Female debate questioner Susan Katz didn’t like how Romney answered her question or something

Susan Katz asked the “How are you different than George W. Bush” question of Romney last night, a question that I thought Romney answered quite well. But when asked today what she thought about Romney, she had this to say:

She says she was put off by Romney’s style, that he seems like a guy who doesn’t allow for other people to express their points of view. And she didn’t like how he wanted to go back to the previous question and clarify his position. She said he’s got to have the last word.

Does she even understand what the heck was going on last night? It was a freaking debate where they are both fighting to be president of the greatest nation on earth. Of course there is going to be back and forth. The only reason he chose to clarify his position from the last question was that he did not get an equal chance to respond to Obama’s statements about his position. The last question was asked first to Obama, then Romney answered, then Obama rebutted, and Candy jumped in and said she wanted to move on to the next question. Romney was left high and dry.

But who freaking cares if he wanted to clarify his position on the last question? He answered her stupid Bush question and he answered it well. But she’s so damn uptight that she’s got to find some reason to trash him the following day so NBC can highlight it for all their network viewers.

Oh wait, it’s all starting to make sense now:

I think [Obama] has matured tremendously,” Katz said on CNN. “There’s no question that we expected more from him. I voted for him the first time, I had great hopes for him. I’m disappointed, and when and I got the phone call from the Gallup poll, I was truly, truly undecided. … I saw in President Obama someone who has ripened with time. He deserves another four years to see his vision through.

Well, I guess we kinda knew that from her question. If I remember correctly, she thinks that the Bush policies caused the housing sector to go bust. She probably thinks the tax cuts did it too.

This is why I hate these town halls. It’s packed with hacks instead of actual undecided people who aren’t looking to smear the candidate they aren’t leaning toward.

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  • Is_Sense_Common

    I agree Scoop. I think it’s ludicrous to give a mic & so much power to the most willfully ignorant among us! She chose that as her question when she got her 15 minutes of fame?

    Give some of us here at the Scoop an opportunity to ask questions of these candidates. Rewarding ignorance – it’s a sad state we’re in as a culture.

    • Nukeman60

      Heh. They wouldn’t even let us in the room, let alone ask a question. It doesn’t suit the agenda.

      • jim Asherman

        So true.
        We would have to lie badly to get on such a panel, as the actual questioners did.

        • Nukeman60

          I would be rejected simply because I would show up packin’. 🙂

          • not if your were wearing a pro-muz-bro pin rice was handing out at the steps of the UN…ok…I digress…LOL

          • Jazzee


        • theresaaa

          Exactly . The “rules” stated That once you took to the mic you could not change your approved question or the mic would be turned off . So after all the lies we’d have to tell to get the mic we wouldn’t get our 1st question out.

    • What is so horribly scary is that it is this 6% “willfully ignorant” of the population that hold the fate of this country in their hands. (Making the simplified assumption that basically 47% are committed to the Left and 47% to the Right) With all the sources available for them to vet the candidates, they are waiting to see how he performs? What color tie he wears? God help us all.

    • ladyjk

      But Candy Crowley reviesed those questions before hand and chose to have that woman ask that question. It was a planted question.

      • ladyjk

        whoops, “reviewed”

  • lilium479

    Romney answered her set up question very well. Only a plant
    would not like the answers Romney gave.
    Most of Candy’s choices were set ups.

    • warpmine

      One thing is certain, Romney isn’t afraid of anyone that hales from planet Liberalanus proven beyond a doubt.

    • Jazzee

      I agree romney did answer her stupid question
      she was not an undecided but then eric dumb jerk holder has sued Gallup and he yells at them for what he doesn’t like………….all of them are little idiot dictators
      hopefully gone november

    • I counted at least 3-4 plants. What really gave it away is Barry’s rehearsed responses

  • She was the single questioner of the night that I found to be offensive. She didn’t have the intellect to be there first of all. Secondly I found her total disrespect for Bush not offensive but unintelligent which certainly explains why she is a supposedly undecided voter.

    Just think folks she gets to decide this election for you. If she had even a modicum of intelligence her question would of been “How are you different than Obama?”

    • keyesforpres

      Exactly. It’s about Obama not Bush.

      • SineWaveII

        Someone said “why didn’t you ask Obama how he’s different than Hugo Chavez? It would make as much sense”

        • keyesforpres

          Oh silly, everyone KNOWS there isn’t a hill of beans of difference between those two!

          • SineWaveII

            True Dat

          • warpmine


          • crosshr

            he he & heh ! loudly ,I laughed ! cool keyesforpres. funny wicked humorous

            • keyesforpres


        • Jazzee

          I WISH someone would have asked that wowie would have really made it a fun night but Candy probably would have answered for little crybaby obama

      • ladyjk

        This questioner was a democrat Bush hater who was supposed to get Romney identified with Bush. It’s a wonder she didn’t break an arm carrying all that water for Obama.

    • warpmine

      Furthermore, if she voted for Obama, she must have hated W with a passion blaming the entirety of the recession on him.

      • Bush derangement syndrome is an untreatable lifetime condition

    • It was the question version of Obama’s presidency. Every single thing that goes wrong during his presidency he blames on Bush. Obama ran his whole 2008 campaign against Bush, and he would even try to run 2012 against Bush if he could. At least he has this questioner to try to help him run against Bush.

    • Martin2717

      Couldn’t agree more. Bush wasn’t great, but I’m so sick of the disrespect this guy gets from these pathetic clowns.

      • warpmine

        Worst thing about it all regarding Bush is did what they would have done, expand Federal Government. Medicare D and the prescription drug plan which true conservatives bitched about. As usual, the liberals were upset that Bush beat them to the punch on that one. Bush capitulated on the corn/ethanol subsidies, immigration, lightbulb ban and all kinds of other BS. The a-holes were upset about the Iraq invasion and the patriot act again because Bush beat them to it.

        All of them are multifaced lying dirtbags.

      • ladyjk

        At least Bush was a decent man and really cared about people. They didn’t take big expensive vacations in our face, he didn’t mess around with other women, nor was he on the golf course all the time. And, he never sent 25 security agents to Mexico so his daughter could take an expensive ridiculous vacation at the age of 13. Judicial Watch has requested the costs for that non-governmental play trip which Obama is ignoring.

  • Jaels_Song

    This lady wouldn’t like Romney no matter what. It was a stupid set up question that Romney handled well and that chapped her hide. Whoopie, get over it sister.

  • “This is why I hate these town halls. It’s packed with hacks instead of actual undecided people who aren’t looking to smear the candidate they aren’t leaning toward.”


  • ChicksLoveRight

    Hers was the stupidest question of the night..and Candy was even stupider to even consider this question- taking this question over Obamacare, F&F, unemployment situation etc..But she proved she is carrying water for Obama so no surprise Katz question was picked up! And CNN will milk the Katz cow till the cows come home! Ratings are a b. i. tch!

    • I personally think it is because the left will never miss an opportunity to sneer at Bush because the sore losers lost in 2000. I have heard actual progs say Al Gore is smart. Stunning!

      • ChicksLoveRight

        ha h ha..yes, smart Al! I mean he can totally be coherent on an altitude, did you know??

        • sjmom

          It’s because he understands global warming.

          • He really is an expert on the altitude y’know. He’s so coherent on it.

        • Haha, True dat.

      • sjmom

        Al Gore is smart; just ask him and he will tell you. Remember, he invented the internet?!

      • Jazzee

        Poor Bush he is GONE in case the idiot lefties don’t know
        and he says nothing..stays out of the way
        yep he spent way too much money but obama has been in charge for 4 LONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG years bye bye

    • Orangeone

      They have to deflect and blame Bush so of course crowd-sized crowley chose that question. The woman is ripe for the ObamaTax death panel.

  • “She didn’t like how he wanted to go back to the previous question and clarify his position”
    Of course not. Because she believed all of dear leader’s lies and didn’t think Romney had the right to set the record straight.

    As for her question, it was the most idiotic question of the night. People all over the country are financially devistated, dear leader has had more war than any Republican president, has had more troops die under his so called watch, he’s a dictator marxist muslim brotherhood lover who has set the whole middle east on fire, and put Israel in the crosshairs of every islamic spawn of satan, but hey! LETS ask how mitt is different than Bush now that he’s been OUT OF OFFICE FOR 3 and a half years!! Get a brain!!!

  • Botzilla

    There’s no disputing that CNN is a hack organization, another one of the questioners asking about fair pay for woman may have been with code pink.


  • Orangeone

    Oh how I hope this woman enjoys Sharia law and has many daughters that will be in arranged marriages with fat, ugly, slimy moooslem men.

    • freenca

      MAy she self deport to that country of her choice that fulfills all of her sharia dreams! Just not here. She has no right to impose that on any others in this country!

  • iHeartLife

    Ms Katz assessment of what it takes to be a president is completely shallow and emotional. Unthinking ignoramus. So style over substance and first impressions over track record is all you need to know? HACK!

