Frank Luntz’s focus group of undecided voters went overwhelmingly for Romney tonight

This focus group loved Romney’s performance tonight and didn’t care much for how Obama handled himself. But before you assume this is a Republican group, Luntz said that 13 out of 24 people in the group voted for Obama in 2008. And all but 3 said Romney won big tonight.

Watch below:



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  • Is it too early to celebrate? *cheers* c{_}

    • Rightstuff1

      Can I celebrate this one debate victory? I am grateful for this. Its a really great start and if I’m honest Romney exceeded my expectations by a matter of ohhh I dunno but its in the thousands of miles spectrum 🙂

      Let’s be careful with the second debate, we need to win that too and third one lest we be confronted by an Obama “that stingeth like the adder and biteth like the asp”.

      We need the man-child out of the Whitehouse. Go Romney!!!

      • GEDouglas

        Agreed. But, the second debate topic is National Defense (I think) and BO’s record there is much less defensible and more open to specific criticism than his economic record. As long as Romney doesn’t let him get away with framing his success on killing Bin Laden then he should walk away a clear winner…especially after Benghazi-gate. I’m optimistic.

        • Obama’s oft touted success of killing Osama Bin Laden brought us the massacre of our Ambassador to Libya and 3 others. Out flag is being stomped on and burned throughout the Middle-East, and his policies have actually helped destabilized. I expect Romney to wipe the floor with him.

        • StrangernFiction

          All Barky has is “I got Bin Laden.” I expect we will hear all about it in this next debate. It’ll be like an SNL skit. The combination of Hussein being called out by his people and embarrassed along with the fact that as you say National Defense is where he is most open to specific criticism means this next debate could be a real doozy (ie chances of mask slipping at highest point yet).

        • tvlgds

          I still don’t believe the whole bin Laden story. I think he’s been dead for years!

  • As Han would say, “Don’t get cocky”! Never forget we’re up against Goons from Chicago. The smirk on Obama’s face means he probably thinks he can steal this election anyway… or declare martial law.

    • You are correct, Sir, however this is the first time since the primaries where I actually feel that Romney has the stones to make it very difficult for 0bama to scam his way into a re-election. So I am enjoying my renewed hope for however long it shall last.

      • kajunredbull

        And you are CORRECTO! Let’s take a deeeep breath and enjoy this moment today then tomorrow like a great warrior we stay grounded recognizing we drew first blood and now need to prepare and step up another level to set O up for the kill on the last debate. The next regarding Foreign Policy will be a great way to do this. All Romney has to do is stand his ground like he did last night and not let O get away with his BS….Remember just like last night O has no record to stand on so Romney has a lot of ammunition (if he does not become a coward in the corner). He needs pounce like a Tiger and not let O breathe by reminding the American People of O’s Foreign Policy FAILURES and AMERICAN LIVES LOST from his STUPIDITY!!!!

        Go Romney/Ryan

    • StrangernFiction

      The chances of Obama losing it just got a lot greater.

    • tvlgds

      He will. Between dead people and the illegals the Dems so desperately count on, I’m not so sure Reagan could win this win. I also expect the riots around the country that will allow him to declare martial law and suspend the election – that’s something I’ve been saying for months!

    • Dems steal elections? Really? Do you remember W? Florida? Books and movies have been made about this.

  • Obama can’t handle the truth.

    • obama lies

    • wodiej

      I don’t think obama even knows what truth is. He has not been truthful for so long, lies are what appears to be fact to him.

      • Akabosan

        Methinks he lives in an altered state of reality.

        TRUTH is not an opinion. Truth is supported by facts. People know truth, we all live in it.


      • Arrrggghhh

        The “shipping jobs overseas tax credit” is a good example. I think he actually believed that there really is one simply because he has heard/said it so much.

    • StrangernFiction

      Obama and Truth are antonyms.

  • Cindy09

    This debates looks like the hundred of questions that Obama missed (or was not exposed to) during his Presidency, all packed in one day. Waow!

  • That is good news

  • chatterbox365

    The 3 nayers were probably Obama plants…LOL! One down…two to go and I don’t see how Romney can screw it up.

    The VP debate is going to be something out of the Comedy Channel. I expect Ryan deliver a stronger K.O. against the incompete Biden.

    • I thought you were a troll, but you’re serious. How many of you exist?

    • Akabosan

      If Lee Atwater can be dragged away from his celestial guitar long enough to coach Mr. Ryan, the night may be explosive.


    • StrangernFiction

      They are “leaning towards Obama.”

      Right, right.

  • Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! Obama is Carter…..

  • Jim Botts

    I think these bogus polls have scared Romney a bit. Romney knows he won’t get another shot at the White House if he looses. He tends to play it safe, but I think the bogus polls have shook him up a bit and he knows he’s running out of time. We saw the results tonight, he wasn’t timid and took it straight to Obama.

