Full Audio – Rush: My mistake was becoming like the left, descending to their level

Rush made clear that he apologized over the weekend for no other reason than he was sincerely apologetic about what he had said about Ms. Fluke. He said that he had become like the left, descending to their level and that he regretted doing so.

When the program opened Rush asked for 30 minutes (real time) and so I’ve given you the entire thirty minutes (actually 23 minutes). If you only want to hear the apology then just listen to the beginning. But he explains the entire timeline of what happened and then talks about the ad sponsors who left him.

Note: I forgot to lop off the first 20 seconds of intro music.

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  • I made the same point over the weekend – glad Rush is taking this stance. http://thedailypamphlet.com/a-forfeiture-of-statesmanship-4148.html

  • NYGino

    I don’t think Rush has an advertiser problem. As I have said before the EIB listeners will remember the ones who bailed and will support the ones who take their place.

  • Karl Rogue

    You don’t have to listen to all 30 minutes. He apologizes multiple times throughout the 30 minutes.

    • TPDanbo

      “YIKES” is my response after some reflection, I believe in the old saying “REAL MEN DON’T APOLOGIZE”, which is to say only in very special circumstances and this wasn’t one of them! RUSH should not have given the Lefty/liberals the satisfaction,I doubt he’s desperate for money, you gotta stand up for what you believe in! He should have stood up to the station or whoever and said “NUTS TO YOU! I still totally support RUSH, this was a lapse in judgement in my opinion,a momentary weakness could happen to anyone!

      • Karl Rogue

        well, the apology fetishists are happy. I could have done without the name calling, but having gone there, he should have held his ground. So the multiple apologies struck me as a mistake. We’ll see. I’m guessing that the war on Rush ratchets up a notch, and the next conservative gets the same treatment very very soon.

      • K-Bob

        How in heck is “not apologizing” relevant to being a real man? Sometimes apologies are fine. Being a man isn’t about having a stick up your a$$ about something. It’s about being able to deal with tough issues without letting them defeat you. It’s about getting back up and moving forward.

        No man is perfect, even on his best day.

        • TPDanbo

          How old are you K-bob ,like 25 or what? Perhaps you are new to the U.S and don’t understand our culture? I mean watch a few old movies ,even Westerns, and classic Macho characters! Haven’t you ever heard the old saying Real men don’t apologize? It’s about not apologizing for things you shouldn’t be apologizing for, just to appease Jerks like the left/liberals who are just playing nasty mind games! It was embarrassing to hear Rush practically bow down(like Obama) apologizing to the terrorists,especially over and over! As I said sometimes it’s warranted and many times not, today people apologize at slightest hurt feeling, which I find disgusting!

          • K-Bob

            You do understand that there’s a standard qualifier for that macho stance, right? Mainly, if you f*** up, you man up and take the heat. Anyone who can’t do that can’t be trusted. Anyone you can’t trust ain’t much of a man.

      • DavidRobertson

        “Real Men”, IMO, apologize when apologies are warranted. Rush was very succinct in what he was apologizing about. He wasn’t caving on the issue or for his advertisers. He was simply apologizing for stooping to a level of name calling.
        Conservative or not, if it was your daughter being called that on the air, you would want something more than an apology. OTOH, I would be embarrassed if it were my daughter….guess it can cut both ways.

        • TPDanbo

          Ms. Fluke (A LEFT/LIBERAL ACTIVIST) claimed to be having sex with reckless abandon,like 30 times a day.If my daughter claimed to be doing that I’d call her a SLUT too! You know it’s alright if they do it, but oh no we Conservatives better not! I mean let’s call a spade a spade, it’s time the political correctness beast gets slain for good!

          • DavidRobertson

            here here!