    • but… dear leader’s clean… he’s articulate (with the teleprompter). And he’s a nice guy…
      Oh,let me go throw up my dinner now.

      • iHeartLife

        Katz is taking great cues from zero at how to be a fat cry baby.

        Katz: He wanted to answer the last question instead of answering mine! WAAHHHHH! And made me wait for my answer…Because I wanted my answer now! WWAAAAAAHHH

        Zero: Candy, Romney can’t have a chance at rebuttal! Candy, he can’t, he can’t!

        • poljunkie

          I was happy he went back and responded to the previous question.

          We were saying things here at home like stop letting Candy walk all over you Mitt.
          I think I even responded on the RScoop that I could barely take the anxiety or something.

          • Pol, I can’t tell you how many times I was about to chuck my radio across the ditch. I barely made it to the end.

            • drphibes

              You were listening to radio in a ditch? Where do you live, in the Ozarks? 😉

              • Close… swamps of south florida lol.

                • drphibes

                  Well, please don’t electrocute yourself, listening to the radio in the ditch. And keep the toaster away from the washtub.

                • drphibes

                  You’re a long way from Canada. Look out for the alligator, eh?

                • I’ve seen plenty of those! Had one living in said ditch 2 winters ago. He was just a baby though… funny, weren’t so many bunnies in the yard that year.


            • poljunkie

              I can believe it. I have said this two or three times here today, My hubby had to leave the room whenever Obama was talking and have me call him when it was safe to come back.

              I cannot tell you how anxious I was last night- ALL night- even today.

              • I literally felt sick a few times last night. My stomach was killing me, and I didn’t calm down enough to be able to get to bed until near 3 am.

                • poljunkie

                  Me too. I was up late late.

            • Landscaper

              Wal-Mart baby. Chunk away !

              • lol you betcha! 🙂 How are you tonight Landscaper friend?

                • Landscaper

                  Throat sore yelling at TV. Back sore laying field stone. I’m great and hope you and yours are as well.

                • LOL. You’ll be feelin’ better soon. We’re fine as frog hair here. But I do hear you on that sore throat thing. Aw well.

      • He’s so nice he accuses his opponents of being lying murderers he clearly has contempt for.

  • Landscaper

    Tuesday night wasn’t a debate, it was ANOTHER ambush just like Paul Ryan got. Obama mailed it in the first time and got hammered. On Tuesday Obama needed help and the “rookie” got help from the Super-Sizer. I’m shocked……..

  • I wish Romney would have concluded his statement on how he is different than Bush with:

    “But there is one very important thing that I will be just like President Bush, I will not let terrorism occur on our soil, whether it’s NYC, our domestic military posts, or foreign embassies. I will make sure this nation is protected just like Bush did and you won’t be dragging me off the golf course to make critical decisions.”

    • or, “Next time we have a terrorist attack, I will not be flying to vegas to get campaign donations, and I will not be appearing on the view.”

    • PVG

      That would have gotten a standing O from me and my dog!

    • poljunkie

      ….AND just like President Bush and Laura we will honor and support our troops.

    • About that because there’s still a misconception about it: Bush REALLY kept us safe by not enforcing our immigration laws I suppose. I’m furious at any President who’d let terrorists and cartels go across our border especially post 9/11, I’m serious about how open borders do not keep us safe. I feel a little bad towards Dubya because 0 slams him a lot but he won’t dispute him, but we don’t need more of that.

      • I agree. I loved Bush, and was grateful he was the President in our most horrible time. But I agree, his border policies stunk, and what made me the most angry with him was his handling of border guards Ramos and Compean, and refused to pardon them when he left office.

        • Yeah, I agree. I detest Bush now because for one he did NOT keep us safe keeping our border open to invasion while prosecuting our border guards. I agree with something Pat Buchanan said that that he deserved to be impeached for it.
          He also bailed out the banks, was a big spender, and gave us Bernanke. The whole family are progressives.

  • Cancel_NPR

    Somebody find a mailing address for this chick…
    I wanna’ send her a real paper letter telling her how much of a kcuf-ing idiot she is…
    They LIE to get a public forum, representing themselves as someone who is “undecided”, then DEMONSTRATE WITH BLAZING CLARITY that they are NOT undecided…
    Media HACKS like “Porkchop Crowley” JUMP ON IT, because they too are TOO KCUF-ING STUPID to see it, or they are just Blatant KCUF-ING LIARS…
    IT IS, one or the other…

    • Although I completely understand your frustration, we don’t go in for stuff like that.

      • PVG

        That is lib behavior.

  • SPELL9

    Susan, you are an ignorant person. Your 15 minutes are up.

    • sjmom

      Not if the Dems have their way. Don’t forget about Sandra Fluke.

  • 3seven77

    I know he’s a very bright man, but I got the feeling that HE likes to be in charge…”

    And what’s wrong with that? If you were going to run a business or a government wouldn’t you want someone who is smart, experienced, hard-working, and successful? There’s a word for businesses that are run by losers – it’s called BANKRUPT. Governments run by losers are called DICTATORSHIPS.

    Mitt Romney is successful any way you look at him. He ran a VERY successful business and made a lot of money – which for most people is the American Dream – he has a successful marriage, his sons are successful husbands and fathers, he ran a successful Olympic Games for the US, and by all accounts he was a successful governor in Massachusetts.

    This nitwit probably couldn’t find her own rear end with both hands and a map.

    • poljunkie

      As opposed to Obama who would rather delegate the important stuff while he plays basketball, parties with Jay Z, and goes on the View to sit next to Joy Behar.
      Yes, that makes sense.

    • famouswolf

      Also, if he is a bit Machiavellian (I have read he can be thoroughly ruthless), well then that is what is needed right now. The woman (and the rest of us too) are lucky to have someone as capable as he seems to be.

      In these debates he seems more like a prosecutor building an air tight case in a courtroom than a politician debating for votes. He treats obama like the suspect in a combination burglary/bankrobbery/murder/conspiracy case, logically, concisely, accurately. Hmmm.

      Also, he is now coming off as faaaarrr and away more likeable than obama. A while back someone was saying he would probably lose because of the so called ‘likeability factor’. So much for that.

      Just a few random thoughts this evening…

  • “I’m disappointed, and when and I got the phone call from the Gallup poll, I was truly, truly undecided. … I saw in President Obama someone who has ripened with time. He deserves another four years to see his vision through.”

    I believe that as much as I believe Candy Crawford was honestly trying to be fair. They really do think the Right is ‘stoopid’ don’t they?

    • famouswolf

      Well, he has definitely ‘ripened with time’. Carrion usually does.

      As for seeing his vision through, not on my watch.

    • did she see a fruit nut or vegetable? : )

  • jgilman1

    I thought these questions were for both candidates. Mitt answered it well.

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    she was a plant, a typical lib

    • iHeartLife

      Which explains why, at 82, she hasn’t developed the “maturity” she so admires to judge proper character. I hear liberalism is a disease.

  • Watchman74

    I’m pretty sure her mind was already made up.

    • famouswolf

      I’m pretty sure there is a tumor where her brain used to be.

  • jgilman1

    Can anyone even fathom Al Gore handling the aftermath of 911. He probably still thinks it was caused by Global Warming.

  • Stephanie T

    During the post-debate mingling onstage, I observed that Ms. Katz hugged Mrs. Romney which I thought was odd.

  • I missed her question last night so I was rather shocked to see that she was not in her late teens or early 20s. To have that kind of immaturity and misunderstanding of a basic debate format one would only assume she is just out of the public schrool system with her skull full of mush. Did he or did he not answer your question? Yes he answered your question so sit down, shut up, and quit trying to continue your 15 seconds of fame. Gotta love King Obeyme interjecting that he didnt want Romney to be able to clarify something that he should have got to say in the first place.

  • johnos2112

    Hey Lady you ever heard of the CRI? Look it up!

  • She mistook the debate for who she was going to vote for assistant under secretary of the m&m’s spell check division not the person who RUNS A FREAKIN COUNTRY.

  • Having one whole debate conducted with questions by people who can’t make up their minds on who they will vote for 3 weeks from an election where there is a clear CHOICE – WAS A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME. From now on, I suggest each debate have two moderators; one who is a bias Democrat and one that is a bias Republican. Then we’d have a debate.

    • I suggest setting up a debate using modified debate rules. Choose a topic have a time keeper and a referee that

  • PVG

    This was a set up from the get go. New York? CNN? Please!

  • Nukeman60

    He likes to be in charge

    Ya think? He’s running to be the President of the United States. Why wouldn’t he want to be in charge? I want him to be in charge. Do you want him to lead from behind? Nobody does that. Do they?

    If I had seen and read this without knowing anything about the debate, I would have said, “Okay, here’s on of the Obama supporters. Now where are the Romney supporters and, more importantly, where are the undecideds.”

