Fantastic: Beyonce sings our national anthem at the inauguration

I gotta say that if there’s one thing from today’s inauguration that was amazing, it was Beyonce singing our national anthem accompanied by the United States Marine Band. No matter how you feel about her, she did a fantastic job, as did the band, and you should listen to it if you haven’t:

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  • Nukeman60

    Beautiful voice and rendition. If they had only stayed away from that smug look on Obama’s face, it would have been perfect.

    • Agree. Sometimes you just have to close your eyes 😉

      • Dittos ‘sometimes’…

        … and an open heart helps too… open to what is right and good and well done.


      • America has closed it’s eyes and is now paying the price.

    • aPLWBinAK

      Obutthead’s smug look was evened out a little by Joe BiteMe’s look of “wait…where am I now?”

    • las1

      If you observe carefully you can read Michelle’s lips whispering behind the Great One’s ear, “All that just for a flag.”

      • TitaniumEagle

        Unbelievable, but let’s remember that she had never been proud of America until dear leader (who, incidentally, is not even fit to be a deer leader) was elected.

    • I closed my eyes, It wasn’t very good.

      • Nukeman60

        You have a better ear than I do, then.

    • mediaaccess1

      regarless, I can’t watch it. She must be supporting them. Here in Hungary, I am fighting the music industry because of their smug, cold, heartless ways against my friend. Matt Daemon also does good movies – I’ll never be buying one, but using torrent just in defiance.

      • Nukeman60

        Yeah, well. I was assessing the song, as it was in front of me. Her politics and actions away from the music are something I don’t care for, but I was merely seeing the music. Some liked it and, it appears, most didn’t.

  • Conniption Fitz

    Have to say I am tired of celebrities singing our National Anthem…and much prefer this version by the combined US armed forces concert choruses:

    It’s more reverent and respectful.

    They are so very mindful of the high price (their blood) paid for our freedoms.

    • Suzyqpie

      Thanks Conniption, were the planes F-22 or F-15s? When I see the US Air Force, I like to know our planes.

      • Akabosan

        The aircraft appear to be F-15s.


      • TexasPGRRider

        The two nearest in frame were F-22s, the other two were F-18s

    • danceswithsheeple

      I know what you mean.

      I prefer this one myself:

  • I didn’t like it. Beyonce wasn’t keeping up with the band. I don’t know if that’s because of a distance lag or because she was trying to make the band slow down but it was disconcerting.

    • AmigoRed

      They found out, and confirmed that she lip-synced it.

  • Rocco11

    Was that Obama behind her setting the Constitution on fire?

    • Is_Sense_Common

      I think those were his pants that were on fire.

      The Constitution’s been a smoldering pile of ashes for awhile.

  • fishmonster

    Didn’t watch a bit of it…just the sound of obama’s voice makes nauseates me. My wife becomes even sicker when she see’s Dumbo on TV and I have to laugh at her.

    • My family and I didn’t watch one bit of it either and we didn’t miss anything.

  • martha chandler

    I don’t even know who she is.

  • Constance

    I really tried to listen. Couldn’t do it. Obama has succeeded in dividing people in this country. I can’t listen to this woman sing a note, because she has insulted me and those who think like me for years now. She’s a political hack. Can’t do it. I’m sure it was nice.

    • sDee

      I am with you. They go through the motions of patriotism while living large, like parasites, off its decay.

      These people live off our sweat and blood. They are spit polishing a hollowed out shell of the Republic, which they are backfilling with the putrid stew of Marx and Muhammed.

      • h p

        Your comments have just shone this last year in particular Sdee. Excellent.

  • sjmom

    Well done.

  • james1051

    glad I missed it

  • james1051

    Speaking of things that made me ill today….

    The sight of smirking John Roberts swearing in Obama as Party Chairman was disturbing. Two of my least favorite guys.

    • Orangeone

      More money going Roberts’ way on upcoming cases?

  • sDee
    • TexasPGRRider

      YUK OLA

  • 1217Chic

    No thanks

  • kssturgis62

    I didn’t watch. I was not going to watch this today, knowing that everything that everyone said and did was a LIE.

