Former gay says he is proof homosexuality isn’t innate, that sexuality can change and SB 1172 is wrong

It’s great to hear voices like this in a sea of deaf ears:

ONE NEWS NOW – Meanwhile, California’s SB 1172 is set to go into effect January 1 — banning therapy for unwanted same-sex attractions for minors. Greg Quinlan, president of Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays (PFOX), says the measure was written with the idea that homosexual behavior is something that cannot be changed.

“I, as a former homosexual, along with tens of thousands of others who left homosexuality, [am] proof that it is not immutable; you can change,” Quinlan submits. “It is not innate; you are not born that way.”

The description of the PrideWorks seminar, which was sponsored in part by the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network (GLSEN), said that “sexuality is fluid, especially when it goes beyond the binary of ‘gay’ and ‘straight’ labels.”

“No one is born a homosexual. There is no genetic or biological evidence for that, and none will be found,” the PFOX president asserts. “Secondly, you can change if you want to change, and change for anything can be difficult and can be hard.”

Even so, Senator Ted Lieu (D), who authored SB 1172, claims therapy that seeks to alter same-sex attractions does not work because it is based on junk science.

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  • marketcomp

    Duh! Most of us already know that homosexuality is a choice and not genetic.

    • hachie1

      If people truly ‘change’ from gay to straight, or even straight to gay, can you provide some empirical, medically proven documentation showing changes in ones physiology as they change their sexual preferences. If not, it’s a purely socially influenced aberation.

    • salg01

      First off BS. Im just as conservative as anyone here but really people. Do you really think that the super flamboyantly gay men can change? you dont think that they were born that way? Sure there are bisexual people that choose to have sex with men, and that some gay people are gay because of childhood trama, but the truly gay do not choose. I guarantee that most of you do not know a single gay person, and i guarantee that this guy is at least bisexual and chose to not act on urges. Sorry love ya guys but this is the kind of crap that give average people a bad view of conservatism.

  • Junk science huh? So those who have been saved out of homosexual lifestyles are junk science. Let me guess, Senator Lieu believes in man made global warming.

  • badbadlibs

    Wait, you mean to tell me that California actually passed a bill that bans therapy for youngsters???
    I shouldn’t be shocked, but good gracious almighty… I am!
    That place has become more of a cesspool then thought imaginable, and to think I grew up there!
    Good grief, where does it end….

    • Conniption Fitz

      NO – the judge ruled the attempt by the gay activists to ban reparative therapy unconstitutional. Rightly so.

      People may still choose to be treated for unwanted same-sex attraction in California.

      • Orangeone

        But the taxpayers now have to pay for sex change operations if the person so requesting is upset with having the wrong sex organs.

        • tvlgds

          Even if they’re in PRISON, and we have to pay for the lifelong hormone treatments on top of it!

          • Orangeone

            OMGosh, really?  I read a couple weeks ago on Twitter than an illegal alien received an organ transplant all at taxpayer expense. WTH is going on in this country.

            • tvlgds

              Yep, it may just be a CA thing. Yes, illegals get transplants at our expense, while Americans die needing those organs. Prisoners get them too-the scum of the earth are more important than decent citizens. The world is upside down.

      • badbadlibs

        Thanks for the information.

    • 1endtimes2020

      After 35 years of its existence, it was only a matter of time before the homosexual activists would get to the government to thwart the good works of the doctors at Narth. see, and see why the association says there is ‘no gay gene’.

  • 911Infidel

    But, but…facts don’t matter…The LGBT agenda must be carried out. And If you don’t agree, then you are a racist, homophobe. Right?


    There’s too much money to be made in leftist pseudo-science. Just ask Al Gore. All veritas is junk science in the Orwellian world of Moonbeam’s CA.

  • unseen1

    the democratic party is the party that wants to ban everything but government

    • badbadlibs

      The democrat party has removed all vestiges or morality from their pathetic existence as people and from their platform.

  • BeyondPolls

    This is what liberals are afraid of and why they want to ban counseling.

    • Responsibility scares the heck out of ’em.

      • BeyondPolls

        IKR? Next they’ll be telling us that pedophiles are born that way…wait…they already are.

  • T

    I can tell you two things….One, as a homosexual, IT IS NOT A CHOICE. Two, as a conservative homosexual, this crap is the reason I am lambasted by other gays for being conservative. Let’s stay focused on fiscal issues and the future of the country and leave this stupid social crap to leftists. If you don’t understand, shut up.

    • gajaw999

      I used to be “in the lifestyle”, but by counseling, change in living situation, focused fellowship with Christian men and women who loved me and cared about me, and after opening up to my family about my struggle, I found freedom. I have been happily married for13 years now, and can’t belive I acted and thought the way I used to. Do we tell people with OCD that they are born that way? No, and they didn’t choose the disorder, but it is there and has to be dealt with. Think of homosexuality the same way. You don’t consciously choose it, but it can be overcome to good results and a fulfilling and happy life.

      • T

        I respect your viewpoint on this item and I can see where you are coming from. But, please be careful. A lot of “reformed” gays usually end up cheating on their unwitting spouses. It really is too bad that either gay or str8 is such a big deal when we all have much larger fish to fry.

        • Conniption Fitz

          Anyone who cheats in marriage do great harm. However, not all ex-gays continue to participate in sex outside of marriage.

        • Orangeone

          And a lot of young people say they are gay in order to fit in and receive preferential treatment. Many others have been married for decades, have children and suddenly “find” themselves. Children are destroyed but this behavior and it’s ridiculous. The parent wants to be popular and have their ego stroked.

          If homosexuality is so natural, why hasn’t Obama come out about his own preference?

          • “…a lot of young people say they are gay in order to fit in…”

            Spot. On. I was appalled at how much pressure is put on kids to no only be seen as actively accepting their fellow “gay” students, but to also show their support by acting on it, directly. It has kids experimenting with gay sex, just to fit in. This is how far it’s gone off the rails.

            The sad thing about it, it hasn’t lessened the pressure on very young girls to engage in group sex with older boys they don’t even know. From 5th grade through high school it’s become one endless pressure cooker designed to have people come out the other end feeling like thirty-year-old hookers in Thailand.

