Even the New York Post thinks that Mueller’s collusion investigation into Trump looks like a PARTISAN HIT!

The New York Post editorial board writes today that, in light of new information, it really does look like the Russian collusion probe into Trump was a partisan hit job from the beginning.

They begin:

So Peter Strzok wasn’t just a top investigator for Special Counsel Robert Mueller until he was axed for anti-Trump and pro-Clinton bias: He was also a major player in the Hillary e-mail probe and the FBI work that led to the “collusion” investigation.

And Mueller and the FBI both dragged their feet on sharing key info about all this with Congress.

After noting the news about Strzok changing the language and letting Hillary off the hook, they write:

More, he was reportedly one of the major FBI figures urging investigations on the basis of the “Steele dossier” of Russian-sourced scurrilous anti-Trump allegations, which we now know was commissioned by the Clinton campaign.

More, he signed the documents that opened the ensuing “collusion” probe. And he led the FBI interview of Gen. Mike Flynn, in which Flynn told the lies that eventually forced him out as Trump’s national security adviser, and for which he’s now pleaded guilty in a deal with Mueller.

That’s pretty significant in light of his pro-Clinton bias.

They also argue that Trump’s request for Comey to go easy on Flynn looks reasonable now:

Meanwhile, Mills and Abedin’s testimony in their interviews has been shown false in one major regard: Contrary to their denials, each had been well aware of Clinton’s private server — they had to deal with the office fallout whenever it went down. Unlike Flynn, though, they never faced charges for lying to federal investigators.

Which makes President Trump’s request to Comey to go easy on Flynn look reasonable enough.

Remember, it’s been reported that the FBI didn’t think Flynn was intentionally lying, but that he was just having trouble remembering all the details.

They finish it this way:

The public doesn’t know just how egregious Strzok’s bias was, and won’t until the release of his texts with his mistress, an FBI lawyer who (sigh) was also on Mueller’s team.

But as things stand, it now looks like the fix was well and truly in on the Hillary probe. Far worse, it also looks like the “collusion” probe was a partisan hit from the start — which undermines the basis for Mueller’s own investigation.

What a mess.

Add to all of this that former FBI Director Comey, who lied to America in order to let Hillary off the hook for her email scandal, admitted before Congress that he actually leaked his memos of his meetings with Trump for the sole purpose of getting a special prosecutor to investigate Trump.


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