Firewall with Bill Whittle on Obamacare and the NDA: SLOWLY… SLOWLY…

Bill Whittle talks about Republicans and Democrats taking away our rights, specifically our First and Fifth Amendment rights:

How do you overturn fundamental American rights without forcing people into the streets with protest signs, or even rifles? By doing it slowly… slowly… Bill Looks at how the Affordable Care Act and the National Defense Authorization Act threaten our First and Fifth Amendment rights and how both parties are slowly taking away the protections that guard us from the Ring of Power.

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  • Joe

    Bill Whittle for President!

  • 12grace

    Bill Whittle is a true Patriot. He is absolutely right about our gov’t taking away our rights.

    The American people are like lobsters slowly cooking in the pot.

    • GreenBeretWay

      You ever cook a live Lobster?
      Most of them screech and scream.They don’t go down without a fight.

      We are all the one’s with the our claws out,kicking and screaming.

      The liberal one’s will be the passive idiots thinking they are headed for a nice warm jacuzzi.

      • Rshill7

        It’s the frogs that sit still while being cooked slowly. They’ll sit there until they perish while the heat slowly rises.

        Hey, after they spread Paul’s ashes out at the first turn (the hole shot) at Paul’s favorite track, his second eldest daughter said, “Rest in peace Daddy, now you’ll always get the hole shot” (which bodes well for the person that wins the first turn in the race). They had his favorite motocross bike there, and after spreading his ashes at the first turn, his best buddy, also a motorcross guy, started that bike and rode it slowly around the track. Paul had about 15-20 bikes but that was his favorite. Those present, watching Paul’s bud ride around the track slowly on his bike caused a renewal of tears all around. His father-in-law, also my father-in-law said, “it wasn’t his turn, it should be my turn”. He is 73 and as healthy as I.

        Cheers! Wife finally home.

        P.S. Thanks for indugling me with this Scoop, just this once.

        • Nukeman60

          It’s not the ones that knew him that should be sad. It’s the ones that never got the chance. Peace.

        • 12grace

          It’s such a sad story, r.

        • GreenBeretWay

          Man,great tribute to Paul.Gave me a hole shot in the heart hearing what your father-in-law and his daughter said.His fellow rider running the track with his choice bike for the final run was an awesome sign of respect. Thank you the briefing and sharing his story.

      • 12grace

        I don’t actually have the heart to cook a Lobster (smile).

        People talk about cooking a Lobster in warm water and lolling them to sleep and when the Lobster realizes it’s being cooked to death, it’s too late.

    • sDee

      This a a short but very interesting article on how the Obamacare decision in the Supreme Court is essentially the same argument that was presented to them by a Republican initiative to take away our rights – The Patriot Act.

      What I found interesting is that the left and right Justices flipped on the two, where as Kennedy may be looking at them as the same – the executive branch trying to usurp the separation of powers.

  • dlg1956

    Just in time for the election. Agenda 21 perhaps?

    • kim

      Agenda 21 is evil.

    • B-Funk

      My liberal infested city is all aboard that train. They’re even ramming “clean running” buses down our throats and cutting of traffic access on major roads. Social programming, yay! /sarcasm

  • TANGO40

    The “Liberty Tree” is getting really thirsty…

  • Kordane

    The left’s entire philosophy is predicated on the idea that they can hold the ring of power and do good with it. If you try telling a liberal that government power, when granted, may be used for evil, they will denounce you for your lack of hope, faith or vision. SO trusting are they in the benevolence and efficacy of government that they will happily hand over the ring of power, and immediately start skipping off to the Shire, thinking that all will be well in the world, there was never any need to go to Mordor to drop it in the volcano after all!

  • WordsFailMe

    TriFecta laughs out loud at the words of President Stupid-Chicago-Bully

  • Sober_Thinking

    Sobering commentary.

    Put Bill Whittle and Mark Levin together in 2016 and honestly, who could stop them? 🙂

  • Watchman74

    So these are the choices we are going to have come November. Either the guy who signed a bill that threatens our freedoms, although he “obviously” felt really really bad about it, or the guy who doesn’t “think” these powers would ever be abused. Great.

    • NCHokie02

      And if they both think it will never be used then why do we need that bill in the first place?

  • Nukeman60

    1st Amendment – not in Obama’s vocabulary. (Affordable Care Act)

    5th Amendment – not in our inventory, anymore. (Natl Defense Auth. Act)

    Executive Orders – the new law of the land. (Obama can take over all aspects of government in a non-emergency now)

    Congress is irrelevant to him. SCOTUS is irrelevant to him.

    Obama has everything at his fingertips. When will he deem it necessary? November 5th? November 7th? December 21st?

    Slowly, slowly.

    • Have no fear! Obama’s citizen army will educate us! (As we educate them on proper first aid)

    • detectivedick

      Whatever happened to the Tea Party movement? Oh, I get it we are all to busy talking about Trayvon, Fluke, Ladies golf…etc. We will look back one day and say,”gee, how did this happen to us” We the People allowed it to happen.

  • yay the right scoop and whittle finally picked up the ndaa which is months old. ron paul supporters did and even occupy wall street had a protest about it but no no the right could not because alan west liked the bill and so did romney santorum and gingrich but who cares right they are amazing people only obamba is bad. exactly what whittle said anyone that wants power is bad so please vote for someone that actually wants to scale down his thank you

  • Scoop, you know full well that there is nothing wrong with the NDAA…im sad Whittle would claim something like that

  • Bill gets it.

  • ApplePie101

    Heffalumps and Woozles are real, and they’re in congress.

  • barrypopik
  • NCHokie02

    I haven’t read it but would be interested to see what authorizations it gives to the Military and in what cases.

    As it stands right now the military is a Title 10 force which has NO authority on US soil. Thats why we have to obey police and the laws just like everyone else. I went to Katrina with the military and we had ZERO authority down there. We were just there so the public would stop complaining that the Feds weren’t doing anything, of course didn’t hear a peep about the local and state governments. We had no more authority than the local citizen did to stop crimes. We were told that if you see people looting and stealing you have no authority to stop them other than a local citizen. So I wonder what legal speak has been written into it to give the military such power.

    • KenInMontana

      The Feds gutted the Posse Comitatus Act a long time back, Clinton and his jackbooted lap dog Reno stuck the last knife in it, just to be sure of course. Technically, the only military force that can be legally deployed inside the country is the National Guard,when they are under the control of the Governor of their home State, however they have been federalized at the moment, so at this point I believe they cannot be deployed legally inside the country either. I had heard that several Governors were in the process of trying to reclaim their legal authority as the Commander in Chiefs of their perspective State Guard Units. As I understand the laws on this here in Montana, the State units would be placed under the command of the County Sheriff in the locale deployed.

  • lilig

    If the language to limit it was in there in the first place, then taken out, could/wouldn’t someone in Congress, through some kind of bill, or Romney, (if Prez), through Executive order, put it back in, so we as American citizens will still be guaranteed our 5th amendment rights?