            If i had it to do over, I’d have removed my kids from government schools after fifth grade. And my kids grew up to be really fine young men (independent as hell, and all that, but really dependable guys). It wasn’t easy, like it was for my parents.

            • …and I promise you, I didn’t go out of my way to make it easy for my parents!

            • Orangeone

              Curtsey to my K-Bob friend.  As with all of your great posts, my knowledge has increased.

              I don’t have kids so my perspective is from direct observation in the community and as an employer as well as listening to what other employers are facing.  This is just one of many reasons why I don’t advertise or interview, only accept personal referrals. It’s tough enough running and expanding a business without having to worry every second that an entitlement brat is going to create a reason to sue so they can destroy what I’ve built and sit home and reap the financial rewards for their conniving behavior.

              I cannot imagine what parents go through raising their children to have high ethics, morals, respect, honesty, love of this country and belief in and respect for our Lord. To your point K-Bob, our parents had it easier, albeit not easy to raise those of us who are very independent, but they did not have to contend with the social acceptance of teen pregnancy, cameras with cell phones in locker rooms, cohabitation, illiteracy, high school dropout rates, violent behavior and gang affiliation, disrespect towards parents and others, downright selfishness with an out-of-control entitlement mentality encouraged by politicians, the entertainment industry and their teachers.  Top all that off with social media, cell phones, texting, and flash mobs and it’s a wonder why we have any the challenges we do.

              Edit: Fixed paragraph breaks

      • wodiej

        Not all gays can lead a straight lifestyle as you have. Your change could have been due to not really being gay to begin with. You may have entered that life due to child abuse by men or other issues. Many people enter into gay relationships and then later get married. Why? Because they cannot handle the rejection, intolerance and judgment from friends and family. Many gay people enter into marriage, have kids and then later tell their wife or husband they’re gay.

        • gajaw999

          You know nothing about me, but are so sure you know what it’s all about. Maybe this, maybe that– all supposition on your part. If you are so naive to think a man will hang out at gay clubs and engage in unnatural acts just because, and then leave just because, man, you are clueless.

    • marketcomp

      Oh contraire my friend! We do understand far more than you think. You using that negative term and trying to stifle debate and not agreeing with you, your response is to, “shut up”! By you saying that indicates that you have lost the debate and have proven what many of us already know which that homosexuality is NOT GENETIC!

      • T

        No, I’m saying don’t speak of what you don’t know. Why would anyone “choose” a lifestyle like this. That is insane to believe. It may or may not be genetic, but it for sure is not a choice. I know that as a fact.

        We haven’t won or lost any debate, but we, as conservatives, are losing the nation by focusing on specious items such as if homosexuality is a choice. I think 2008/2012 elections prove that point. Sometimes it is better to not say anything at all if you have nothing nice to say.

        • The only thing that the 2008/12 elections prove is that the GOP doesn’t give a crap about the people who have voted “R” for years and put their own guys in for their own power.
          As for social issues, seems like what happens in society has much to do with the crap we get out of Washington. If you’re homosexual, be it, but don’t get on those who have come out of it and speak about it.

          • T

            I don’t advertise anything about my homosexuality. The only reason I posted here was I really want to know why we can’t focus on more important issues. Abraham Maslow came up with the Hierarchy of Needs, the bottom tiers are basic issues of survival the elevated tiers have items such as self esteem and self-actualization. In the world of politics, we are barely out of the bottom tier with our fiscal situation. We don’t have the luxury to debate why people choose to be straight. Let’s stay focused!!!

            • Some of us believe we are staying focused. Some of us see the “stupid social crap” as a big part of the problem in this country. Homosexuality wouldn’t even be that big of an issue except for the fact that the activist groups are pushing it on every state, and using it as a weapon against Religious freedom, teaching it in schools and suing private business owners.

              • Orangeone

                Well said! It is also the “popular” thing to be, a reason for preferential hiring, a reason to scream discrimination and a reason to sue the employer when fired for poor job performance.

              • 1endtimes2020

                A great commentary.

              • Really. Talk about a “side issue.” With all the problems in the world, they push for this stuff, and it always costs more money, to boot.

            • Conniption Fitz

              Like it or not – Homosexuality is an essential life or death issue that needs to be dealt with through science, statistics and Scripture, not political activist pressure and often terroristic tactics.

            • 1endtimes2020

              C’mon now, people don’t choose to be straight. We are ALL born heterosexual that you call straight. There is nothing on this earth that is more important to focus on than to obey God. We are here for a short time. Trillions of years and more are what is in store for those who obey God, and accept that Jesus Christ died for our sins. If we choose not to want to get out of our sins, even if we fall over and over again, thah we are choosing not to accept the sufferings of Jesus Christ on our behalf. There is no other ‘religion’ that offers the way to eternal heaven than the Christian faith, institued by Jesus Christ Himself. He said “the gates of hell will not prevail against it”.Get on the right side of God and pray every day to have an intimate relationship with Him. It will pay off for you.

          • 1endtimes2020

            If your leading a homosexual, lifestyle of sodomy, don’t ‘be it’. For your own good and your eternal destination, you must work on changing your lifestyle by changing the company you keep. Make new friends, go to Church, pray daily to God for help. See for a good source of therapy to get you out of the bonding in lust you are participating in. It’s a grave sin, and an “abomination’ to God who gave us sex as a gift and to create new souls for His kingdom.

        • gajaw999

          You ask why anyone would choose this life. Remember, when all is said and done, you are a free moral agent, and you are not a slave to your genes, your upbringing, your tendencies, etc. If you truly are unhappy, act on it. First action on your part is to step into eternal, wonderful, loving and pure freedom in Jesus Christ! He is so wonderful, and he will take you from where you are to a place you never dreamed possible. Please call out to him and please open up to new possibilities. Thanks for sharing.

          • 1endtimes2020

            Excellent advice.