    I’m wondering if anybody whose question went unanswered by Obama (and there were a few) were also upset, or were all the people in this Town Hall Obama supporters?

    What a farce.

  • poljunkie

    I was rather surprised by the question- and I thought Romney gave a good response.

    Hey, I know those on the left despise Pres Bush, and I know that a lot of us on the right aren’t happy for the way he lost his way, but you know I would take him back 100% any day over the poser we have in the office currently, and I’m not afraid to say so.
    The Dems really need to stop with the blame game.

    • PVG

      I’ve missed W for four long years! The dems will never stop blaming. That is ALL they have!

      • poljunkie

        I agree.

        The Democrats in our town are rabid Bush haters. When Obama was elected they had a party – bought a life size cutout of Pres Bush and then took turns throwing rock filled socks at him. The reason I know this is the local paper went to the party , and gleefully took photos and pastered them on the front page.
        BOY did they get an earful from me.
        I tried to cancel our subscription- but they wouldnt let me so I had to put it on indef vacation hold.

    • famouswolf

      At least Bush and Cheney knew what the primary job is…

      I felt a lot safer when they were there.

  • johngalt30

    What’s disappointing is that Obama got more opportunities to follow Romney within the same question. Not a surprise though, I expected Crowley to hand pick soft balls for Obama and be a den mother to a runt and an alpha.

  • Then it wouldn’t have mattered how Mitt Romney had responded, her mind was made up before she asked the question.

    I’m done with this Town Hall format. Either these people chosen to ask questions are lying about being undecided, or they’re too disengaged from the entire process to know what’s going on so don’t belong on the panel. Not one question asked was one we haven’t all heard both answer before. If these undecideds were paying attention, they’d know their stand and pick one already!

  • AbdulBX

    So a bunch of undecided voters in NY. Give me a break. This was a set-up from the jump. Who is really falling for this BS. Lol.

  • Edward La Guardia

    I personally thought it was a great question because it gave Romney a chance to rebut Obama’s accusations that he has used the entire campaign by saying that Romney is going to be just like Bush so don’t vote for him….however….unlike her I thought Romney did a great job answering and I think that that woman’s comments today on CNN show how she was biased from the beginning and had no intention of voting for Romney.

    To say that Obama has “ripened” shows how uninformed and idiotic she must be. No one in their right mind could say that Obama has gotten better as president as time has gone on. He’s always been bad, he’ll always be bad, and unless he has a “come to Jesus” moment he is never going to change from the bad leader and bad person he is.

    Btw I’m a staunch independent.

    • Horrible question. Great answer.

    • Amen to that. Independents and Tea Partiers aren’t big on Bush and libs always repeat that lie that Mitt would be a return to him. He gave a great rebuttal to that and a powerful appeal to fiscal discipline from a proven, successful businessman.

  • drphibes

    She’s a drone.

  • marketcomp

    For her information it was a STUPID question anyway! She sounds so small as if she wants to be the center of attention when the man is trying to appeal to express his positions and views to an entire country. I am sorry Ms. Katz, but you are just not that special. We have a Country to save and you can either go along for the ride or get the he** out of the way!

  • AbdulBX

    Like this:

  • Howzah123

    Obvious Obama plant is obvious

  • SineWaveII

    I could tell that she was an Obamabot-libtard before she even opened her mouth. As soon as I saw her last night I said “oh boy here we go” and when the question involved Geo W Bush I wasn’t the least bit surprised. Cruddy Crawly must have been ==THRILLED== when she found her question.

  • iaintlyin

    This chick reminds me of a teacher I once had. If it wasn’t in her narrow tunnel vision, she was completely stumped. Hey girlie, he had to continually correct the record due to your messiah misstating FACTS, as evidenced by the ‘terror’ controversy.
    How about this little phrase that I think is apropo why Romney is up in the polls, “‘he’s not letting the lies fly, nor is he letting the flies lie”‘. meaning, he won’t put up with 0’s blatant debate lies and he ain’t letting flies rest on past matters (wrongs).

  • EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY PERSON in that assembly of “undecided” voters was a liberal hack attempting to pass as a confused moderate – and they all failed miserably.

    I am not a poli-sci major, I am not a pollster, I am not a campaign expert, I am not a debate organizer, I am not a candidate for any office – I am a reasoning, thinking, logical, observing, white female (because we all know that LAST part is what really counts!) and I have learned in my 35 years on this earth that when something walks like a duck and quacks like a duck — it’s a freakin’ DUCK.

    Who do these fools think they’re kidding??!!

    On a separate note, as a former New Yorker (raised there my whole young/young-adult life), I have to ask: WHY DO WE THE PEOPLE care about a bunch of “undecided” yokels from NY?? A) They weren’t undecided AT ALL and B) Is NY some huge swing state??!!


    Romney — for all that he may have missed an opportunity here and there — delivered another VERY strong performance. He beat Odummy over the head with the reality of his record, and the poor Maoist could do nothing but sit there and scowl.

    Even Candyman… I mean, Candy Crowley… couldn’t save The Big Zero.

    Game 2 to Romney.

    • Democrat leaning Debate Commission insisted on NY, no one is quite sure why.

    • famouswolf

      Smart girl.

      I hope to God that there are millions more of you out there.

  • stage9

    Oh please! The moment I heard this woman’s question last night I knew she was a loon!

    And Obama isn’t ripe, he’s rotten to the core.

  • Stephanie T

    Oh geez. The guy who asked Pres Obama about his response to Libya during last night’s debate just appeared on Greta Van Susteren’s show. He was wearing a white shirt with his employer’s company logo on it and again plugged his company, naming his boss and several coworkers more than once. He must’ve said the company name four times at the end of his interview with Greta. If you recall, when he identified himself before asking his question last night, he stated the name of his employer. What a tool.

    • Nukeman60

      He said he was an undecided, but talking to Greta, you could see he was an Obama backer (he liked Obamacare, he hates voucher system, he likes Obama’s social issues, etc).

  • warpmine

    Clue #1. Hofstra University which translates to liberal Jew and you know damn well she voted for Obama and will again despite the dire consequences resulting from the last four years. These people must hate Israel equally as much as they hate this country.

    I wouldn’t have chosen the word “ripened” and instead used the word “rancid” because as time went on, his stance on anything and everything under the sun has gotten really stiff and inflexible much like an 80 year old man.

  • jim Asherman

    Things are just too important to trust in a president who has been in office 4 years and is still ripening.
    This dude is overripe.
    And we don’t have another 4 years to experiment. Give me a steady hand at the tiller.

  • NJK

    The entire thing was phony, just like Obama.

  • LeonidasOfSparta1957

    This criminal administration, as lawless as it is megalomaniacal, has proven one thing– it is as incapable of telling one, single, truth as it is of doing ANYTHING without rigging the “system.” But this is now on film, on YouTube, on hundreds of great blogs, and these links are being tweeted thus this cannot be re-written or treated to the tyrant’s pen of “revisionism.”
    This failure of an administration is a collosal package filled with deceit, lies, tryannical egotism, hate, and all the etceteras which come to mind when one thinks of “HELL.” Hell has its minions and this administration has the liberal media sycchophants and “purchased” voters. This woman is a Pelosi-Liberal if she’s anything at all. But naturally, this audience was bought and paid for so that the pResident would feel “liked”– isn’t that the whole reason he ran for the office? (sarc) Accolades and lots of rich food and free vacations and POWER.

  • NJK

    According to Jack Kelly at tothepointnews.com , one of the “undecideds” was a Code Pink activist.
    He also had this to say:

    “Thank God that it was only Candy Crowley’s bias that was naked last night.”

  • that lady was a plant anyway… how are you different that Bush.. well lets see .. IM NOT BUSH !!!!!!!! thats how i would have answered it.. then asked her how is Obama different than Carter or Stalin ? answer that one miss sassy pants lol

    • I love the detail he got into. It’ll help with voters too.

  • RageAgainstO

    I am so angry about last night’s debate. The whole thing was a setup, from questions chosen by CNN, to Crowley steering the debate that suited her agenda and for her helping out of Obama throughout the night. I just don’t get why we let our guys go into an environment with such a stacked deck against us. Why no FOX debate? Why just the libs?

  • Malkiel_kol_hakavod_la_el

    Agree with Scoop… But who really gives a rats behind what a socialist thinks or states as if she/he has a brain…. Abundantly clear she/he does not….. “Not stating this socialist is a he she to be clear…. Just being P.C. for those that may need it.”….

  • RageAgainstO

    I am so angry about last night’s debate. The whole thing was a setup, from questions chosen by CNN, to Crowley steering the debate that suited her agenda and for her helping out of Obama throughout the night. I just don’t get why we let our guys go into an environment with such a stacked deck against us.

  • Landscaper

    Plant or no plant, BUSH isn’t running !!!!!!!!! Who gives a crap?

