Fox News LLC has removed my Glenn Beck Videos

Today Fox News LLC had my videos removed on youtube. I will explore other options, but I won’t be using youtube any more it appears.

Check back later for more information.

UPDATE: The March 1, 2010 of the Glenn Beck Show should be working now. It’s the only one, but I will be bringing tonight’s episode to you as well. So please come back tonight and tomorrow to see tonight’s show.

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  • rubenG12

    use VIMEO, better quality…

  • I wonder why it was just the Glenn Beck clips and not the Stossel clips or O'Reilly clips. Kinda weird. Hopefully you can find another way to upload the episodes. Especially today's. . .apparently it's a must-see.

  • roger30001

    ummm pls keep feedings us our daily beck pls some hoiw some way thank you for your hard work

  • hope it works out i live in italy and love this site

  • AyeChihuahua

    Might I suggest that you use PopModal (A Conservative Vid Site) or Daily Motion for your vids?

    Both of those sites are MUCH more forgiving when it comes to infringement claims.

    Vimeo, while a great site, is restricted in that they don't allow TV shows.

  • Tyler

    I don't know why not the Stossel or O'Reilly, but I can say that Fox LOSES MONEY with Scoop doin this. Glenn Beck CHARGES on his sites for you to access episodes and podcasts.

    Personally…I LOVE what Scoop's doing REGARDLESS because I think Beck can make PLENTY of money sellin his merchandise and can leave the radio and episodes FREE.