        • marketcomp

          Ok, T, I ask you how do you know what many of us know? Do you profess to have some omnipotent power giving you intrinsic abilities to know what we know, for sure? Democrats use these social issues all the time to win elections, whether abortion in the case of Todd Akin, or professing support for homosexuals, in the case of Obama. So don’t you tell us that these issues don’t matter, because they do. When we see homosexuals aggressively trying to gain access to little boys, whether in schools, boy scouts, or wherever innocent little ones reside, tells me that this is a mental disturbance because only evil explains the hideousness of these acts. Homosexuality is a choice and I will remain firm on that and no had to tell me any different. Moreover, can you not walk and chew gum at the same time when you say that the only issue important are fiscal matters? But the threats to the family and the breakdown of the family is a danger and will remain so if we say nothing and give in intimidations and coercions.

        • 1endtimes2020

          You say you wouldn’t choose homosexual lifestyle. That tells me you think it’s wrong. So, if it’s wrong, find the resources to help you get out of the bonding you’re tied to. Pray to God and ask Him to help you to be free of this sin He calls anabomination. If you die in your sin, you won’t enter Heaven. Jesus Christ even died for your sin, but if you don’t change your ways, and admit it was wrong for you to start experimenting with sodomy, then you are deceiving yourself, not God. It takes self discipline, as in anything that is worthwhile, sacrifice and change of the company you keep.
          You choose, now, where you want to live your eternity.

          • wodiej

            what he means is gay people don’t purposely choose a lifestyle where they are ridiculed, judged, insulted by society.

            There are many gay Christians who are good, kind, generous and loving people. The problem w our society is not gays. The problem is we need a lot less intolerance and judgment and a lot more love.

            • You are aware that no one “chooses” to become a lifelong, hopeless, filthy, depressed, and poor addict when they decide to take that first hit off the crack pipe, right? Same with any other choice. Clearly, too few people really weigh the consequences of their choices.

              • NovElection2016

                That is a ridiculous analogy. You, as a man (I assume) know perfectly well that – to quote Patty Stanger “The penis does the picking”. There is a physical brain connection that cannot be tricked. And unlike crack, which physically addicts a person, a simple orgasm does not, imprinting a gender choice therein FFS. If it could, your wife would be married to her vibrator, which beyond a shadow of a doubt has more technical skills than you ever will, I bet. LOL you probably don’t even know how many WOMEN experiment with other women as young girls and grow out of it. Furthermore, the number of “straight married men” in gay bars and on the downlow elsewhere is laughable to your brilliant theories.

                All of you prosletyzing clueless haters obviously never invested one minute in studying all the gay men who have tried to become strait. In particular, Benjie Schwimmer who spent over a decade in celibacy and in prayer and counselling before walking away from his church in agony. He has about 8 hours on uTube going through how difficult his journey was.

                Shame on all of you. But the LGBT community will prevail because the society is changing as you saw in November and if today’s citizens don’t vote on marriage equality, no problem, the next generation will and you will all be outvoted via attrition by people of compassion and common sense.

                • T

                  Nov, as I said before, I wish we would all focus on more important problems. Your last paragraph is soooo correct. Also, Nov is very correct. The amount of married “straight” guys in gay settings is quite large and common. I guess ignorance is bliss. Again, as I said before, let us all focus on important topics and, if you are bigoted against people different from you……SHUT UP.

                • Spare yourself further embarrassment and look up the definition of “bigoted.”

                • T

                  So the opinions here that homosexuality is a choice are not “dogmatic, narrow, obstinate, opinionated, nor slanted?” Um, they certainly are not amenable, flexible, or unprejudiced. I don’t get where you’re going, K-Bob.

                • Cheap trick (just dismiss what you disagree with).

                  Those selling it as a scientific, proven fact that there’s some mystical gay gene, or that it cannot be helped in 100% of the cases are the inflexible ones.

                  You apparently missed the folks here who have stipulated that some folks have some physical differences that could account for non-typical behavior. But no, it’s just easier to make blanket accusations, isn’t it?

                • Shame on all of you, indeed.

                  Sounds like the same sort of tears-in-their-eyes religious belief, despite all evidence to the contrary, in man-caused global warming. Your assumptions here are off by orders of magnitude, but hey, flail away as you like. Once you’ve decided reason is out the window, argument becomes mere noise.

            • T

              Well said wodiej. Clearly couldn’t have put it better myself.

    • Good luck being the voice of reason. The majority on the site could care less that you are a conservative. Prepare for a deluge of religious grandstanding, homophobic paranoia, and thinly veiled bigotry. I have no clue why the far right gets off on going after LGBT people but many do.
      Sadly, we can’t unite to fight the left on fiscal issues without preying on those who stand with us. I have been following TRS for at least 2.5 years and have seen, and participated in, countless threads such as this one. There are really good people on here but on this issue many are drowned out by the bomb throwers.
      Not coming back into this thread as I know, sadly, what’s coming. Be strong T

      • gajaw999

        Brian, his comments suggest he is not happy with his situation. I don’t have anything against gay people, but please don’t go to the opposite extreme and outlaw counseling for anyone trying to move to something better. There is plenty of room for tolerance without calling opposing views homophobia.

        • T

          Please don’t place words in my mouth, I am fine. I just hate fighting within our political arena. And it is sad to me people don’t seem to mind bigoted viewpoints.

          • 1endtimes2020

            Your confusing having belief in our Faith with bigotry? Your stuck in reverse. And please don’t refer to yourself as ‘progressive’ when you are regressive. You’re getting great advice on this site. If you only want ot change those ho want to help you, go to your own websites. There are tons of those to make you feel better.

            • T

              First of all….the LAST thing I would refer to myself is F-ing “progressive!” I detest the left, everything about it. BUT, you all on the social, religious right need to relax a bit. Have your faith; however, love thy neighbor.

              • 1endtimes2020

                Oh, I love my neighbors alright, those that give me good reason to. But I find it difficult to love people who are destroying families by their examples they give to young people. There are more births by unmarried women today than ever before. I can’t say I hate homosexuals, but I sure don’t like their constant in myu face activism.
                Just go about your damn sin and stay out of the limelight.
                I’m known for having a good sense of humor and making people feel good about themselves. But I also have another side that wants to defend traditional values. Sodomy has no place in society. That’s what I mean by crap. You need to take a good look at yourself and stop being foul mouthed while you advise others to relax and love thy neighbor.
                Bottom line, though, I really don’t care what you think of me. If expressing my thoughts offends you, that’s just too bad.

