Full Interview: Ted Cruz on Fox News Sunday

I love that Ted Cruz is getting more exposure since his recent victory in Texas and he had a great interview with Chris Wallace this morning:

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  • That was a great interview. Personally, I think he would be better than Rubio. Don’t trust that Rubio… whenever I listen to him, I get the feeling that he is what he thinks people want him to be. Also, not really not part of the machine.

    • BS61

      When I saw that McCain supported him, I won’t vote for him!

      • That a very dumb reason, you realize the other option was Liberal Charlie Crist right?

        • HarrietHT2

          Pardon me. But I don’t think you understand. ANYONE McCain endorses is beholden to him, for how they vote, and how well they follow the Beltway/McCain program of looting and subverting American founding principles.

          A McCain endorsement is the kiss of death to Republicans, or it should be to conservatives watching from the heartland. Rubio joined the bandwagon to trash Bachmann (following his leader, McCain, he who peed-all-over-himself in his senate floor speech denouncing Bachmann — “he never used her name,” his local staffer told me!!!). Rubio is a solid choice, if you want more of what led us to this perilous political situation, where the Democrats dictate policy and the across-the-aisle-walking filthy band of Republican APPEASERS go along for the ride as well as the perks. They disgust me. Rubio has many more demerits, but that would be off topic to catalog them just now.

          So far, Cruz looks good. I pray for him, I really do. Because the demons that run Washington D.C. will do EVERYTHING in their considerable power to cut him down to size.

      • CalCoolidge

        Even a stopped McCain can be right twice a year.

        Besides, I’d rather rely on my own judgement, than use McCain as a negative barometer.

      • capelady

        Mark Levin has known Ted Cruz for years – he is a brilliant guy with great experience and an 11th and 12th amendment scholar – VERY strong on the Constitution and state’s rights – which makes him a real asset to the Senate and sets him apart from John McCain. McCain is motivated by self-preservation and he will support a few TEAT Party candidates to protect his own career and self-interest. Ignore McCain – he doesn’t deserve that level of credence. Listen to what the man says and look at his background! This is a true and unabashed conservative who will not be intimidated by the left or the culture of political correctness. That is what we need in Washington! Boehner goes along to get along, just as Ted Cruz says… and Cruz gets that! I would like to see somebody like this replace Boehner because he has been just as much a part of the problem as the Democrats!

    • tvlgds

      I could not agree more. I was on the Rubio bandwagon until recently. I don’t get the feeling the Senator is the same person as the candidate and we’re ending up with just another DC insider.

      • TENCOLE

        It was the immigration “Dream Lite” business that sealed it for me.

        • tvlgds

          Me also.

        • I don’t like Rubio’s immigration plan, but just because I disagree with him on one issue, doesnt mean he’s a bad Congressman or that I shouldnt support him. Same goes for everyone me thinks.

      • m0r0

        He’s been there two years and you’ve made this scalding judgement? Seems a rush to judgement.


      Unfortunately, Rubio has let the Bush machine take control of him and it’s starting to show.

    • hramirez18

      Only time will tell. I hope not sold as Rubio. in the case of Rubio’s no surprise, because in FL, we know that Rubio is a Jeb Bush puppet.

      • p m

        Dewhurst was the Bush man in Texas, and Cruz wasn’t, so maybe there’s little risk of him being turned. Also, his record wouldn’t imply he’d be malleable. Hope Jim DeMint takes him under his wing.

    • interview started good with ABOLISH IRS, PROMOTE CONSERVATIVE VALUES AND SMALL BUSINESS but went downhill when he started to try to tell us that we TEA Party leaders who cannot vote for left of ted kennedy rinos like romney are ‘NON-EXISTENT’ :-(!

      • I did vote for Ted Cruz and will vote for him :-), because he seems less of insider establishment but canNOT vote for romney, for he as insider establishment rino as leftist as Republican as could have ever gotten!

  • freedomjunkie

    I love this man…can we clone him?

