FANTASTIC: Home intruders shove man in closet, turns out to be where he keeps his guns

This burglar had a bad day and shoving this homeowner in his closet may have been his worst move evah!

DAILY MAIL – The victim of an armed home invasion in Houston has turned the tables on the brazen intruders after they stuffed him into a closet that turned out to be the place where he stores his gun.

Police say it all started at around 2pm Tuesday when three men broke into a home in the 8200 block of Braeburn Valley Drive and assaulted the resident.

After a brief scuffle, the hapless perpetrators shoved the man into a closet, not knowing that there was a gun in there.

When the homeowner thought the burglars had left, he went downstairs, carrying his gun in case the suspects were still around, the Houston Chronicle reported.

On the first floor, the man confronted one of his assailant and the two exchanged gunfire, according to police.

The resident, who shares the house with his parents, escaped unharmed, but the armed suspect was much the worse for wear after being struck in the shoulder and leg.

He fled on foot down the street, but did not get far before he collapsed. His two suspected accomplices took off from the scene in a Chevrolet Tahoe.

The wounded man, believed to be in his 20s, was heard crying out in pain as he lay bleeding on the pavement. He was taken to Ben Taub Hospital for treatment.

According to neighbors, at least two other local homes have been targeted by robbers recently. The latest incident happened a week ago when burglars kicked in the door on a nearby house.

Craig Gaddis, who told the paper that he owns several handguns, said he and his neighbors are certain that the home invasions are related.

What happened today is exactly what guns are supposed to do – to protect your home and defend your life and your family,’ Gaddis said.


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  • badbadlibs

    HA HA HA! Chalk one up for the good guys….

    • patriot077

      badbadlibs Bet these crooks won’t be coming back to that neighborhood anytime soon 🙂

      • Orangeone

        patriot077 badbadlibs Except now they know there are guns in that house.  Hope the homeowners has them in a safe.

        • Orangeone patriot077 badbadlibs  
          Well, if I were a blitz home invader… I would not be going back anytime soon to try and steal his guns.   The homeowner has them and knows how to use them.   The only thing sad is that the damn robber is alive.  Should be going out in a bodybag.

        • tinlizzieowner

          Orangeone patriot077 badbadlibs  
          Guns in a ‘safe’ are about as useful as guns in the store.
          ‘Excuse me Mr. criminal, I have to get my gun out of the safe’. Not the way I do things. 😉 😉

        • cabensg

          tinlizzieowner Orangeone patriot077 badbadlibs  I have my guns in three safes. Under my pillow, in my desk drawer and behind the front door. I never lose the combination that way.

        • tinlizzieowner

          cabensg tinlizzieowner Orangeone patriot077 badbadlibs

        • Orangeone

          tinlizzieowner Orangeone patriot077 badbadlibs Darn laws that require them.  Actually I have a biometric one that opens pretty darn fast 🙂

        • Orangeone

          cabensg tinlizzieowner Orangeone patriot077 badbadlibs :}:}:}

        • Orangeone

          tinlizzieowner cabensg Orangeone patriot077 badbadlibs :}:}:}:}

        • tinlizzieowner cabensg Orangeone patriot077 badbadlibs 
          That’s the way to do it! 🙂 I would almost feel safer in your house than my own with that much firepower there to protect me! 🙂

        • Orangeone tinlizzieowner patriot077 badbadlibs  
          If I were you… I’d have the safe… but I’d keep a gun nearby.  Should you ever need it… God Forbid!… You’ll have it handy and when the cops ask…  You just tell them you took it from your gun safe.  Just sayin’

      • badbadlibs

        patriot077  Isn’t the 2nd amendment a beautiful thing! 🙂

  • Orangeone

    Notice how no description of the 2 suspects at-large or the 1 that was shot was provided……

    • K-Bob

      Orangeone I caught that immediately.  I’m guessing they were Norwegians.

      • unclesamnephew

        K-Bob Orangeone just another gringo from above the red river

        • Orangeone

          unclesamnephew K-Bob Orangeone Can anyone say illegal aliens?  Just wondering, not like we’d ever be told of course.

        • unclesamnephew

          Orangeone unclesamnephew K-Bob I did not want to accused of profiling.  by the way my wife and I were in McAllen Texas last week,  so I was the gringo

        • tinlizzieowner

          unclesamnephew Orangeone K-Bob  
          Can we even say ‘documented (or undocumented) criminals’ anymore?

