Full Interview: Marco Rubio on The Daily Show

Marco Rubio was on the Daily Show last night for a lengthy interview that quickly became a debate over the idea that Republicans are obstructionists and hate everything the president does and ended up being a debate about ideas on how to solve the debt and deficits and grow the economy. What’s frustrating about this is how beholden Jon Stewart is to this idea of tax increases. Rubio made a great argument that spending one dollar in the private sector would generate more revenues than a tax increase would, yet Stewart wouldn’t let go of tax increases because he’s also beholden to this idea of a balanced approach. And even though they never really came to a consensus, it was a valiant effort on the part of Rubio.

Watch the whole interview below:

(h/t: RCP)

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  • EchoMike

    The videos say “Content Not Available”

    • Where do you live?

      • EchoMike

        Dallas, but it could just be my office network blocking it since other folks are obviously able to see it.
        No worries. 🙂
        I’ll check it later

  • Jon Stewart fights an unfair debate. He remains “serious news man” if he thinks he’s making progress, but he immediately becomes “entertainer” whenever somebody gets the best of him or presenting a good argument to his audience.

  • warpmine

    Nobody could ever convince me that a liberal can be smart especially espousing these always incorrect approaches to every problem that we as a nation have had. I would go further by emphasizing that most of the problems were created by Liberal/progressives that never garnered to look at the next step consequences.

    Historical proof sides with conservatives.

  • Rubio is brilliant

    • M_J_S

      Rubio is a gash. He’s Romney 2.0. Sorry. Wake up and read his bills.

      He’s a snake.

      • I don’t see him as any worse than Jeb Bush. Not exactly a solid “Tea Party” guy, but come on, a snake?

        I have my major problems with the squishy, Bush-style Republicans, but I’m not gonna ramp up the vituperation machine on ’em. They’re just, you know, squishy and stuff.

        • M_J_S

          I’ll tell you why K-Bob because Marco-Dumbo is still being sold as “Conservative” and he is not. He is squishy and spineless and we Conservative have had enough of these people. We have to identify them, give the mark of the RINO, and move on.

          Yes, a SNAKE. Anyone who proposed amnesty, big brother internet monitoring bills and defends Romney’s “Conservatism” is a snake.

          Who’s not a snake? Rand Paul, DeMint, etc.

          • PFFV

            The same Rand Paul that backed his Dad’s (Ron) radical policies? When he went to bat for his Dad’s far out policies I had to jump ship. Rubio and Rand have their downsides but my choice is Allen West.

            • M_J_S

              Rand Paul is a libertarian, but at least he SPEAKS of the Constitution. Rubio is phony and there is no one on any blog ANYWHERE that can prove otherwise.

              I love Allen West, hell of a guy.

              • Rightstuff1

                I have to disagree. Rubio is anything but a snake. He has cogent and coherent approaches which you may not always agree with but that does not make him a snake.

                BTW, libertarians are bloody dangerous. You want an argument of conservative vs libertarian then we can do that. Granted libertarians may have some good points which we can agree on especially on the Constitution but not on the border, gay marriage, abortion, defending the country, Israel, fighting crime, drugs and on and on.

                I watched that weasel Ron Paul snipe and snap and destroy one decent conservative after another during the debates. But he said nothing to say at all about Romney. He was a lacky for the Romney campaign. He had the gall to say that Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich were not Conservatives. Excuse me? That slimy, snarky little weasel. A political ferret. Is that the bedfellow you seek?

          • Hey, I get it. I think we were burned by “conservatives” this year. But it’s pointless to go that negative on them. Just support the ones with better standards, and try to primary the ones that are weakest. But we can’t get them all, and Rubio is better than a lot of them.

            Rubio may be misguidedly walking the “pander” tightrope, but I see that as bad judgement, not bad intent. I lump all these folks in the same immature boatload of not-quite-ripe conservatism. Maybe they’ll snap out of it after we put someone like West or Palin in high office.

            But I ain’t holding my breath. I’m going to keep my fridge stocked with beers just to make it through the summer.

      • yanksrule

        MJS you are a fool..go finish smoking your crack, guzzle the rest of your 40 oz and then crawl back under your rock…. bitch

  • PhillyCon

    Not like I watch Stewart on a regular basis, but I would bet that he doesn’t “cross examine” liberal Democrats like this.

    Did you notice, he kept trying to get Rubio to bash his “caucus” on immigration? I wonder if Democrats are ever asked if they have problems with their own party, as Rubio was asked. It was annoying to watch Stewart continually bait him. This is what “passes” for reasoned debate and dialogue when the person doesn’t toe the PC/socialist line.

    I know why he’s going on these liberal shows, but the outcome is always the same. How many times have R’s tried this approach?

  • Sheya

    The video says “Sorry not available from your location”. Come on scoop, what happened to doing it the old fashioned way, where you record it through up your little logo and post it?

