Former NBA player Greg Anthony endorses Romney for President in new ad, gets support and attacks on twitter

I don’t follow the NBA very much so I’m not sure if Greg Anthony was a ‘star’ or not, but even so this is a great ad for Mitt Romney, especially in Nevada:

As you can imagine, Anthony is getting a lot of feedback on twitter, a mix of support and disgust. Here’s a sample:

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  • Just goes to show were the hate really is! You know, even if Obama wins and even if the country spirals into a “real” depression and I lose my job I will not hate. The haters and Obama phone people will still be miserable and hate. I on the other hand will rest easy in Gods grace and take comfort in understanding how we got there and where I am going, even while standing in a soup line.

    • gunclinger

      Well said!

      My biggest sadness is that I have kids and grandkids, and they are the ones who will pay for this mess for generations to come. My son just finished a 4-year stint as an Army Ranger medic, putting his life on the line, for a country that seems more interested in a free phone, than taking care of the critical business at hand.

      I personally have tried to set myself up in a rural environment that will hopefully sustain my family for a long while as this country reverts to anarchy.

      I suggest all reading this, to buy long term food supplies, water filtration, defensive weapons(and LOTS of rounds), and perhaps gold and silver to use as currency once our dollar becomes worthless.

      If you don’t yet have any weapons, start with a tactical 12-guage. CHEAP, and very effective…

      GOD-SPEED to each of us!

    • Rightstuff1

      You can just see all these “tools” screaming for civility in our political discourse and then going off on a leftwing rant filled with filth and gutter language the very next. Typical leftists judging people by standards they never live up to and never will. I think it is also known as rank hypocrisy.

      • I have heard and read plenty of gutter language from the right as well. But then again you seem to be judgemental and hateful yourself,maybe you are getting what you hand out.

        • Will anyone ever really listen to what they are saying?

    • bobemakk

      Well said, if that is what God wants. But I’d rather pay for my own soup with Romney as president. In my 65 years of life, as a young man I was the recording secretary of our Democratic club. As soon as LBJ became president, I quickly crossed party lines and voted republican even though I was a registered democrat.

    • Romney will have you in a soup line he has no idea how you exist and does not care. If you were mover by his 90 minutes of lies Thursady just do a political fact check and see waht Romney and Ryans budget really does for you and America. He is a polished version of Bush and Rove economics.

  • RosiesSeeingRed

    Why is the left so blind to their own racism?

    • FutureOnePercent

      They’re too busy screaming at the mirror.

    • Very good question, they seemed to be what they are are hatefully saying we are. Have you seen us be hatefull here?

  • BarbaCat

    I don’t follow sports, but I’ve got to shout out for bravery for him.
    Stay strong, young man!

    • Orangeone

      And isn’t he a great role model for youth! If you disagree discuss it, don’t scream racism and obsenities.

    • Agreed, that is what this nation is truely all about! That is what the ambasodor that lost his life a few weeks ago was all about, bravery to stand for tall for this nation and our fought for (yes, I said it we have fought battles since our beginning and probably will continue doing so) and fought for others around the world that need our help. For them as well to have the same freedoms.

  • Sober_Thinking

    It’s disgusting that conservative (or perhaps moderate in this case) blacks are persecuted like this. So, some blacks want free phones for their vote? Some want Obama-dollars? And many want all blacks to be impoverished or to suffer because of their skin color? How does that make any sense? The ignorance and hate is amazing in this day and time.

    I applaud Greg Anthony for putting himslef out there and sharing what he believes and why. He may have hoped to be an inspiration but the “tolerent” left made him a target.

    The left is evil, ignorant and selfish… pure and simple.

    • Orangeone

      Yet note that he said he was a Repub since age 19 but voted for the pRes of his own race…..makes you wonder.

    • How do you know these peopel are on the leeft they sound like Carl Rove and how romney talks to his big donors when he does not think anyone is listening.

      • What is wrong here? Get your truth from what is really happening, not from what the pundants are telling you. When I see posts like this, all I hear is what I have heard in the media, the talking points and retoric. Make sense and don’t repeat what you’ve heard.
        Beleive half of what you see and nothing of what you’ve heard.

