Flashback: Obama takes credit for shrinking government

Obama said Friday that the government jobs in the public sector is where we find weaknesses in the economy, yet a month ago Obama was taking credit for shrinking the federal government. Heh, this man can’t keep his story straight:

Problem is, Obama isn’t really telling the truth here. I know, shocker! Check out this Heritage graph:

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  • 12grace

    obama, lies, as usual.

    Obama: The Man Who Fooled The World (Full Length Part One)

    Police State 4: The Rise of FEMA Full Length

    • williamm

      Good link for Obama: The Man Who Fooled The World (Full Length Part One)

      • 12grace

        Thank You.

    • librtifirst

      “The Obama Deception” was pretty good as well. It tends to expose the system as a fraud and includes those in the “other” party as well. It came out just after Obama was elected, and called it spot on. I’ll have to watch “The Man Who Fooled the World”.

  • WordsFailMe

    Under me. The only thing under this psychopath is a wet mattress.

    (psy·cho·path   [sahy-kuh-path] noun
    a person with a psychopathic personality, which manifests as amoral and antisocial behavior, lack of ability to love or establish meaningful personal relationships, extreme egocentricity, failure to learn from experience, etc.)

    • Joe

      Now you got it!

    • Joe

      I wish I had a nickel for every time he says


      —— ME


      What a narcissist!

  • Joe

    “NO! – NO! – NO!” (Rev. Wrong)

    Scoop – YOU have it all wrong

    If you think like the Chosen ONE –

    He IS telling the truth :

    Therein lies the problem –

    remember HE is from Bizarro World where everything is the opposite

    Think opposite – and you will be fine!

    He believes himself and that’s psychotic!

    AND stop showing the facts – FACTS mean nothing !

    • Nukeman60

      AND stop showing the facts – FACTS mean nothing‘ – Joe

      Obama is not lying. If you look at that chart from The Heritage Foundation, just before the public sector jobs growth hit 11.7%, it was 11.75%, momentarily. There, you see. Public sector job growth is diminishing and therefore we must boost it up once again.

      Bizarro world.

      • Joe

        AH Yes – A convert you are!

        Me go talk to my friend now –

        His name is EOJ (joe backwards) on Bizarro


        I can’t believe we are speaking like nutjobs

        Is this HIS master plan ?

        • Nukeman60

          Exposing his nutjob world for what it is helps others who haven’t quite got the message. Unfortunately, we sacrifice our own sanity in doing so. Such is our lot, Eoj, we suffer in silence, but happy in our goal.

      • 1vote

        When Obama said the private sector is fine, notice the lack of duh, uh, duh, uh etc.
        He did not have to stammer, shuck, and jive – because he was not lying. In Obama’s eyes, there is truly too much activity in the private sector. This is the clearest sentence this clown has uttered!

  • Nukeman60

    “The truth is what I say it is.” (spoken with a southern drawl) – Sen. Meachum (played by Ned Beaty in the movie ‘Shooter’)

    Obama has fallen on the double-edged sword that he himself created. Back in his campaigning days, he felt that he could say whatever he wanted to at individual get-togethers, because no one else would hear it (e.g., middle America ‘rubes’ clinging to their Bibles and guns). However, he promoted twitter, internet usage, and facebook in his campaign as a way to get to a vast majority of younger people.

    Therein lies his downfall. These same media are continually destroying him, as they catch every little tidbit of falsehoods that he attempts to promote.

    • Joe

      Perfect take on Obama —

      That was a great movie

      Wahlberg kicked butt in that one!

      I think I’ll call Mark and have a chat with him!

      • Nukeman60

        Ned Beatty played a perfect characterization of what I see as Congressional arrogance. No wonder they have less than 15% approval ratings.

  • Obama has lost track of his lies apparently.

  • FutureOnePercent

    Just to play devil’s advocate, in his “the economy is doing fine” speech, he specifically said state and local governments, but the chart here is shown for federal government.

    Of course in THIS speech, he just says government, not being clear at which level he is referring too…

    I only post this so that if someone tries a rebuttal against the attack, you’ll be prepared.

    The correct answer, for anyone playing along at home, is we want state, local, AND federal governments ALL to be shrinking!

    As a side-note, I wish that Romney was as ruthless and heartless as the liberals try to paint him… Could you imagine the same lines of attack being used if he did to the federal government what he’s accused of doing at Bain Capital?

    “He went in and cut everyones pay and benefits! Then the plants that were performing poorly, he fired all the workers, sold off all the capital and made PROFITS!”

    Or put another way.

    “He finally got the out-of-control government unions in check. Anything that the federal government had no business doing in the first place, he shut the doors and boarded up the windows. Then he sold any capital he could to reduce the deficit, try to give the taxpayers a positive return on investment, and finally start paying down our national debt.”

    The more I think about it, I want a vulture capitalist in charge to pick the federal government clean to the bone.

    I wish Romney was what they say he is.

    • wodiej

      The difference is Romney was motivated by greed and power to do what he did in the private sector. As president, he would not be reaping millions of dollars in personal wealth to cut spending.

  • Nukeman60

    Let me see if I can grab the concept that Obama is promoting.

    People (the private sector) are doing poorly and are low on money to spend (this is why the ecomony has tanked under Bush, apparently). So, we need to hire more firefighters, teachers and policemen to get this ecomomy rolling again.

    Unfortunately, the money to pay for these firefighters, teachers, and policemen comes from the private sector (us), so we get taxed more to pay for it and that leaves us with less money to spend to get this economy rolling again (deja’ vu all over again).

    I guess the next solution would be to hire even more firefighters, teachers, and policemen, then?

  • wodiej

    Only an ignoramus would believe that story.

  • poljunkie

    He should just dance out to the podium in the Kool Aid mans costume.

  • kong1967

    If we don’t win in November it’s over. We will soon be borrowing 80 cents for every dollar spent. It will get here fast, too. When our economy collapses, Obama will declare martial law and we’ll be lucky to ever see another election.

  • Smith Smith

    Well if yout take Obama’s statement here and Jay Carney as well today and join them, that means Obama fired Teachers, Fire fighters and Policemen. lol They can’t say we shrunk government and public sectors and then have Jay say it was those darn Replublicans hating teachers, etc… lines, Obama I give you the credit for firing them and not leading.


  • Sober_Thinking

    The Liar-and-Chief speaks again…

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Wow……methinks that’s not totally accurate or true. Maybe I’m just a skeptic????

  • Mr. Goebbels, Big Lie Theory does not work anymore…..
    When fed jobs go up, it means UP, not “shrinking”…
    When real unempl. is 20-25% it is GROWING, not “private sector doing fiiiiine”.
    Who taught you THAT kind of English?