Fantastic new Romney ad: Leaders find a way to get things done

This fantastic new ad by the Romney campaign hits on all the right tones. From highlighting Obama’s failed economy after four years to promoting Romney’s successes of turning around Massachusetts in four years, and then to top it off with the fact that he did it with an 83% Democrat legislature – well it’s exactly what people will want to hear.

This is a great ad:

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  • conservative58

    Spot on!
    Keep the momentum surging for Romney/Ryan!!!!

  • Rshill7

    Romney is a fix it man. His entire career demonstrates this. That’s exactly what we need.

    The ad though, says he had an 85% democrat legislature.

  • sybilll

    You are 100% right, Scoop. This is fabulous. Thanks for showing us some of these. Those of us not in swing states never see a single ad.

    • lilium479


  • BlueGood

    Excellent ad…..

    Pretty simple…Mitt Romney just has to maintain his STEADY SOLID MESSAGE of Commitment…..

    Benghazi ~~ I WILL be there for you.

    China Trade ~~ I WILL be there for you.

    Iran ~~ I WILL be there for you.

    Medicare ~~ I WILL be there for you.

    Medicaid ~~ I WILL be there for you.

    Israel ~~ I WILL be there for you.

    O’Bumacare ~~ I will kill it for you.

    16 TRILLION DEBT ~~ I WILL wrestle it to the dirt for you.

    Romney projects confidence, commitment, selflessness and most importantly, FIDELITY to AMERICA.

    Romney projects a PROVEN track record to tackling complex problems and SCORING!

    “O’buma bin Lyin” only projects empty words, slogans, excuses, blame….superficial fluff…

    ‘O’Buma bin Lyin” projects arrogance….and a distinct disdain for anyone he deems not up to his level….

    Imagine…you are the most powerful leader on the planet, the most powerful arsenal at your very beck and call….your finger so well poised to summon any assistance known to man….Hundreds of thousands of dedicated men and women ready, upon a moments notice… to rise to ANY challenge…..

    Some of your people have been calling 911 for over a month…..HELP!

    Lights are on, but he’s at “The View” again…Sorry , can you call back later?….

    Sept. 11, 2012 another last attempt…DIAL 911…..

    Sorry, that darn Video….

    ‘Martha send out those telegrams will ya?…. I have to be in Vegas for another fundraiser..then off to do Letterman’….

    Me thinks, ROMNEY would have acted quite differently….

    Verily, Romney WILL act like a PRESIDENT!

    ~~~Only 17 more Sleeps…for the Romney/Ryan Sweep!~~~

    • bobemakk

      Excellent post.

  • serfer62

    That E Smith speech should also be run often…

    • bobemakk

      But I still don’t understand why Timothy Cardinal Dolan allowed Obama who is so anti Catholic/Christian to attend the event. I signed a petition asking that the Cardinal uninvite Obama, but he did not listen to US.


    …Romney / Ryan 2012 VICTORIOUS on November 6th 2012 ,
    margin of victory my humble prediction
    47 % Obama
    53 % Romney

    • famouswolf

      I’d prefer to see a ten point wider spread, if not more.

      • RosiesSeeingRed

        Whatever the spread, add 5 points to it. That would be more accurate. The polls are still based on the 2008 turnout, and that’s just not happening this time.

        • Rshill7

          At least. I think it’s more like +8. Gallup already has him up by 7 nationally. That would mean he’s really up by 15.

          Obama will feel our collective slap/rejection for the rest of his life. It will be historic.

          • conservative58

            Rshill7 — I pray you are right!!

            I’m hoping and praying for a landslide Romney/Ryan victory!

          • RosiesSeeingRed

            My husband accuses me of seeing the glass TOO full, so I hold back on my optimism so as not to sound like I’m seeing the world through rose colored glasses, but I totally agree with you. Add 8. Easily. And watch every single swing state go red, IN ADDITION TO a few blue states that not one pundit is even taking into consideration.

            • Rshill7

              Yay! That is correct.

              Here’s kinda what it will sound like…Kaboom!!!!!!!

              And I am a rare user of the exclamation point. There’s seven of those rascals right there. (!)

