**[UPDATED]** Fox Report: Hillary Clinton takes full responsibility for Benghazi attacks sorta…


On the eve of the big debate for Obama, Hillary Clinton tries to take the heat off of Obama by taking full responsibility for the security failure in Benghazi on 9/11 which led to the attacks on our consulate where our Ambassador was assassinated along with three other Americans. However, she conveniently doesn’t have any details on why the security was decreased in Libya, only to say the decisions were made by security personnel and she’s got an investigation underway to determine the facts.

So in a nutshell this was a purely political move to give Obama breathing room tomorrow night. That’s it.

Watch the report:

UPDATE: I meant to note from the video that Hillary Clinton was asked to explain Ambassador Susan Rice’s statements on the 5 major Sunday news shows, blaming the attack on a protest that got out of control because of the Muhammad video. Her response was that it was the “fog of war”. Seriously. Watch the video for more.

Also, Politico has this writeup on it:

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton tells CNN’s “Out Front,” “I take responsibility” for the Mideast violence on Sept. 11, remarks coming on the heels of the VP debate in which Joe Biden suggested the White House hasn’t known of requests for more security in Benghazi.

In a clear nod to not only the election but the two debates coming in the next week, she added, “I want to avoid some kind of political gotcha.”

Wow. She left nothing to the imagination regarding the timing of her statement. This is clearly a political move by her own admission.

Ugh. This administration doesn’t do anything based on principle. Everything is politics.

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  • Somehow that’s even fishier.

    • WinMissouri

      Perhaps she is taking responsibility so in 2016 she can say she “manned up” and corrected all the mistakes.

      • deeme

        I find the whole 2016 thing crazy , you can’t tell me anyone see’s any difference between the actions of the President and the actions of her here..she said it was the video more then anyone..Not only that but what is up with the Democrat Party they only recycle their Presidential candidates??

        • TLaMana

          Jeb Bush 2016 :/

          • Is that……..yea, that’s bile I’m tasting from the involuntary vomit reflex I just experienced.

          • jrt1031

            Romney, Romney, Ryan.

    • Don’t you get it?

      Shrillary is nothing but a sock puppet for Huma Abedin; and Huma (just like Obama) are Muslim Brotherhood.

      Benghazi Gate was Obama’s attack on the first amendment, just like the Obama-Holder ‘fast & furious’ gunrunning scandal was an attack on the second.

      The ‘stimulus’ and all the rest were an attack on the economy; along with #occupy it is sabotage on the financial sector. And I haven’t even mentioned the czars…..

  • Constance

    This doesn’t make things better for Obama. Not a chance.

  • shield1

    So Obama was in the dark when he emphatically stated it was spontaneous and the cause was a video. That makes Obama an in your face liar. Thanks Hillary… you dems are stuck in your web of deceit and there is no way out

    • SineWaveII

      So the SOSTUS let Obama go up to the UN and make a fool of himself. Thanks for clearing that up Hill. Actually not so much.

  • Orangeone

    Insert sword here. What an idiot she is and has set women back decades, again.

    And she’s hiding in Lima Peru???? Who close is George Soros Hitlary??? Are you at one of his compounds being re-educated?

  • mder4thegov

    Like anybody with a brain–believes a word that comes out of any of their mouths.

  • Spartan4Palin

    This doesn’t end anything! Now some of those that have been on her side will say Obama is now hiding behind the skirt of a woman! I find it reprehensible that she makes the statement away from DC. This is just another sign of how disgusting this whole thing is!

    The fog of war? WTF kind of response is that? That’s like saying its a bump in the road!!

    OMG these people are DISGUSTING!!!!!!! Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhh

    And I’d like to know how the hell could they be putting plans together for a drone strike against the group that supposedly attacked the consulate when the theme from these crapweasels is that it’s still under investigation? Did the FBI conclude its investigation? Shouldn’t that be a topic of discussion? Is anybody been asked about that?


    • WordsFailMe

      I think it’s a poor choice. If he is really seeking protection he should hide behind Mooshelle’s butt.

      • all of team obama could probably hide behind that!! lol,,

    • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

      The fog of war? WTF kind of response is that? That’s like saying its a bump in the road!!

      Did she say “WAR”? I thought they were all standing on their heads trying to avoid the suggestion of WAR against the U.S.A.

      • Orangeone

        I picked that up too. The attacks were a declaration of war on the US. So now O’Bambi is trying an October surprise with Drone attacks killing people that there is no evidence to show they are the murderers.

    • meyou

      Since Hill doesn’t wear skirts, he’s going to have to hide behind her pants. (I will be so glad when this election is over; I lose too much time on the keyboard)

      • Orangeone

        We will need to hold Romney’s feet to the fire. Left unwatched, he will grant massive amnesty to 12 million illegals and then more and more and more will come across the border and draing our resources by the end of the decade, if not sooner.

        • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

          Yes. Romney IS qualified to do the job; and we’ll oversee his performance by ‘hiring’ good, conservative senators and representatives.

          It will be a years-long process, and we must produce informed future generations through significant education reform.

    • Orangeone

      Not just away from DC but in Lima, Peru. Does George Soros have a mansion down there? What did Soros pay the Clintons for Hitlary to fall on the sword for O’Bambi?

  • 1vote

    Under that preverbal bus ?? “sorta”

  • denbren52

    I guess we just found out that Obama has more on the Clintons than the Clintons have on the Obamas.

    • I would never count the Clintons out. They’ll probably do their dirty work in other ways.

      • stage9

        Everything the Clintons do is under the table.

        • meyou

          Didn’t we hear that Bill sometimes, uh, maybe liked table tops? Probably under, too, and beside, and between, and around, and various other prepositions. Yes, now I must go to confession. Shame on me. I have no kind thoughts in my head.

          • Alborn

            Just not with Hillary.

            • Landscaper

              Bill put that “man fluid” in a cup and told Hillary to get the turkey baster bulb thingy.

          • Joe

            You are absolved – The thought is commonplace

        • conwis

          Maybe Hillary will give us a late October surprise and further blow Obamas chance of reelection.

        • Orangeone

          Or under the desk….

    • My thoughts exactly.

    • BlueGood

      Clinton is full of BULLSCHIT…Romney should take the whole Benghazi Murders to O’Bam bin Lyin tomorrow night.

      Just because she says, don’t make it marching orders for Romney or the GOP!

      • Orangeone

        But he won’t. This is the stake to drive in O’Bambi’s heart and Romney won’t even pick it up.

    • Joe


    • ItsJustDad

      What you are witnessing is the truth of the matter…..there is someone else behind the curtain pulling their strings. Neither the Obummers nor the Clintoids are in control…..just a thought 🙂

    • Amjean

      I don’t think so. Something else is going on. She made this statement (or non statement as I would characterize it) for a purpose that benefits her. You can take
      that to the bank.