  • Kordane

    Ted Cruz: “Those are all Conservative values: Faith, Family, Hard Work, Responsibility

    Erm, what happened to Capitalism, the Free Market, Free Trade, Individual Rights, Strong National Defence, etc??

    • tshtsh

      Believe those values were in response to “Hispanic” values.

    • opinionatedhermit

      “… Faith, Family, Hard Work, Responsibility”

      Those are all Conservative values. And, while the list may not be complete, the statement is factually correct. At least it is for me.

      • Kordane

        What the heck does it even mean to accept faith, family, hard work and responsibility as things which one values? It just sounds like a bunch of clichés, and quite frankly, the “faith” one is devisive, it doesn’t belong in a political ideology, it belongs on a personal/individual level. What the heck should one be “responsible” about? It’s just airy fairy nonsense. Hard work I can approve of though. Family? Not everyone likes their family, you know. Some people absolutely detest them for very valid reasons. I hate these bloody conservative clichés. Stick to the bloody issues: Capitalism, the Free Market, Free Trade, Individual Rights, Strong National Defence – That’s what wins elections. Not this clichéd crap that Ted Cruz is spinning.

        • opinionatedhermit

          If you think “faith, family, hard work and responsibilities” are not “things to value” … then I don’t know what to tell you. Even more to the point: they are values discussed by Edmund Burke. A guy who kinda’ sorta’ is someone that many Conservatives have read and understand.

          On the other hand: “Cliche’s” are better understood when applied to idiotic terms such as: “recovery summer.”

          Get it?

          • Kordane

            I don’t know this Edmund Burke, nor do I care to. What I know is that Capitalism, the Free Market, Free Trade, Individual Rights and a Strong National Defence are universally “of value” to the individual, whereas those clichés aren’t: Faith is a personal thing, family is a personal thing, hard work is a personal thing, and I don’t even know what the heck one is supposed to be “responsible” about – it could mean anything, including the marxist-communist “social responsibility” and other collectivist garbage. A political ideology, such as Conservatism, must be based on universal principles; not on personal preferences that when read sound like a list of clichés.

            • opinionatedhermit

              “I don’t know this Edmund Burke, nor do I care to.”

              If Burke isn’t good enough for you, then how about a guy by the name of Thomas Jefferson?

              Have you ever heard of him?

              Was the Declaration of Independence and all it’s references of “God” not good enough for you either? Was it only full of “cliches’?”

              Is that it?

              • Kordane

                No, that’s not it at all. I know there are references to “God”, but the part that I specifically approve of is the “endowed by our creator with certain unalienable individual rights”. Now, you read “creator” as “God”, do you not? Well, unlike yourself, I think of my “creator” as reality itself. Reality is my creator. It doesn’t need an intelligence, it doesn’t need to look like a human being, it doesn’t need to have apostles and all that crap. But no, the declaration of independence was superb, albeit it did contain quite a bit of mysticism, which I disapprove of, since it is antithetical to the metaphysics of an objective reality. I have read Bastiat though. I like how utterly he blew away that terrible broken window fallacy in “what is seen and what is not seen” – brilliant stuff.

        • Don’t your individual rights go hand in hand with responsibility? In a free market, you want to own and be responsible for your property. You take responsibility for the decisions you make, and the decisions you make come from your faith, even political ones. One’s set of believes is reflected in his/her political ideology. I don’t think you can separate the two.
          Family is the basic unit over every society (cliche). Sorry, your family suck, maybe you should create one based on love, responsibility, commitment, faith. Lot’s of cliches, but being surrounded by people whose love you can feel every minute is awesome! Makes your life less bitter.

