Four year old met his mother’s miscarried child in Heaven

Well he’s 7 years old now and it took a couple of years for his parents to really understand what happened, but when Colton Burpo was four years he was having surgery in the hospital for a burst appendix. While he was in surgery he apparently had some sort of out of body experience and could see what his parents were doing. He witnessed that his dad was praying and his mom on her cellphone. Both parents say they have no clue how he knew that, but that it’s absolutely true. And the story just gets more interesting from there.

Apparently during the same surgery Colton went to Heaven where he recounts how he met his grandfather who he had never known, who he later recognized in photos. The interesting thing is that he didn’t recognize photos of his grandfather as an old man with glasses, which is how everyone knew him, but rather as a young man. Colton’s father literally had go find a photo of ‘Pop’ as a young man before Colton was able to recognize him. Now that’s pretty wild.

But I must say what really surprised me was that Colton’s father recounts how Colton, still 4 years old, told his mother “you had a baby die in your tummy didn’t you”, which completely shocked them both because they had never told him about their miscarriage. They asked him how he knew and he said that he met his sister in Heaven and she told him what happened.


Now while I know this story is quite uncommon, I must say that I have no reason to disbelieve what they are saying, and in fact it seems to corroborate what I already believe to be true as a Christian. I’m sure there are some of you who will be naysayers, but to me this is pretty amazing and rather difficult to simply reject out of hand. Watch the interview below to hear more about this story:

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  • Just based on your description, I have to say this just seems demonic to me. Demons have been around LONG before us and the Bible says “And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.” I know people don’t like to hear this, but these type of experiences never lead people to understanding their condition (a sinner) and their need for a savior (Jesus). Now, do I doubt he is telling the truth? NO, but I don’t believe experience is the best place to place our faith. Remember, God says we are like sheep who have all gone astray, our hearts are desperately wicked, and in the end times there will be a great falling away. The only way a person can remain in the truth is to keep a close relationship with Jesus and use his word to ‘dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow,’ as the Bible ‘is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.’

    • Just remember Edgar Cayce was a devoted churchgoer and Sunday school teacher UNTIL ‘the information’ told him things that contradicted the Bible. He believed ‘the information’ and followed it. These experiences are POWERFUL.My mother & grandmother (both Christians) had an experience after my aunt died. They both saw her at night in their bedrooms talking to them & comforting them in separate experiences after her funeral. But, the Bible is clear, that although they are present with the Lord, they have no knowledge of what is happening on earth. So, this presence could not have been my aunt.

      • Conservative Hippie

        How do you know those that pass on have no account of what’s happening on earth. Show me scripture on this. By the way I would recommend a book called “Heaven” by Randy Alcorn. His book opened my eyes and stretched my conception of Heaven. He uses Bible to prove and disprove some common held beliefs, such as the one you just shared about your aunt.

        • Really? Ecclesiastes 9:5, 6, 10.
          “The living know that they shall die: but the dead know not any thing, neither have they any more a reward; for the memory of them is forgotten. Also their love, and their hatred, and their envy, is now perished; neither have they any more a portion for ever in any thing that is done under the sun.”

          “There is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave, whither thou goest.”

          • Conservative Hippie

            Amy, Thanks for your quick response. This is what I take issue with…
            “But, the Bible is clear, that although they are present with the Lord, they have no knowledge of what is happening on earth.”

            Revelations 6:9, 10
            “9 When he opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of those who had been slain because of the word of God and the testimony they had maintained. 10 They called out in a loud voice, “How long, Sovereign Lord, holy and true, until you judge the inhabitants of the earth and avenge our blood?”

            This seems to show that those in heaven have some knowledge of earthly events.

            • Tyler

              Sounds more to me like they have knowledge of what happened to them since these particular people you speak of are specifically martyrs. Plus, those who know the Bible believe that “God” shall judge, so this isn’t really anything proving knowledge of events on Earth currently going on.

                • Tyler

                  Good stuff.

                • Just shows that it very possibly COULD all be in people’s heads.

