Former Soviet citizen confronts Socialists at OWS

This man from the former USSR exposes these nitwit Socialists on OWS for what they are:

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  • Anonymous

    G-d bless this brave ex-Soviet citizen. He is so right! My family came to America, legally from a Communist country. And living under oppression is hell. These stupid leftist have no idea of what they have in America.

    • Anonymous

      We’ll have another violent Civil War before that happens

  • Anonymous

    OMG, these folks are cheesy nutballs or nutty cheeseballs. Someone hand me a cracker.

    This guy from the former USSR sounds a lot like Borat.

  • TxGold

    She wants the gov’t to buy her some teeth!!

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      and a brain transplant….

  • The idiot never heard that Che was a mass murderer and that N. Korea is starving. That’s OWS for ya.


    • Anonymous

      Ignorance is bliss.

      • …and those OWS idiots are ignorant.


    • Then let’s buy a one-way ticket to N. Korea to every one of these OWS morons willing to renounce their citizenship and go join the Glorious Workers’ Paradise. I’m more than happy to spend my tax money on anyone who will take the offer.

  • Useful Idiots.

  • Anonymous

    It seems these “useful idiots” want to collapse our system to usher in the system that supports “666” technology.

    Cash = Terrorism

    Cash to be replaced with biometric ID’s


  • Good grief! That was a good clip though even though these people are as dumb as a box of rocks. That is a great way to illustrate the utter failure of socialism, North Korea juxtaposed to South Korea… CASE CLOSED.

    • Anonymous

      C’mon man, rocks at least know the law of gravity, these idiots not so sure.

  • puma_for_life

    Any body that I have met, and that includes my mother, who lived in a socialist country, worships the USA…they kiss the land when they arrive here. They fly the red, white, and blue proudly and say the pledge of allegiance. These idiots at ows are really dumb dumb dumb…of course, in their opinion, they are smarter than anyone else. And this is the face of the Democratic party today….it makes me sick.

    • Anonymous

      But let’s not forget that the pledge of allegiance was written by a Christian Socialist named Francis Bellamy, who wrote it so that he could – wait for it – capitalize off the profit of flags.

      Regardless of our bumpy history, America proves time and time again that her citizens are the most productive, resourceful, crafty, valiant, brave, and downright kindest people on the planet. Let’s hope her sons and daughters do not forget the Constitutional values that make this possible.

  • Anonymous

    All of these idiots wanting Socialism have never lived in a Socialist/Communist country. Thank God for this Russian calling them for what they are. Hopefully more Americans who endured life behind the Iron Curtain will teach them what the American public education did not.

  • Anonymous

    Those people are so ignorant, it’s very depressing… even more so, because they reproduce and then go on to brainwash their children, plus they vote. Ugh.

  • Anonymous

    These people are so stupid, it astounds me. If they want Socialism so badly, go to North Korea and live. Leave this country the hell alone. If you don’t like capitalism go somewhere else.

    • Anonymous

      In a just world they would be sent to North Korea and exchanged for North Koreans who cherish freedom and die every day attempting to escape. It’s a shame and a travesty that we would allow our home, our country, and our liberty, paid for so dearly by so many, to be destroyed by such a motely bunch of progressive scum.
      This didn’t happen over night – there’s been a steady erosion of our liberty over decades, while most of us slept. Soon there will be no room left to avoid the stark choice – either fight or surrender.

  • Anonymous

    If we become a completely socialist nation, these useful “Occupy” idiots will be the ones that will sell out to anyone who will give them a crust of bread or they’ll die. They haven’t a clue about what real capitalism (not crony capitalism) is and is not or what horrific atrocities were and are done under socialism and communism. Look at how unbelieving they were of someone who lived under communism for 29 years. The “toothless” babe had no idea of the actions and philosophy of Che. You can’t reason with someone who does little to educate themselves.

    • Anonymous

      Some people prefer ignorance because it’s easy.

  • Anonymous

    As we have just seen, it’s pointless to argue with idiots.

  • Simple proposal. Citizen exchange; we’ll take people who want to work, prosper, and love freedom and send them the zombies, hippies, and lazies occupying wall street.