    The media and crooked pollsters may have thought they were helping BO with their bogus polls, but I think they have given Romney a real scare.

    The real question going forward is, will Romney let off the gas pedal again or will he drive his campaign straight through to November. After his Ryan pick I thought he had some real momentum and he managed to squander it.

    • wodiej

      He didn’t act or look shook up to me. And the word you are looking for is “lose” not “loose”.

    • StrangernFiction

      The real question going forward is, will Romney let off the gas pedal again or will he drive his campaign straight through to November.

      Exactly. If the Romney we saw in this debate (where has he been?) is the Romney we see from here on, this election won’t be close.

  • jaym68

    Best (Lib meltdown) comment of the night…
    Chris Matthews:
    ‘What Was He Doing!?’
    Best 2 tweets of the night…
    Dennis Miller:
    Romney keeps this up Øbama’s gonna vote for him
    Øbama better hope a Kicked @ss is covered under Øbamacare

    What a great night!
    R&R 2012

    • detectivedick

      That is Funny!

    • Maybe O will offer R a job in the next administration

  • JohnBarry2012

    This focus group is indicative of the fact that despite of the RNC and R&R campaigning events thus far, Romney’s message has not effectively reached the critical mass especially the undecided and the independents. The core electorate of decided conservative and liberal had pretty much made up their mind whom they’ll vote for. It’s a battle to win the undecided and the independents.

    • Guest

      Not cocky, just not depressed like the left wants us to be with their skewed polls.
      Here are just a few reasons for optimism:
      Tonight’s debate win
      2010 election wipeout
      Walker recall failure
      Ted Cruz win in Texas
      Deb Fischer win in Neb
      Chick-fil-a supporters
      37.1% Repub registration
      33.3% Dem registration
      Romney d/d lead among Indep’s
      The incredible shrinking Øbama venues
      41 Million Tea Party Supporters Set to Vote

      R&R 2012

      • JohnBarry2012

        Still too close to comfort, when you have the stats, the facts and the changing demograhic, 47% of the population paying no taxes and dependency on govnt, it’s at a dangerous tipping point. Obama is very close to sucessfully and fundamentally transform America to a big-govnt socialist state. When it’s like Greece, where 60% are govnt dependent and controlled by public union, it’s game over to the point of no return. Shudder to think.

        • So if you think it’s a “a battle to win the undecided and the independent” you should again know that Romney has a double digit lead among Independents. As for the stats and facts, I think Independents and undecideds are smart enough to do their own research on Obama’s record and find that he is truly responsible for every ill that has befallen the nation in the last four years (Unemployment, massive debt, terrible job growth, military cuts, bloated bureaucracy, 0bamacare, a failed foreign policy, inability to deal with immigration, a corrupt stimulus program).

          As shown on the debate, Obama cannot effectively defend ANYTHING that happened under his watch.

          Do not let yourself get disheartened by the MSM and whatever skewed data they put out. If you’re so afraid of the emperor transforming this great Republic into a reincarnation of the horror that is the Soviet Union, then don’t “shudder to think” just FIGHT! Don’t brood like an emo thinking all is lost, because you’ll just be a burden to the people who actually want to resist the evil that is socialism.

          It is an uphill battle, but it is a battle that conservatives must win. For God and Country.

          • JohnBarry2012

            More so on the “undecided”. Do you think the undecided are hardcore democrat or more likely independent and moderate democrat?

            • Don’t assume they’re any variation of democrat. To use a term from Ron Paul, the undecideds are “sheeple”.

              They don’t ally with any specific ideology, and their vote constantly changes on a moment-to-moment basis as they’re “herded” into one political position or another. Gaffes and mess-ups are just as likely to change their political position as sound government policies.

              That is why they are “undecided”

        • JohnBarry2012

          Not dishearted nor discouraged as the LSM would want us to, but a real cause for concern especially in the 3 battleground swing states, where Romney needs to win 2 out of 3. Romney is closing the gap but trailing behind Obama, and Rasmussen polls (the one that can be considered most objective wihout D+ skewed) show that Romney has a 85% chance of losing. I hope the numbers change in favor of Romney after the debate.

          • A_Truism

            Hey bro, don’t be discouraged. Common sense will win out.

            Courtesy of WordsFailMe’s above post.

          • Nukeman60

            I’ve stated my points on polling several times, but it begs repeating. There are four reasons why the polls are so skewed. A combination of all four explains the differing polls out there, and they all mask the fact that it will be a landslide for Romney. Add to that, the higher enthusiasm of the Conservatives this year will cause the voting numbers, especially in swing states, to skyrocket when they see the polls skewed in Obama’s favor.