    • I’m not a fan of lawsuits from Viacom 😉

      • Sheya

        Think of the free publicity man. Think positive : )

        • Rightstuff1

          Think of the wrecking ball a lawsuit could take to your business model 🙂

  • 911Infidel

    I can only take a couple of minutes from John Stewart or whatever his real name is. He’s totally lost in the libstick morass of fecal matter. I prefer to listen to Rubio in another venue, like pretty much anything outside of some progressive weany production that tries to pass itself off as a serious enterprise. I’m really tired of the “both sides” relativist mantra.

    • RosiesSeeingRed

      One day I was having an argument with a very progressive friend of mine about something — I don’t even remember what. She was citing some “fact” that I had not heard, which I was challenging, to which she said in the most negative and accusatory tone possible, “I guess you don’t watch the Jon Stewart show.” To which I replied, “No, I don’t get my NEWS from a comedian, but I can see YOU DO.”

      • Rightstuff1

        Superb rejoinder.

      • 911Infidel

        LOL. That was precious. Excellent retort.

    • PFFV

      Agreed, Stewart is just another liberal elite snob, why bother watching when you know the outcome. Liberals are all the same …. our enemy number 1!

      • 911Infidel

        Old style liberals like Horowitz are the kind of teachers I used to have in school. They were the ones who allowed all iterations of an issue to be discussed on an equal basis. These new libs aren’t true libs they are Maoists. Call them Progressive, Alinskyites or Trotskyites, they’re all the same kind of commie.

        We have two number 1 enemies and both are aligned with one another. They are the Progressives/Alinskyites and Islam. They are both after the same thing: The destruction of the West, power and control.

        It is is crucial that we win back the culture away from them.

  • This guy does not listen. We need MORE TAXPAYERS not HIGHER TAXES!

  • This is the guy for VP and then the next President at some point. That is if the country survives!

    • Yeah, then Rubio the super conservative star can pass amnesty! woo hooo. UGH.

  • Sinsonta

    Rubio did well. However, I will stop going to shows where the Liberal Bias, in most cases, will prevail. His viewers are liberals too. I could not care less about Stewart’s show at all.

  • FutureOnePercent

    The fatal flaw to all liberals… they fail to see that the government is TERRIBLE at spending money! And there is NO incentive for them to use it wisely.

    He said we should use tax money to invest in schools, so people could be better educated, and get better jobs to increase tax revenue. He forgets to mention that we pay more per student than any other country in the world already, and we’re still passing kids who can barely read or write. The problem isn’ the amount of money, it’s how the money is used that’s the problem.

    So yes, there is only ONE way to grow our economy, and that is by keeping it in the private sector.

    • PFFV

      Right on the mark futureonepercent! I would add that the war on poverty is also a huge waste of money too. Trillions have been spent to supposedly lift the poor from poverty and more people are classified as poor than ever before. Government cannot fix these problems only the private sector can. Government is the problem not the solution. Every Government program ever created was done with good intentions; the road to hell was paved with good intentions too. Government has no reason to spend money wisely because they can just print more or raise taxes. There is no incentive for Government to be responsible so why would we trust them? I do not! $16 Trillion in debt and they still want to increase spending = National Suicide, no wait, actually it equals National Stupidity! It’s time to hold these crooks in government accountable!

  • I just wanted to rip my hair out every time Stewart opens his yap!

  • Why do republicans feel the need to convince Jon Stewart the hypocritical radical communist who has multiple mansions of anything?

  • EchoMike

    OK just watched it. I think he did a great job. Good debate. I’d like Rubio to show a little more fang every now and then and be more vocal about the casue of freedom, liberty, private property rights and how they are linked to individual sovereignty. Explain the fact that ignoring these truths is to submit yourself to servitude to an ever expanding central govt. But all in all I think he smacked Stewart around a little bit, and tunred the tables on him a couple of times! It was great. If he can do this with Stewart, who is actually a pretty smart guy, imagine what he’d do to Joe Biden!
    THAT SHOULD BE ON COMEDY CENTRAL!!!!. It would be the funniest show they’ve ver put on air.

  • Sober_Thinking

    I can’t watch Jon Stewart’s tripe and bias. For a funny guy, he’s an idiot.

    I don’t understand why respectable people go on The Daily Show, The View, CNN, MSNBC, etc. – those rags are nothing but viper’s nests and all they attempt to do is discredit their conservative guest. Let the twisted daughter of Jon McCain go on those rotten shows.

    • kssturgis62

      Marco Rubio is a Progressive, it is fine for him to go on this show. He is speaking to many of his base, who want amnesty, supporters of the Dream Act. What he is doing here to gin up his base, to let those liberal Progressives hear his side, is the same thing that the Liberal Progressives do.

      • drphibes

        Now, Rubio is a progressive. Wow.

        • EchoMike

          I’ve already come across a birther as well.
          I guess at least when these kooks start hammering Rubio, we’ll at least be able to show that our crazies are at least consistent.
          And ya, because he tries to take a considerate approach to an issue, all of a sudden people like that have him posing in a picture with Marx or something ridiculous.