        • What part of the video on Mitt speaking candidly did you not believe. You are either blind or deaf or both. No wonder people around the world shake their heads on our blindness.

    • Dear Sober thinking: How in God’s name can you support a person who is in alignment with a party that was only about one thing and that was to make Obama a one term President. They did NOT care about coming up with ONE jobs bill for the AMERICAN people in a time of great need. They were traitors to the American people. They purposely allowed the economy of the USA, along with their big business buddies, to stay in free fall. They allowed big business to sit on their profits in order to keep the USA economy down. The republican party did all they could to keep any thing of value to make the President look weak and neglectful. God help you all for the betrayal you traitors did to this once great country. And despite all this Obama still had some great achievements. Don’t tell me God isn’t GOOD. You will pay for your betrayal to the American people. You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time. Oh and today the largest newspaper in UTAH endorsed OBAMA. Even his own people see the man behind the curtain.

      • Sober_Thinking

        How can you align yourself with a man who literally hates this nation and has worked harder than any terrorist to destroy it? How can you back a pathological liar? How can you call yourself an American for voting for a Communist? And if you’re not a libtard, then take a shower and get a job you Occupier.

        For the record, I’m Independent, NOT a Republican. You are right that they are nearly as bad as Democrats. I will support a 3rd party when I no longer have to suffer at the whims of the current Monster in the WH. I don’t support Romney but he’s a LOT better than Obama – at least Romney loves his country – so Mitt gets my vote.

        I’m not going to get into it with a troll who has overdosed on the Koolaid. You need help my friend and the sooner you get treated for rectal-cranial insertion, the better off you’ll be in the long run.

        And finally, unless you discover the mercy and Grace of Jesus Christ, you are doomed to an unspeakable fate. No God, no peace… Know God, know peace.

        Don’t respond to my postings anymore. After an unhinged and unnecessary rant like what you provided over an old post, I don’t care what more you have to say.

  • deeme

    Unreal he has a different view,,and they hate him..What has happened to this country.?.These people obviously don’t know the meaning of Uncle Tom because the people they call it, would never be subservient to anyone..they made their own way …If anyone is subservient to white people, it’s the ones who can’t even afford their own b.c. pills or cell phones…

    • Right and this is what is happening so fast in these past few years, it scares me! I remember the 60’s, I don’t want that to happen again, I so pray it doesn’t!

      • Slickfoot

        Amen sister, cause the outlook seems even more ominous.

      • deeme

        I was a kid but what I remember is even though there were democrats and republicans, the hatred wasn’t there, people still cared about each other they played cards together and had verbal arguments but didn’t call each other names.or threaten each other..that has changed..I got called an unmentionable name yesterday for telling a guy his story was beautiful yesterday..he supported life from the view of being at a concenctration camp and I said everyone should read it and woke up to being called a fa%%ot in my inbox.It seems we are losing something greater…our souls you remember the helping hands in the windows..I remember getting lost , we moved alot and it was a new subdivision , I was walking around and got lost, adults didn’t have cell phones, why would kids..I went to a helping hand house, and they were so sweet and helped me find my parents…I’d like to think that could still fly today , but watching my news yesterday , I almost got sick..some lady beat and then superglued her baby to the wall..a ten year old was abducted and muredered on her way to school…a guy road raged and threw a women out of his car…we are all cracking up…sorry for the negative rant…

  • Don’t really know the man, but it shows you that the only thing liberals do NOT tolerate are people that disagree with them. If you dare have a different opinion, you get hammered. Just shows you what small-minded hypocrites they are.

    • sDee

      It is a bandwagon – just like the emperors clothes, once the “disaffected” realize they can jump off the donkey’s bandwagon and be just fine – and even better, the propaganda collapses.

      This is why I feel it is so important that Romney exploit a chance we may never have again to expose marxism for what it is. Now is the time to abandon the notion of getting voters to jump on the elephant’s bandwagon, and present the truth about limited government, liberty and the intent of our founding documents.

