FULL PRESS CONFERENCE: Mitt Romney addresses prior remarks at a fundraiser

Mitt Romney just held a press conference addressing his remarks at a fundraiser regarding Obama voters being dependent on government.

Watch below:

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  • Shameful that he’s less scared of taking questions than our President is.

    • Goldni007

      I know right? Mitt has some fire in him. You may not see it much, but he shows it from time to time. More than Preezy Emptychair.

      • smmy33

        This is actually what this election should be about the 53% who pay taxes that will have to pay for 16 trillion debt, the hundreds of billions in new spending under Obamacare, and the econmy that will not recover under an Obama presidency, which then will have to tax more to pay for current spending and it sn’t the 47% who don’t pay taxes now that will foot the bill in the next couple years.

        If the government under Obama already spent in the last 4 years 1 trillion more a year then it takes in taxes, think about that, taxes will have to go way up just to keep up with todays spending.

        • ► Oh fuçk that. Give the 53% a tax cut so we can all prosper

        • ► Nobody’s gonna pay that debt. You gotta be outta your fuçking gourd to believe they will.

          Nobody even paid Reagan’s debt yet. You think they ever will?

          Whatever these supply siders gift themselves now is theirs forever and ever amen

          • Is_Sense_Common

            Watch your language please. This is a family-friendly environment.

          • BiscuitCrumbs


      • John3_3

        Well, we need to see that fire now. That was mcains problem.

    • afrommi

      Our president has been ask and he never has shied away from answering. But Romney has so many bad opinions of people. PBO Has never been derogatory about any one. If Romney does not want to answer any questions about his remarks then he should be kind to everyone without assuming the worst of everybody.

      • hbnolikeee

        “Our president has been ask and he never has shied away from answering.”
        What planet are you on?

      • Goldni007

        PBO? What’s that I smell?

        Anyways. Whatver. Your mommy needs her computer back now. Back away from the keyboard.

      • Nukeman60

        PBO Has never been derogatory about any one‘ – a

        Really? – How about when he said the Cambridge police acted “stupidly”?

        No? – How about when he called the Tea Party people “Teabaggers”?

        More? – How about when he said about midwesterners, “They get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them“?

        Want some more? – How about when he used to give the finger to his opponents when he mentioned their names in a speech or when he was sitting across the table from them?

        How about this? – Oh, nevermind, there are too many to list and I’m a little tired tonight. Come back tomorrow and we’ll continue from here.

      • RocklinConservative

        Most of the time he (Obama) turns his back at the podium and walks away never giving anyone a chance to ask a question. Say … like last week when all hell broke out in the middle east and he turned and jumped on a plane to Vegas without fielding ONE question. UNLIKE, Romney who stood and took a bunch of “loaded”, rehersed, gotcha questions.

      • Really? What fantasyland do you live in? On a daily basis, Obama calls those who disagree with his policies racist. He did it today saying any Republicans can ask him to walk their dog or wash their car… It’s racist. He’s also called us bitter, bigoted, xenophobic, teabaggers, terrorists, etc. He sat in a church for 20 years that denigrated all Americans. I could go on and on….

      • AimToMisbehave

        I don’t think you’ve been paying any attention to the President when he is “ask” or when he just offers his opinion of things when nobody really wants to hear. If you had, and were capable of understanding, you wouldn’t make that statement.

      • Dear leader’s never been derogatory about anyone you say? I seem to recall a little thing he said about folks clinging to their guns, Bibles and bigotry. He’s had plenty to say about Christians, and patriots. I think you wandered into the wrong site skippy.

      • “PBO Has never been derogatory about any one”

        Would you like me to list all of the ways? Or would you like to retract this stupidity?

      • pumpkin58

        Obama “has never been derogatory about any one”? Are you serious? He constantly derides successful, wealthy people for not “paying their fair share” of taxes, for getting all the breaks in life, for not really earning their higher incomes. As a life-long liberal Democrat, who happens to be affluent, I have been personally insulted by Obama throughout his campaign. His populist tone is not presidential. And, though I cannot vote for Romney, I will either write in a candidate or vote for whatever third party candidate happens to be on the ballot. Unfortunately, I don’t live in a swing state, so my vote doesn’t matter. And what about Obama’s comment in the ’08 primaries about blue collar voters “clinging to their guns and religion” and being “bitter”? Obama has tried to divide this nation more than any of his predecessors from either party..

      • PVG

        Think Progress troll alert!

      • cookiebob

        That is a flat out lie… he hates anyone who makes a living for themself and is not on the dole… he hates white people… says as much in his book… resents his mother and grandparents who raised him… went to a racist church… he has called Republicans “the enemy” many times. Obama hates everyone!

        • zbig666

          Obama at least works for the betterment of all Americans, not just oil billionaires.

          • 3seven77

            Wow. What gives with these people? Have we been invaded by eleven year olds?

            • zbig666

              Nope, just intelligence.

              • intelligent’s of a gnat can be found in many humans.

              • Bullet points do not equate intelligence. They’re more like brain washing. The Right to the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS – ponder that for a while and see if your brain still works.

          • Name some names of these billionaires please.

            • zbig666

              Koch brothers, Sheldon Adelson, etc.

              Check out Forbes’ “Sheldon Adelson Tops Romney Donor List That Now Includes 32 Billionaires”:


              • E. Lee Zimmerman

                So your point is that rich people aren’t allowed to donate to Republicans?

                • zbig666

                  Nope, I’m just saying the only backers of Republicans are the rich so those are the only people they care about. So once in office, middle-class voters can expect their Republican to not do anything for them since they don’t belong to the ‘class’ of people they’re beholden to.

                • jdbaird

                  Funny I sent Mitt Romney $45 bucks the other day and I’m far from being rich. You see that’s the difference between Conservatives and statists (google it) like yourself, we don’t expect the gov’t to DO anything for us. You on the other hand spent too much time living with mommy and not enough time working for a living so you think that gov’t is there to take care of you. I know it’s tough, but you might have to start cleaning your own room once Romney takes office.

                • It’s mommy and daddy is government. It must protect it’s parents. hence it’s only living flesh with nothing but mush between the ears, sorta like the cloned sheep, but in this case a deaf, dumb, and blind sheep.

                • Taxpayer1234

                  Tell yourself more stories. It’s fun to watch.

                • E. Lee Zimmerman

                  OK. LOL! You’re a fine stooge, I see.

                • More leftist mythology on display. The last time I checked, I was making way less than $200K a year (when I had a business to run), which is an amount of money that is not in any way considered “rich” in at least a dozen states, and I’m reluctantly backing Romney.

              • Check out the fact that dear many of dear leader’s donors are BILLIONAIRES.
                Oprah Winfrey, Jeff Immelt, George Soros

                Check these out skippy:http://www.opensecrets.org/pres12/bundlers.php

                • You are too gracious in thinking that zbig desires to do any real research. I think it is easier for them to wait for the talking points in an email, copy, paste, find another blog, copy, paste, etc….

              • Soros, Hollywood, corporations that received Federal money for their campaign support. Yes, Obama is all about the people – Beyonce and the like.

          • E. Lee Zimmerman

            You’re “leaning forward” so much that the blood has rushed to your head.

            • yeah, it’s suffering from a full mental & introvenous overdoes of liberal infested defected influenza which causes acute mental and physical paralysis of the mind,body, and soul.

              Tea Party Patriot

          • go back to sleep, your dreaming with your eyes wide open.

          • Taxpayer1234

            Yeah, and that has come to fruition big-time with our stellar economic situation. How did I miss that?

          • Garym

            You ARE the definition of an Obamazombie. LOL!

          • You really need to learn about the dear leader you serve.

        • thanks cookiebob, nothing better than a good dose of truth just before breakfest.
          obama is not only a racist piece of crap, he is the enemy of all Americans.

          tea party patriot
          time for bacon

      • E. Lee Zimmerman

        LOL! You must be one of the many people Romney has enjoyed firing.

      • You’re joking, right?

      • He’s living on planet MSNBC.

      • KenInMontana

        You really should not drink anti-freeze.

      • tvlgds

        Your village called- their idiot is missing. Put down the crack pipe and step away from the computer!

      • Rather, Obama has the bad opinions…of the “bitter clingers”. Please, your attempt to sway is lacking.

    • ► How’s he gonna pay down the debt?

