FULL INTERVIEW: Mitt Romney on 60 Minutes

Romney was interviewed by 60 minutes tonight and you can watch the full interview below. He actually did pretty good. I loved what he said about his “big idea” in part 2.




If you want to watch Obama’s portion of the interview, you can watch it here.

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  • Its like an interrogation, notice how the host is farther from the camera,and they zoom in on Romney’s face. Its like the light in the face.

    • Cindy09

      It is an interrogation technique. Luckily, they didn’t amp up the wattage.

      • sDee


    • It is 60 Minutes, so of course they were hostile..but I do think Mitt Romney did very well considering the setting.

  • these prerecorded interviews are dangerous for Republicans

    they can narrate over you and decide what the viewer will and won’t hear

    I would insist the entire interview be posted online

    • 3seven77

      I agree with you Jose. Not only would I insist that the entire interview be posted online, I would make sure I had someone on my own team taping the interview simultaneously. You know, just so those mysterious and oh-so-convenient “automatic camera shut-offs” didn’t occur.

    • Yeah especially considering what they edited out of Obama’s interview.

  • Nukeman60

    We interviewed both candidates and asked a wide variety of questions. Like “Mr. Romney, why do you hate Americans?” and “Mr. President, which do you like better, red or green?”.

    I’m sure both interviews would always be fair and balanced (cough, cough).

    I’ve always hated the question on capital gains taxes. Why would a person making $50,000 be paying a higher capital gains tax than Romney did? He was mixing federal income tax with capital gains tax and many people would miss the difference when they hear this crap.

    • nukeman, the media likes to run with the the b.s. that you explained above stay on the mark!

    • warpmine

      That’s because most people are freaking ignorant hence the reason we have Zero in the WH. Remember, Zero was anything but direct and truthful. He spoke in generalities and laid off any specifics knowing full well the old media would cover for him. Worse than that, McCain refused to engage as a candidate that actually wanted to be president.

      BTW, what was his favorite color(s), black, red and green I bet with a crescent moon.

      • tshtsh

        He still couldn’t make a decision his answer was he liked both chilies!

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      Romney did a fine job of talking to the interviewer on this point though, trying to school him and all watching that actually may not understand (which was highly likely not the case with the interviewer) on why capital gains tax rates are low- explaining corporate taxes have already been paid at a rate as high as 35 percent and a low capital gains tax encourages economic growth.

    • keyesforpres

      That would be a tough question for our dear leader. He is a “red” Marxist and a “green” muslim. Oh dear, how could he pick which was his favorite color?

    • SaraPFan

      The MSM knows that Americans are ignorant. That is why they can get away with asking these idiotic questions. Romney does a good job deflecting and educating the audience when he explained that the earned income was already taxed. Capital gains tax is another tax after investing the earned income.

      This is why people with Occupy Wall Street mentality can’t differentiate between Warren Buffet and his secretary.

  • sDee

    Good interview (I do not know how in the world he can put up with the sniveling snarky puffed up interviewers. What a pathetic bunch)

    Three shifts I was looking for.
    – He said he would shrink government instead of “stop the growth of government” ( no specific cuts though other than Obamakare, which is hardly enough)
    – He used “middle income” instead “middle class”
    – He said Repeal Obamakare (no mention of Replace”)

    • Joengima

      It seems to me, Romney’s idea of replace is “States, here is some power back, repair your own health system”

      • sDee

        Well, for now I am just glad he as stopped with the “Replace” part – it scares the hell out of me. But I am waiting for the other shoe to drop.

        Healthcare is private industry – not a State or Federal “system”.

        If he believes in limited government and free enterprise, he should simply say something like…..”The the Constitution does not provide the Federal Government with the power to regulate the the healthcare industry. I will repeal Obamakare and all other regulations that impede the finest private healthcare industry in the world.”