      • I just want our country back and I am so afraid it’s to late. This nation has turned it’s back on God and I don’t see many turning back to Him. Osama did it, he knew that a lazy minded people would fall, all he had to do was to start the ball rolling and it would emplode. Pray for our nation, He will listen to the few.

        • Back to what and when??? That scares me to death that kind of thinking. Back to the same conditions that drove us into the ditch were in. Obama had NOTHING to do with our current economy, Romney and his fellow Republicans are the blame. So if you want to back to that, you go alone.

    • You are absolutely right.. the left claims to support women and minorities, but they do not support conservative women or conservative blacks and Hispanics! Only those who agree with them!

      • They don’t support people who treat women as chattel,tell them what they and their doctors can do with their health and their bodies. Do Republicans support moderate women who want the Republicans out of their bedrooms and doctors office, Romney already insulted balcks and Hispanics with his 47%, and just how you right wingers want to forget that!

        • Retoric, talking points. Can’t you see that? And yes, there are a bunch of freeloaders on the freebies. My neighbor just yesterday told me that the food stamp card is being abused. One of the other neighbors here ask her if she would give them cash for groceries bought with her card. They would take her card and buy $100 in food if she would give them $80. It was for drugs. Tell me, is that what the people who need the food stamps card want them for? Looks like they don’t need them for food.

          • Damn, that’s the reason our economy fell apart. And I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale. You people use talking points from the Regan era. Which are racist and bigoted. From some one who was on food stamps for a few months I can tell you most people I know who are on food stamps are honestly needy and use them in the way it was meant for, to feed their families. PERIOD.

      • If you disagree, they call you every name in the book, then drag you through the mud!

    • True, for example, I posted a simple statement tonight on my facebook that after this VP debate I will now vote Romney/Ryan. All hateful (it was all that you hear the media say, just talking points and retoric) postings and such broke out. I tried to be as strong as this man and posted my answers. All I got was hatefulness. I got to looking and saw the comments I made had been deleted. I was called either ignorant or a hypocrite,
      just because I pay my way when it comes to medical and I said I didn’t take hand outs. I am responsible for me, not the goverment hand outs. I am not insured and I am low income, but I have faith in my God to care for me. I will not depend on the government to do that for me. I said I paid cash to my doctors and that I got discounts for paying cash. That is when I was told that I was ignorant and a hypocrite.
      Doesn’t even make sense to me.

    • Blacks voting for a man who was part of a religion that banned blacks as inferior, is like a Jew voting for a man who was a former Nazi.

  • sjmom

    The Left really hates anyone who does not toe the line and it is despiccable so many must express themselves in a vile manner. If some of these don’t change their ways they will destroy themselves with their own emotion. “Love never fails” (1Cor 13:8) to sustain, uplift, and encourage.

    Kudos to Mr. Anthony for his strength of character in maintaining his composure during the assault. May we all follow his example.

  • sDee

    The great thing about capitalism is that it benefits all who chose to embrace it.

    Unlike socialism, it does not require pillars of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation and ethnicity in order to stand.

  • ah, the good ol tolerant left…

    • MiketheMarine

      Yeah, where is that pinhead Guest? Mr. liberals won’t start a civil war. Care to explain this hatred?

  • Boris_Badenoff

    Excuses are a dime a dozen, Greg played in the NBA for 10 years where an excuse will get you nowhere.. no one cares about your excuse there.. you either can play or you can’t.

    His words speak the truth.

    The man has my respect..

  • FutureOnePercent

    That first twitter response, I thought it said Olivia Munn said that, not Olivia Money (whoever the hell that is)… that just about ruined my day.

    • FutureOnePercent

      Followup to myself for anyone else who cares… I just checked and Olivia Munn is an avid Obama supporter too…

      Well that sucks.

  • I don’t know the man and I don’t follow that sport, but he’s entitled to his opinion and it’s an absolute disgrace the sort of abuse he is getting for it! Is there any law that these racist a$$hats are breaking by tweeting hateful racist garbage like that at the man for daring to express his opinion? The LEFT are the REAL Racists.


