Full Interview: Prime Minister Netanyahu on Meet the Press

David Gregory spends much of his time trying to get Netanyahu to criticize the Obama administration, which he will not do publicly. He says, as he has in the past, that he won’t be drawn into American elections and refuses to say anything along those lines. But he is firm on the idea that red lines must be drawn for Iran to keep them from getting nuclear weapons.

It is a good interview. Watch below:

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  • Bibi….you are a great guy with a situation on your hands that no leader should have to face. When your greatest ally is governed by a man that disdains your very existence the reality must he daunting. Bibi knows Obama sympathizes with Iran and Bibi has to worry in his heart what will the US do under Obama if they must attack Iran to secure Israel! What a horrible situation to be in. We should be giving clear and consistent support to our best ally in the Middle East. How any Jewish voter cannot understand the position Obama has put this man in…is quite frankly a DISGRACE!!

    Bibi I will say….why waste your time on NBC? That network will do nothing but discredit you as Obama’s Staff sends Tweets to Gregory on what to ask you and how!!

    • Eddie2195

      Tweets? The white house situation room is in his earpiece.

    • keyesforpres

      Agree with your post except on one point:

      Israel is our best ally in the world.

    • bobemakk

      Ditto! Stop the overspending and DO NOT cut back on our military budget at a time when we are in a world crisis looming in the middle east. Cut the freakin’ pork and give that money to help Israel wipe Iran off the map. AND stop giving support (that we pay for) to the countries that we know hate US.

  • I only wish more of our politicians handled themselves like Netanyahu.

    • Not for our current collection of numbskulls, unfortunately.

  • poljunkie

    Netanyahu is what a true leader looks and sounds like.

    • poljunkie

      ….and I wasn’t trying to be raaaaaacist


    • capelady

      Do you know who the first leader was who visited Joplin MO after the tornadoes wiped them out? Bibi Netanyahu! Obama was schmoozing in the UK and could not be bothered to come home… but Bibi showed up there to console the residents who had lost everything. He understands compassion… Obama is incapable of it. And it is not like it was on his way home!

      • poljunkie

        I didnt know that, and it is fantastic!

        • capelady

          He is a very special man and a true statesman, and this president treats him with inexcusable disrespect. Mr. Obama does not deserve to reside in our White House or represent the American people. He is a disgrace!

          • poljunkie

            I agree with everything you have stated!!!

            • Gd bless you all.

  • Awarudkar

    Netanyahu demonstrates the difference between “being tough” and “being rough”.. The former comes from a position of strength while the latter is bluster (community organizer lefties know that well..). We support Israel.

  • Rocco11

    These white guilt liberal Obama sycophants disgust me, they actually put the perception of this president above the futures of their children.

  • NYGino

    Memo to David Gregory from NBC Brass:

    What happened? You were supposed to make Netanyahu look uncomfortable, you were supposed to put him into a corner, you were supposed to get him to commit to being involved in our Presidential election. Instead you come away with an obvious sheen of liberal bias and our adversary looks like a world leader. We, and the administration, expect better from you.

    • keyesforpres

      Now, now, you don’t really expect more from the enemedia do you? 😉

      • GretaN

        “enemedia” – love it!

        • keyesforpres

          My heroine, Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs came up with that one.

          I think she means it as “enemy media”, but “enema media” works too.

    • David Gregory is just an MSM apparatchik towing the party line. Their worn-out lines, obviously biased questions, and cheesy catch phrases are no longer effective…much like those of El Presidente and his merry band of useless idiots. I am glad Bibi calmly and coolly directed Mr. Gregory back to his MSM cone of silence…they will not be pleased that they will have to repeat orders.

  • I can’t stand listening to Obama anymore. They had to take 3 votes at the convention to insert Israel and God, and then said the majority won the vote to put it back in, but they did not get the majority. They think people dont pay attention, but more do than don’t.
    Has anyone heard of the generous things Romney has done for others? He has given of himself not hundreds but thousands of times to help others. Where’s Obama?? Golfing or
    on vacation. NO THANKS!!

  • That creep Gregory thought he would rattle Netanyahu, didn’t work though !

    • Spartan4Palin

      I suspect that Bibi has faced more seasoned opponents then this weasly little gnat?