        If he intends to work to replicate Romenykare in all 50 States, then we have simply gone from the frying pan into the fire. He has no authority to interfere with what private industry does in the States – especially to use Federal power to force State regulation of private industry as he did in Mass.

      • hbnolikeee

        Which makes a lot more sense. Actually, I don’t see why people compare RomneyCare to ObummerCare. If you don’t like RomneyCare you get in your car and go to the next state. What are your options for ObummerCare?

        • warpmine

          …you can load your car with explosives and…..do what Muslims do and with any luck you can be labeled a workplace violent incident.

        • keyesforpres

          Except there is talk that he wants to put Romneycare in all 50 states. That is what the attorney general of Florida said…Pam Bondi.

          Hopefully, we could stop that.

  • marketcomp

    I cannot believe he asked Romney for the plan to not throw the country back into recession! I wonder if he’ll ask Obama why has his policies thrown the country into a recession? My instincts tell me that when theses media people ask those types of questions that they are just fishing for Barack Obama because we know that he has no clue and or plan to get the country on track to economic growth but if he knows Romney’s plan he will demonize Romney’s plan by using it as a scare tactic.

    On Dudge tonight Mitt Romney says, STAY CALM, CARRY ON! I really like that because it shows that he does not make irrational decisions. Peggy Noonan and Bill Kristol should take his advice.

    • Earthforce1

      Romney was asked if his plan for cutting government would send us [back?] into a recession.

      My first thought was that if cutting government causes a recession, then government is much too big.

  • sDee

    “Is it fair?”. Damn that pisses me off.

    Romney deflected it but I would like to see him take it head-on. “Fair” is socialist keyword for redistribution……. “Well, define fair. Fair is a vague concept – so tell me what you mean by fair, and then I can give you a concrete answer”

  • Evil Otto

    Meanwhile, Obama’s being interviewed by Letterman.

    • 3seven77

      And don’t forget Obama will be verbally masterbated by Whoopi, Baa-baa, and Joyless Behar on the View on Tuesday.

      ewww. Did I just write that??

  • MarieC

    It was good…but even if it hadn’t been, I’d still be voting for Romney…

    • I agree Marie it was good but remember the interviewer is looking for any attempt to play gotcha or to show Mitt unraveled or angry. These interviews are gotcha interviews and Mitt did well with that forum. Some people will want this or that said but this forum is not a good place for that because it could be edited in any way without anyone noticing and then we would hear about it for days. Stay calm and easy with this forum….NEVER TRUST CBS, ABC, NBC or CNN….EVER!!!

      • MarieC

        I don’t Michael….that’s why I missed it, I never watch that trash. I do, occasionally, watch MSNBC for a laugh…I get most of my news from the internet…I’ve grown over the past few years…

        • LOL…me either Marie….I never watch any of the Alphabet Networks…I prefer to see the posts on the conservative blogs to try to share with others that are like minded. It is sad that our MSM has become the Pravda for Obama….thank goodness for talk radio, the conservative blogs and alternative media!!

          • MarieC

            I don’t even watch Fox like I use to….They are better than the others but there’s so much more on the net… I saw that you mentioned Drudge, I go there a lot. And of coarse, there’s Right Scoop…:)

      • keyesforpres

        Yes, one should always bring their own cameraman and record the whole thing.

    • sDee

      If that CBS propagandist had been talking to an empty chair I’d still vote ABO. If I had an conservative alternative, this interview would not sway me. But that is fantasy and Romney has already decided he can take my vote and my state for granted. A different voter than I for sure, is tuned into Propaganda Air. Romney has got to do more stuff like this. It had a decidedly more determined, and slightly conservative, tone.

      I think that going on the propaganda channels like this is a lot about learning to avoid the leftist setups. Good practice for the debates where the bear traps have already been set and Hussein provided the map.

      • MarieC

        I’m with you…I’d vote for pretty much anyone but Obama..I’m ready for the debates, can’t wait to see them. It’s gonna be good…

        • keyesforpres

          O will need his teleprompters.