            1) The most important one, of course, is the media bias on Democrat demographics. The media can’t really believe that Dems are going to come out in numbers 3-6 percentage points higher than in ’08.


            2) Data shows that of all the people contacted for polling data, only 9% are actually responding. This can’t contribute to accurate polls, by any measure.


            3) The ‘Bradley Effect’. People say to pollsters that they are voting for the minority candidate, when in reality they will vote for the other guy. They don’t want to be seen as racist.


            4) The ‘Shy Tory Factor’. This is a condition where the polled person says they agree with the socialist concept, but in reality they want the conservative direction and will vote accordingly. Once again, they don’t want to be seen as different from what the media says is socially proper, but internally they believe conservatively.


          • In addition to the good point made by Nukeman60 regarding polls, this article is also worth a read:

            The Democrats need an ABSOLUTELY OVERWHELMING majority to win the election, and I am certain they will not get that kind of turnout.

            Also, conservatives like to use the Reagan vs. Carter as evidence that polls aren’t all what they’re touted to be, but the service of George W. Bush is something to look up to as well.

            He wasn’t stellar by any means, but President Bush cared about this country and wanted it to recover; unlike 0bama the aspiring emperor. If a man so universally demonized by then-energized leftists can persevere to two terms despite all the propaganda thrown against him (especially Tom Brokaw’s lying report on Bush’s military service), then Romney can definitely win with the support of his now-energized base and, of course, the Independent vote that he firmly controls. Thank God for the Tea Party and their stunning impact in the 2010 elections.

            There are three debates left, and if Romney’s performance is any indicator of future debates, there should be no doubt that he will gain even more votes.

            Heck, the next debate is Paul Ryan vs. Joe “Gonna Put Y’all Back in Chains” Biden on FOREIGN POLICY, the very issue that the MSM touted Biden for having so much experience in.

            After incompetence on the part of emperor 0bama’s minions in trying to cover up the Al-Qaeda terrorist attack on our Libyan consulate, it’ll be worth a laugh or two seeing how Biden tries to defend the “BIN LADEN IS DEAD” part of his “BIN LADEN IS DEAD AND GENERAL MOTORS IS ALIVE” line.

        • demographicallychallenged

          Don’t worry John, after 66yrs i’m a 47%er. I have worked 40+ years, military service, now mostly retired. I dont know where the stat came from but it is misleading and incorrect. I dont believe that SS, Medicare, or Va disability are entitlements. They have been earned and sacraficed for. The percentage of people who have done nothing more than apply for Govt. assistance, comprise a much smaller percentage than is represented in that number.

    • CPAguy

      Romney has run a terrible campaign so far. A campaign run by RINOs for a RINO is going to end in disaster.

      Luckily, Obama was awful, and Mittens couched RomneyCare in terms that will only marginally hurt him with Conservatives (who will of course vote for him anyway…Todd Akin style).

  • rjcylon

    Hey I was thinking about this big win for Mitt in the debate, but remember… Obama was there too. He showed up. He participated. He deserves some credit for that.

    • A_Truism

      Aww, you’re really nice. Like Mitt Romney. I admired that although he demolished Obama on every point in the debate, he was able to do it with gentle respect for Obama’s office.

    • Betsey_Ross

      Really? Obama doesn’t deserve anything except a thumpin’.

  • WordsFailMe

    Repost of earlier comment–

    When the camera swung around to show Frank Luntz’ entire focus group on the Hannity show, Mrs. WFM suddenly sat straight up and said, “So where are the black people? And look, there no Hispanics!”

    “Yes, Sweet Vision,” I replied, “Tonight Luntz is only polling undecided voters.”

    • librtifirst

      I am no longer worried about Obama winning. I am firmly planted on worrying about what the establishment has in mind for Romney to do. Obama is played out politically. They need new political capital to move forward with the US shutdown.

      I have seen the guy in that clip before. It is hard to oppose his logic. (especially the economic points)

      • Guest1776rcp

        Romney is going to be President Bipartisan and team with RINOs and Dems throwing conservatives under the bus. Its the one thing RINOs and Dems definitely agree on.

    • A_Truism

      “Sweet vision” *hahaha*


      And the video link articulated exactly what I was thinking. Common Sense (Conservatism) will win!

  • LostinLA1

    Very good news that some of the prior Obama voters in this Colorado focus group have switched over to Romeny. If this group is representative of the undecideds in other swing states then we will likely see the momentum swing in favor of Romney. I am hoping for three more knock out debates!

    • Jasper Silvis

      I have not heard of any McCain voters who are now supporting Obama. How is this not going to be a Romney landslide?

  • rjcylon

    love connection at 3:00

  • Mark Smith

    I can not be the only person who flees from Frank Luntz and his gaggle of undecided idiots like a vampire flees from garlic. WHO CARES what these morons think?! Every damn election, this stooge Luntz moaning that the candidate has to Oprah-it-up to get these “undecided’s” votes.

