Fantastic video – EAG News exposes the true class system in America

I love this video as it takes the argument of the 99% vs 1% and switches it to the true class system in America, the producer class being held slave to the government class. And my favorite part is toward the end when EAG points out that the so-called 99% are filled with people from the government class, demanding more from the producer class.

Excellent video:

(via EAG News)

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  • JoelDick

    Sorry to be critical, but I think that was a bad ad. Lost me within 10 seconds.

    • You must be with the 99%, because I love this video.

    • It’s not an ad. Also, your attention span might be a ilttle too short 🙂

      • JoelDick

        Let me clarify.

        I totally agree with the point of the video (as those who read my posts would know). I am talking from a purely marketing perspective. What I mean is that putting myself in the shoes of a target audience member, presumably someone who still needs a bit of convincing that the source of income inequality is government bureaucracy (and that’s why I call it an “ad”), I get lost as soon as the presenter introduces the “producer class”.

        You and I know what that means, but audiences tend to tune out whenever a new term is introduced without clear definition.

        Also, the tone feels like a lecture where I missed the first class. I understand what the presenter is talking about, but it’s easy for an unconvinced watcher to feel overwhealmed and tune out.

        It’s a good video if you’re already a free marketer, but not very effective in reachin out to people on the fence.

    • I don’t think I’d admit that.

    • Nukeman60

      Over the last year, a lot of people have been talking about the 1%…‘ – EAG

      This is what they said in the first ten seconds. It lost you there? Can anyone say, ‘Public school indoctrinated’?

  • Very well done.

  • toongoon

    This is an excellent video.

    I am a servant to the to the public servants.

    This is all back a$$wards.

    • sDee

      By design toon. By design.

  • sDee

    The political class in America knows this well. Just visit DC to witness the thriving economy and lavish standard of living siphoned off our blood sweat and tears. It is why the Tea Party galvanized them against us. They recognized the threat instantly. It is why the two political parties feign opposition, but always align to expand government size and power.

    It is why there is a constant relentless erosion of the Constitution thorough legislation, regulation and violation – form both political parties.

    The media is a symbiotic element of the political class. Their job is to create illusions – to protect the political class, keep producers blissfully ignorant, battling one another, and just afraid enough to give the government more money and power in return for false security and entitlements. For this, the media is assured privilege as well.

    The Chinese Communists have a model similar to this that the American political elites aspire to – state capitalism. It is such a model that model Obama was sent in with brute force to collapse us toward, and one that Romney’s job is to restructure us into.

    We are very close to the point of no return. They can taste it. Our choice is slavery under the political class or a revolution to return the Republic.

    Only we, the people, can turn this. Time is very short. No one is coming to save you…….

    • johnos2112

      Or these bastards are getting ready for a civil war. You keep telling the American people we are behind you when you a lavish lifestyle BORROWING more and more money what do these dipsh*ts think will happen?

  • ConnieConservative

    We are the new slaves.
    Unions AND the government are the masters.

    • TJinNJ

      And Big Business…Especially those who are Multinational that utilize slave labor off shore while replacing (killing) jobs here.

  • Donya G

    Great video…

  • Dave B

    I still partially blame the conservatives for this mess we are in.

    If we hadn’t been so completely inept at creating a positive conservative narrative within society, allowing these socialist idiot scum to dictate and corrupt the narrative, we wouldn’t be in such a sorry state of affairs.

    We failed at disseminating our own positive messages of individual freedom and liberty and prosperity and instead allowed these morons to paint and spin lies and deceit about us.

    Nice though to see that process finally being implemented, even if it is a bit too late.

    • sybilll

      Dave, I try to look at the positive side of things. Had the Republicans not fallen into the trap of “spending more will make the moderates like me more”, we would not have the Tea Party. Much like if the Progressives had not hoisted Jimmy Carter as a vessel of something better, we would not have gotten Ronald Reagan. In that same vain, the election of Obama will wrought the election of Romney, the Tea Party will prevent him from doing too much damage and compromising in 8 years, then we will elect a TRUE Conservative.
      Think positive Dave.