  • WinMissouri

    60 Minutes has always been biased and un-balanced. Wonder if O will be challenged in the same manner.

    I thought Mr. Romney did a good job and held his own.

  • Very Good!

  • Nice pics on Drudge tonight about Mitt….When I met Mitt the other day the thing you notice is FAMILY….he is so nice to kids it may surprise some people. I love a man that is a true family man. Whether he is with his five grown sons (I have met 2) or with his grandkids he really contraries to the CEO some may think. I am so glad Drudge has these pics. This is the essence of a man….and when you see him with his family you know how much he would do to help this country and how much he loves America. He talks so passionately about the country he wants to leave his grandkids. That is what America is about!!

    • keyesforpres

      Agreed. As much as I did not want him to be our nominee, I know he loves this country and does not want to see it destroyed. The opposite can be said of Obummer.

  • MaxineCA

    Thanks for posting that Scoop, otherwise I would have missed it since I don’t watch the LSM. I absolutely can’t stand Steve Pelley (sp?), now I remember why. I thought Romney did a great job considering he was behind enemy lines! Good for him.

    As far as the option to watch O’s interview, I must pass. I can’t watch that arrogant POS. I’m sure whoever interviews him, will hand him softball questions. Hell, they probably provided the interview with Romney before O’s interview, to give him a chance to come up with new lies.

    It’s really sad that over the years they have even trashed 60 Minutes. Back in the ’70s it was a really great show. We would never miss it, now I can’t tell you the last time I watched it.

    • keyesforpres

      They’ve been bad for a long time. My dad knew a guy that was interviewed by them in the late 70’s or early 80’s and they would ask him a question and he would answer it, but 60 Minutes edited some questions by showing him just looking at them…like he was refusing to answer the question.

    • Patriot077

      Dittos on all!

      My favorite line in the entire interview was the last one – restoring the freedom that allows America to lead the world. That is and always was a BIG idea.

  • AustindPowers

    when he was asked about working with the other party he should’ve taken a swipe at obama and biden… i would’ve said something like… “well first of all, you don’t get cooperation from the other side by saying they’re members of the flat earth society or that they want to put the american people back in chains.”

    • Tabitha Taylor

      You’re right!
      Obama’s known as the most partisan President in our history. The first thing he said to the Republicans on the hill after taking his new post was “Elections have consequences”! Sure to let them all know there was gonna be hell to pay for being on the right. All he ever does is try to bully, confuse & rush the other side to support his horrible policies as though it’s their duty since he’s king. I bet there’s a million more quotes from Obama like that. He marginalizes everyone! Could fill a book just with his rude comments on the Bible (quoting scripture out of context & ‘correcting’ where it errs as HE sees it). Obama’s such a jerk! And Biden…Well let’s just say he’s not that bright (to put it lightly), blatantly racist & usually half crocked –(one heartbeat away… terrifying)!

  • I love the way the liberals continue to point out that Romney has no military experience for foreign policy experience… as if that disqualifies him. They certainly didn’t complain about Obama’s lack of experience, and in light of Obama’s recent foreign policy failures… I think Romney has an advantage there!!!

    • MarieC

      I want Romney to speak more on Foreign Policy….to me, at this point in time….it’s very important. Call me bad but I’ve been thinking about foreign policy more than job creation….I feel such an urgency there…

      • keyesforpres

        The job creation is easy…overturn everything o has done and get out of the way.

      • His press conference on 9/11 was quite effective. It’s on You Tube, I am sure.