    • The undecideds are important because they are the ones who will determine the outcome of the election.

      • librtifirst

        Yep, and this is a sad fact. It would be so nice to live in a country where informed and educated people voted as a matter of conscience and not on fear and fickle economic reasoning. I suppose that the effects of moral decay in our society are unavoidable.

        • tinker_thinker

          Yeah, we wouldn’t be stuck with obama now.

    • Betsey_Ross

      No you aren’t. I hate pandering especially to undecideds. How in the world can anyone with half a brain cell think that the past 4 years has been good for them and good for the country? Even if you pay no attention everyone knows family members and friends who have lost jobs and are still looking. It’s tragic because it was all un-called for. American isn’t supposed to be like it has been for the last 4 years. All of us have had to pull in and re-evaluate our budgets. Even the rich because the financial scene is so uncertain. They aren’t investing and are holding on to their money until they see a better financial landscape. They are also holding off on spending.

      I think Romney had it just right last night. Tell them who you are, what you want to do and then convince them that you will do it. Obama has not ever done that. Romney is just starting to. Bring it on!!!

    • tinker_thinker

      I kind of like them and think those sessions are interesting, it’s nice to hear from ordinary people instead of talking heads all the time.

  • librtifirst

    It seems to me that as the presidential election progresses, the general mood about Romney has changed dramatically. I always knew that the public support for Romney through the primary did not match the numbers that were produced for him, but the contrast between primary sentiment and general is blinding. I tend to think that fear is leading the blind, and the blind have become so out of a desire for massive change in federal political leadership. The problem is that Romney hasn’t changed, and therefor I do not see a logical reason for the change in sentiment.

    I fully understand that the circumstances are now different in that there are only two choices, but what I hear people saying is almost like brain washing. It is one thing to say that we really need to change out the WH occupant, but it is another to spout off comments like “Romney will turn this country around”. That is the kind of sentiment that reflects a snap switch type action in mentality.

    If these people truly came into this debate undecided, which I would doubt, then their opinions are irrelevant, except in that their opinions reflect the ignorance of much of the voting public. I know that this is a harsh statement, but anyone with a real grasp on political philosophy would have known a long time ago who they were going to vote for when the time came.

    The 25 year old gentleman who voted for Obama at age 21 at least shows some maturity, but obviously lacks a solid foundation in political philosophy. What this tells me is that people simply are not being educated before they reach adulthood, and are not maturing fast enough to have an impact on US politics within a time frame that could ever result in an actual turning around of the growing tyranny that we face as a country, which is losing its individual liberties at a rate that is only sustainable for a short time before those liberties are lost, and our economic future is put into a long term, and possibly permanent, state of detriment.

    I watched the segment on economics, and was not surprised to see that there was absolutely no substantive discussion, or any at all, on the effect of the debt and financial system woes on the currency that we are tied to. They act as though our currency will always be highly valued, but state that our children will be stuck having to pay for the debt that we are racking up. Why doesn’t anyone talk about the fact that a growing number of countries are pulling out of the dollar, and that for the first time in 70 years other countries are refusing to use the petro-dollar? This is much more of an imminent threat to our way of life than any terrorism or debt crisis. The debt is a small pittance compared to the actual amount of Fed Notes that have been circulated around the world to prop up foreign banks and governments. (not to mention the derivative crisis)

    Once again, the real issues are being ignored, and the general public doesn’t have a clue From this perspective, neither candidate is even capable of changing the direction of this country for the better before a global financial collapse takes place.

    It seems to me like these guys are still sitting in the wagon seat flipping the reigns, and the horses took off a long time ago. What they are doing will never turn the wagon around, and it can only move forward if a swift wind comes about and pushes them off the cliff that they are sitting on the edge of.

    We still have but two choices: Socialist light, and socialist heavy. Talk about Greece………….. The Fed Note won’t last four years either way.

    We are voting for who will manage the collapse, not for who will turn it around.

    • wpmwindsong

      You have no idea what you are talking about. As Romney said in paraphrase, you have a right to your own opinions, but you can’t make up your own facts.

      • CPAguy

        Eyes wide open. Romney is a progressive, always has been, always will be. He is better than Obama, however.

      • librtifirst

        I am not the only one that doesn’t know what he is talking about.

        Since R&R are proposing cutting spending increases over ten years, we should be more concerned about things like keeping the social systems going for generations to come. I am just not sure how anything that was discussed in the debate will be relevant if the dollar is destroyed. (which wasn’t even discussed)

    • Nukeman60

      The problem is that Romney hasn’t changed, and therefor I do not see a logical reason for the change in sentiment‘ – l

      The change in sentiment is due to the fact that the media has painted Romney in a specific, bad light and last night shone some light on the truth. He didn’t change last night. The public opinion of him did. The truth remained the same. Media bias was exposed.