  • BS and she took for the team no doubt

  • Then she needs to resign .

    • keyesforpres


  • stage9

    She believes that adding more security wouldn’t have changed the outcome? HUH?

    Is she suggesting that several well-armed Marines would not have been able to dissuade an angry mob of radical terrorists from entering the embassy grounds?

    She doesn’t know many Marines does she?

    • SineWaveII

      She’s probably right given that the marines aren’t allowed to have bullets. The social security department needs them all apparently.

    • Landscaper

      I do, I was there when he was born on a freezing cold night in Feb. of 1989.

      She should, her and Bill walked down the stairs of that bird right past the Marines after it landed at The White House for eight years!

    • Orangeone

      Hopefully they are that stupid so when they try to implement martial law to prevent the election and change of power, they will have greatly underestimated the Marines who will stand for the citizens and not the tyrraneous gov’t.

  • HARP2

    Barry was quick to take credit for the work of the SEALS.

  • dudleydoright95

    She is saying she is responsible for 4 American deaths she needs to resign now.

    • Joe

      (lot’s of BAMs tonight)

    • Landscaper

      That might be her plan. Leave now before the barn burns to the ground and hope everyone forgets in 2016. Sly, that one is.

      • SineWaveII

        Dick Morris had it right. She’s finished now. People don’t forget dead ambassadors. And there will be much better candidates in 2016.

        • Landscaper

          I’ve been saying this for weeks. “Pants Suit” is done politically. Since we are moving to Greenville SC in Feb 2013, I emailed Trey Gowdy our new Congressman to tell him what a fine job he did speaking at the hearing and encouraged him to keep the fire turned up to BOIL.

          • SineWaveII


        • Orangeone


          • SineWaveII

            Certainly one excellent example. I’d vote for that ticket in a heartbeat.

    • SineWaveII

      More than that, she should be charged as an accessory in their deaths. For malfeasance in office, criminal negligence, failing to uphold her oath. And for making false reports. (Since she’s taking all of the blame).

  • p m

    God – how stupid they think we are.
    Resign, you unqualified, unfit lying witch.

  • shield1

    The dems are dealing off the bottom. Bin Laden… Obama takes responsibility. Libya… Obama now is not responsible.

    Do they think anyone but their most devoted sheep will be fooled?

  • Betsey_Ross

    How does this give Obama breathing room? They all lied from the very beginning. Liars and incompetents that’s what we have in the highestl levels of our country. We need a huge house cleaning in DC. Augean Stables and all.

    • Orangeone

      But, but, but, hitlary lied to me…..

  • WordsFailMe

    So, what action will President limber neck take now? Just another incompetent in the administration? The first, above criticism because he’s black and the second beyond reproach because she’s a woman? How long can Obama get away with there being no one in the administration to take responsibility for anything?

    I see this as the chalked message to be written on the grave stones of 4 Americans murdered by Muslims in Benghazi:

    The Democrats are the Men will not be Blamed for Nothing.

    • SineWaveII

      I’m sorry but the blame still lands on Obama. He’s the one who created the whole mess and then set up a consulate in a war zone with no security. Who does that?

      • WordsFailMe

        It would have to be be either a mental defective or a traitor.

        • SineWaveII

          ..or a mental defective traitor like our current POSUS, I mean, POTUS.

          • WordsFailMe


      • Orangeone

        And declared war on Libya around Congress!

  • sjmom

    Then I am sure Hillary will not mind testifying before Congress about her ineptitude in regard to the lack of security. Hmmm. I read Bill did not want to have the responsibility.

    • Conservative_Hippie

      Oops, just posted something similar sjmom. Great minds 🙂

      • sjmom

        I do it too. 🙂

    • Orangeone

      Under oath. I cannot wait for Trey Gowdy to interrogate her 🙂

      • sjmom

        I mentioned that to my husband last night and he said she’ll just lie like Bill did under oath.

        • Orangeone

          I think Gowdy will tear through her lies, and he certainly would have teared through Billy Boy’s.  But how fun will it be for us to watch!

          • sjmom

            I agree.

  • storykeeper

    So In Other Words,,,,,,Hillary is more of a man than Barak. BHO better watch out because hiding behind his women didn’t work out too well for OBL either

  • deeme

    What I find strange is any other President would of been expected to explain all of his actions around that time.by now , a press conference they would of stalked Bush until he explained…this one has been protected by everyone especially the press..This is what I would of expected from a really honorable President..he comes forward takes responisiblity..says he will be spending the next few weeks studying what went wrong and being sure it never happens again..Instead he was on talk radio , television and in Las Vegas…laughing it up..This really tells me everything I need to know..

  • Well gee, isn’t that special. She looks like a hero to her base for taking the sword for dear leader, she probably gets a big IOU from dear leader so she can run with her head held high in 2016. Dear leader gets a pass from the propaganda press, saying “I told ya!”
    Too bad too many people have brains to know better… but it’s the millions who don’t, the millions of illegals, the dead people, pets and cartoon characters I worry about.
    These people are so evil.
    God help and Bless our troops.

    • proudhispanicconservative

      Lmao so true….Hey to you and my fellow scoopers Allen West and Patrick Murphy will be debating friday october 19th at 8:00 pm. I guess the empty suit finally decided to face our hero, I encourage you to watch it, it is going to be classic.

      • Whoo hoo! I’ll bring the popcorn! I’m writing that down right now- I want ring side seats. YAY!
        Maybe Scoop can find it and put it up when it’s on.
        Thanks proudhispanicconservativefellowfloridianfriend!! 😀

        • proudhispanicconservative

          Knowing scoop I bet it will be seen live here!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Landscaper

      “Get out of Jail Free card” not an IOU. These people are close if not committed TREASON.

      • I agree Landscaper. I was just ponderin’ what it must be like to be a fly on the dear leader’s wall as they make the deals.

        Article 3 Section 3:
        Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.

        The Congress shall have power to declare the Punishment of Treason, but no Attainder of Treason shall work Corruption of Blood, or Forfeiture except during the Life of the Person attainted.

        I think Boehner and some others need to brush up on their American History and the Constitution.
        No more talk of impeachment. They need to be charged with treason.

        Article 2 section 4: The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.

        I’d say most of Congress and all of the White House is long over due.

        • Orangeone

          Here, here. Allen West, Trey Gowdy, Marco Rubio, are you listening??? You have 2 witnesses, Hitlary and Billy Boy Clinton, Susan Rice, and many many more. And there is a video!

    • Bull your perfect scenario is CRAP…..30 days buddy…sorry your perfect scenario is an Empty as Hillary’s Confession. Fell on what sword…She is protected she is only the Secretary of State….not the President. I find it funny conservatives like you are the first to fall for BS yet claim to be so smart..Who do you think you are? What gives you the superior sense to see through the BS but you claim to think others will not? BS!!