  • p m

    DG is a rude, obnoxious little pipsqueak – how dare he cut off and talk over the leader of a country? Bibi did well and stuck to the point in spite of the loaded approach, including the huge lie in that first question.

    The ignorance of these anchors is astounding – Israel gets millions of dollars from the US? Doesn’t he know that Israel is obliged to spend those dollars on US defense systems? That they’re not allowed to sell their own defense inventions to other countries, only the US? And meanwhile, Egypt and the muslim world gets billions and the US gets what for its taxpayer’s money? What we saw last week.

    As K-Bob posted here last night, yes, it is way past time to take the gloves off. And Bibi, stick to Fox – they aren’t quite as bad as the rest of the enemedia.

    • keyesforpres

      I actually think it is good for him to go on the enemedia so the Obobbles will see him. One or two might be reached.

      Thanks for the info on Israel’s foreign aid. I’ve always said I view the foreign aid we give Israel as falling under defense spending and your post proves it!

      • p m

        I understand and usually agree with that, kong, but with questions as outrageously biased and bullying as this, I hope he discontinues the practise. Then again, I’m so mad about events this past week, like all of us.

        Just imagine what it’ll be like for Romney in the debates…hope he watched this. Forewarned is fore-armed.

    • ArizonaNative

      Yes, he would be treated better at Fox, but he needs to get his message out to a wider audience.

  • I will ask my fellow Right Scoop friends:

    Ask yourself this question: The Obama Adm claims this video was the cause of the Muslim unrest and riots! Well he is a problem with that….Why if this Video so enraged Muslims around the world…why were the riots only in the Middle East to Pakistan??? I mean would there not have been riots in the US, Japan, Indonesia, Australia, Russia, China, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, Canada, China, India, South Africa, Spain, Denmark, France, Greece, Turkeyn Sweden and more??? Why if this SO ENRAGED MUSLIMS all over the world…this C class Cheap Video..did not the rage go GLOBAL??? I mean why would only Muslims in the Middle East have been offended….are not Muslims united in their love for Islam and Mohammed all over the world?

    We all know the REAL ANSWER but this blows the ADM AND MSM out of the water!

    • capelady

      And you can take it a step further… if this little video was responsible for so much violence and rage… what about Obama’s new movie that is supposed to help his campaign about killing Bin Laden? Can you imagine how irresponsible it will be to release that?

      Utter nonsense.

    • keyesforpres

      Actually, the riots have spread to places like Australia. Go to http://www.atlasshrugs.com and look at the pictures. One is in Australia of a toddler holding a sign saying “Behead those who isult the prophet”. That is child abuse and those kids should be taken away.

      Now don’t get me wrong, these protests are NOT about the film. It is about islime…pure and simple.

  • p m

    And another thing – what the hell is DG doing asking a question based on what the he claims ‘pundits’ are saying? Pundits?? Those useless shills on his own network and their colluders? Is there even one scintilla of intellect among the whole bunch? Disgraceful.

  • brendawatkins

    Yeah, Mr. Gregory, EVERYTHING in the world revolves around Obama’s re-election! It couldn’t be that Netanyahu just wants to protect his country from being ANNIHILATED! I can understand how that’s a foreign thought to you considering who is leading our country. Obama can only DREAM of being the kind of leader Netanyahu is. If there were an election in this country between Obama and Netanyahu, I know without a DOUBT who I’d vote for! The one who LOVES his country, and would actually die for it.. NETANYAHU!

  • leel004

    David…you sound rather hostILE about that ‘bus’issue. Was that because you could NOT CORNER Bibi on Obama throwing Isreal under the bus, but to help you out with clarity, YES, bamaboy DID throw Isreal under the bus.

  • WordsFailMe

    To think that the the obamaerrhoid has any impact on what men consider and how men act is preposterous. I’m surprised the Nat even acknowledged the existence of the Chicago’s President Cock Roach.

    I really hate to say it, but I think Nat only uses the word Obama to further shame taxpaying Americans whose parent never took a penny from welfare into standing on their hid legs again.

    School girls in Tel Aviv, skipping rope in the Mediterranean sunshine sing,
    “Not last night but the night before, you all elected a communist whore”

    • keyesforpres


  • anneinarkansas

    David Gregory is and has always been an arse. He is not even in the league with Netanyahu, who is brilliant and always in control.

