVs, which utilize less gasoline (or that crappy gasohol) and get higher mileage/gallon. Furthermore, if you read your owner’s manual, you’ll see that fuels that utilize things like ethanol additives commonly exceed manufacturers’ ratings on maximums on additives (usually by 10%, or more). This means that if it messes up your fuel system, you have voided your warranty through this behavior they warned you against, and you will be fully liable to pay for all damages our of your own pocket, and deservedly so.

              • My 3 years long practical experience with Ford Flexifuel and cane ethanol/cellulosic ethanol E85/ winter E75 CAN NOT confirm your theoretical speculations.

                Try yourself and kill oil dependency.

      • Dead wrong – it is cane ethanol/cellulosic ethanol and not corn.

        Get more info before crying out

    • Rshill7

      You are ignoring many, many items made with oil. The computer you typed this post on for example. What is yours made of? Wood? Everything you eat and have, rides on trucks, trains, ships and planes. You might be wearing oil on your feet too. It affects everything.

      Is ethanol really less than $2.00 per gallon? I saw that a few minutes ago. The prices were broken down by states, and appeared to be up to date.

      This was a good special by the way.

      • I ll be very happy if oil will be used in plastic material production only and no more to drive engines.

        It will be a wonderful world, isnt ???

  • wodiej

    Good job by both. The topic is very important for our economic future as well as our national security. Everyone in congress should be talking about this.

  • W.

    They are focusing on the smaller to mid-size piranha.

    The whole video is a waste if the big fish aren’t caught and fried.

    Go after and audit/expose the FED, Soros, Buffett and the other big individuals and conglomerate groups are skimming off huge profits and leaving the US taxpayer and consumer in the lurch with higher prices, high inflation, no jobs, etc.

    Heck, Soros once nearly brought down the entire British economy.

    It’s the FED, Soros, Buffett, Romneys, Bush, Clintons, Gores big money schemes – they are the speculators, flippers of factories and corporations, of this world who are the villains who leave the US taxpayer holding the bag.

    Get Clintons – Billy was involved with MF Global and other scams.
    Get Gore for his fake environmental scam.
    Get Obama and his friends and their green energy scams.
    Get Romney who got 2 billion public funds for his friends Olympics a private investment venture in Utah…and billions more US taxpayer dollars for his other business activities and entities.
    Get the Bushes…a lot of dirt there.

    MOST OF ALL – Find out what the H3!! happened to the 8-9 TRILLION dollars that ‘disappeared’ during the manufactured mid-election ‘Crisis of 2008’.

    Go after the biggest fish.

    Drain the DC Jacuzzi while you are at it.

  • Yazz55

    margin requirements (or not) does nothing to increase the physical supply of oil or gas

    … drilling and refining does

    • yes you are right Yazz but the devil is in the details. before it hits the market, there are a series of trades and margins done at the macro level. In essence, the traders need to have some “skin in the game”.

      when it comes down to “oil 101” a leader who knows something about the biz (and is willing to learn the whole ugly process) scores points with me.

  • RefudiateObama2012

    This show should have been two hours so that they could have discussed their points in more detail. Since all Hannity did was rehash all the Hilary Rosen crap, his show could have easily been preempted to give Bolling and Palin more time with each of the experts on the show.

    • detectivedick

      I really like Hannity he is a true LIAR Obama vetter. However in the short time before Novemeber he needs to get into rapid fire about this failed and evil Administration. Expose, Vet and Destroy every person and Policy of LIAR Obama.

      • RefudiateObama2012

        The problem is that Hannity only speaks to the choir. He doesn’t reach the people who need to hear about the lies of Obama. Plus, even if I’m in the mood to listen to Hannity, as soon as he has someone on like the airhead Tamara Holder, I switch channels.

    • Karl Rogue

      Hannity is a GOP talking points reader. The GOP would much rather talk about the Ann Romney kerfuffle than what *they* are going to do to get the oil flowing here.

      • tx_gold

        Do you think you are saying something that Hannity himself hasn’t said? He doesn’t like obama or democrats, and I agree with him!

  • Raising margins is done all the time with other commodities Gold for instance, every time they raise the margin requirements Gold goes down, I don’t see why it is OK to do it with Gold but not oil

    • stevenbiot

      Because republicans said it, silly. I have just lost alot of respect for Palin and Bolling. Wankers!!!!

  • Frankly I want gas prices to remain high, people blame the president for gas prices that is why his approval rating is diving, keep the price high until November, Please! I would rather be in the poor house for a few more months than face the near certain destruction of our way of life if he is re-elected

    • Don’t forget the Bamster is in bed with Goldman, who wants to bet gas prices start going down in say…October, after Dear Leader announces something insignificant

      • Karl Rogue

        by Goldman, you mean Goldman Sachs, Mitt Romney’s top contributors?

    • detectivedick

      I also will be glad to shut my trucks down, stop spending money and drive this economy under the bus with 6 to 8 dollar a gallon gasoline just to see Obama on Marine One going to Andrews on his way back to Chicago in Jan, 2013.

