Erskine Bowles: Obama’s political team convinced him to ditch fiscal commission

Erskine Bowles said he was as shocked as anyone to find out that Obama had ditched his own presidential fiscal commission. He said that he believes that Obama’s Chicago political team convinced Obama to let Paul Ryan go first so that he, coming after, would look like the reasonable one.

But Bowles said he fully expected it to be in the State of the Union, especially after the commission came up with exactly what Obama had asked for in their preparations. And while all the investments that Obama talked about in the SOTU he agreed with, Bowles said that by leaving out the fiscal commission Obama failed to underscore how the investments needed to be done in a fiscal manner.

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  • This is why Obama will go down as the most partisan fool in history, succumbed to his own pompous arrogance.

    Kind of like letting John Boehner continue to be Speaker.

  • fernando arce

    the commitee got played.

    • Anonymous

      Sounds like the committee was indeed playing us….

      “especially after the commission came up with exactly what Obama had asked for in their preparations”

    • Anonymous

      This was the expected result by anyone paying attention.

      Saddest case; LTC West has been made a fool of. It will be interesting to see what he does when his party leaders feign surprise and outrage. Will he ever get it that the fix was in all along?

  • Anonymous

    No surprise there, but very interesting to hear such detail from a horse’s mouth.
    We’ve already heard from Alan Simpson on this stuff, but he’s the other end of the horse. An arrogant elitist that tries to hide behind what he thinks is colorful Western speech. Only the city slickers are amused by it.

  • Linky1

    “He said that he believes that Obama’s Chicago political team convinced Obama to let Paul Ryan go first so that he, coming after, would look like the reasonable one.”

    There’s the red flag – the Chicago “political” team. Political, my a$$ – that’s the Occupier-in-Chief’s henchmen calling in their favours (kinda like the Godfather) to this sham of a puppet president.

  • Anonymous

    I swear,,,,if this is the standard by which intelligence is measured,,,????

    Thank you sweet Jesus for making me a moron!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Amen to that!



  • Do you actually believe Obama knows anything about economics? He probably took courses like Marxism 101 at Columbia. Unfortunately we have a media working for the White House and an ignorant population. Rush did a great job explaining why Michelle Obama was booed at the NASCAR race in FL!

    • cabensg

      He also explained why the supper committee was supposed to fail and why there aren’t really any military cuts. Spending will be the same just not go up that is not cutting.

  • Anonymous

    You know what, we’re not going to cut anything or raise anything until we figure out what kind of country we are going to have! That’s what this next election is all about.

    The great uniter has indeed united us all, into various and sundry factions. We are polarized as never before. It’s enough to make me yearn for the days of Bill Clinton, Womanizer in Chief. I mean, he was at least pragmatic. The fact that he was also a cigar afficionado was just a bonus.

    O’ is trying to bonus though isn’t he? This broad side of ours that wants him to pop out of the toaster and land on someone’s plate in Chicago will win the day. Too many good and thoughtful folk still in this land of ours to let him slip through again. Slap a sunny side up egg on that O’ toast.

    As soon as he’s part of a balanced beakfast, business will see that the sunny side is indeed up and will “launch a thousand ships” more readily than Helen can fathom. Trillions of private dollars will flow, jobs will be created and brought back, and we’ll launch into a cacophonous chorus of Happy Days Are Here Again and hold a ticker tape parade downtown…on Main Street.

    • Anonymous

      I think that all the while these things play out, it makes Sarah Palin look much smarter. Think about it–in the throws of the primary when the candidates are grabbing the issues one by one and staking out their positions, Sarah comes along at a rally and says “you know what? Our problem is crony capitalism”. She nails it in one or two sentences.

      Crony capitalism is a huge reason why Obamacare is a lead balloon. It is also why Dodd/Frank will do nothing for anyone except those who line Dodd and Frank’s pockets or donate to their party. Crony Capitalism is why the stimulus was never a stimulus–but just a big payoff. I can go on and on, but the point is made (Although I could make 20 more on the EPA alone).

      This wonderful, straight-talking, kitchen table, mama grizzly comes out and speaks so plain that she is criticized as naive and unlearned. Yet, she was able to zero in on one of the biggest issues of our day for why Washington DC isn’t capable of restoring this country to its rightful greatness.

      I wish she would have ran. Not sure she could have won, but I would have personally donated my time to help her however I could. There simply is no match for her in the primary today. This country missed its chance for real change in the short term.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

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    Edit: Yikes, now look at it! I hope one of you guys can fix this. Once is enough for that post. Sorry if I monked it up.

  • Anonymous

    my fellow americans, by now you should all know capital math is not the math of your father. rather it is the modern math of liberals. a cut in spending? never going to happen, until we throw out these bums. besides, wouldn’t it require having a budget first to compare the math?

  • Anonymous

    I sure hope the next POTUS has the Whitehouse swept good to make sure no ‘bugs’ are left behind and all the ‘roaches’ are gone.

  • Cool Scoop- you just got another hat tip from Levin. 😀

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Geez Erskine, did you ever think that Obama never intended his investments to be used in a fiscal manner? (hint: Google Chicago, political favors, cronyism)
    Maybe Obama just intended to hand out bags of government cash to anyone who would buy him some votes, huh? So far, that’s all I see from the financial scandal of the week. Solyndra, Brightsource, Sunpower, and on and on and on. A blind man could see it with a cane.

  • blackbird

    Thanks Scoop.

  • Anonymous

    Obama is the most anti-American, radical leftist President we’ve EVER had. A totally inept man-child who NEVER had a real, full-time job IN HIS LIFE! (community organizer was formerly known as Communist agitator) He IS, however, the BEST con man that we’ve ever seen elected to high office………