  • Please use your rightscoop when you walk your dogs – that’s about what it’s worth. Your stupidity and ignorance of the facts is utterly disgusting, and believe it or not, the American People are not blind to the stupidity, ignorance and bigotry of the GOP, the RIGHT and the ‘so-called’ TEA PARTY.

    • WordsFailMe

      Right Scoopers — Above is This is an example of what happens when you try to reason with a squealing liberal simian with a keyboard in one hand and his own excrement piled in the other.

      Look out he really scary..

      Scoop Master: Please keep this baboon. He is especially geticulative and should provide great entertainment on an otherwise slow news day.

      Stick around, Mighty Joe BloMe . Everyone wants to get a look at you!

      • PVG

        Darn it! I just got home and missed all the fun! Errrr!

        • WordsFailMe

          Snooze, ya lose. That K-Bob is quick on the trigger!

    • I left it there as a monument to the sheer desperation on the left. This is how they will go down; with bilious squawking, sludge-filled, ignorant talking points, all mixed together in one long string.

      These racist Democrats support a President whose fecklessness kills people, all to reach an ultimate goal of totalitarianism. He’s going down, and so are they.

      It’s for their own good. These lost little leftists are far safer behind conservatives with guns than they are in front of the jihadists they claim to love.

      • WordsFailMe

        But K- I had him in my sights. 1 pip of lead, another step and he’d be hanging on my Troll-phy wall, I’d have been rolling on his spotted pink hide in my troll hunting desk chair.

        Oh, and thank you !

        • He was weak. Far from the herd. It’s just the circle of life (I hated that movie).

          • WordsFailMe

            Tried to remove the :IKE nit it Did’t work. Now I’ve liked that troll TWICE! ARRRRRGH.

            The first LIKE was just as troll bait. my own typ of a blogger “duck call.” Second time he popped his little feathered head up, no offence ABC, K-Bob nailed him LOL.

      • Thank you, sir. More personal attacks and insults. Absolutely nothing of substance or credibility coming from the lefties.

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      If you have watched the fact-filled videos on here, not just the ones of Chris
      Matthews and the like, and can sadly still say what you just did, I suspect you may be wearing a GOP/Right/Tea-Party t-shirt and looking in the mirror from time to time as you type.

      • Apparently, D4ER has never watched the “Zonation”. Why bother him/her with the facts, anyway?

        • Galatiansch2vs20

          Like someone commented under that video I shared, I too think it ought to be mandatory viewing for all Democrats!

    • notebene

      Fact is your boy, Odumbo, has more blood on his hands than W ever did! He has done more to destroy our nation’s standings on a global scale than any president of either party. You claim to be for equal rights? Really? How is it equal to promote Islam, not a religion but a totalitarian regime hell bent on killing those who will not follow it! Your president is one of them! Is he for the labor unions? Haven’t seen him end a golf game yet to walk the picket lines he claimed he would! War on women? Check out how your dear messiah has promoted Shariah and honour killings on his watch! Are you gay? Then you had better watch out when Shariah comes after you with stones a blazing! Did you know that the US Ambassador that was murdered was a gay man and they raped him before they murdered him? Your leader and Hillary turned a blind eye and were more concerned about selling Odumbo sweatshirts and that Romney made a statement. You are a filthy lowlife hypocrite that isn’t worthy of the privilege of living in the USA! You are an ignorant fool and you can rot in hell!

    • I didn’t know Charlie Brown’s teacher was here. All I virtually “heard” were muffled sounds. *Yawn*

  • Well said, Democrat4EqualRights, you hit the NailHeads on the Head. How dare David Gregory, a puny right wing FoxNews bending media talking head, question the leader of Any Country as if he is God? Only Willard Mitt Wrongney has more arogance.

    • WordsFailMe

      You should wait 5 minutes after snorting crack before you post our you’ll get a cramp

      • keyesforpres

        Words, I think you might want to reread “democrat4equalrights” comment again that you “liked”.

        • WordsFailMe

          Keyes My reply went to K-bob instead of you and he corrected the :LOLE button problem I had but here was the original response

          Tried to remove the :IKE nit it Did’t work. Now I’ve liked that troll TWICE! ARRRRRGH.

          The first LIKE was just as troll bait. my own typ of a blogger “duck call.” Second time he popped his little feathered head up, no offence ABC, K-Bob nailed him LOL.

