Full Interview: Chris Christie on the Daily Show

While not the biggest fan of Christie, he does a pretty good job of handling the fist full of assumptions that comes his way from Stewart.

Watch the interview below:

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  • Rocco11

    Amazing how wonderful communism is when you have $100 million in the bank…

    • sDee

      Ah yes ensuring the unwashed masses may live their lives in the meager comfort of government enslavement absolves all sin and guilt – not to mention a helluva a laugh at Letterman’s cocktail parties.

      • GaltLine

        Haven’t laughed watching a Letterman show for years. Doubt a few snorts at one of his parties would foster any mirth either.

        • Susanna958

          I’ve never watched Letterman.

          • GaltLine

            Explains why you’re in good mental health.

            • StandProudNow

              Mental health? Who could possibly have any kind of mental health after watching Gov. christie in the videos above!!

              • GaltLine

                And the provocateur shares little or no blame?

          • white531

            He’s a sick human being. Right up there with Bill Mayer and Ed Asner.

            • Orangeone

              Letterman or Christie???? Poking fun…

              • white531


  • SurfinCowboy

    I am learning (from this and another recent video of The Daily Show) that Jon Stewart’s technique is to ask a heavily leading question, bask in the applause, allow the person to shut down the premise of his question, but then – right when they begin to destroy his base theorem – cut them off and being a new direction or a re-alignment of the original question.

    These three videos are a great example. Watch them again. Notice how right when Christie is about to answer in a deeper way (a way that will be threatening to Stewart, since his philosophy has no actual base in reality) Jon will cut off or re-direct.

    It is like asking someone why they can’t hit a baseball, and every time the person winds up to take a swing, you interject with some distraction like “Oh, that’s how you plant your foot?” or “I see you are choking up on the bat there,” meanwhile never letting the swing happen because, like most of the new left, you know that you really have no foundation and distraction, division, “squirrel”, and misrepresentation is all you have and if you don’t interrupt or re-direct then that guy’s gonna smack the leather right off that ball in front of everyone – and they will all see the curtain pulled back, the naked truth revealed, the red flesh of the watermelon exposed.

    And Jon can’t have that and has become a master of avoiding such situations.

    That was a fun rant, and I hope interesting to others as well.

    • PhillyCon

      There is a method to the madness, isn’t there?

    • white531

      Why I don’t watch television.

    • colliemum

      Thanks for this outstanding contribution!
      It’s posts like yours which make a daily visit (or two or three …!) to scoop so valuable.

      As the videos didn’t play in my ‘location’, I now don’t regret not having had to watch them, your analysis is all I needed!

      • SurfinCowboy

        That was so very kind of you. You made my day – thanks!

        If you do get a chance – watch them, this is a very instructive set of videos on how someone can “avoid” letting someone speak while appearing to let them speak.

  • Scoop, didn’t you once have Glenn Beck or The Blaze in the “places of interest” sidebar?

  • marketcomp

    Watch the repackaging and marketing of another RINO Republican! They just keep recycling the same ole liberal Republicans and the Ann Coulters, Bill Kristols, and Peggy Noonans of the world will be telling us that he is the only one that’s electable. If we all fall for this marketin shceme next time then we’re just stupid. You know fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, fool me three times, well, we’re just stupid.

  • SurfinCowboy

    ….another quick point. Christie missed a few moments to point out (on a national show like The Daily Show) that the Federal services were so lacking that it was, in fact, private citizens in the forms of charity as well as individual groups that brought the aid quickest, and continue to be the ones that actually served those in need.

    He could have continued on about the electric workers turned away because they were not union, the groups feeding people that were cited for violation of food handling laws – and how both in NJ and NY one of the first things done in these situations is to wave the oh-so-important laws and regulations that HOLD BACK rapid response to such situations. There were layers of state and federal requirements that were in the way.

    Moving from that smackdown, he then could have challenged Jon on the healthcare exchanges by pointing out that NJ needed aid in days and HHS had YEARS to inform the states of the costs. We are not talking about a lack of time, just a lack of desire.

    I would like to have had Christie then just shut Jon down with a discussion of the true costs of health care, how they come from government interference through laws, regulations, lack of tort reform, various crony-capitalistic frameworks, and other GOVERNMENT-CREATED problems that have led us to this “problem” in the first place. Mentioning the root of the problem is actually Jon and the people who believe like him would have been the cherry on the sundae.

    But as I previously posted. Jon would do his “interrupt and re-direct” method of silencing the opposition. Because that is what the feeble-minded do, they talk bullsh*t and pretend to be oh-so savvy in their interviewing/speaking skills when all they are are bullies who hold a failing intellectual system that only works when the other side cannot be heard.