      People will see this for exactly what it is. Sorry sir but 30 days of endless reports does not get covered. She should have done Sept 13th or 14th…NOT OCT 15th….after too much information is out!

      The other problem is OBAMA went out for days claiming a Video did that. If Hillary knew about the Security would not the President have known on Sept 12th? Come on others can see this as BS…that is the problem they waited way too long!! Sorry will not cover! will not go away!

      Obama would have been told one day later AT MOST!! Yet he claimed a Video for 10 days…sorry this just got worse for Obama…either you are the President or you are not!! He has to fire her for lying or he has to admit he keeps totally incompetents…Not this has Bill all over it……He calculated Hillary would out of the country…NOW OBAMA has to admit as President He knew nothing for over 10 days and is President….yet he knew it was a Video? Sorry all he does is call 1-800- Hillary and he would have known!!

      Will not wash…too many are aware of Libya now….No Obama cannot claim he did not know….because if he did…Mitt can point to every day he claimed it was a Video and he can point to time after time Obama saying he is the Boss of his Operations and is ultimately responsible!!

      Hillary put Obama in a Strategic Box!! There is no benefit to Obama helping her in 2016 because this would stain her permanently….now Obama is left with the bag and he is in the US!!

      • Uhm I have half a mind to kick your butt out of here, but I’m gonna leave it. If one of the others happen to be around and are as sick as I am of you jumping to wrong conclusions and climbing all over people then they can remove your comment.
        You’re still reasonably new here, so I will give you this last time message. I AM A SARCASTIC person. If you don’t like me, I don’t care. People here have different opinions, we respond to this kind of bullcrap from the administration differently. If you have a problem, and it seems that you do- take it somewhere else!
        I’ve seen you climb all over others for comments that you didn’t agree with and you’ve not only been warned by me, but also K-Bob. You for some reason are still here, and still jumping to conclusions.
        GET a grip!!!
        I’m done with you.

        • Landscaper

          I got a dose of this guy over disagreeing with John Bolton’s statements to include “…….their lives will have been wasted”. My oldest son had two deployments to Afhan. and saw more combat at age 19 than Michael has seen on hisTV in his entire life time. But I couldn’t have an opinion on the choice of Bolton’s words even though the Marine 2/6 lost 125 young men in 2010 in Afghan. 17 of those killed in action my son a Lnc. Cpl. at the time knew personally. Called me everything in the book. Kick his a$$ to the curb, but Scoops call.

          • Landscaper, I sure as heck would have said something if I had have seen that one. Lord, that’s sad about your son’s buddies. I can’t imagine. God Bless him- please tell him thank you from me. It’s not not much, but I do mean it from my heart. I love our boys.

          • Orangeone


            Please accept my apology for not seeing the post attacking you. My finger can type a pretty darn good tongue lashing and I would have let it rip.

            Second, and most importantly, plase thank your son for his service to our great country. It is because of him and men and women like him, that we maintain the freedoms and liberty we enjoy and many Obamabots don’t even realize they are at risk of losing.

            Bless you and your wife for raising a fine young man with honor!

            • Landscaper

              Orange, thanks but I am a big boy. I gave that turd an ear full and he hasn’t said a word to me since. I asked how many damn sons he had in Afghan and so on. Thats a b*tch slap you don’t get up from brother!

              • Orangeone

                Landscaper, I know you are a big boy but I’m always looking to lend my fingers in support of a fellow liberty-loving blogger!

      • Nukeman60

        You seem to think everybody on this site is plain stupid. Our responses are about how the liberals and the liberal media will respond to this news, not how we Conservatives will respond. There isn’t a Conservative on this site that believes the crap that comes out of the left’s collective mouths. Get a grip and realize that.

        How you can say ABiC’s scenario is CRAP when she talks about how the left will respond is beyond me. We all know how they respond to their own lies and how they embrace them, along with the Obamamedia. So, get a clue before jumping on the wrong people.

        Try to read and understand a post before setting down a diatribe that misses the boat by a mile.

      • Landscaper

        “…..30 days buddy”

        ABiC is a WOMAN.

        • Nukeman60

          You have to pay attention to know that. 🙂

      • MaxineCA

        Michael, Michael, Michael…… Stop it already. I replied recently to you regarding your hateful post about liberal women, but I did it in a polite manner in hopes that you would temper your anger.

        It’s unfortunate that you haven’t taken my advice and others that post here. You do have excellent points to make, but you should probably hold your hands away from the keyboard if you are angry. Trust me, folks that post comments here are very aware and informed. You are welcome to make an editorial comment, but you don’t have to communicate as though they we are stupid and you have to inform us. OK?

        I flagged your comment because I’m tired of you insulting those that are members of this community, especially my Duckie Friend.

      • I didn’t see this earlier. You are done here.

        I warned you twice, which is more than most people get.

        Apologies to the rest of the group for letting this go on too long.

        • Orangeone

          Thank you K-Bob but from my perspective no apology to me is necessary.

          Michael showed himself to be the character he is.

          In response, members of Scoop’s following joined together in support of one another. That is priceless.

      • GreenBeretWay

        Who pissed in your Cheerios dude? It seems to me that you are here only to show an arrogant,condescending attitude.You need to park that high horse you ride around on and drop the imperious insults.

        You wanna F*ck with the duck,then your F*cking with me.

        Did your Momma ever tell you if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all? I have read some of the attack comments since I got back here recently and you either need a damn muzzle or learn some common manners.

        • Orangeone

          Welcome back GreenBeretWay!

          • GreenBeretWay

            Thanks Orange, I didn’t realize this morning that they kicked Michael to the trash heap. I should probably take the time to read all the comments before I react.

            I don’t want to be accused of shoot first and then aim.LOL

            • Orangeone

              Best way to stay safe is to shoot when you believe there is danger.  Looking forward to blogging with you.  I’m relatively new to Scoop but just love this intelligent group!

              • GreenBeretWay

                1500 + comments, you have been busy here. I was referencing what Romney was accused of after the Embassy TERRORIST attack.

                I love everyone here.It feels like home and now me and Mike the Marine have a new girl to fight over.LOL

                • Orangeone

                  I love it when military men team up!

                  Not sure if you read all of the comments but MikeTheMarine suggested Scoop open a sniper school.  And I will be one of the first students!
                  My daddy was a Navy man in WWII (his daddy in both WWI and WWII) and taught me to shoot when I was just a little girl.  Medical reasons didn’t permit me to carry on my family’s Navy legacy (mom’s side and dad’s side) but I will absolutely defend our borders if given the opportunity.  And I’m a darn good shot!
                  Looking forward to blogging.

                • GreenBeretWay

                  You are a good shot and ABinC has a way with baseball bats!!! I don’t plan on getting you ladies upset.

                • Orangeone

                  Everything counts when it comes to defending this great country!