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    It was a partisan question, clearly formulated and asked by a partisan. Why should this revelation of hers today come as any surprise?

  • Ford Prefect

    He has ripened and he stinking up the room.

  • M_J_S

    Any degenerate animal who believes Bush is the source of all the evil in the world and all of our problems as a nation should be euthanized.

    Lets just get down to it already.

    • poljunkie

      I’ve got a few relatives that sadly fall into that category.

      As much as I loathe Obama I wouldnt ruin every single holiday as they routinely set out to do during the Bush years.

      • famouswolf

        Me too.

        My brother and I have not spoken for almost two years. I once wondered how things could get so bad brother would fight brother, like in the Civil War. Now I know.

        • wodiej

          See my comment above. Me and my mom did not talk for 18 months. Her insistence that I agree w her about Bush got to the point of name calling [by her]. I finally said “enough.”

          • famouswolf

            I was trying to get my brother to vote for some conservative candidate just before the 2010 election in Tennessee, and he kept bringing up getting rid of the ‘Bush legacy’. Which brought up obama, and when I asked the 64,000 dollar question ‘do you think o’s doing a good job’, he actually said ‘yes’, whereupon it got bad. At least he is just a half brother, and I think the politics exposed a big flaw in our relationship. That is, we have absolutely nothing in common except Mother. Glad she didn’t have to see the rift-but it’s there and I fear it’s permanent.

      • wodiej

        My mother ruined plenty of mine because I didn’t like Bush. And although I chose to opt out of discussing it, she was insistent. As they say, don’t talk about religion and politics at the dinner table. Someone is always going to be mad.

        • So she’s upset you don’t like Bush? What does she say when you point out how he grew government?

        • librtifirst

          When I was a small child, my family members would talk politics at holiday get togethers. There were disagreements and debates, and no divisions were obvious if they existed. Certainly not on a long term basis. This is healthy for a society, and political correctness was planned and promoted by the media and the political establishment to end the national and local health discourse in society. When political correctness took hold, people became ignorant to what politicians were actually doing.

          When I was a teenager I actually engaged in the conversation with my great uncle. I defended welfare. He took me to task, but it was no big deal, and in the end the information he gave me helped me to for a better opinion.

    • kong1967

      I agree. If you ask them to point out what Bush did to cause this mess they can’t do it. Bush didn’t create the bubble. Granted, he didn’t stop it but Congress wouldn’t act on it and the Democrats were pushing for it while blocking any attempt to stop the inevitable.

      • librtifirst

        The real hit was in 1999 when Glass-Stegal was abolished. Clinton signed that one, and Barney Frank was the one who pushed it. If memory serves, the Republicans didn’t fight it. (as usual) This opened up mortgages to being traded in the derivative market. It was illegal before this, and for a reason. Mortgage based credit default swaps helped create a lot of problems in the early 1900s, along with the Fed which led up to the great depression.

        • kong1967

          Exactly, and the CRA didn’t help, either.

          Libs will regurgitate deregulation by Bush, but they don’t have a clue what they are talking about. If you ask them what deregulations, they look at you dumbfounded. Deregulations did have an impact, but the deregulations I saw listed for the cause happened from 1980 to 1999, before Bush was even elected to office.

          Bush warned Congress repeatedly do do something about the problem, and the libs (Barney Frank comes to mind) blocked any effort. Paraphrased…”you keep your hands off my banks!” And he said Fannie and Freddie were healthy. Liar liar pants on fire. Bush cannot sign a reform bill that never makes it to his desk!

          • librtifirst

            So once again, our government and banksters put us in a great depression. This one will take us down for good. 90% of the economy was agriculture back then. Now it is 10%. We have a financial services and welfare economy now. Governments will be toppled in this one. State and local governments will have no way to fund government. There will be martial law and a full federal takeover of the entire country. The rest of the world will have fallen as well. We will be put under international law in an effort to bring the world together. It will be a global recovery that they are going to sell to us, not just a US recovery, or a European recovery. The US will finally have a dictator that is beholden to global government. Our government will be the new puppets.

            • kong1967

              Well, I can’t predict the future but I hope none of that happens. One thing we agree on for sure, it will be the government that destroys itself and our nation…not terrorists.

              A couple things I will make note of, though….

              Agriculture is a smaller part of our economy because of technology and the ability to feed more people with less farmers. At the same time, population is increasing and since we don’t need as many farmers they go elsewhere.

              I don’t believe we have a welfare economy. The welfare sector may be a larger percentage than the past, but dollar-wise it doesn’t compare with the money being spent by the middle and upper classes. I think we have become more of a service economy.

              We may differ on our way of thinking, but we are generally on the same path and talking with you expands my thought process. I appreciate it.

              • librtifirst

                No doubt that technology has changed the amount of the ecomony that is agricultural. Corporate control, and the need for government subsidized farming have something to do with it as well. Regardless of the reasons, local farming is no longer in place to feed the people, and farmers can no longer take in the poor to work the land, as my family did in the depression. We just don’t have that grass roots ability to help eachother with in bad times.

                “Welfare economy” probably wasn’t the right term. I was eluding to the amount of people who are either fully or partially dependent on government checks, which is said to be more than half of US households. Social Security is not generally considered welfare because people pay into it to get the benefits in the future, but since there has never been a real trust fund, it is a program that collects taxes to give money to others. Without the trust fund, it is no different than welfare in all practicality, other than the fact that we have a direct tax to pay for it.

                I tend to break things down to the simplest term, so I take the risk of sounding wrong, and technically may be.

                I guess that it all breaks down to dependency, and how much of the economy is driven by dependents spending money. Since Obama took office, actual welfare spending has gone up 32%, so the trend is not good, not sustainable, and will produce catestrophic consequences in a currency or otherwise financial collapse. Since public retirement systems, 401Ks, pensions of all kinds have been fully invested in a stock market that is based primarily on speculation, we have more to worry about than most people seem to recognize. In a way, you could call the stock market welfare. The stock market is only sustained by the Fed infusing money into the financial institutions that can be used to speculate, but also to simply prop up industries and financial institutions. The tax payer pays the bill, so the stock market is basically paid for by the tax payers, then the pensions that are paying out only have the money because of the bailouts, which is just another way for government to fund retirements by taking from those of us who still produce, or simply racking it up for generations to come.

                I appreciate it as well.

                • kong1967

                  Lol, you can’t be wrong on personal opinion. It is so tough to nail down reality in the political and financial world. So many people trying to feed our heads full of crap, lol.

                  I can’t agree or disagree on the stock market because that’s an area I’m not very knowledgeable about the details. I do have an opinon on pensions. Personally I believe they should stop being given…except for long term CEO’s who can make many millions (and possibly billions) of dollars difference in a company. But they have to earn it with performance. Pensions for bus drivers and etc. is a bunch of bullcrap as far as I’m concerned. Get a 401k and save for your own retirement, because working for 20 years and getting paid for 50 years makes as much fiscal sense for the survival of a company as hiring 50 supervisors and 1 laborer.

                  If I want to see wrong, I’ll go talk to a liberal. I will side with you a billion times before I side with their ideology, lol.

                • librtifirst

                  When I found out what the stock market was based on, supported by, and how it operates, I went to cancel my 401k and draw it out to buy gold and silver. They wouldn’t let me unless I quit my job. Not worth it at this time.

                  If I had bought gold and silver with the money that has been taken out of my checks for SS for the last 32 years, I would be a millionaire more than once over. As it is, I have to live to be 67 (25 more years) years old to get what will amount to nothing even if I get the check. I don’t actually think that it will exist by then anyway.

                  The established financial services industry operates on a foundation of fraud. They do this all the way down to the guy who sells 401k plans to employers. Speculation is what drives stock prices, and speculation is only possible at the level that it is performed because the lending institutions get free money from the Fed to bail them out when the consequences of their lending practices and speculation come home to roost. Sometimes this is done publicly through government legislation, and sometimes it is done secretively behind the scenes. Either way, it devalues the currency, raises the cost of living, erodes the economy, makes the middle class poor, and makes the banksters rich. In the end it is used to transfer real wealth into the hands of a few.

                  These banksters need our investment money to legitimize the practice, and to give them something real to base their speculation on. People talk about the housing bubble, but it is not the only bubble. The stock market is a huge bubble. Just as housing prices rose dramatically in the early 2010s due to non market based interest rates, loose and fraudulent lending, and other factors, so do stock prices increase.

                  The average house right now is probably inflated more than double of its real value, and those values will actually fall well below what would be considered reasonable in a financial crash, because lending will not exist, and nobody will be able to pay the loans to buy a house anyway. There will be so many foreclosures that nobody will be able to buy, that prices will literally hit the floor.

                  Historically, when the financiers crash the system, they come in and buy everything up for pennies on the dollar. That is how the ultra rich get rich to start with. They control the markets, get societies to invest in their fraud, crash the system, print more money, and buy up everything for little to nothing at just the right time.