                • T

                  I would care less about your views, but this harassment I get from “my side” for living in sin and committing sodomy is a preposterous accusation. I, too, do not like the tactics of the aggressive Gay, Inc. leftists activists. Another thing you and I agree on is the breakdown of the family and tragedy of the acceptance of single motherhood. But can you really say that if you had a family member come out as gay, it would RUIN said family? Would you cast them out as a sinful sodomite? Don’t you see the insanity of this point of view? It is just terrible.

                  What is the saddest of all is getting this intolerance from “my side” and then having the leftist gays say, “How can you be gay and conservative? Why do you hate yourself that much that you will associate with people that say you are going to hell.” Well, what do you suggest I tell them? How do I defend you and your ilk who, politically, have a lot more in common than you probably realize. But, nope….just because of my sexual preference, you cast me out as you would your family member. And for that, my friend, I will pray for you.

                • 1endtimes2020

                  This is my final reply. A child of mine would not ‘come out’ because there would not be the kind of friends that secretly want to experiment with wrongful sex. Just as some people tried to get me involved with homosexual sex, I reported it to my parents, who had build up a trust with their children. If a child of mine still happened to have slipped through the cracks and experimented with someone, I would be aware that there was some change taking place in the relationship between us.
                  Sodomy is a centuries old sin, like so many other sins. There is no gay gene. It’s a choice. God does not create two or three categories of human beings. If someone chooses to try out sodomy to for curiosity, there is a risk of bonding in lust with the other person. Bonding is how a man and woman can fall in love, stronger than ever, after they have had intimacy together. Sodomy would not be a part of that sexual activity. That also includes oral sex.
                  Over 35 years ago, an association of doctors in California specifically researched homosexuality. A few years ago, they presented a report stating they were convinced there was no gay gene.
                  see for details.
                  Recently, the homosexual activists convinced the government to ban Narth from providing therapy to young people. Why would they do that? If homosexuals claim they do not choose to be ‘gay’, then why would they deny young people a proven resource that can help people to be free of homosexual life? It tells me there is an agenda to increase the population percentages. The devil hates humans, and wants to destroy us all. Both Old and New testaments quote God saying homosexual sex is “an abomination”. You can say Christian Gay, but you are not truly Christian if you mock God’s Gift of Sex that creates new souls for His kingdom. If you don’t ever renounce that grave sin, you could end up dying in that sin, and spend an eternity outside of Heaven, where “eye has not seen, or ears heard, of the things God has prepared for those who love Him”—who obey Him.
                  Whatever you choose, you cannot ever say you didn’t know sodomy was a sin, or that no one ever pointed you in the right direction.
                  If you are not a homosexual, then, of course, my thoughts don’t apply to you. But if you are, remember the first time you were talked into trying out wrongful sex. What in the world is so clean and good about that? Why risk sexually transmitted diseases.? Some men who were not homosexuals, decided to tru it out to experience what it was like. They brought home a disease to their wives. Why would a person risk their family and their marriage with harmful sex when safe sex was always available? Selfishness. Inconsideration. Then regret, knowing it had not been a necessary thing to do.
                  I wrote to many forms of the media, when I first read the report from Narth, telling them to read the report. I also wrote to different government health ministers. I received no replies. They obviously didn’t want to complicate their lives. They acted irresponsibly. So, I wrote to the President of Narth about that, and asked why there was no replies received. He answered me with just one word; “Politics”. I appreciate your thought of praying for me. Do you think God will answer your prayer if you indulge in a sin that mocks Him? Ask God’s help for yourself, starting with the Holy Spirit.
                  Jesus knows we have consciences, because He created them. It is possible to block out conciences with repeated, grave sin.
                  We are all sinners. As sinners, we have a responsibility to do our best to overcome our sins, and not to justify them. How can God forgive a sinner who doesn’t show regret or any form of repentance, by justifying the sin(s)???
                  If you think this is BS or crap, and that I am of my ‘ilk’, then there’s no more that I can say. Somehow, I don’t believe you would appreciate my prayers for you. It would just start a new debate in your mind. Jesus told His disciples to go and tell the Good News to all. He also said if some refuse to hear, to move on.
                  Now it’s my time to move on. I wish you the best in all that is good.

          • This word, “bigoted”. You need to look it up and learn what it’s for.

          • JimmyBleep

            Welcome to the reason why people get seduced by the left. The democrat plans clearly won’t work but they own the social issues. The social votes all go left. Republicans have the right ideas but middle america does not want to get into bed with people who treat them like crap. This is what we get stuck with. I don’t understand how you can be gay and Republican. I can understand why you would be gay and conservative. But until the republicans end this obsession with the definition of marriage, there is no reason for anyone who is partial to the gay community to vote for them. In fact, libertarian will be your best bet. Take some conservative values and remove those social hangups on the religious right.

            • T

              AMEN Jimmy. These threads have shown I no longer have anything in common with the Republican party. I will take my conservative views and values elsewhere.

            • Wisewoman2

              Yeah. This is what the country has come to under the liar named Obama. Its all about “feelings”, who’s in your corner, who you like, who is going to “be there fro you. All sh*t talk that has flourished under this man. What hapened to let us do what is in the best interest of the country? Its people like you all who has destroyed and continue to destroy this country with your bullsh*t.

        • 1endtimes2020

          I am not happy with so-called ‘gay’ people who chose to harm our society’s family lifestyle, by degrading God’s gift of sex.
          The same applies to those who choose to use cocaine and heroine and even marijuana. They support murderers who are greedy in their illicit wealth. Where is the conscience of a person who doesn’t care if his or her choice of living is against the social good? They start off by experimenting, and when they become hooked, their consciences become desensitized to the point when the conscience doesn’t work to protect them anymore. Look what is happening at the Mexican border. Medical marijuana may dull the brain, but it doesn’t cure anything. Smoke is still harmful to the lungs, no matter what is said to support its use.
          The homosexual lifestyle contributes to the slippery slope of an ever increasing array of sins. As if abortions werw not bad enough, now we have deliberate, selective gender abortions, mostly against the birth of females. Where are the feminists on this one? After all, it’s THEIR gender. Maybe the movement doesn’t exist. Even one of the two women who won Roe vs Wade regretted having achieved her victory, with the 50 million abortions and counting, going on. Does anyone think God is pleased. God Bless America, huh? Oh yeah, sure, sure.