                • Tyler

                  “Your reality is what you make of it.” My belief is that the universe is essentially a giant spirit or “God” which has broken itself up into smaller spirits all the way down to every living thing and even things which are not living, but consist of energy. So…all in my head? My head itself is just a manifestation of my broken down true self.

            • A common problem here is with the interpretation of “dead.” Dead here does not mean in the physical or mantal sense, but in a sense of being separate from God and dead in spirit

          • Jacqueline

            Amy — This shows a huge misintepretation of the Bible. This scriptures refer to “this life” being the time to do your works. Because you are at rest when you die. They cannot increase, or do more, or have hatred or increase in wisdom. That does not mean they don’t exist or that they are not aware. They are now with God, and under His direction. If it is His will to comfort someone who has lost a loved one, they will do His will.

            While I agree, Satan can appear as a being of light there are ways to know if you are being approached by a true being of light, or one that is just “acting” like one.

            This experience wasn’t for the world, but for them. It’s interesting and may cause some to re-think their lives, but you are correct, it won’t affect their salvation unless they “do” something. Which is why the scriptures you referenced are in the bible at all. Remember,

            James 2: 18, 20, 26
            18 Yea, a man may say, Thou hast faith, and I have works: shew me thy faith without thy works, and I will shew thee my faith by my works.
            • • •
            20 But wilt thou know, O vain man, that faith without bworks is dead?
            • • •
            26 For as the body without the aspirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.

            We can never do enough works, but also need grace. But this event is probably very real and should not be dismissed as evil.

            • Paulchri

              Satan was the angel “of” light, Lucifer. If there is a divide between heaven and hell that can not be bridged for the sake of warning the rich man’s family, then why would heaven be bridged to earth? If the rich man’s family could not be warned because of this from heaven because of this divide, then how would it be possible otherwise? The bible is very clear about mediums and the like who speak with the dead. Anything that is dwelling on the earth outside of the natural physical world, is satanic, or demonic. As a Christian, I do not fear these things, but Satan is a master of lies, and he does have supernatural abilities. God has never sent a message in this way. He has sent an angel, or has worked through a prophet. Other than Christ’s appearing in the flesh, which was in the flesh. Living in end times, we should be careful, as there will be signs and wonders, but we should stick with those that we know will happen, and treat the rest as false.

              • Prophet: Listen only to what I say, for it is divine dictation from angels and ALL THE OTHER MYSTICISM ARE EVIL.

                Thank god for Satan anyway, god is as much his father as he is yours.

                • Tyler

                  Indeed. Another thing and I can’t think of who first came up with this, but I saw this quote the other day.”Of all the sinners who have been prayed for over the millenniums, why does nobody pray for Satan, the one sinner who needs these prayers most?”

                • Paulchri

                  Nobody prays for him because Christians believe that he made his choice and will stick with it to the end. The bible makes it clear what his destiny is and where he will end up. As a spiritual being he has the ability to affect the living and will continue to for as long as he can. If praying for him would help, we would.

                • What I find really funny is when Christians talk about destiny like that but still claim they believe in free will, and never see the contradictions.

                • Johneboy1776

                  Destiny and freewill contradict? I dont think they contradict at all.
                  We all have to die at somepoint, but you can decide how you want to live your life while you are on your way to getting there.

                  Its like playing football. There are rules to the game, there are 4 quarters, and it will end at some point. You get to decide how you want to play it for that time that you are alloted. Its destiny that the game will end, its freewill in the decisions you make throughout the game.

                  Now as Christians we have the freewill to follow Jesus, and belive there are (2) destinies, one with or one without God in our lives.

                • Paulchri

                  I agree.

              • scott

                ” Anything that is dwelling on the earth outside of the natural physical world, is satanic, or demonic.” you actually believe that? It’s simply not biblically sound. What about angels? what about Holy Spirit – the promise of the father? Did they just pack up and leave? You are right, satan is a master of lies- he’s told you one big fat lie.

          • Paulchri

            We know from the story of the rich man and, I believe it was Lazereth, that there is a divide that cannot be bridged between heaven and hell, and that no message could be sent to the rich mans family. If Lazereth was in heaven, he would have wanted to warn the rich man’s family, but could not. What do all the people say?