        • Orangeone

          tinlizzieowner unclesamnephew Orangeone K-Bob Criminal illegal alien invaders works for me TLO :}

      • Orangeone

        K-Bob Orangeone But, but Houston.  I thought the Norwegians were in northern MN with the Swedes :}

        • K-Bob

          Orangeone K-Bob They’ve been building “Victory Lutefisk Banquet Halls” all over the place.  Norwegian schools run by Norwegians (I was shocked), strict codes of conduct and attire (Nordstroms, I believe *shudder*), and “no go” zones, where law enforcement are afraid they’ll be given pastries and other fattening foods.

          Being the right-wing raaaaacist that I am supposed to be, I guess we’ll have to label them “The Pasty White Menace.”

        • K-Bob Orangeone 
          ROTFL!!  Hahahaha! 😀

      • K-Bob Orangeone or danes.
        you those danish, sticky hands people.. 🙂

        • Orangeone

          dmacleo K-Bob Orangeone I resemble that remark!  I’m a bit Danish mixed in with many other things :}

        • Orangeone dmacleo K-Bob LOL an orange danish.
          all sticky too ?

        • DawgfanInFL

          Ohh, a Danish pastry with cream cheese please! Lunch has worn off!

        • Orangeone

          dmacleo Orangeone K-Bob Yummy!

      • Rshill7

        K-Bob Orangeone  I’m guessing they were part of a German Homeschooling family.
        Worthy of deportation…yesterday.

      • Keyes

        K-Bob Orangeone 
        That was my first conclusion too.

    • Orangeone I live in Houston.  That used to be a nice middle class, primarily white area.  Now it’s very transitional to lower income Hispanic.  A little farther south, the neighborhood becomes transitional to lower income black.  It’s not a neighborhood I am completely comfortable driving around in at night alone.

      • Orangeone

        Pinkflowers Orangeone It’s really sad.  I hope when Obama is ousted the massive deportations begin.  Crimes by illegal aliens are out in the public light now and Americans are becoming more aware.  I’d love to see them hit the headlines like the IRS intimidation has been.

      • Rshill7

        Pinkflowers Orangeone 
        A few decades ago I lived at the intersection of Bellaire and Gessner in a Townhouse. Are you familiar with that area?
        Does it still take two hours  or more to go from one side of Houston to the other during the rush hours in the morning and afternoon or have they fixed that somewhat?

        • Rshill7 Pinkflowers Orangeone Traffic is a lot better with the beltway and other toll roads as well as contraflow lanes on most freeways.  You can go around the edges of the city much faster.  However, traffic during rush hour is still a bear.  Houston is a physically large city as well as having a large population.
          It’s been years since I tried to drive across town at rush hour so I couldn’t tell you how long it actually takes.
          I own a small business and work from home.  It’s the best deal in town.  I can work any 18 hours a day that I want.  🙂

        • Rshill7

          Pinkflowers Rshill7 Orangeone  
          Us too. But we only work 8 hours per day and not on weekends.
          In Houston I was a District Sales Mgr for an insurance company in the 80’s.
          Good for you…it’s a cool city. I used to run all over it after work. My record was 7.5 miles. There was a football field right behind the townhouse with a track around it. Used that a lot. 4 laps was one mile. I was single back then. These days I walk 🙂

  • Laurel A

    Hilarious! If they are burglarizing people they obviously aren’t too bright.

    • tinlizzieowner

      Laurel A  
      You notice his (so called) pals split and left him to die. 😉

  • ChrisDias

    Just arguing about this today

  • Rshill7

    Yay! I bought two more pistols today. A 9mm and a 45 ACP. Both Springfield XDm’s this time.
    Guns rock! Watch out bad guys. The next burglary could be the last thing you ever do. 

    • Orangeone

      Rshill7 Can ya get ammo yet?  It’s starting to become more available in MN

      • OrangeoneRshill7
        It’s getting ridiculous!  I saw this on Drudge: “”

        • Orangeone

          WolfieUSA Orangeone Rshill7 Yikes!

      • Rshill7

        Orangeone Rshill7  Yep. if it’s not at WalMart I get it at 🙂

        • Orangeone

          Rshill7 Orangeone Our Wal-Mart’s are no longer selling ammo, guess they made a deal with Gov the Drunk

        • Rshill7

          Orangeone Rshill7  Huh. The last 300 rounds of 9mm ammo I bought there a couple of weeks ago was 22 cents per round 🙂
          Nanny nanny boo boo!

        • Orangeone

          Rshill7 Orangeone Ugh.  We have to beg to find 9mm, Gander is holding it in the backroom and selling only when someone buys a new firearm.  Well I live 15 minutes from WI and frequent my neighbor to the east frequently.  I’ll stop at their Wal-Mart, Scott Walker is a 2nd Amendment supporter!