      • Yea, I don’t say that without empathy because it is killing my business too, but I’d rather loose my house than see him re-elected, in America you can always pick yourself up again

  • detectivedick

    Remember Goldman leased tankers in 2008 to store oil and keep it off the market when the price hit $38.00 BBL. Also remember that in early 2009 the “target” price for oil was to be $56 to $60 dollars per BBL.
    This is just my opinion, the traders, and OPEC know we need X amount daily to function and as the dollar declines “they” want a return on there product, hence rising prices. Secondly, every time the USA has increased the deficit by a Trillions, where does that money come from other than the Chi-Coms and monitization from the Fed? the oil producing Nations. Basically higher oil prices are a hidden Tax imposed on the worlds economy to finance BHO out of control spending. But it get better, why does BHO luv to bash Wall Street and most of them are his biggest donors, why??? because the Trillions spent have to be converted into assets, Bonds, T Bills etc. and who converts this paper into marketable paper? Wall Street. I am not bashing Wall Street but for every Trillion Dollars in new debt for the USA Wall Street makes $20,000,0000,000.00 yes that is 20 billion. So since LIAR Obama has been in Office Wall Street has made $100,000,000,000.00 yes that is 100 Billion. So bash me BHO, I am laughing all the way to the bank.

    Thanks for the great show Eric and Sarah, the numbers are stagering and Joe six pack does understand that he is at the limit of his personal wallet.
    PS. don’t forget the traders that make money by trading and converting dollars so oil can be purchased in the “world reserve currency”.

    • I wish Eric had expanded this segment of the show! The rest I know, it’s this particular segement I don’t understand and I watched it four times! I don’t mean to be thick and I know I am not stupid, but Wall Street trading Commodities and Big Banks are not a natural part of my life. I wish he could have expounded for us “Trading for Dummies” folks. That segment should have been the whole show, talking all around the issue! Please, try to explain this more fully and more vetted again!

  • gothicreader


    • stevenbiot

      We are the 99%

    • You got it.

  • Oil speculators are not a catalyst for higher oil prices. They are a positive feedback. The catalyst is unstable and unpredictable oil supplies. Throughout most of the 80s and 90s, Saudi Arabia had excess oil capacity and thus essentially had the ability to prevent price spikes by expanding their supply. They no longer have this ability because growth in worldwide demand has outpaced increases in worldwide supply. If only there were a country with large amounts of untapped supply.

    • warpmine

      Somewhat but how do you explain the know resources of the US. We are now a new exporter of oil and the price is still way up there. Government interference in the production of energy is the biggest reason we’re paying through the nose. In reality oil is just a little higher in terms of 35 years ago but inflation(hidden tax) has killed the consumer whose wages haven’t been compensated in this relationship.

      We best educate ourselves in all facets of our existence or get used to slavery. The elites are banking on the bulk of Americans that willfully compete in perpetual ignorance of their lives and the things that contribute to it.

      • stevenbiot

        Government intervention into the speculation market is about as good as having pet termites in your wood house.

      • Audrey_I

        Quantitative Easing and keeping interest rates near zero are destroying the value of the dollar.

        The price of gold and oil have maintained about the same price ratio for years. Fifty years ago gold traded for thirty five dollar an ounce oil was two dollars a barrel. Once of gold fifty years ago would purchase seventeen and half barrels of oil. Today gold is worth about $1700 per ounce and oil trades for about a hundred dollars a barrel. Today one ounce of gold buys about seventeen barrels of oil.

  • stevenbiot

    Great! Republicans are now in the business of growing government and regulating markets. Thank goodness! Instead of drilling and increasing domestic supply, we might have a “reach across the aisle” deal between repubics and Marxists to teach those “greedy” Wall Street corporations a lesson. Are we, in the future, going to hear ” We are the 99%” by our side?

  • stevenbiot

    Was that Chris Matthews and Debbie Waserman Shultz in their Palin and Bolling Halloween costumes, on a mock Fox news set that was really in the MSNBC studios?

  • carmtom13

    These speculators do not have to put up a large amount of money to buy the oil contracts, a very small amount, these wall St banks are controlling the price of oil with little or no money involved. I think that they should put up the money when purchasing these contracts, maybe not the full amount but a lot more than what is required now. I’m pretty sure that the price per barrel would come down.
    Governor Palin and Eric the show was very informative and should have been on 2 hours.

    • I would love it if they would have expanded the reveal point of Wall Street involvement, I think that should have been the bulk of the show! I just want better understanding!


    …the only solution to this RIP OFF of us at the GAS PUMP is to get rid of the EPA , Barach Hussein Obama and his minions . Then let FREE MARKET CAPITALISM provide the solutions necessary to either LOWER or if need be INCREASE $$$$$$$ at the gas pump’s.”

    P.S. …America Elections Have Consequences.”

  • W.

    “Obama order coordinates federal oversight of ‘fracking,’ gas development”

    “President Obama signed an executive order Friday establishing a high-level task force charged with coordinating federal oversight of domestic natural-gas development.”

    • wodiej

      he just wants to try to take some credit for this successful energy development.

      • W.