    • kong1967

      I agree. When Democrats are in power they feed the unions and massively increase the public’s obligations. When Republicans are in power, they leave things as is. They never try to reduce the unions’ grasp on our wallets. Over time, the unions have become practically unstoppable and do massive damage to our nation’s health.

  • tinker_thinker

    Great video!

  • tinker_thinker

    Great video!

  • kong1967

    Good video. We should put this in all the high schools and colleges as required viewing. That ought to piss ’em off.

  • CarlosLumpuy

    Excellent post.

    That is simply how real life works. Any government job cannot and should not confer a lifetime of immunity from real life. It is as simple as that.

    This is the false sense of entitlement which has become so pervasive in today’s public sector.

    There was a time when those that left the private sector to work in government took a break in pay for at least a stable paycheck in a less stressful, less results oriented productive environment and for a very modest but stable retirement.

    Over the years, our elected officials come and go and we the taxpayers are held responsible for what they agree to with public sector unions in the public trust.
    Incrementally, far too many of these public sector union agreements have become unsustainable and include salaries and some millionaire-type retirements.

    Some of these millionaire-type benefits paid by taxpayers to these former public servants are obscene.

    Here you can see one state government retiree who receives more than $44,000 a month or $530,000 a year in pension benefits from the California Public Employees Retirement System (CALPERS) where more than 12,000 retirees currently receive more than $100,000 a year:

    Jack Dean of Pension Tsunami has been writing on this very subject and warning us for years at:

    The public trust has been broken.

    Where is the outrage ?

    With negative self destruction, our modern day labor unions have over the years so
    degenerated and are now so disparate from the historic positive contributions of their Samuel Gompers and John Lewis origins of a century ago with higher standards for better, safer, productive working conditions and the excellent apprentice, journeyman, master vocational education systems applied to all trades. This is most evident in public sector unions in particular.

    Significantly, the less than 15 million American union workers that now remain are no longer the traditionally thought of private sector blue collar factory workers with manufacturing jobs and shop stewards. 

    Most of those 15 million American union workers today comprise overpaid public sector government administration and bureaucrats with far too often unsustainable, unearned, obscene lifetime benefits, —and not underpaid policemen, firefighters, and teachers which number today so fewer within these ranks.

    The other 85%, numbering tens of millions of American workers in the private sector know full well from their own first hand experience that the terms and conditions of future employment can naturally change in real life living within real world economies.

    The average compensation of wages and benefits for the Federal civilian workforce of more than 2 million is now $120,000.

    While the average compensation of wages and benefits of the private sector workforce (that pays the taxes which supports the livelihood of these over paid public sector employees) is now $60,000.

    —this according to this August 2009 report from The Cato Institute:

    Since January 2009 when this administration took office with a compliant press/media dividing us Americans citizens, there are now more than 200,000 more federal civilian employees within the public sector, while there are now more than 2 million fewer private sector jobs to sustain all of us according to the fed’s own report here:

    This completely unsustainable situation and the now inverted destructive disparity between public sector employees and the private sector employees who provide for everyone is getting worse today exponentially.

    It is history simply repeating itself.

    Franklin Roosevelt was so right when he said that unions and collective bargaining have no place in government. Government employees should not and cannot have unions because with time it works against the very interests of America and her citizens. Government offices are not union shops. The civil service system provides more than adequate protections.

    Public sector unions have been an enormous mistake, the economic crime of the century, a huge, ruinous mulcting of citizen taxpayers who will never in their lifetimes see such obscene millionaire-type lifetime benefits. 

    It is a deceitful horrendous fiscal legacy from the collectivists’ creed of sloth and deceit and a betrayal of the public trust by elected officials, “well intentioned” public servants who over the years come and go leaving citizen taxpayers with burden and division.

    Their dereliction of duty, short term thinking and corrupting conduct is now climaxing in confluence during these hard times and constricting budgets which with time will leave the wells of municipal and state public chambers across this country filled with unpaid bills. 

    The seriousness of this topic cannot be overstated.

    There shall be consequences.

    If we don’t wake up soon, reform, and change course, the future of America may soon well become that of Greece today.

    The problem is that Greece with an economy the size of New Jersey is being bailed out mostly by Germany and France within their common Euros.