    • PFFV

      Rush didn’t need to apologize for his analogy in my opinion. OK maybe to apologize for his use of the ‘Slut’ word was appropriate but his point that he made was absolutely true. This ‘Fluke’ liberal was on The View this morning and she assaulted Rush, Beck, and all the Conservative talk show hosts. They were basically agreeing that those on the right should be censored or be run off the airwaves. Of course we all know the hypocrisy that constantly oozes from the Left. Their side can use 10 fold the vitriol and nastiness but they are exempt because they are cheerleaders for the baby killing cause. The scum in this country is liberalism and it will be the death of a good and moral nation. Our freedoms and liberties die a little more each day at the hands of the twisted liberals and their desire to be a Godless society.

  • PChandler

    Becoming like them? not even close, they have no cure:


    They’re pathological sociopathic vile scum, it’s embedded in their dna, it’s who they are.

    • StrangernFiction

      They are the enemy.

  • He turns down millions in advertising I guess. I wonder if that is true, or he is just messing with the left? I bet it is, if the reported size of his audience is true. He makes 50 million a year, after all.

  • tvlgds

    Kirsten Powers is standing up for Rush. She said those throwing stones live in glass houses! She wants equal opportunity accountability! Coming on Fox in a bit.

    • Upon listening to Rush’s broadcast in question repeatedly and reading Kerstin’s excellent article I am confident to make a distinction which indeed exonerates Rush: He did not use the words in the hateful, name-calling way the peopel on the left always do, instead he seems to be reaching out to Ms. Fluke to make clear to her what her line of thinking, as expressed in her testimony, does make of her. Am I wrong to hear, in this incident – and I have listened to Rush over the years – an appealing tone as for her not go down this road of presenting herself or representing others whom she spoke for, and all that it encompasses?

  • wodiej

    Well all of his supporters can stop defending him now. His reason for apologizing is part of why I was appalled to begin with. Stooping to the level of liberals and his supporters went right along with it. Whether he is sincere or not, only he knows. But at least he did apologize and admit he was wrong-he gets credit for that.

    • Karl Rogue

      So the critics of Friday are the fans of Monday.
      We are all Breitbarts now? or

      • K-Bob

        I like Milton, but yeah, you can get a Breitbart avatar, and be a joiner.

        Which I usually ain’t.

        I made mine by yoinking a pic from the web and using a Threshold filter (twice) on it.

        • Karl Rogue

          yeah, I’m going to get one of those,
          just as soon as I find my stapler….

    • TPDanbo

      I suspect the “REAL” reason for Rush’s apology was to avoid a lawsuit from Ms. Fluke!

  • shawn S

    He says it more than once The advertisers that left do NOT want your business
    Make it clear to them that they no longer will get it.

  • shawn S

    Blah, blah blah, What he said wasnt so appalling.
    It’s all true, the point is that the obvious just didnt have to be stated.

  • How is this “descending to the level” of the left”?

    Rush says ridiculous inflammatory things all the time. How is this any different? (other than the fact that this time it started hitting his wallet)

    • Because the left always descends into name calling (ie. racist, uncle tom, oreo, bigot, islamaphobe, teabagger, etc.) and he was suggesting he had descended to that level.

    • alex1913

      That’s just it, Rush doesn’t say ridiculous and inflammatory things all the time. If you listen to him you would know that. He did use a slur word to illustrate what Ms. Fluke must think of herself… while describing how ridiculous it is to spend a thousand dollars a year on contraceptives.
      That fact that Rush used a slur word (and was wrong to use it in my opinion) has created the controversy on the right… not just the left. The left is always upset with Rush and this controversy is just an add on for them. Rush has made an apology for using that word and good on him for doing so.
      The fact that the left calls Rush a racist, misogynist etc etc all the time is just the left being the left and making stuff up. For example, Rush doesn’t believe in abortion… therefore ipso facto… according to the left… Rush is against women. Rush doesn’t believe in our bloated and abused welfare system… therefore ipso facto…according to the left… Rush is against blacks. Huh? You’d have to be a partisan hack, a complete idiot, a democrat or a member of the MSM to fall for that junk. That’s how the left plays their game and the right should call them on it everytime.
      Well done with the apology Rush. Now get back to the skewering of the left!