  • Pelley looked perplexed throughout most of the interview. Like he couldn’t believe someone might pray every day! With Obama in office, I pray every day, “Lord, help us all” 😉

  • BMinPA

    If you were looking for the “banner of no pale pastels, but bold colors “, you’ll be disappointed. He passionately defended the concept of progressive taxation and never allowing the rich to pay less than what they are now and hiding behind negotiating with congress to figure out how to achieve his goals. His tax “policy”? 20% reduction. It is like a sale gimmick. Product is the same, it is just what you pay for it. On issue after issue, he is a muddled compromise of Obama’s policies. Sending programs back to states? They are just as bad. How about cutting them? Don’t believe for a second that he does not know what needs to be done. He just dare not say it. You can’t win the argument if you buy into the premise of Democrat agendas. You only appear as Obama-lite.

  • Aikalo80

    Good interview Mitt! And Lord help us should Obama win 4 more years.


    WHAT is up with that FLUKING cameraman and producer on 60 minutes?

    Mitt’s camera shot almost always cut off his head at the hair line.

    Sorry I am so picky, but the others including the CBS people were not “FRAMED” this way.
    If they did that to O-BLAME-O, AXELROD would have ALL their LIMO tires slashed and make them listen to all his talking/stalking points,…in 10 languages.

    This is some cheap crap MSLSD would pull, if they could still get any Repubs to go on there……Mad Cow chased them ALL off with her “EXCITING” personality……

    Ever see the pics and video they do of RUSH, always when he was heavy, some looping with him bouncing around??? A-hole stuff, but this is who they are…

    Thay still do it on Martin show and LAAArence “THE FINAL TURD” late show.

    Sorry, PROGRESSIVE tactics light my fire…so to speak.

    “We got to let them go” “Clint”

    • Let’s watch when they do the interveiw wiht Hussein and see if they do the same camra work with his head. I bet they won’t.

  • freenca

    Obama has neither military experience nor an American upbringing in his background to qualify him for any higher office in this country. As far as taxation or economics of the capitalist system Mr Obama has to depend on others to tell him about those things and apparently he just believes what he is told and has NO NO NO firsthand knowledge himself. It is my belief that Mr Obama could not run a hot dog stand at a profit!!

  • I thought Romney was real good – I wished it went longer. He appeared relaxed, he said his message with clarity. He looked very Presidential! It’s no way I have the stomach to watch O interview!!!

  • perfect candiate romeny -bravo-bravo-bravo-

  • Ladies and Gentlemen President Mitt Romney.

  • poljunkie

    Pretty good interview…considering Mitt went into enemy territory. You can never be sure they aren’t going to manipulate and revise the responses
    His answer to the healthcare question was better than the last time I heard him answer it. He used the word repeal – which he hasn’t used for a while.I sooo wish he would add in tort reform to the overhaul.

  • p m

    I thought it was good and agree with the improvements around sDee’s 3 main points.

    One thing that I believe needs to be brought home was when that first question regarding the ‘clear choice’ was asked. It’s not about big versus small government – it’s about how long anyone can seriously think big government is even an option, when soon America won’t be able to borrow any longer. That time is getting closer every day, especially now QE3 is a fact.

  • AbdulBX

    Missed the interview, but did catch the Romney rally in Denver.


    • poljunkie

      Thats great. Looks like a large turnout.

  • SaraPFan

    I like the last few minutes as well. I like his response on the Big Idea question. Can’t tolerate watching the Obama interview. I already know they’ll be softball questions. No accountability for his broken promises.

  • philomena

    Scott, the smarmy interviewer:
    Mr. Romney has NO military background.
    Mr. President, do you like flying on Air Force One (smooch, smooch)?
    Scott, the smarmy interviewer:
    Mr. Romney has NO foreign policy experience.
    Mr. President, you’re so brilliant that even though you had no foreign policy experience, we all knew you’d be great at it. Do you agree (smooch, smooch)?*

    *It has come to our attention at 60 minutes that Mr. President, after four years, has no idea what he is doing with regard to foreign policy. However, we have decided to ignore that fact. Thank you.

  • For all the Romney supporters on this site, please read David Brooks column. The reason he’s losing is because he’s insincere. He’s not an ideological person but he’s running as an idealogue. The republican party has moved so far to the right, he’s had to abandon any sense of moderation to appease the base of the party.

