Photoshop contest time! Send them to my email address listed on the contact page.

Here’s the original for you to tinker with and here’s a few of mine:

I’ll post the good ones you send me along with your commenter name.

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  • anyonebutbarry2012

    sounds like fun !!

  • I think you already used all the good ones!

    I never got my leg lamp from from the last contest- I would love to join this contest, but my photoshop skills are so weak that it took me half a day to make a sign for my window.

    I have some really good suggestions, so if I can’t get it done, I’ll post them.

    Also, are gif files okay, or does it have to be a standard jpg?

    • LOL! The Mickey Mouse ears are appropriate.

  • Proud American

    They are everywhere ……. the Aliens

  • sDee

    I think the pictures are racist. 😉

    Bob Is A Racist

    • librtifirst

      That was good for a laugh, especially the end.

      • sDee

        I’m glad it got a laugh for you then 🙂

        I sent it to my son whose boss is a classic middle aged suburban latte liberal Obama worshiper. He always has a story to tell about her – he says she is sooooooo racist but hasn’t clue.

        The video cracked him up!

  • sDee

    I think the pictures are racist. 😉

    Bob Is A Racist

  • kong1967

    I like the Mickey Mouse one.

  • the Micky mouse one is Hillaryous

  • KenInMontana

    Since this is an open thread as well,
    Feds end investigation of Sheriff Joe, NO CHARGES FILED!!!!! Suck on that Holder!

    • poljunkie

      Since we are in Arizona we love that!

    • MaxineCA

      Wow, that is great news! I am so glad Sheriff Joe stood up to the Obama thug bullies. They always knew they didn’t have squat, but Joe pushed them to a trial so his side could get discovery. Ha ha!!

      I agree with Joe….. notice how it was released on a Friday night on a 3 day weekend. Wonder how much media coverage we’ll see of this? (end of RNC start of DNC conventions, I’ll bet there will be more on going coverage in the MSM of Clint Eastwood and the DNC convention)

      I donated several times to his defense fund, just because I was so ticked off! Yeah!!!

      Thanks for the good news, great way to start the weekend.

    • librtifirst

      We need more guys like this guy.

      …..and this guy.

      The sheriffs of this country can save it. I have talked to my sheriff, and he says that he won’t allow gun confiscation. We’ll see.

      • MaxineCA

        I saw both of them when Oath Keepers launched their project back in 2009 to sign up every sheriff, military and police personnel. The difference is, they’ve already taken the oath to uphold the constitution, so they are within their legal rights to do so. Gives me hope that we aren’t standing alone!

        • librtifirst

          I saw Sheriff Mack at our fairgrounds during one of his events. Our sheriff didn’t go to it. Mack asked the crowd, full house, who there were sheriffs. One person from another county down south stood up. This was about four years ago.

          I met my sheriff at an AFP meeting after that, and had a short talk with him. I don’t know exactly where he stands, so I want to meet with him and see what he would say about handling a collapse and subsequent federal power grab.

          Did you hear Mack’s story about the bridge that the feds said his county couldn’t repair? He put together a posse and guarded the bridge while they repaired it, because the feds said that they would arrest anyone who “touched” the bridge. They fixed it, and never paid a dime of the fines levied on them.

          Awesome stuff.

          • MaxineCA

            If your sheriff was at a AFP meeting, I would venture to guess he is on the right side of any debate. Just curious (not being nosy) but your story about the bridge was interesting. Where do you reside? The reason I ask, is I’m wondering if anyone from AZ has an update on Tombstone, AZ fighting Big Brother to repair their water system.

            Last I saw, the whole city’s water system was damaged because of massive flooding (due to fires caused by illegals) and the US government told them they could not bring in machinery to fix the pipes. What, were they afraid that a “little lizard or rattlesnake might get run over, while the people of Tombstone have no water? Absolute insanity! Not sure who their Sheriff is, but the good folks of Tombstone should do exactly what Mack did.

            • librtifirst

              I live in Oregon. Douglas county, actually. Its one of the biggest in the state, but not too big on population. It used to be the timber capitol of the world until Clinton and Gore shut down the logging. I worked in a mill in 91′ when the feds started shutting down the woods, and ended up going to trade school because of the logging shut down.