                • The fight’s over. State of the art 😉
                  And I am SO glad you’re back!

                • GreenBeretWay

                  Mikey the Marine would beg to differ. Those bullet stoppers put up a heck of a fight.
                  I’m glad I’m back too. Even if I have an extra hole to show for it. LOL I read the comments about the Mac & Cheese Yumm.I called my Mom last night to get her recipe and if mine bombs I am coming over and trying yours. Unless Michael beat me too it.

                • I love both of you, I can’t lie 😉 But he never wrote me poetry so you’re definitly ahead! Seriously, I do love you specially. You stick up for me, and you don’t mind my pestering. You always have the sweetest words and make me smile when I need it. I am glad you’re back, I know I said it already though lol.
                  You try your mom’s mac and cheese, and if it doesn’t work out (but if you follow the directions it will!!) I will mail you a special batch just for you 🙂
                  Thank you for being such a blessing my dear GB. God has been so good to me, beyond what I ever imagined. Hope you’re healing well!!

  • Nukeman60

    Her response was that it was the “fog of war”.

    Yeah. Which war might that be? The 2012 political election war?

    Clinton: “I’ll take the hit now, so that Obama doesn’t have to. Keep in mind that I will deny any responsibility after the election so that my 2016 chances are still intact. Of course, if Obama loses, all bets are off and I’ll throw that little black [email protected] under the bus to save my own a$$. – Oops, was the mic still on?”

    • Thanks Nukeman60 – I had just took a big drink of iced tea when I read your post – the screen on my laptop is soaked (but still laughing).

      • Nukeman60

        Charge the cost of your laptop to Obama. It’s the ‘fog of war’. 🙂

      • Orangeone

        Joseph, I have learned to leave liquids on the counter far away from my laptop while reading posts on Scoop because I’ve done the same 🙂

    • Landscaper

      Nuke, brother you can spin the remarks. Didn’t we see you at The Comedy Club ? That’s 5 star material !

      • Nukeman60

        Why, yes you did. I was the old guy in the background with the broom, sweeping up. You might have seen me sitting on Jeff Dunham’s lap on occasion. I’m the old one with the sourpuss look, ’cause that guy never uses hand lotion. 🙂

    • Obama has been hit since Sept 12th where have you been? LOL…amazing that Conservatives think this gives Obama cover….what a joke…yeah 30 days after the event….sorry not!

      • Nukeman60

        Are you insinuating that I’m new to this election cycle? It’s Clinton that thinks this will give Obama cover, not Conservatives.

        • Landscaper

          I think he likes you Nuke, we just don’t understand. Let us be schooled by the Master.

          • Nukeman60

            Heh, I don’t know about liking me. I have a tendency to call out BS when sometimes I should just shut up. 🙂

  • DCGere

    Romney should call out this lies. Wonder if any one at will even bother to ask a question associated with this? Certainly not the plants.

  • Conservative_Hippie

    Er…um…Congressman Issa and the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee would like a word with you Hillary.

    • Orangeone

      And they have a little gift for you in the cute little envelope the Sheriff is holding, Sheriff Joe that is!

      • Conservative_Hippie


  • poljunkie

    Hilary’s laying in the middle of the street, just in time for Obamas campaign bus to run over her.

    • just another bump in the road. Well, that’s one bump that doesn’t depress the he!! out of me.

      • poljunkie

        Yep. These people are such scum. I can just see Obama sitting at a table. Hmmm what can we say to make the debate easier and change the memo on this Benghazi situation. Oh I know, get me Hilary on the phone. Shes in Peru, isnt she? Great.

  • Joe

    CANDY CROWLEY can now ELIMINATE this question!

    (bastards – all of them)

    This is MORE the REASON Mrs. Pat Smith – Mother of one killed – should be in the front row of the debate.

  • Howzah123

    Obama hired her for the job and 4 Americans died. It’s Obama’s responsibility.

    You don’t get to decide who is ultimately responsible Mrs. Clinton. The American People will decide that on election day.

  • opinionatedhermit

    Romney should bring this up himself. It is the perfect tea up:

    He should describe in great detail, why it will be in his administration: Security in a war zone will not be under the venue of the State Dept.

    That Obama’s decision to do so, is exactly the type a rookie would make ….

  • *fog of war*

    Yea, that’s a good one. With a little work, we can make that a new internet meme…..or twitter trend.

    Sorry I cheated on you honey #fogofwar

    What alcohol on my breath officer #fogofwar

    I forgot to pay for the dvd in my pocket #fogofwar

    I wasn’t vandalizing this poster with pink spray paint #fogofwar

    I swear that’s not my cigar #fogofwar

    • SineWaveII

      LOL but here’s a better question that no one is asking. What war? Obama declared victory in Libya and was doing victory laps. During the DNC they said OBL was dead and the war on terror had been won. So how can there be “fog of war” with no war?

      • Exactly! It was an obvious act of war and we knew it from the beginning. An American Embassy is American soil……protestors or other. This is signaling that the decision has been made to retaliate (for political reasons) and turn into some sort of hawk on foreign policy that will dominate tomorrow’s news cycle/debate. What are the odds that we hear about some air strikes on targets said to be responsible for the death of our ambassador early tomorrow morning?

        • colliemum

          Obama may think the odds are pretty good.

          Sadly, since we’ve learned that there was an actual drone flying overhead while the Ambassador and three Americans got murdered, he’ll be massively wrong.

          In fact, I think that any drone attack on Libyans, terrorists or not, will backfire because everybody will say he did it only to win the elections – with more blood on his hands.
          I think this new presence of drones has been reported because he’s not going to use them, they are only theatre to show he’s tough (in his own mind, that is).

  • poljunkie

    I call BS.

    As far as we’re concerned this topic is STILL on the table. Sure hope Gov Romney doesn’t stop talking about it.

  • Hey Obama, I can see your ears poking out from behind Hillary’s skirt…

    You can’t hide there forever!

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      It seems the President is trying to hide, but you reminded me of how masculine Hillary used to dress, with a tie like a man and short hair do… do you remember when?

  • SineWaveII

    And this is why Hillary isn’t president of the US. For all of her “3am phone call bragging” when she had the chance to stand up for her department, herself, and the truth, she wussed out and backed down. She would do the same thing as POTUS. That’s why she isn’t president and will never be president. Your career is over Hillary. You threw it away for Obama and he’s going to lose anyway. You watch. After he loses the election she’ll be trying to walk that back. Count on it.

    • Orangeone

      She would have Mooslims all over her administration and they would be destroying the country faster than I can cut the grass with a self-propelled mower.

  • keyesforpres

    Fog of war eh? Tell me Hillary…was it the fog of war when you guys used our tax dollars to run an ad in (was it Pakistan) to apologize for the video after the act of war? Well, at least you do know that this was indeed an act of war? Eh??