          • Taxpayer1234

            Wasn’t Christ the first to ascend to heaven after death? And isn’t one of the premises of Christianity that one gains eternal life–that is, life after death–through Christ? If so, then the writers of Ecclesiastes and Job could not have known (even through prophecy) what Christ made possible.

      • Scott

        show me a scripture that says the people in heaven don’t know what is going on on earth.. the scriptures that you use just don’t cut it. Fist of all solomon wrote ecclesiastes in a backslidden condition. Which is why God had it there. to show us how foolish our “wisdom” is when we abandon God. Did it not ever occur to you how wacked some of the other things in that book are? Do you seriously think that this is God’s commentary on life?
        as for Job; Do you remember that God rebuked him for his so called wisdom as well? For someone who thinks they know the bible really well, it seems that the heresy hunters all are using the same verses. If you want to be a teacher, can I suggest you get some theology courses before you further embarrass yourself.

  • Corey

    Amy, I agree that we are all sinners and fall short of the glory of God but I think you’re living on the wrong side of the cross. Jesus died for that and because of that things like the above are possible. Examine the fruit. This inspires faith, it doesn’t destroy it.

    • I do examine the fruit. It leads them away from the real gospel of Jesus Christ and adds to scripture.

    • Paulchri

      How long has Satan been roaming the earth? Probably since before this guy’s grandfather died. If Satan’s demons are many and report to him, then how much information can be compiled by satan and his demons? If demons can literally possess someone, then why wouldn’t they be able to send messages or influence thought? Naturally, they cannot concerning someone with the Holy Spirit in them, but this small child who was not harmed but was used to fool these parents and many others is not a far cry to consider.

      If these people give this testimony to anyone but mature Christians, what will infant Christians make of it? Or even non-Christians? Do you believe that Jesus has a rough face and blue eyes? Come on people. This is a perfect way to get people going down the wrong road to God.

      • Taxpayer1234

        I believe Satan is evil, but not as powerful as is popularly thought. Yes, he can tempt, but his control is extremely limited–not just by God, but by the free will of man.

        Dante’s The Divine Comedy and Milton’s Paradise Lost are powerful, Scripture-informed and faith-derived descriptions of heaven and hell. Satan in The Divine Comedy exists, but he is frozen and nearly immoble, only capable of blowing evil about, like a wind. In Paradise Lost, he is completely free to do his dirty work, and he doesn’t waste much time in taking Man down. I tend to view Satan in much the same way Dante did.

        • Paulchri

          I agree that Satan is probably not possessing people, but the bible makes it clear that demons do and can. There is a parable about a man who had one demon, and when cast out, seven came back for him. I believe that Satan can tempt us, but I don’t worry about it too much. It is the lost who are most vulnerable. Satan doesn’t concern himself with those who are already against God. There is no doubt a Satanic wind blowing across the lands.

        • Cheryl~

          He seems to have unfettered restraint when it comes to abortion-I would say that that is incredibly evil-also, look at what happened to that poor little girl in NC that had cancer and couldn’t hear and then was most likely murdered by her father and or stepmother…that is PURE EVIL reigning in the hearts of men!

  • Tyler

    I’m going to be a naysayer, but not because I’m not a Christian…but just to be a skeptic and provide you with something to challenge your mind.Why on Earth would something this amazing wait 3 years to be shed into light?I already have my opinion on the reason which probably has something to do with this book they’re trying to sell, but I challenge those who are Christian to sort that out in a reasonable manner. I would like to have a real dialouge with anyone who is serious and doesn’t just want to shoot me down as an atheist (which I am not) or a nihilist (which I am also not)…both which I have been called on this site in the past.Call this the Socratic method, if you will.

    • Why on Earth would something this amazing wait 3 years to be shed into light?

      The kid was FOUR years old. How smart were you at that age in terms of communicating and such. Plus, would you parents just believe you the first time you mentioned it or would they just pass it off as your imagination?

      Seems to me that it is very plausible that it took a couple of years for them to really understand what their son saw.