            • WordsFailMe

              Based on some late Sunday night changes in Colorado, Virginia Iowa and New Hampshire, My wife and I have Romney at 266 Electoral votes, counting the Leans and the Solid Romney states. Obama 201. If we’re right, Obama cannot win. ANd that seems to be reflected in his conference call to black preaschers imploring them to bring the congregations back onto the plantation’

              Seen “Runaway Slave ” yet? There’s a flood ready to be released…

              I have IA, MI, NV, NC, OH and WI in the Toss up. I’m not sure that Ohio is so critical. Source said last night the Romney was moving 50-60 Staffers to Pennsylvania. I expected his to say OHIO. But PA is in play. If Romney take both OH ans PA, this is going to be wholesale slaughter.

              But I’m not countin’ my Chik-Fil-A’s just yet

              • RosiesSeeingRed

                LOL, I’m not counting my Chik-Fil-A’s either (love that), but I would add NJ to the toss-up states. I saw two polls last week, one with Romney behind by 5, the other 7, so let’s call it 6. If our theory is to add 8 to all polls, that would put Romney ahead in NJ, and from what I’m seeing on the ground — I concur with “our” unofficial polling method here at TRS. 😉

          • keyesforpres

            I’d like to slap him into jail.

          • yes indeed

        • WinMissouri

          Local news has announced that schools that are precints in the St. Louis area have been asked to close on Nov 6 because they are expecting record high turnout and the traffic will be too much for buses etc. Not sure if it is only the St. Louis metro area or statewide.

          • keyesforpres

            I pray that is a Republican turnout!

    • p m

      I’m sticking with 15+!

  • wodiej

    Oh yeah, that’s a good one.

  • p m

    Excellent ad.
    That rainy day fund was considerable too, $2.3Billion, but soon blown away by Gov. Patrick and Lt. Gov. Murray.

    Some interesting stuff here

  • RosiesSeeingRed

    Great ad. If you need more convincing that Romney is looking like a winner, spend 7 minutes with the latest from Wayne Allyn Root, the Las Vegas odds-maker that predicted Romney would win by a landslide before Romney even won the primary. Now that 2 debates have passed, Wayne has doubled down on his prediction:

    • Rush predicted it a while back too.
      I hope (and pray) they’re right.

  • poljunkie

    I like it.

  • Patriot077

    This is my pick for best ad evah!

  • Rshill7

    “The business of America is business.” (Calvin Coolidge)

    It makes sense that the President thereof be a very successful businessman. A man dedicated to the bottom line, for the American people, aka, America’s stockholders.

    • conservative58

      And Romney has certainly proved that he is indeed a successful business man!

  • 4Hoppes2

    The contrast could not be any broader, even the most apolitical person should get it.

    • WordsFailMe

      I really thing FOX is missing the boat by not hiring Cinnamon as a political spokesperson. Wonder how she would rate this ad?

      • Rshill7

        Give “her” a cream or jelly-filled donut and perhaps she’d comment. Give her an unlimited EBT card and “Katy bar the door”!

        Let her snort a girthy line of pure, uncut cinnamon and, fuhgetaboutit !

      • 4Hoppes2

        Funny you instantly thought of Cinnamon.

  • BikerHoop

    Fantastic ad… best one I’ve seen to date.

  • Landscaper

    If we get a repeat of Saturday with the anti-Romney/Ryan comments, please everyone just IGNORE them this time. The Ron Paul/Gary Johnson people or Romney isn’t really a Christian….. That stuff.

    • Rshill7

      I will attack stupidity wherever it raises it’s helium-gorged, balloon-head.

      You do have a valid point though. sDee always says, “don’t feed ’em”.

      It is fun to ridicule ’em though. You know, take Alinsky and ram him right up their…four score and seven years ago…huh, where am I?

      • wodiej

        It is kind of fun to shoot down all their arguments. I had it out w several last night and it drained me. It’s not something I do often.

        • Rshill7

          I saw some of that too. Ya’ done good sister 🙂

          • wodiej


        • Did we get an attack of the Ronulans last night?

          • Landscaper

            More like Pearl Harbor K-Bob.

          • wodiej

            It wasn’t here. It was over at C4P. They called RS the Romney Love Den. lol…Some were Paul supporters but some were Palin supporters too. I think a couple of them are stalking me.