                  Some experts say that the real value of the stock market is at about 2k points. So right now, it is about seven times inflated. In a catastrophic crash, the companies who’s stocks are traded will go out of business, and the stock will literally evaporate, so people won’t even get the 1/7th of their retirements. As has happened in other countries, government sometimes take the retirement accounts before a catastrophic collapse to pay for the social systems and infrastructure due to the fact that their currency has been devalued so much that they have to just take everything to try to cover it. We are seeing this happening in Europe right now. That is partially why millions are rioting and protesting in the failed states of Europe. (financially failed states)

                  It is estimated that there is more than 1 quadrillion dollars worth of derivatives out there. This is systematic debt that can never be paid back. There is not enough real wealth in the world to back it up, or pay it off. This means that the system has already failed, and is not recoverable. All that is happening right now is that the money creators and governments are putting up a show for the world in an attempt to maintain the illusion of having a legitimate financial system. They know that it is not sustainable, and they are preparing for the crash, while keeping the public in the dark. Countries like China are aware of all of this, and therefor they are buying up as much gold as they can get their hands on. The reason is that they know what is real, and they want to be the financial power brokers of the new world financial system after the collapse. They want to have the new world reserve currency, because it forces everyone to use their currency, and they get to be the next financial USA.

                  When you understand all of this, and the consequences of it, it makes our political problems look small. It also sheds light on the fact that neither party or presidential candidate is even talking about it, and they cannot solve it. It also causes you to realize that there will be no economic recovery, no industrial base to fall back on, and no real reform of the financial system before this all takes place, which is not very far off.

                  Many countries are refusing to use the dollar for oil trade now for the first time since the forties. Many are calling for a new world reserve. We now have a perpetual bailout by the Fed Res in QE3 which affirms and guarantees currency destruction.

                  There is a lot to it, but the information is out there. I try to warn everyone I can, and I now buy silver regularly to have some kind of currency when the Fed Note goes down.

                  Sorry if I went on too long.

                • kong1967

                  I’m confused. You’re 42 and you’ve had money taken out of your checks for SS for 32 years? That would have made you 10 years old when it started, lol. Child labor?

                  You’re very intelligent in that area and half of what you said went over my head. Who is that guy that has the puppet that moves his hand over his head quickly and says “vmmmmm” or something? Lol, that’s me.

                  Speaking in English (insult goes to me, not you)…..has 401k not been paying out the earned value of investments when people cash in? If you keep the money under your pillow it’s not going to gain in value, actually the opposite. I know you say invest in silver or gold, but there’s only so much silver and gold. Additionally, there’s no gaurantee that we will ever return to the gold standard even after a collapse. Europe changed currencies, so wouldn’t we do the same? Just go to a different denominaton? That’s probably said badly. I mean, wouldn’t we just reset the system with a new set of paper currency instead of going to the gold standard?

                  If my ignorance shows, I’m not ashamed. I admittedly am very weak in this area.

                • librtifirst

                  Gold and silver have been the global standard for currencies for all of history. Its paper value increases when a currency is devalued. When they introduce the new world currency, it will be valued much, much, much higher than the old to start with. You will get less “new currency” for the gold, but it will also buy a whole lot more, and it will take truckloads of the old currency to buy and ounce of gold. Most people won’t have any real wealth (gold and silver) to even buy the new currency.

                  In the post collapse US, our traitor politicians will still hold us to the old currency debt and to the banksters that switched over to the new currency, and now create the new currency. This will keep us in perpetual poverty, because we don’t have the gold anymore. It has been given to the money creators and other creditors (search “no gold in fort knox, or “no audit of fort knox for fifty years”) This is another reason that we won’t have any recovery. We will literally be owned by foreign entities. The globalists do not want the “useless eaters” to have wealth any longer, and they want to severely reduce the population of the world. It is about long term domination and control for the purpose of preserving resources for their use.

                  The UN and US use their ability to impose sanctions, and their military might to strong arm countries into going into debt to the global banksters such as the IMF. When they comply, the banksters move in and take over the country. They kick people off of the land they have farmed for many centuries and the corporations move in to control it. The people end up in slums, living in starvation and totally dependent on a failed government who has no wealth, and no way to defend themselves against these global powers.

                  We are close to this end. We will be put under international law, and held down in poverty based on the debt that can never be paid. The natural resources in this country are already being shipped to foreign markets, and we do not get them for our own economic growth. Pipelines are built, but the oil and natural gas goes into OPEC or is shipped to China. They don’t want us to be energy independent. They have been telling us that is the goal since the seventies, but everything they do makes us more dependent on foreign entities. That is because they are shutting down this country, and don’t want a recovery.

                  I am sorry to have to say it, but it looks like Romney has been active in this process. Watch this entire interview. I am still in the process of verifying this guy’s information.

                  My original point is that only gold and silver will preserve your wealth. Global trade will still accept it. Our government may make it illegal to own as they did in the great depression, but we may still have the ability to have an underground economy. (hopefully) That is why I am buying small silver rounds. (for trade)

                  People who survive situations like this have this information. Our government and the media purposefully hide this information while selling us on the failing system to keep us in the fold of their plans for us.

                  Many people are going to suffer. Many people are going to die. Food will be scarce, and housing will be controlled by government.

                  Sorry to be such a bummer, but history is repeating itself, and the people carrying it out have admitted that this is their plan. On top of all of that, most of the population still believes that our politicians will save us “if we just get the right ones in there”. Its too late in the game unless we have another revolution. Either way, it won’t be pretty.

                • kong1967

                  I don’t know if any of that is true or not, but you sure have put a lot of thought and research into it. I couldn’t say how much of this is by plan and how much is by irresonsibility and driving us bankrupt by giving away our nation in exchange for votes. I

                  I don’t know if it’s too late to stop total collapse, either. But if it gets close to total destruction there will be a revolution.

                • librtifirst

                  I have never, personally, met anyone in person who understood the first thing about what will, or would, cause a financial collapse. Even if they pay attention to politics, their only knowledge is the talking points of pundits and politicians running for office. If they are conservative, they think that Paul Ryan’s plan was great, and if they are liberal, they think that nothing bad can ever happen even if we do all the wrong things forever.

                  The media does its job well. They keep both sides of the isle sidetracked from the core issues of our financial woes.

                  This being the case, then no large number of people will ever revolt before the collapse happens, because they won’t see it coming.

                • kong1967

                  Many of us do see it coming….especially conservatives. It doesn’t look good.

                  Problem is, we can only play our part. The only control we have is to try to vote people into office that will get us on the right track.

                • librtifirst

                  I recall pointing out the major flaws with Ryan’s plan, and was practically ostracized for it here on RS. Once in a while I would get a small amount of support, but not often. There does seem to be an awakening happening though, I must admit. Many more seem to know a lot more about he Fed Res, and are getting close to considering systematic solutions that recognize the core issues, rather than just focusing on individual election cycles and the politicians that are running. The rest of the world doesn’t care about our partisan bickering, they just want us to quit dong some things and start doing others. Of course, they don’t have much room to talk, because they have done it as well.

                • librtifirst

                  Sorry. I forgot to answer your question about my age. I am actually 43. Forgot. I started working on the family farm when I was ten. (33 years) My social security statement lists employment and income for every year since 1979 or 80. I forget now.

                • kong1967

                  Oh, I just learned something. I didn’t know it was legal to have a child of that age on a payroll. Yeah, farmers’ children have helped on the farm forever, but I didn’t know it could be put on a payroll.

                • librtifirst

                  I was only ten, so I didn’t care much about the legalities. My grandmother put the checks in the bank for me, and I used the money for things like shoes for basketball, or extras that parents didn’t used to pay for. I had to have permission to get the money, and have someone else get it for me.

                  When I started getting the SS statements later in life, it was interesting to see the year by year history of income. I worked every year since I was ten. Started working in a pizza joint the summer I turned 14, and worked the farm up until then. I don’t remember having to get a work permit either. They must not have had them back then.

                  We used to go around to the small ranches and buck hay for other people as well. Starting at ten years old, I started work at 6am and worked until 5pm. We worked six days a week, and usually got off a little early on Saturday. That is, unless there was something critical needing harvested. I worked all of summer vacation, sometimes spring break depending on weather, and washed winter vegetables once in a while around the holiday season.

                  I have lots of stories from those days, but I better keep it to a minimum.

                • kong1967

                  Your history built good character. No chance you’d become an OWS idiot or an Obama-phone “have my hands out” junkie. You’re parents did a good job.

                • librtifirst


                • librtifirst

                  Today’s liberals would call it child abuse. I just thought it to be normal, and liked having the money. Though farm work paid less than minimum wage, legally.

                • kong1967

                  Yeah, libs want to ban children working on their parents’ farm. Stupid. Probably to force farmers to hire illegals, the bread and butter of the Democrat party.