      • Zaza

        I totally agree that this is true. Near Death Experience has been a common phenomenon for many. After all, as believers we serve a God who speaks a lot about resurrection and performed a lot of miracle in the Bible. A child of four years of age telling about his out-of-body experience is quite something. Life is an unending factor, we will see all the aborted and stillborn babies in heaven.

        However if you had a loved one and you are seeing her or sensing her presence that will bring fear upon you, these are familiar spirits nothing to do with NDE.

      • Tyler

        This guy says that his son claimed to see his dad in another room talking to “God” and his mom on a cell phone which his dad claims he couldn’t have possibly known in the coma. If a 4 year old somehow knew what I was doing when they had no way of physically seeing that…that would freak me out and I most certainly wouldn’t pass it off as imagination. To me, it sounds like the parents are either stupid or lying to sell an interesting storybook.

        Personally, I go with the latter and they’re rewarding the kid with some extra allowance or something of that nature to play along.

    • At the end you sound more like William James than Socrates. Which is not a bad thing at all, he wrote a lot on the subject of belief and his “Will to Believe” argument was sound.

    • I don’t see the timeframe as a problem really because I think it would be years before the child could really reflect on the experience and understand it.

      However, I’m with you in that I don’t believe the experience is OF GOD. I think the family 100% believes their experience.

      You are inferring about the size of God being smaller then the sun. He never said that. A few verses that describe his size & understanding.

      Isaiah 40:15
      “Behold, the nations are as a drop of a bucket, and are counted as the small dust of the balance: behold, he taketh up the isles as a very little thing.”

      Psalm 147:4-5
      “He telleth the number of the stars; he calleth them all by their names. Great is our Lord, and of great power: his understanding is infinite.”

      Matthew 25:33-35
      “And he shall set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on the left. Then shall the King say unto them on his right hand, Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world:”

      • Gravity & Nuclear Fusion formed our star.

        • Jacqueline

          And God created gravity and nuclear fusion. He does everything with the elements and sciences and laws He hs already determined to use.

          • As far as we understand, Gravity is the effect of the Graviton. Nuclear fusion is the eventual result of this.

        • Cheryl~

          Only God can take NOTHING and make SOMETHING out of it! Basic Faith 101!

          • No one has yet to demonstrate conclusively that there was indeed “something coming from nothing,” or a creation ex nihilo. And there are plenty of theories which can account for the singularity without the necessity of the supernatural.

            • Paulchri

              As a pragmatic Christian, I don’t believe anything good has ever come out of the creation vs evolution argument. As a person of faith, the creation event is not critical to me, but a point of respecting the power of “my” creator. I tend to lean more on prophesy, because it is something that I am watching take place. Empirical evidence, if you will. I do not berate those who don’t believe in creation, nor would I expect them to. It undoubtedly is a matter of faith. So far as it affects me personally, I do take exception. I do not appreciate my children being taught evolution as fact. I call those people who would teach it that way, religious. Even though they take that as insulting them, I believe it is just an evidence based conclusion. Anyone who believes anything is fact without using the scientific process is utilizing their faith to come to that conclusion. I do not take offense at someone calling me religious, because I admit that it requires faith to believe in creation.

              • Just a small thing to point out. When one is talking about singularity and origins or nature of the Universe, it isn’t Evolution. Big Bang Theory is not Evolution, the 2 events explains are part of the same event in the Bible, they aren’t in science.

                Evolution is a conclusion reached by the scientific method, we’ve been through this before, how short a memory you seem to have. Go back to one of the evolution threads from before and I can promise you I’ve addressed your complaints.

                Do you believe in free will while believing in prophecy? That’s just personal curiosity.

      • Tyler

        I actually believe that “God” created our universe and everything in it if “God” isn’t somehow also the actual universe itself. What I’m arguing is that anyone who has read enough scripture as you just quoted and/or knows enough general astronomy would know that our “puny” sun which is vastly bigger than the Earth would know that if “God” was just big enough to hold the Earth in his hands, would be smaller in size than the sun. My point is not that “God” actually is smaller because I know better. My point is that this kid claims to have seen all these people in Heaven and saw “God” who appears to be much smaller than an omnipotent being who created the entire universe. As I’ve posted elsewhere…I think the family’s full of crap and that the kid is playing along.