            • Landscaper

              Was on TRS last night over the Bill Whittle post/thread when he spoke about the importance of everyones vote.

            • Heh.

              We’re at a historic, crucial time in this country. I was not on board the Romney train *completely* until Benghazi. (I was probably going to vote straight ticket or something.) But now I’m voting Romney, and if a Ronulan meets me on the street with any of their crap, there’s gonna be trouble.

              Obama changed the debate by going pure Stalinist. It’s no longer a matter of “Is Romney really any better?” It’s now a matter of, “end this miserable Presidency, or 2016 elections aren’t going to be allowed.”

              Any Ronulans that want to talk other party or try to depress the vote for Romney are persona non grata with me.

              After November, we can afford to argue what to do next. Until then, they need to stay the h*ll out of the way.

              • keyesforpres

                Exactly, and what these Ronulans don’t get is if Obambi gets back in we go past the 51% of folks on the dole and their hope for Libertarian ideals will be over forever.

                • Or at least for several generations and a major war.

            • Rshill7

              I was referring to what I saw here. I never go to C4P.

              I like to speak with pragmatic folk 🙂

              • famouswolf

                Kind of odd really, since Palin is just lying low and staying out of the limelight, I would assume so as not to be a distraction right now. She’s a wise woman, and ‘knows when to fold ’em’. The more I see of Romney the more I doubt he tried to set her up or whatever, either. Not that that matters right now. Surely McCain knew what was going on in his own campaign, and ultimately the buck stops with the top guy. The real question there is ‘why’.

                I’m not too impressed, at all, with the Gary Johnson and the ‘principled’ folks with write ins. I don’t think Sarah Palin is either. Romney is looking a whole lot better than just ‘ABO’, too, which means it is just pi**ing into the wind.

                One step at a time. There is absolutely no time for breastbeating, esp. at this point.

                • CitizenVetUSA

                  Sarah did her work barking at the enemy when needed. She might have her turn at Senator McCain’s empty seat soon. Her new guard gated North Scottsdale home gives her residency.

                • famouswolf

                  Yep, and then stood down when she had done all she could.

                  Hmmm, think that’s why all the Arizona residence?

                  Could be. I’m not at all sure the country is ready for a female president, but I will never give up on that idea.

                  Whatever, I don’t think we have heard the last of her.

                • keyesforpres

                  Of course we are ready for a woman president….as long as she’s conservative! Why wouldn’t we be ready?

                • famouswolf

                  We at Right Scoop, sure.

                  The country at large I’m not so sure.

                • poljunkie

                  As a resident of Arizona, I would absolutely love her to run for Mc Cains Senate seat.

                • keyesforpres

                  Yeah, when Gary Johnson was asked about CAIR (Council on (un)American islamic Relations) and their ties to the Holy Land Foundation Trial (largest terrorist finance trial in history) he went, “Huh?” and looked like a deer in headlights.

                • Nukeman60

                  …and looked like a deer in headlights.‘ – k

                  More like an “ostrich in the sand” look. 🙂

    • proudhispanicconservative
    • keyesforpres

      I find the Ron Paul/Gary Johnson folks are far worse than the Obobbles. One recently wished pancreatic cancer on me on a Breitbart thread a few weeks ago. They are like rabid dogs.

  • MaxineCA

    Excellent ad! I hope those here that participate in social media send it out. I was so depressed during and after the primaries, but must say I am feeling more optimistic now. The more I see Romney the more I like him. It will be so nice to be proud of our President/First Lady and my country once again.

    I really feel like we CAN take our country back and hold our heads high once again.

    • wodiej

      Great comment. I feel the same way. I put my faith in God. We see today-He sees down the road.

    • Alborn

      My sentiments exactly. I finally decided to work the polls on election day once I felt that Romney and Ryan have a great chance of winning. I am surrounded with Demwits here. It can get tense on election day at the polls.

      • WordsFailMe

        That’s great Alborn- Thank you for YOUR service!

  • Great commercial! I liked that a lot because it gives people real hope, not the manufactured hope that was used only as a slogan in 2008. Romney backs up his claims with results, and we need a lot more of that right now.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    Excellent ad, here in florida Romney is Carpet bombing Obama for every Obama ad there is two Romney ads I know that we have been complaining that Obama was outnumbering Romney in ads and we sometimes want things to be ran as we think they should be ran but now we are finding out that Romney had a stategy all along and I think is working.
    Romney/Ryan 2012 For the sake of our country.