      …anyone with a real grasp on political philosophy…‘ – l

      People with a real grasp of political philosophy aren’t undecided. You can’t group those two types of people together as one. Undecided people are usually those who don’t prefer to follow politics as much as we do here on this site.

      They are the ones who vote every four years to allow politicians to run the government so that they don’t have to. Whether you like that approach or not or whether it is good or bad, it is still a vast majority of the populace. That is why 70 million eligible voters failed to reach the polls in ’08.

      They act as though our currency will always be highly valued‘ – l

      The value of the dollar fell as the economy fell. As the economy recovers, the value of the dollar will recover, too. Granted, it’s a hard road, as inflation will hit very hard in the recovery, but it’s a sound economy that will make us whole again.

      …neither candidate is even capable of changing the direction of this country for the better before a global financial collapse takes place…‘ – l

      With all due respect, why then do you even comment on these sites? Why not just hunker down in your bunker and leave the problem solving to people who really want to save this great nation? We seek solutions, not just doomsday prognostications.

      • librtifirst

        Are you saying that the change in sentiment is due to a conservative rush to defend Romney in response to the media bias? I don’t see how that is logical if you agree that the sentiment has changed from “Romney is a liberal”, to “Romney will save us”. I think that it is severely naive to believe that Romney has changed that much, and there is no proof of such a change, other than rhetoric.

        If a populous lacks political philosophy (in general) then this will produce indecision. It is that simple to me. Indecision generally only leads to deterioration and failure. Indecision in politics is an indication of a lack of conviction, and I don’t see how anyone can have any real conviction without education and information.

        It appears that you believe that the value of the dollar follows the economy. How can that be the case? A currency’s value is based either on the willingness of the world to use it,how flooded the market is, how much competition it has, or that which backs the currency. Since we have a fiat currency, there is no backing it with commodities. Since the Fed is bailing out the whole world financial system, there is a massive amount of it out there. (all debt based, which is how it is created to start with) A strong currency is the foundation of an economy, and not the result of an economy. A great economy can be built on a fiat currency, but it will only last as long as others are willing to use it for trade. The Fed Note having world reserve status is the only thing that gives it value at this point. Why is it that our press and politicians won’t discuss the fact that the dollar is in the process of being abandoned by leading economic countries in the world? The US has no sovereign currency. We, and our economy, are slaves of the Fed. They control the supply, and the cost of the money.(interest rates)Yes, our politicians abuse it, but they do not control it. Much more money has gone out to foreign entities than we have in national debt. Much, much, more has been created through credit fault swaps (derivatives) than the whole world could ever pay back if all currencies were converted to Fed Notes and given back to those who are owed. Again, how can a fiat currency’s value follow an economy? Maybe it could, if the value of the dollar was tied to the “real”, and not financial, production of a country. We have a financial and service economy, and not a productive one.

        If the currency issue is the bigger picture, imagine what currency failure means, then how is either candidate going to solve it with by continuing to use a worthless fiat currency that is being abandoned by the rest of the world to fund a government who can never tax the public enough to cover the debts we already have, let alone the ones that we will rack up continuing the social systems? Romney is not offering this kind of change.

        I appreciate your response Nukeman. The reason that I am involve in posting on sites like this is to help turn the discussion toward things that really matter. The term doomsday prognostication sounds to be synonymous with with “conspiracy theory”. My points are not conspiracy based, nor are they just theory. They have played out in history just as I have layed them out, and nobody is offering any information that would change the relation between our situation, and historical fact.

        Solutions, yes. I have them. So do many others. The problem is that they are not being discussed on the national political stage. So, maybe this is why I post.

        • Nukeman60

          Are you saying that the change in sentiment is due to a conservative rush to defend Romney in response to the media bias?‘ – l

          No, I’m saying the general population has been duped by the media and last night showed that glaring deception.

          …doomsday prognostication sounds to be synonymous with with [sic] “conspiracy theory”.‘ – l

          Doomsday- the collapse of our society. Prognostication – the prediction according to present indications or signs.

          I never said anything about “conspiracy theories”. People use the term ‘conspiracy theory’ in order to throw out the opposing argument as wacko rubbish. Try not to do that.

    • WordsFailMe

      We were wrong. Turns out that the libertarian vote will take away from Obama, not Romney.

      Obama’ is beefing up his campaign in OREGON where younger pot head libertarians are trending toward Gary Johnson.

      Hang in there Lib-taro’s.