                • librtifirst

                  It actually wasn’t my immediate family’s farm, it was my great grandparent’s and great uncle’s. I have heard that, now at least, immediate family has legal advantages in a family business, but this wasn’t the case with me.

                  They don’t have kids working anymore. They are all Mexicans.

                • kong1967

                  That sucks.

                • librtifirst

                  You know how people say “Americans don’t want to do farm work”. They have actually found it to be true. The Mexicans are awesome workers, and decent people.

                • kong1967

                  Yes, but the argument to make them leave involves a lot more than that. It’s not about their character. If we stop giving welfare to every Tom, Dick and Harry that refuses to work then maybe they would do farmwork. Additionally, the illegals get a lot of welfare. Eh, but that’s another issue.

                • librtifirst

                  They are legal, and some go home for the winter. Others live in the farm’s farm houses. Once in a while they hire a “white American”. They just don’t stick with it very long.

                • kong1967

                  OH, then that’s a different story. Well, they come here to make money, not to skip work and play Nintendo like a lot of Americans.

                • librtifirst

                  Another interesting legality. I didn’t get to drive the hay truck or tractors until I was twelve, but that was just because I had to bug them to take the risk of letting me drive.

                • kong1967

                  There have been multiple accounts of people being run over by their own tractor in this area. Old people. I don’t know why that is.

                • librtifirst

                  Apparently that is common, because it happens here as well. One older couple got caught up in their post hole auger and were wound up in the fencing and got crushed. The man got caught first, and his wife got caught trying to help him. Sad.

                • kong1967

                  Yes, very sad. There was a middle aged guy here that got caught in a combine (I think) and it sucked him in and chopped him to bits.

                • librtifirst


                • kong1967

                  Not sure if it was a combine. It could have been another machine.

                • librtifirst

                  Still. Brutal.

    • librtifirst

      Are you joining the eugenics movement? 🙂

  • sjmom

    A very easily offended woman I am not surprised at Ms. Katz and thought her question was inane. My husband said he thought there were plants, if he was right she was one of them.

  • With undecided voters like Katz and objective reporters like Crowley it looks like Obama may have a chance. You buyin’ this “folks”?

    • famouswolf

      No, because Katz was not ‘undecided’ Crowley is anything but objective.

      If we stick to our guns it will work out, I’m hoping.

    • kong1967

      Nope. Not buying it. She had her mind made up because her perspective was retarded. She doesn’t want a “take charge” kinda guy to run the most powerful office in the world? Does she think Obama listens to anyone else? Obviously he doesn’t.

  • Ripened? Was he wearing frebreeze again? Did she see a fruit, nut, vegetable, or a expired fish?

  • cain999

    First of all she’s an idiot! As much as Obama would like everyone to think it, Bush was not the president the last 4 years and he’s not a candidate in this election!!!

    Second, when are the RINO’s going to learn to not do these debates with liberal hacks, they should insist on having each presidential debates sponsored by both right leaning and left leaning networks, I think we did that in the Republican primaries.

    • kong1967

      It would make more sense to have right and left leaning moderators in the respective primaries because that’s the group that is voting. The general election debates need to be represented by both. I cannot understand why the Republicans agree to allow the lefties to have full control. It’s setting themselves up to get an environment that entirely favors the Democrats…as we just witnessed. She was a very bad moderator.

  • Was this the woman that has reportedly been found out to in fact be an Obama campaign operative who spoofed the folks at Gallup?

  • librtifirst

    I agree Scoop, that she is horribly deficient in her understanding of what caused the housing bubble.

    I don’t care for the town hall style either.

    • kong1967

      I ask liberals, since they say it was Bush’s policies that caused the crash, to tell me specifically what policies or what Bush did to cause it. They can’t answer. All they do is listen to the MSM and the DNC blame Bush and that’s all the proof they need. Idiots like that are why this country is in peril of being lost. They are so easily fooled and would be perfect candidates to follow another Hitler.

      • librtifirst

        Totally true. The worst part about it is that they don’t want to know why or how. I have heard people talk about people who planned our society going back to the nineteenth century. Elites who laid it all out and implemented it through certain foundations, think tanks, etc. They say that there was an actual plan to build sports stadiums for the purpose of creating a certain mentality. They also controlled the major media and movies coming out of Hollywood. The plan was actually to divide the man’s attention from the family and create a competitive mentality that would draw the culture away from real issues. They also wanted to make politics and religion bad things to talk about in polite company. They also say that their plan was to get women out of the house and into the work place, and they used the industrial revolution boom after WW2 to do it, and they promoted it with advertizing and movies.

        The main point I was trying to make is that they wanted to form a mentality in society of division through the promotion of competition where people take sides for little or no reason. They knew that this mentality would permeate the population and move into other arenas of thought, and sports was their medium to achieve it.

        We all know that the media is still dividing people through race, sex, religion, and whatever they can. In politics we have the left and the right. People choose a side, find like minded people that form a group mentality, and then defend it as a part of their identity, and the whole time they don’t really even know why. It has been programmed into their thought processes. Critical thinking is gone for these people.

        I see this as being prevalent on both sides of the political spectrum. The right tends to ignore their “team’s” faults, and politicians can literally get away with murder and have the support of their base. The two parties play the public, when they don’t really have many practical differences, but the people don’t catch on because they are either on the attack, or being attacked by the other team.

        Why do people support professional football teams with such aggression and passion? The teams often are not local. The players are from all over the country. It is an industry that only exists to make money. Why do people literally identify themselves with a professional sports team? It doesn’t make sense. They have been taught to take a side, and ignore the facts.

        Before all of this took place, sports were mostly children’s games. Adults didn’t have the time or interest in such menial useless activity.

        As a people, we will never solve our problems with this mentality. Here is an interesting skit put on by Kid Rock and Shawn Penn. I don’t care for either, but it is interesting, and a little disturbing, but there is valid point to it.

        • kong1967

          To be honest, I did not want to watch the video….but I did. I ended up liking it because it was funny and it was actually a good message…although flawed.

          However, Sean Penn is one of the most hateful and divisive jerks out there. Being so, he had no right trying to sell that message to everyone else. He has zero credibility.

          As to the rest of your message, I thought it was hogwash. I don’t mean to pin that on you because you were just relaying what has been said.

          I don’t watch pro football or take sides in politics because I have been conditioned to be divisive or want to partake in menial activities. My critical thinking is not gone. If I didn’t know any better I’d take that as an insult….but I know you didn’t mean it to be directed at me. I watch NASCAR, pro football, basketball, and etc., so it did include me.

          Adults didn’t used to play games because they had to spend so much of their time making a living. And it’s not even true. Men have always spent time in bars, playing cards, or something to pass the time. Technology has advanced to such a degree that people don’t have to work 100 hours a week trying to put food on the table.

          I watch sports because it’s entertaining, but I don’t take it serious if my team loses.

          As for politics, it’s pretty obvious why we are so divided. It’s not from conditioning. We have two sides wanting to take the country in completely different directions. Socialism/communism as opposed to capitalism. Axelrod said Obama is going to present the new Constitution if he wins the election. That’s so laughable I can’t pick myself up off the floor. Point is, this is serious business and we don’t have to be conditioned to pick either side. It’s our lives and our children’s future.

          I get along with liberals if we avoid talking about politics. However, there is no way to compromise (if you want to stand by the Constitution) when you have liberals that want to destroy everything this country was founded on. I’ll go to war first.

  • MaxineCA

    I’m not buying the “undecided voter” garbage. I was talking to a long time friend from another state a week ago, and she tried to pull that. I asked her how she felt the country was going on several topics (economy, gas prices, open borders, amnesty, national security, by passing Congress with EO’s, etc.). I listened quietly to give her an opportunity to make her case…… and all she could do is regurgitate the LSM/Media Matters talking points.

    Although she agreed with me on my points, I said “What the hell do you think is going to change in the next few weeks, and what do you think is going to happen if O gets another 4 years? How can you possibly be undecided?”

    How could ANYONE be undecided at this point? I mean really????

    • kong1967

      One thing I’ve noticed about my liberal friends is that if you leave the political party out of it and just talk the issues, they actually have views that do not match the Democrat party. Yet, once you attach the opposing view of their own to the Democrat party they get extremely defensive. I don’t get it. If you don’t agree with the Democrat party, don’t vote for them. I think they must be hard wired or programmed over the years to think the Republican party is for the rich only.

  • Jazzee

    WHAT vision bimbo??? DO you have any clue what obama really intends to do??? besides take this country to a 3rd world….hello bimbo lady undecided my rear end…stupid questions
    the question on Libya and from the black gentleman were the best
    and then we have candy …wow was she sad or what???? hope she never does another debate ..no bias whatever

    • I loved the black fellow’s question to Obama. Romney’s response that he would lead us back from Obama’s failure was the best of the night.