    • My answer to you is – look at the source – David Brooks, for God-sakes!

      • PVG

        David Brooks is as reliable as Peggy Noonan.

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      There’s plenty of the Massachusetts ‘moderate’ in the interview above, Vinton, & many conservatives on this site don’t have illusions of his being a staunch conservative at heart. But we are glad he picked Paul Ryan as a running mate & know Obama is an idealogue about America and his ideas have been playing out in how he has been systematically working to tear the country down.

    • 3seven77

      David Brooks? Ah, HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! (snort, snort) Excuse me while I dry my eyes from laughing so hard.

      Thanks for your contribution. We regret that we have no parting gifts for you, not even a year’s supply of Rice-A- Roni.

    • auntvick

      Romney is NOT “losinG”.http://www.unskewedpolls.com

    • DAVID BROOKS??! Are you kidding me?! I wouldn’t read ANYTHING that Democrat with the Republican label has written! And FYI, Romney isn’t losing, the national polls have him tied with Obama. So then, how is Romney running too far to the right?

      A person with sincerity and no ideology is just an empty suit, because ideology is a person’s political beliefs. And Romney had better run AND govern on conservative principles, if he wants to contrast himself with Obama and get this country working again. Besides, he does appear sincere; he just needs to stay as far away from elitist RINOs like David Brooks as he possibly can.

    • wodiej

      anyone who admires obama because of the crease in his pants is not one to be taken seriously.

    • I don’t mean to be impolite, but who cares what David Brooks or Peggy Noonan think. They both voted for O so that tells us all we need to know about them.

  • Natalie-Jean Nicol

    I think Mitt did very well. He looks and sounds like a thoughtful and intelligent person. Not a celebrity whore!

  • Natalie-Jean Nicol

    David Brooks…. Really????? He opined about Candidate Obama in 2008 due to the crease in his pants! Are you kidding me?

    • tshtsh

      It is telling in itself that it is the only thing he could come up with about b.o. Naturally, brooks did not realize his answer was a precursor to the empty chair syndrome.

  • Jaels_Song

    I pray when I go to bed at night too. I pray that America’s curse and judgement named “Obama” will be over this November and that the sniveling little anti-Colonialist doesn’t do too much damage before he leaves our great house in January.

  • PVG

    FREEDOM!!! Spot on Mitt!

    • That was my favorite part, plus that there was not even a fraction of a second hesitation!

      • PVG

        Absolutely none!

  • Romney was great. I was annoyed that Pelley kept hammering him for specifics on a plan that we really don’t need to know the specifics of. If it requires bi-partisan cooperation, then it means there are a lot of aspects that are just suggestions at the moment, suggestions that need to be discussed at length by those making the decisions. I trust Romney and his experience.

    I watched Obama’s interview…bullsh-t and lies. Furthermore, Steve Kroft acted like a hard hitter, but when Obama responded with blatant lies about the grand scale of his economic recovery, Kroft (who either knew they were lies, or didn’t bother being a journalist and sought out facts before hand) let him off the hook and moved on to the next softball question. Of course, if you’re letting your interviewee off the hook over every answer Kroft could’ve been asking Obama about the physics of quantum mechanics and been fine with each ignorant answer. Jeeze that interview was annoying.

    • I did not see the Obama interview. Did they zero in cutting off the top of Obama’s head like they did on Romney ?

      • I just now watched the Obama interview, no they did not , not once. Very bias CBS.

  • The interviewer is so obviously anti Romney he can’t begin to hide it..funny, I don’t remember any of these questions being asked to POTUS in the last three and half years. What a bunch of hypocrites!!! Their bias is painfully obvious!! Disgusting!!

    • tshtsh

      Am curious about the interviewers attitude and questions to obama has anyone listened to b.o. interview?

