Does Trumpcare cover flip flop whiplash because I’m getting a really bad case of it!!! In a long and tiresome interview with Wolfy Blitzer, the toupee’d totalitarian changed his position BACK to NOT wanting American troops on the ground to fight ISIS after flip flopping on it in the last debate!!!

Watch below but make sure you wear your seatbelt!!!

Seriously dude?!?! I mean does this guy have ANY guiding principles by which we can predict ANY of his major decisions?!?! This is the dude that BLASTS George W. Bush for going into Iraq, and yet he conveniently changes his stupid mind every week ON WHETHER WE SHOULD GO INTO IRAQ!!!!

How is this frickin’ possible?!?! Oh right, it’s idiots like Eric Bolling who find his flip flopping “refreshing” LOL!!

This country is doomed.

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