Fantastic: Greg Gutfeld exposes media hypocrisy on Benghazi

This is a great monologue by Gutfeld on The Five today pointing out they hypocrisy of the media over Benghazi that we all know is true, but in a more clever way than normal.


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  • 57thunderbird

    I saw this on The Five today.So glad Gutfeld is back.He is the only reason I watch.Does he still do Red Eye?

    • Joe


      • 57thunderbird


    • I don’t watch Red Eye too often but I did happen to catch a little of it last week and he was still doing it.

      • 57thunderbird

        Thanks.I don’t see it very often either.Too difficult to stay awake that late.It is the only show on Fox worth watching any more.

        • proudhispanicconservative

          Megan it’s not bad.

        • PicklePlants

          I DVR it every night – save the latest 2 and every time I get some spare time – I watch a recent Red Eye.

  • Sandra123456

    Yeah that’s cute and clever, and so…

    Nothing will change until the current MSM is run out of business, and by then it might be too late with low info voters out numbering us.

    It is sad at what has become of America.

    • ImaThinkn

      And the only way to run them out of business is to have a nationwide boycott of all of their sponsors for several months. Unless some magician could simply snap his fingers and a few dozen of them were to just disappear. It’s too bad magic isn’t for real.

      • Sandra123456

        ..or have every Conservative get all their news and entertainment from the computer and DROP their cable TV subscriptions. Imagine if all of a sudden over 1/2 the country drops cable TV what an impact that would have on the TV industry.

        Maybe we ought to have a national Cut the Cable day. We aren’t watching this crap anymore.

        • c4pfan

          Keep dreaming! Not going to happen.

          • ImaThinkn

            It certainly isn’t going to matter that people don’t just watch their programs or to get rid of cable. I don’t even have cable–just receive over the air programs but I still don’t watch the network news. It would take a massive, organized boycott of sponsors to where 100s of thousands of customers are lost. That’s the ONLY way to hit them.

        • proudhispanicconservative

          In my case I am forced to have certain channels that I could definately live without.

        • Actually, I cut my cable (all TV – but just use cable for hi-speed Internet) when BHO was immaculated the first time, and I haven’t looked back OR missed a damn thing. OK, I see TV once in a while at a friend’s home (Fox News only), but get an overload of GREAT info & opinion online, PLUS I save a little $$ every month. But I know most people are hooked on TV, so maybe it should just be selective deletions…

          • Jim Botts

            Amen brother! I dropped my cable/satellite in late 2008 when the corrupt media installed a marxist in the white house. I haven’t looked back since.

            If every right leaning conservative would cancel their cable/satellite we would see major changes very quickly.

            Sadly, too many conservatives are not willing to make such sacrifices. Why on earth you want to subsidize/patronize a corrupt entertainment industry that demonizes us is beyond me.

            Trust me, you will learn to live without it, there is a whole new world out there waiting for you. Books, internet…. hell try getting out of the house two or three evenings a week.

      • I’ve been boycotting them for 6 years. Kind’a lonely out here.

  • Joe

    The MSM is complicit in everything ZERO does wrong

    so says Captain Obvious

    • Yep. Tingles is calling for an end to Midterm elections, since somehow these “pissant” guys like Senator Paul (who “doesn’t represent anybody”) somehow “get over the wall.”

      I’ve had it with these totalitarian bootlickers.

      Wall. Tingles. Blindfold. Some assembly required.

  • We just all need to claim we’re Democrats.

    K-Bob (D-Normal)

  • aposematic

    That was priceless.

  • This was priceless and totally made my night. Thanks Scoop!

  • sjmom

    Greg is good at showing the truth in a humorous fashion. The horse and pony show in Congress today was a useless exercise and Hillary escaped unscathed as did her boss. An American tragedy and a travesty of justice.

  • tinlizzieowner

    Situational Hypocrisy. The left’s get out of jail (or blame) free card.

  • RonPaulSupporter2

    And we should be surprised?