      • PVG

        No! I cannot stomach listening to his voice, blatant lies, and stuttering.

  • wodiej

    I can’t listen to these libs. All they talk about is this fair, is that fair. Guess what? Life isn’t fair sometimes. Is it fair to punish someone who happens to be really good at running a business and give a break to someone without those skills? We all are not equally talented, motivated, and hard working. What you get back is what you put in. And you have to make some sacrifices to get there. The Romney’s lived in a basement apartment when they were first married and Romney was going to school. Ann was at home taking care of the kids. They had to live a very frugal life so they could have a better future. That was a sacrifice and an investment. They also give a lot of the fruits of their labor to charity for many people who never do a darn thing to be responsible for themselves.

    Our society has become shallow, materialistic and lazy. Romney will never win a conversation w these liberals. They just do not get how life works. “We reap what we sow.” You have to let people stand on their own two feet for their own good. That includes parents who are always helping their kids. Let them struggle-adversity builds character and that is what we need in a leader.

    • PVG

      Bravo…..well stated!

  • I wonder if 60 Minutes will zero in on Obama Face like they did Romney? Mitt might as well been bald cause they never show the top of his head while “interviewing” him. They also did there best to protect their beloved Barack Hussein Obama.

    • I just watched the Obama interview. No, not once they did not cut the top of Obama’s head off like they did all the time to Romney. This is bias and it much more than one might think. That is how they make Romney look less confident and more uncomfortable.

  • Mercy Me

    Romney did well in a hostile environment. Question to Obama: Romney is attacking you…
    Question to Romney: Americans want to know more specifics… The tone and content of the questions were totally different. Americans are allowing the press to decide this election and it is scary as heck.

    • PVG

      Totally agree! This interviewer was condescending and confrontational.

  • Smelly Pelly in any of the questions never put any of the blame on Obama’s failed policies of the last four years. Remember what they did four years ago to W.

  • good interview!

  • Not once did the CBS camera zoom in on Obama and cut off the top of his head like they did to Romney all the time. This makes Romney look more uncomfortable and suspect. Bias CBS.

  • BHliberty

    Beautiful answer at the end and thanks, RS, for posting this interview!

    He’s right, freedom is what we enjoy in this country and what we continue to fight for! Governor Romney did a good job with his answers and probably is a glimpse as to what will be asked in the debates!

    Look for ward to October 3!

  • Great Interview…Go Mitt !!!
    Stand Up For America & Fire The Liar In The White House On Nov. 6…

  • oDumbo has NEVER seen this sort of intense questioning! – I’m voting for Mitt Romney!

  • freedomlover363

    After watching this interview … it is clear who is more prepared , smarter and a better leader … Romney is a far better choice than Obama

  • jadedserf

    He and his wife would likely be lovely neighbors as long as one doesn’t live next door to or in the vicinity of the White House.

  • dreamscaper417

    I think Mitt handled himself absolutely fantastic. He was clear, concise, and honest. Thats something the opposition cant handle and scares the shit out of them! When elected, he will do very well. A far cry better than the peice of shit in their right now.

  • dreamscaper417

    I think Mitt did fantastic in this interview. He was honest, forthcomming and concise. He handled himself well under the microscope, was confident and excellent in his answers.
    This was a far cry better than the rock star, elbow rubbing piece of traqsh that is in office right now. And this is what scares the hell out of the left!

  • Emma_Goldman

    He still hasn’t answered about the mortgage interest deduction, though asked many times, point blank, including in this interview. That’s the only major deduction I get, and would take almost $2,500 out of my tax refund that I am due, and count on. This is something that affects the middle income folks. I don’t trust him until he says, outright.

  • Ben Tarcau

    To guest just below: if Romney is able to reduce your tax rate by 20% and you make $25K per year, he just saved you $5000 in taxes. There is no way your mortgage is so high that the math doesn’t pan out (if mortgage intrest is your only deduction).