      • T

        Thanks. Unfortunately we will never have a conservative majority again in DC if we keep wasting time on this crap.

        • 1endtimes2020

          You just don’t get it, do you? It’s your crappy lifestyle that implanted democrats in the White House, with dinners for the Muslim Brotherhood to boot.

          • T

            MY “crappy” lifestyle? Really, you actually put fingers to keyboard and click-clacked that drivel out and tried to insult me in the process. I feel very sad for you. Please get out and smile more. If we come together on our conservative views, we may have a chance to get the country back eventually. Keep up this BS, and bow down to President Hillary.

            • 1endtimes2020

              Bow down to an abortion promoter? There’s more to life than being conservative. Tradition plays an important part also. ‘Progressives’ are not interested in tradition, and should call themselves regressives.
              You have your views, and I have mine. It’s useless to continue this dialogue.

              • T

                I completely agree…progressives are extremely regressive. But someone who takes time to degrade someone on a message board is just as regressive. Is it not possible to have a logical discussion and realize you and I have a lot more in common than you realize?

      • badbadlibs

        Where’s all the grandstanding, homophobic paranoia and thinly veiled bigotry?
        We’re not going “off” on anyone.
        Why can’t the right disagree with lifestyles, choices, opinions, etc. without it always starting a flame war, began by people who are very liberal with social issues?
        I can’t and won’t separate the two, fiscal and social are important, social the more.
        I guess to you that makes me a bomb thrower when in fact you are only projecting.

      • Interesting Brian that the only time you show up is whenever Scoop has a story having to do with homosexuality. Then you come on, call everyone who disagrees with it homophobic (I don’t have a fear of homosexuals by the way) and bigots. Gee, last time I checked, we had a freedom to disagree without being called names.

        • TitaniumEagle

          Homophobia is such a weird word. I don’t think anyone labeled as ‘homophobic’ is actually scared of homosexuals any more than they’re scared of any other people.

          That being said, and without trying to incite any form of controversy, I’m perfectly okay with same-sex marriage and same-sex couples. It doesn’t affect my life at all. I have no idea whether or not its genetic, but I’m fairly certain it’s not a choice. I hate how that viewpoint (for same-sex marriage) gets lumped in with crap like “pro-choice” (i.e. pro-murder) and turning this country into the USSA.

          (ABIC, in case you couldn’t tell, only the first part of this comment is really a reply to you :P)

          • I always laugh when someone calls us any “phobe”, like we’re afraid of them. I personally have no problem with homosexual folks- what they do is none of my business either, but there are too many who are trying to force acceptance, which is not what tolerance means. When it comes to suing a church or Christian business owners for discrimination, I tend to side with the Constitution. 🙂
            Thanks TitaniumEaglefriend!

            • TitaniumEagle

              Well, what I’ve always said is that as long as religious institutions (which are naturally constitutionally protected) aren’t forced into performing same-sex marriage (or for that matter, providing money for abortions and birth control) I’m okay with it. If you don’t want your personal rights infringed upon, fine; but don’t infringe upon the personal rights of others. (I believe the “golden rule” is one of the first things kids are supposed to learn, or have things changed since when I was born?)

              • The golden rule is important. Too many people have forgotten it I think. (I know I slip every now and then too yikes!) But I’m teaching our boy. Things have changed, but some of us are trying to raise our kids the “old fashioned” way. 🙂 Have a Blessed evening my TitaniumEaglefriend!!

      • 1endtimes2020

        Many people don’t belong on this site, but we can expect infiltration here as it is done in every aspect of todays’ society.
        We have the truth on our side, and we don’t have to be intimidated by anyone.

    • Conniption Fitz

      Same-sex attraction is a conditioned/learned emotional/physical response accompanied by a set of beliefs or misbeliefs about oneself, others and the world. It is not an immutable or inborn condition or trait. It just feels like it, because the conditioning begins in early life.

      Same sex attraction does not constitute a separate gender or identity.

      • wodiej

        and how would you know?

    • 1endtimes2020

      A person has to fantasize about sodomy, Experimentingwith it leads to a bonding in lust. This affects the brain. A man and woman bond in love, sanctioned by our Creator. In both testaments of the Bible, sodomy is described by God as an abomination. God created woman for man, and to create new souls for His kingdom. The Devil, who hates humans with a passion, uses wrongful sex to destroy family creation, just as he uses abortion. Sodomy is a sin that has been around for centuries. But that’s all it is, just one of many sins. God did not create two or three different categories of human beings. Humans, influenced by Satan and his disciples, do that.It’s an attempt by the devil to make heterosexual marriage seem irrelevant. That’s why so many young couples choose to live together without commitments. Many times, this leads to abortions. The slippery slope of sexual sins has no boundaries. America can destroy itself from within. This commentary would not be printed in any newspaper Letters to the Editor.They don’t tolerate anything they disagree with. Freedom of the press is only for the press. No others need apply in this used-to-be democratic country.

    • Assuming people can’t understand is only one of many mistakes made by the folks who keep selling gay marriage and other concepts that fall outside the bounds of reason.

      Most people choose what they like in this world. Homosexuals are no different.

  • Why should thousands of exhomosexuals be discriminated against, just because they want to be healed and live wholesome emotional and spiritual and physical lives? Too many homosexuals are dying early just because we keep enforcing this lie that they have no choice over their lives. What’s next, legalizing pedophilia like they have begun in Europe?

    • badbadlibs

      Wait…pedophilia is legal in Europe? I never thought a thing possible. Are you sure?

  • msverde1

    As an American conservative, single man who happens to be black, this article is very refreshing to read after repeatedly counteracting the comparative argument of those who constantly attempt to convinced the public that race and sexual preference are one and the same. Au contraire, my friend. Au contraire!! It is the biggest scam and hoodwink ever devised in order to boost support by persuading blacks that the two are indistinguishable and inseparable. Ask suspended ESPN misguided antagonist Rob “I-believe-RGIII-is-a-cornball-brother” Parker how that faulty reach of association is working out for him? By any means necessary they will use to divide and conquer no matter how ludicrous and asinine their assumptions are. No guilt by association here, Bubba!! Try again!!