          • Kordane

            I don’t even know what it means when someone says that individual rights “go hand in hand” with responsibility. What responsibility? To whom? For what? About what? Much rationality is required to explain these things. Who are you to say that my decisions “come from my faith”? I use reason, not faith. Are you opposed to reason? Do you know what reason entails? Have you any inkling of the realm of epistemology? I’d guess not. One’s set of beliefs are reflected in one’s political ideology? What nonsense! I don’t “believe” in Capitalism, the Free Market, Free Trade, Individual Rights and a Strong National Defence – I know they’re universally good for the individual. I don’t need unsubstantiated evidence-less pretend “belief” in ideas; I know they’re right, with absolute certainty. A man who “believes” in those things is a man who is uncertain; a man who lacks knowledge of their goodness; a man with much doubt in his mind; a man who can be ‘swayed’ by contrary ideas.

            • Got it! You know because you use reason! Maybe you should teach philosophy at Harvard when you grow up, see how many liberal know-it-alls you can convince.

        • capelady

          America’s problems are much deeper than just the economy. We have a growing number of Americans who have forgotten what it means to be an American, or never learned. That is what Ted Cruz is addressing. We can elect the right leaders who will focus on the free market, trade, and defense, and get the economy going in the right direction. But if we don’t deal with what has created this attitude of entitlement where those whose unemployment benefits have run out after two years feel justified to apply for DISABILITY benefits (and there have been 3.1 million of them since 2009 when only 2.6 million people have gone back to work!) that is a problem! The USDA has said they have to educate people to overcome their pride and self-reliance and get more people on food stamps, as if there are not enough on that program already! When so many people are comfortable having the government (ie taxpayers) support them rather than making any effort to be self-sufficient is a serious social problem, it is not just economic. Faith and family play a big part in this, whether you have faith, or a close family or not. You don’t see Jewish people on welfare because it is their culture that they provide for their own through family, community, and numerous organizations established for that purpose. That is how it is meant to work. Before all of this socialism, people helped each other – through family, community, churches, synagogues, and charitable organizations. Now that has been replaced by the federal government and the government has made it increasingly difficult for those support structures to function. Throw in the culture of political correctness and the socialist goals of the Democrat Party leadership, and America’s challenges go way beyond the concerns of capitalism. That is just the beginning. We have to shrink the size of government, return power to the states, encourage people to value self-reliance and create support systems on a local level. We have to reform welfare the way Newt did in 1994 so that it is a temporary form of assistance for able-bodied people who can work and not a permanent lifestyle for a generational underclass who make no contribution to society and become a burden to the taxpayers. Ted Cruz and all true conservatives understand this. Obama has to go, but getting rid of Obama is just the beginning. We have to educate the people who are so willing to vote for him about the destructiveness of utopian statism and why conservatism is the only way to restore our republic and preserve our liberties!

      • CalCoolidge

        And apparently all it took to get Wallace to shut up and move on.

  • BeerPartyPatriot

    Total class act. The worm is turning in Congress.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Ted Cruz seems to understand what our country needs at this critical juncture in our history: Less spending and more jobs. I just hope he isn’t seduced by the D.C. attitude once he gets there and fall into that trap that more than a few politicians have fallen into. That would be a shame. I also hope he doesn’t lose touch with reality once he gets there. That also seems to have ensnared more than a few politicians over the years.

    • Patriot077

      I don’t think he will be. This man’s entire life has been dedicated to liberty. He isn’t a “johnny come lately smooth talker”. He has fought for (and won) US sovereignty against Mexico and, I believe, the U.N.

      I have good vibes about him … hope my confidence is well placed 🙂

      • Army_Pilot1967

        I felt the same way about Randy Cunningham, a retired USN officer, when he went to D.C., but that didn’t turn out well at all. I thought he was above reproach, but turns out he wasn’t. I’m sure all types of temptations are thrown at politicians; some can resist, some can’t. Anyway I hope Mr. Cruz does an outstanding job for all of us and helps get our country back on the right track.

        • Patriot077

          It pays for us to be ever watchful. We’ve all been disappointed by some of these guys. No matter who gets elected we will have to keep them on the straight and narrow. Never again can we assume that they are doing what’s necessary and proper.

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    like him so far..

  • BS61

    I strongly dislike Wallace!