    • CitizenVetUSA

      Thanks for the Florida update and please keep us informed regarding Romney ads in the Toss up states.

      • proudhispanicconservative

        we’ll do

  • rsox1

    Why is Obama running again? Seriously…he doesn’t seem to enjoy the job, he doesn’t work well with the GOP or congressional Dems, and he can’t tell anyone what he wants to do in his next term. It seems to boil down to ‘hey, I tried, so lemme have four more to see if it works’.

    • poljunkie

      His ego.

    • Alborn

      He hasn’t redistributed enough money to his cronies yet.

    • Suzyqpie

      Hi rsox, Pres 0bama won a 4 yr stay in a 5 star resort. He wants to extend the amenities to an 8 yrs stay in the 5 star resort. Pres 0bama does no heavy lifting.

    • keyesforpres

      Not to mention he’s not eligible to hold the job in the first place.

      He’s having difficulty telling us what he’s going to do because it’s tough to get re-elected on, ‘Hey, I’m out to destroy America.”

  • lambfound

    I think the Romney camp is exactly where they wanted to be at this point in time. And he might just be saving the best for last. These next two weeks could be a very bumpy ride, but Romney is trending just the way he planned. Romney is running this campaign the way he ran everything else in his life – he does not fail, as Ann Romney said.

  • dabbobean

    Looks like Obama needs another Big Bird ad…..and quick!

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Mitt is sounding better and better with every ad. I hope the “undecided” voters are getting a heavy dose of these ads to help them see that Mitt is the right choice for president. The other guy isn’t getting the job done, rather he’s doing a job on the entire country.

    Vote Romney/Ryan on November 6, 2012.

  • NativeTexan3

    Today is the last day to sign up for Mitts Task force. You can go to and look for the link! They have a great ground game planned.

  • sjmom

    Great ad. A leader is exactly what we need.

  • PVG

    Brilliant ad……landslide, I tell ya!

  • CitizenVetUSA

    Great Ad………I did this before………not I can do it……but I need another 4 year term!

  • suzy000

    This is what we need in Washington…someone who can move this country forward. I am so tired of stagnate EVERYTHING. Americans are tired of high gas prices, no jobs, losing what was once the best healthcare in the world and crushing debt that we have to shamefully leave to our kids. Americans have decided this last month that we deserve better…we will not accept Obama’s government. A surge like no other will continue to grow through election day…this will be a Romney landslide.

    • SoLongSong

      Yeah, but the RIGHT kind of “forward” – not Obama’s kind.

  • Jaels_Song

    Winner ad. Literally,

  • shield1



    We must not get complacent!!!! Because the thugs will do everything in their power to win even illegally. Like vote counting. I pray this is a blowout. This is the most important election in our lifetime. Spread the word.

  • white531

    Romney will win. Its as simple as that. America is sick of this Muslim.

  • kong1967

    It’s going to be a different story on the national level. Democrats are so corrupt in the federal government that they will try to destroy everything Romney sets out to do. They are ruthless and will stop at nothing. Remember how they tried to undermine the Iraq war just to tarnish Bush? Soldiers die because liberals embolden the enemy just for political gain. They are too dangerous to ever let have any power again.

    By the way, Obama knows how to get things done. By shoving laws (that we don’t want) down our throats while he had a super majority, and by bypassing Congress and our laws after he lost that majority. He doesn’t need the Constitution, he’s the king.

  • Yazz55

    Romney runs on his record.
    Obama runs away from his record.

  • colliemum

    Excellent ad – hitting Bathhouse Barry where it hurts, because the truth does hurt.

    I hope this ad is playing all over the country, and I hope it’s going viral as well.

  • Erc Seitz

    Excellent ad. Romney / Ryan 2012!

  • bobemakk

    Excellent video… lets say a prayer that Romney walks all over the liar Obama in tonights debate.

  • G. Gadbsy

    Romney can’t do math.
    Romney does not know geography?
    Romney has such a short memory…”Years of GOP Obstructionism.”