  • ChicksLoveRight

    I hope PUMAs wake up!! Now its time to take the knife out of the back of Hilary, vote for Romney and serve the revenge below zero to Mr Zero!

  • I disagree TRS….It does not give Obama cover. He always says he is responsible for his operations….excuse me TRS would that not include the State Dept? And remember for over 7 days after he blamed a VIDEO? I think Hillary would have told him something before that time? The National Security Counsel meets all the time….Sorry TRS it does not give cover. I think Hillary is throwing it back to Obama because the Buck stops with him…AND IT TOOK HER 30 days to assume responsibility?? What about that Security Team….who are they? I think she puts Obama in an awful situtation:

    I DID NOT KNOW? AH…you are the President of the US…after the attack in the 12th of Sept would not your FIRST CALL BE TO THE SECRETARY OF STATE to find out what happened? Yet for over 10 days they claimed a Video…even though 24 hours after the attack they knew it was not related to Video but planned and terrorists….yet Obama kept claiming a Video for days and days?

    Sorry TRS I think Clinton did this deliberately….if he claims he did not know THEN WHY? he is the President and it took 30 days to admit this? He talked about a video for days an days…BUT IN THAT TIME HE NEVER CALLED HILLARY? BS!! This makes Obama look Incompetent…Rumsfeld was just on Hannity and said at worse the President would have been out of the loop for a DAY!!!!!!!!!! Not 10, 15, 20 or 30!!

    This makes Obama look stupid! Where is the communication…and Hillary does this Out of the Country where she is not in the US? Yet Obama has this debate…

    Mitt to Obama: Are you the President or not? Does the buck stop with you or not? Did you fly to Las Vegas for a Campaign Stop or not right after the attack….Did you not claim it was because a Video for 10 days or not? Did you not call the Secretary of State Right away or not?

    Sorry TRS the 30 day time lapse kills the cover….the blame the Video kills the cover and the several reports that surfaced immediately after the attack kills the cover.

    Hillary smartly puts all this to Obama and she is out of the country…Fire Her Obama? She did not tell you? Keep her yet incompetent.

  • Seamus Dubh

    Fog of war?
    More like snooze button on the “3 A.M. phone call”.

  • warpmine

    “Fog of war”
    Perhaps in a demented mind of a liberal. Must send them all back to their home planet, Liberalanus.

    • Conservative_Hippie

      …that’s there’s funny.

  • codenametimna

    Pure political posturing no doubt about it. Hillary Clinton’s statement was given to provide “cover” for Barack Obama in the run up to the election. In the eyes of the Obama administration and in the eyes of Hillary Clinton, it doesn’t matter what they say just so long as it can protect Obama until after the election. If Obama loses in November (which is becoming more and more likely since Romney continues to rise in the polls) Obama will be out of office and Republicans probably won’t pursue any lawsuits against him and will just be thankful to get rid of him once and for all. Hillary is taking the “fall” because her term is over in January and she’s already made it very clear she doesn’t plan to stay on as Secretary of State if Obama gets reelected. Since her term is up in January her actions convey political expediency. Because she too will be out of office in the near future, and therefore, she likely won’t face retribution for her dubious and sleight of hand deed. The truth is “the buck” stops with Obama, not Hillary. The president of the United States is Commander in Chief of the military and the head of his own administration. Therefore the responsibility for the tragedy in Benghazi, Libya falls squarely on Obama’s shoulders.

    So what we have here is a contrived plot by the Obama administration to provide “cover” for Obama in order to “escape” fallout from Benghazi-gate until after the election. If Obama happens to get reelected he would no doubt bypass Congress and use his executive privilege to “escape” further scrutiny and/or litigation from Republican lawmakers and further fallout from the American people. Just like Obama was able to do concerning the Fast & Furious debacle. Obama used his executive privilege and ever since then Fast & Furious has basically fallen by the way side in the run up to the election. That’s what Democrats and the Obama administration are hoping any. In other words, that Benghazi-gate gets brushed aside and falls by the way side after Hillary Clinton decided to fall on her sword. In what is an obvious attempt by her to help Obama escape judgment for his utter incompetency and failed policies that led to the deaths of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other brave Americans in Libya.

    Four Americans died needlessly because of the reckless and failed policies of the Obama administration. Plain and simple. Which gave al-Qaeda the upper hand through a dire lack of security and military personnel at the consulate in Benghazi. The same consulate that repeatedly requested additional resources and security personnel, but were categorically “denied” each and every time by the Obama administration. Who is the head of the Obama administration? Why none other than Barack Hussein Obama and his sidekick Joe Biden.
    The “buck” stops with Barack Obama and Joe Biden. The very two people who claim they didn’t know the consulate in Libya had requested additional resources and personnel. Yeah right! It is their responsibility to know all the in’s and out’s of what goes on within their administration. Especially when repeated requests over several months were made to the State Department telling them of the dire situation in a region of the world that is noted for some of the most treacherous and hostile acts of terrorism on the face of the planet!

    • Again he has been feeling the fallout…what are you talking about? What cover…Who in God’s Green Earth thinks the President did not know? Who? For 30 days…and now Hillary says this? Out of the country…Wake Up….she has put Obama in a horrible spot…YOU CANNOT BE THE PRESIDENT OF THE US and tell the American Public I KNEW NOTHING!!! For God’s sake think??? What does that tell people….YOU ARE THE PRESIDENT, the most powerful man in the world….yet YOU KNEW NOTHING? BS!! No President will get away with that defense and Hillary knows it! Cover…no she gave him a back judo chop…If there is one thing Americans will not accept is the claim the PRESIDENT did not know…when Hillary came to the WH several times and all he has to do is CALL HER!!

      Do you really think people will accept the President did not know…check what the Security people are saying on TV…THERE IS NO WAY THE PRESIDENT would not have known within 24 hours….sorry Hillary is actually putting Obama in the spotlight…Either you are the President or Not?

      • A direct quote from codenametimna (the post you just commented to): “The “buck” stops with Barack Obama and Joe Biden. The very two people who claim they didn’t know the consulate in Libya had requested additional resources and personnel. Yeah right! It was their responsibility to know all the in’s and out’s of what goes on within their administration…” What part of this did you NOT understand?

        • Landscaper

          He certainly has a way with words ABiC, but seems to come and go with TRS. It takes time to write, edit and do his re-writes, so WE can all be amazed at his deep understanding of the world. How cluess we are not to be in awe by his holiness, on foriegn affairs.

          • Well put my Landscaping friend. sigh. I must admit, I’m kind of in a tight spot. Some of his comments are excellent (no doubt due to the writing, editing and re writes) but still quite good, but he certainly has a way of skimming over everyone else’s and climbing down their throats. I’d have moderated or removed some of his comments by now on this thread alone, except that he slammed mine too. Don’t want to appear biased.