  • Conniption Fitz

    Several great resources for Truth to off-set the myths, propaganda and lies about homosexual acts and same-sex attraction:

    Myths and activist propaganda –
    Real Facts proven by actual science research –
    NARTH –

  • Wish I had desires to be bisexual — much more selection & potential.
    (not really)-Just no fag feelings for other guys.

    Who really cares on other’s lust/romantic desires?

    However, if the requirements for marriage (current & standard to apply equally to all) change, maybe my fishing license can be used for authority to legally drive, own any business, practice law & other.

    People forget that legal marriage is legally two things:
    1. A contract
    2. A license
    #. For which applies to each party: opposite genders, unrelated & other.

    It’s not a right & not about that.
    The feelings & love between persons are up to each.

  • It probably takes about the same amount of work to “stop being gay” as it does to turn a young romance into a healthy, long-lasting marriage.

    Leftists think emotions are the same thing as reason and experience, so they object to the kinds of work involved in becoming a trusted partner to someone. This leads to acceptance of casual “hookups.” They are doing nothing more than feeding their endocrine and limbic systems through the sugar high of instant gratification. This is also why people take “recreational” drugs. They don’t want to do the hard work of becoming prosperous and having solid relationships with a spouse and children, so they seek comfort elsewhere, in the arms of ephemera.

    It is a false comfort, and that is what has to change in turning people away from promiscuity (which—for the majority of homosexuals—is all that “being gay” is about).

    Having written that, I’m willing to accept that some people, probably on the order of one in a thousand, are born with no ability to connect in any meaningful way with members of the opposite sex. I know the researchers love to use figures of from 1% to 10%, but this is mostly junk science. There are also humans born with ambiguous genitalia. So obviously the physiology cannot be discounted.

    But emotions are not the same as physical “equipment” even though neither can be completely extricated from the other. And just as people can fall in love with money, or become infatuated with some activity, people can “fix” on a sexual behavior by choice.

    What Mr. Quinlan has done is show that it’s possible to chose something else.

    • Orangeone


    • wodiej

      Like most here who believe this, it is just your opinion. And to think that all gay people are promiscuous is ignorance. Why don’t we ever see conservatives talking about how promiscuous straight people are, especially men? Oh yeah, that’s different. It’s “normal”.

      • “And to think that all gay people are promiscuous is ignorance.”

        So why are you making this claim? Did someone say all gays are promiscuous?

  • TLaMana

    There is no such thing as a former homosexual just as there can’t be a former child molester or a former heterosexual.

    • 1endtimes2020

      A ‘former’ heterosexual? Are you kidding? There ARE former homosexuals, and no gay gene. see
      Lumping homosexuallity, heterosexuality with child molesters is silly.
      Apples and oranges.—and lemons.

  • 1endtimes2020

    For over 35 years, an organization of doctors specifically researched homosexuality. A few years ago, they presented a report that stated they were convinced there was no ‘gay’ gene. I wrote to the President and asked him why the media did not print my letters to the editor, or TV networks did not respond to the information |I passed on to them. He answered with one word “politics”.
    The organization is based in California, and is called the National Association of Research and Therapy of Homosexuality, or ‘Narth’. You can check out their website and see for yourself.
    The admission by this man is just another one of many who have admitted the same thing for decades. The media is responsible for the acceptance of homosexual lifetyle by young people, who can experiment with sodomy and end up with sexually transmitted diseases. Our ancestors made it a crime because it was not a lifestyle that added to the common good. Ity was even more of a problem to deal with STDs in those days than it is now. This acceptance of this sin is another addition to the grave sins that are causing America to destroy itself, including by having inferior leaders. Homosexual living with sodomy, plus pornography, including child porn, and the credibility given to its acceptance by government, courts and schools, plus 50 million abortions, and promiscuous sex as presented by Follywood, all contribute to the downfall of America, and Europe. We are vulnerable to the attacks by our enmies like never before in the history of America, when it was mostly a Christian Godly country. Thankfully, nothing ever stays the same. Maybe the majority of good people will turn to God in prayer and ask for forgiveness. It’s the best way to return the country to sanity.

    • NCHokie02

      For years homosexuality was considered a mental health issue….then the liberals worked their way in and began to change the tune that it was natural. I believe it was only as recently as the 70’s that the health society caved and said that people were born that way and it wasn’t a mental health issue.

      • 1endtimes2020

        The only intolerances I see these days are the ones coming from homosexuals and their supporters. Christianity is always under attack. Easter and Christmas are especially targeted, so don’t talk to me about gay Christians. Those two words don’t belong together. Jesus Christ will be the Final Judge.
        Nor do I hear anyone ridiculing homosexuals, but we see the reverse all the time, even in so-called ‘comedy’ shows on TV.
        It’s easy to be loving and generous and a nice person when there is no condemnation.
        It lacks obedience to God, and that is what is important. Evil people can be nice too, as long as they have their way.
        Sodomy is wrong and dangerous. I have seen a lot of attempts to recruit new persons to the lifestyle. As society becomes more tolerant, more young people experiment with sodomy. If they bond in lust, as a normal sexual relationship between man and woman bond in love, that is when it becomes more difficult to turn from the sin. We have a responsibility to surrender to our Creator and not to surrender to Satan, whose purpose on earth is to devour human beings and mock God.
        Anyone who accepts homosexual lifestyles in our society as being normal, is an enabler and is too lazy to to engage in the discussion.
        Nothing stays the same. One day, the consequences of homosexual adoptions will come out, and society will see the truth and be asngered about the deceit put upon them. I draw the line of tolerance when our children are used to satisfy adult homosexual agendas, just as child porn angers me, and should anger you. Children have a once-in-a-lifetime to enjoy their innocence, without sexual agendas forced on them before their minds can comprehend what sex is all about. To see our schools being involved in teaching that sodomy is normal is revolting. It already is coming back to haunt us. Any adult that becomes an enabler for others to sin, or accepts sin to ‘have peace’ with the wrong doer, will find out that compromising with evil doesn’t pay.
        Anyone that says sodomy is not evil is a liar. We all have consciences, and as long as we haven’t desensitized our consciences to oblivion, we all recognize sodomy for what it is. God has called the sin of sodomy
        an abomination’. That should be good enough for anyone.

