Friday OT: Marvel superhero aids 4-year-old with hearing loss

Today’s open thread brought to you by Marvel Comics, helping a boy get comfortable with his hearing aid:

(h/t Joe)

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  • Joe

    Thanks Scoop

    For posting this –

    It is a great story for everyone on Obummer overload

    No matter what anybody says about You – You are OK in my book!

  • DC Comics outing Batman as being gay while Marvel Comics creates a bit of magic in this little boys life!

    Thanks Scoop and Marvel Comics!

    • Nothing says its Batman, and Superman is being more looked at as being the candidate for degeneracy.

      • orthodoxyordeath

        They’ve already stated it isn’t Batman, and it’s not Superman, it’s an “iconic” character that has yet to be reintroduced, which means its just DC creating hubbub about nothing.

        • Rumor is that the gay “icon” is the original Green Lantern from 1941, Alan Scott, who was just brought back this month.

          • K-Bob

            I saw some info about that. They are rebooting the original Green Lantern, featuring Scott as a young dude, on (I guess) an Earth II that is up to today’s modern standards.

            I finally saw some episodes of Smallville recently (I’d never seen any, even though the series is over now, and lasted ten seasons). I thought they were making Superman turn out gay from what that terrible writing showed. Sort of how the original “Hulk” TV show featured Bruce Banner about 98% of the time and The Hulk only in brief flashes here and there (I saw three shows go by once with no Hulk in ’em at all. Booooring.)

            • Smallville started as Clark growing up to be a MAN before he could be SUPERman. Interesting take. Lot of good moments, esp with his parents and with his best friend: Lex Luthor. The audience was in on the backstory, knowing how their friendship will turn out so very wrong. The plan was to end the show with him FINALLY putting on the suit. They just never expected it to run ten years.

              Clark was never gay on the show. He had the hots for Lana Lang until she got tired of him darting off to save people and lying to her about where he was. That trust issue is how his friendship with Lex whithered. And then Lois was introduced and they hated each other for a couple of seasons until they realized they didn’t. Soap opera stuff, but they played it off better than Clark & Lana.

              The show’s “Dawson’s Creek” teen soap took a major turn when the actor that played Lex quit. Then Lana. They beefed up Green Arrow’s role a lot and began to switch from super-power soap to straight super-hero show. The last few seasons introduced DOZENS of DC characters. The Bittle City of Kandor. The Legion of Super-heroes. Martian Manhunter. Aquaman. Cyborg. Black Canary. Hawkman. Booster Gold. Blue Beetle (the new one: Jaime Reis). Doctor Fate. Stargirl. Most of the JSA had at least a cameo in a two-hour special with the JSA teaming up with Smallville’s proto-JLA. They went full geek on that episode. Alan Scott. Jay Garrick. Wildcat. The Atom. The Star-Spangled Kid. Even Ma Hunkle. The entire final season focused an invasion of Earth by Darkseid. And as planned, the show ended with Clark ripping open his shirt and revealing that familiar “S”.

              They hinted at Batman and Wonder Woman towards the end, but weren’t allowed to use them on the show, which is why GA was a regular and not Batman. WB was pretty strict about the “no Batman” policy. He was to be used for movies only, even when that movie franchise was in limbo. Even the Birds of Prey TV show was forbidden to use Batman, despite that show being set in Gotham City and starred: his daughter, Barbara Gordon AND Alfred.

              The irony is that Smallville started as Gotham. The first script was about Bruce Wayne returning home from training in the far East and going to college, but not quite being ready for the mask yet. The script included his friend, Harvey Dent and a sultry vixen named Selina Kyle. Even after the George Clooney fiasco, WB put their foot down. They took the premise and made Smallville instead. They tried it AGAIN with Aquaman right as the WB merged with UPN. Bad timing, since there wasn’t room on the smaller schedule for it. So they hired Justin Hartley to play Green Arrow on Smallville for several seasons.

              The AQ pilot is surprisingly good. His mother was royalty from Atlantis and escaped a coup with baby Arthur, fleeing to the surface where she married Lou Diamond Phillips’ character, who adopted Arthur. Ving Rhames played another refugee from Atlantis that was training the now now adult Arthur to be a King. They had another plotline about people that were returning from the Bermuda Triangle decades after their disappearance, with no memories of where they had been. = Trailer
     = the full episode

              (BTW, the mermaid that’s trying to kill them in the pilot was Wonder Woman in the failed NBC pilot last year. She’ll be Lady Jaye in the new GI Joe movie next Spring with the Rock and Bruce Willis.)

              Green Arrow gets his own show this fall. The pilot is supposed to be more Nolan than Smallville. We’ll see if it lasts 10 seasons.

              • K-Bob

                Wow! interesting recap.

                I was being facetious, of course. Those early episodes I saw just didn’t have Clark/Kal El using his powers very much is what I meant. Almost all soap opera. I didn’t like it at all.

                I didn’t realize they actually opened up to the DC universe, with the exception that I saw Darkseid mentioned in some ads for last season.

                I don’t get having Darkseid involved in Superman’s youth, but hey, they’ve rebooted all of DC and all of Marvel at least once or twice since I was a serious, regular reader.

                (Despite years of buying comics, the only “first appearance of a major character” issue I own is the very first comic in which Marvel’s “Wolverine” appears. He was introduced in a short story at the end of an issue of the Hulk. Sadly only a few collectors think of that as being as important as the first “real” issue, where he’s in the main story, so it’s just not worth as much money as you’d expect. It’s only in “good+” condition, which makes it worth even less. Maybe $10. When I was still a kid, my Mom had my brother toss a case of comics–which we both owned–that included the first X-Men and a bunch of golden-age stuff. That’s life!)

    • Nothing says its Batman, and Superman is being more looked at as being the candidate for degeneracy.

  • I actually remember that. Hawkeye and his wife (Mockingbird) were under attack by someone. The person had a device that would affect the brain, so Hawkeye stuck an ultrasonic arrowhead in his mouth. The sound blocked out the person’s attack on him, but destroyed his hearing. His wife defended herself against something else, and she ended up severely damaging her vision.

  • Marvel’s biggest motivation is keeping the interest of the only four year old boy that actually still reads comics.

  • Joe

    Now I know I like Obummer!

    He is cool!

    WoW! Dude!

    • WordsFailMe

      Far out dude! TY

      • Joe


        wHERE aM i??

  • MARVELous effort by the artists to help that little boy feel better about himself. It’s nice to see someone taking the time to show a little compassion. It costs so little, but can mean so much!