        • I just deleted a similar outburst a few days ago.

          • Thanks K-Bob. I’m sorry I let it go too. He’s had some good comments that I’ve seen, but some of the others I haven’t seen until long after the damage is done and others have reprimanded him. I didn’t want to remove his comments here, because he got on me too, and didnt want to appear like I was deletling him because of that. THanks for coming in K-Bob. I appreciate it.

            • No problem, ABiC! Web forums and comment sections aren’t really everybody’s cup of tea, I guess.

        • Orangeone

          Just to toss a “dumb question” out there. Why would the embassy located in the most dangerous country have to REQUEST more security around the anniversary of 9/11, after the Briitsh embassy was attacked, after the Red Cross left country, after 230 prior security incidents, after a hole was blasted in the wall. Is it just me or is it totally ridiculous to believe that the DC Administration would be monitoring events at our embassies and surrounding areas.

          • They were Orangefriend. They just chose to ignore it, or their muslim brotherhood told them to ignore.

  • TRS…that Quote:

    “I want to avoid some kind of political gotcha.”

    Is what is judo chop to Obama…you are wrong…that leaves all kinds of questions about just being political and who knew…in politic speak that means…THERE IS MORE TO THE STORY….remember Hillary and Bill cannot stand Obama…

    People are missing how inept this makes Obama look….you cannot claim as the President that you did not know….for over 10 days he blamed a Video!!

    She is not dumb….that quote is an invitation for more questions….Hillary knows what she is doing…THIS IS BILL CLINTON I guarantee it!!

    • Darkstar1661

      Ohhh yeah, its Bill Clinton for sure – but you have the reason wrong. Two words; Janet Reno

      Remember Waco’s Ms “I made the decision”, Ms “I’m accountable”, Ms “the buck stops with me.”, Ms “If that’s what the president wants, I’m happy to do so” when asked is she would resign…

      …she was never held accountable though; in fact, she was pretty much praised by the Liberal media for her so-called “responsibility”

      Bill is probably hoping Janet’s playbook works once again to lift his wife to “what a great person she is” status while also helping take the heat off Obama for the Democrat party. I dont think it will work, but it has before and he had a front row seat for it…

      • Orangeone

        And do we really think Romney will hold any of this administration responsible? Me thinks not and hope that I am proved to be incorrect.

    • Have you bothered to actually READ people’s comments here? How idiotic do you think we are here?

    • ” Hillary Clinton The only one with Balls in the White House period”

      Billy Boy is behind this so Media wil be talking toHillary and not wquestionong Obama and His administration…

  • conservocop

    Wow ! She’s as big a BS’er as Bubba !!

  • celestialjunk

    Following the logic then … had there not been an election, and especially 2 more debates coming up … Hilda-beast would have said nothing.

  • Rocco11

    George Soros just wired $1 billion to Hillary’s Swiss bank account…

    • Landscaper

      I’ve worked for a few millionaires, they are CHEAP ! Soros won’t give that snake “cab money”

      • Rocco11

        pocket change he’s made shorting the US in Obama’s economy.

  • odin147

    Does not make a difference, the buck always stops at the top. The one lied for a long time, he knew he was lying. The man is a liar this is the only thing he knows, lie.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Alrighty… she wants to fall on her sword… let her. FIRE HER NOW and then persue putting her in jail. At least we can avoid seeing her ugly mug in 2016.

    As for Obama… screw him. I’m sick of that slippery fish literally getting away with murder.

  • Who cares if she takes full responsibility, she was appointed by Obama, it’s under his watch… It’s still his problem. I remember Hillary Clinton already called the attacks a terrorist attack, and wasn’t blaming a video, it was the Obama administration trying to ‘shoot first and aim later’ the spin what happened in Libya. It’s too late anyways, a lot of people know they screwed it up and got it wrong.

  • Galatiansch2vs20

    Fog of war, huh, Mrs. Clinton? So you are admitting you knew from the beginning it was an act of war? You knew and didn’t tell your superior, the President, but let him think it was a spontaneous reaction to a video when you assumedly knew there was no demonstration in response to a video there in Benghazi?

    Was it you who put Susan Rice out there on the Sunday talk shows instead of going out their yourself and spinning that yarn?

    230 security related incidents (video link below) reported in Benghazi from June 2011 until two months before the murder of four Americans, including (but not limited to) an IED attack on the U.S. consulate and your department, Mrs. Clinton denied added security! And the President did not know of any of this? I find that hard to believe.


    Peter King says cover-up and beyond spin. Says Biden’s budget claim was false because of testimony at the recent hearing. It was a judgement call not to put more security in there.

    After so many hearings at taxpayers’ expense, Peter King is concerned with the ongoing safety threats under the current administration:


  • Joengima

    I really don’t know what to make of this.

    Part of me thinks here is Mrs Clinton taking one for the team cause she’s retiring this year.

    Another Part of me is, Clinton did this to hurt Obama. Now you’ll get the Clinton Democrats who already had a dislike of Obama, to think he forced her to jump in front of the bus.

    Of course Hillary could also give off a sense of leadership that Obama doesn’t have and basically give off the impression it’s the Cabinet Secretaries that have been running the show, and Obama is too busy to do his job.


    Isn’t she just an accomplice to OBOZO, you know the big meeting thing?

    ROCCO11, that is just pocket change for this witch.

    She has a line of credit with the FED for endless money, called QE3.

    Heck, oh-uh-oh had billions lyiing around left over from the “stimulous slush fund thingy.

    I say she tell Congress under oath who told RICE to lie.

  • Luker410

    She doesn’t get the right to take the blame. If the ship runs aground, the cook keeps cooking and the Captain walks the plank.

  • poljunkie

    I just read this at Instapundit:

    “I think Hillary just zeroed out her campaign debt.”

  • Luker410

    Only a weak scum bag like Obama would even let her take the fall for his ineptness.

  • TexasEnforcer

    Figured they were going to play it that way. The only thing is that the intelligent people, not his sheeple, already know he’s to blame.

  • tushdi

    BHO: It’s Bush’s fault. It’s the video’s fault. It’s Hillary ‘s fault. I’m clueless but I sure sound good with a TelePrompTer in front of me.

    • ” Hillary Clinton The only one with Balls in the White House period”

      You know and Hillary said in 2008, ” The buck stops at the Oval Ofice” How times have changed ehh Hillary Have you changed places with Monica or what??

  • tushdi

    Fast and Furious, Benghazigate, foreign donor gate, solandra green crony gate, Black Panther Voter intimidation gate, illegal Libya war, etc. etc. Media Obots turns a blind eye to all the aforementioned scandals to protect their Messiah while the Nation goes into a death spiral of debt, high energy costs and economic decline.