      • librtifirst

        I know that in the last twenty years that Oregon has not been counted before the results of the presidential election were anounced, and the loser conceded. (I was not here for the Clinton elections though) Oregon didn’t even really count in the Bush/Gore or Bush/Kerry elections.

        Gary Johnson won’t be a factor, and I don’t believe that Libertarian conservatives will tip the scale in this election either toward or against either candidate.

  • Malkiel_kol_hakavod_la_el

    I could possibly understand undecided voters if this election was in a time period of low unemployment and with a limited government and both candidates are equally protectors of the Constitution then maybe one could be undecided.. But if you can’t figure out that our country is being destroyed by this president after four years all i can say is, good God almighty what the hell planet are you living on?? How in the world could one be saying to itself I don’t know, do I want my life of Freedom and Liberty to be taken from me daily or do I want my Freedom and Liberty back, good grief I am so undecided… Well I am glad they decided something in the above story…

  • wodiej

    People who are still undecided at this point should not be allowed to vote and deserve a swift kick in the pants. Good grief, after 4 years of chronic high unemployment, high gas prices, record high home foreclosures, obama’s constant campaigning, vacations and golf regardless of the dire circumstances afflicting our country, it’s a no brainer.

  • Rocco11

    Capitalism 1 Communism 0

  • colliemum

    Interestingly, the former Obama voters in that group and the current Obama supporters all said that Obama should become more agressive next time round.

    Bring it on – that will become another fail for Obama, as his handlers know full well. They’ve been doing their best to make Obama sound and behave ‘nice’ and inclusive, because they know that an ‘angry’ Obama is totally off-putting for voters.
    That’s why having his 2007 speech come out the day before the debate was so important. After that, they knew that Obama couldn’t afford to sound agressive and angry.

  • sdsali

    Looking to the future: if we are correct, that conservative policies support a thriving economy, the “Reagan Democrats” will come home to the Republican party. I do believe that Mitt’s election will cause business to thrive. That in itself will help to solve the problems we face. More people with jobs, fewer people on welfare and food stamps. With drilling permits issued, gas prices and food prices will drop — heck most prices will drop because fuel prices affect the price of everything that moves, literally. And peoples lives will be better. That’s why I voted for Reagan the second time he ran after voting for Carter when Reagan ran against him. Reagan made me a Republican for one simple reason. Conservative free market policies create a better economy and more wealth. Mitt began to get that message across tonight. The kindest thing you can do for unemployed people is enable an economy where they can get a job.

  • 911Infidel

    Even CNN has a couple polls out saying the same thing. Like Drudge said early this AM:

  • Romney won, Romney won, ROMNEY WON!!! There is going to be a big-time bump for Romney now and if he can keep this up, he wins the election. And the Democrats know it.

  • Guest1776rcp

    Romney writes “Dad” down at the beginning of debates?

    Disturbing to me as a conservative because his daddy didn’t care for conservatives very much which also explains Romney’s comments from his past speaking disdainfully about Reagan.

    The 1964 Republican National Convention was full of drama thanks to the Romney family. The nominee was conservative, very conservative, and the Romney family led by George Romney, the governor of Michigan who ran for president was progressive. The Romney family was part of the Rockefeller arm of the Republican party–those country club types that are moderate and liberal.

    You may remember George Romney led a walkout at the 1964 Republican National Convention as Barry Goldwater was nominated because of Goldwater’s conservative beliefs. It turns out Mitt Romney was at the convention and probably part of that walkout since he was with his dad and considers his dad his political mentor.

    New photos have surfaced of Mitt Romney at the 1964 Republican National Convention. As you will see, Romney was on the floor of the convention with his dad.

    In this classic 1964 presidential ad, Lyndon Johnson, running for his first full term as president against Republican Barry Goldwater revived comments by George Romney that nominating Barry Goldwater was “suicidal destruction.”

    When Romney turns into President bipartisan the RINOs and Dems will team up to bury conservatives and it’ll be a case “be careful what you wish for because you just might get it” to conservatives. Oh well… I’ve been trying to warn conservatives the writing is on the wall but they won’t see the writing on the wall until they’re lined up against it.

    • drphibes

      The choice is between a RINO and a COMMUNIST. I’ll take the RINO. Rockefeller Republican or not, we’ll feel the ship turning 180 degrees from its present course.

    • JohnBarry2012

      The close bonding between father and son, the love, respect and honor Mitt has for his dad. It is disturbing to me that this is your point of criticism. Are you a heartless non-human fatherless child?

      • Guest1776rcp

        The part that disturbs me is his Daddy very much disliked conservatives. RINOs, Dems and the MSM all agree on that.

    • tinker_thinker

      What? Let’s see what you come up after you ‘investigate’ obama’s dad. You know he was a commie, right? LOL

      • Guest1776rcp

        I know all about Obama, he’s not a revolutionary marxist, he’s a Euro-socialist weanie.