    • Now Governor Romney did not say all Obama voters are dependent on government, but many of them are. Those who do not pay income taxes and career welfare recipients who rely on the government for their livelihood and well-being are those who will thank the candidate who supports a larger, intrusive, centralized government by voting for him. They have no “skin in the game” (shout out to Bobo), so to speak. Romney understands that. He is not targeting those voters because they, as well as die-hard leftists will vote for El Presidente no matter what. Romney is trying to attract independents. The Dems, MSM, and the Obama campaign have jumped on Romney’s victim comments and in their usual fashion, have spun his words by portraying him as the usual Repblican who insults and alienates those who are receiving government assistance through no fault of their own (like the unemployed). We should remember who it is that is forcing people who are not second, third, and fourth generation welfare recipients to apply for and receive government benefits in record numbers. It isn’t Romney and he was not saying that all those on the government’s roles are playing the victim game. The Obamatons are themselves playing the victim game by trying to spin what Romney said in an effort to make independents feel so insulted and angry that they will vote for El Presidente: “That evil Romney. He thinks people who rely on the government to survive and exist are nothing but lowlife, non-taxpaying sponges of society. How dare he do that. He is the typical heartless, dehumanizing Republican whose party gave us eight years of victimization.” All the Dems, MSM, and Obamatons are doing are parsing Romney’s words and taking him out of context to fit their narrative. The lies from the Dems and Obamatons are designed to divide and distract, all in an attempt to glean more voters. They care not about the lives of those who have truly been victimized by our current President. El Presidente cares nothing about creating jobs, fixing the economy, and improving the American standard of living. He only cares about advancing the tenets of his ideology.

  • Maxsteele

    Romney has absolutely nothing to apologize or clarify with regards to his comments at the fund raiser. He hit the nail on the proverbial head, dead on.
    The socialist governments of the democrats from its inception to now, Obama has just fast tracked it, have worked very hard to get as much of the American population on the dole, on the govenment teet, so that they will be forever beholden on them come election time. He was exactly, 100%, correct that the 50% of Americans who do not pay income tax and live a lavish life (in comparison the the poor in most of the world) will vote for them.
    That is what is so damn scary about this election. That even with all the abject failures on every front Obama is still leading in the polls.
    It makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever.

    • I haven’t watched the video but from what I’ve read, you’re right, he has nothing to apologize WHATSOEVER.

      As to the polls, they’re dead, I don’t believe them at all. There’s a lot of indication that his popularity is tanking including the fact that they had to move the convention to a much smaller place. And, he continues to rise on the poll??!? That doesn’t make sense guys. It doesn’t make sense at all! I just hope that people will not be discouraged and dispirited because of that which could become a self-fulfilling prophecy, which is the purpose of these polls. They’re not reflecting but shaping public opinion. I know the conservative media fell for them. Please guys, don’t fall for them.

      • Maxsteele

        I agree with you but whenver I watch any of the news it is a constant barrage, even on Fox, about how Romney is not this or not that. His team is failing to do this or failing to do that. It is all negative imaging and then they keep talking about every single poll and how Obama is now growing his lead. Can they all be in on the conspiracy? All the polling companies, all the news, even Fox?
        If so, how are Americans going to realize it? I hope all of this just angers the average joe and jane out there into marshalling their family and friends to get out and vote for Romney. I truly believe that not only the fate of America is hanging on this election but also the future of the world too. This American election is a vote for either tyranny or liberty for the USA and the world as we know it.

  • StrangernFiction

    The government provides more and more until it all collapses. The last part is important Mitt.

    • p m

      Yes, totally agree – I kept wanting him to say that it’s not a choice about Government providing more of the essentials of daily life, but between the fact that such a Government will run out of other people’s money, and what will happen then? The classic ‘teach a man to fish and he will eat’ etc. It’s the consequences that need to be spelled out in order to make his point.

      Very frustrating.

      • FreeManWalking

        I basically parroted your comments PM.

        • p m

          Excellent. I say it all the time, heck, we all do, thanks to Maggie T. and we’ll keep saying it til the libtards get it or just a glimmer of it…

    • 3boojums

      as M Thatcher said “sooner or later, you run out of other people’s money”

      • sDee

        yup an we long passed that point about 10 years ago and started borrowing money to pay for socialism.

  • PVG

    Saw this live…….not good! Mitt looked and sounded tentative and on defense. Just my take, but it did not give me a feeling of confidence.
    Don’t think he should have done this or, at the very least, should have pulled a Newt, and chastised the press for NOT focusing on the middle east crisis.

    • Just keep in mind that Obama has to go. If you continue to focus on IMAGE then you will NEVER vote for Romney because he isn’t a true politician and doesn’t “play the game” like the true politicians!

      • LostinLA1

        Exactly… true politicians seems to learn early on how to be slick and lie to your face while the hand behind their back does something completely different.

        • We must not be watching the same Mitt Romney. Think Romneycare!

          • LostinLA1

            What I know is who we have in the White House now and it is person who constantly lies to the American people while he and his administration do one destructive thing after another. In my view, Romney is 100x better than Obama. The choice is pretty simple – a vote for a third party candidate or a non-vote is a vote for Obama, which is why I’ll be voting for Romney on election day.

            • I am not as concern as to who votes for whom as to make sure we are not going into this with rose colored glasses. To think that Romney is not lying to us or is not a true politician is more damaging than not. He was the governor of a very liberal state and one can only be a “true politician” to do that.

      • PVG

        There is no question BO has to go. I just got my Romney/Ryan window decal in the mail today. I have never bought a decal or donated to a campaign before, but this is no ordinary campaign.
        I will be voting for Romney, just thought he looked a little defensive tonight.

        • He needs to hire Allen West to help him become more aggressive and more to-the-point. However, I don’t think he and Congressman West exist on the same political plane, unfortunately. West would be a great asset, though.

      • Romney is not a “true politician”, sorry but where did this comment come from. Did you not see the primaries where he eviscerated his opponents? What about the voting for the changing of the rules and seating his own selected delegates from Maine?

        He is a “true politician” in every sense of the word. He just doesn’t have the right opponent. Now if Romney could pretend that Obama was a conservative, he would do just find, but please, do not mistake his IMAGE for anything but a RINO trying to do the McCain part two.

        • cookiebob

          No Romney is a businessman… he doesn’t monitor every word… he just talks… he gets in trouble too right? That is why we are talking about this. He is totally off the hook for the countries problems… Romney has not spent one day in DC running up the debt or buying the votes of anyone with our money.

          Romney is the only non-politician we have had run for at least 50 years… I see why you don’t like him… you like the polished liars you are used to… I don’t.

          • I am sorry that you think I like polished liars but to think that Romney is not a politician you may be naive at best. He was a governor of the state of Massachusetts and one does not do so without some sort of political savvy especially moving to the left to be elected there with an R behind your name. He ran a failed campaign against Sen. Kennedy and then a failed campaign for presidential nomination in 2008.

            You are wrong in thinking he is a non-politician. He is well connected and he has manipulated the nomination process and rules of future primaries to his and the RNC liking. Just because someone has not lived in DC does not infer that they are not a calculating politician. Every single governor of every single state is by definition a politician. I am sad to see that you have put on the darkest rose colored glasses and ignoring these facts.

          • Romeny is a business man yes, but he is also a politician. What Puritan and others are saying, is while he is the only choice we now have, he is not all what folks are wanting him to be. He is not a true conservative, he’s a GOP favorite, and he is a politician. He’s our only choice, but if he wins, people are going to have to be more diligent than ever in keeping an eye on him.

            • Maybe, I should leave the typing to you ABC. Much better stated than I could! :-)))

              • I’m sorry Puritan for jumping my big mouth in there, as you are more than capable of arguing your own points, but it bothered me and I had to stick my two cents in. Thank you!! 🙂

                • No need to apologize. I deeply appreciate your two cents, even in this economy 🙂

                • I’m glad! It’s all I could afford 😉

            • I agree in spades.

      • zbig666

        Actually Romney isn’t even a true candidate, because candidates for President usually stand for something. Basically the only thing he stands for is he wants to be president and he’ll say anything and believe in anything just to get elected. No convictions, no principles, no honesty.

        • 3seven77

          I guess it takes one to know one right? Is that why you’re here?

        • Gee, kind of like a community organizer, turned “present” senator, turned dictator.

        • KenInMontana

          Actually Romney Obama isn’t even a true candidate, because candidates for President usually stand for something. Basically the only thing he stands for is he wants to be president and he’ll say anything and believe in anything just to get elected. No convictions, no principles, no honesty.

          Fixed that for you, at no charge, it’s part of the service.
          BTW, the truth will set you free.

    • He did fine. But he needs to do two things going forward:

      1) Don’t back down from the remarks. Finesse them if necessary, but what he said was true and he has no reason to shy away from it. Plus it’s red meat for the base which is never a bad thing.

      2) Expand on what Obama’s approach to governing would mean for the country. When you just say his idea of America is the government paying for more and more of people’s needs, that actually sounds like a good deal to most casual observers. If you elaborate on that and explain to folks that this is a house of cards destined to come tumbling down in a few years because we’re broke as a nation, then even a handful of libtards and welfare queens may start to listen. At the very least, it’ll win over independents.

      • poljunkie

        Agree about the finesse remark.

        Didnt Gov Palin say something last week like Freedom not free stuff?

        Then I would also expand on a jobs plan, like lifting EPA regulations, exploring drilling, open coal for further expansion. Natural gas, the pipeline. Anything that will generate jobs!!

        This could be a huge opportunity for Mitt Romney.

        • That’s right. Freedom isn’t free. No, there’s a hefty f—ing fee. And if you don’t throw in your buck o’five, who will?