  • TPDanbo

    All I have to say to Ms. lefty/liberal activist Ms. Fluke is what was said on national T.V on SNL in the 1970’s skit repeated many times without offending anyone, when the Anchorman said to his co-host Jane ” Ms. Fluke you IGNORANT SLUT”…………..and political correctness be damned!!!

  • Wow. Rush really does fight with one intellectual hand tied behind his back! A powerful monologue delivered to his supporters, not the advertisers, but the people who tune in to him each and every day.

  • Sandra Fluke is pathetic! She is a lefty pawn and media matters praising dimwit

  • Mikeeooww

    My letter to Legalzoom:

    Dear Sir or Madam at Legalzoom,

    By now you must know that you are now being despised by all the conservative Americans who according to recent polls outnumber liberals. You also must know that the people who love businesses like yours, are loyal customers of businesses like yours, give money to businesses like yours, are the backbone to businesses like yours, and help to grow businesses like yours, are conservatives.

    It’s common knowledge that you cannot make a green cent out of selfish liberals!!!

    You guys made the wrong choice by taking off your ad’s from Rush’s show. You must understand that I, as well as millions of Americans who are not only angered at you for starting up with Rush, but also see you now as a destructive entity siding with the liberals and their agenda to destroy our country and its corporations and small businesses, and you most understand that they won’t exclude you.

    Since the only people who were looking at you as a business who add to the economy (and not as some selfish object taking away other people’s money) are us the conservatives, and now you lost all of us, you must know that with the liberals you won’t be going any ware other than into bankruptcy.

    A true Rush loving conservative

    P.S. My letter is not objective, or any call to action, just a small description of my feelings….that’s all!

  • Nukeman60

    I think Rush said it best at the end. ‘We don’t expect an apology from them (and we won’t ever get one). They always expect an apology from us’.

    That is why we will win in the end. The higher ground is the best way to go.

    The news spot on Fox with Kirsten Powers was interesting. On the one hand, she talked about the ‘double-standard’ that exists out there. That was good. But on the other hand, she tried to make it appear that the few sponsors who were leaving Rush (of which will easily be replaced and will only hurt the sponsors themselves) was a ‘massive boycott’. The double standard is always within them even when they don’t realize it.

    • K-Bob

      Too bad for the lefties that Rush isn’t in some elected office so that the GOP could cave and make him resign. (A la Newt, Lott, etc.)

      • Nukeman60

        In a way, that is exactly what the left is trying to do. They go after the sponsors to try to get Rush off the air. Same scenario as if the GOP tried to get a politician to resign.

        The problem is, I believe the left has stepped in it this time. If Rush shows that he has not been hurt by this attack on his sponsors, then that type of attack will have been diminished for the left.

        • NYGino

          That’s because lefties don’t understand the concept of standing by your friends and allies. Especially in tough times.

          • K-Bob

            Right. But neither does the GOP. Hence Newt’s resignation, Trent Lott’s, etc.

            • NYGino

              Point taken K_Bob.

              • K-Bob

                I think I was responding to both of your guys with that one. I’m being overly tedious today.

                That’s what reading too many printer specs will do to you. I hate having to buy new printers. I also hate having dead printers lying around. I must have six or eight of the things, going back to the dot-matrix days. Most of us computer geeks don’t really like to toss old stuff. We think we can maybe use it again. We rarely ever do.

                • NYGino

                  Sounds like you’ve got the makins of a Bot there if you could tinker about a bit.

                • K-Bob

                  It just comes on. Makes some noise…
                  Prints out “Rxn Pxul1111”

                  I don’t get it.

            • alex1913

              Well said. Newt was indeed getting heat from all sides during the manufactured government “shutdown”. The media was relentless as were the dems (redundant?) and the establishment republicans threw Newt to the wolves instead of fighting. Even though the “shutdown” actually led to a bunch of good things ( like much lower spending and welfare reform). The same establishment then proceeded to spend spend spend under W. causing the dem takeover that gave us Obamacare, the “stimulus” and trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see.