        • You know my position, so I’m sympathetic to your critiques but I have to point this out. You’re anthropomorphizing “god” in a way that is definite. Christians believe in a god that is infinite and omnipotent. Something like what the kid saw could just be, in the Christian rationalizing thought process, how god chose to appear to the kid. Being supposedly omnipotent, he would be able to change his appearance, and being infinite would mean that having a definite shape like a human being would impose limits on a by definition limitless being.

          Personally I think it’s a mix of the parents feeding information, the kid having false memories & experiences from his subconscious, and maybe seeing/hearing things without actively acknowledging them.

          • Cheryl~

            Or it could have just happened like he said…just because you have no faith doesn’t mean this child’s experience isn’t real…it just means you have no eyes to see or ears to hear…but that’s ok…

            • And just because this family is telling you EXACTLY what you want to hear is no reason to credulously accept it at face value. No wonder Peter Popoff is making a comeback.

              • Tyler

                Yep. It is much easier to believe a lie if the lie is something you want to hear. Heck…does “Hope,” “Change,” or “Yes We Can” sound familiar to anyone here?

                • They won’t see the Irony, Tyler, which is part of what makes it all frustrating. They can be some of the most hardened skeptics about EVERYTHING except their own religion.

                  When it comes to that utter credulity is the order of the day, exactly like their Bible says, never looking for the man behind the curtain.

                  What is the ultimate message of the Adam & Eve allegory? Damnation comes from [the tree of] KNOWLEDGE [of good and evil]. Man apparently learned to tell the difference between good and evil and “fell,” because of it. Now the only way we can get redemption is through gullibility. (see: Faith)

                  The same message is given in the form of Lot’s wife, who committed the heinous crime of looking over her shoulder and was turned into a pillar of salt for it. Short verson: “DO NOT INVESTIGATE!”

              • Cheryl~

                I didn’t ask them to say this- your argument makes no sense and I didn’t say I believed them-you know Daniel God tugs at your heart but you are not convinced HE is worth your time, energy or belief, that is ok because God loves people like you more than you know or can comprehend right now!

                • What I was describing was confirmation bias. It’s as human as total self-awareness.

  • I had vision of my granddad after he died. and i feel my mom near me when i think about her.

    • Yes, the brain is very good at evoking things like this. When I talk to my girl on the phone it feels like she’s right next to me too.

    • Be weary to believe these spirits. Demons can do this. The Bible tells us not to have contact with the dead & even Satan can transform himself into an ‘angel of light’.

      • “Jesus, when he had cried again with a loud voice, yielded up the ghost. And, behold, the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom; and the earth did quake, and the rocks rent; And the graves were opened; and many bodies of the saints which slept arose, And came out of the graves after his resurrection, and went into the holy city, and appeared unto many.”
        Matthew 27:50-53

        Jesus was a demon?

      • Erinsellers1

        What your missing is that the child was not exactly dead. There are many mysteries we may never know or understand until we meet the father. It is possible that God may give us sneak peaks of Heaven, to me it does not seem demonic as it does not mislead people away from the glory of God but TO it. THAT is how you can tell the diff between something of God and something that is not

        • Tyler

          I think her point is the child’s contacting of those who were dead…not whether or not the kid was actually dead. My grandpa had an interesting out-of-body experience and knowing that he would never lie about such a thing, I think it points to a different sort of thing altogether.

          In the 1960s, my grandpa’s older brother had heard about astral projection and started getting into it a lot. I guess apparently his older brother was trying to find their dad. My grandpa decided to give it a try just to see what it was like and he started to feel a force attempting to tear him apart (or what you might consider his soul since he was out of body). I guess at some point, he somehow appeared in a grassy hilltop where sure enough his dad was there under a tree and his dad told him to tell his older brother to stop trying to find him because he’s just fine.