        • If he mentions he would diminish, not eliminate the role of agencies like the EPA by cutting their funding in half, I wonder how many voters he would gain. Agencies like the EPA serve a purpose, but they have been abused and used as a tool by leftist politicians and bureaucrats to further too many left-wing agendas (e.g., global warming, climate change, or whatever the flavor of the day is). I’m sure there are some agencies that serve no useful purpose and need to be eliminated, but that’s a discussion for a different time.

          • poljunkie

            I guess I could state it better. He could say he would be revisit EPA regulations to better work with companies who have been grossly impacted.

      • LostinLA1

        I agree with your #2. He nees to explain how having government paying for more and more things leads can lead to debt crisis and use the very real examples in Europe to elaborate (such as Greece, Spain, Portugal, and other European nations).

      • I agree. He needs to be more specific and explain things more clearly. He can do this without insulting people’s intelligence. He all but directly said he is not interested in trying to convince leftist and Obamaton voters, due to the fact that they are the ones who don’t pay taxes and who are sucking the government teat. He is trying to court the independents and undecided voters. They are the ones who need more convincing.

        • LostinLA1

          Obama voters are stuck on their ideology. The entire world could burn and the country could completely collapse economically due to Obama’s policies and they would still make excuses for him him and vote for him regardless. No amount of discussing the issues with them will ever change their minds.

          • zbig666

            Obama policies like what? equal pay for men and women? cutting out the middleman in student loans? removing pre-existing conditions in health care insurance? repairing infrastructure to provide more jobs? funding clean energy to gain independence from Middle East oil? bringing home the troops from Iraq? wow, these policies sound…well they actually sound alright!

            • Ok, let’s go down this list…

              “Equal pay for men and women”

              That is not up to the government to decide. That is up to the business. There are more women graduating from college than men. Women are able to move from career to career more easily than ever before. If a woman does not like her salary, then she can move to another job. Only whiners want the government to get involved in this issue.

              “Cutting out the middleman in student loans”

              You mean the actual creditors? Obama made it so that no student can get a loan from a private company. They must get all their loans from the government. His move actually reduced the number of capital sources where a student can apply for a loan.


              Only 3 types of people go to college: (1) people who want a professional career that requires college (engineer, doctor, lawyer, etc.), (2) people who need college level training as a required stepping stone (professional sports, music, theater, etc.), (3) and 80% of the rest who go to college to “find themselves”.

              This last group wants to make grown up decisions (who to have sex with, how much beer to drink, etc.) without any responsibility. They make up the over 50% drop out rate in most colleges (yippee! I dropped out of college and now have debt without hope for a job! woohoo!). They are the ones scared of the real world by staying in college for 7+ years (and I am not talking about masters and PhD students).

              There is a reason you have to be at least 25 years old to rent a car. It’s called maturity. The vast majority of teenagers graduating high school do not know what they want to do with their lives. They SHOULD NOT go to college with that mindset or they are setting themselves up for failure. They should WORK in the real world. They will “discover themselves” a lot quicker when they must take responsibility for their actions. They will learn about money a lot sooner. They will build character a lot quicker. Once they figure out a field they like and want to gain higher education to make it a profession, then they can fund most of it themselves, take out a smaller loan for the rest (so they are not strapped with debt), or even have the company they work for pay a large portion of their education.

              When a student is paying for most of their college OUT OF THEIR POCKET, their grades are better, they attend classes more regularly, and they strive to understand the material better.

              I would argue that if you do not know what you want to do with your life when you graduate high school, college is NOT the answer. It becomes a quick path to high debt.

              Also, if 70-80% of high school graduates DO NOT attend college right away and we start seeing a lot of 23-25 year olds starting college after they have matured and are paying for most of their education themselves, you will see a HUGE drop in tuition, since the mature adult will look at cost when choosing a college (18-year-olds taking loans or having parents pay for it never think about cost).

              *** END OF TEACHING MOMENT ***

              “Removing pre-existing conditions in health care insurance”

              Then it is not insurance. If you had 3 car wrecks in 3 months without auto insurance, will you be able to get auto insurance? If you do, will your rates be low? Of course not. If you mandate pre-existing conditions, then it no longer is insurance. Also, a pre-existing condition not of your making (cancer, accident, etc.) should not be treated the same as those of your making (drug use, alcohol abuse, professional MMA fighter, etc.). People who chose their pre-existing condition should pay a higher premium. Most insurance companies already offer coverage for pre-existing conditions, but at higher premiums. I would be open to discussing a way for tax-payer money to help with the premium increases for people whose pre-existing condition is not of their own making. But to have government completely take over health care? Completely unnecessary and has already led to massive flight of doctors and will lead to more if Obamacare is not repealed.

              “Repairing infrastructure to provide more jobs”

              Prove it! Only 5.7% ($47.4B) of the $830B approved for the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act of 2009 was used for “shovel ready” jobs. If Obama really cared about repairing infrastructure to provide more jobs, he would have placed limits on the percent of the stimulus could be used outside infrastructure. Oh wait, that would mean “earmarking”. Aaaahhhhh!


              “Funding clean energy to gain independence from Middle East oil”

              There is no profit in clean energy. If there were, then Solyndra would not be bankrupt right now. Government should not be investing in ANYTHING WITHOUT A CLEAR PROFIT PLAN or it is wasting our money! The best way to gain independence from Middle East oil is to drill, frack, and shale our way out. We will create an explosion of jobs in oil, gas and coal. Develop those here so we only get our energy needs from within America and from Mexico and Canada (always maintain good trade with border countries). Then we can get our of the Middle East and stop funding their jihad. Then we can create a massive surplus of energy and export it to other countries who want to leave the Middle Ease oil. Those exports will do 2 things of great value: (1) pay down our national debt, and (2) fund CLEAN ENERGY projects since there is less risk of massive loss.

              “Bringing home the troops from Iraq”

              If you do not have a contingency force (like we had in Europe after WWII), then Iran will fill the vacuum and we will be right back there in full war. After WWII, neo-nazi terrorists attacked our European allies more frequent than Islamic terrorists attack today. The ONLY reason we were able to maintain the freedom of France, Germany, Italy, etc. in the post-WWII era is because we had a contingency with bases. We need that today in Iraq. Choke Iran from the east and west by having bases in Iraq and Afghanistan. But you must have a solid stance on our presence. Telling Afghans that we will leave creates a vacuum even before we leave. Karzai is supporting more of the Taliban against Americans because he envisions Americans leaving and Taliban filling the vacuum. He is frightened because American policy during Obama’s administration has not been clear. That is why over 70% of ALL US deaths in Afghanistan have occurred during Obama’s administration (which is also why the media has stopped reporting the “death count”, so Obama does not look bad). Obama has no clear mission in Afghanistan. Romney has a clear mission if you take the time to read his policies.

              Apologies to the moderators for the length of this reply! 🙂

              • Is_Sense_Common

                It was a necessary and thorough rebuttal JS. Nicely laid out.

              • Nicely done! I couldn’t have explained it any better, JS.

              • No apologies necessary for that great comment! 😀

    • Sam

      Could not disagree more. I think the whole thing was a planned troll of the media and it was executed perfectly. I’m also starting to think the whole stuart Stevens leak was purposeful too. It’s time to turn it on.

    • Give the man a break! At least he didn’t apologize for it !!!!

      • poljunkie


      • Correct he did not walk it back…in fact AP: Romney DOES NOT DISAVOW REMARKS!! I think he did well….it will focus people on who works and who wants to rely on a handout!

        I am telling people….this is about Freeloading…and we all HATE FREELOADERS!! Those are Obama supporters!

        • 3boojums

          he might have said “47% of the country is not paying their “fair share” of income taxes”

    • BS…not sure what you saw….but I totally disagree…he was great talking about Freedom and Government Dependency….you are wrong!

      • PVG

        I realize WHAT he was talking about. As I stated, it was “my take” on seeing it live during Greta. Back off, I am not the enemy.

    • Non-sense He’s scamming the left.
      Romney supporting people released the videos

      Every one is designed to bring undecideds into the Romney camp

      One is for lationos and legal immigrants. One is for conservative hard working people no matter what party the y.usually vote for One points out that the 47 percent of the freeloaders are Obvama voters………of course 47 percent of americans are not freeloaders but anyone listening to that critique wont think themselves as the freeloader ……each person will think Romney is talking about someone else and in the back of their heads agree with him
      Romney is using the left’s mindless need to attack him to get his message across…..for free

    • 3boojums

      i’m going to be forced to vote for this guy. not very happy about it

      • I know how you feel.

    • cookiebob

      My reaction was to think… I am finally proud of my party! I saw a politician speak the truth. I loved it.

  • Sandra123456

    Democrats are having a hissy fit over the truth. Guess they can’t handle the truth.

  • You know, i think i really can support Romney. In public he may sound like a wishy washy moderate because he’s trying to get elected. but judging from that “scandalous” video, he may have a little bit of a common sense conservative streak in him after all!