  • Amjean

    She carefully crafts her comments, she takes responsibility over the many offices and
    people in the state department, however, doesn’t take personal responsibility for the
    lack of security. She also doesn’t state why she lied (that will never happen) when
    stating the attacks were because of a youtube video which Lamb disputed in her testimony to Issa. She doesn’t say why Susan Rice lied, however, Hillary isn’t Rice’s boss, Obama
    is. Her position is an appointed one (by Obama).

    BTW, Col. David Hunt stated: “When an embassy requests more security the request automatically goes to the National Security Adviser and Council and appears on the President’s daily national security briefing.”

    Another aside….I read that Eric Boswell, Assistant Sec. of State for Diplomatic Security,
    sent cables to Washington (where? was not stated) in March and July 2012 requesting
    more security and received no response.

    • Orangeone

      Oh the national security briefings that O’Bambi didn’t attend????

  • Amjean

    A question: Where is the republican fearless leader? John Boehner?

  • Malkiel_kol_hakavod_la_el

    That shows once and for all that these people are dangerous to the common defense of America and her citizens… “And They Are” Also if for one moment she was keeping the so called president in the dark – a President would have her resign effective immediately… This president Barack Hussein Obama and his chosen people are so blatantly corrupt that it makes me sick knowing that Congress does it’s little side show about gun walking and so on and on and wouldn’t ya know it – no one that should pay the price is paying the price for all this corruption and death of Americans from Border Guards to Ambassadors….

    We need to set these politically corrupt – dangerous socialists back 250 years…. And never allow this type of corrupt administration to rear it’s sick ugly dangerous head ever again in the United States of America…. I am so sick of these people that I can’t put it into words….

    Romney verbally knock out Barack Hussein Obama for a second time in round two…. And we Constitutional Conservative Republicans Tea Party Folks will knock him out for good on 11.6.2012……

  • Quote- “Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) says the State Department is sitting on $2.2 billion that should be spent on upgrading security at U.S. embassies and consulates worldwide, but the Obama administration will not spend the funds.” unquote

    The intentional decision to not ensure / to not allow Marines to be armed, let alone not beef up security on the US Libyan Consulate Embassy in Benghazi Libya, which by the way is Hillary Clinton’s primary job as Sec of State, US Embassies fall directly under her jurisdiction and responsibility- is an intentional willful dereliction of duty, that can only be seen as a betrayal of US National Diplomatic security needs, thus criminal, even treasonous acts against American lives, and interests vital to US National Security.

    The evidence is clear and incontrovertible. All the evidence points to the 911 anniversary coordinated attacks were professionally planned ahead of time, then executed.. was thus not a spontaneous reaction.. Both Obama and Hillary Clinton had US Military, National Security Agencies, CIA, and even foreign govts intelligence warnings of serious threats of danger, especially on the anniversary of Sept 11th, which all pointed a heightened need of security.

    Hillary Clinton- The State Department, and President Obama, had received a direct plea by Ambassador Stevens himself, requesting Security for fear of his life, but she, and Obama both ignored it, and in fact refused it, denied security, as well as a State dept Transport aircraft in case of emergency, in light of all the evidence of danger that was coming there way. 

    The evidence is overwhelming against both Obama and Hillary Clinton and both should not only be verbally held responsible, but they should be physically be held responsible, ie; impeached, charged, and tried for deliberate intentional dereliction of duty, which is not only a political offense, it’s a criminal offense.

    Motivation- Obama’s Pro arab islamic muslim agenda policy to re-organize and establish the entire Middle East under complete Islamic Muslim Fundamentalist authority and control- ie; the destruction of the State of Israel. Quote- Caroline Glick : “Since taking office, Obama has made clear that he views the US as an imperialist power on the world stage. As a result, the overarching goal of Obama’s foreign policy has been to end US global hegemony.” unquote

  • poljunkie

    On Drudge ” Hilary in 2008, The Buck stops at the Oval Office”

    I guess times have changed huh Hilary? Obama plays by his own rules.

  • kamiller42

    Romney/Ryan… Ready to defog the state department!

  • drphibes

    More weasel words from Obama in drag.

  • Hillary falls on hew dagger. Meanwhile, let’s all remember how much Bill Clinton loves to upstage Obama. This just gets weirder and weirder.

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    So does this mean she made that YouTube video?

  • PFFV

    If this is Hillary’s fault then she should resign in shame! Those dead American’s asked repeatedly for more security in a well known terrorist hotbed of activity and all they heard were crickets! Heads need to roll on Benghazi-Gate and Fast and Furious but I know one thing for certain. Neither one of the Affirmative Action Twins (Obama/Holder) will be blamed for any wrong-doing. They are above the law and they know it!

  • Susitna

    The fight between Hillary and Obama will “restart” after the debate, as he will have more flexibility…….

  • kong1967

    The fog of war? You’re kidding me, right?

  • aussieguy64

    Look at this logically…If Hillary is taking responsibility for Benghazi, that basically means the buck stops with her. So what exactly is Obama good for? What’s the point of the President then? This is HIS bloody Administration! Its under HIS surname!

    A leader is supposed to be responsible and accountable. Demonstrating no leadership seems like a common theme with the political left. They only want power, popularity, and turning the world to their utopian view…But when it actually comes to being a real leader, there is none to be found. Manipulations, deceptions, lies, taking credit for other people’s work, insincere gestures to the parents of the dead, character assassination because they don’t have a record to run on, Big Bird, etc.

    • Typical Obama some one else takes the Blame..

      Please pass this around folks.

      ” Hillary Clinton The only one with Balls in the White House period”

  • This is meaningless. If the State Department knew on the evening of 9/11 that the attack in Libya was NOT as a result of the video, then why did the administration keep pushing this story? Susan Rice lied on five shows five days AFTER the attack. Are you telling me that for five days the administration STILL did not know what was going on? And even though everybody in the press and in Congress was saying that this was a terrorist attack a day or two after the attack, the White House STILL didn’t know what was going on? Obama even kept pushing this story days later at the United Nations, on The View, and on David Letterman. If by that point Obama’s own National Security Council still didn’t know what was going on, a LOT of people should be fired right now. This is so phony. The White House must have known a day after the attack in Libya that the video had nothing to do with it and it certainly must have known by the time Obama went to the UN. This is a lame attempt to change the subject just before an election. Pitiful.

  • Oh is that what it is? Fog of war. Really? Do Democrats have payed writers to come up with these excuses?

    • notebene

      Yup…not exactly brilliant writers. Just experts in cliches. It works because most of the public have been educated by public school union teachers, who don’t teach real literature.

    • Fog of War?— probably farted sitting naked on a 50lb bag of flour

  • WordsFailMe

    Bill and Hillary Clinton–Welcome to Obamaho! There’s plenty of room in the stable for a couple of old wart hogs like you ‘uns. Hope you enjoy your stay.