      • LiveFreeOrDie2012

        And you probably think Ron Paul is a Conservative too. Yikes!

      • EchoMike

        Ya those damn Progressives always running their mouths about smaller govt, lower taxes, and personal freedom.
        Wait a min.

  • odin147

    the holy grail of the liberal, “balance” when in reality they are the most imbalanced.

  • drphibes

    Great interview. Stewart is the best and smartest of the liberal talk show hosts. Good opportunity to see what Rubio is made of in unscripted settings.

  • Goldni007

    Stewart is incredulous to the thought of the Republicans “being victims” but then he turns right around and paints poor lil Owebama as one.

  • librtifirst

    Stewart is democrat media, just as Hannity is republican media. Rubio does a good job of describing the system. Stewart’s agenda was to create a division in the conversation, and he isn’t willing to recognize simple facts. Rubio admitted republican political flaws, whereas I did not hear that from Stewart. Stewart keep talking about the world that “he is witnessing”. Stewart is witnessing the world from his perspective, and therefor it will be different, and being liberal will lack facts.

    With all that said, Rubio is wrong on the economy, in that he is supporting a continuation of the government that we have while trying to increase growth. He made a comment about medicare being an important program. Rubio says that dropping tax rates to zero is anarchy. That is wholely wrong. Income tax rates should go to zero, combined with massive regulatory cuts in government. We cannot maintain the system we have with the regulation we have, or the taxes we pay. It is as simple as that. Consumption taxes could cover the cost of government, and would also be tied to growth and give government an incentive to stay out of production.

    If Rubio does not argue for sound money, which involves constitutional congressional control and a phasing out of the foreign and private central bank, then he is spinning his wheels as much as the democrats are.

    This video says a lot. Listen to the whole thing, and you will hear the solutions in the background. I bought my first lot of silver today, and will continue for as long as I can buy it. I quit my 401k.

    CNBC tell the truth?

  • Goldni007

    Just finished the entire interview. Thanks for posting Scoop!

    Rubio was indeed brlliant! Usually not uch can be ained by going on shows like these with a lib host and a zombie audience, but Rubio is very quick on his feet. And that is a plus when going toe to toe with the savvy Stewart.

    One thing I would have stopped and corrected Stewart on though is the old myth about the Bush tax cuts. First of all Stewart my lil Jewish friend, the a full 80% of those evil tax cuts went to people making UNDER $200k. And second, they DID NOT contribute to deficits. The federal debt was very managable $161 billion in 2007. That was the year Nancy Pelosi and the dems took congress. We started running higher and higher deficits ever since.

  • rjcylon

    Yes you live in two realities. Rubio lives in the reality where he knows what the hell he’s talking about.

    I love when conservatives go on this show and politely pretend that Stewart’s points are worth listening to.

  • Gringao

    The federal government…nimble, agile? What universe is this Stewart lives in?

    • Stewart thinks government is a plant that needs sunlight, water, mulch, and whatever else.

      I think government is a rattle snake that needs to be kept in its cage.

  • When Jon talks about Taxes, he doesn’t tell anyone that he is a member of the 1%. If you want to pay more Jon, the Federal Government is always taking donations!!! I don’t think you are a member of the 99% Jon!!!!

  • When Jon talks about Taxes, he doesn’t mention to Marco he is a member of the 1%. Jon needs to be told that the Federal Government is always taking donations!!! If you feel that you are not paying enough Jon, send your donation in anytime!!! Jon certainly isn’t a member of the 99%. The big lie for the last 50 years has been the Democrats are for the little guy, poor, average joe, and middle class in this country!!! Their whole objective is to get as many people as possible dependent on Government!!! It’s how they keep their POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!! November 6th, can’t get here fast enough!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marco Rubio had a couple of chances to really get Jon Stewart to realize he is speaking out of both sides of his mouth! JS wants to raise taxes so the Govt can pay down the debt and then says to raise taxes for infrastructure projects. We all know if we pay more taxes this Admin will just keep spending on all of POTUS pet projects!!!! Such a joke and we all know it!!!!

  • This clip shows me that Steward (and many liberals in general) don’t speak from any real world experience of how small businesses (and thus the economy) work.

  • poptoy1949

    Daily continues to invite one Republican after another on his show and then goes after the Republican Party. This is getting so damned old. It has been done time and time again and always tries to come across as if he has the answers or the Democrat Party knows better and the Republicans must listen or else. Don’t you think it is High Time he just run for office, win a seat. and let some hose him down the same way.

  • Charm4sure

    Stewart is completly unwilling to acknowledge the Dems horrible behavior in the Senate because of Reid, but he can’t blame Republicans enough. He has quite a bit of knowledge but he is an activist for the Dems and has his nose so far up BO’s bottom he can’t see anything else as a possibility.He wants government to fix things. Good Lord, how obtuse can you be? If you are unwilling to see the absolute bungling that government has given us and compare that with how business has made Americans lives more comfortable and easy, you’re not going to see much.