Fmr Mossad Chief: “If I were an Iranian, I would be very fearful of the next 12 weeks”

Dude. Talk about ominous statements:

CBN NEWS – Speculation is growing that Israel may attack Iran’s nuclear plants soon, possibly before the U.S. election.

Ephraim Halevy, former head of Israel’s intelligence agency, told the New York Times that Iran should take this seriously.

If I were an Iranian, I would be very fearful of the next 12 weeks,” Halevy said.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says Washington’s current strategy is “perilously close” to failing.

Meanwhile, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is renewing his calls for the destruction of Israel.

“Any freedom lover and justice seeker in the world must do its best for the annihilation of the Zionist regime to pave the path for the establishment of just and freedom in the world,” Ahmadinejad told ambassadors from Islamic countries earlier this week.

In remarks reminiscent of the Third Reich, Ahmadinejad said the Zionists are “behind the scenes of the major power circles in political, media, monetary and banking organizations in the world.”

“It has now been some 400 years that a horrendous Zionist clan has been ruling the major world affairs,” Ahmadinejad claimed.

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  • MiketheMarine

    Aqua-velvejad, please enjoy the big flash, coming soon to a persian land near you.

    • Sober_Thinking

      Lol! Slap some of that on your face after shaving… lol!

    • badbadlibs

      If this happens before November, how do you think it effects the elections?

      • MiketheMarine

        Whether it happens before the election or not, I predict a landslide of epic purportions.

        • badbadlibs

          I sure hope you’re right.
          I fear it will take away the attention that should be focused on bo’s dismal performance as liar in chief…all though the liar part is going well.

          • And I fear a crisis that can’t go to waste, armed militia, race wars and voter fraud on massive scale and a suspension of the election. And if that STILL doesn’t get dear leader crowned, 500 of dear leader’s closest lawyer friends to make a court petition for re counts of the worst nightmare kind.

        • Rshill7

          And I predict an epic of landslide proportions 🙂

        • A win won’t be good enough in this election. We need a Landslide!

      • serfer62

        At first I thought that Americans would support their CIC, but now it looks like it will be considered another failure…a huge failure.

        We need more Chik-Fil-A days

    • You mean things will soon be looking brighter?

  • Kelly60

    I have never truly understood why (even though I know) the entire middle east, Russia, China, etc. consider Israel a threat. Anyone who looks at a map and sees this itty bitty State of Israel still thinks they are the most ominous of enemies. Strange…I know it’s mostly religion based (land included) but good grief, leave them alone and let them live.

    • badbadlibs

      This is a spiritual battle that has been raging since lucifer was kicked out of heaven.
      Out of Israel came The Savior and out of Israel He will rule and reign one day. The world does not understand the implications.

    • Sober_Thinking

      Satan hates Israel because God loves Israel and his people. The Muslims, Russia, China, etc. are simply pawns.

    • Watchman74

      Russia and China never likes anyone the US backs. The Arabs have never gotten along with the Jews, this goes back thousands of years to Esau and Ishmael.

    • keyesforpres

      The Middle East hates Israel because they are Jews and infidels. It is that simple. It’s jihad, it’s islamic doctrine. Period. iSLIME is supposed to rule the world and Israel is in the way in the Middle East.

    • On a non Biblical view, yeah, it’s common sense. But as others have pointed out, this is a Spiritual battle, and a battle between God’s chosen people through Issac, and the children of Ishmael.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Bible prophecy playing out right before our eyes.

    The situation in Syria is horrible… but Iranians should rise up against their government too before it’s too late – no matter the cost. Because at some point, this thing is going to blow… and it could end in the glow of nuclear weapons detonations.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    It seems like the last time Israel warned a country in the Middle East to tread lightly something dramatic happened shortly thereafter. Iran should heed Israel’s warning because Israel is not bluffing. I hope they are successful in whatever action they may take against Iran, maybe they can also get rid of Mahmoud Ahmadinejab!