    • p m

      Me too – but after winning many debating competitions and arguing 9 oral cases at SCOTUS, I think Mr.Cruz was formidable and out-classed him easily. He’d aready started answering Wallace’s follow-up questions before Wallace even asked them. Beautiful. What a fantastic addition to the Senate.

  • SplatterBub52
  • opinionatedhermit

    The Rhino reaction to Ted Cruz has been amazing to watch.

    E.g. Even while he finds room for stories about the “Brady Bunch” Matt Drudge still has not even mentioned the win by Ted Cruz.

    • m0r0

      yes he did.

  • odin147

    Question to Wallace how about more revenue for Americans instead of the govt. ?.

    • My thoughts exactly, Wallace remark stood out to me too!

      tea party patriot

  • 1mathteacher

    “Abolish (departments of) Education, Commerce, Energy, TSA, and IRS” YES! Say it again and again, louder and louder. Get rid of them, every one. I like him already.

    • tvlgds

      Most of the alphabet soup departments need to go bye-bye.

      • Patriot077

        Hope he wants to cut the EPA down to size also!


    Can Mr Cruz please move to Illinois….puleeeeze!

    • tvlgds

      You can’t have him – he’s ours! LOL!!

  • anneinarkansas

    Our US Senator Mark Pryor better sit up and pay attention. The Tea Party in Arkansas defeated Blance Lincoln in 2010 and she was backed by non other than Bubba Clinton. Pryor is up in 2014 and we will not forget how he votes.


      One of my goals is to get Durbin out of office here in Illinois……I know, I know I’m dreaming big, but we actually do have several great constitutional conservatives here in Illinois that I think could take him on.

      • keninil

        who did you have in mind?

        • TENCOLE

          My personal pick is Adam Andrzejewski.

          He is a local businessman who ran for Governor in 2010…..lost badly, but that’s when he came to the attention of not only the conservatives here in Illinois, but was interviewed by Rush during the campaign.
          He recently founded a non profit government watchdog group and PAC here in Illinois called “For The Good Of Illinois”…and it’s terrific!

          He’s 43 and definately and “up and comer” to keep an eye on. ♥

          • Would be great to hear Turban Durbin was gone! I recall in 2005 he compared our troops in Iraq to Nazis.
            Kerry who “served in Vietnam” compared our troops to terrorist.
            Durbin and Kerry are cut from the same rag, the democrat party.

            tea party patriot
            in due time

  • keninil

    Now that Cruz has won his big race and achieved some national prominence, I hope he starts endorsing and fundraising for some other candidates espousing the same principles. Payback is fair and sounds like he has his Nov. race already in the bag.

    We need more conservatives in Congress !!

    P.S. Excellent interview !!

  • Sober_Thinking

    Best money I’ve spent next to financial support I sent to help Walker.

    I expect Cruz and other 2012 Freshmen to kick butt in the Senate and House.

  • p m

    Wow – what a great interview. Hope this man goes to the top of the ladder beofre too long. Can you imagine him on a West/Cruz or Cruz/West ticket? Undefeatable. Congratulations to him and everyone who voted for him.

    • opinionatedhermit

      “Can you imagine him on a West/Cruz or Cruz/West ticket?”

      Either of those would be awesome. As long as we can all agree to Scoop being Press Secretary…..

    • free4now

      I agree although I would add – congratulations to Sarah Palin who propelled Ted Cruz to the winning post. If not for her, I doubt that this wonderful conservative would have won.

      • p m

        Yes indeed, and not forgetting Mark Levin either, a big fan of Mr.Cruz.

        • free4now

          True – huge fan of Mark Levin here…

          • Mr Levin is a awesome patriot, who tells it like it is and he is a great tea party activist.
            Mr Levin would be a great staff advisor to the next president. His understanding of the founding documents, his experience and expertise in government is unsurpassed by anyone in Washington D.C. .

            tea party patriot

      • StandProudNow

        Yes, again Sarah came to our rescue and propelled a true conservative. Without her endorsement he may have lost.

        Thank you Gov. Palin, and Thank You Ted Cruz!!

  • Great interview as always proud of Ted Cruz!