        • Orangeone

          I’m glad for you and your family you can find a supply!

        • Rshill7

          Orangeone  My wife and I go shooting together. We have all kinds of pistols, rifles and shotguns. She especially likes her tactical 12 gauge.

        • Rshill7 Orangeone  
          Note to self: Never ever ever piss off Rs or his wife! 🙂

        • Rshill7

          WolfieUSA Rshill7 Orangeone  We’re “scared” of all of them…and by scared I mean, respectful…constantly conscious of how dangerous they are. Comfortable with them but extra, extra careful when others are around. 
          Wolves are shot outright without a second thought of course.

        • Rshill7 WolfieUSA Orangeone  
          WHAT??  Poor Wolfie is an endangered species!!  You wouldn’t shout this poor wolf outright would you?

        • Rshill7

          WolfieUSA Rshill7 Orangeone  Not if you called in advance.
          I was just kiddin’ about the wolf shooting. I’ve never shot one of those 🙂

        • Orangeone

          Rshill7 Orangeone What’s that saying “The couple that fires together stays together”?

        • Rshill7 WolfieUSA Orangeone 
          Ha!  Good to know… us Wolves and Bears have to stick together! 🙂

    • Rshill7  
      Good for you man!  Keeping yourself, your family and your property safe… One bullet at a time! 🙂

    • Godisright

      Rshill7 I love my XDM ! Great feel and accuracy not to mention the 16 bullet mag. Those deer can be ferocious on the attack !!

  • WordsFailMe

    Capital punishment for burglars. Too bad we can’t extend the definition of home to include fences, and garage walls and apply the same principals to taggers.

    • Rshill7

      WordsFailMe That would be perilous for meter-readers 🙂

      • Orangeone

        Rshill7 WordsFailMe Mine is read electronically :}

        • Rshill7

          Orangeone Rshill7 WordsFailMe  Oh, you have one of those “smart” commie meters 🙂

        • Orangeone

          Rshill7 Orangeone WordsFailMe MN Gov’t spies on everything!

  • DCGere

    Score one for the Second Amendment!

  • tinlizzieowner

    I love it when a plan comes together. 🙂

  • kong1967

    Liberals aren’t going to like this story.  I can hear it now…..
    “The home owner used excessive force and should have just urinated on the suspect to get him to leave”.
    Great story.  It’s always nice to see the victim win in a conflict with criminals.

    • tinlizzieowner

      “Liberals aren’t going to like this story.  I can hear it now….. ”
      That’s just exactly it. You won’t see this story anywhere on the ‘lame stream media’.

  • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

    Good argument for gun ownership and practice, practice, practice!  Nonetheless, must have been terrifying.

    • Orangeone

      RighteousCrow_JustCaws And practice, practice, practice scenarios in your home with an UNLOADED weapon.  That was the best advice given to me and I continue to practice.

      • BlueGood

        Orangeone RighteousCrow_JustCaws Happy Birthday to YOU…Haappy Birthday to YOU!!!!!

        Happy Birthday Dear Orangeone…….Haaaaaaappy Birrrrrrrthdaaaaay…..tooooooooo Youuuuuuuu.!


        • Orangeone

          BlueGood Love the thought but there’s snow on the ground on my birthday…..But a cute song!

  • YoJoe

    TOOOO!!! FUNNY!!
    By the way – Update for the Little League AR-15 raffle >> Almost $30,000 raised
    IT’S FREE T-SHIRT FRIDAY TIME!! In honor of the fact that we will most certainly hit the $30K mark (we are only $80 away right now!) for the A-H YOUTH BASEBALL LEAGUE FUNDRAISER this week, I will be giving away another FREE OFFICIAL ATWOOD ARMORY T-SHIRT on Friday. Just share this post and comment on this thread and I will select a random winner on Friday! Good luck!!

  • mokadokado

    Great story
    Piers Morgan however would rewrite the ending to…….Homeowner Found Dead In Empty Closet

    • yazz55

      mokadokado Not enough spin.
      Would be more like…
      Right wing bible toting gun owner shoots unarmed civilian without provocation.

      • Dr. Strangelove

        yazz55 mokadokado That’s how it is in the UK. Probably NY City, too.

  • MiltonBassHayek

    Reap it, burglar. Hell yeah! Love the neighbor. Hope the perp has a DNR. Punk.