    I think the only thing worse than the Obama administration cover-up and the media bias is the fact that many, many people in this country BELIEVE the administration and the media are telling them the truth.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Spot on and brilliant. Seriously… this was excellent. One of his best.

    We know the government (Obama, Hillary, etc.) blew it with Benghazi… we know they looked the other way and tried to cover it up… we know they are lying so much that their pants set off the sprinklers… we know the media won’t dig any deeper and will protect these traitors… we know this “inquiry” won’t go anywhere… and we know Boehner is missing a part of his anatomy needed to start serious investigations and possible impeachment proceedings.

    Greg brilliantly turned the tables and showed us the flaming hypocrisy of it all… in an entertaining way. It’s so sad that we as a nation have come to this. So sad…

    • Is_Sense_Common

      I would go further than “they blew it.” I suggest they were complicit.

      • Sober_Thinking

        You are right I believe. This reeks of a set-up quite frankly.

        • I’ve always felt that since Amb. Stevens was part of the Ogime’s secret policy of siding with the rebels in Libya and working on a plan to ship arms to al-Qaeda in Syria that he was imminently “disposable” and they couldn’t take a chance on ANY of them spilling the beans or telling the truth. The Ogime was DEFINITELY in cahoots with the coverup of (and complicit in) the murders in Benghazi. I do believe that a day of reckoning will eventually arrive – but maybe later rather than sooner.

          • PicklePlants

            That is a bridge too far.

          • Sober_Thinking

            I’m inclined to agree with you on this.

            My only annoyance is that until we all stand before the great Judgment Seat of the Lord, they will likely get away with it… especially since the media is so complicit in the cover up. I hope I’m wrong. If they are exposed for the criminals that we believe they are and this all comes out into the light… it will change the course of our history for the better.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Excellent and soooooooo true!!!! Double standard for sure, but that’s the way it is for some strange, warped reason in this country.

  • sDee

    Does any really believe that Fox News is unaware that this entire dog and pony show was staged and scripted? How can Fox News not know that Bengahzi was a major coverup for murder, treason and sedition. Media failure to expose this is not hypocrisy or bias, it is propaganda.

    Propaganda is not hypocrisy. Throughout history, it has always served but one purpose – to bring a dictator to power. It is fatal.

    Fox News is complicit in this. Gutfeld and the rest of them have the truth, oracle and opportunity. They decided against freedom and for the collective. It is no longer a game.

    • Is_Sense_Common

      As usual, excellent post sDee. If memory serves, Fox was the only station that had hosts really going after this Benghazi situation. They were hard after it for several weeks. They got no traction, unfortunately and it appears they were directed to drop it. (This is my guess since it left the scene so acutely.)

  • proudhispanicconservative

    One of the few Jewels Fox news Still has including megan kelly, and brett baeir.

  • Conservative_Hippie

    Absolutely Brilliant!

    • PVG


  • Landscaper

    That analogy was spot on and illustrates the hypocrisy of the media.

  • PhillyCon

    Well done, Mr. Gutfeld. Can you imagine what other issues you could just plug into that formula? Gas prices. Health care. Hurricane Sandy. Obamacare. Solyndra. The list goes on and on.

    • crosshr

      tru dat !

      shedding the light in the midst of the darkness will help make dracura and vamps blood sucker & demons flight of fear of being exposed. West and many great well articulate minds even on this TRS forum need a big microphone. Can we think of a way to reach out to 50% Americans that are blinded with all indoctrinations of liberals through education to helping hands for poor with free stuff.

      we can’t wait for Libs media to get real, they will never be!

  • PVG

    BRAVO…….Well Done!

  • texasgirl46


  • NYGino

    Truth is more humorous than deceit.

  • johnos2112

    The point also is that I would want the Bush administration held accountable if it were true. I don’t hold conservatives in a clear bubble to protect them when they screw up the law. But it appears that liberals do. And that folks is the problem. Liberals can do no wrong and MOST conservatives will not do a damn thing to condemn them. A bunch of rat bastards on both sides of the aisle. Man this needs to get cleaned up and quick!