          This being said, I believe every word my grandpa said because like the old “cherry tree” story…he never told a lie and never sugarcoated his opinions or what he was going to tell people. Only problem I have with the story is I’m not necessarily sure that he successfully astral projected or if this was just more of a sort of vision he had due to a deep-seated worry about his brother astral projecting. I do believe that he experienced what he experienced. I’m just doubtful of what the experience actually was.

          • KeninMontana

            From what I saw in the video it looks like Dr.Persinger has managed to recreate the LSD experience that Leary played with, without the LSD.

        • Mary

          I loved your reply, Erinsellers1. That is exactly what I was thinking, but you said it better. I also think God is giving us “sneak peaks” into Heaven. I am an R.N…also think that modern technology may also have a hand in this….never before have we been able to “pull someone back from the brink” like we do now. And you were also right that this type of experience, or even “conversation” leads us to God, not away.

      • Pray the Rosary

        The argument is irrelavant. Go to if you all want to know what Jesus and Mary really think. Amy – It’s called discernment and we all need to have it. If it promotes love than it is from God. To warn of demons is good but self pride isn’t – you come across as thinking you have the answers to all. We all know nothing – Time is better spent in prayer.

        • Tyler

          Prayer…meditation…reflection…any and all these activities creates a more peaceful and calm spirit, so I’m all for any of them.

  • Incredulous

    I talked to the kid and he says Ronald Reagan wasn’t in heaven . . . do you guys still believe him now?

  • I believe this kid .
    I also believe my grandson when he talks about the time he was with Jesus waiting to be born . He says he saw me do something that saved his mom years before he was born . Something I never told anyone about , not even his mom .
    He told me “God forgives you , he knows how far he’d go to save one of his children .”
    I’ve tried to find some way to explain it away , but I know there’s no other way he could have known .

    • Mary

      This really fascinates me. I would love to hear more about your story. There is a lot of investigation into this subject recently, especially with children. And many people with stories like this are like you, reluctant to talk about it. God Bless.

  • xnihilo

    near death experiences – NDEs – are much more common than most people realize. One of the most renowned researchers on the subject is a Christian M.D. named Michael Sabom. He’s authored several books on the subject, “Light and Death” being probably his best, IMHO. Another excellent book is entitled “Beyond Death”, authored by Dr. Gary Habermas & Dr. J.P Moreland – both evangelical Christians.

    If you prefer audio & you’re interested in stories like this one, do a search online for NDEs and Gary Habermas. He tells many stories like the one here, and the vast majority of them are from well respected medical journals. Most of the audio you’ll find quickly and be able to download free, if not all of it.

  • Violet NOT blue

    Amy? You quoted Scripture from the Old Test, that says the dead know nothing… but…how about what Jesus Christ said about Lazarus who was speaking from hell…in Luke 16?? Lazarus knew who Father Abraham was, he knew he had brothers who were lost, and he knew he was thirsty.

    There are things that happen to us in our life time that just sometimes can not be explained because it was spiritual and it was from God Almighty. Period.

    Some things are not meant for other people to know… some things are private communication from God to our Spirit. I’ve had lots of things happen to me in my years walking with the Lord that my Baptist family wouln’t believe was of God, but I’m here to tell you it was too!

    Just keep the faith and read your Bible over and over and the Spirit of God will open your understanding when it is needed.

    Praise and Worship are key!!

  • Conservative Hippie

    Acts 2:17 – “And in the last days it shall be, God declares,
    that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh,
    and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy,
    and your young men shall see visions,
    and your old men shall dream dreams;”

  • vonlafin

    I believe the boy and his father. But making money on the story changes everything. If this really happened, I’m pretty sure that God’s goal wasn’t for this family to get rich off of it.

    • Tyler

      “God” has always wanted people to help for the sake of helping and for no other reason. If the story is told and the word spreads to those in their church, their community and so on…then great. Many people will probably change their lives for the better based solely on the story.

      Heck…I even believe that tax deductions for giving to charity is wrong solely for this reason. It’s great for those who want to help and get their money back, but the truly blessed are those who help and expect nothing in return.