  • Rubio and Cruz have alot incommon. It would be a tough choice if they ran against each other in a primary. I do believe that Marco Rubio is a little more experienced than Cruz. It would be a very very tough choice. The good thing is no matter the turn out you would win.

    • p m

      Both men have compelling family stories that epitomize the American dream. To your point, honestly, I believe Cruz has more experience, and has dealt with several high-profile cases of national importance before SCOTUS. I find his resume more impressive than Rubio’s in supporting 2nd Amendment rights and successfully fighting the ‘International Court of Justice’ in its bid to re-open the criminal convictions of 51 murderers on death row throughout the US. That ICJ win is very important considering the attempts by socialists to have so-called international law interfere with American jurisprudence.

      Both have relevant experience, and any preference for one doesn’t diminish the achievements of the other. I will say, though, that Rubio’s obligations to the Bush machine worry me.

      • proudhispanicconservative

        In my view he is more impressive than Rubio, and in a head to head matchup I would vote for him because he has already gone against the establishment in the case you mentioned in scotus, and anytime you are endorsed for anything by any of the bush machine is not good at all.

    • StandProudNow

      That would be an easy choice.

      Cruz all the way!!

  • Leanne Hoagland-Smith

    Beliefs drive actions generating results. Our beliefs about faith, family, hard work are the foundations for Capitalism, free market, free trade. The challenge for any conservative is to stay conservative and not give in to fellow politicians as well as demanding constituents. Great comment on compromise and going backwards along with too much spending at the Federal Level. IMHO

    Leanne Hoagland-Smith

  • SaraPFan

    He’s very articulate. Very impressive. This is the first lengthy interview I’ve ever seen him do. I’ve voted for him twice because of Sarah. Anxious about voting for him in the general.

  • If Sarah Palin likes him I like him.
    Go Ted Cruz.

  • exodus2011

    Interesting that Ted Cruz thinks that Tea Partiers will rage for Romneycare

    I don’t think he will make it through August – that shock PEW sample was DEM +19, way to large to be solely due to Bias

    I think it indictaes that Conservatives are fleeing GOP affilation to Independent or ‘no affiliation’ because they are totally unsatisfied with Romney as such a weak Nominee …. notice he did not stand up for Free Speech over the chic-Fil-A issue – but who DID lead on the issue and had pics taken which spread like wildfire? —- > both PALIN and WEST

    Romney is not trusted …. we’ll see what future Poll samples show about what Conservativs are doing wrt affiliation

    • scrubjay

      Conservatives and Tea Partiers know that Obama is the worst outcome possible. That leaves only one choice — vote for Romney. Anything else, such as not voting or voting for doodlebop, is the same thing as voting for Obama.

      • exodus2011


        there is a better choice if Tampa Delegates open the Convention, and nominate a TRUE CONSERVATIVE WINNING Ticket —– > Palin West #BigFREEDOM

        Dump the LOSER

        • scrubjay

          Delegates pledged to Romney are a majority. They aren’t going to dump him. Next idea…

          • exodus2011


            read rule #38 – no Delegates are bound on 1st vote

            remember the Delegate from UT back in 08 who was allowed not to vote for McCain, but voted for Romney? = application of rule #38

            Delegates won’t nominate a DEAD MAN and consign America to a dreadful future – they will nominate a True Conservative Ticket – the only kind that can bring ALL Conservatives in America raging to the Polls, to defeat the DEM Ticket, the DEM fraud and the Media

            the Nominee will have THREE Opponents …WEAK Romneycare can’t beat even ONE of those opponents

            • scrubjay

              Palin was my first choice, too, but Romney has been campaigning very aggressively and Romneycare has not been a factor. Obama is attacking Romney on his capitalist credentials. I have viewed Romney’s ads and they are all excellent. Check out his Israel ad. He is hitting back fast and hard, unlike McCain who ran a totally wuss campaign. There is no reason to dump Romney. He has not said or done anything unconservative or anti-Tea Party.