    • SineWaveII

      I think a correction is called for.
      The republicans are the ones who will not condemn them.
      The “conservatives” do it daily.
      Do not make the mistake of thinking that all republicans are conservative, because the truth is that most of them are just the opposite.

      • johnos2112

        Okay conservatives in name only.  You get my drift!

  • billyD

    liked Clinton’s remark what does it matter now how it started??? You all with held the truth that is why it matters. Instead all the american people are getting is Lied to and Higher taxes and more lies and more laws,Less rights…we overthrew the King along time ago. Do not make us do it again.

  • deeme

    He has a way with words, My favorite line of 2013 so far Is “The Media is a condom for Democrat Scandals..”

  • jmlsmb

    Greg is always great at getting to the heart of the matter without all the PC crap. I love his humor, and his intellect is razor sharp. Glad he’s on our side!

  • Yazz55

    Obama forgot to blame Bush for Benghazi.

    Must have been distracted by some video. So, he puts the video maker in jail and vows that he won’t forget to blame Bush again.

  • The thing that really makes me laugh (kind of) inside is that all those media people that have their lips on the Messiah-In-Chief’s butt will be the first ones to scream when the 1st Amendment is taken away. The 2nd is in the process of being stripped away a little at a time, and the media is helping. They are leading their own way to the headsman’s block and they are too blind to see it.

  • TickedWhiteDude

    Gutfeld = The Man!!

  • kong1967

    I love his monologues.

  • The Five is *always* more entertaining and enjoyable when Greg is on board. The way he has of cutting through the smog, his totally UN-PC attitude and way of getting extremely important and serious points across with humor is unique and I can’t get enough of it! 🙂

  • Gutfeld is SO right on this. It just shows you how corrupt the mainstream media really is. We have four dead Americans, one of them the first ambassador killed in over 30 years, and the mainstream media, which is supposed to be watching our government officials, doesn’t demand that anyone be held accountable for this, let alone Hillary Clinton. It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

  • wallwatchman

    Exactly! Couldn’t have said it better! Now… What can be done about this?! The republicans, except for a few brave ones, we’re worthless on questioning her! We don’t have any more answers now than we did when it happened, except that she stalled long enough to think that the gov lies don’t matter anymore!!

    We have no one representing us, the ones who died and their families left behind! I’m tired of ranting and raving and being frustrated when this gov gets away with lying, cheating and stealing! Reps and senators don’t care when we call or write! What can we do?!! Anybody?!

  • The Republicans should have asked short, sharp, single issue questions. Instead we got them fawning over her and making speeches. Which all just played to run the clock down and get no actual answers. We need people asking these kinds of questions to know the subject inside and out and want to cut to the facts. As dog and pony shows goes, this was broken down donkey and a pug.

  • bobemakk

    I like Greg, he makes the show more interesting with his funny lines. However, I am disappointed in Fox lately, they air topics that are old stories, like Chrysler building plants in China. I have read about this for over a month and just the other day Neil Cavuto brought up the topic.

    GM and Ford is also doing this, but GM still owes US over $800 billion, Chrysler paid back most of the stimulus and Ford took none. You would think that our fake president would not allow GM to build plants in Communist China until they paid back their stimulus money. We are actually paying for GM’s Commie plant. I really don’t like shipping jobs overeas, we need them here. But at least Ford and Chrysler are out of the red. GM is using our money.

  • Why can I not get your video to work?

    • Happens to people at random I think. Sometimes they don’t work for me either.

      Here’s the clip on Youtube, see if this works for you:

  • jrt1031

    So Hillary now passing the buck and blaming low securty budget for the lack of response in Benghazi…………..When will the lies stop…. I wonder how the budget for obmas never ending re-election campaine along with the inaugural cerimonies budget compare to that allowed for security in muslim nations……….. this is treason at its worst.