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  • As an atheist, I am outraged. What happened to freedom?

    • stage9

      secularism happened to it….

  • maynardb50

    On Sunday afternoons, you have to carefully thread your way down the streets of my neighborhood when driving in or out due to all the football parties. I never complain. I know it is a temporary gig and no one gets loud.

    • So true, and as the article pointed out if it was MNF then everything would be a-okay.

  • Cities all over the nation are doing the same thing in trying to diminish church building zoning them away, for they do see it as a negative effect on their tax collection abilities.

    Wonder what would have happen if they were Muslims instead?

    • warpmine

      God forbid, lol. They haven’t any problem with Muzzies that preach hatred, the core belief of Islam, five times a day in mosques all over the USA and this they have a problem with. Yes, the world has morphed into BizzarroEarth.

  • OH the horror! Oh the humanity! They hold a BIBLE meeting once a WEEK!! My lord… Won’t someone think of the children?!

    What a crock. When I think of all the REAL CRIMES going on, and the city went to war with this family for daring to believe in a Deity that is not NObama! Sickening!

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