    Oh and you can check in anytime you want, but you can never leave…


  • notebene

    This is the same set of lunkheads that have the gall to say that the Republicans have politicized this issue? Wow…Hilary is the Scapegoat…that’s really a surprise. I wouldn’t have guessed that the night before the second debate that she would be so “bold” as to take responsibility. Heaven knows if we held our breath for the Imposter to do so, we’d all die and there would be no one left to steal a vote from. Wait a minute…I retract that last statement…it’s well known that Elvis has been able to vote since dying in 1977! The real kicker is that Hil still expects to run in 2016…that’s supposed to be her year. That should be really difficult from prison where the Clintons and Odumbo belong.

  • WordsFailMe

    When Romney is elected and the thousand lawsuits start to flow, we need to stand up and tell the black c*** and the bs Democrats “No more!” The racists, sexual perverts, whores and their white liberal butt boys are threatening riots if Romney is elected. We need to turn that into a promise. Not Obama dumb **** promise, but a real one.

    I’d say that midnight, Nov. 6 is good time to take off the gloves, light ’em up and get this crap taken care of.

  • iaintlyin

    Why isn’t she relieved of her duties immediately? She is responsible for the deaths of four Americans. And the balls of her to make this admission on foreign soil is insulting to me as an American. Its reminiscent of 0 going overseas and bashing us as being evil few years ago. These people have got to go, we need to win all three branches of gov’t and string these bastards up by the end of 2013.

  • wallwatchman

    It doesn’t change anything in my mind anyway, that she’s taking the fall for this. 1) I don’t buy it anyway, 2) saying the pres and vp knew nothing on this huge foreign policy debacle, an uprising months ago by the way they took credit in helping, makes them incompetent, at the very least.

    Pres doesn’t go to security briefings, golfs like he lives at a retirement village, campaigns, parties in Hollywood, and goes on every little talk and gossip show and no hard hitting news interviews. And we’re supposed to lay this at Hillary’s feet?! I don’t trust her either, but HE IS PRESIDENT! Man up and stop hiding behind the girl!!

  • lcn1114

    seriously, I am so sick of being lied to by this bunch. What the heck is going on? The Clintons are up to something. Hope they drop some info on Obama soon. This make him look even worse. Still waiting to hear who sent Susan Rice out to lie….crickets

  • Steve

    Romney’s first question at tonight’s debate – “So is Mrs. Clinton going to resign? Or will you be replacing her directly with someone more qualified?”

  • colliemum

    trs, when you say that everything is politics for this administration, you hit the proverbial nail.

    If Hillary really thought she was responsible, she would have resigned.
    She didn’t.

    She’s defending Obama, whatever good that may do this late.
    She should have remembered that there are millions of Americans who hold Obama and her responsible. They won’t go away after Obama leaves the WH, and they’ll see through this clear attempt of making Obama look good before the debates and the elections.
    It’ll backfire.

  • Tiffini

    To me this means very little. The dems along with the MSM, hope this puts a stop to all the questions. Which it doesn’t too many questions haven’t been answered.
    Even if you put the security problems squarely on her shoulders, what about all the statements from Sept 12th thru 25th, blame the video, arresting the filmmaker with all eyes watching, the money Obama and Hillary spent on AD time in the ME? I don’t think this will have the effect they think, unless it means Candy Crowley throws out any question related to Libya, which will make her look bad and even more in the tank for Obama.
    And for it to be a pure political move on her part, is just weak and will come back to haunt her if she truly wants to run in 2016.

  • David Boyes

    Check out Hils comment from 2008 on Hotair.com the BUCK stops with the PREZEEDENT !!!!

  • Coming Apart

    Clinton falling on the sword, makes her appear like a hero. I’m sure they polled this before Clinton made the statement!

  • bartman44

    Whitewash Alert! All Hillary said was that she takes responsibility for the 60,000 plus employees in the State Dept. She did not directly take responsibility for the deaths of a US Ambassador, 2 Navy Seals and another support agent. The timing dictates that this is a political smokescreen to help Obama’s plummeting polls.

    Aside from the direct responsibility for the deaths of those Americans — an issue unto itself of malfeasance, the WH is complicit in a cover up of epic proportions in that it hides the incompetency of the entire Obama administration as well as the State Dept. What we have here is a circus that should ultimately result in a circular firing squad as the truth percolates to the top.

  • MiketheMarine

    I think Hillary is playing chess, or maybe liars poker. She is going to take the fall for the murders of Amb. Stevens and the other three but she is going to saddle Barry with the cover up. Just watch, she hates his ass and is going to take him down with her. This is the very best dinner theatre any of us conservatives could possibly hope for.

  • If Hillary is responsible and accountable as she claims – why doesn’t she resign? That’s being accountable. Anything less is just rhetoric. She is clearly unable to do the job, now we have four dead Americans and she’s going to make sure it doesn’t happen again? What qualifies her for a second bite at the apple?

  • jrt1031

    Too much partying and playing and not enough working and getting their jobs done and it shows in the incompetence on their parts. We cant survive with 4 more years and not showing up for work.

  • NJK

    Not enough. She needs to be put on trial. So do the rest. They don’t get to walk away from this. NO MORE!

  • I’m sorry but the whole premise of her “mea culpa” is utter BS and here’s why.
    1. She “takes” responsibility as if it is a burden that someone must bear. She can’t “take” responsibility as the position she holds IS inherently responsible for the lack of appropriate security.
    2. The fact that Al Qaeda is deeply rooted in Libya, how unstable the country is and the many events that had already occurred speaks volumes about the need for security. Knowing the daily digest that gets sent out on the threat – there were deliberate decisions made to NOT put security in place.
    3. Making these decisions was a policy – and SecState, the National Security Council and the President would have all known this. To claim otherwise is malarkey. If Dear Leader is claiming to have not known – he is either incompetent or misinformed. Being that the left claims he is possibly the brightest most engaged man to have ever held office, of course the old blame game routine must be played.

  • David Boyes

    to take FULL responsibility she should be in front of the American people and not off in far away Lima Peru…. saying what she has to say…. this is her modus operandi on most everything – always commenting, making statements from the other side of the world, and why didn’t she go on all of the networks instead of Susan Rice way back when, and what about this NY Times article today stating arms etc going to the A Q, exactly opposite to what Biden stated in his debate with Ryan….. things are very rotten in …. the state of … PLEASE dear God, let the people wake up and Romney win this election

  • WordsFailMe

    Not a lot of bucks left to stop for this doe.

  • SKL53

    Hillary has to STOP rolling over for all these men in her life! First it was Bill. She stuck it out even after all the WH humiliations with Monica! Now it’s her boss! What does he hold over her I’d like to know???

  • Pyrran

    So people are dead and she’s responsible? That usually means jail time where I live.
    Oh wait, it’s Hillary! She never pays for her screw-ups!