  • Taxpayer1234

    Thinking of my departed loved ones in heaven, together and happy, free of pain and basking in the light of the Lord, gives me enormous comfort. And even though I’m content for them to remain there, I have felt their presence here.

    My dear stepmother died of cancer at the young age of 44. A month later, I moved home from school to help my dad. One day, I was alone in the house with their Golden Retriever, who laid on the floor near me as I folded laundry. suddenly I heard the front door open, and my stepmom’s voice rang out loud and clear: “I’m home!” The dog heard the voice, too! She bolted down the stairs and frantically searched the house for her “mama.”

  • scott

    Funny how some things never change! A supernatural experience occurs and people who are SO confident of their spirituality and their knowledge of the bible IMMEDIATELY label it demonic. The cynics IMMEDIATELY dismiss it and say the people are just trying to make money off of it. Then of course, the atheists have to step in and use it as a forum to continue arguing against the existence of God.
    So where does that leave us? Well, children are less likely to deceive than adults( it’s a learned behaviour).Mr. cynic, I pity you for the depressing life you must live, only seeing the bad stuff in life.
    Mr. Atheist: The bible calls you a fool! So why should I listen to one. Answer me this, though – Why do you feel the neccesity to constantly disprove God?
    A christian is sharing their faith because they know that there is eternal benefits to their faith and eternal consequences to not having one. But you offer no such thing. Even if you were right, I would live a better life as a beleiver than the hopeless message that you bring to the table. If I’m right,
    you got big problems coming your way!
    As for “Amy”: Your devil is too big and your God is too small. Perhaps you believe that all supernatural activity ended with the apostles, so that anything supernatural is demonic, or perhaps you’ve just spent too much time listening to
    arrogant preachers who think they know it all and can tell people everything that happens whether it’s from God or not. Jesus dealt with people like that too. I think you need to really connect with God at a heart level and not just a head level. Let His love cast that fear out of you. Then consider paul’s comments about his third heaven experience “whether in the body or out of the body,I don’t know,God does”. Hmmmm. the idea of mystery is not confined to the realm of darkness.
    And for those who say that people in heaven can’t see what is happening on earth, maybe you should consider what the book of Hebrews refers to as a “great CLOUD of witnesses”. Another hmmmmm.
    Finally to the nitpickers arguing about the size of God (give me a break): The boy said “big enough to…” he NEVER said …and no bigger!!! lighten up a little.
    One for year old has an experience that he wasn’t seeking. His parents are no doubt greatly comforted, The boy will no doubt grow up with a strong belief in the afterlife, and a book is written that will no doubt be a blessing to many curious people. If it ends up being a financial blessing for this family? Pay for the kids to go to college, eliminate some debt. Why despise that? I’m happy for them!

    • stillgoing

      Scott, I”m on board with your synopsis. Let the story just be the story and let it speak whatever it speaks to each one of us, without criticizing or sharing how frustrated we are because we can’t get people to see our way of thinking.

  • Jeff

    Since humans are eternal creatures, it shouldn’t be all that shocking that there can be interaction between humans alive on this planet (the now 7-year-old boy) and those who have gone on (his “Pop”, older sister, etc.). I’ve never had an “out-of-body”, but I have watched testimonies of others who have. Such phenomena do deserve careful scrutiny, as many of the commenters have pointed out regarding Satan’s mastery of disguise. One of the comments in this post referred to the fact that a lot (all?) demonic “out-of-body” experiences involve distortions of Scripture, which is a great way to discern who or what was in charge of the experience (these don’t have to be strictly “out-of-body”, either; see Mohammed, Joseph Smith, etc.).

    For those interested, read the reviews on CBD’s website regarding the book’s content:

    Also see Mary Beth Chapman’s testimony on Family Talk, where she expresses an intense desire to see her daughter Maria Sue in Heaven, possibly more than she wants to see Jesus, even though He is our all in all. Her preference would be Jesus and Maria Sue hand-in-hand coming to meet her. Whether Mary Beth is granted a Godly “out-of-body” at some point before she dies remains to be seen.