    There is no nation or group of nations on earth capable of bailing out the United States of America.

    We simply must reform ourselves. All this waste of fault finding with falsehoods, divisiveness between Americans and party, and lack of civility does not contribute to truthful, open and respectful discussion of the facts.

    The virulent behavior manifested at the Wisconsin State Capitol that went on for weeks could well be a sad prescient sign of things to come when these people lose the White House and have no majorities in either house of congress after January 2013.

    And so the self destruction and degradation of our labor unions continues by their leadership and the unproductive collectivist ideology they espouse together with this administration.

    Things may well get ugly, really ugly over the months to come.

    We need very much to destroy the notion that the mere mention of the good and noble word of labor itself is some how indicative or equated with labor unions.

    Labor Day should be a time to reflect positively on labor itself;

    the goodness and noble work of all labor from the least scholarly educated and lowest skilled labor to the highest educated most experienced highly trained disciplines of labor, how all work is good and noble and how the collaborative efforts of individual labor brings about our prosperity and wealth within an American society still free.

    —Carlos Lumpuy, Wednesday 23 May 2012.

    • Carlos, we don’t allow spamming the same comment across multiple threads. I know you posted this in earlier May even though you pretend to have written it on May 23.

      This is your only warning.

  • Dan

    i would LOVE to see the 86 % just say SCREW YOU I QUIT….PAY YOUR SELF….then walk off the job and go home…better yet go to the Cesspool of Washington and throw the pigs out on the street………

    • sDee

      We are all they truly fear Dan. We have been so conditioned to look to them for protection and guidance, that we have lost sight ……. it is they who need us, not us who need them.

      • Indeed! The work FOR us! We, as Glenn Beck would tell you, surround them!

  • Heh… I like the way they animated the private sector producer class workers to show them busily working while the government class workers appear to be standing around doing nothing… or perhaps consuming cocktails.

    • Nukeman60

      That’s typical Union labor as well – one man working, while 4 men watch. It’s no wonder Unions are a drain on our resources.

  • Sober_Thinking

    As I’ve been saying, public sector unions are one of the three main killers of this country (the other two killers are the illegal invasion and government mismanagement – rampant waste and excessive spending). Stop the unions and begin to heal this nation. Let them run unchecked and we bleed out in only a few years. How blind is America to allow this?

    Implement a National Right-to-Work law now… before it’s too late.

    • Rshill7

      I’m voting for O’. Bear with me whilst I illustrate the reason why, in song. Ahem…mi, mi, mi…

      “SuperCommieSocialisticDemocratatrocious”. If you say it loud enough it sounds quite braggadocious….

      Not only that, I’ll be moving my home and business to 4321 Serfdom Road, where each and every edifice is identical to the dump next door.

      Hooray for meeeeeeee. Weeeeeee.

      • VERY clever rshill7! let’s do what liberals do and gather small school children to learn the song and sing it at the home and school meetings across the country!

        • Rshill7

          Yep, it’s got zero likes and everything 🙂

          I mean 🙁

      • Nukeman60

        I understand that San Francisco named a street after Nancy Pelosi. If they hadn’t told me what it was, I would have guessed, ‘Dead End’. Perhaps we can all move to this street and live happily never after.

  • NObama talks a lot about class and how “the rich” are against “the rest”… But in reality, all he’s shown is that he has NO class at all. He is, and always will be a Classless Community Organizer. Proof once again that you can take the hoodlum out of the hood, dress him up in fancy clothes, teach him to read from a teleprompter, but at the end of the day, you can’t take the hood out of the hoodlum!

  • FutureOnePercent

    We are slaves to the lazy and well-connected.

  • This inequity is not sustainable. One day, a lot of people, and a lot of families, are in for a very rude awakening.

  • If there is a struggle between the 99% and the 1%… it’s the 99% of US against the 1% of Washington insiders and career politicians… Regardless of party.

  • Thanks for sharing this.

  • Sunnny1

    It’s about time! There is a war on private producers! We’ve been regulated, taxated and legislated out the wazoo. I am beginning to deeply resent supporting these government employees. As our friend on the government pay roll says, “We pretend to work, they pretent to pay us.” Well, now they are paid more than comparable private sector jobs PLUS get all the perks. I’m sick of supporting them.