    I love my country, I respect the OFFICE of the presidency, I do not respect anyone that is in the White House. I do not have any high regards for anyone today that performed, read a poem, or who looked good.

    I know this may bother some people, but Beyonce may have a great voice, but she is helping to destroy my nation. Does she even know what the National Anthem means or stands for? Does she even care? No she does not. Neither does Obama or anyone else that said or did anything today. beyonce with her husband jay z are helping to destroy this nation, and anyone who gets in their way is trash.

    These people stood next to this man, these hollywood liberal elites, and they are taking a whole Generation of people down the toilet with them. There are so many young people that follow them, that when they see them do this, Hey get on that train. It is indoctrination on a finer note. you don’t have to do anything but sing, say I love this person and bam the sheep follow.

    These people Stood and Supported this man after he Demonized Wealth, Prosperity, working hard, for the past 4 years. these people stood next to this man after he used Children to make a point about gun control, and after Brian Terry, Jamie Zapota, Ambassador Stevens, and 3 others died based on His lies about a video.

    these people are Shameful, they disgust me, and they have no place singing songs that represent who and what we are, when they are stuffing communism straight in my face, and knowing what they sing or say is for show, to just keep the Sheep blind to the Destruction.

    • Orangeone

      It doesn’t bother me at all, I totally agree with you!

      • kssturgis62

        Thank you !!!

    • 80s_kid_wants_rainbow_back

      Totally agree.

    • Joe


    • TexasPGRRider

      Those in uniform there today have my sympathy !!!!

    • GretaN


    • 3seven77

      This is the woman who sang at parties for Muammar Qaddafi’s family, then tried to claim she had no idea who he was.

      • kssturgis62

        I remember that, and thank you for bringing that to light. She is as disgusting as Sean Penn.

  • Sober_Thinking

    No one tops Whitney Houston in my book. Beyonce wouldn’t even be close… she sickens me.

    I can’t watch any of these heathens. This is a national day of tragedy in my book and I’ll have none of it. Let the rest of the brain dead and the lemmings and moochers enjoy the oncoming feeding frenzy. I simply can’t stomach it.

    The only good thing about today is that Obama is now officially, half way over. Unless he breaks the law some more and crawls into a 3rd term somehow.

    • sDee

      Sometimes “a glass half empty” is optimism.

      • Sober_Thinking

        There’s a lot of wisdom in that comment.

    • Akabosan

      1461 More Days… (Drudge Headline)


      • Sober_Thinking

        It seems like forever all over again. 🙁

        God didn’t mean for us to live our lives out counting down the days until hope returns…

        • Akabosan

          Ah, but friends of mine and I have lived for thirty years or more with hope that the American People would reawaken. It seems that is occurring. The Reagan era may be over, Breitbart may be dead, but the spirit of folks such as they are, seems to live even stronger in young people i.e. Ben Shapiro. Love and Truth are Powers and neither can be denied for too long.


          • Sober_Thinking

            Very truthful and uplifting message. 🙂

            Thanks m8.

            • Akabosan

              Soon I hope to earn a capital M for my M8, which of course would be M8e (or ey) down under, wouldn’t it?

              Have a gr8 day.


              • Sober_Thinking

                Lol… my bad. Thanks M8! 🙂

            • PVG


    • TexasPGRRider

      How bout Patsy Cline or Doris Day Sober?

      • Sober_Thinking

        I liked Patsy Cline alot… Doris was wonderful, but not my favorite.

        This was the pinacle for me.

  • StrangernFiction

    This IS a ray of light on a dark day, because you know these statists hate this song.

  • conservativenews

    I hate Beyonce with passion. She can sing the anthem million times a day.

  • Marridge

    Beyonce can KMA. Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

    • Orangeone

      Her lips are big enough to KMA too!

    • notsofastthere

      I don’t think she will, but Barney Frank or Elton John may be willing. LOL

  • Akabosan

    It sounded to me as if she (besides stylizing) made one error that many make when singing the song. It is written ‘banner yet wave,’ not ba -anner yet wave.

