Full Interview: Rick Perry on Jay Leno

I thought Rick Perry did quite well tonight on Jay Leno. He played off his little mistakes and talked about his ‘part time Congress’ idea as well as other things.

Here’s the full interview:

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  • Anonymous

    I have to agree Scoop. This is the Rick Perry that needs to be shown off more. He is clearly competent and charming, and the crowd agreed with this smaller government stances and other ideas.

    Don’t count him out until the last votes are cast in Iowa. Its not over until Mitt’s patience wears out.

  • poljunkie

    RS, Thanks for a little snippet of Leno, since the late night shows don’t make the rounds at our house. (We’re watching Season 6 of 24! on Netflix!)

    Gov Perry comes off as like able, good-natured, and well versed. Like his earlier ad from today said- perhaps we don’t need an elegant orator.

    Maybe he can talk Jack Bauer into being his VP?

    • Anonymous

      I think Rubio is interested (no matter what he says)

      • poljunkie

        Totally agree.

    • Only Mitch. And I do not think he can do a part time Congress. Also they need to reform or fix how much money it costs to run. Horrendous.

  • Part time legislature. We need that.

  • Anonymous

    Perry has charisma and projected his ideas clearly. He would be a great President. He has character and leadership abilities. He is the only candidate who is truly a conservative with the organizational backing needed to win. I believe he is the right man for this critical time in America.

  • A HUGE thank you for having this. I am going to share it on FB and also on my blog and credit back to you. Thank you for all the work I really appreciate it.

  • Anonymous

    This is our guy…
    Gingrich, Santorum, and Bachman dont have executive experience.
    Cain doesn’t have exec. experience in government.
    Romney and Huntman are waaay to lefty.
    and Ron Paul is Ron Paul.

    • awesome. that’ll come in real well when he has to debate Jay Leno in the election.. oh wait.. he has to debate OBAMA, and Obama will make him look like a moron…

      • Mr. EMT

        Yeah, newt is going to do better against obamao than he did kerry?

        IN either event, you want to tell me newt has a better more affective plan for getting America back on the track laid by our founding fathers?
        Its rhetorical, dont even try such a bald faced lie.

        Talking pretty is dead last on the list of six million nine hundred eight thousand five hundred and forty two things important for being a president.

        And if you tell me that newt talking is going to win the indy vote I have heard that joke before. Goes something like this:

        A rich and crooked old white politician who gets paid to talk by crooked companies with his barbidoll botoxed wife half his age went to washington to beat the black man who wanted to save jobs and tax the rich.

        Great plan to win the indy vote!

        • Anonymous

          Indys polling ABO disagree. ABO = Fool me once shame on you Obama, fool me twice shame on me. Good luck with that! Obama is one and done.

          • Anonymous

            The fool me once…fool me twice saying can just as aptly be used with Gingrich. As Speaker he stepped in it pretty good and I for one don’t plan on giving him the power to bring down Republicans even more.

      • Hey SupLatino: Dream on. I am sure you have the good old Democratic dream of a socialism America, like ole Mex, but it ain’t gonna happen. We learned from old LBJ what the puta DEMs do for us, here. Ob is now not a shadow, but a real nighmare, and most of us know it. Ob maybe he can play golf, and promise of wonderful change, but his mouth is empty, comprende? Jus lik Villa, vamoose when the real army is coming. He may not even run. Perry es nino de Texas. No, no comprende, aqui. Let us see who is left standing in el toro arena, si?

      • Anonymous

        The thing Obama could make look like a moron is a self-portrait.


      • Anonymous

        Actually, you big dummy, obama is stumbling, bumbling fool off his teleprompter. The contrast between the issues they will discuss with shine through far brighter than some debate robot the GOP establishment is pushing.

  • Jim Botts

    Get your game on Perry, by the time the Gingrich track record of betraying conservatism is played over and over again for a month you might get a second look. IF….IF you have your act together this time.