              I didn’t know about the water system issues in Tombstone. They just need to grow a pair and fix it. A pastor friend of mine lives in Elko, NV, and he said that the people there are belligerent toward the feds. He said that the feds barricaded the roads in the countryside so that nobody could use them, and the locals just went up there and tore down their barricades.

              The BLM and Forest service have had to beef up their gates around here because people find ways to get through, if you know what I mean. (not me, of course) The feds have shut down logging on public lands, sold off land to outside corporations to log as private land, and allowed them to block the roads. It is illegal to block access to public lands, but we are talking about a criminal federal government here. They do lots of illegal things. They have now installed forest cams to keep an eye on people who want to travel on these public lands.

              A person who lives in the city, doesn’t produce food, and never gets out into the wilderness, never really knows what is happening to the rest of the country. It is nothing short of an illegal shutting down of the countryside. Agenda 21 is all about moving the entire population into the “population centers”, and they are working hard at it.

              • Patriot077
                • librtifirst

                  Good article, but like Boehner said “nobody reads the party platform”. (and politicians don’t follow it)

                • Patriot077

                  This is important enough that we may need to make them read it again …. if they think they can blow off the grassroots/teaparty, they ain’t thinkin’ straight.

      • I like both of them, but I LOVE the second guy!

        • librtifirst

          With all of the raids on small farms, ranches, and business’ going on, we need many more of that kind of sheriff. I would take a shift guarding things from the feds as a posse member. One of these days, the feds are going to push the issue against one of these guys. We need to back up these sheriffs.

    • By the time they enough goods together to nail Holder against the wall with, Romney will be President. Holder will not be safe, just because he is no longer AG. If he is found guilty of a criminal charge of some sort, I hope he gets the maximum as prescribed by law…mandatory minimum, baby!

      • Betsey_Ross

        I hope you are right. I have a feeling that he won’t press on with this, but it needs to be done. There has been way too much silence from our elected officials during the Obama regime. I thought we were supposed too have checks and balances and so far most all of our elected officials have wussed out on us. A few have spoken out, but the leadership has been more than disappointing.

    • MaxineCA

      After reading more about it this a.m., this only pertains to the criminal charges relating to alleged misappropriation of funds.

      The law suit regarding alleged civil rights violations (profiling) are still going forward.


      • librtifirst

        The feds have been using this tactic of prosecution to put down dissent for a long time. Many times they raid and arrest, then bring no charges. This discredits the dissenter, and hampers their efforts because they seize many things during the raids. Sheriff Arpaeo has one thing on his side, and that is national public recognition.

        The criminal charges for alleged misappropriation of funds were apparently to obvious, and most likely had no legitimacy. Going after him based on civil rights issues is more in the purview of the federal government, but most likely won’t apply constitutionally. Even this is most likely designed to drag out this issue in the courts, costing the local government millions of dollars, which could be used by the liberal media to get him knocked out of office.

  • KenInMontana

    Since this is an open thread as well,
    Feds end investigation of Sheriff Joe, NO CHARGES FILED!!!!! Suck on that Holder!

  • Mike Lee

    There should be one with Dumbo’s ears.

  • 911Infidel

    Why Islam will never conquer the West. A Haka for a fallen Kiwi:

  • 911Infidel

    Why Islam will never conquer the West. A Haka for a fallen Kiwi:

  • 911Infidel

    How about a little musical interlude whilst you play with photoshop:

    • I love wolves. Too bad I just read tonight that the feds are ending Wyoming Wolf protection and they’ll be allowed to be hunted.

      • librtifirst

        I don’t know about wolves, but we have mountain lions. When they quit allowing dogs to be used for hunting, the lion populations grew, and they start showing up around town. People die, and usually small women and children. They did the same with bears. A friend of mine had one charge him and his dog at his back door. Luckily he had his 30-06 with him and got the shot off.

      • 911Infidel

        The wolves are raiding the livestock. They’ve always been a danger to farmers and pet owners. Gotta thin the herd some more. The music is some really good stuff though. The author is a multi-talented woman.