    • Anonymous

      You didn’t say who to exchange the OWS with? Venezuela, Cuba, NKPR or CPR are all candidates. We have budget issues so I would suggest Cuba, boats travel is relatively inexpensive.

  • Anonymous

    Unbelievable, really. Was that a strangler fig wrapped around that man’s neck, it has cut the blood supply to his brain and is blinding him as well.

  • I’ll never claim to be the brightest leaf on the tree, but my goodness I can’t believe how many truly ignorant people there are. If I had the money, I would surely buy that woman a one way ticket to N. Korea.

    • These people are the result of a controlled educational system and a controlled media system. They have been fed nothing of any use and have never been taught to think past their latest dose of liberal propaganda. It is not accidental. When confronted with the truth or anything contrary to their indoctrination or intrinsic ignorance, they fly into a dither verging on apoplexy and immediately turn up the volume as if that would lend any value to their nonsense. The lack of intellectual vigor amongst these vermin is discouraging and depressing. They lack even a rudimentary knowledge of the workings of the economy and the world at large. I guess that’s enough – I’m getting bummed just thinking about it.

  • Nutzoids. Here is another believer in a socialist utopia:

    “We are socialists, we are enemies of today’s capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance, and we are all determined to destroy this system under all conditions.” —Adolf Hitler

    (Speech of May 1, 1927. Quoted by Toland, 1976, p. 306)

    • It’s ironic that responsibility and performance generally lead to wealth and prosperity. The two socialists here appear to be neither reponsible nor performing too well.

  • Anonymous

    All those who love communist “ideals” never lived in commie countries. No surprise. They can advocate for it from the comfort of their freedom. I guess they’d love the ridiculous bread lines in the former USSR waiting for their monthly allotment. Useful idiots indeed.

  • Anonymous

    Ignorant ignorant bastards

  • Anonymous

    This is what years of socialistic education have brought to America. We can only blame ourselves for closing our eyes to this shit. Now we will reap this garbage they spew. We are in very deep trouble people. This is just the beginning. And, our communist,muslim,pres. is promoting all this. He is wallowing in the filth & destruction that these mindless sheep represent. He is the poster child for evil. God help us all!!

    • Speaking of communist-muslim collaboration, what we see today with the American Nazi Party supporting the Wall St. rabble and muslims holding their slaves of allah prayers was foreshadowed in 1962:

      ‘Black Muslim cooperation with Rockwell and the Ku Klux Klan went beyond ideology and rhetoric. There were practical implications. Like his white racist counterparts, Elijah Muhammad believed that interracial sexual relations were morally depraved and genetically destructive, for interracial sex “ruins and destroys a people.” Rhetoric aside, he wanted to establish a truce between racists and his Southern mosques. To this end he sent Malcolm X to Atlanta to accompany Jeremiah X, the local Muslim minister of Atlanta, to a secret meeting with members of the Klan. Both sides discussed race relations. Malcolm described the integration movement as a Jewish conspiracy carried out by black stooges. The parties eventually hammered out the main issue: a nonaggression pact. If the Muslims did not aid the civil rights movement in the South, the mosques would be undisturbed.30

      On Sunday, June 25, 1961, Rockwell and ten troopers attended a Black Muslim rally at Uline Arena in Washington. They watched in awe as convoys of chartered buses unloaded hundreds of passengers outside the arena and the Muslim vendors made a killing on official souvenirs and literature. The Nazis were frisked at the door of the arena by several well-dressed but stern-looking Fruit of Islam guards—the Gestapo of the Nation of Islam. A special guard greeted Rockwell, said into his walkie-talkie that the “big man was coming now,” and escorted them to seats near the stage in the center, surrounded by eight thousand Black Muslims. They were encircled by black journalists, who wanted to know Rockwell’s thoughts. He told reporters he considered the Muslims “black Nazis.” “I am fully in concert with their program and I have the highest respect for Mr. Elijah Muhammad.” Rockwell pointed out his only disagreement with the Muslims was over territory. ‘‘They want a chunk of America and I prefer that they go to Africa.”’