    First look @ Huntsman? He’s put out the most conservative fiscal policy of any of the candidates. God, two months ago I never thought I would say that, but this field of candidates all have major flaws.

    To those who say, “Nobody is perfect”……well, just remember we are stuck with them for 8 years regardless is they win reelection in 2016. No party has ever successfully primaried a sitting President. Yeah, it’s a big deal.

    The GOP is probably going to get one last chance and if they blow it, 2/3 of the center right coalition stays home or goes third party. By that time it won’t matter who runs the country.

    • Mr. EMT

      Huntsman was a safe answer, no way he can win or benefit from Perry endorsing him.
      The best answer for Perry would have been his usual “Anyone is better than obamao” answer he normally gives.

  • RIck Perry is great, he has good ideas. This isn’t his time. How many times can you go on Late Night to try to make up for poor performances in debates? Will this fly in the general election? No, it won’t. And seriously.. he’s closest to JON HUNTSMAN?! The guy who is closest to Obama??!!? sweet quetzalcoatl. go noot!

    • Mr. EMT

      Ah yes we need newt to save us from communism by talking obamao to death the same way he talked john kerry to death in the global warming lincoln douglas debate

    • Anonymous

      He didn’t say he was closest to Jon Huntsman in idealogy. He knows him best because they were serving as republican governors at the same time and interacted in that capacity. He also said he had a lot of friends, but he didn’t agree with them on things.

  • Anonymous

    I love Rick Perry but his gaffes are killing him. I will probably wind up voting for him in the primary because there are big problems with most of the others.

    • Anonymous

      One can only pray, kong, one can only pray

  • He is one great guy! GET HIM THE NOMINATION! He’s come off like a really nice, professional guy. He’s got my vote. He sounds clear to me, he makes good sense. Conservatives WAKE UP!!!! THE NEW PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA RICK PERRY 2012!

  • Anonymous


  • Someone needs to tell Perry that Bush set up the Iraq troop withdraw schedule.

    • Merry Christmas Santa, and try to remember the whole history of man is not blamed on Bush. Oh, I’m sorry POTUS, did I mess up your comment?

    • Anonymous

      And Obama, having been in the presidency for “only” three years is completely and utterly incapable of making decisions based on new facts that have occurred. Obama is the president now, he is not restricted to former presidential plans. You should be aware of that.

  • Perry has been getting a bum rap for his mistakes in the debate. He’s got more substance than most of the other guys. And Sheriff Joe Arpio has come out and endorsed him.

    Immigration problem? Really? Here’s a clue for you all:

    Around 60 percent of illegals come here legally. They simply refuse to leave the country when their visas run out. The fastest growing group of illegals is people from….drum roll please…INDIA. So go ahead and put up that magic electric fence. You will barely put a dent in illegal traffic. The drug cartels will tunnel under it (did you see the news this week?) and ship in drugs, weapons, and human traffic.

    Perry has a tougher stance on immigration than Newt and yet he’s getting creamed. He’s right. It will take boots on the ground and hi-tech assets to monitor activity.

    • Anonymous

      You are absolutely right. If anyone has any doubts, I trip to Washington D.C. should set you straight. All those people milling about aren’t tourists!

  • He’s got some good ideas – citizen legislature? You bet! I think we may need to get over the idea that if a candidate isn’t a good debater, he/she won’t be a good president. After all, how much actual debating is used in the day-to-day work of the president?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know why Rick Perry isn’t doing better in the polls. He comes off very personable, makes fun of himself, etc.

    • Mr. EMT

      You have MSM playing the sound bits to death of him making a slip of the tongue on one side.
      And on the other you have people who are falsely percieved as conservatives who attack him with twisted half true statements fed to them by the liberal machine.

      Im not worried about the polls right now. The things that brought him down can, and have, brought down everyone else and will bring down newt who is the worst thing for America that the GOP can infect on Washington.