    He’ll get my vote.

    • He needs to relax and let his words flow in an understandable, Reaganesque manner. It would serve him well to replay debates that Reagan participated in and speeches he gave. If he could utilize even some of Reagan’s style, he would blow El Presidente and his mind-numbed Obamatons out of the water.

      • It would only work if Romney was a conservative. You cannot fake something that you do not truly believe.

      • cookiebob

        Once again… he hasn’t had years of politics to learn how to do it. You want a performer… politicians perform. It took Reagan years to hone the craft of sounding normal while talking politics. Romney is used to bare knuckle business… straight talk with everyone wanting to solve the problem… the molly coddling that politic demands is not comfortable to people who just want to get it done.

        • What has Romney been doing these past four years….hello!!!

      • poljunkie

        I agree he should be working with a speech coach. A little bit of fine tuning goes a long way.

  • I can’t believe he has to answer questions about this! He’s on the defensive because of a made up controversy by the media. He needs to attack hard! At everything that Obama has done. I know Obama plays the victim card like a pro, but the truth has to seep into the American public. Attacking the media (and subsequently Obama) and calling them out for what they are (Sununu-style) is a better angle than playing the nice guy. It will expose the bias most people already perceive, but don’t realize.

    Anyways, more press conferences on offense, and fewer on defense. Being on the defense just looks weak and guilty of the media spin.

    • Agreed, but what can you expect from someone who thinks he has to have the love of the media to win.

  • Obamabots are so childish. Always outraged over “secret tapes” and such but not outraged over dead ambassadors, unemployment lines, deficit spending, dishonest healthcare plans and a vice-president who suffers from alcoholic dementia.

    • p m

      Seem to recall the planned parenthood tapes were put down because they done in ‘secret’. Wish those libtards would think their false protests through once in a while.

  • WhiteGuy2

    This is how the Liberals spin the truth and alter reality, they put the opponent on defense as much as possible.

    Surprisingly I think Mitt handled it well.

  • 3seven77

    If the videos that Scoop posted earlier are the videos in question, then Greta is lying when she claims that Romney called Obama voters “freeloaders”. Never happened. Maybe the person asking the question used that term, but Mitt never, ever used that term in those “super-secret stealth” videos. Not once.

    • keyesforpres

      Yeah, I caught that too. Really honks me off. She lied.

    • I agree the way Greta introduced this press conference was awful on Greta’s part – I tell you she can’t help herself – she trys to not to be obvious but every so often – it comes through – like tonight! Don’t let her fool you.

    • Besides, El Presidente has said more offensive things “in secret”. He’s on tape and on video. What am I saying? He doesn’t even do it in secret anymore.

  • I thought he handled it well!

  • Let me say this. I don’t begrudge everyone who doesn’t pay federal income taxes. I don’t. But if you are part of the 47% who does not pay income taxes and you are then demanding someone else pay more while you continue to pay 0…we have a problem.

    • crosshr

      huge ,huge problem !, yes RM

    • Garym

      Not just a problem, you have Greece magnified by a factor of 20. We are the last, best hope against the horror that is socialism and right now we are not winning this battle.

    • Kaymaclog

      The problem with your argument is that you aren’t paying attention to the fact that only one percent of that 47% make over $20,000 and don’t pay income tax. Also, 1/2 of those “freeloaders” are elderly on SSI and people so poor they make less than 20,00 for a family of four. The other half pays payroll tax, and they all pay sales tax and tons of other fees and taxes. In fact a higher percentage than the average American pays in those fees and taxes. So you have a problem that homeless veterans and grandparents on a fixed low income aren’t paying as much taxes as you or I…well?

  • I thought that he handled it well too!

  • detectivedick

    Mitt should also identify the the amount of people on “disability” after when your freeloader benefits run out ,,,,go on “disability”. Also he forgot States like Maryland where you apply for freeloader benefits without means testing. Maryland has a trust and honor system..haha. Plus let’s not forget the LIARS statements about guns and religion he made at a fund raiser in Cal.

  • QuodlibetSpasm
    • keyesforpres


      • p m

        I just flagged this spammer on another thread too, and again here just for good measure!

  • keyesforpres

    It’s time Mitt talks about Obama giving visas to known terrorists so they can meet with him in the White House. He also should talk about Obama saying last year that America could absorb another terrorist attack.

    This is a great speech by Michele Bachman. Scoop, I hope you post this.


  • sDee

    Still waiting for a full blown offense.

    • Don’t hold your breathe sDee, would miss having you on TRS if you tried 🙂

  • That’s why he’ll lose, he so darn arrogant that he and the rest of the GOP believe that the President’s supporter don’t pay taxes…..how freakin arrogant! Why are there so many people out of work? WE are still paying off the debt from the last GOP administration and we are not going back. FORWARD

    • He is right THEY DO NOT….get your facts troll….do not give me that sales tax crap. Obama’s supporters are self righteous drones…they expect everthing and pay for nothing..they want what they do not work for and expect what they do not deserve. They are leeches on society and have no courage whatsoever…I am sick of left wing losers that take and take and want someone else to pay…No deary the Producers are sick of paying for the SITTERS LIKE YOU!

      • Amnia Elbasheer

        “Obama’s supporters are self righteous drones…they expect everything and pay for nothing…they want what they do not work for and expect what they do not deserve”

        I am an Obama supporter…. and this is going to blow your mind… you better be sitting down this is going to be the strangest thing you’ve heard all year… I am an employed college graduate. I pay taxes and volunteer!!!!!!! I know I am just one of a kind they should put me in a museum or something right?

        Please don’t generalize it makes Romney supporters look ignorant and stupid.

        • Wow, you are a unique specimen that’s for sure.

        • Yes, the left never generalizes. I mean they don’t think of every, single Tea Party member as a redneck racist. No, not you guys!!

        • cookiebob

          You dont’ have a party anymore… that Democrat party that used to be in America has been taken over by socialist… who want more people on the dole. So you better help get obama out so you can get your party back on track.

      • PVG

        Save your breath, she’s already back at MoveOn.

    • I’ll give you one more chance to listen to the video again to see if you have any comprehension skills at all.

      Furthermore, forward to what? Can you name one, ONE, thing that Obama has done that has helped you. Just one.

      And we aren’t paying off any debt from any administration. We are adding to it at a massive speed.

    • keyesforpres

      Yolanda, you do know Obama spent more than any president in history.

      How do you feel about Obama giving visas to known terrorists so they can visit him in the White House?

      How about the video last summer where Obama said we could absorb another terrorist attack? Sounds like he’s okie dokie with us getting attacked again.

      Now tell me something, is a welfare queen more likely to vote Republican or vote for Obama, “He’s gonna pay my mortgage and put gas in my car!”? Seriously?

    • keyesforpres

      By the way, that “forward” motto was used by Communists in the past. It’s not a suggestion…it’s a command.

      Saw a great bumper sticker with the one stick figure with Obama’s symbol and the stick figure in front of Obama’s is America and America is bent forward. It said, “lean FORWARD I’m not done yet”…meaning O is screwing America.

      By the way, did you know you have to buy health insurance or face a fine? Unconstitutional. Did you know muslims and illegals are exempt? Democrats exempted themselves, the president and his family and over 1500 groups that donated to Obama. That sound like it falls under the Constitution? Ever read the Constitution?

    • Forward you say. Hmmm, you are aware that is pretty much the same slogan for Hilter and Stalin?

      Funny too- everyone I know who is unemployed got that way after dear leader took over. We were still employed when Bush left. And you seem to forget, democrats were in charge of both houses for much of Bush’s term. Run along, I think it’s past your bedtime.

      • 3seven77

        ABC, I think Obamatrons have selective memory. They seem to forget that the dems were in charge of Congress when Bush was President, and held BOTH houses of Congress as well as the WH after the current president (small ‘p’) was elected. They also forget that the current president made a bunch of promises about lowering the oceans, healing the planet, and getting the islamists to love us. And don’t forget those skittle-pooping unicorns we were all supposed to get…

        • zbig666

          During Bush’s time, when the Dems controlled Congress, they actually cooperated with Bush and passed some his priorities. With Repubs in Congress, they block everything that would be good for jobs and the economy all because they want Obama to fail. In other words, they don’t really care about the American people, just themselves.

          • LostinLA1

            The Republicans block proposals out of the White House in an attempt to prevent the Obama administration from destroying what’s left of our economy. The Republican-lead House has passed numerous jobs bills only to see them die on Harry Reid’s desk.

            • zbig666

              The White House proposals to stimulate the economy like repairing bridges, roads, schools which means jobs, jobs, jobs. To pay for these, they want to lower defense spending–you know, billion dollar planes and missiles that were meant against a war with the USSR that no longer exists. But, unfortunately, Republicans want tax cuts for the rich rather than jobs for everyone.

              • Garym

                Joe Biden? Is that you?
                You sound like you work for the communist party usa. The “rich” need people to work and make money and spend money …….. oh never mind, you will not understand how this works.