  • denbren52

    The Israelis know that, if they are going to act, it has to be before the November elections. Whether Obama wins or loses, the period after the elections will be very dangerous for Israel. Obama will never allow an Israeli attack after the election.

    • p m

      Obama has made is position very clear these past 4 years.
      The Israelis will make this decision about their existence, their future and their country without reference to him.
      His approval will not be sought – on the contrary, Israel can’t afford to share its plans with him after being betrayed over the Azerbaijan
      air bases.
      Remember, 0zero is prepared to sacrifice Israel for the sake of re-election. Imagine the consequences of that in Netanyahu’s calculations.

  • BikerHoop

    Ahminadinnerjacket better have some darn good sunglasses ‘cuz he’s gonna need ’em. Israel is a no-holds-barred type of outfit when it comes to defending themselves – always have been. If Iran truly thinks they’re gonna beat Israel, or even just hold them off, they’d better let go of their hookahs for a few minutes and put their collective pea-sized brain together and rethink this thing.

    • Rshill7

      They want all hell to break loose. They think it will usher in the Mahdi.

      • keyesforpres

        Yup. They think if they attack Israel it will bring about world chaos and the 12th imam will come out of the well, establish a worldwide islamic caliphate and that is when peace will supposedly rule the world. That is where they get the “islam is a religion of peace” bs. That is what it means. Of course, there wouldn’t be peace. Far from it!

  • 911Infidel

    I’m betting nothing gets done by either the IDF or the US. Especially not by the timid one in the WH…certainly not w/o Valarie Jarrett’s approval anyways. I think all this talk is more about lets all see who can talk tougher: the IDF, the US or StinkyAchmedGenocide.

    Already the Mahdis are threatening Saudi which in my view is their primary target. Hitting Saudi would be payback for the Arab conquest of Persia which all Iranians still resent and a way to drive Western oil prices through the roof in order to cripple their economies.

    Read Reza Khalili’s excellent Iran Update column for some good insight.

    The prediction that Elam would rise up and destroy Arabia was foretold thousands of years ago…I’m sticking with prophecy.

    • ryanomaniac

      I agree with you totally. Ill stick with prophecy too. They are going to attack Saudi and do exactly what you said. Like Clint Eastwood said in Grand Toribo, “Its gonna get f-ing ugly”. Hope everyone has a Toyota four Banger cause oil prices are gonna have to be scraped off the ceiling.

  • Methinks war is on the way, and methinks Obama is going to use it to surge in the polls at the last minute…

    • No Way! He can’t be forced to take a position on this issue before the election.

  • Nukeman60

    Watch for a White House leak within the next week. Iranian Valerie Jarrett won’t let her precious homeland be attacked without doing something. She will have to pull the leash of Obama and I’m sure his BlackBerry will be working overtime.

    Will our National Security Agencies be ready to intercept Obama and finally expose him? I sure hope so. Or are they just pawns as well?

    • Kelly60

      I’m inclined to agree with you Nuke…something will happen. She can’t allow him to go to war because that will be political suicide.

    • keyesforpres

      I just pray that Israel is keeping this all between themselves. I think they know not to let the O-No regime in on anything.

      • Nukeman60

        Good point. I hope they’re playing this one close to the vest.

      • I’m sure they are feeding Obama exactly what they want Obama to hear.

  • Oh let’s face it….secretly our politicians really want Israel to take care of the Iranian problem. We know they are a problem and we are no position to deal with them or go to yet another war. We are broke and Iran knows it.

    • kong1967

      I don’t think Obama wants Israel to attack Iran. I think Obama is on Iran’s side. Obama doesn’t want to stop Iran, he wants to contain them. It appears to me that Obama is very anti-western culture and he kisses the arses of any two-bit dictator he can find. I think he probably wants Iran to nuke Israel.

      • You may have a point about Obama but he doesn’t comprise the entire government or all politicians. Apparently he and his choom club were too busy smoking dope that they didn’t see that containment doesn’t work and was brought to an end. I’m sure that is a part of history they would rather ignore. Containment=appeasement.

