Former Navy SEAL: Doesn’t matter Republican or Democrat, we both die just the same on the battlefield

Benjamin Smith, a former Navy SEAL who is a part of the new watchdog group taking on the Obama administration over leaks that have put our national security at risk, was on with Megyn Kelly and was asked about the group’s political affiliation despite being a non-partisan group – which is a fair question. He said that while he personally leans conservative, when you are on the battlefield it doesn’t matter whether you are Republican or Democrat. If leaks compromise your mission then you both die just the same. And he emphasized that they aren’t going away and will criticize any president in the future, Republican or Democrat, who compromises national security by leaking sensitive information.

Watch below:

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  • MiketheMarine

    And now, it has just been reported that of the 7 Americans that died on that chopper crash in A-stan, two of them were Navy Seals.

    Semper Fidelis and rest well, Brothers. We will carry on the fight.

    • Amy

      More fierce warriors guarding the halls of Valhalla ~

      RIP Warriors

      • MiketheMarine

        The shame is we always lose the best of us all. The world is a lesser place today….

        • virginiagentleman1

          Well said my Marine brother. We have seen it with our own eyes! VG

    • badbadlibs

      Call me crazy…(and if you do it’s ok!), I’m not surprised to learn two were Navy Seals.
      God be with their loved ones.

  • westernhunter

    I donated to them yesterday. Hope it is put out on TV.

  • Good that these guys are doing this. Bring out the negatives on Obama!! These guys have credibility.

  • Anyone have a link to their web video?

  • I think these guys have a total right to do this and in a non partisan way. It is their lives on the line! Keep them honest guys!

  • sDee

    This man has a lot to say and we should be listening – carefully. Megan Kelly did all she could to make this about politics, even though Smith opened the segment saying it was not political, it was about America and the Constitution.

    It is all about the elephant and donkey theater for the media – they will never ever get to the truth.

    • Martin2717

      Yeah so I don’t agree with the question that was asked being a fair one. They’re a non-partisan group meaning there’s no political affiliation. Leave it to the news media to stir up politics any chance they get.

  • Amy

    I, for one, would not want to rise up into any of these guys sites because I compromised either OPSEC or their own PERSEC. It’s not terribly intelligent to try to pull any Saul Alinksy type tactics with any of them either (like Media Matters or Beckel have just tried). They are the epitome of our early patriots and they fight like them.

    I almost pity the leftists. Almost.

  • marketcomp

    This is a rallying cry by this brave men that the President is jeopardizing the security of this country and the President should be ousted and then charged with treason.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Thank you for posting this!!!

  • Army_Pilot1967

    I thought that was brazen of obama’s campaign official questioned the “right” of those special operators to criticize the recent operational leaks. That person needs to go on a special operation and see if that changes his/her mind about their “authority” to speak on that subject. I will bet the person questioning the special operator’s authority has never served one single, solitary day in the uniform of our military services. I don’t believe anyone who has served would say something that stupid and put the lives of our military in jeopardy like that!!!!

    • MiketheMarine

      Standard OpSec, no?

      • Army_Pilot1967


  • toongoon

    I like the laugh. It shows that he has a sense of humor, even in defiance.

    It really bothers me though, that an obama “campaign official” said that no one in in this group has authority to speak on this issue. A campaign worker, that is “CAMPAIGN WORKER” makes the judgement on what a military authority can speak on.

    There really is no difference between the administration and his campaign, at least in their minds.

    • MiketheMarine

      And the real beauty is these guys, like myself are out of the service. What can they do to us? Make us join the military? BTDT, got the T-shirt. And hat. And sweatshirt. And a closet full of old uniforms.

  • Patriot077

    The courage these men exhibit in coming forward to protect America is awesome. I don’t know how any person of any political persuasion could ignore this message especially since it is delivered in a factual – and very honorable – manner.

    God Bless all our military and intelligence operations in their efforts to protect America.

    • sDee

      We, the people they serve and protect, have let them down. They would never have been put in this position if not for an ignorant electorate that allowed a treasonous usurper to stand as Commander in Chief. Yet they step forward again – above and beyond.

      • Patriot077

        Yes, we have let them down and this obscene leaking of vital intelligence is just one way. The rules of engagement our troops are forced to adhere to is yet another.

        We knew, didn’t we, when the usurper started hiring his czars that our nation would be harmed in ways we could not yet imagine?

        God help us and bless these courageous souls for speaking out.