        • tinker_thinker

          Ahh, no difference.

          • Guest1776rcp

            Yeah right, Tony Blair = Fidel Castro, Joseph Stalin, Chairman Mao. Why didn’t I see it!? SMH.

            • tinker_thinker

              Both are failed systems. One is commie and the other commie light.

    • Disturbing? It’s his freaking dad dude. You don’t have to like Romney to understand that, so I have no clue why you don’t get it.

      You must really hate him or something to pick on the fact that he honors his father at the beginning of the debate.

      • Guest1776rcp

        We’ll see if other conservatives are disturbed when President Bipartisan and the RINOs are teaming with Dems to bury conservatives.

        • But you attacked him over writing his dad’s name down. You said you found it disturbing.

          Sorry, but if you just stuck to a substantive argument you’d have been much better off. No one is in fantasy land about Romney. We know we’ll have to hold his feet to the fire.

          But we also know he’s a decent man who shouldn’t be criticized for loving his own flesh and blood.

          • Guest1776rcp

            I then pointed out why I found it disturbing. His daddy very much disliked conservatives, most especially Goldwater. You know who carried Goldwater’s torch? Yeah that’s right, Ronald Reagan.

            What ever! We live in bizarro world so I guess under that scenario Romney is Reagan. SMH.

            • Its his DAD!!! You can disagree with your dad on most everything, but you can still love him! “facepalm”

              • Guest1776rcp

                Um huh, because Mitt is not a progressive like his daddy, Mitt is an extreme conservative. SMH.

                • I’m not saying that, what i’m saying is that using Romney’s love of his Father as your sole proof that Romney’s an evil bastard is just plain stupid.

                • Guest1776rcp

                  You called him an evil bastard not me. I’d call him a chameleon, he either lied to the base during the primaries or he is lying now. Can’t have it both ways and I suspect Mr bipartisan Romney and the RINOs are going to team up with Dems to throw conservatism under the bus. Its what RINOs do best and consistently. Dislike of conservatives is the only thing RINOs, the MSM and Dems all can agree on.

                • I didn’t call him an evil bastard either! i was pointing out that that was what you were painting him out to be on the stupid premise that Romney kept his dad in his mind during the debate!

                • librtifirst

                  Romney did say that his dad was his hero, and his dad had was not a good guy politically. This isn’t to say that he might have been his hero for some other reasons.

    • Betsey_Ross

      Ummmmmmm. Romney’s all we have, Dude. It looks as if all of us Conservatives will have work to do after he wins. That’s part of this deal. Get rid of Obama and then participate in your government because We the People are going to have to get off our duffs and never allow an Obama to ever get near the WH and halls of Congress again. It’s the new America. We are going to have to stay on this for the foreseeable future.

      • Guest1776rcp

        RINOs have you just where they want you don’t they. There is only one 100% sure way we don’t get a conservative in the WH in 2016 and possibly for a decade after that is to elect a RINO in 2012.

        Its going to take a decade or more for this economy to recover and guess who’ll get the blame when it don’t. The writing is on the wall and the RINOs can’t wait to throw conservatives under the bus. Oh well….when it happens don’t complain when I say ” I TOLD YOU SO”. Like I said, some people will have to be lined up against the wall before they see the writing on the wall.

        • tinker_thinker

          Actually, I believe it is the other way around, we will have ‘them’ where we want them.

          • Guest1776rcp

            That’s funny! When the House reelects the crybaby as Speaker that’ll be your first clue there just isn’t enough actual conservatives in the House just yet. Good luck with that.

            The conservatives in the House will be thrown under the bus as Romney unites RINOs and Dems.

            • tinker_thinker

              I don’t think so…that is untrue and just your own opinion…oh, here’s a crying towel for ya!

  • CalCoolidge

    These people sound very different than media and lib talking heads who say Obama was off his “game,” for not busting Romney on lies and a lack of spcifics.

    Imagine the difference for someone who did not see the debate: listening to these people vs listening to CNN.

  • ChicksLoveRight

    …kind of repeating myself here , but I always knew Obama without teleprompter, confronted by facts and faced with the truth ALWAYS falls apart! Romney needs to make sure in debates that he answers the rebuttals very thoroughly – Obama can’t stand mere mortals contradicting his ‘facts’! Great night for conservatives and republicans!

  • mder4thegov

    If the majority of Americans didn’t see Obama as the empty suit/chair, after this debate debacle, there really is no hope–for this great country.
    It was like watching a major league ball player debate a single A rookie. NO CONTEST.