      • Patriot077

        I grew up in Wyoming though I don’t live there now. Like many other federal programs, this one has adverse impact. To a small farmer or rancher eking out a living, the wolves are truly eating their lunches. Sheep and cattle are frequent prey, not just forest critters. A pack of wolves can do a lot of damage to a herd of sheep in one night.
        My sister still lives there and I’m sure she and all her neighbors with small farms are pleased about this.
        Actually, I don’t think the gray wolf was ever native to Wyoming.

  • 911Infidel

    A little patriot humor:

    That’s some funny stuff right there, I don’t care who you are.

  • PJRodman

    This is epic. Dang near everything they do to defend him is stinking hilarious. The funniest thing is that I don’t think Beck got it this morning. He was railing against the Eastwood bit. Rush got it, Levin got it….I even got it. You know this will go viral and it won’t be kind….heh heh heh!

  • PJRodman

    This is epic. Dang near everything they do to defend him is stinking hilarious. The funniest thing is that I don’t think Beck got it this morning. He was railing against the Eastwood bit. Rush got it, Levin got it….I even got it. You know this will go viral and it won’t be kind….heh heh heh!

  • RocklinConservative

    OK … seriously. That third photo? I looked real hard and couldn’t see what was photo shopped. can you give us a hint??????

  • Sober_Thinking

    I’d love to see someone do a “Conehead” or a “Bonehead”


    • Orangeone

      How about a dunce cap?

      • Sober_Thinking

        I saw that someone had done that… excellent! 🙂

  • sDee

    Great news. Pamela Geller is reporting that the DNC has called of their 20,000 man Jumah

    I was kinda looking forward to all the fun with the blogs running with photos 20,000 muslim arses pointed back out at America from Obama’s coronation site.

    • Ah too bad. I just posted they’d be having it. I was hoping all the dimmicrat wimmens would be wearing full burkahs.

      • B-Funk

        That’d certainly cover up a few mugs we don’t want to see! ~_^

    • Patriot077

      I was sorta hoping that the Dems coming to the convention and the folks at home would be repulsed by that event.

      • Orangeone

        Not only that but they shouldn’t be attending let alone speaking because that’s inconsistent with Sharia Law. Oh wouldn’t the mussies have a field day with the slut F!uke.

        • Patriot077

          It’s amazing how much each party ignores of the other’s agenda and behavior. An unholy alliance for sure.

  • p m

    A round-up of some of the week’s madness, and brilliant writing about ‘The Party of Trolls’. Guess which one that is:)
    If you scroll down there’s bits about the convntion and R&R too.

    • librtifirst

      I have to totally disagree with that article. I suppose I could agree with it as it was presented by the MSM though.

      • p m

        Not sure I get your point, librtifirst, can you elaborate please?
        I thought it was a pretty good description of the Democrat party’s obsession with race and how it’s become virtually the only thing that is referenced by them, no matter what the subject may be. As we have seen from the MSNBC clips here. As the article asserts, it’s as if there’s no economy to worry about as far as the dems are concerned, just race and nothing but race.

        Not sure about the reference to the MSM either – the Friday news round-up satirizes reports from a wide variety of MSM ‘stories’ – it doesn’t reproduce them except to lampoon them. Daniel Greenfield is the farthest thing from the mainstream media imaginable.

        So, your post really puzzles me, and more about your point of view would be of sincere interest.

        • librtifirst

          I don’t think that my point was based on the entirety of the article. I got sidetracked with the beginning and the end, and apparently blanked out the rest.

          The RNC went smoothly, so far as it was reported by most of the MSM. Behind the scenes, and silenced by the media, there were a lot of rough edges. To some extent, those rough edges were smoothed out by a totally scripted process. (even the results of votes on the floor) They were able to smooth it out by kicking out duly elected delegates who had an interest in dissent. When many state delegate totals were read out loud, they left out the other candidates, even when Romney lost the state.
          The RNC process was a scripted fraud.

          Romney is most certainly a politician of the political machine. The primary was full of last minute rule changes to keep non-Romney delegates out of the process. Many duly elected delegates were simply cut out and replaced with Romney’s unelected delegates. Polling and comparison data indicated fraudulent vote counts all over the place, and many vote switches were proven to have taken place at the secret counting locations by the GOP. The Romney camp was heading up most of these efforts.