              • the white house, specifically dear leader’s policies when he has any, are so pitiful even the democrats won’t pass them. And the democrats haven’t allowed a budget passed in over 3 years which is a disgrace. Republicans want tax cuts to remain yes, for small business owners- you know those wealthy people making more than 250,000. Those are the ones hardest hit by dear leader’s policies, yet those are the ones who hire people when they are allowed to re invest their income back into their business instead of “distriibuting” it to the government.

              • For the first two years of his presidency, El Presidente pushed through all that he wanted to get done. How has that worked since then? Obamacare (aka the AAHCA)? Although I feel it is unconstitutional to mandate healthcare, the SCOTUS did rule that it is indeed a tax. A tax on who? Just the so-called “rich”? You are misled if you believe that only the “rich” will be taxed to fund Obamacare. Where did all of that stimulus go for those shovel ready projects that according to Dear Leader, weren’t so shovel ready? Not to any of the job creators out there. Not to those who would be responsible for building and repairing bridges, roads, schools, irrigation projects, fire stations, police stations, houses, parks, and so forth. Good idea on cutting military funding. Communism is dead for sure. It went down with the U.S.S.R. Oh wait, look at which communist country is gearing up for war right now…those “friendly” communist Chinese who took on a huge part of our debt, no thanks to El Presidente. But I guess to you leftists, since the U.S.S.R. is no longer, we don’t need more effective, precise, and modern weaponry to combat any totalitarian country. To you, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, Syria, and countries like them pose no threat. They are tiny compared to the United States, right? Republicans want to cut taxes for the “rich”, eh? That explains exactly why El Presidente kept the Bush “tax cuts” while he was in the White House and the Democrats had control of the House and the Senate. By the way, Prez O made sure that those “tax cuts” are to be repaid at a later date, so they aren’t truly tax cuts.

          • You had better check your information. It is devoid of certain things called facts.


            Yeah, those righteous Democrats surely did reach across the aisle quite often during the G.W. Bush years, didn’t they? They were so easy to work with. The same way they reached across the aisle when they controlled both houses of Congress from 2007 to 2011. By the way, how many Democrats in the Senate passed a federal budget in the last couple of years? How many Democrats in both houses of Congress passed Obama’s budgets recently?

    • Most of those who have and will vote for El Presidente do not pay taxes. Do those in the Occupy movement pay taxes? How about those who cheat the system and are career welfare recipients? Do they pay taxes? How about students in colleges and universities? Unless they have part-time or full-time jobs, which the majority of them do not have, how many of them pay taxes? Sure, they are potential taxpayers; however, huge numbers of college graduates today cannot find jobs after they graduate. Oops, no potential taxpayers there. I’m sure at least half of the students in the U.S. who are able to vote will vote for Romney anyway, right? How about the disabled (if they are physically and/or mentally able to vote), homeless, and those collecting social security? Surely they pay taxes.

      Those who do pay taxes are the same evil rich that Prez O says should pay their “fair share”. Of course, some of the biggest left-wing hypocrites in the United States fall into that category (e.g., Michael Moore and Sean Penn). The next group of taxpayers are the country’s middle income earners. Those who are the country’s low income earners are at the bottom of the taxpayer barrel. Plus, if some of them have income that is low enough, they still qualify for government benefits.

    • KenInMontana

      Forward into deeper debt, larger deficits and higher unemployment, but hey, I guess that’s what you guys call progress.

  • poljunkie

    I thought he did well. But I didn’t care for the questions from the press. They certainly aren’t trying to be objective in their reporting.

    • p m

      Yeah, the usual gotcha meme – glad when he strode off the stage and ignored that last whiner who started a question. Best part!

      • poljunkie

        We liked that too.

        Wow I could never be a politican or run for any office.

  • ughhh what is this? he responds to this CRAP ?? I was happy to hear what he said It was true. Leave it at that.

    He sounds foolish defending this.
    He should have addressed the crap the MSM pulled last week when it happened.
    he responds to this?
    I dont think he needed to.
    I was stoked when he said it. ITS TRUE

  • sybilll

    I’ll take criticism of Romney’s video when the party that wants fellow taxpayers to pay for a 31 y/o college student’s birth control admits they want everyone sucking on the government teat. And, if Obama’s “you didn’t build that” is true, that means that 100% of people are dependent on government for which only 53% of it’s citizens pay. You can’t have it both ways morons.

  • He did well…He did not walk it back..AMEN!! He was excellent about Freedom and Dependency and the difference of Obama Voters who rely on the government for everything!! This will JACK UP CONSERVATIVE BASE!! And many Indies know the 16 trillion in debt is due to UNSUSTAINABLE ENTITLEMENTS.

    Plus in private we all talk about this with friends, families and associates….Freeloaders anjd people who expect everything and pay nothing. We all know it. And seniors are the ones most CRITICAL of lazy kids and people who do not work and expect a handout!

    Mitt did excellent and he is out in front and set the narrative!

  • marketcomp

    This is brillant! An opportunity to get his message out and not be filtered by the media. All the MSM media have gone home! Excellent move by the Governor to not only reiterate what he said in the fundraiser but still focus on Obama’s terrible economy!

    • poljunkie

      I know!!!!! A perfect time for him to propose a jobs plan implementing all avenues. EPA regulations being lifted, drilling, coal, oil/gal, natural gas, etc etc.

      He needs to run with this!!! Mitt Romney if you are here on the Right Scoop, take note of our suggestions!!!!!!!!

    • That did cross my mind, but the media will still cut and clip what they want out of it….Gingrich had a point during his campaign. The GOP candidate should haunt Obama. Follow him everywhere……and I would add- they should preempt Obama’s actions at every step, which Romney is doing, but he should also attack the evening before big Obama fundraisers so that he can point out that Obama is out getting corporate money rather than taking on important issues. Don’t show your hand with an ad (as far as what you will do), but rather attack at opportune times.

      • p m

        Excellent plan Stewie, wish he would. Thanks to Mark Levin, we heard that in Connecticut today, zero announced trade suits against China. Said he’d decided on that two months ago – oh, really? No mention of it anywhere. Only reason is to take away one of R&R’s planks.

        This ba$tard is stealing R&R’s economic plan to try and neutralize their campaign, all the while denigrating them personally and re-telling blatant lies.

        RM and PR should be taking turns each day to call pressers to slam every damn thing this creep has done and NOT done – and point out that only after they drew attention to China’s trade practises did zero do anything – flimsy and stupid as it is. They should also be hammering him on foreign policy and show him for what he is – not save it all for the debates. Romney’s awareness of ME security is pretty good thanks to his friendship with Bibi. Time is short.

        • My thoughts exactly. El Presidente does not like it when someone makes him look like the incompetent boob he is. All he can do is steal Romney’s ideas. Wait a minute, I thought Romney didn’t have any ideas. Oh well, no matter to Dear Leader.

    • BINGO!!!

  • chrisc72

    Mitt owned it. He told the truth and was honest about how he felt. The lapdogs attack him on a candid conversation but won’t even question Obama about the crisis the world is in. That’s what everyone including liberals should be pisses about

  • PAWatcher

    Why is Romney pursuing this avenue of campaign? Attack obama on the ME situation, lead against this criminal activity! Wake up, obama and his ilk are in the biggest coverup in history and Romney campaign is defending nonsense!
    There’s some esplainin to do and it’s not about the nonsense Romney is defending so valiantly.
    Get obama and his pals in this coverup of mass murder, they are complicit……..period!

    • Paw more and more stories are coming out about Obama and the ME….which are making him look worse and worse….Romney may talk about it…I would not mind if he did but Obama is getting slapped around on the ME and it comes from oversea leaders the MSM cannot control!!

      • PAWatcher

        You are right Michael the rest of the world are hunting for answers and We here are having to listen to “he said” nonsense. Why is Romney stooping to their level? He needs to stand tall and strong against the atrosities going on. He needs to start the conversation, not answer to their blatant distractions.
        Romney has the smarts, when will he unite with US to get to the truth and knock obama on his … with it.

        • Paw tell Romney the outlets that will report it that way for him? He came out last week about the ME and he was mocked and even torn down by conservatives. The media filtered everything and the Media today is so far left that Obama gives them talking points. So I say again where does Mitt go for that unfiltered exposure and who will give it to him? He can talk at stops, place ads in certain states but even if he calls a press conference how many listen in today’s 24/7 cycle that is left controlled. This is not the 80s…

          • PAWatcher

            How about places like right here, Drudge, American thinker, Brietbart, PJ media or all the other conservative sites. We are the republican base, he should talk to US, We will get his messages out- if they have substance akin to ours.

            • PAW – I think you nailed his problem on the proverbial head. He supposedly has the conservative vote in the bag, why bother going to any of those outlets. He is loving himself some moderates!

  • Very consistent. Everything he said in the video is true, and don’t back down. FACE THE TRUTH and choose your path, American people!

  • poljunkie

    Freedom or free stuff.