        • wodiej

          Ah yes, God will be the final judge. But far too many people are trying to take his place.

          You are right, it is much easier to be nice and generous to someone you agree with. The question is, like Jesus, can you love others even when you don’t?

      • Correct. The homosexual lobby successfully badgered the American Psychiatric Association to change the classification in the early 1970’s. I’m sorry I don’t know the exact year but I think it was 1974.

  • wodiej

    One person saying gays can change is no proof that it is so. No links to any reliable studies. And Jesus didn’t write the Bible although very little is said about homosexuality and nothing about female homosexuality. It’s too bad that people have nothing better to do than judge others. That certainly is not what Jesus taught.

    • Jesus who, and how do you know what he taught ?

      • wodiej

        you apparently are one of many who don’t know who He really is or what his teachings meant. “Going to church doesn’t make one a Christian any more than sitting in a garage makes someone a car.”

    • That actually isn’t true. The Bible does speak to female homosexuality. Do a search.

      Also there are many many gays that say this, not just one. Again do a search.

      • wodiej

        I have done a search. Found nothing in the Bible specifically referring to female homosexuality. When you find it, let me know.

  • kong1967

    I had a gay guy tell me that he just naturally started putting on his mother’s clothing because he has no control over his choice of sexuality. Really?

    When did clothing become an innate choice? It’s man-made, not made by nature. Mother nature did not give us the instinct to choose between pants and a dress. The guy’s a complete idiot.

    I also saw an interview with a gay guy that said they have no choice in the matter. You can’t make someone gay and you can’t make a gay guy straight. However, during the interview he said he was going to teach his son to be gay. Another completely transparent idiot.

    • wodiej

      Your comment sounds like many others that I sense is not based on hate but of a lack of knowledge and a learned stigma of intolerance and prejudice. Having love and compassion for others does not mean you must agree w them. Until our world learns this, learns forgiveness, things will not get better.

      • kong1967

        What? So I am ignorant, intolerant, and prejudiced. You don’t know me, buddy. I repeated a couple of claims that I’ve heard gay guys say…one of them to me.

        The first one is obviously a lie because it’s impossible to innately be gravitated towards wearing women’s clothing. G-d did not create clothing and there is no such thing as having an innate instinct to wear it….especially a certain type.

        The second guy contradicted himself. First he said it’s not a learned behavior, then he said he’s going to teach his son to be gay. That’s not me, that’s HIM. He can’t have it both ways.

        I have my opinions on it, but do I know for fact? No, I don’t…..and neither the hell do you. Professionals can’t even agree on it, so take your assumptions that I’m ignorant, intolerant, and prejudiced and stick them where the sun doesn’t shine. Got it?

        • wodiej

          Wow, pretty defensive there. You have spoken to a few gay guys but I have known many gay people, some family members. So I think I have a much greater depth of knowledge of it than most people. I also do not spout insulting remarks daily on blogs like some do. The prejudice and intolerance reveals itself in many ways, not just about gay people. I did not mean to offend you but apparently the only way for you to respond was with hate. I rest my case.

          • kong1967

            An angry response is not hate. You made several assumptions about me when I never gave you my opinion on gays. I just pointed out two ridiculous comments made by gays.

            I have heard multiple gays claim they naturally played with dolls and never took interest in toy trucks because those are manly things. Just because they believe it was innate doesn’t make it so, because man is not born with innate tendencies that are tied to manufactured products. It’s one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard.

            I welcome you to challenge it and give your opinion on it, but telling me I was ignorant, prejudiced, and intolerant was the wrong way to go about it because it didn’t offer any point of view. You attacked me, not the argument.

            EDIT: What’s more, your reasoning for why you know the facts and I don’t is because you know more gays than I do. Oh, yeah….that’s real solid.

            • wodiej

              I apologize that you misunderstood my intent-I truly meant no disrespect. All I was doing was trying to convey that intolerance and judgmental attitude is a learned behavior. I know because I have a parent like that and it took until I was 40 to finally say “enough-I don’t want to be like that.”

              I obviously don’t know a single thing about you or your life and am not assuming that I do. I am saying, that regardless of one’s views on gays, the world is in a mess because there is far too much intolerance, judgment, disrespect and a vast shortage of compassion. It isn’t just about gays or abortion.

              I think the problem is that conservatives equate love and compassion with liberalism and no values. But there are many people filled with love and compassion who also embrace values, morals, principles, hard work, respect, accountability.

              Again, I truly am sorry for offending you.

              • kong1967

                Lol, we’re good. Your sincere apology tells me that you really didn’t intend it the way I took it. I return the apology.

                I don’t know that I really equate love and compassion to liberals, though. Tea Party protests….peaceful, no arrests. OWS, union protests, people get killed, raped, beaten. and thousands of arrests are made. No conservatives at those protests.

                I think the love and compassion you might be referring to are things like helping the poor. I don’t like to see people hungry any more than libs do. It breaks a conservative’s heart to see a hungry child just as much as liberals. The way we are as people and how we feel about others is the same. The way we approach things to fix things that ail society is different. Liberalism has good intentions, but fails miserably.

                • wodiej

                  My comment about love and compassion was not about helping the poor. It was about accepting people even when one disagrees w their personal life. I know plenty of conservatives that help others including myself.

                • kong1967

                  I don’t have any ill will towards gays. I do believe it’s unnatural but I don’t feel it’s my right to tell them how to live their lives. I hate it when they push their morals onto the rest of society, though.

                  Miss California gave an honest opinion about gays on stage, and she was torn apart by a gay judge and she went from #1 to several down. She’s entitled to her beliefs, and religious people’s views should be respected as well. It’s not a one way street like gays want it to be. Why should we have to respect their views while they trash ours?

              • That is a pretty sweeping claim.