          • keyesforpres

            Yeah, I KNEW you didn’t really like his comment! 🙂

  • LeonidasOfSparta1957

    WE LOVE YOU BIBI! David Gregory is one of the group of people exhibiting the “new low of human stupidity” which this wonderfully exposed by this brave man. BRAVO Israel.

  • sara holy land

    Thank God we have the Netanyahu.
    Probably will be a war.
    We have no choice.
    Husan not willing to put a red line to Iran. God forbid.


    Nothing like going into the enemies camp and chewing up and spitting out little people like DG. This pawn is so caught up in himself, that he does not realize that he is talking to one of the greatest leaders in the entire world. I think the 10 people that watched this show, saw for the first time how a real leader answers questions, and refuses to be intimidated by a small peon like DG. Romney needs to make sure that in the debates, he does not allow the media to establish the narrative, but must at the outset take control of the questions as well as the answers. I would be prepared to challenge every question asked if I felt the premiss of the question was false.

    Notice that you do not have to yell, scream, jump up and down to be powerful. The truth will set us free.

    • WordsFailMe

      You’re right, R: DG was almost like a little girl who didn’t get asked to the prom, demanding that BB say something about President Cock Roach. If BB had, I don’t think DG would have know what to do with it. Liberals are mindless scum who spend their adault lives trying to cover up for their mothers.

      Davey G needs to get laid. Where’s Wolf Blizter?

  • shield1

    Seems Gregory is part of the Obama campaign. His biggest ‘passion’ is getting Mr. Netanyahu to give the Obama campaign a positive talking point… his primary motive.

    If only we had a leader like PM Netanyahu!

  • carmtom13

    This man is a statesmen and a great leader. The C O A lap dog media were trying to bait BB but he didn’t go for it. G_d bless BB and Israel.

    • GiantM


  • Sinsonta

    Bibi is a great Leader and a decent men…big contrast with the present USA liar-in-chief. Very depressing & very shameful.

  • This interview just made Obama look heartless and uncaring. Bibi played this just right.

  • TJinNJ

    NBC is pravda…

    • keninil

      Not quite as good.

      • Less filling, too.

  • Maxsteele

    Gregory is far too used to dealing with unintelligent and emotional drama queens in the democratic party. He had no idea how to deal with an intelligent, cool cucumber like Bibi. Netanyahu played him like a fiddle by keeping things on the most important issue of our times, stopping Islamic extremists from getting a nuclear bomb.

  • Galatiansch2vs20

    Iran nuclear calendar versus political time line is what Prime Minister Netanyahu has his eyes on. Iran does not stop spinning its centerfuges because the presidential election is coming up on the calendar.

    Netanyahu wants to derail Iran’s nuclear bus and wants America to stand with them strongly in drawing that red line clearly as a matter of policy, believing it is not a partisan issue.

    I believe Netanyahu has expressed some frustration about Obama’s wanting to wait, because he thinks a clear red line of strength from the two nations might help stop Iran from carrying on with its nuclear ambitions, though he also is frustrated with others in the world who do not demonstrate a solid stand with Israel to try to prevent the nuclear bus from barrelling down the tracks past the point of no-return.

    Perhaps Netanyahu does not realize that Obama would take America down the path of being a weak nation militarily, so weak that Iran would not take America seriously?

  • PVG

    Gregory just got his clock cleaned and is so stupid, doesn’t realize it. The punk just got Bibi’d!

  • mike3e4r7

    Is David Gregory a little toddler having a temper tantrum or what?

    Gregory: “Do you agree with Mitt Romney’s statement that President Obama is throwing Israel under the bus?”

    Netanyahu: “David, I’m not going to be drawn into the American election”

    Gregory: Answer my question Whahh!

    Netanyahu: (calmly) “David, as I said, I’m not going to be drawn into taking sides in your upcoming election.”

    Gregory: “You owe it this country to answer my question! Do you agree with Mitt Romney’s statement about President Obama throwing Israel under the bus?”

    Netanyahu: (calmly) “David, you’re doing it again. You’re trying to draw me into taking a partisan position on the American election.”

    (Scene fades out with David Gregory on the floor kicking and screaming)

    Did that light weight loser really think he was going to force a man who actually has a pair, to get caught in a trap by him?

  • mike3e4r7

    “a pair” as refered to in my previous comment could refer to either brain cells or …, well you all know.