  • Rocco11

    Romney was behind enemy lines in that “undecided” debate forum, and acquitted himself magnificently.

  • wodiej

    I’ll take your word for it. I have a low tolerance for stupid people and will pass on listening. The fact is no matter how Romney answered, she wouldn’t have liked it and she had no intention of ever voting for him. Thank goodness she is in the minority because Romney is winning more women and undecided voters in general.

  • I guess you aren’t but I’m GLAD she asked Mitt how he would be different from Bush. It was a good question and he answered it excellently. I know the economy is Obama’s now after 4 years, but I don’t want Mitt to be a return to Dubya because Bush was frankly a bad President and for conservatism to survive in a serious manner we need to understand that.
    Romney pointed out they’re two different people and he’ll make China more accountable unlike GW, and I applauded enthusiastically when he said he’d actually cut the deficit and spending. I loved how he admitted, in a live debate with us and everyone watching, that Bush grew government. That’s what the Tea Party’s been saying all this time! I was overjoyed when he said he’d abolish the Sales Tax. We NEED bold plans.
    I would have added that Romney is to Bush’s right on immigration, but Obama did that for him. It was to try to fear monger, but I’m glad people will know their differences now and a President who would be steps up on it from what we’ve gotten. Liberals always try to smudge us with Bush, I’m extremely glad Romney addressed this. Her reasoning was dim thinking 0bama didn’t own the economy now and tarring Romney with guilt by association of party, but it was not a stupid question.
    Bush nostalgics might not like that part, but Tea Partiers know Bush was no fiscal saint. I think he answered it well.

  • To first address “Mrs. Katz,” Obama is the one who always wants the last word and doesn’t let others express their opinion. He constantly interrupts people and is offended when anyone disagrees. In fact, Mrs. Candy gave Obama 8/11 last words, so its only logical that Mitt would have to respond to Obama’s lies on his own time.

    Questioners complaining about answers is par for the course, however. Many of the questioners already have a point of view and favoritism towards Obama or Romney even though they are “undecided.” The Libya questioner, for example, complained about how Obama answered his question. But his complaint was indeed valid. Obama didn’t answer the question and ended up lying.

    • kong1967

      I know if I asked a question it would be pointed. It wouldn’t be because I don’t know the answer. It would be to put the President on the spot and watch him wriggle trying to dance around an answer.

  • kong1967

    Everyone wants the last word in a debate, because if the other guy says something false you want to be able to react to it.

    So…Romney’s a take charge kind of guy. He’s running for President. Who woulda thunk?

  • mediaaccess1

    He likes to be in charge? I hope so – he’s gonna be president!! Dimwit

  • Martin2717

    Who cares if this idiot didn’t like how Romney answered her question. It was a stupid question by a stupid person claiming to be an “independent” or an “undecided” voter blaming Bush again. What a ridiculous “debate” this was.

  • colliemum

    Obama ‘has ripened with time’ all right – he’s over-ripe, he’s beginning to smell!

    Ms Katz’ post-debate comment shows nicely that the whole set-up of that ‘debate’ was to make Obama look good. At this stage in the proceedings, no Obama adorer like Ms Katz is going to change her vote, so making out as if Romney’s answer to her silly question about Bush would have changed her opinion is just that – silly.
    She’s another of Obama’s useful idiots.

  • Arrrggghhh

    The second she opened her mouth I knew she was a lib. Undecided my butt.

    I’d love to see a debate with no moderator at all. The two candidates would be on the stage and they would take turns discussing a major topic with chances to rebut each other. They can take turns tabling the topic of their choice. The entire content would be in their hands. When their time is up, music would gradually get louder as the volume on their mics gets cut off. Enough of this liberal moderator crap.

  • tsturbo

    The entire debate was an orchestrated fraud!
    Another circular firing squad, complements of your brilliant representatives at the Republican National Convention.
    If Romney does not call out this fraud, then unfortunately you will then know that he is part of it.

  • NCHokie02

    One of the worst questions in debate history. Crowley is an idiot if she thinks thats a good question..
    “Umm…how are you different from Bush because you guys are both Republicans??”

    “What?? Are you still hung up on George Bush?? He hasn’t ran for office in 8 years. He’s been out of the public limelight for the past 4. GET OVER GEORGE BUSH!! How am I different? Do I look like George Bush?? Is my name George Bush?? Am I related to him at all??? You’re an idiot. Candy, if these are the types of questions you are letting get asked as opposed to what our vision for the country and how we are going to run an administration is then we might as well not even have this debate. Here’s one for President Obama. Your mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, was a proud card-carrying member of the Communist party. How can I be sure that your vision isn’t clouded by communist and socialist ideology in running a constitutional republic and how are you different from Davis or say Marx???”

    • Sandra123456

      The victory of George Bush over algore has left a permanent mental scarf on libs.

      Imagine the horrors if algore had won, 8 years of Gore followed by 4 years of Barry. (shudder)

      • If Gore won, the Republicans would’ve probably won in 2004 objectively speaking. Then again, the runner-up would’ve been McCain to get the nomination and he doesn’t know how to run a campaign. People would still be sick of the Demonrats by then so they would likely throw Algore out.
        I don’t know. 12 year incumbency with a weather loon in charge after 9/11 or ‘my friends’ McCain.

  • NCHokie02

    This idiot says “He seems like a guy who wants to be in charge.” Ummm….you think. He’s running for president. Don’t you want the person who is president to WANT to be in charge and not just take every whim of advice from his equally unqualified, socialist assistant???

  • “He deserves another four years to see his vision through.”

    And what is that “vision?” Maybe he could let us in on that. He hasn’t so far, and he’s not about to in the last debate. Because of his silence on this issue, I guess then he’s just going to give us more of the same that we got over the last four years. Do YOU want a repeat of the last four years? I surely don’t. I don’t know what this woman is talking about. “Matured?” Obama never ran anything in his life until he was president of the United States. And it showed. Both in the economy AND in foreign policy, the situation is literally a disaster. I’m kind of sick of this on-the-job training for this guy. Time for a real change and get him out on election day.

  • Howard Ochs

    When that woman stood up to ask her question, I told my wife that she’s a dripping, flaming lib. I can smell them a mile away, she looks like Barbara Boxer’s twin sister. I’m not sure what makes a lib look like a lib, but I can pick ’em out in a heartbeat! I don’t think it’s that they stink, but they give off some kind of aura. 🙂

    • Erc Seitz

      I was thinking the same thing during the debate. Of course I grew up in Nassau County so I know them well.

      What amazes me is after 4 years of economic hell there’s a question about Bush?

      • RosiesSeeingRed

        Without reading the comments first, I posted the exact same observation that you and Howard made…. first thing that popped into my head when she started asking her question at the debate was “typical NYC liberal elite” — I live in the suburbs in NJ, and I can smell them a mile away too.

    • colliemum

      Ahaha, Howard – you’ve got a ‘Libdar’!


      • LeonidasOfSparta1957

        Dang! you took the words right off my typewriter. I was just laughing, saying–“cool, now we have LIBDAR” and there it was in your comment. LOL

        • colliemum



  • Erc Seitz

    I guess most Democrats didn’t like any of Romney’s answers. Hey Susan, you were supposed to be an independent.

  • notebene

    I’m not convinced Katz was a hack. She had the same condescending smirk on her face that Biden did, while Romney answered her question! Again with the blame Bush tactic…that was a DNC plant if I’ve ever seen one!

  • Think about this for a second…

    In a debate, the questions are about issues facing the country and each candidate is given a chance to explain or defend his position on each issue.

    Why was “How are you different that George W. Bush” chosen by CNN? Remember these questions were reviewed and pre-approved by Crowley and her team. How can that question be addressed by BOTH candidates? It can’t. It was simply a planted question to draw a Bush connection to Romney upon the viewers of the debate.

    The RNC needs to get tough with the debate commission next time. From format, to moderators this whole process needs to be rethought.

    • ObamaPelosi

      Next time?? The RNC should have gotten tough with the debate commission years ago. This mess has been liberal for a long time.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Brother, I would hate to be locked up in a room with Susan Katz….maybe in a room with her dog, but not with Katz!!!!!

  • Sober_Thinking

    She’s splitting hairs. It was a BS question to begin with… the nation is falling off a cliff and they want to ask how these guys are different than Bush? A more relevent question would have been: How are you different from each other – or in this case, how are different than Obama?

    Candy Crowley sure knows how to pick ’em. It was a BS question.

    And finally, this woman reeks of liberalism.

  • Mr. Romney has to read the Rose Garden speech transcript at every next debate to show Americans that Candy and BHO LIED.
    If he is not permitted to do it, he should leave the debate.
    Candy’s “clarification” long after tens of millions watched them lying just doesn’t cut the mustard.

  • Uaint Down

    completely disingenuous. the question asked speaks for itself.