    …KEEP ON KEEPING ON , Greg your decision will INSPIRE the many to do the same and not just the Black Americans but also the Latino Americans , Chinese Americans , Japanese Americans , Irish Americans , Scottish Americans , Italian Americans , Vietnamese Americans , Spanish Americans , German Americans , Greek Americans , Jewish Americans … ALL AMERICANS !”

  • Tiffini

    So sick of the left treating all who disagree with them like trash and then have the nerve to say they are the inclusive party. I read these comments all the time, some woman tweeted that the world will be a better place when Hannity is dead. I read liberal sites all the time and all they do is name call, bully, and blame Bush. It is getting pathetic. They remind me of my seventeen year old son and his friends. This ad is great. Greg Anthony is all Class, even in his responses to the haters.

  • kong1967

    This really pi**es me off. Any black person that votes Republican is trashed as a sellout and a traitor, and even talked to like he/she is a slave. Liberals, YOU are the racists.
    You talk to blacks like you own them and they owe you something. They don’t. Let them have free will.

    I don’t have any beef with blacks that vote Democrat as long as they have a good reason to. It’s free will. But this is not free will. This is manipulation and pressure. Vote Democrat because you agree with them, not because it’s what you’re expected to do or because a ton of people will trash you for voting Republican. Liberals are the ones who don’t want to let blacks think for themselves. It’s pathetic and a tragedy.

  • MiketheMarine

    Candice, Mo and Olivia, stop twittering and get jobs you dead beat ghetto rats. Then you might understand this capitalist, successful businessmans point of view.

    • PhillyCon

      Who are these people anyway, and why should we or Mr. Anthony care?

  • usajingoist

    Greg was a star. Not “face of the league” like Kobe, Lebron, Jordan, Magic, or Bird, but an All-Star and a visable one at that. He played in New York as well, so plenty of NY’ers are seeing his comments.

    • poljunkie

      Well, he’s a star to me today.

      Good on him for stating his political views when he knew he would probably be attacked.

  • poljunkie

    Ah, the tolerant left.

  • Thank God.

  • Martin2717

    Anthony was a solid player in the NBA. More known for his defense. He was also apart of those great UNLV teams from the early ’90s. I’ve always had respect for his opinions on the NBA especially for my team, the Mavs. I’m glad to know he doesn’t support Obama.

    • sno_warrior

      He beat me (my team) more than once with that last second, 3 pt. jumper

    • You said it when you said team. I see no team today in this country, I see divison and hatred, and true ignorance!

  • Nukeman60

    All the racist hatred aside from those idiot tweeters, it doesn’t matter whether you’re famous or an unknown. The story this year is universal. You never hear of an ’08 McCain supporter saying, “Well I voted for John in ’08, but this year Obama perked my interest”. Never. What you do hear, in every demographic, is people who voted for Obama in ’08 who are disillusioned, disheartened, and disappointed about the job Obama has done and have decided to vote for someone else.

    While we must keep the enthusiasm up to get as many to the polls as possible on Nov 6th, I still say it’s going to be a landslide of an election. All the indicators point to it. There is no denying the facts.

    • I pray to God every day that you are right!

    • That’s where their story falls apart. The most of the country voted for Obama. Where was the racist then? Where was the divide then? It’s is like when he failed us, a few decide to not be responsible for their vote. They choose to ooze hatred and non-sense.

  • tvlgds

    The hypocrisy of the left never ceases to amaze me. I don’t follow the NBA much, but this guy is a class act! God Bless Him

  • How sad! A stand up Black guy with the cajones to say what he believes, not what he is told to say. The Leftists will be treatng him like Col. West, and any other truthful American. The left hates it when one of their own escape the plantation. The plantation created by and ruled by the left.

  • tvlgds

    On a side note, and only because this seems like this is the best place for it – I got a note from my daughter this morning – she lives in the Bay Area and is surrounded by liberal loonies, but raised conservative and tends to lean that way on most issues. She has voted once since she was old enough and that was for Bush in 2000. She informed me this morning that she has re-registered to vote, and it’s Romney all the way! I definitely raised her “right.” 🙂 I’m so proud of her!

    • Good to hear this prodigal son (Daughter this time obviously) coming home! 🙂 Another nail in the coffin that is Socialism NObama style!