          I do agree with the statement “the RNC was a reflection of Romney’s whole campaign”, though. The author wants to make it look as though this was some “pure” process where Romney was simply the only person that everyone wanted, and knew that he was the only one to beat Obama the who time. We know that this is not true.

          The author is correct in saying that Obama is getting a harder run from Romney than he got the last time around.

          You may have seen this video, but it shows much of what went wrong at the RNC. It is well worth watching. I is an interview with a delegate on convention events.

          This one too:


          (I don’t use all caps very often)

          • p m

            Thanks so much for your reply, librtifirst. I had focused more on the Troll party article, having digested the other one earlier, so that explains the puzzlement.

            Little doubt that MR was very far from what most of us wanted. The GOPe acted fast to set his incoronation in stone right after zero was elected, just IMO, because they all knew very well what zero was. They ratcheted it up after the TEA party saved their asses in 2010. Thanks for the links, yes, I had seen them as we followed MM and other sites when the rule changes were made known. A disgusting power grab. ‘No objections’?? Seems the GOPe have no idea of the scope of the freedom movement. The only benefit of the impostor is that his actions have woken up a lot of voters – now they have to be kept awake.

            As a foreign observer who loves and admires your country, I’m glad to see change of the right kind coming for the USA, and wish to see zero booted out in as ignominious a manner as possible. Some of us knew what he was – it wasn’t hard to find out even in 2007. What I can’t forgive is that those in a position to tell the citizenry what he was, and is, didn’t. So it’s R&R for now and I hope they succeed for your sake, but with an eye to those rules and the ‘consent of the governed’. I’d love to see a Constitutional Party – what about you? Is it realistic?

            I forgot to thank you for your posts about the Sherriffs, VERY enlightening for a city-living Canuck. Checked out the County Sherriff Project and made a donation – have also donated to those other heroes, the Oathkeepers. These guys are truly the only thing between the people and full-on tyranny. And your observation about how little the people in cities know of what’s really going on, was spot on. Thank you for telling us about it and drawing more stories out – we wouldn’t hear about them otherwis. It is encouraging to know they exist. Thank you again for your reply, and all the best to you.

  • I can’t photoshop, but they all need more flies around his head.

    • poljunkie

      Yes. I like it AB’s

    • Patriot077

      … or a mouse running across the back of the chair.

  • Dear leader and the DNC, hosting a nice little opening prayer to the islamic moon god. And oh YAY! It’s being given by a guy who called for the overthrow of the US and wants sharia implimented. But WAIT! It get’s even better! The so called “grand imam” was put on a potential terror list as one who might have been involved in the first world trade center bombing, and testified as a character witness for the blind shake guy.
    Good on ya DNC!

    • poljunkie

      I can see November from my Porch.

    • Orangeone

      So that explains why he was in our White House visiting with O’Bambi.

  • I submitted three Photoshopped images. Hopefully they will be posted. 😉

  • I liked them Scoop- but the one with the halo, could you make that a sickle and hammer instead?

    • librtifirst

      Hey! I have a scythe and hammer for my wheat harvesting………….oh, I get it. 🙂

  • Hahahah ha ha. Pathetic. Dear leader seems to have had a luke warm reception from some of our nation’s finest today. Poor dear leader, trying to suck up to the military.

    • MaxineCA

      I saw that earlier at DC, and as Clint would put it – It made my day!

    • El Presidente has made no friends in the military. Some wanted to effect an early exit for him, I hear.

      • librtifirst

        They were probably ordered to attend.

      • TLaMana


    • librtifirst

      It would have been nice to have a video of it. That way, we could get the full impact of it, and send it out to everyone we know.

    • 911Infidel

      “Similarly, his declaration that “around the world there’s a new attitude toward America” He must be riding the choom bus again. Daniel Greenfield is more realistic:

      “Obama’s hostility to American power may make the Swedish Nobel committee love him, but it only earns him contempt from enemies and allies. Like most of the left, Obama is unable to distinguish between realpolitik and ideology. He is unable to understand that being on the left does not mean he has something in common with Islamists and Communists. It means he is their useful idiot.