    I mean seriously- how would this “fiscal cliff” debate be going if the Pres. didn’t have the entire MSM in his back pocket? Dude, Obama would be getting lambasted for playing games with the economy. But – no. He does have the MSM, and the “academia”, and Hollywood. So no matter what, it is those darn Republicans who eat babies, hate women, and only smoke cigars with their rich buddies.


    • clockwindingdown

      SurfinCowboy, you hit the ball out of the park!

      I hope you, and people like you are able to move forward exposing and educating people of what is happening. How the progressives work and think. It is there ability to shroud the truth that enables them to deceive.

      Absolutly gone, bye bye baseball…

    • bbitter

      Your first point was the best. The Federal government was late, is still scraping together money, and has yet to reach everyone they claimed they would get at the outset, with demands to Christy to give up state sovereignty to accomplish what they said they’d do in the first place.

      However, Christy CAN’T make that argument, because he bowed-down when the time for leadership came. Instead of leading his people to the freedom that the honest and immediate love and charity of our fellow countrymen have to offer, he corralled them back into the pen and the government slop.

      Government aid KILLED New Orleans. Did we forget that?

      Christy held his own, sure, but he was playing softball to the extreme. If, as Stewart claims, that the everyday life of normal people is a natural disaster, (which is the absolute definition of the progressive point of view), then how can the government take from all the natural disasters and pay for all the ‘natural disasters’ that all the disasters can’t afford? And if it is ‘the rich’, the non-normal people, we are taking from, wouldn’t you want to listen to them on how to avoid being a ‘natural disaster’ instead of making the rich just another disaster?

      I lost respect for Christy when he failed the honor and courage test of leadership, and turned NJ back to the government teat instead of growing teeth and getting a job. Sure, life is harder if you do it on your own, but at least I’m not waiting for Obama to change my diaper, besides, I know how Obama feels about abortion and having kids. We wouldn’t want to ‘punish’ anyone with a kid, would we?

    • white531

      Good stuff, Cowboy. Keep doing it.

  • Ya know, maybe this schtick sells in Jersey and the rest of the East and West Coast, but in my part of the country we call b.s. Christie had every opportunity to negate Stewart’s b.s. and didn’t do it. It was all about him. Stewart gagged and wheeled his chair back at Christie’s “hugging Springsteen” story.

    • MrMicawber

      exactly – it made me sick watching it.

      edit: and I’m from Boston, ma….lol.

      • LOL, indeed! I’m in Texas!

  • NoToTyrants

    For those of you who can’t bear to watch the Hardy to Obama’s Laurel display more of his toady adoration of “The One”.

    Here is a summation:

  • MrMicawber

    Ummmm…it’s exchanges like this that make me feel lonely. Like I live in a different universe. Both of them seem completely lost to me and utterly unable to grasp reality.

    • It’s their world now, Mr. Micawber. But don’t feel alone.

  • Nukeman60

    My only question after watching all three segments is this. Has Christie changed parties yet?

    He sucked up to Obama unnecessarily during the Hurricane response, the entire first video seemed a suck up to Stewart, Springsteen, and the audience, and he appeared to be setting himself up for a 2016 run as the next progressive moderate who can reach across the table to ‘get things done’.

    I’m not sure why else he would feel obliged to go on the Daily Show. Stewart made all his points, even though Christie meekly attempted to counter them. If I didn’t know either man up to this point, I would have said Stewart had talked Christie into being ‘just one of the guys’ in liberal land.

    Count me out when it comes to participating in the Clinton-Christie dance come 2016.

  • bjohnson55

    I tried I just couldn’t make it past halfway through the second segment. I just cannot stand Stewart and Christie did a horrible job in this interview. He had opportunity after opportunity to clarify conservative principles versus Stewarts entitlement run amuck philosophy and the clear benefits to Society if we stop the unsustainable entitlement spending. Christie is by far not the flag bearer of Conservative principles and he is damaged goods after he kissed Obama square on the Bumm after the storm with that “Obama is a good leader” gaff, the Liberals will never let him forget it. Bad move, period.

  • BHliberty

    Gov. Christie is on my naughty list!

  • Oh, and one more thing. I’ll take Indiana’s John Hiatt over Jersey’s Springsteen any day.

