Full interview: Sarah Palin & Greta on the tour bus


Here’s the full uncut interview of Sarah Palin and Greta on the tour bus. There’s more here than they aired on TV.



UPDATE: Part two of the uncut interview was just added:

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  • Conservative_Hippie

    Thanks for this RS!

  • unseen

    Outstanding Interview.

  • Dead Fish Go With The Flow

    The Grizzly is talken now.

  • rjcylon

    She’s not running? Does anyone believe this anymore?

    She’s laying out her whole platform, telling us what to expect, telling the media what to expect. She knows what problems we face and it seems she’s coming to terms with the fact that she is probably the only one who can help us solve them.

    We must elect this woman president!

    • smokymountaintn

      I thought Sarah said this wasn’t a campaign tour but a tour on encouraging Americans to restore the good things in America? Which is it?

      • unseen

        Both. the entire tour is her weaving a message to underlie her campaign. Restoration of America. But before you can run on that theme you have to educate peopel to want it means. Welcome to American history 101.

        • smokymountaintn

          I happen to agree with Donald Trump’s comments this morning on FNF(after his pizza dinner with her last night) and with SP when both say she isn’t sure whether she is running or not…

          If you watched how I live at my new home-planting gardens, trees, building a screened porch,a play area for my daughter, a fence, etc. you may as a neighbor get the impression that I plan on being in my house for a long time-truth is if given the right opportunity I am out of there asap…but you couldn’t tell that by my outward behavior.

          What I am saying it is possible to misinterpret what she is doing as a definite sign that she will throw her hat in the ring…I think she is still weighing it!

      • rjcylon

        It’s both!

    • unseen

      you can rest assured that the stupid people will not understand what she is saying. I really believe people like CK don’t get Palin because they are too stupid to get Palin. Because they don’t respect her enough to even make the attempt

  • Right on target!

  • Jaynie59

    I’m so glad I watched the interview here. I watched it last night and I was more annoyed than anything else.

    I moved to Florida about 3 weeks ago and I was determined to NOT go out and buy a flat screen TV. I wasn’t gonna do it. OK, so what if I had to wait a week or two to get my stuff back? I could go that long without a TV. I had a perfectly good 36 inch tube TV I got about 12 years ago and I would have no problem waiting for it to come. Yeah. I lasted 3 days. I bought a 46 inch LCD flat screen. Hey, why else did God invent credit cards, right?

    Watching this interview last night in HD was close to torture. Oh, man. The rocking. The shaky camera. I was close to car sick just watching it.

    The part they didn’t air, about how much Palin loves this country, is why I support her for president. Not a small thing in this day and age. Like Krauthammer said, I like her instincts. That’s enough for me. More than enough.

  • Mike Allen

    All in all, I think it was a really good interview. One thing I hope Sarah learns to do in the future when responding to reporters is to not so readily accept their premises.

    Case in point is when Greta was talking about Paul Ryan’s budget. Before she asked Sarah to respond, she stated that (and I’m going to paraphrase here)a lot of people aren’t necessarily very fond of it. Well, that is your textbook strawman arguement.As far as I’m aware, the only poeple not fond of it are 1, the democrats and 2, some RHINOS 3, the mainstream media,and 4, those that know nothing about it.

    So rather than respond without first changing the premise, she’s kinda agreeing the premise is correct. I haven’t seen any hard facts (not opinions) that a majority of people are opposed to Ryan’s budget.

    Other than that, I believe Sarah Palin’s vision for our country is spot on. Her bus tour to educate America from a historical perspective is almost genious. Besides, it’s driving the MSM bananas.

    As an asside, It wasn’t till well into the interview it was made clear they were on the way to Mt. Vernon. Judging the size of the potholes they were hitting, I would have sworn they were in Pennsylvania on the way to Philly and the Liberty Bell.

    • Jaynie59

      I thought that part of the interview actually showed Palin’s strengths, especially the fact that Greta got the Social Security aspect of it wrong. Palin knew Ryan’s budget didn’t cover Social Security as much as Medicare and so I thought Palin came across very knowledgeable on that score. She obviously knows what’s in Ryan’s budget. That’s not a small thing.

      As far as Greta’s premise, I don’t think it was wrong. Ryan’s bill really has not gotten any real support from TPTB. It really hasn’t. Oh, some of them defend it when pressed because the Left and Media are using it as the whipping boy bill of the moment, but there are a lot of competing bills out there and nobody I know of actually in office is championing it. Bachmann has an “asterisk” with her support. Others don’t think it goes far enough fast enough.

      I don’t see any real hard fast support for the bill. What I see is the media using the bill to denigrate Republicans no matter what they say about it.

  • NJK

    Greta mentioned Senator Evan Bayh said we manage the problems because we can’t solve them? He voted for Obamacare, so he helped create a problem as opposed to managing or solving a problem. Most of our problems were created by people like him. They’ve disobeyed their oath to the Constitution. These laws were written by people much smarter than them, and with much more character. Just about every problem in this country today could be solved with cutting everything that is outside of the enumerated powers in this document. That is what we have to do. This is who we have to elect.

    The government is not here to keep people employed. It is not here to feed people, clothe people, or give people medicine. It is here to make sure our freedoms are protected, to have the ability to do it ourselves, and help those who can’t out of the goodness of our own hearts. It also has one other function protect the damn borders. Protect the nation. They’re so busy doing things they aren’t legally supposed to be doing, they don’t have the resources to do what they’re supposed to. I’m one American who’s had enough of it. I would vote for this woman in a heartbeat. Pick Allen West as your running mate Sarah, and he can replace you after 8 years.