      • tvlgds

        I agree, and it made my day! Her subject line was “this will make you happy.” She was right. (and correct! 🙂 ) She’s one who tends to avoid politics and doesn’t think her vote counts, but she realizes the importance of this election.

        • Let’s hope it’s a sign of greater change! Can you spell landslide? Oh, wait, I just did, nevermind…. darn text… 🙂

          • tvlgds

            I just pray there are more out there like her who don’t usually vote or get involved, but realize that this is make or break for our country as we know it.

            • There are, they are just being quite as to not have anyone hurt them. That is happening here in the small town where I live.

              • tvlgds

                Isn’t that incredibly sad? Your statement hit me right in the gut. I didn’t really think about people being physically hurt. Can you even imagine conservatives going out and hurting people who don’t vote the way they want? This sure isn’t the America I was born into.

    • Be ever so thankful that she hasn’t been brain washed by all the non-sense that isn’t being spouted as truth. God bless her, and you for doing right by her!

      • tvlgds

        I am very thankful. Sometimes I’ve felt like she’s been brainwashed when I hear some of the things she says, and then she’ll turn right around and say something that proves she listened to me. There are times I have to steer her in the right direction when she doesn’t have her facts straight. She KNOWS the truth.

  • Rshill7

    It seems to me that the true sellouts are those blacks who stay in the democrat party no matter what. They sell out their young’s employment opportunities. They sell out their religious beliefs, values and concerns. They sell out their neighborhoods and communities. They sell out their country’s financial solvency and it’s ability to protect us.

    They sell out themselves, and voluntarily shack up cycle after election cycle on the democrat plantation. Yassa Massa! Is the shouted mantra these people give to folks like Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, and others.

    They also sell out those who truly want to widen their freedom and opportunity, i.e., conservatives. You know, those folks that realize they are just as smart, just as talented and every bit as capable as any other color person. Yet by huge majorities, black people are a monolithic topsy turvy crowd, like bats in a belfry. So, who the sellouts…really?

    Treak or treat, all ye who vote your own demise. Wake up and smell the candy corn. Then go ahead and follow the rest of your single party-voting race, and race each other, right off a cliff.

    • PhillyCon

      They sell out their young’s employment opportunities.

      Scoop had a post a few months back on the CBC. They basically said that the unemployment rate in their community is horrendous and will not make a stink about it, b/c the President is Obama.

      So, your assertion is 100 percent correct.

  • iaintlyin

    hey greg, ya better of with us, you’ll be able to hold your head high, unlike cory booker who didn’t have the balls to match his heart and instinct.

  • I tweeted him be strong, be safe, follow your conscience. not sure if it went through

    • poljunkie

      Thats great. I dont do the twitter, but please tell him for me, the same!

      • I tweeted him a similar message! He has to know there are some out here that respect him and his opinion and not to let the bastards get him down.

    • PhillyCon

      Thanks to those who do twitter, and show support to Mr. Anthony.

  • rsox1

    Not sure I’d call him a star in the NBA, but I believe he was at UNLV which is probably more important for this particular ad.

    And the attacks on him are to be expected. The only opinion you’re welcome to with the Left is the one they agree with…otherwise, you are to be attacked and denigrated.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    To some people skin color is more important than character and honesty. I applaud Greg Anthony for saying what he believes without injecting race/skin color into it. I wish more African Americans were as honest and forthwith as Anthony.

    • I am an American that was in the military and worked civil service as well and also worked in the private sector.I respect everyone opinion because that’s just what it is. But when you put your personal opinion out for the world to see remember the first amendment goes both ways .

  • fmrnuke

    White liberals are the real slave owners and the loyalty of most Black Americans to the Democratic Party, the same party that started and maintained slavery in America, are the field negroes. Keep calling other Black Americans Uncle Tom and you stay in that subservient mindset. A conservative Black American has become subservient to no one because he/she isn’t looking for handouts.

  • Thank you Greg for having the courage to stand up for what you believe. You’re a good man, great player and all around great AMERICAN.