      Strong nations or nations wishing to be strong don’t respect appeasement from their enemies, they despise it. Americans may see Obama as a foreigner, but foreigners see him as an American. Americans may see him as a Muslim, but Muslims see him as an apostate. Obama’s soft power has won him no respect, because the countries whose respect he wants to win with soft power, despise soft power.” – Frontpage 8/31/2012

      • I know! I was reading the article to my husband. I can’t spell the noises I made when I was reading those parts. What a liar. Our troops know it, even those who were “selected” to go.

        • 911Infidel

          Oh I know those noises. Hock, spit, patooey…That the troops hate the ba$tard Kenyan is well-known. GW use to write personal letters to all of the fallen. BO the Satanic ho, uses an auto-pen. The troops are way too smart for Dumbo’s empty rhetoric.

    • Did he mention about the law he passed that cuts $500B from the military? He should have mentioned that to them while he was there.

      • Should’a also mentioned that he wants the military to pay their own health insurance costs while illegals get it paid for them. I can’t stand dear leader!

  • Loonmagnet

    Love the third one! A true likeness!

  • I wish I had time to make up a pic.

    All I have time for right now is this nifty list of the 30 best quotes from the convention. (…In the author’s opinion, but some I agree with totally.)

    (H/T YidWithLid)

  • This one is funny. It’s one of those “twitchy” things, where they go on about what’s on the tweeter (so a summary is kind of beside the point).

    • Jay

      Good one. I gotta get me one of those twitter thingies. Or maybe not. As a recovered alkie, I find myself looking for new things to get addicted to.

      • It’s pretty intense to watch twitter. I rarely look there, because it’s just too much.

  • One more thing. And it’s kind of depressing. Michelle Malkin has an “after action” report of the rules change fight at the convention. Maybe I’m late here, but I was looking for something like this last night and didn’t see one.

    The takeaway from the person who file the report: Stay Involved!

    • librtifirst

      I like what she had to say. At least she didn’t candy coat the whole thing, but I would go a bit further. She says “hold your ground”, essentially. If we don’t start taking ground, the battle is already lost. The establishment GOP now has dictatorial power over primaries. The entire primary won’t matter next time, because the GOP pick will be able to cut out whoever they don’t like, even state committee chairs.

      The Tea Party and Liberty movements were just made irrelevant as it pertains to electing a president of their choice.

      Next time around, no Tea Party or Liberty voter should bother with the republican party. This just forced our hand at switching parties, or creating a new one. That is, unless they can keep most people on the hook by scaring them with democrats as being “only beatable by republicans”. When are we going to say “enough is enough”?

      • Tea Party types have to take over the Republican apparatus in their own states. That’s not going to be easy, but it’s still easier than trying to get a third party off the ground.

        The one exception to that would be for a West/Palin ticket to simply announce a run for 2016 and have Tea Party folks organize it as a third-party run.

        But I suspect that won’t happen if Romney actually succeeds in getting Obamacare repealed in toto, and then doesn’t do anything stupid (like Bush’s big government moves).

        • librtifirst

          We need to hone our skills at recognizing the good old boys jumping onto the Tea Party band wagon to get elected. They will co-opt the Tea Party every chance they get.

          I suppose that it is too late now, but I would love to see any alternative to Romney get in there. I was hoping for a brokered convention, but the machine stopped that cold.

          Could you imagine what it would be like if Palin/West announced right now that they were throwing in and running Constitution Party? That would be awesome. It could kick off the age of the third party.

          I personally think that Romney is an establishment plant, so I have no hope of Obama care being repealed. The senate has to change for that to happen as well. Sorry, just my thoughts.

          • Gonna be a tough 8 years, that’s for sure.

  • Watchman74

    Just a thought about jobs, I often hear both sides talk about creating jobs but is this the role and responsibility of government?. The government doesn’t create jobs anyways, it’s we the people that actually create the jobs. If the government really wants to help they just need to get out of the way and let capitalism take it’s course.