              Well, the Tea Party has given the republicans the house again…and will be fighting hard to keep it and possibly take back the Senate. Will the establishment find a way to snatch defeat from victory once again by giving us a go-along-to-get-along republican for the up coming presidential campaign? Is our republican candidate going to say stuff like “the people shouldn’t fear an Obama presidency” (ala McCain) or is our nominee going to be someone who understands what our nation faces, impending economic collapse, and fight against it!

        • K-Bob

          Yep. They made it work with Beck because Beck depended on Fox. Rush’s “employer” depends on Rush.

        • JohninSaintLouis

          George Will is hardly a leftist. Look what he had to say about Rush and his stupid, destructive comments.
          Do you want to win elections? If so, it is wise not to piss off the people you need to vote for your candidates.

      • PhillyCon

        Don’t forget Palin, and what they did to her during the Governorship and after (Tucson). It’s Alinsky 101.

        • K-Bob

          The Dems were responsible for that mess. But yeah, that’s related.

        • JohninSaintLouis

          Dick Armey is about as conservative as they come and he uses Saul Alinsky book and methods in his conservative foundation. Alinsky is bi-partisan

      • JohninSaintLouis

        Both Newt and Trent Lott were forced to resign mainly from pressure applied from within the Republican Party. That is an historical fact.

        • K-Bob

          Yes. After getting noise from the Dems, the GOP clowns threw them under the bus.

  • c4pfan

    I read from David Limbaugh’s twitter that the loonies got Patricia Heaton to go off twitter. Not that I blame her. Twitter is one of the worst places for Leftist bullies.

    I went back and saw that’s she’s back. That’s good.

  • John_Frank

    Rush Limbaugh did the right thing and I applaud him for standing tall.

    Now, will Bill Maher apologize to Governor Sarah Palin?

    • alex1913

      No he won’t. Cause liberals never apologize for slurs or their outright hatred of conservatives. Drop HBO if you have it and teach those guys a lesson for not making Bill Maher apologize to Palin. Hit em’ in the pocketbook. 🙂

      I love movies ( yeah, I know Hollywood studios are full of leftists-but I love movies!) and Netflix but, just the other day almost a hundred thousand (I exaggerate) MSNBC programs showed up on my Netflix streaming menu… might have to say goodby to ol’ netflix and just go back to family video or redbox. If I wanted to support MSNBC I’d get cable… lol.

  • Death to this fat slob is the only recourse:) Oh, that’s just my opinion, which of course doesn’t hold me liable for anything…just like Rush.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Here’s an interesting little article from Neal Boortz related to this topic. He’s abrassive but I think he makes a very valid point (man, does he HATE Santorum) and sadly, after reading it, I’m starting to believe that:

    a) Maobama will be re-elected

    b) That the rapture will occur very soon (2012-2013?) once BO is re-elected

    Check it out:


    More importantly, here’s an excellent excerpt from Thomas Sowell… I think we’re doomed.


    • K-Bob

      Ahhh, that’s “quitter” talk.

      Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

      • alex1913

        Lol. I see what you done did right thar.

  • Dodoforever Canspell

    One has to fight fire with fire. You can’t go out on the battlefield with a small stick when your opponents are coming at you with swords and other WMD.
    I don’t agree with Rush here. To fight the Left one HAS TO go to their level whether you like it or not.

    • alex1913

      I completely understand how you feel, but, I think Rush was right to apologize. He used a slur that many women believe is just as bad as the c word or the t word regarding this woman. I understand the point Rush was making as I listened to his show that day and he was doing great until…. yeah, he put his foot in his mouth. And he of all people (he exposes how the left and the media twist stuff like this all the time) should know better… Good on Rush for apologizing… I know it won’t satisfy the left…but, good on Rush.
      Conservatives are better than the left… we apologize when we screw up ( Rush’s point is still correct, it’s ridiculous that the left expects their condoms and abortion pills to be paid for by someone else or by religious organizations that abhor abortion etc…. he just shouldn’t have intimated that Fluke must consider herself a you know what)… the left (like Bill Maher-sp?) never does apologize for stuff like this ( we all remember 8 years of Bush/Hitler yes?) and hopefully eventually ( thank goodness for conservative blogs and talk radio) the mushy middle will start to see that the left is relentlessly cruel and over the top in their ultimate agenda of a marxist state…
      Good on Rush. Now go kick some liberal booty Rush! 🙂
      And everyone else out there… if you subscribe to HBO… drop it like it’s hot. Bill Maher-sp? is a piece of leftist….um….er…… stuff.