  • fmrnuke

    White liberals are the real slave owners and the loyalty of most Black Americans to the Democratic Party, the same party that started and maintained slavery in America, are the field negroes. Keep calling other Black Americans Uncle Tom and you stay in that subservient mindset. A conservative Black American has become subservient to no one because he/she isn’t looking for handouts.

    • True. They have become free and independent self-reliant men who all can respect.

  • fmrnuke

    White liberals are the real slave owners and the loyalty of most Black Americans to the Democratic Party, the same party that started and maintained slavery in America, are the field negroes. Keep calling other Black Americans Uncle Tom and you stay in that subservient mindset. A conservative Black American has become subservient to no one because he/she isn’t looking for handouts.

  • sue-marie

    What’s the big deal? Everyone has a right to their own political preference. Why are they making this racial? Is this what putting Obama in the Oval Office has done to this country? No wonder people are having regrets for voting for Obama…racial divide was suppose to shrink…not get bigger…gee whiz!

  • cathmom

    Boy these libs sure get mad when a black person uses their brains and leaves the plantation…..these libs are the racists!! They expect all blacks to support Obama just for skin color and sure don’t want them using their own common sense do they? Way to go Greg Anthony for using plain common sense and critical thinking.

  • PicklePlants

    This is one of the primary reasons the polls are wrong. How many former Obama supporters want to put up with this type of abuse? It is so much easier to lie to the pollster and then “forget” to get to the polls.

    Landslide – watch for falling socialist statist.

  • Laurel

    Poor guy. Those hateful comments are unwarranted.

  • There are so many mean, hateful, racist pricks on the left, it makes me sick.

  • mder4thegov

    Much respect, Greg.

  • I loved That year UNLV won the NCAA over Duke ! Your and independent thinker and God bless you Mr Anthony

  • Excuses don’t win championships. Champions don’t make excuses. Our country needs a someone with championship attributes to champion our comeback from this despairing economy! Thank You!

  • wodiej

    Not surprised one bit. God bless you Mr. Anthony.

  • Yazz55

    Its just liberals showing just the extent to which they don’t approve of, or believe in free speech.

    Liberals translate free speech mean only their perspective. Anything else is prohibited and labeled racist etc.

  • PhillyCon

    Who are these random morons on twitter? As though, Mr. Anthony has to answer to these people?

    Last I checked this is still a free country with free speech rights.

  • Slickfoot

    I love the white chicks telling him all about black people’s pain and progress.

  • Rocco11

    Smart man.

  • msverde1

    A tempest of a new face for conservatism is rapidly approaching, assailed by commonsense and a dose of hardcore rationale. Bravo to former Running Rebel, GA!!

  • johnos2112

    I wonder what this electoral map will look like election day. Here is my take! Not sure if it will save but here you go!

    • No, there is a “share map” button near the bottom of the map. That will give you a link to your map in the “share your map” section below.

  • Stephanie T

    Sellout? Not a chance. A brave man who stands up for his beliefs? Definitely.

  • Greg, God Bless you! Not because you’ve endorsed a Republican, but because you’re not afraid to acknowledge that you don’t need a political party to define you – you’ve done that on your own. I wish many more would do the same. Thank you!!

    To Mo: even though you’ve been programmed, I wish nothing but the best for you. I just wish you would ask yourself something: has the Democrat party (liberalism specifically), ever really done anything to advance your cause? Not handouts, not guaranteed outcomes, but confidence in your ability to pursue success. The DNC and Obama, while smiling at you for your support are laughing all the way to your bank account. They want to determine how much you put in that account, how much you don’t, and how much they can take out. It takes a man of conviction to do what Mr. Anthony is done, and he is not alone, trust me. Please wake up.

    Here’s JUST ONE example:

  • Guest

    Ah, the unbigoted Left. It is heartwarming to see their respectful disagreement with Mr. Anthony.