  • GiantM

    I’m sorry but, David Gregory is a pure pinhead.

    Bibi is sitting there telling him that Iran is planning to drop a nuclear bomb into his backyard, and this idiot is more or less asking Bibi if he has a tantrum with our illustrious dictator!

    Mr. Netanyahu is trying to tell the world that the sky is blue and everybody keeps telling him there is no sky….my gosh.

  • SierraBear

    Benjamin Netanyahu = statesman
    David Gregory = pathetic partisan hack
    I never watch these clowns from the LSM due to the pain involved to do so, this was no exception. Bibi continued to hold his ground against his relentless onslaught of idiocy. This was nothing more that an attempt at “gotcha” journalism sprinkled with ridiculous attacks on Romney to protect der leader.

  • Now that’s what I call diplomacy at it’s best.

  • notebene

    Netanyahu is a real leader. He doesn’t get lead in an interview by a hack like Gregory, he leads the interview. Most importantly, he actually thinks BEFORE he speaks! He owns what he says and he is an eloquent and powerful speaker. Too bad he has had to tolerate this shameless and vulgar administration. Hopefully that will change in November and it won’t be to late for his nation!

    • stevenbiot

      I wish he would have spoken his mind. Obama is an anti-Semite, Marxist.

  • celestialjunk

    This interview makes me sick … because it shows how utterly lacking Romney is.

    I hope you Americans enjoy another 4 years of the Big-O. The best chance for Romney to win this election was handed him by the Muzzies, and is now in full bloom, but your boy is absent. Everybody is carrying his water … even the Israeli PM, yet Mr. Milquetoast/Dithers/Tongue-tied Romney is almost invisible.

    In the primary he did the same thing, and relied on his surrogates to destroy Newt and Santorum, while he skated on the outskirts sticking to friendly venues. But now that he’s up against the big boyz in the DNC and the O-Press, he’s a no-show. I find it so disheartening that even on Scoop all the heavy hitting posts are of other people doing Romney’s work. The Israeli PM demonstrates how it’s done … on other channels Palin, Newt, West, and many others do the same … but Romney … ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

    I guess, in the end, he’s just a RINO who’s spent his political life changing course every time the wind changed direction … no rudder … no core. One hostile presser and now he’s in hiding, hoping that his surrogates, the economy, and international turmoil give him the win.

    And that, is the method of a passive aggressive loser. Even if he wins, he’ll be lame … pushed around by Wall Street and the Media.

    • keyesforpres

      Where have you been? Most of us on here did NOT want Romney. Thanks for the info that Romney is a Rino (like none of us here knew that). At least he’s not a communist.

      • I second that. When I go to the booth to make my selection, I’ll have to wince a little making it. I’ll make sure I’ve taken my blood pressure medication beforehand, though. I don’t want to stroke out at the polling place.

    • JDOlson

      I’ve seen this kind of concern-troll-hackery on other conservative sites. Your aim is to dispirit anti-obot voters, not because you’re any kind of conservative purist. The choice is not Repub/ Dem. The choice is between Islamo-Supremacist rule in the U.S. and the world or a free America and world. Make no mistake, that is what the Left has in mind with their New World Order movement since before Jimmy Carter. So yeah, I’m voting for Romney/Ryan, imperfect as they are, instead of the Manchurian Candidate.

      • celestialjunk

        Of course you’ll vote for him … that’s not the point. The issue is whether or not enough of those in the middle will “trust” Romney with their vote. The worst thing is that many will just stay home … and that will give it to the DNC. Moderates must show up to vote for Romney … if they aren’t inspired enough, or fearful of Obama enough to get out the cast a vote, the election is doomed.

        • JDOlson

          That was not my point. My point is you are a concern-troll. And a busy one. Your Disqus profile is full of nothing but Romney/Republican bashing. At least you’ve named yourself honestly. It’s a good thing you are getting paid for your number of comments and not “likes”. Now get lost.

          • celestialjunk

            You are digging a hole JD. Check out my blog before you begin tossing guano … you clearly didn’t read too many of my profile posts. I’m a Romney basher – and proud of it … but politically about as conservative as you can get.

  • FreeManWalking

    grego is such a enema.
    Wouldn’t it be fair to say that you would like to see our dear leader obo defeated.
    You might as well answer because I will ask this question over and over during the interview.