  • NYGino

    My father told me, many, many years ago that if you lent someone $300.00 and they failed to pay you back to consider it an inexpensive lesson. You found out the true nature of the person. The same goes to the advertisers who jumped ship on Rush. Their true nature is revealed.

    • poljunkie

      My dad said the same thing.

  • K-Bob
    • Yeah he said that in the monologue too 🙂

      • K-Bob


        I forgot to point out it was a (partial?) transcript (for those of us that like transcripts). I was listening to rush live when I zipped through the clip. Also typing. So I missed a few things in the clip.

        • K-Bob

          No it wasn’t rush I was listening to. It was the local dude that came on after, and he played a clip. Wow.

  • Don’t apologize Rush. You were right then. You are right now. You aren’t like them at all. Must be the advertisers pressuring you. You’re a good man.

  • And never forget that Shapiro is the same Robert Shapiro who led the OJ Simpson defense team. That is why I have never and would never give my money to legalzoom. Unless, of course, I suddenly get rich and famous and go out and commit a double homicide.

    • alex1913

      Lol. Then I hope you don’t go out and commit a double homicide. I do hope you get rich and famous though. 🙂

  • halfmadjesus

    Rush’s apology, of course, will mean about as much to the Left as Don Imus’s apology did, so it’s pointless. It’s not about what Limbaugh said, it’s about getting him off the air, and any crack in that door the Left can slam its foot in, they’re going to do it. I guess Rush’s apology MUST be sincere, since he ought to know that by now.

    The promiscuity Ms. Fluke described herself as engaging in sounded kinda slutty to me! It might be the norm for loose, liberal women who will screw anything that moves, but not all women out there are so eager to debase themselves in the name of progressive “equality”.

    At the end of the day, I still don’t want to pay for Ms. Fluke’s choice to have guilt-free sex any time she feels like dropping her panties. That’s the real issue here – surprise, surprise that we’re all talking about something else instead.

  • StrangernFiction

    Leftists are scum, and one should never apologize to scum.

    • drphibes

      Conservatives have an obligation to civil discourse. We elevate the culture by being better than the left (because we have better ideas), and bigger than the left, big enough to apologize for our lapses. Apologizing demonstrates the way, even if it is offered to the most uncivil creatures out there.

  • PicklePlants

    Im glad you left the bumper music Scoop – gets me in the mood. ;>

    • BMinPA

      Yeah, without it is like missing the previews in movies. I can’t just jump in the feature film.

  • marketcomp

    The names of the advertisers who have decided not to advertise on Rush’s show should be known so that Rush’s audience will see who they are and let them know and hear our voices by not purchasing their products or services.

    • K-Bob

      They are listed in the Spectator article Scoop posted just before this one.

      However, @rdbrewer4 put up an interesting link in the sidebar at Ace’s. This guy has some ideas about how to replace the stuff purveyed by the advos on Rush’s broadcast.

      (Also he claims that Carbonite is losing money already, and has been depending on conservatives to keep the cash flow happening.)

      • Is_Sense_Common

        Yes, my hope and prayer is that other companies will use this opportunity to support El Rushbo. He truly is “The Big Voice on the Right” and maybe they can get a bargain in advertising right now. Something tells me he’ll rise to the top. We Conservatives are a loyal bunch & I can’t see something like this derailing our loyalty. Wish I had a company to advertise – I’d gladly put my advertising dollars there.

      • BMinPA

        I don’t hink conservatives want to be associated with a service that even a caveman can do for himself.