      1962: A World Union of National Socialists

    • ItsJo

      Excellent post Michael. Obama is DELIBERATELY bringing about America’s demise
      as he actually IS anti-America(along with his wife). He and the rest of the 60’s
      Hippie Loons are out there doing what they can to ruin this nation, with Ayres, Obama’s buddy/terrorist now “teaching the OWS’ tactics”. That bastard should have been jailed for treason along with his wife. Understand his brother Rick Ayres is another Marxist that teaches in No. Calif.(not surprising) We need to ALL oust this corrupt regime, that Obama is now trying to ‘latch onto the nuts at these protests for votes for himself’. No surprise there. He’d do anything to keep his job in OUR Whitehouse.

  • It’s easy to spit on freedom and mistake it for oppression when you’ve never known true oppression.

  • It’s really inexcusable to be holding a sign with Che Guevara on it and not have a full understanding of the man. Those people really were foolish. Her notions of North and South Korea were also laughable.

  • Anonymous

    these were some really clueless people,notice the weakling in the middle suddenly gets emboldened when he sees he has a 3 to 1 advantage over the former soviet…..they get paid in n.korea as opposed to s.korea……that is scary stupid

  • Joe

    How’s that Hopey Changey Thing working out for you ??

    “I’ll keep my guns, freedom and money, and you can keep your “change”

    Don’t bother trying to convert the “ghoul aid” drinkers –

    Get out the vote in 2012
    “The end of an error”

  • Joe


    My like buttons are not working !


    • Dan

      cause you like to much…you wore it out…hehe

  • Obama gave most of stimulus to cronies & supporters

    “Starvation in North Korea is tied to the political system since food distribution is based on being among those considered to be politically reliable by the regime.”

    Socialist North Korea can’t feed its kids, so they EAT them.
    Cannibalism in North Korea

    • OWSers should move to North Korea where they’d be eaten for lunch!

  • Dan

    i just don’t know what to say to that….it has to be that these people are demon possessed…..there is no sane person in the known universe who would willingly surrender there freedom for a few trinkets and bobbles and free sex…remember Satan is the god of lies,hatred,deception,murder,sexual perversion,reprobate thinking,need i go on…just look at these reprobates and think demon possession.


    And in honor of the Commie Kickass:

  • Anonymous

    I love when people that lived in the cesspools of socialist experimentation mock our prius driving, Obama voting drones. Classy entertainment, watching these scumbags who know nothing about the hell they are trying to bring to us free, individuals in this country get mocked. I’m telling you, before my generation gets into our mid 30’s, we are going to tussle with these maggots.

  • Dan

    you know i have been a fan of TRS for a while and i think if we took .000123% of the intelligence of the people who comment on TRS and passed it out to the poor dimwits at OWS there I.Q.would increase by a factor of 12,000… all together……..oommmmmmm…oommmmmm…well that didn’t work there still as dumb as a grain of sand….oh well its the thought that counts—right….

  • Anonymous

    He’s lived it, and they still don’t believe him. What sorry fools.

    • Anonymous

      According to the one guy he was one of the rich they kicked out. I’m sure though as he knows that Stalin and all the leaders in the Kremlin lived meager lives and lived in a similar fashion to their people. My great-grandfather escaped the Bolshevik revolution as it swept through Lithuania and came to America. Thank God for the United States. Where would I be now if he hadn’t made it.

  • Lot of good, thoughtful posts here today. It’s heartening to know there are citizens who know what the score is. I have only one suggestion right now and that is for everyone not aware of the Weather Underground (Bill Ayers) manifesto of 1969 go to the following links where you can read it or maybe download it:

    Please pass this on.

  • UpChuck.Liberals NoBO12

    Prime examples of Left wing stupids. Uninformed, illiterate and with a closed mind. Yeah I’m giving them credit for a mind, sadly it’s pretty vacant.

  • Sorry we fought a war, albeit a cold war for 45 years to defeat Socialism, Marxism, and Communism. Iam not advocating violence in any way shape or form but those idiots should really be deported to the likes of Cuba, North Korea or China. If all those idiots would die tomorrow I think this country would be better off.