    • librtifirst

      Government is managing all job markets. They have the power to crush them, or allow them to thrive. They have been crushing them for many decades, and are in the process of finishing them off right now. This will not change with Romney, because it would require literally shutting down several federal departments, and creating a sound currency. There is no chance of a US economic recovery with a failed currency and these unconstitutionally run federal regulatory agencies. We have treaties in place that were specifically designed to move our industrial base overseas, and without that base, we have a service economy that is dependent on government cash flow, which further destroys the currency, and while regulatory agencies are SWAT teaming small business, farms, and ranches.

      The voters are figuring this out, and the republican platform has been changed to reflect this to some degree, but the platform is just a platitude of irrelevant issues to the GOP establishment, who just took dictatorial power over primaries.

      Capitalism, as we think if it, doesn’t really exist in this country anymore. We think of capitalism as being a free market process, but we do not have that. What we have is a central government planned capitalism, and a government/corporate crony monopoly on trade in the US.

      Knowing this, it would be disingenuous to say “back off of our free market capitalism”.

  • NanNJ

    I think the RNC needs to run with Clint’s brilliant, yes I said brilliant empty chair depiction of Obama. Let’s throw it right back at them.

  • NanNJ

    I bet Obama has spent less time in his chair than any other president. The man does not work. He campaigns, parties and golfs.

    • hbnolikeee

      i think he had it motorized and added a holder for a golf bag.

  • NanNJ

    Look at what has just happened at Harvard. How many cheaters, liars and frauds can one institution endure. I guess these students got their cue straight from the top.

    • Orangeone

      Link please?

  • NanNJ

    I cannot believe how rude some of the comments about Clint’s performance… yes, I said performance were. He may not like me saying this, but the man is 82 years old. These comments show how far we have fallen in respect for the elderly. I mean at 82 I would think delivery may have slowed, etc. I say that with the utmost respect. Very few could have done what he did. Maybe the naysayers are jealous. Heck, he still looks great.

  • NanNJ

    Nuance Libs. Don’t ya know good nuance when you see it? Good grief are these Libs metro sexual bag toting, Mein Kampf thumping, anti-elderly liking thugs. Ugh.

  • FreeManWalking

    I thin Mickey Mouse would have done a much better job if he sat in that chair.

    This is the first time I noticed how lopsided his EArs are.

  • I sent you the same pic three times because I goofed up on what my name is on here — I’m known by several [he said mysteriously]….

    One piece of advice: never do something when you’re tired, it comes out Obama/Bidenized every time.

  • The mickey-mouse ears one was hilarious!!!

  • B-Funk

    Scoop, you going to cover the DNC too?

    • I just threw up a little.

      • B-Funk

        hee hee! Me too. ~_^ I figure we gotta know what they say too, though. :-/

  • Even Bill Maher said Eastwood killed it at the convention… History won’t remember anything Obama said, but they’ll remember what Eastwood said.

  • daisy_mae

    I don’t know how to photoshop but have an idea for pic. An image of an raised arm with the hand holding a mirror so that BO can admire his own reflection.

    • What would be just as good, as if he were holding the mirror and there was NO reflection! Good idea though daisy! 🙂

  • Landscaper

    One of those cheesey motel signs on the back of the chair reading “vacancy”

  • proudhispanicconservative

    Another example that Eastwood got into Obama’s skin.

  • Siobhan7

    Obama’s chair now has it’s own blog – check it out.

    • wodiej

      omg…rofl!! That is hilarious!!

  • wodiej

    lol…love your “tweaking” of the picture. Can’t wait to see more. I’ve met some arrogant people in my lifetime but obama is out of the ballpark.


    … how do you create an EMPTY CHAIR ?”

    • Landscaper


  • aZjimbo

    Said many times, barry is worse than lucifer.

  • Jay

    I don’t know how to photoshop, how about a caption?

    I had a bad case of potus but it cleared right up with pennicillin.

  • Jay

    BTW, love the Mickey Mouse ears. It was the first thing I thought of.

  • cheyennecowboy

    With reference to your 3 photos…..odumba does great disservice to God and Mickey Mouse, while embellishing HELL and the devil!

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