    She is a lovely young lady and did a much better job than I expected. I am not familiar with her work in general.


  • Conservative_Hippie

    I thought Kelly Clarkson’s “America” was just as good, if not better than Beyonce. Borth were amazing though, just wanted to give kelly props!

    • Orangeone

      I deleted all my Clarkson songs

      • Linky1

        Good for you.

    • Linky1

      I wouldn’t give these two women the time of day nor two cents of my hard-earned money to listen to their music.

      Anyone who supports the Traitor-in chief-whether by word, deed or song, deserves to lose their fans and any shred of respect anyone of us may have had for these entertainers.

      • Conservative_Hippie

        Yeah, but Linky1, she’s a singer. How is her singing “America” supporting Obama? I know Beyonce has come out and expressed her political favor with Obama so she’s fair game, but Clarkson, as far as I know, has not expressed any love affair with Obama.

        • Linky1

          By being there, she is part of the problem, not the solution.

          Let’s face it-politics and entertainment are incestuously intertwined – that goes back years and years. Obama and the gang are appealing to the youth of the country-while I don’t know much about Ms. Clarkson, I assume she is young and appeals to that age group. Therefore, her fans would watch her and the freakshow surrounding her performance-the inauguration.

          IMHO, she does not know any better and is a pawn in all of this. Fans who may not like this speak to her through her pocketbook by not supporting her – that’s the only way to express displeasure today.

    • kong1967

      She was great, but the band was ten times louder than she was. I hated that.

  • TexasPGRRider

    I remember when we ALL used to sing this song…TOGETHER…and I pray for the day when we do it AGAIN !!!

  • NJK

    I have no respect for her.

  • hxpro

    (obama to himself….i look like a geek holding my hand over my heart for this crap…when the hell do i get to my next vacation)

    • TexasPGRRider

      At least he was using his right hand this time !!!

  • Man, that ending was something.

  • objective123

    Still doesn’t compare to Whitney Houston’s version. Best Ever!

  • poljunkie

    The fact that Beyonce said take that all you Mitches. After the Romney voters lost in November…it wasn’t very gracious, or a way to help bring the two parties together.

    I guess I just hold a grudge.

  • loriannringold

    Not impressed. Only the words move me. I have heard much better. Whitney Houston was the best.

  • GretaN

    Blasphemy. No thanks.

  • Sober_Thinking

    No one did it better in my opinion than Whitney.

    • Jaels_Song

      Yes, back in the day when it was good to love America, even if you were black.

      • Sober_Thinking


        I was thinking something similar…

        Back when the song was cherished and America was a proud country.

    • kong1967

      What I love about the song is that you can personalize it and make it your own. I love how different variations of the notes are used and the song never gets dull.

      • Sober_Thinking


        Been missing you my friend… where’ve you been?

        • kong1967

          I miss all of you here, too. Obama is driving me nuts and my anger level has been at an all time high, lol. I’ve been trying to catch a break and stay away from the computer.

          • PVG

            Good for you…..welcome back.

            • kong1967


          • Sober_Thinking

            Man, I so hear ya… I’ve been in that boat and it sucks when you only have one oar and you feel like the current is against you. 🙂

            I feel the frustration… and man is my wife tired of it.

            Hang in there… do what you need to do. But don’t be a stranger.

            • kong1967

              Thanks, man. I’ll be comin’ in. Can’t stay away forever.

  • tinlizzieowner

    When she can top this, I’ll listen.

    • kong1967

      When I saw that they were kids I thought you were being sarcastic, but……

      WOW !!!

      I followed the link and bookmarked their website. That was awesome !!

      • tinlizzieowner

        Did you notice there are 8 million+ hits on that you tube link. 😉
        Just think, if the Cactus Cuties weren’t all grown up now (and were slightly darker complected), Obama could have ‘used’ them in his inauguration.

        • kong1967

          Nope, didn’t notice the 8 million hits, but that’s unbelievable.

          They’d have to be black, hate America, love Obama, or all of the above in order to sing at an Obama event.