    Sounds like we need us some heeping dose of the John Birch Society in this country again.

    If they want a revolution bring it the f**k on, I would be the first in line to kill me some commie pigs.

    • Anonymous

      That woman actually believe that North Koreans were paid decent wages and were living a happy life. She definately needs to go to N. Korea. I’m assuming she hasn’t seen any of the video that has been snuck out of the country showing how much despair exists away from where the leaders want it to.

  • Anonymous

    It must be amusing and disturbing for people who lived under the crushing despair of socialism’s “grey societies” to see these fools act like they speak from some real experience with socialism as a superior system.

  • Anonymous

    NO surpise here, the leftist propaganda machine has done well. Scream as loudly and often as they can and they know the usefult idiots will latch onto it as gospel.
    If we could only allow them to have a special place to practice their hearts desire, however somewhere 12k miles from here.

  • Anonymous

    When in doubt always bring up racism. Just like nobama and all the communist liberals.

  • Want to watch their heads really begin to explode? Ask them if they are for International Socialism or National Socialism, then stand back and tell them congratulations, they are Stalinists or Nazis, depending on their answers. BOOM!

  • Anonymous

    I love the bit when he says “…You have no freaking clue!!” @1:35. And at 2: 01 when he gets asked what he’s doing there and he says “Well, just watching stupid people like you.” Its funny coz its all so true. hehe

  • Anonymous

    Blind, ignorant sheep-just the way the left politicians like ’em.

  • Anonymous

    That guy is awesome. How does that one douche say that he’s one of the rich that they threw out?? Hilarious. How blind are these people to history?? Do they know nothing of the Bolshevik revolution or Stalin and Lenin’s time in power? Have they never seen the lines of hungry people waiting to get a loaf of bread??? BREAD!! I wonder why they think the Berlin wall came down and those on the eastern side were so happy to get free?? If socialism is so great why weren’t those people just happy?? Why was it so dangerous to try and escape from east berlin?? Unreal how clueless these people are.

  • Anonymous

    This is impossible for me to understand. I guess my brain can’t go that low on the intelligence meter. Whether I agree with them or not, the fact that they say some talking point they heard from some other idiot and don’t believe history is mind numbing. I mean North Korea? Really? How ignorant.

  • Anonymous

    Nobody that loves communism or socialism wants to live where they practice such delights – they want the freedom that a capitalist country provides so they can be puffed up with ignorance and demand the fairy-tail goodness that does not exist anywhere except their own tortured minds. Send the OWS folk to North Korea for a year and make a “reality TV” show about it.

  • Anonymous

    The people in North Korea make “fair” wages? I hope after the guy turned off his camera, he went back to that socialist and pimp slapped her and her red-headed step child.

  • Wow the occupy movement is so lost, they don’t really know or have experienced first hand what they are talking about. The grass is truly greener on the other side.

  • Anonymous

    These are the people who elected the current impostor in chief and his mooch wife. Obviously their votes were cast after due diligence and a clear understanding of all the issues.

  • Anonymous

    What a bunch of absolute MORONS. They live in the greatest country in the world, and they have no friggin clue about what they are talking about. It is mind boggling to me that someone in 2011 United States could be so void of facts and logic.

  • Dax

    Hilarious! This is how Obama got elected. He relies on idiots who don’t bother to read.

  • Anonymous

    My mouth dropped when she did not even know what is happening in N. Korea. I am stunned and scared. Holy crap.

  • Anonymous

    He began abrasively (“I know what I’m talkin about, lady, you don’t have a freakin’ clue”) which is a fault I am also subject to – but he probably wouldn’t have gotten anywhere anyway. It never ceases to amaze me how Lefties avoid and smother and twist truth every time they open their mouths.

    I’d have liked it better if he’d engaged another man, especially in light his of going swiftly to insult mode.

    Hindsight and “Monday morning quarterbacking” are easy, but maybe we can learn from these videos and maximize our own chances of reaching someone’s brain in a similar situation. Maybe. The two times I tried it (not OWSers, just Leftie acquaintances) they just turned off and walked away.