  • Malkiel_kol_hakavod_la_el

    Israel wipe thy enemies off the map…. The USA will be back in 2013 after we have sent BHO back to Chicago….

  • stevenbiot

    Netanyahu isn’t speaking truthfully. He should have stated the obvious. He’s a great man; but, I think he’s being a politician in this interview. Of course this administration could care less about Israeli security. Now, the libs will be able to say that Obama is pro-Israel. Thanks Benjamin!

  • stevenbiot

    Israel, you are our friends. It’s alright to say that this administration is full of anti-Semites that hate Israel. Don’t play coy, Netanyahu! Obama isn’t doing jack about Iran. Netanyahu just dealt a death blow to Romney with this interview.

    • kong1967

      How? Because he refused to attack Obama? I don’t think so. He has said many times in the past that he will not comment on American politics or leaders. It’s wise because it’s Obama he has to deal with. Let Obama sink on his own. The WH is already trying to bucket the water out of the boat.

  • stevenbiot

    I agree with Gregory. Where do you stand on this Marxists behavior towards your people?!!!??

    • kong1967

      Lol, I think we can all safely bet that he thinks Obama is a dangerous idiot and a fool.

    • proudhispanicconservative

      Unfortunately I think Israel is liberal in some areas like Health care, and are conservatives in others.

  • stevenbiot

    Despicable! “He’s met me more than any leader.” That will be a liberal talking point throughout the election cycle. Damnit!!

    • I took that to mean that no other country has met with the Prime Minister because Barry only meets with him if it doesn’t interfere with his golf game.

      • Yeah, or dinner time.

  • This interview was great for the simple fact dg looked like the fool that he is-but has anyone watched the latest state of the union with candy crawly taking her turn trying to crack Bibi? She is way smarter than dg, but this just served to empathize the disparity between Bibi and the lsm in intellect, savy, relevance, and potency not just as a leader, but as a human being!
    I am 100% Romney/Ryan, but I hope Bibi sits Mitt down, and gives him a bit of tutoring…especially before the debates(if he can do it w/out anyone the wiser). The way that Bibi handles the lsm is awe inspiring, and as good as Mitt is, Bibi is better(so far as we have seen).
    That being said, it does seem that every time I start getting frustrated with Mitt for not throwing down, he turns around and says or does something that blows people away.
    Maybe he does know exactly what he is doing.

  • tularockstar

    David Gregory is a darth pric_k and another media lap dog mouthpiece for the Oblamer communist regime! I agree, that Bibi shouldn’t have wasted his time talking to this putz. But, make no mistake, Israel IS an ally of the United States! And, skums like Susan Rice and Carnie the Clown, may opt to blame others, but the truth will be revealed in weeks to come.

  • Scoop, you can censor me if you want, but I’m going to say my peace:

    David Gregory, you sir are a DICKHEAD, and I CHALLENGE you to interview and ASK the EXACT SAME F**ING QUESTIONS of Egyptian Prez Morsi!!!! WTF is wrong w/ you, “Dick?” GTFO of America if you hate us and our allies so much!!


    • kong1967

      Lol, tell us how you really feel. I thought it was pretty disrespectful how he kept badgering Netanyahu. Yet, Netanyahu was able to maintain calm and a level head. I would have lost my cool.

    • proudhispanicconservative

      I take it you do not like Gregory the great journalist? ……..sarc

  • kong1967

    Netanyahu bases his statements off of Iran’s nuclear calander and not the American political calander. That’s because he’s a leader. Obama is a campaigner and everything his has done is timed with political purposes behind them.

    That was a pretty hostile interview and (it seemed to me) Gregory was bound determined to try to push Netanyahu into an argument so he (Gregory) could defend Obama’s honor. What a jacka$$.

    • proudhispanicconservative

      Excellent point as always my friend, He did not fall for the trap and at the same time got his point across.

      • kong1967

        Netanyahu…..calm, cool, and collected.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    Gregory wants to hear from Israel perspective because he understands and supports Obama’s position, that was the way he started the interview, its becoming laughable with these liberal a$$h.o.l.e.s

  • johngalt30

    David Gregory is such a tool, he tried to hard to get Bibi to condemn Obama, too bad he failed at it.

  • GretaN

    Bibi will be so relieved when Mitt Romney is elected president this November!