      • FreeManWalking

        Here’s the list of just where David Friend (Carbonite) spends his political money:

        MoveOn . org, America Coming Together and Democracy for America,

        WOW, I wouldn’t want him to remotely have access to my information.

        • K-Bob

          How an entrepreneur can get behind the destroyers of small business is a real mystery. What a sad thing.

  • Rush did the right thing. It is just sad that there were so many conservatives supporting his crude remark.

    • celestiallady

      It’s not so much the remark as it is we know what Rush meant and the fact that there is a double standard. Where was the outrage when Bill Maher called Sarah the C word and Ed Schultz called Laura Ingram the same word? And seriously, have you never said something that you regret?

      • JohninSaintLouis

        I am tired of hearing how the other side does terrible things and so that somehow excuses bad behavior by someone you normally agree with.
        Rush Limbaugh stepped waaaaay over the line and did it 3 days in a row becoming more vile as each day unfolded. He completely misrepresented Ms. Fluk’s testimony and instead of emphasizing the church/state issue he turned it into one about sex which was 180 degrees removed from the issue and a complete distortion of the facts.
        I must also say that I am, once again, surprised when that misogynistic jerk is defended by a woman. Rush saves his cruelest invective for women and as someone who has a mother, sisters, wife and daughter I am continually offended by is lack of respect for women. If Sandra Fluke were my daughter an apology is the least I would expect form him. Even if I did agree with everything he says, I would still condemn him for the way he says what he says. The man has no class whatsoever.
        I am glad that finally some people on the conservative side are beginning to wake up to the fact that Rush was, is and always will be a self-absorbed jerk who hurts the conservative brand and alienates the very people conservatives must appeal to if they want to win elections.
        There is no more well respected conservative than George Will. See what he and other conservatives had to say Sunday about Rush and his stupid, rude, destructive comments.

        • K-Bob

          Sorry. I’m done with George Will.

          • PVG

            Will is another Coulter.

        • PVG

          People like you have been saying the same thing about Rush for over 20 years…get over yourself and listen to something else…like Air One, oh yeah, they’re gone. Hmm, I guess they couldn’t get advertising……..

        • celestiallady

          While I don’t condone the words that Rush used, his point was lost and again and again, if Rush were to be forced off the air it would only be the beginning. Don’t you get that. I am supporting him because of the hypocracy of the left and the double standard AND FREE SPEECH.

        • But what Rush said PALES in comparison to what may lie in store for you and me your children/grandchildren, etc if the likes of Obama and his far left gang retain the White House-YOU are allowing Obama to redirect your focus and you are wasting your angst on the wrong person…it isn’t what Rush said that is so offensive, it is what Obama and Ms Fluke are DOING that should be so incredibly offensive to people in this country!

    • c4pfan

      Please, there have been plenty of times Rush has said something I didn’t like how it was said and I got over it.

  • nibblesyble

    well done you!

  • Is_Sense_Common

    I used to work for a company who advertised on Fox News & we purchased a time slot for our ad to air anytime that was available – not based on whose time slot it was. One of the slots we got was Glenn Beck’s. This was when he was dismantling the Van Jones situation and other things.

    Very suddenly, there was an absolute onslaught of hate mail that we received (me & 2 other gals in PR) accusing us of being racists and calling us every vile name known to man (and some that were unknown); we received death threats, financial shake-downs, etc. It was quite unnerving and quite frankly, unbelievable. This occurred daily for 2-3 weeks. Thankfully our company did not back down and as quickly as the threats began, they stopped.

    It was clearly an orchestrated effort by a few groups to frighten and intimidate us. It sounds like the same thing happened to Rush’s advertisers but many of them took the bait.

    • NYGino

      Too bad for then. Watch Rush’s ratings go through the roof after this.

  • PChandler

    ‘The remarkable thing is that none of Romney’s opponents challenged these demonstrably false claims. If you check the transcripts of the debates, Romney simply lies about what he advocated, and then everybody lets it go.

    … Romney is now on the verge of escaping with the party nomination having embraced a program his party considers inimical to freedom itself and blatantly lied about having done so without any major opponents pointing this out. It’s pretty incredible.’