    Preparation would help, like photos or news items about the starving, cannibalizing North Koreans. As for the definition of capitalism: “It’s what makes South Korea prosper. Socialism is what makes N. Koreans starve.” Repeat using China, Russia, Cuba, as needed.

    The most critical element for success appears to me to be getting individuals away from their herd. The shoutdowns materialize pretty fast. I’ve seen this with Moonies too. The herd bulls know their cows aren’t safe just because they’ve been branded.

  • Bravo.. Ship these idiot socialist Americans to N. Korea.

  • Anonymous

    I love how the ex-Soviet citizen defines capitalism… at least tries to before he is cut off… with a starting statement that “private property is sacred.” Simply put, yet profound.

    This cornerstone of capitalism comes from his first hand experience of living in the U.S.S.R… when real property was taken at will from individuals by the totalitarian soviet regime, along with all rights of people. Instead of citizens having “everything equally,” they in fact had “nothing equally.” The state owned everything, and the few powerful elites in the government kept the wealth for themselves, and spread it to the masses unfairly.

    These OWS people don’t seem to realize that in a socialist system, they will be the slaves. They will be forced to trust unethical, diabolical, murderous thugs to “spread wealth” to them fairly. Ridiculous. In capitalism, there is the free market, which provides opportunity, hope and prosperity for everyone willing to work, innovate and compete within the system. And there are laws protecting our rights.

    Socialists are lawless street bandits, preying on jealousy. Nothing more. And eventually, the mob turns on itself… that’s why socialism always fails.

  • My parents were former Soviet citizens, so I may speak about this too. The problem with American Socialists and Communists is that they are very very ignorant of history. The last time the rich were kicked out of Russia was towards the end of the civil war, 1920-1922, that blonde guy had no clue what he was saying when he said “Oh you are one of the rich people they kicked out of the country” Also if you study alternative history, it was the peasants of Russia who fought for capitalism and many were still loyal to the Tsar, the Communists/Socialists were nothing but Latvian, Chinese, Chechen, Jewish, Estonian mercenaries and also several Russian Convicts who came straight out of jail (rapists, murderers, thieves). It was also wall street that sponsored the murder of the Tsar, and sponsored the Red Army with weapons, while the White Army fought against it on a very low budget close to being broke. Wall street created the genocide of the Russian people and the creation of the USSR. But there was a new generation of rich people in the Soviet Union, they were the Leaders of the USSR, the rich still existed, they were just called men of the people, they were the politicians, the generals, regional representative, and Soviets still lived poorly. The Soviet Union was also created by closet Satanists, who claimed to be Atheists, they persecuted anyone who was a Christian, including my parents who would not submit to the Government. Christians were thrown in jail, executed, tortured, simply for being Christian. In 1918-1922 the Reds created the Red Terror program, they would grab random people commit random torture techniques on them. They would cut out the fetus of a pregnant woman while questioning her, they single handedly kill children who were even distantly related to anyone of noble birth. My parents came here for religious freedom and freedom in general and when they got here they realized that the U.S. government is also slowly taking away their right to worship in this country as well.

    • Anonymous

      Wow. This is worth remembering. We had neighbors in the 70’s who were children of escaped ‘white Russians’ – and they told us their story, which sounded like yours. I was such a nit wit I only remembered the drama of it all -and never made any correlations towards where we are heading until you brought it to mind.

      My favorite part of this clip was ” What’s the difference between North and South Korea ?” Pretty much nails it, doesn’t it??

  • Anonymous
  • Useful Idiots that Marx spoke about, Thank God for this X Soviet citizen.

  • Lovers of Karl Marx, just ask them.

  • Anonymous

    God Almighty, do I hate collectivists. The sooner they declare the Revolution, the better, because a hard rain is gonna fall on them when they do, and we will be rid of them once and for all.

  • This guys is an idiot. America is no capitalist system. The bailout proved that. We socialize investment loss and privatize investment gain. That is not capitalism, it is kleptocracy. This guy is just as stupid as the people in his little video. Oh Really? Yes, really.