‘EVERYTHING in the WORLD is about TAKING OUT President Trump!’ – Chuck Woolery

Chuck Woolery says Robert Mueller is just like the media, and like Hillary – he just wants to take out Trump, because everything in the world is about taking out President Trump.

Watch below:

Doesn’t this sound hysterical? I mean so many of Trump’s problems are ones that he caused himself because he just can’t help tweeting, even when it is destructive to his own agenda. There is a chorus of Trump supporters demanding he stop tweeting and get on with his agenda, and he just can’t do it.

But it’s very useful to keep blaming the consequences of his low character and bad decisions on Democrats and the media, and the clapping witless seals at Fox’N’Friends are willing accomplices.

I used to like Woolery – but this is the level he’s at lately:

That was just a few hours after the shooting when we were getting details, and already he was hoping the shooting would help Trump’s agenda. C’mon dude. I’m not asking you to hate Trump. I’m asking you to come back to reality and visit here where the rest of us are residing…

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