        More like trying to stop it….they will claim it ‘hurts the environment’…slap large fees and regulations on the natural gas production. This task force will also employ a bunch of extreme lefties and Islamists.

        Gotta hand it to Obama – he’s good at hitting multiple targets with one stone.

        In one abuse of executive power, he attacks Newt, Sarah Palin, the domestic energy industry, the US economy and the American people.

        I hope the ricochet will incur an even larger number of leftist casualties including Obama, maybe even Soros and Buffett.

  • stevenbiot

    If Hayek and Friedman wouldn’t approve, I don’t either.

    • CD File

      If you end the Fed the end of easy unwarranted credit would do the same (that they would approve). Every problem traces back to currency manipulation.

  • wmath44

    Very simple solution. If you buy the future, you have to take delivery.

  • I would like to state something regarding this thread.

    Regardless of the opinions and well reasoned arguments, I love the dialogue here. All I got from Mediaite were IQ jokes. Never let kids drive the wheel.





  • They should have opened the envelope, and there should have been two pink slips; one for Secy of Energy Chu(bicycle man) and one for Obama. Prices would drop by $1 in a minute.

  • A message too all that say Sarahs not Running… She is has ben, is running her own campaign but some of you all know that now dont yous…

  • Dr. Leroy Shitslinger

    This is all nothing but a shell game.
    The spec buyers buy, buy, buy, the price goes up and they sell, sell, sell.
    The stock market manipulators buy, buy, buy, The average goes up and everyone jumps in looking to gain a little ground, BUT, then the manipulators sell, sell, sell, pushing all the prices down. Who loses? The smaller, or fund investor. The money-men don’t lose anything because the price just reverts to where they got in. A good reaket if you got a ton of dough.
    Next comes the wonderful FED, they print ungodly amounts of cash and loan it to the spec buyers and market manipulators at 0% interest and they use this FREE MONEY to buy up EVERYTHING, thus forcing UP the price of everything from soup to nuts.

    If you think this is ONLY Oskidmark’s fault, you are wrong.
    This is a systemic problem and can only be fixed by revamping the entire system.
    I liked the idea of the other poster that said, “if you buy futures, then you MUST take delivery”, I’d like to see them store oil in their banks.

  • RefudiateObama2012

    The most striking visual of the show was the saucer of pennies representing the oil demand versus the fish bowl of pennies representing the oil traded.

    The second-most striking visual was the pyramid which showed the very tiny tip which represented the Obama lie of “2% of the world reserves”.

  • TLaMana

    I would pay $2.07 per gallon to fill my car. How about you?

  • Judefour

    Sound and honest money, would force the market prices to adjust. As long as fiat money exists without a fixed standard, (like gold or silver), there are mutations created in a society, that eventually must end in calamity. If true goods and services were based on honest money, how many people are going to give up this money for foolish entertainment, and other foolish things of that nature? Mr Paul is the only person that would lawfully address the issues of energy and an honest money economy. Many good intentions out there, but pride, covetousness, and compromise, dominate the landscape.

  • capelady

    Those who do not want to use American resources blame the world market and speculation for the high prices. Those things play a part, certainly, but with the oil and gas resources we now have access to right here, if we make it known that we are going to become energy independent using our own resources, and the oil companies know that new leases and permits will be rewarded and new areas opened, and we fully approve the XL Pipeline, etc… prices will begin to come down because the prices are reactionary, and once our production is actually increased, prices will drop significantly.

  • Cindy09

    I am guessing that you are being a bit sarcastic. I said “Wow” as a shout out to Palin as a former Oil and Gas Regulator. Who better than Palin (along with her team) came up with ACES (Alaska’s Clear and Equitable Share). She knows the subject better than anyone else.

    I know, I know. She is beautiful and looks like a stunning hostess or assistant to Eric Bolling but let’s be fair; all of the details on that show are based primarily on own her experience and research.

  • odin147

    speculation is not the cause the one is…once the one is kicked out the prices will automatically drop as the market confidence rises

  • JoelDick

    Read chapter 16 in Hazlitt’s Economics in One Lesson: ‘ “Stabilizing” Commodities’

  • The problem isn’t that we don’t know how to get fuel prices down, the problem is that Obama doesn’t want them to come down. He actually campaigned on higher fuel prices to push his green energy fantasy, and made statements that fossil fuels and coal will be regulated out of business. And the Obama fools elected anyway and for some reason now even some of those people are upset with the price of fuel.

  • The focus of Newt’s campaign has been energy policy. The program talked about many things that Newt’s visionary solutions have brought to the public discussion and it was disappointing to have FOX not give any credit to Newt, for making this issue a priority during the primary process.

  • Kid

    Supply side manipulation, and big money manipulation, and government regulations all contribute to higher oil prices. Raising margin requirements, as regulators like Eric Bolling wish to do, will do nothing but run small traders out of a job. Prices will be unaffected. Eric Bolling’s ilk are regulators–they are in the business of screwing entrepreneurs–not monopolistic Big Oil and its price fixers. State controlled oil has been, and always will be a disaster for prices.

  • You can also save money by making gas at home