    As private producers for over 25 years, no one came running to help us when housing fell apart and we lost every dime of our retirement. We are no longer young, but have been forced back to the starting line where we were in our 20’s. There was no unemployment for us, though we paid it for employees all that time. We refused to take government handouts (AKA other people’s money.) Instead, we got our rears out of bed even earlier and changed the focus of our business.

    Meanwhile, our friend in the government job retired from his first position and started a second government job that he’ll draw a second retirement from eventually. Ridiculous. He has not produced a single job. Oh, and he is upset because the GOP governor has reduced personnel making his job more taxing… Come to think of it, he is no friend.

  • It’s sad to have to say but it’s not very hard to figure out why must of the 99%’s math is so screwed up, they went to public school and specialized in math.
    attacking the financial system of America vs Obama using the math provided by unions, and leftist and so on in the class room, it’s very easy to understand why their math is so sadly degenerant.
    prime example, Mr Carney Rips media for not calling GOP on the numbers reported about obamas wild spending and debt, mr carney calls the numbers BS, i can only think, yep, BS is right on the mark and we’re looking at it, right square in the face.
    the fact is the numbers don’t lie, but mr Carney and mr obama aren’t truthful persons even when using the lowest common denominator.

    Tea Party Patriot
    Vote 2012

  • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

    I confronted a person who had a “I support the 99% Class.” First I asked him which corporation provided the heating oil for his home? Which corporation provided the wood to build his home? Which corporation provided the shingles for his home? Which corporation provided the appliances for his home? Which corporation provided the rugs for his home? Which corporation provided the carpenter tools used to build his home? Which corporation provided the metal that when into his car? Which corporation provided the rubber for the tires on his car? Which corporation provided the gasoline for his car? Which corporation provided the parts to fix his car? Which corporation provided the mechanic with the tools to fix his car? Which corporation provide a safe place for him to keep his checking and savings account? Which corporation provided the underwear he was wearing? Which corporation provided the cloths on his back? Which corporation provided for the shoes on his feet? Which corporation provide the material to make his dumb ass sign??????

    • Hahahaha! Good one! You must have dumbfounded that id iot! 🙂

  • If this same video were made for California the numbers would be far worse.

  • freenca

    Kudos for this piece. I’ve been wondering when someone would begin to point out the facts in the true direction. Good one Right Scoop!

  • JakeSD68

    Government should steer, not row.

    Cut the bureaucracy, cut the red tape, cut the lifetime of entitlements.

  • wodiej

    Actually the producer class is slave to the business/private sector too. We are screwed either way. Businesses don’t pay taxes-we do. In return, they offer us a meager position at their renowned companies for some chump change.

    I have worked in the private sector my entire life and I can see why people want jobs that are union/gov’t-they pay better. In all the years I have been working my salary has climbed at the rate of about .20 cents an hour per year. I was taught a good work ethic by my parents. So when I questioned a very honest manager about the small raise and a performance rating of “acceptable” he replied, “everyone gets that.” This is part and parcel why Romney and Bain made millions and why the wealthy are so wealthy. They either stripped workers of their benefits or laid them off altogether. The jobs they did create were low paying like Office Depot. I’ve worked at 3 very large companies and they are all the same. They like the workers who question NOTHING.

  • ApplePie101

    Please don’t adopt the language of slavery. ‘We are the new slaves’ ‘I am a servant to the public servants’. This mantra of defeat is coming out of our own mouths, and being heard by our children. I am nobody’s slave. and neither are you. Stand on your rights and don’t budge.

  • EpicCenter

    Good ad, needs to be more persuasive and feel less like propaganda, but great points that all conservatives already know. We just need 30 more for all the other ways liberals screw people and try to make a totalitarian government.

  • patriotbens

    This was a great and informative video. We should all share this!

  • thekanes

    This is exactly what our family has been seeing. It is no wonder I have heard all my life that you should get a government job. I’ve heard that it is almost impossble to lose your job and the pay goes on forever.

    This video clip was put together rather simply but spoke volumes of the disease that is financially killing us in the United States.

    Still hopeful for change!