  • poorhardworker

    If you can, please look at this link:
    The military now has the power to “take over” a “situation”.  This had escaped me!  Just so you know, I pulled this from–a free newsletter that has about 8 stories that are not on the “usual” media and is, more often than not, well worth reading.

    • poorhardworker Wow!  That’s a heck of a change!  I’ve not seen it covered anywhere else (even Drudge!).  Fox News should be all over this… Perhaps they will soon.

    • YoJoe

      Very Curious 
      A lot of people think Alex Jones is a little paranoid – 
      BUT – I’d rather respond to a false alarm than not >>

    • MichaelBowler

      poorhardworker NDAA repealed posse comitatus legislation, on the books for well over a century.

    • Godisright

      poorhardworker It would explain the massive stockpiling of ammo. Looks like the Fed determines if it is “out of control” – not sitting easy with a Muslim at the helm. Me thinks the ammo is destined for the infidels.

  • MichaelBowler

    How ya like them apples, BOY!

  • doofuschmartz

    I say the guy would have served society far better by making sure Mr. Burglar got Permanent Rehabilitation…you know make sure there’s no possibility of Recidivism? I’m just sayin…

    • MichaelBowler

      doofuschmartz correct.

  • YoJoe

    Occasionally I break the OT rules – I apologize 
    This is too funny not to share with ya’ll

  • YoJoe
    • K-Bob

      YoJoe I keep telling people that barack has ordered the excess ammo be shoved into the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

  • stage9

    “The wounded man, believed to be in his 20s, was heard crying out in pain as he lay bleeding on the pavement.”

    • stage9 Damn, I be hurt’in. Sumbuty help…please.

  • UnCL3

    They would have carried this douchebag outta my place in a BODYbag.

  • clubgitmo

    Should have killed him.

  • doofuschmartz

    Gaddis used at least one too many bullets and didn’t aim high enough…ya don’t want to waste precious ammo in these perilous times…

  • Godisright

    I can see the Liberal headlines : ” Burglary victim comes out of the closet and defends himself, what a hero.”

    • LadyBGood

      Godisright Very good!

  • applepie101

    Reminds me of a story several years back about a woman who was locked in the trunk of her car by a would-be rapist, who drove her out to a secluded area. He didn’t know that’s where she kept her handgun. Surprise.

  • RReaganRepublic

    And why would there be any charges filed against the home owner.. that’s a stupid comment, for only a fascist police state govt would do so- eg; Obama

  • helenw31

    No charges shoud be filed against the owner.  He should get a MEDAL instead for protecting his home and his LIFE!!!!

    • Dr. Strangelove

      helenw31 Not in Texas. No medals for taking out the trash.

  • Dr. Strangelove

    Ever notice a theme in these stories? Most of the time the intruder(s) gets shot and not the homeowner. These burglars would be better off spending time at the range than smoking crack.

    • Valin

      Dr. Strangelove  
      Well lets face these type are not known for their long term planning abilities. They are not exactly criminal master minds.

  • wodiej

    good for the homeowner.  If this happened more often there would be less crime.

    • NCHokie02

      wodiej which one? The defending of his home with a firearm or the media reporting on it?

  • SheRock

    Loved the neighbor…his obvious delight at the perp lying on the ground in pain brought a smile to my face!

  • harglide

    What an Excellent story!!
    I just hope now that nobama doesn’t want to go door to door checking closets! Then we would have closet control, as a part of gun control, LOL! Sounds stupid, but so does all of the other BS that he is trying to implement.
    The home owner is a hero. I hope they catch the other 2 before they possibly hurt someone that does not have the ownership of a firearm………..

  • 82nd vet

    GET SOME  Happy ending

  • MartZee

    Why was that mug taken into the hospital? I would led him bled to the end on the pavement.

    • LadyBGood

      MartZee  That would be insensitive!  (snark)

  • davienne

    im getting kinda tired of  reading about  the corruption in DC…

  • colliemum

    Meanwhile here in the UK – where law abiding citizens are forbidden to won guns:
    “The images of paramilitary-style policemen with assault rifles in Luton are a shocking confirmation that law and order has collapsed in parts of our country”
    Look at the photo on top of that article …

  • wgallamore
  • LadyBGood

    You know what this tells me?  Have a gun hidden in every room!

  • aosjigoiagifgafd

    Why isn’t race mentioned? This is houston, there’s a damn good chance that the burglars are black. Please update your article to include the race of the victim and suspects.

    • wgallamore

      aosjigoiagifgafd Watch the clip I posted below – he cries out in Spanish for help. Clue?