    • RosiesSeeingRed

      Yep. Sly Alinsky tactic there. They’re grasping at straws now, still trying to tie Romney to Bush. We all saw/knew that when she asked the question, but unfortunately the uninformed masses of stupid liberals have no idea how they are subtly brainwashed by the progressive left.

  • iaintlyin

    They could have let this broad ask 0 a question regarding differences too, ” As you well know Mr 0, All the new gov.ts (Muslim Brotherhood)) and influences (rebels) that are taking hold in the middle east have their allegiances and ideologies based on the Koran and in Sharia Law.in what ways are you different than the leaders of all the recent uprisings you support in the middle east and North Africa. We know how 0ppressive the Muslim culture is of woman, how come you are so intent on these people wielding power over countries you say are in the Spring of their new lives?”

  • Republicans really need to change the rules and “moderators” selection criteria from debate commission. This is killing them-

  • ObamaPelosi

    Susan Katz said that “[Romney] likes to be in charge”? Well, put the man in the White House, B*tch. He’s Presidential! He can take control. Katz can shut up!!!! Romney does get the last word if Obama gets the first. Get a clue!

  • Sheya

    “He’s a bright man who likes to be in charge”… DUHHHHHHHHHHHH The man is running for president for pete’s sake. I damn HOPE he wants to be in charge. Unlike another president who just delegates all his work to someone else and then throws them under the bus when he screws up.

    Man I keep saying this over and over and get vindicated every single time: OBAMA VOTERS ARE STUPID

  • rsox1

    They were all liberal plants, culled from NY of all places, and the GOP had no business agreeing to such an arrangement. I knew right away when I heard the question that she wasn’t undecided at all.

    As for Romney wanting to get the last word, are you kidding me?! Obama got the last word on 8 of the 11 questions…god forbid Romney try to correct some of the lies Obama had just said. What a joke.

  • The entire debate was a liberal plant.
    Liberal Gallup picked “undecideds” from one of the most liberal states, a deep blue state. None of those “undecideds” even matter because no matter who they vote for ..NY will still go for Obama
    Of their questions , Candy got to pick her favorites, then join in on the answers.

  • RosiesSeeingRed

    What? OK, I just read the headline, haven’t read the comments, and haven’t listen to the video, but WHAT? I thought Romney’s answer to her question was well done!

    You know, when she asked the question, the first thing that popped into my head was “typical NYC liberal elite” — that’s just how she struck me. And believe me, I live here, and you know them when you see them. They are very, very close-minded people.

    “Independents” my foot. The audience and questions were planned and coordinated with Obama’s team, period. How else would Obama be able to say “get the transcript” to Candy Crowley, which she dutifully picked up and waved, if he did not know the questions in advance. Why would she have that transcript sitting there, and why would he have known that?? They are corrupt — and that is about the only transparent thing about them.

    • joyfulgiver

      This lady obviously hasn’t been in too many debates, or watched many. O did the same thing, interrupting to make sure he got his “fare share” of time, in both debates and on several ocassions! Romney, on the other hand, used HIS time to clarify.

      She was NOT an undecided. She obviously knew going in who she was voting for. Just like the hacks that were on Megan Kelly’s debate show.

  • KM

    This entire debate was set for the obama to hit a grand slam. Instead, the obama hit a slow grounder back to the pitcher and was thrown out at first. The media on the other hand, are trying to figure out how the ‘slow grounder to the pitcher’ can be described as a game-winning “grand slam”.

    • RosiesSeeingRed

      Your point is the one we all need to remember. Considering everything was stacked in Obama’s favor, with coordination ahead of time on the questions (against the rules, and evidenced by the “transcript” incident at the end), 28 Romney interruptions vs. 9 Obama, 8 out of 11 times Obama got the last word, AND an audience filled with NY liberals, Obama hits a grounder and was thrown out at first….LOVE IT.

      Thank you, I needed that.


  • guppymanster

    Ignorant party hacks don’t influence undecided voters; they highlight the divide between candidates. Obama is not a candidate and he doesn’t know what he is doing.

  • Oh yeah she was undecided. Yeah right

  • MrMicawber

    He’s ripened all right – thoroughly rotten to the core.

    • from the inside out…but obama will blame it on the worms…

  • GraceKnows

    Right on, RS! I totally agree that nothing Romney did or said would have made any difference. This was her soapbox, and ’nuff said. Gallup gathered the “undecideds” – but the moderator and CNN got to pick the questions. I would say that this woman, among several other questioners, had her mind made up long before she got the call from Gallup.

    What law says we have to have liberal networks and moderators for the most important debates of this decade???

    • iaintlyin

      I don’t think its a law…… yet. But it prob’ly will be if 0 wins again. As far as answering your question though, if the Right had put up any resistance to anything in the debates it would have given the left a perfect opportunity to relabel us in negative terms (Party of no, haters etc etc). The way its playing out is great though, Mitts beating them at their own game in their own park, with their own ushers. It god damned beautiful.

  • Who cares what a Reformed Atheist Jew thinks, they’re wrong about everything. Atheists, Communists, Marxists, Maoists, Socialists, Stalinists and Leninists all Loathe Romney, Conservatives, Christians and Republicans. They wouldn’t vote for the Republican Ticket if Jesus was on it, therefore I’m not surprised. The Morons who are still supporting Oblamer after 4 years of Utter failure deserve Serfdom.

  • poljunkie

    While flipping last night, I came across four from the audience- from the debate, including Jeremy- who I had read an earlier interview w/with and in so many words said he was leaning Romney(although still not sure). All of them, while chatting with the liberal Morgan, said they didnt like any of the answers they were given- but they most related with Obama. UGGH.
    Oh, and Jeremy – —Leaning Obama. WHAT?

  • Susitna

    Number one: Is Obama using America as a kind of therapy to mature?????
    Number two: Nobody has ever asked if Obama would have meant 8 more years of Clinton!
    Number three: Mr. Romney is not the first rich President in America’s history and I think that Obama is quite rich as well.

  • PapaLouie

    “…she didn’t like how he wanted to go back to the previous question and clarify his position.”

    That was because Obama got the last word on 4 of the 5 final questions. Check the transcript. The only chance Romney got to respond to Obama on many questions was during the next question. At one point, when Romney wanted a chance to respond to Obama, Crowley told him she was moving on but he could respond during his time on the next question. She knew that would make him look like he was avoiding the next question by responding to the previous question. It was part of her design to make Romney look bad. It also favored the President to allow him to have the last word on so many questions, especially toward the end of the debate. It allowed him to misrepresent Romney’s position without a chance for rebuttal. I wouldn’t be surprised if Cowley and Axelrod got together and worked out these subtle ways to put Romney at a disadvantage.

  • marcellucci

    May I just point out that Candy Creeply personally picked that question out…….

  • las1

    Did you ever notice how leftists and Democrats have a full quiver of progressive memes. “Bully” is one such meme. So Mitt Romney was a bully there eh Ms Katz? You seldom if ever see a conservative use that word unless it is fully warranted.

    But Democrats, perpetual crybabies that they are, throw out their pet victimhood cliches like candy on Halloween. In a previous era they would have been shamed in front of the whole class and told to sit down, be quiet and grow a thicker skin. Sadly, that era is gone.

  • The more we look into this last debate the more it seems to have been FIXED for Obummer.

  • kateorjane

    How foolish is it to think any of these situations actually involved voters who haven’t made up their minds? If you’re that uninterested how is a minute answer going to help you decide?

  • froggy19510

    Just another brainless lib.

  • DebbyX

    Right, Obama has “ripened”, so much so that it’s time to throw him out!

  • kingqueen

    I still want to know how Crowley had a print out of Obama’s words from Sept 12th Rose Garden address right in front of her!! What a coincidence—-what a set-up!!! I think that is another thing that has resonated with the public. Why let these Democratic operatives masquerading as journalists, tilt the county.

  • It’s true undecided voters don’t like Bush, but this woman shows herself to be an Obama plant who can’t get he owns the economy now.

  • TJinNJ

    A. Who cares
    B. Her Question was Stupid
    C. Can you say Agenda
    D. Whole Night planned from Crowley to questions.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    I love dogs, but I hate Katz!!!!

  • redheadgrl

    Isn’t she the Code Pink lady? undecided my @$$.

  • Yep, the MSM support their narrative & pretend to be neutral.
    How many of them realize & support the global-Marxist-fascist (crony-capitalist) eugenics-state-controlled-Sharia that Barry is pushing?

  • ladyjk

    Yeah, right, undecided? She was called because she was a registered democrat. Romney had to go back to try to counter the lies Obama told as Crowley wouldn’t allow him his time previously to answer. She’s just mad because Romney quietly and cleverly maneuvered to correct the Obama lies. What else could he do, Crowley almost always let Obama get the last say and hence he got to leave the subject with his lies unchallenged. It was really a sham of a debate.