    • PVG

      AWESOME! And acappella!
      You will not be listening to whats-her-name any time soon!

      • tinlizzieowner

        There’s more to it than that for me, my friend. The words of the National Anthem and the secure future of 5 little girls like that, is what 57,000 of my ‘Nam Brothers’ died to protect.
        The poem ‘The Defence of Fort McHenry’ was written by Francis Scott Key, a prisoner on a British navy ship, watching an assault on America and praising the fact that when all was said and done, “Our flag was still there”.
        We are under assault from within right now and Beyonce was merely reciting the words of a song she barely understands, in praise of the leader of that assault on “The land of the free and the home of the brave”.
        The hypocrisy of the whole thing, sickens me.

  • tinlizzieowner

    All this demonstrated to me is that she memorized the first verse of the poem ‘The Defence of Fort McHenry’. I doubt she knows the last verse.

    “O! thus be it ever, when freemen shall stand
    Between their loved home and the war’s desolation!
    Blest with victory and peace, may the heav’n rescued land
    Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation.
    Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,
    And this be our motto: ’In God is our trust.’
    And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave
    O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!”

  • tinlizzieowner

    Was the Inauguration today? I guess I missed it. There was a ‘Pawn Stars’ marathon on the History Channel all day today.
    😉 😉

    • PVG

      Chumley any day over BO!

      • tinlizzieowner

        ‘Pawn Stars’ is an (un) reality show. every moment of it is scripted. They are all acting.
        This inauguration was an (un) reality show as well, every moment of it was scripted. They were all acting.
        So, what’s the difference? #1. It’s entertaining. #2. It doesn’t have any effect on every facet of my life, I can turn ‘Pawn Stars’ off. It’s not going to cost me a cent or any of my liberty, to do it.

  • ryanomaniac

    Kelly Clarkson did a much better job with the song she sang before Beyonce. Beyonce is just a pop artist with a big butt. Decent Singer but that’s it.

  • Under no circumstances did I even entertain the thought of watching this. The whole lot of them are beyond disgusting, shameful, and repulsive. They reek of evil. Just knowing that she, along with all the other disgusting liberal elites in the spotlight, support this evil monsterous communist hitler wannabe man makes her extremely ugly inside and out. I would have rather listened to one of those air horns for 30 min. straight than listen to her. The whole thing is just a blasphemy and mockery of both God and our country!

  • TMZ2

    Fantastic: America has a totalitarian president and Beyonce is the biggest cheerleader of the Marxist Regine. Fantastic. My Sarcastic remark.

  • v.l.
    • kong1967

      That’s ok. It was still her on the recording.

      • Watchman74

        Kind of cheapens the experience.

        • kong1967

          Yeah, I agree. Someone else said something that is a very good point. Who lip syncs the national anthom? Maybe they do and I just never knew, but I don’t believe they do.

  • poljunkie
  • Not even close.

  • smmy33

    She lip sinked , while Kelly sang live.

  • destroyer_of_moonbats


  • Biggbear52

    What took place yesterday is that Barry Boy proclaimed himself THE IMPERIAL KING OF AMERICA! Every single word that was spoken, was indicative of Chairman Mao. Or for that matter TOJO himself. For those of you whom are question to that for what ever reason. Read up on your history and watch vintage footage of these Narcissistic adolescent boys!

  • TickedWhiteDude

    Update: She faked it…so did the presidents band.

  • NoTrustInMen

    This is something else entirely. That one can not complement someone on a job well done is amazing. Are you so afraid that someone will think you agree with their politics. Is it possible to disagree without being disagreeable. Wow.

    • tinlizzieowner

      She ‘lip-synced’ it. Probably didn’t want to take the chance on forgetting the words like so many of her cohorts have. I mean, it’s not like it’s a song she’s probably sung more than twice in her life, right? 😉
      Now, if it was something P-Diddy or Snoop Dog put out, she could probably nail it on the first try.

  • DebbyX

    You’re right…………I still don’t like her.

  • what is shumer doing there?

  • cheering for a song not sung…cool!!!