  • p m

    What a contrast with the other Ben Smith over at Politico.
    Wonder if this fabulous man will run for Congress in the future.

    Thanks for posting a follow-up. Sure hope this gets played over and over everywhere on tv as well as the opsec website and youtube.

    And another tragic loss today. RIP brave patriots.

  • 4Hoppes2

    This also goes directly to the asinine notion of trying Gitmo detainees on American soil, the unprincipled rules of engagement and the attempt by the Obama administration to out our operatives that participated in the interrogation of those detainees. If they had an ounce of respect for the talents, sacrifices, and commitments these men epitomize the country would be far better off.

  • MaxineCA

    Out of the long list of things O has done to destroy and divide our country, the one that angers me most is his apparent disdain he has for our military. (Well, unless their brave actions help him politically) BTW it was Axelrod who questioned their having knowledge to speak on the topic.

    Megyn had a great interview with Oliver North yesterday discussing the Obama campaign’s lawsuit against OH regarding the 3 day voting extended to the military. Hopefully Scoop can pull it and post it. It was great! He holds up the Constitution and asks – What’s the Obama team’s problem with the constitution. He also discusses the issue of military absentee ballots.

    • p m

      Thanks for the tip, Maxine. Having pulled out of tv and cable a few years ago, I have to rely on tips like yours and TRS!

  • 911Infidel

    I’ll go further than the SEAL did and say that the entire administration of the Kenyan liar, are stinking, lousy traitors. Too many of them are immature, goofy-a$$ academics who couldn’t get a real job if they tried. Loose lips don’t just sink ships, but they get good people killed.

  • kong1967

    There’s a reason why most of the group are Republicans. Democrats don’t want to go against their treasonous leader for political reasons. All it means is that the Republicans are mostly the only ones willing to take on Obama and not turn their heads concerning his criminal activity.

  • WordsFailMe

    Funny how much the White House compound looks like Bin Ladin’s den…

    I despise miscreant democrats and liberals and their communist whoremasters but there’s something just as despicable about FOX News and their presentation methods and their smarmy talking heads who deliver news about the latest attack on freedom by traitors with smiles, jokes, knee-slapping and laughter:

    Does Megyn oil her chest before go on camera? I swear I can see the reflection of the cameraman between her collar bones.

    • p m

      Ditto with the intro to Tony Perkins of FRC, posted here too. Suddenly, the question becomes “Did the FRC contribute to the attempted murder of their own staff?” How dare they posit such a thing. Thankfully, Mr.Perkins made his well-thought-out responses in spite of that set-up, and gave an excellent interview.

  • Real American Heroes.

  • B-Funk

    It takes courage to stand against your enemies. It takes more courage to stand against the people who are supposed to have your back. I support you guys in doing what’s right over what’s easy.

  • anneinarkansas

    Would you not love to slap the person who criticized the Seals????????

    • MaxineCA

      Well, yes I would – it was Axelrod. I’d like to slap that mustache right off of his disgusting face!

  • GreenBeretWay




  • 12grace

    Benjamin Smith is a patriot. obama is as always a criminal that should have been impeached and imprisoned long ago.

  • stage9

    The Documentary is here:

    Dishonorable Disclosures

    • p m

      What you say is all true. Every word.
      The State Department is in it with the scum. How could it not, with the Alinsky disciple HRC at the helm.

      Hope you feel better after your walk:) Our day is coming. Don’t doubt it.

  • Romney’s Middle East adviser—by picking him, Mitt pissed off CAIR. Read more at

  • aZjimbo

    Has there ever been a president that has acted more un -presidential than this clown in the white house now?


    Thank You Fellow Soldiers!

    May The Lord Hold Us Up And Give Us The Strength To Carry On!

    Our Soldiers Are In Gods Hands And Love And Condolences To Their Brethen And Family!

    Onward Christian Soldiers Marching As To War…With The Cross Of Jesus!


    Is In The Hands Of Our Soldiers!

  • texasemc

    My heroes are military, not politicians, celebrities, or over-paid professional game players. If you do not respect our military, you have no business running anything in this country.

  • Jim Gilman

    Still serving America even in retirement. Meet the new Swift boaters. God Bless them all.

  • lucy locke

    I guess I’d ask all you sailors and army (GO ARMY!) what makes you hate like you do? Is it too much Fox? I cannot believe the hate that comes out of your mouths. Interesting the way your minds work. Why hate someone like that? Are you Americans or Manchurian candidates?