  • 36Free

    Springsteen should invite all the displaced Jersey folks to camp out at his place until the federal government finishes fixing everything. Being such a man of the people, this shouldn’t be a problem and the federal government is so efficient…this shouldn’t take too long. Of course he would have to tell all of his “common folk” friends like Jon Bon Jovi, Sting, Matt Lauer, etc…that he will have to suspend his parties for a while (can’t have the common people mixing in with the crowd). Big kid on the block Christie is now clearly part of the in crowd and the glee is oozing out. I’ve never seen a grown man look so much like a teenage girl in my life, its just pathetic and embarrassing. Given that all of the fawning over a washed up windbag is only happening due to a tragic disaster, it makes me want to puke. His desire to be accepted on everything from The Daily Show to Morning Joe may serve his ego and fill a void he’s lacked in life or whatever, but it won’t do him any favors politically. Early prediction: Booker will beat Christie next year and Chris will disappear into obscurity and his new friends will kick him in his rear on the way out. So, we can look forward to that. He’s not only annoying, but is delusional if he thinks he has a shot at becoming president.

  • white531

    When Christie started out as a politician, he was a straight talker who didn’t mince words, and that got peoples’ attention. He rarely smiled, because he was almost always angry. He had reason to be. He was running to replace an inept Governor, who had taken New Jersey into near bankruptcy.

    He gained the Governorship, defeated the Teachers’ Unions, and put New Jersey on the path to solvency. This same man, who some wanted for their next President, has now taken a page from Obama’s handbook, and thinks politics is best discussed on Celebrity talk shows.

    He is a ghost of the man we once thought he was. I still wish him well, but I want him to stay in New Jersey. I think that is where his talents will be put to the best use.

    • You’re right. It seems once they’re elected and drink the Kool-Aid, they find out that by playing ball and a little “insider trading” with other politicians, they can make a handsome profit. If you are a hard-line conservative in this country, one of two things is going to happen: 1) They will soften you up and you will cave in, ala Bill O’Reilly or 2) you will be conveniently “voted” out of office after you are demonized and marginalized. Nobody turns a good, honest Christian into “Satan” quicker than the Democrats.

  • In the land of straw men, John Leibowitz is king.

  • If he does a good job at smacking down lame liberal assumptions, then his way of speaking and communicating should be studied by Republicans.

  • We can’t have a real debate about the issues because people like John Stewart always accuse people of waging a War on Women (while at the same time attacking the GOP for supposedly using harsh rhetoric), then whenever the GOP responds by saying that people shouldn’t be forced to purchase birth control that they could purchase on their own or that they could purchase as part of a health insurance plan that they themselves decided they wanted, Stewart says the conservative position isn’t a position that anyone is allowed to hold.

  • Conservachique

    What a crock! Stewart didn’t want to admit that the Left slams the GOP and he accuses the GOP of not caring about issues unless they involve them–what a crock! When Christie made him concede that both sides slam the other, Stewart reluctantly agreed but had to add that he thinks the GOP “does it more.”

    I guess he overlooks that he just accused the GOP of being heartless & uncaring. I guess he misses that Obama accuses the GOP of wanting dirty water & dirty air, that they want to throw granny over the cliff, that they cling to their religion & guns, that when Bush wanted to raise the debt ceiling & had a half-the-mount debt as Obama–he called them “unpatriotic”.

    This is just frustrating. Just like NOW somehow it’s all the GOP’s fault if we go over the fiscal cliff. That taxing the supposedly rich (those making greater than $250k) will do nothing for the deficit and worse, it will cost hundreds of thousands of jobs is LOST on the Liberal Left. All they know is they want to tax the heck out of the “evil rich” people.

    It is sad, repulsive, and frightening that the Left have succeeded in creating such class warfare.

  • Christie does a really bad thing of caving to Stewart when Stewart makes an ignorant claim, for example when Stewart said, “We aren’t having a real debate because the GOP sucks,” and Christie says, “We are having a real debate in New Jersey.” No, what Stewart said was bs, and he should be called on it.

  • kong1967

    Stewart continually blamed the gridlock on Republicans. He totally ignores that Obama refuses to work with Republicans at all and tells them to accept his proposals “as is”….”my way or the highway”.

    Stewart compared the wars to women’s birth control. What a jackass and a dunce. One has to do with world security and the other is about personal responsibility. Liberals are so freaking brain dead I could scream.

  • Constitution Lover(underconsta

    Somewhat different topic here but as a NJian, I have just seen the meetings posted for Sustainable Development in the small town papers. It is here and we have long passed the “start” line. And still, most people don’t seem to get the full picture or care to look into these things fully, like what the end result will be.

  • mikeinidaho

    I am not interested in anything that RINO has to say about anything.