  • Rush was not off-base.
    His delivery could slightly be changed to be less misunderstood, but not in changing the words that are seen as insulting.

    His usage of “slut” did not mean multiple partners & “prostitute” did not mean that the chick was paid by her partner.
    How could people think otherwise? Dumb-ass lefties. They laugh at Stewart & Maher, but not at Righty dry delivery, which is more on point, albeit sarcastic, & less on laughing points.

    Rush should cover bases & explain more to prevent this misinterpartion.
    Alex Jones does that often, regardless of believing him, he show respect & follows up thoughts to prevent thinking of bigotism or other — for example, once he mentioned shortness & …

  • So, she’s not a slut?
    I’m disappointed.
    However, I fail to comprehend why she (even if married) should have others pay for her birth control.

    Can I get car insurance that pays for washings, oil changes & such?

    More cost goes into higher prices? Who would know such stuff?

  • JohninSaintLouis

    There are a growing number of conservatives who are coming to realize that Rush Limbaugh is a liability to the conservative cause.

  • capelady

    Liberal Radio Host Mocks Storm Victims: ‘Their God…Keeps Smashing Them Into Little Grease Spots’

    Where is the outrage against Mike Malloy, liberal host, for mocking the tragic victims of this week’s tornados? People died here, Mr. Malloy…. yet the liberals are silent. After all, it is far more offensive to deny a 30-year old feminist taxpayer-paid birth control!!


  • Mensaman62

    I just supported the sponsor he couldn’t get through to this morning…my case of Tea is on its way. 😉

    • Mensaman62

      and BTW Scoop…that intro music is now RUSH…loved it! And did any one see that Peter Gabriel is now upset that his song Sledgehammer is being used as filler on Rush’s program…damn another musician I liked and now can’t support.

      • Jay

        I can’t stand Gabriel since I became a conservative. Songs like “Games Without Frontiers” are clearly leftist.

    • Same here!

  • Rachel Madcow’s girlfriend FLUKe, an Obama worshipper was telling the dumb viewers of ‘the view’ to go to Media Matters. Wow! Can We say brainwashed. Is it any wonder it is reported the marxist media matters and the obummer white house have weekly meetings and the slutty whore FLUKe received a phone call from Obama. There’s a part of me that wishes the mayan calender prediction of the end of the world in 2012 comes true otherwise obama will destroy it if he wins the reelection. This country will look like a black inner city riddled with crime, poverty and bullets akin of Detroit.

  • Brian, calling her a name is NOTHING compared to what this administration will do to the American public and country if they get another 4 years in the White House.

    The issue isn’t Rush making a crude remark the issue is look at how incredibly corrupt and immoral our country is and what can we do to get our country back, if it is possible!

  • GEDouglas

    Just as I suspected. Good action Rush. Now, the leftist fluke plant, creating a distraction with a non-issue, is over and done with. Can we get back to talking about the real issue…BO destroying America.

  • Jay

    And now… Back to the economy!

  • taxa22620

    maybe obama took a fishing poll and dragged a hundred dollar bill across georgetown and ended up with a fluke
    is that ok to say democrats?? better check with carville………………

  • GeorgiaPeachie

    Called all the advertisers this morning. Asked them all what you call a woman who sleeps around A LOT and then asks others for money, aka birth control and abortion pills?

  • WordsFailMe

    So Snooki is knocked up. I wouldn’t call he a slut or a prostitute but will “Long-Udder Liz” use the age-old, “I’m pregnant and it’s yours” angle to zip-up the destiny of thought-to-be-baby-daddy, Jionni DeValle?

    She’s 24 and she’s been fairly well-used by everyone in the group. This where birth control leads. First get them all to think you’re a sure thing and safe. When you’re ready, zero in on the weakest and stupidest most malleable male and forget to take the pill. Obviously, in this case of musical sluts, Johnny loses.

    Can someone please point me to that moral high ground where American women once dwelt? The shining Walmart on the hill?