  • iaintlyin

    look for a completely different attitude from the next moderator. I’m not sure what 0’s looks toward Poor Jim were indicating, ‘help me’, ‘why you letting this happen’, ‘you were told how to handle this, what are you waiting for’ or ‘your the ref, why you letting him hit me’, regardless, the 0 cadre will put the pressure on Candy Crowley to somehow keep Mitt from countering 0’s lies with the truth. Good job by Mitt to get out of the box quick.

  • stevenbiot

    Hannity’s face was epic. When Luntz told him that this group swung overwhelmingly in favor of Romney, he was so excited. I was as well. Obama’s gonna get rolled!!!!! Let’s win one for the gipper.

    • iaintlyin

      Yeah Hannity’s look was hilarious, it looked as though he was getting the same feeling that Matthews had about 0 but, without being a perverted exhibitionist announcing it to the world. Have you noticed to sexual insinuations of many left/lib commentators and politicians lately, or is it just me?

  • stevenbiot

    I didn’t even have to drink more than two Sam Adams Octoberfest beers last night to get through the debate. Romney was Reaganesque! I liked it.

  • One of the panelist had it right! Obama has been protected and spared the tough questions from the media and their political pundits for the last 4yrs. This I felt was in full display in this debate. He was ill advised, ill inform, and not ready for this debate.
    Thank you senator John Kerry.

  • ronchris

    Ugh, I hate the little hipster douche in the front row and the wimpy liberal dude (looks like a college professor) in the 2nd row left end and their ‘Romney must provide specifics’ baloney.
    Hope & Change are not specifics either.

    Couldn’t they find any black or Hispanic people in Colorado to be part of the group?

  • finnally Romney took it to Obama and Obama could not hide Romney cleaned his clock I think we saw for the first time the new President Romney

  • Sober_Thinking

    Luntz is a clown.

    Assuming this wasn’t a loaded audience… the results were encouraging.

    • PhillyCon

      Luntz is also a putz.

      • Sober_Thinking

        I have a few other choice words… but we’re all in one accord and have reached the same conclusions. 🙂

  • RestlessLegs

    Obama supporters are absolutely despondent! This morning, I drove by a neighbor’s house and noticed his Obama yard sign taken down! It was there yesterday – and for the past month – but it was suddenly gone this morning. However, all of his other Democrat yard signs are still up. (I thought maybe the wind had blown it away or something, but then I saw the sign’s new location… it’s sitting against a wall in his garage!) After last night’s debacle, he apparently is embarrassed to have an Obama sign in his yard.

  • The tide is turning… The wind is changing… There is now real HOPE that we can force the NObama Regime to CHANGE addresses in November!

    • kong1967

      Now if people can dig up enough CHANGE to put gas in their cars to go vote, lol.

  • kong1967

    Obama looked weak because he is weak. He hides behind his teleprompter and will not take questions. He will not be interviewed by skeptics or people that want answers. He gives speeches with no chance to question him on anything. He is a dictator, not a leader.

  • JPalm

    No blacks?

    • anb1

      I’ll bet that there are not many undecided blacks.

  • JPalm

    Notice some in the reoom would vote for Obama if he killed the pope?

    • beefreetwo

      it all comes down to .do we want more govt control which never works.look around the world!!i say give a businesman a chance.surely obama has been a big failure an i voted for him but anyone who looks at it real clear it does not take much to see where we are headed if something does not change.obama does not want to talk with congress his own advisors ,nobody an rommey was right in the debate when he told obama its your way or the highway.thats the worse form of leadership.obama just does not have any.

  • Governor Romney won the second debate against President Obama and looked presidential, knowledgable about facts, figures and subjects, responded with compassion where needed, and was in man who was NOT going to be lied about or who was going to be pushed around by Obama. The next POTUS is: Mitt Romney
    Score so far
    Romney 2
    Obama ZERo

  • Governor Romney wins second debate with Presient Obama, this according to a Frank Luntz group of Independent voters, many of which had previously voted for Obama, who are now switching their vote to Romney after watching the second debate. The group overwhelmingly says that Governor Romney won the debate. New Romney supporters gained in every debate. That’s Romney 2, Obama ZERo!!!

  • After watching two of your “undecided” after the debate, I do not understand. I think you do not really choose undecideds. It seems that they may have voted for the President but only because they did not like Mr McCain. I do not believe that more tyhat 80% of undecideds decide to vote one way or the other ONLY from a debate. I believe people use other inputs including but not limited to the internet, newspapers, friends and family, and previous party affiliations. It is impossible to believe these middle aged seemingly intelligent adults would decide poof! I think they were leaning that way before being chosen.

  • After watching two of Frank Luntz focus groups, I do not understand. How can these people decide from a debate which way to vote? I use more input; the internet, newpapers, friends, family, and several radio and tv stations. These people were supposedly undecideds and yet in both groups what appears to be more that 75% decided one way. OH YEAH! The way that station and Frank believe and want. I think the focus groups are really skewed!