              • exodus2011

                yep – there is plenty of reasons to dump Romney – he has no conservative core

                he took no stand on Free Speech issue-Chic Fil A = FAIL

                he thinks he will ‘delay spending cuts’ = FAIL

                as a result (plus atrocious treatment of Palin by him and establishment) he is 10 behind BHO due to Conservatives abandoning the GOP for Indy (DEM +19 sample)

                Delegates want to win (can’t say the same for the GOP Establishment)

                Peter Schweizer wants to see Romney’s full Bundlers List, and so do many Conservatives

                he is too weak to prevail = he must be discarded for a WINNING Ticket

                • scrubjay

                  You won’t find a better candidate now. Romney is “Chicago way”-proof, unlike Gingrich. I thought Ann Coulter was nuts to support Romney. Now I see that she was right. Santorum wouldn’t be able to get a whole campaign going in the two months left after the convention. Palin is busy bolstering all of our down-ticket races. There is no one else. So that leaves us with nothing, unless you are suggesting that voters unhappy with Romney should vote for another candidate. This would be a sure loser. Teddy Roosevelt got us Wilson. Perot got us Clinton. Obama is just going to say “I won” like he did last time. He isn’t going to say “Oh, 3 people voted for Schmendrick. That stops me in my tracks.”

                • exodus2011

                  there is a way to get a MUCH better Nominee than the weak Romney who has no conservative principles , and that is at an Open Convention

                  he is unscrupulous and amoral, unworthy to lead Conservatives who value integrity – and on top of that he has no experience with shrinking govt which MUST be done 2013 if America is to survive in recognisable form

                  True Conservative Ticket is vital = Palin/West

                  they will not go to the Polls in the numbers needed for Romney to win

                  he also cannot be trusted to REPEAL Obamacare, which he inspired, and he STILL thinks his MA debacle was a good idea (they now have inferior services and the HIGHEST premiums in the country)

                • scrubjay

                  He’ll get the numbers needed to win if he picks a conservative for vice-president. I like Paul Ryan and Bobby Jindal. I doubt that Sarah Palin would accept since she is having 10 times the effect as a king-maker and Allen West is committed to winning his new house seat.

                  Regardless of Romney’s flaws, there is no time left to field a new Republican presidential candidate. Romney’s flaws pale compared to Obama’s so who to vote for is a no-brainer.

                • exodus2011

                  Romney would not ask Gov Palin since he has been behind the undermining of her for the last 4 years

                  A Conservative VP will not be enuff – it wasn’t enuff 4 years ago …Conservative voters need something to vote FOR, Romney doesn’t provide it

                  Delegates still have 3 weeks to evaluate the risk of running the weak and distrusted Romney – who still has not been vetted

                  I think they will open Tampa and select a much stronger True Conservative Ticket = Palin/West

                • scrubjay

                  McCain-Palin had it won until McCain suspended his campaign to show his faulty brand of “leadership” to create the failed TARP legislation. That was a real facepalm for all conservatives. I don’t see Romney making a similar mistake.

                • exodus2011

                  Romney is unvetted & too weak to bring enough Conservatives on board anyway. He won’t show full Bundlers’ list or Tax Returns, indicating he has a problem with transparency – we have had enough of that with BHO

                  he doesn’t champion issues of great importance to Conservatives like Free Speech …. this is causing him to struggle in the Polls

                  we can’t afford to run a LOSER against DEM Ticket-America’s future is at stake

                • You exposed yourself when you said Tax Returns…. That’s a non issue and you know it! So why did you bring it up? Are you a democrat mole? It doesn’t matter if you respond or not because what ever you say means squat!

                • exodus2011

                  Nope, there are several in the GOP asking for Romney to show his Tax Returns eg Bill Kristol. Also Peter Schweizer has endorsed this request along with requesting his Bundlers List. Gov Palin also asked for these during the Primary to try and avoid this VETTING PROBLEM.