    • PVG

      She needs to say that about Romney’s presser. The folks he was referencing just want the “free stuff”.

      • poljunkie

        I agree.

  • AbdulBX

    Mitt needs to quit calling a press conference everytime he makes a statement. However, this is the message that needs to get out. This is what this elections is about.

    I wish I ran his campaign. He would be up by 20. lol

    • With all due respect BS!! Rush has made this point and it needs to get into other Conservatives heads….You live in your protected world and say whatever you want and think it will have the winning message…I appreciate that!

      But here is reality and Rush made it:

      Why is Obama not up by 20? People whine all the time and act tough on the right…yet so many accept the NARRATIVE that Obama is winning or that Mitt should be up! WHY??

      Here is the usual conservative answer…Obama is awful the economy, jobs, income, money, energy, oil, foreign policy and US Constitution

      I agree Obama is a DISASTER!!

      But here is the problem and Rush said:

      Romney is one man he is attacked 24/7 by the media….Reagan had three networks…Romney is attacked by every newspaper, TV group, Hollywood Star, Pundits on the left and right, he is called murderer, felon, out of touch, a mormon, capitalist pig, jerk, whimp, hates women and on and on and on.

      So tell me how would you do with that assault?

      Conservatives love to think just hit him hard…okay who filters those hits….Does ABC, NBC, CBS, NYT, WaPo, YAHOO, GOOGLE, AP, REUTERS and others run right out and proclaim what Romney says???

      No…since June Obama has launched over 100 million against Romney…the hit pieces are daily, hourly and so on….people on the right knock him left and right for not doing this or that….DO YOU SEE THE LEFT ATTACKING OBAMA AT ALL?? We destroy our guy and then say it is for his good! or because we cry and say HE WAS NOT MY FIRST CHOICE…go get a kleenex!

      The right knocks Mitt and the left unmercifully…go to Red State where that moron Erikson contradicts himself daily…he is a moron! He adds nothing to the discussion yet rips Mitt every day over something…you know what Erik….Run for President Einstein since you would be perfect!

      We clamor for Newt? Really lets see after his Scandal conservatives abandoned him in droves….We would not settle on Santorum or Newt and we cancelled each one out. Newt can say whatever he wants now because he is NOT RUNNING! Newt would have been hounded night and day as well!

      Rush is right…I say again with everything against Mitt why is Obama not up by 20 points? Why is Obama now campaigning in Wisconsin? Why is Mitt tied? I think ahead…Rush mentioned all these News Media Polls are so skewed it is pathetic and that is just to show Obama tied or up by 1-3.

      The NYT poll that has 49/46 Obama…SKEWED 13 percent more Registered Dems…think about that? even when they switched to LV they skewed Dem 6 right out of 2008 and they end up with 49/46…give me a break!

      Oh and by the way Rasmussen is using a PLUS 2 Dem Sample….not Plus 1 or 2 Republican…just so everyone knows!! He is the closest to how this turnout will be…maybe even too high Dem as well!

      • Here, here Michael! I’m sick and tired of people on our side (who never has or wouldn’t have the guts to run for office) whine about every little inconsequential thing Romney doing or not doing – especially that weasel Eric Erickerson!

        • poljunkie

          I know, whats up with EE?

          • PVG

            Dunno. But had to tell a friend today that EE was flat out wrong! He’s too close to the “insiders”.

  • odin147

    Mitt is right 47% do look at themselves as victims and need govt. help why else would they be supporting the one after everything that has happened. This is nothing to be defensive about what Mitt should say is that you don’t have to feel like a victim it is not their fault , the one let them down.

  • FreeManWalking

    I still think Romney needs to provide some examples to his philosophy, and explain why he thinks we are moving down the socialist road that will ultimately lead to destruction.

    After he asked the question ‘Do you believe in a government centered society that provided more and more benefits’ He should work in the famous Thatcher Quote“A government that takes from the producers to give to more and more benefits soon runs out of other peoples money, then there will be 0 benefits.

    • poljunkie

      oooh I like that idea, using the quote.

  • victorykd

    They intended to derail him with these leaked videos and instead they are a plus for him. I thought he was strong and presidential in this interview. I think he will be good for America. It’s a tight race but I think he can win.

  • Joengima

    Mitt Romney addressed the elephant in the room.

    47% of Americans are receiving government handouts. And if they’ve become dependent on Government, he’s right, they’ll vote for Obama. But there is at least a 1/3rd (I pray more but you never know) who are taking handouts because of economic times being hard but wants to work again.

    Romney essentially is confessing he won’t be appealing to those who believe Government should do more.

    This press conference could set up the final argument of the elections.

    Small Gov vs Big Gov.

    By doing a press Conference, he stood by remarks, he came out normal, I admit I did wish he hit Obama more but this line is what it’s about:

    “It is freedom that drives our economy–that free people, creating free enterprises, is what creates good jobs with good wages.”

    I think doing press Conferences like this is smart. He gets to talk directly to the people before the MSM can do their lame spin.

    I feel, the MSM will drop this soon. Why? With Romney’s remarks, the MSM will have to spin and defend those on the Government dime, meaning acknowledging the economy is bad, which hurts Obama.

    Look, in order to put Obama even/ Up by a few points, MSM has been oversampling Dems by at least 10%. This is also bogus considering even with this gap, GOP enthusiasm is still high.

    Unskewed the polls and it’s Romney who’s up. Obama’s high is actually 47%.

    This was somewhat brilliant in Romney’s part. He just needs to follow through with this.

    I will warn Romney. He better bring it in ALL THREE DEBATES. He must tap the anger of the American People and take it to Obama hard.

    • AbdulBX

      This is the ELEPHANT in the room. People are getting tired of working hard as hell, while “our neighbors”, who are able to work, sick back and collect government checks. This cuts across all racial lines. I’m black, live in predominately black-latino area, and here it constantly. I am praying Romney does not back down from this. The anger is DEFINITELY out there.

      • poljunkie

        I have a cousin in Cali. ( She’s very liberal) She remarried in 2005. Her new husband worked for a delivery company ( one of the big ones). He “hurt” his leg. Received disablity. Liked hanging out at home so much instead of working, he decided to continue receiving it, somehow. Now, seven years later, he is on unemployment and disability.
        When I heard this from my mom, who heard this from another relative, I nearly blew my stack. BUT the kicker is I just heard they are buying a summer home.

        I dont know how this is possible, and I dont know how they can think this is right?
        I guess they are off my Christmas card list.

        • BOPOS

          You should report them for double dipping. I decided to sell my home to pay off debt from my small business that has struggled the last 3+ years. I was advised by many to claim bankruptcy, keep the home and write off the debt, but I had equity and it was simply the right thing to do. It sickens me to think our tax dollars allow these cheaters to buy a summer home. Karma…..

          • poljunkie

            Its been irking me for some time now.
            I mean go back to work, slacker.

            I’m with you on the bankruptcy thing. We have some property that is underwater because the Real Estate market just fell out from under us. I mean everything was great and then poof. A lot of people in the neighborhood either foreclosed or shortsaled ( some attorneys advertised shortsaling with no credit impact and no repayment). We were like, NO NO NO. We will ride it out.
            We rented the house out. So far, we’ve had two great tenants, who both have fallen on hard times, and really needed a nice house to live in.

          • I feel for you. I have shut down my business, due to increasing federal regulation and newly instituted fees that would have to be paid. I am in the process of trying to file for bankruptcy on my business. I have had to sell my place at a much lower price than what I wanted to sell it for, so I’m taking a loss there. I am also in the process of moving in with my folks in Wyoming because I have lost the majority of what I have, save the clothes on my back, my computers, and my vehicle. Two of my aunts lost their jobs in a “blue” state and moved in with my folks. They are closing in on retirement age. They had been out of work for over a year. One of them got a job within two weeks in Wyoming. She got a place of her own and the other aunt moved in with her and has taken on child care jobs to help pay for expenses. This all has happened during the era of “Hope and Change”. I, you, and others have and are experiencing the wonderful, prosperous life that the Obama regime has brought about. More and more people will suffer before the economy gets better and jobs start becoming available in massive numbers, which I fear if El Presidente gets another term in office, will not occur.

    • PVG

      I pray you are right.

  • I dont think it is a liability when you STATE the truth.

  • Interesting that the press is more concerned about a factual statement about the 47% who are on the public dole, but less concerned about the fact that Obama has failed completely with respect to the murder of Americans in Libya, the murder of a Border Patrol agent, and the President’s unwillingness to answer questions associated with those events.

  • BMinPA

    He looked shaken. He clearly did not expect his words to get out. Kept saying show the question too as if that is gonna help. You run to the podium defending what you said only when you think it is hurting you. With Afghanistan and all that is going on in the middle east he is preempting himself. That’s all we’ll be hearing for the rest of the week. True or not, this is not the way to get votes.

    • marketcomp

      What world did you see? For your information what he said in the fundraser is what he said in the press conference. Moreover, can you even point to a time that Obama has reitereated anything that he said in a fundraiser? I’ll be waiting!