  • Gene White

    How shocking! What is the world coming to? 🙂

  • Wisewoman2

    Thanks Greg. As an AA you make me proud. Unlike you however, I did not vote for the Liar-in Chief the first time around nor will I ever vote for him. From a surviving family of 10 sisters and brothers out of 14, only two us one of my sisters who lives in Chicago and I did not vote for Obama. We did our homework and refused to be swayed by race only. The remaining brothers and sisters all voted for Obama. In my opinion they will continue to vote for him since he has convinced them that he inherited such a bad situation that he couldn’t correct everthing in only 4 years. It is sad but that is the way it is. I tell them if he couldn’t “fix” it then he should never have applied for the job or now that he has conceded that he couldn’t he should step aside. When I tell them statistics and info about Obama they refuse to believe it or take it into consideration. He has hurt the black race tremendously but they can not see it and they are appalled that I am not supporting him.

  • PJRodman

    Makes it abundantly clear that it really is all about race for a majority of Obama’s supporters.

  • DebbyX

    The Left is vicious!

  • 12grace

    I have the deepest respect for Greg Anthony, it seems that many black people feel it is a personal affront if black people don’t support obama, so Anthony is probably taking a lot of slack.

  • He is not really black!! I love her stupid you could not wait four years? HEY OLIVIA you twit….in another 4 years under the Marxist there will be nothing left of America! Wake up! Great job Greg….appreciate your honesty and candor. Like millions Obama is nothing but a false prophet that promised you the moon but gave you misery!

  • texasgirl46

    I don’t know who he is but…good for him, standing up for what he believes. And major brownie points for him, he handled him self very good on twitter, I would’ve got down right ugly with some of those people, he did good…

  • But… but… RACISM!!!?

  • dixhandley

    Greg Anthony is the consummate pro. Fun watching him play for Tark the shark and the NY Knicks. A real man…I salute you sir!

  • Greg Anthony was UNLV’s point guard during his career there. By his Senior season, he had his own business, which made the NCAA’s panties all twisty. His solution was to give up his scholarship so he could keep his business ans still play intercollegiate basketball.

    Why would a successful businessman not support a successful businessman?

  • The Democrat party is always calling Racism when it is said someone doesn’t support Obama. Now here we have an educated black man who has stated his opinion and it’s the liberals who are being racist. Both Olivia Money and Mo Watkins should be embarressed by their uncouth behaviour.

  • Charm4sure

    Greg Anthony you are one classy guy! Sorry you received comments from some people who should be ashamed of what they tweated. You don’t deserve their hatred and bigotry but that is who they are when they express themselves that way.

  • It appears those ranting about racism and bigotry are the very ones that are using that very language. Apparently you may only have one opinion and it BETTER be theirs or they will resort to the very most vulgar means of addressing you.There is no excuse for EITHER side attacking another persons thought beliefs and views in such a manner and to threaten or do harm in a crime.

  • Usain_5

    I’m of African-Caribbean descent and have lived in the U.S. for over 40 years. I support neither Obama nor Romney. Obama in particular has been extremely disappointing in a myriad number of ways. Achieving cult status does not equal leadership. It’s refreshing to see a thoughtful African-American brother go his own way without bending to the demands of the “Oprah herd.” BTW always enjoyed your leadership as point guard for the Knicks second unit.

  • Usain_5

    I’m of African-Caribbean descent and have lived in the U.S. for over 40 years. I support neither Obama nor Romney. Obama in particular has been extremely disappointing in a myriad number of ways. Achieving cult status does not equal leadership. It’s refreshing to see a thoughtful African-American brother go his own way without bending to the demands of the “Oprah herd.” BTW always enjoyed your leadership as point guard for the Knicks second unit.

  • SAD!! A Man is unable to express himself without getting attacked by LEFT WING WACKOS !! The only History they know is the Indoctrination that is fed to them!!

  • that1dudeFromOC

    he’s free to believe what he wants, I’m free to never support anything that he is ever involved with again.