                  Romney has a real problem with Transparency – Voters don’t like it – he is mired in the mid-40s (or lower!), and this is against a MARXIST …. shows you how WEAK Romney is as a Candidate. He must not be the Nominee …


                • scrubjay

                  Obama isn’t running for Romney’s job so Romney’s tax records are irrelevant. Romney is running for Obama’s job so only Obama’s record as president is at issue. This campaign is is about Obama, not Romney. Obama has the transparency problem with his invoking executive privilege over Fast and Furious. Romney is running a very smart campaign by sticking to Obama’s failures in office. The allied conservative and Tea Party groups should handle all the other issues.

                • exodus2011

                  yes, Romney’s lack of transparency and hiding things is indeed an issue

                  The Left bring up his Tax Returns because they know that Conservatives and potential GOP voters care about that issue

                  Delegates know that after Tampa these things will be asked Romney on Campaign Trail over and over again – he will be defending his HIDING of RECORDS continually

                  it doesn’t matter about the DEM hiding things because the Media protect the DEMs

                  the GOP Nominee must be fully vetted and able to run against the Media as well as the DEM Ticket PLUS the DEM fraud

                  that person is not Romney

                  only a FULLY VETTED True Conservative Ticket can prevail

                  We need the Delegates to OPEN Tampa and nominate a WINNING Ticket

                  Palin/West 2012 to RESCUE America

                  (Show us your FULL Bundlers’ List Romney!)

                • Hello scrubjay, I agree with everything I’ve read in your responses to exodus2011. Seems to me exodus2011 would be willing to split the tea party/conservitive/republican vote at the last minute in hopes of anyone but Romney. Not saying ex isn’t sincere but I can’t agree with changing candidates so close to the election. Especially for Palin with mr West as a running mate. We should stay focused on defeating obama.
                  We most Not confusing or defuse the enthusiasm of our Army of voters( tea party Americans, Republicans and Conservatives, who are working hard and eager to vote against obama.

                  We have a sure win now with Romney.
                  tea party patriot
                  not sure of exodus2011 intent? respectfully supicious.
                  please note (C4P bashing) on this site has been band by RightScoop.


    • songofdeborah

      Hi Exodus – Good to see you again. Miss you over at C4P, its just not the same anymore.

      A vote for Sarah & the Lord!
      Judges 7:20

      • exodus2011

        AMEN! High Five!


  • CalCoolidge

    This is one dang Yankee who is very proud of Texas.

    Based on rhetoric to date, I want 99 more Senators, 435 Reps, and 9 Justices that sound just like this guy.

    • p m

      Wouldn’t that be a dream come true? Even better is it’s not just rhetoric with Ted Cruz – he’s lived his beliefs all his life, to the benefit not just of Texans but all Americans. Even Wikipedia gets it right in their bio of him. Extremely impressive http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ted_Cruz

  • CalCoolidge

    When are conservatives going to learn how to evicerate the liberal BS that “gridlocK” is bad and it takes “compromise” to “solve problems?”

    Suppose the libs want to build some useless bridge, and the conservatives say the bridge is useless and none of the federal govt’s business. Then what is the “compromise” that breaks the “gridlock,” and “solves” the so-called “problem?” Build half a bridge?

    I think the liberals like Wallace have been repeating this same silly slogans to themselves for so long, they have no idea how stupid their slogans are.

  • Rob_Bryant

    I love how he recited how they memorized that portion of the Constitution. That was awesome.

    • Me, too. That was pretty awesome. Sounds very Mark Levin-ish.

    • m0r0

      This man knows it inside and out. He hasn’t just memorized that part he has defended it in front of the Supreme Court. This man is a future Supreme Court Nominee.

  • jrn_37

    lmao he is not a natural born citizen, but I like him

  • jrn_37

    I like the guy but as with Rubio , he is not natural born, no need to go down the obama road

  • m0r0

    This man is extraordinary. He is another Allen West. Is it five supreme court victories he has had. Different battlefield but same brand of winner!

  • Ted Cruz is a future United States President if he wants to be and if his walk matches his talk, restoration to a Constitutional America is in our future!