              • “I think the problem is that conservatives equate love and compassion with liberalism and no values. But there are many people filled with love and compassion who also embrace values, morals, principles, hard work, respect, accountability.”

                That just sounds like you’ve never met a conservative in your entire life. Weird.

                • wodiej

                  Known plenty of conservatives. Read thousands of their comments on several different blogs. Perhaps that viewpoint should be confined to those people.

                • The fact is, ever since Falwell made it the policy of his ministry to “love the sinner, but not the sin,” and to accept gays into their churches, folks on the right have fallen right in step with that. It’s far easier to act on that principle than it is to see children ostracized or lose friends. It’s also a far more genuine position than you’ll get with the left, which is mostly a bunch of pandering to try and retain voting blocs.

                  As I keep saying, gays are far safer behind conservatives with guns than they are among the left, or among the world where jihad is enabled by the left.

  • stevenbiot

    Scientists will discover the gay gene one day. I’m sure a few people correctly claim they were “changed” into being heterosexual. But, for the most part, I believe it’s genetic. One of my childhood neighbors had a wife and two girls. As a kid, he seemed different to me. His mannerisms weren’t like the other guys on the block. Come to find out, my heterosexual neighbor left his wife for another man when his daughters finished high-school.

    • The heterosexual nature of human beings is an irrefutable, biological, physical reality. A ‘gay gene’ would have to establish homosexual biology in a human being or it wouldn’t be a ‘gay gene’ at all.

    • wodiej

      I can almost always tell if a man is gay by his mannerisms-not as much w women. Those are not learned behaviors. I’ve read studies about gay people having more of one gene than normal. For example, gay men having more estrogen, gay women more testosterone. People are going to believe what they want to believe.

  • Haywoodjbl

    So this proves it..No one ever thought about the reverse of this…You are Straight and then turn Gay… both ways apparently …But I am still not convinced that there is more at work than just choosing….In the end, I really don’t care one way or the other

  • aposematic

    The Government should stay out of everyones/anyones bedroom…period!

  • There are no homosexuals… unless you count heterosexuals.

  • There is no gay gene. There are plenty of homosexuals that turn heterosexual..I personally know five and counting. There are also heterosexuals that turn homosexual…also know a couple of those.


    This bill if about the government not interfering in your parenting skills and seeking help for your child/children. It’s doubling down on stupid with nothing but moral relativism to back it up.

  • as my gay cousin (from marriage) said a week before he died of aids, it was his choice to act upon his desires.
    he realized too late what those choices would do to him.
    he was saved in the end, boy I miss him.

  • Renowned psychiatrist Richard Fitzgibbons criticizes the California law saying that it harms kids.

  • T

    “K-Bob 2 hours ago in reply to T
    Cheap trick (just dismiss what you disagree with).

    Those selling it as a scientific, proven fact that there’s some mystical gay gene, or that it cannot be helped in 100% of the cases are the inflexible ones.

    You apparently missed the folks here who have stipulated that some folks have some physical differences that could account for non-typical behavior. But no, it’s just easier to make blanket accusations, isn’t it?”

    What the hell are you talking about? I, personally, have never said that there is a mystical gene. I, being homosexual, can tell you 100% that it is not a choice. No science, no voodoo, no drum circle… just is. I could care less what “science” says on this issue. My entire reason for posting anything on this board was in response to someone saying that homosexuality is a choice. To that I say, “Nuts!”

    Now, the “blanket accusation” came much later after I was berated for my mere existence as it is supposedly some “choice.” YOU apparently missed those that called me a sodomite and, even worse, a “progressive.” Apparently me and my ilk are the bane of existence in this country, ruining families and such.

    Well, let me leave you with this. There were two boys who, thank God, were not victims of abortion; however, they were doomed for a successful future as there was no father around and the mother was a crack addict. These two boys were destined to bounce around in the foster chaos until they turned 18 only to end up God knows where. Struggling in school and socially, my cousin and his partner (yes, another dude) brought them into their home as foster kids. While taking care of these brothers, my cousin and his partner grew to deeply care for them and knew they had to adopt them to remove their drug addicted mother from the picture. The courts agreed with them and they are living very healthy, prosperous lives in a family with love and support. Yes, there is no mother around to give them that important aspect of growing up but which is better; a motherless home with two loving fathers or a fatherless home and a drug addicted mother? I think I would select the former.

    • What the hell are you talking about? I, personally, have never said that there is a mystical gene. I, being homosexual, can tell you 100% that it is not a choice. No science, no voodoo, no drum circle… just is. I could care less what “science” says on this issue. My entire reason for posting anything on this board was in response to someone saying that homosexuality is a choice. To that I say, “Nuts!”

      Now, the “blanket accusation” came much later after I was berated for my mere existence as it is supposedly some “choice.” YOU apparently missed those that called me a sodomite and, even worse, a “progressive.” Apparently me and my ilk are the bane of existence in this country, ruining families and such.

      Look, all I can tell you is that we’ve gotten far from the reality that some people are not born within the expected norms, to the bullsh*t peddled by the left (mostly) that gays now make up some massive number of the population, and that none of them are responsible for being gay.

      You speak for yourself, obviously, and not the man in the subject of the post, nor the others who have made similar testimony in this thread. You might be one of the .000x% of the population that was genetically predisposed. No one will be able to prove that in our lifetime. Fine. But don’t expect people to just accept a raft of bullsh*t about it, based on your personal experience, or the gay lobby in general.

      We all know people who have made bizarre life choices, and refuse to change. I know lifelong smokers who are now coughing up lungs because they refused to stop smoking, even though they knew the risks. It had nothing to do with them being “unable” to stop, and everything to do with refusing to be told to stop. Their words, not mine.

      Until some real science is done, we won’t know. But the risk is, that if some real science is done, leftists will begin aborting babies for being candidates for gayness. So it’s a real conundrum.

  • hosepipe

    Actually it’s bi-sexuals that prove being gay is not innate.. its a choice..
    Anyone can chose to go one way or the other…. OR BOTH..

    The reason(s) for the choice is minutia.. its a preference..
    You can chose strongly or weakly but its still a choice..
    Morality has little to do with it……..