  • Let’s get it straight Anthony may have a degree in political science but I doubt he was a Republican at the age of nineteen,at that age he was a punk thug who could not be controlled and he could not spell Republcian. This is what society gets when they hand an under acheiving academic, jock, thug a degree someone else paid for, he had no skin of his own (money)in the payment for his degree he claims he has.
    If he claims to have been raised by a woman who worked so hard and lived in abstract poverty he has soon forgotten what it was like and he has not studied the issues of Romney and Ryans budget and how they will treat poor children, working parents,college students,and seniors who will be put out of nursing homes when Medicade is cut out, Medicare is starved out to pave the way for voucher Medicare and Social Security retirement raised to seventy-five years of age.
    He complimnets Romney as a man who is credible? The village idiot knows Romney is a patholgical liar and he lied for ninty minutes Thursday night. If Anthony is so smart he can do a fact check and he will see that Romney is cutting taxes by five trillion dollars and eliminating tax deductions for first and second mortgage’s,charitable contributions,college expense deductions and more. Even with that his own advisors have told him he still can not pay for the tax breaks for the wealthy with his lying plan that attacks the middle class and the working poor. Romney’s own advisors have told him there are no provisions for preexisting conditions with their Medicare voucher system.
    Anthony should go talk to a political professor about the facts and find out just what the facts are.
    Romney covered every child in Mass. with health insurance with millions of dollars in federal aide,raised fees on every license and process he could,lost millions of jobs and left as governor with a thirty -four persent approval rating. Romney is lying and Ryan will lie because they thought they could fool America and the were wrong,so now they are doing a 180 hoping they can pull it off.
    The Anthony’s of the world are sad lot and he is more sad than most.

    • Tim Rowland

      So let me get this straight, you lie about Greg Anthony being a thug and not a Republican at 19, with no proof to back it up, then you lie about Romney lying about his medicare and healthcare reform plans, and you expect to have credibility? Princeton professor Harvey Rosen stated today that Obama lied about his assessment of Romney’s tax plan. So in truth, with all the facts displayed, Obama lies and Romney told the truth about his own plan. Sorry you are so wrong….. =)

  • sandyelcajon

    I am apalled at the racist comments against Mr. Anthony who has shown his integrity and isnt calling the “racist” card to color his observations. All of you who showed your intellectual deficits to curse and insult him should be ashamed of your intellectual deficits. You have shown by your comments your inferiority to Mr. Anthony and to any who view these your ignorance. I applaud you for your distinction, Greg. You have been able to rise above the persons who, when they can’t give a decent rebuttal, resort to the filth for a lack of any reasonable discussion.

  • This is why the past 4 years have been what you see. So much hate has been fostered. Is that how you think our nation wins anything? The world saw the debate tonight, even our emenies. Think on that for a while. All they see now in this once great place to live as one proud nation is falling apart within. Just what they knew it would do. They know this lazy nation as it is, something we have let fester. I don’t know what God will do with her now but I am afraid that it isn’t anything good.

  • Just ask Sara Palin

  • seeing some of these comments it is obvious mr anthony researched the 2 candidates and came to the conclusion that a man who has succeeded in both the private sector and politics is better then a president that has destroyed the american way of life by raising our deficit to the highest in the history of our nation which includes 3 years of over 1 trillion the first time in our countries history,then there is the fact Obama gave 700,000 jobs to undocumented aliens then gave billions in aid packages to countries such as n korea, pakistan and egypt who support the terrorist we are fighting or the bail out to the so called green companies,auto industries and banking industries that caused a higher unemployment rate.i can keep going with Obama’s failed policies. so all mr anthony did was make a educated choice. WILL YOU DO THE SAME????

  • klife

    Mr. Anthony if you endorse a man that heartlessly outsources and “harvests” American jobs (and lives) over a man that is trying to deliver healthcare to all, while leveling the playing field, and rebuilding the entire American middle class – you are either defficient in your thinking, deficient in your humanity, deficient in your pride, or deficient in all three. Your position defies reason, and is therefore ridiculous.

  • gbt0420

    Mr. Anthony,
    I am just now learning of you decision in the Presidental race. Where as I am so proud of the fact that you have a degree in Political Science, I must confess your decision was and is confusing! You declare your “FEEDOM OF SPEECH” rights, but are you aware of how you got those “freedoms”? His name is Dr. Martin Luther King and he was a black man. The next time you feel compelled to exercise some rights, start by thanking Dr. King and maybe just maybe your decision making will improve…..Thank you