        • kong1967

          You are exactly right. Containment doesn’t work and the sanctions don’t work. It’s amazing though, how the left said we did not exhaust all possibilities of containment with Iraq even though Saddam violated every single resolution imposed on him over many years. We know one thing as a fact….we can’t count on libs to protect us or to stop future catastrophes before the happen.

      • keyesforpres

        Absolutely. O-No would love to see the islamic caliphate/one world gov’t take over. I think he would love to be the world leader of the caliphate.

        • kong1967

          I wouldn’t doubt it.

  • UnsungPatriot

    If I were Israel, I’d be careful of doing anything that might allow Obama to posture as a wartime president. The media will have him singlehandedly saving the world, and will wail that any criticism is treason.

    Obama is by far the worst enemy Israel has ever had in the White House.

    Attack November 7 or later.

    OMG 2012.

    • keyesforpres

      Disagree. Remember a month or so ago the O-No regime told Israel not to attack before the election because it might hurt O-No.

      • UnsungPatriot

        I think that is called “plausible deniability”.

        • keyesforpres

          Perhaps, but I think O-No meant it.

          • UnsungPatriot

            He said something he meant? LOL!!!

            Yer killin’ me, Dawg!

            • keyesforpres

              Hey, he did say he was going to fundamentally change America….sadly, he meant it.

    • I respect what you are trying to accomplish, but the result of action for us in Israel taking out the Iranian nuclear infrastructure will be extremely serious, with likely 10,000 rockets + missiles striking us in response, this is complicated and dangerous enough as it is. We are already in a perilous position due to pressure from the US administration delaying us, and tying our hands, we must strop dictating our actions according to US political clocks, it has been a disaster for us so far. Nov-Dec is not optimal for us weather wise. If we have to go, it is because we have to go. We cannot wait around for politics. Many lives are at stake. TY for your support of Israel.

      • UnsungPatriot

        Understood. Shalom, saus.


    …God has Blessed Israel .”(period the end, hat tip to Ted Cruz)

  • 911Infidel

    Here you go Iran experts. What do you make of this article:

  • 911Infidel
  • 911Infidel

    For those interested in prophecy here’s a good link:

    PS RightScoop is linked there.

    • keyesforpres

      Well, I have no problem with that. That would end the funding for most of the mosques in this country!

      • 911Infidel

        No need to fund moques when their adherents are piled high and deep in the Valley of Decision; so much so that the birds and bugs will feed off them for 7 years.

  • TheRedLeaf

    Its the Joooooooos fault! Always them! Them and their Jooooooo money, always so much because they always have something to provide other then hate, jihad, bombs and…. It’s all THEIR fault because their successful while the Mulas stick to what they know from the bronze age.

    I suspect the ’12 week’ opening to be before the elections in America, without zero (his administration) covering for them and the muslim brotherhood, think their future prospects will be much harder to shell out. good luck to the Persians wanting to freedom and lots and lots and lots of ill will to after-dinner-jacket and the ayatollahs

  • The really sad thing about it is that many Iranians were very “westernized,” often very pro-US and Israel. A huge portion of the population still hate the oppressive “Mull-o-cracy” they have there now. Also a large number of those living in exile still work and pray for the destruction of the regime.

    Many of them will die in this conflict. I don’t know how it can be avoided.

    I do know it can’t be avoided by appeasing Iran’s government, nor the special wing of thie armed forces that are dedicated to jihad, nor by being nice to Hezbollah. Extermination is probably the only option with those hard-liners. It’s what they demand.

  • Don

    The 12 weeks coincides with the election. I hope this doesn’t mean that Israel thinks Obama will be elected, because that would be a very difficult thing for Israel to deal with. Obama with his more “flexibility” would mean life as we know it would to cease to exist. This is the deepest penetration in our history of anti-American forces within our government forcing transformation against the will of the American people.

  • richarddonna

    The sooner the better!!

  • richarddonna

    THE SOONER THE BETTER…..It is overtime for Ahmadinejad and all the mad mullahs to greet the 72 virgins in a true Koranic embrace!