    • BOPOS

      He has to defend and get ahead it before the lame stream media who are in the tank for Obama and Obama himself spin it into something it is not. It was a fund raiser where people were asking him questions before they part with their money as he said. I thought he looked tired not shaken. If I were him I would be sick and tired of being set up. Don’t think Obama is not talking worse to his people. I can only imagine what he says about the half of who do not agree with him. Romney speaks the truth and most of us hard working Americans agree. He has integrity and that is what is important.

  • joyfulgiver

    You have to respect the man for coming out almost immediately and clarifying his comments. You know Mitt is speaking from his heart because there is NO stuttering, NO “uhh”, “uhh”, “uhh”. The man has conviction, character and class. He did the right thing!

    That said, I believe that the media will turn it around once again to DISTRACT us from the real issues at hand.

  • ObamaPelosi

    Everyone who is planning to vote for Romney, or who is supporting Romney needs to vote. Don’t worry about the MSM. Even if Obama shows 20 pts. up in the polls, don’t let them distract you. Don’t worry if Romney is ahead in the polls or behind in the polls in your state. Vote anyway and under any circumstances. Even if you are not planning to vote, this is the year not to sit it out. You must vote for Mitt Romney against all odds. Don’t let the media lie to you, don’t let the scared pretend-Republicans make you believe that Romney has no chance. The polls are skewed…they are meaningless. Vote your conscience. Don’t worry about anything. Don’t look left or right, looks straight ahead, get your i.d., get to the polls, and vote Mitt Romney!!!!Don’t let anyone or anything stop you. Let’s all do this together and win one for America!

    • PVG

      Let’s Roll!!

    • proudhispanicconservative

      Excellent post: They are trying their best to discourage us, but in november 06, the silent majority will be waiting to come out.

    • LostinLA1

      And take someone with you when you vote, ie a friend, family member or neighbor. We need to get all like-minded voters who support getting rid of Obama (and voting Romney) to the polls to vote on election day. If you know anyone who will not be able vote at their polling place on election day make sure they have an absentee ballot and have mailed it in.

      • zbig666

        Sincere question, LostinLA1: what policies will Romney bring about do you like? because I haven’t heard any other than tax cuts.

        • RosiesSeeingRed

          The tax cuts will NOT bring the country further into debt. That’s the left’s inaccurate message. Romney wants to close the loopholes which allow the very rich and big businesses like GE, Apple and Google to wiggle out of taxes and pay practically nothing. Hell, if we could tax them at even half of what the big oil companies pay (which is a 40% tax rate — the highest in the WORLD — with no loopholes — they PAY IT), it would be FAR better than allowing the tax cuts to expire, which will definitely, absolutely hurt small businesses.

          Romney has a very aggressive free-market based energy plan that will develop all of our natural resources and alternative energy innovation, creating hundreds of thousands of jobs.

          He will eliminate unnecessary regulations that are strangling new business start-ups and small businesses….he will eliminate government programs that are ineffective but are costing taxpayers millions and billions…I could go on…or you could just go to the Romney website and actually read them.

          And of course you haven’t actually heard Romney’s plans. He’s out on the campaign trail every day stating them, but if the liberal press chooses not to allow the sheeple to hear them, then they can accuse him of not having any plans, and then the sheeple dutifully repeat that falsehood. See how that works?

  • semihardrock

    HE WILL LOSE! he IS an idiot…..

    Even after he screwed up….he STILL just said the exact same thing in this “press conference.” He DOES NOT elaborate who he was or was not speaking to or about, Military Personell, the Elderly, or anyone else who has fallen on hard times in this OBAMA created depression.

    Hes an idiot and deserves to lose! This is WHY he is not well liked within GOP voters.

    Communism Rules the USA!

  • brendawatkins

    I’m still with you, Mitt! At least you don’t run and hide like the little weasel Obama does.

    • poljunkie

      Im with him more now than I was before. At least he is showing some courage, or something.

      • brendawatkins

        The more I learn the more I like.

  • Joengima

    Any Conservative that says he will lose because of this, may I remind you all on a daily basis the MSM, Democratic Party, and President Barack Obama insults all of us everyday?

    We’re called Racists, Homophobes, Sexists, Religious Fanatics, and other crap every single day. Yet there is no uproar. Romney actually took a swipe at Obama Voters. Well it’s about freaking time!

  • really romney,,, after this freeloading congress not passing job bills?

    • Joengima

      Blame the Senate. If I’m not mistaken the Republican House passed 13 different job bills.

      • The number might be closer to 22.

      • Yes, but the House keeps passing those stupid CR’s, they are as much to blame for the out of control spending as the Senate…..

        • They are forced into it because Harry Reid won’t pass a Budget Resolution. over 1,200 days, and still no budget.

          • Sorry, but they could just not pass one. I know that it would be a radical idea for the House to take responsibility here and stand up for principles but come on guys 16 Trillion dollars of debt….

    • What exactly is a “jobs bill” and how does it create jobs? I remember Obama passing the largest “jobs bill” in history and it creating 0 jobs. You want more of that?

      • proudhispanicconservative

        She is just another one of the 47% trolls out there that their aspirations in life are getting handouts from the government.

        • jhcapron

          Can you imagine someone dumb enough to wait for the government to create a “jobs bill?” Seems a bit career-limiting to me.

          • proudhispanicconservative

            I have never understood why these liberals put all their hopes in big government.

            • Evil Otto

              Off the top of my head, two reasons:

              1) Power. Leftists crave power over others, and big government is the only real way to get it.

              2) It takes a lot less effort than doing anything for themselves. Why bother helping people yourself when you can demand that the government do it? That way you get the smug satisfaction without the effort.

    • crosshr

      In case the Lame Stream Media did never send you the memo, Obama Job proposal were voted out even by majority of the Democrats members. Why ? they saw the Lions share belong to Unions and Huge Corps, bailed out once by this Admin. Has nothing to do with you or I

  • proudhispanicconservative

    Troll Alert:::::: They are ofended.
    Now seriously I am glad Romney said what he said, we have to confront these problems because we are eventually going to run out of people’s money.

  • ► Hey Mitt how many golden parachutes can you pull out of your åss?

    • Ah, the hate of someone because he has money. I love it. It’s like we’re living in the French Revolution or the Lennist Revolution.


      • ► I don’t hate him I just want to get his money

        • If you’re trolling, you got me.

          If not, then I have nothing else to say as that post basically sums up you and your party’s position pretty succintly.

          • ► Fuçk your fat cat party in the åss

            • Let’s see, I’d rather hang out with the rich people and be like them, and you’d rather hang out with the poor people and be like them. Now which of us has the right of it?

              BTW, you’ll be banned in like an hour so enjoy it.

            • crosshr

              watch the vulgar, not tolerate around in class room. anything nice to say and share, great, nothing good to say, say nothing !

              • ► OK, well let’s not fuçk your fat cat tea party in the åss

                • stage9

                  The Law of Liberal Sodomitics states that…

                  All liberal conversations will inevitably devolve into expressions of their love for sodomy.

        • crosshr

          through O and current admin, many are taking Mitts money. Let us see, if mitt made 22 mil in 2010 and he paid 15% 0n that. Plus he paid 10 % tithe at his church, support various foundations while 46% receive support from gov. in some form. How much more Obama and you still want Mitt to pay ? I see that as a no different than a Bank hold up in mid afternoon Sat.

          • ► I not only want him to pay more taxes, I want equity takeovers to be outlawed so asshºles like him can’t weasel their way onto the board and pay themselves

            • Trust us, we’ve got the gist of it. You want communism.

              • ► Oh that’s right I want Communism fuçk you in the åss, and my apologies to Bill O’Reilly

                • JoeMontana16

                  Yes you don’t want communism. You just want more burritos and tacos and and beans and rice for free for everyone. I get it.

                • JoeMontana16

                  Also I hope scoop doesn’t kick you off this site. I need someone to screw with like your ilk is screwing America.

                • ► Fuçk your ilk too

              • ► Cocksuçker

                • tc, this should be right up you iq: obamas lover larry sinclair, you can youtube or google: drugs, sex, and the big white limousine ride and a classy hotel rumble, a white pony show included.
                  obama had another friend of the same mold who was going to testify about obama, just days before the event, he was murdered.
                  tc, go play in the yards where when your dirt or trash no one around you notices, yards like these; obamas, liberals, democrats etc.

                  tea party patriot

            • JoeMontana16

              Scoop, ill say it again, please don’t kick this particular Guy off of here. Not this one.

        • cookiebob

          Exactly the problem with Democrats… you want to live off the work of others.

          • ► Of course I want to live off the work of others. What do you suppose the likes of Mitt Romney want to live off of?

            • stage9

              Wow! you really ARE insane!

    • JoeMontana16

      Mitt said he smells an a$$hole. I told him that its just tejano chimbos feet. He has been walking up Obama’s butt.

    • stage9

      How many sodomites have been in yours?