      And honestly I am enjoying people being reminded of the difference between people who talk like a conservative, and people who ACT like a conservative.

      Cain, newt, romney, bachmann are all talking like conservatives.

      “You can fool a lot of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time”

      • I wish some of the other non-qualified people had dropped out of the race – people like Santorum, Bachmann, Cain, Johnson and Paul. Maybe Rick would have done better in the debates. I am sorry Mitch and Bobby and some of the others wanted to wait until 2016. We cannot wait that long.

        • Mr. EMT

          I wouldnt call santorum unqualified.
          And frankly Im glad that people are expending a lot of energy on the rest of them.

          I said about PErry a long time ago when the heat gets turned up he will shine or sink.
          Same goes for all of them.
          I just believe that the temper of how they are made is of more worthless metal than what Perry is made out of.
          Any heat on romney, cain,newt, and bachmann has made them shatter like glass.

          If Perry does not rise to the top it is not because he is not a conservative or because he did not have the best plan for this nation. But because he is not a better salesman…
          And THAT is what is disapointing me the most about the people of this nation is i dont have a lot of faith that they will pick a doer over a talker selling snake oil.

  • Smart, and she’s got a grand old name.

  • Anonymous

    Good Interview.
    He is still my first choice.

  • Anonymous

    What does it say about Rick Perry when in every interview he has to belittle himself to cover his latest gaffe and in so doing act like a clown?

    • Mr. EMT

      That he has a sense of humor and a sense of humility.
      Which none of the other candidates possess.

      And if you want to see someone acting like a clown, the direction is left of Perry.

  • Anonymous

    Rick Perry has the message ( term limits, energy policy, addressing SS ) He has the experience…He is the most conservative…great appearance, likability factor…I am more interested in the message than the “debate” performance…Even with his gaffes, he can certainly beat Obama in debates and substance because he has AMerican values and they will translate against what we have now in the WH…

  • I like the Governor…I think he is still the one. I’m not looking for a smooth talking politician, a great debater…remember Obama. We need a pragmatic producer… not another all talk no game!

  • Nice to see some rallying around Rick Perry in the comments here. After Herman Cain’s demise (unfairly or not), Perry is the only candidate that I can trust to go into Washington and shake things up.

    • Anonymous

      ME TOO!

  • Anonymous

    Slow and steady Governor.

  • Love him.

  • Anonymous
    • Anonymous

      Love this interview, PVG. Luv the Guv!

  • Anonymous

    He came across very well in that format. I’m impressed.

  • The question to ask is WHY does the major media want to write GRP off so BADLY?? Face it, when he came in at 39 percent he was a threat to their pick Mitt the Sleaze. If you WATCHED that first debate, they let 3 and 4 people scream at him at a time, then when GRP tried to speak they said HEY, Let poor Mitt have his minute. GRP said OK, speak and I’ll be quiet. then, when HE tried to answer they go “Sorry, we have to move on to something else.” don’t believe what you read in the paper or heard on the radio the next day. WATCH IT or listen to someone that did. THAT is what happened. They fear him because he is smart, likeable and has good ideas.

  • Stephani Cochran

    I’m for Rick Perry all the way. A true patriot who deeply loves this country and hasn’t forgotten his roots. He’s strong enough to lead, he has the right ideas, the character and the experience. Who cares about a few gaffes? People who latch onto those and buy into what the media is selling them really aren’t interested in investigating the candidates deep enough to find out what they are all about. If they don’t care enough to really investigate, do they truly care about the path our country is on? The media tried to make Ronald Reagan out to be a bumbling idiot cowboy too. Well, we can’t have Ronald Reagan again, but we can have Rick Perry!

  • Anonymous

    Perry really impressed me with this interview. He’s not a flashy, rehearsed debater but he’s got a great record- something none of the other candidates have. I think given the mess we are in, we need to rely on real information rather than an empty orator.