  • colemarkc

    Play nicely, children. It’s all fun and games until someone gets elected.

    • ► Yes and after that it’s fun and games until somebody gets elected again

  • jhcapron

    Trying to understand what the problem is…I’m part of the 53% who are being taken advantage of by the 47% who are free riders…Romney describes them perfectly, plus gets a free news conference out of it. Let the dinosaur media push this for a couple of days. It only serves to make his case even more. This is brilliant on the Republican team’s part, and in the process, reminds responsible people about the freeloaders.

    • proudhispanicconservative

      I agree completely.

    • ► Oh, we hate freeloaders http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OU-KvA0lq78

    • ► Go back to Cuba cabron

    • ► Oh fuçk you the biggest freeloaders in history are on Wall Street paying themselves hundreds of billions in bonuses from the public purse and foreclosing on people you call parasites. Fuçk you in the åss

      • Boon Companion

        Walter Sobchak? Nah. Walter at least knew what was actually going on.

        • Oh yes, Walter Sobchak. And he knew what, exactly?

          • Boon Companion

            More than you. That was my point.

            • ► Oh, I see. He knew more than me.

              Well thanks for the Information


              • Boon Companion

                That’s clever. Is it your voice?

                • ► No, that’s Ms Webster. She needs a tax cut can you dig it?

                • Boon Companion

                  Unfortunately, there have been no tax cuts in the U.S. for 12 years.

                • ► No tax cuts for twelve years thanks for the information

                • Boon Companion

                  It emphasizes your point about Ms. Webster. She indeed deserves a tax break.

                • Sandie

                  Giggles to start my day….. heheheee

                • stage9

                  Did you actually say: Can you dig it?

                  Now we know your problem! You’re stuck in the 60’s and you’re tripping….

                  Don’t do drugs kids! You’ll become a mindless liberal!

          • He knew the ringer could not look empty. He knew the Chinaman was not the issue. He hated that kraut Burkholder down at the league office because he knew that he did roll on Shabbos. He also knew how get a toe, with nailpolish….i could go on. Walter knew lots of things. You remind me more of Donny.

      • Evil Otto

        You seem angry. That’s not healthy for you.

        • stage9

          Yeah, and we’ll be paying for this idiot’s health care. Probably after he’s been incarcerated and contracted an STD from his prison mates.

      • Well, I’m one of the 53% whose home was overvalued due to the mandated loans to freeloaders creating a false market, not a free one. Banks faced gov’t punishment for not complying with mandates, so the market, Wall St., et al, was skewed by GOV’t.

        I worked hard, saved for retirement and lost everything. Home. Everything. The difference is that I know exactly who to blame. The 47% do not.

        Chingate a ti mismo. Con un nopal.

        • Taxpayer1234

          BEST explanation of housing bubble! You rock!

          • I skeerd him off, it seems. Must.use.powers.for.good. . .

        • Ademas, cobarde!!

    • Let’s replay Tejano Chimbo’s comment, since he’s gotten shy:

      “Oh fuçk you the biggest freeloaders in history are on Wall Street paying themselves hundreds of billions in bonuses. . . “

      • jhcapron

        I can always tell when someone is losing the argument. Instead of whining, why don’t you work at becoming richer. It’s easier than you think, but it does require hard work and sacrifice.

        • But can you always tell when someone is supporting you? Read further through the thread. Tejano was being an ass by deleting his comments. I’ll hold my cards for this round of betting. Don’t make me lay it down, friend.

          • jhcapron

            I survived one war…you’re just a commenter…grow up…

            • Timeline. Because I’m not your enemy, I’m not disagreeing with your first comment at the top of this thread. My original remark was to Tejano. That’s why the bylines say “in reply to.” Tejano later removed his remark. See “guest.” He was being an ass in his comment to you and got ashamed. I re-posted it for context to my retort to him. It was never about you.

              I hope you’ll accept the hand that has always been kindly extended in your direction. And I forgive you for calling me a whiner.

              • jhcapron

                Joan…blush…actually, I owe you a BIG, BIG, BIG apology. Thank you for the head shaping.

          • KenInMontana

            Tejano’s comments were removed by a moderator after he was banned for repeatedly ignoring our comment policy.

            • Swell. Fine. However it came to be deleted. Not the point. At all. But Tejano was being an arse to Capron within his comment, is the point. If the confusion could be made any more tedious, I can’t imagine it.

              • KenInMontana

                “Tejano was being an ass by deleting his comments.”

                “Tejano later removed his remark. See “guest.” He was being an ass in his comment to you and got ashamed.”

                Thus my response to you. Hope that clears your confusion.

                • *facepalm* For freaking sakes. Timeline. I miss the old days of an actual time-stamp and flow of conversation. I understand (after you already told me) that you deleted the comment. In earlier comment, I did not know that RightScoop deleted comments. That is why I said what I said to Capron before you so kindly enlightened me. I’m not confused about that anymore. I got it the first time. I understand. You deleted a troll and then felt you had to step in to defend the troll from my calling him an ass for deleting (I now know he didn’t) his comments. Got it?

                • KenInMontana

                  I was hardly defending a troll, not sure how you extrapolated that from what I posted. As for “timeline” you can adjust how the time stamp appears on comments in your preferences. Got it?

  • Ladies and gentlemen, the Left complains about “Fat Cats” and the Right about “Freeloaders.”

    Now, I ask you, which would you rather have your country made up of? I can tell you without hestitation I’d take the “Fat Cats” over the “Freeloaders” every day of the week.

    • zbig666

      Oh, so you want “Fat Cats” like Goldman Sachs, Monsanto, Wallmart, AIG, Koch brothers, Exxon, Enron, etc. telling you and your wife where to live, what to eat, where to study, what hospital to go to? that means, you’ll live outside the gated communities of Romney, eat greasy food at McDonalds, study at for-profit diploma mills that you’ll be indebted to for life, and stay for hours at emergency rooms ‘cuz you can’t afford health care. Good luck with that.

      • stage9

        I notice you left out the richest of them all…Soros. How convenient.

        And stupid, if you don’t like McDonalds then don’t eat there! Are you really so helpless that you need someone to block the door of McDonalds for you to prevent you from eating there? Are you really that inept? Is your will really that weak?

        I mean is THIS what our society has come to? A bunch of weak-minded, helpless letches who can’t perform even the most simple of functions because government bureaucrats aren’t there to assist them? Are these pathetic excuses of human beings really this stupid? What next? Are they going to have to help you wipe your butt?

        YOU are the problem with AMERICA! You are useless!

      • KenInMontana

        Perhaps you should take a closer look at Obama’s “fat cat” cabinet.
        Rahm Emanuel….Former Chief of Staff….Contract employee at Goldman Sachs
        Robert Hormats..Under Sec of State….Vice Chairman, GS Int’l
        Stephen Friedman..Chairman, FIAB…..Co-COO, Chairman, GS
        Diana Farrell…..Dep.Director NEC…….Financial Analyst, GS
        Phillip Murphy…Amb. to Germany……..Sr. Director, GS, Frankfurt
        Mark Patterson..Chief of Staff, Treasury…GS Lobbyist
        Adam Storch…COO, SEC Enforcement….VP, Business Intelligence, GS
        Alexander Lasry..White House staff….Analyst, Gov. Affairs, GS
        Sonal Shah….White House staff….VP, Environmental Policy, GS
        Gregory Craig..White House Counsel…Chief Counsel, Defending SEC suit, GS

        • zbig666

          Well if what you say is true, they should all leave the cabinet.

          • KenInMontana

            All you have is talking points, try thinking for yourself and doing some honest research, some place besides your candidate’s website.

          • That’s the only point you’ve brought up that I actually agree with.

  • This is a great moment in this election. Romney needs to turn this into gold.

    • zbig666

      Too bad people with this warped viewpoint only comprise 20% and won’t get him elected.

      • stage9

        20%? have you been hitting the bath salts again?

  • The [email protected] trying to do a question in the end gave me a lot of laughs lol Stand for the makers, Mitt! We don’t need freeloaders!


    I am so sick of Gov. Romney speaking and acting Presidential like a true Leader. He needs to emulate Obama and pander, pander, pander. (did I mention pander?). Who is ever going to vote for someone who speaks his mind and isn’t afraid of the media? (me)

    • LOL! Yeah really. What’s Romney’s problem? 😛

  • zbig666

    The key thing Romney said is, “My job is is not to worry about THOSE people” Really? I thought when you become President, you’re the president of ALL the people and not just the 1% who you freeload on?

    • Howzah123

      Why should he care about people who don’t want to contribute and who vote for the Political Party who offers the most Free Stuff?

      You’re assuming the Entitlement Society is a protected class. It isn’t

      • zbig666

        Why would people vote into government someone who wants to wreck the government? Do we actually want to return to the wild west where you bring a gun with you everywhere and fight it out to stake your claim, where you die by 40 and every other child will die?

        • stage9

          Because you’re an idiot, that’s why you did it!

        • That’s what the greenies want. Back to your caves, no more air conditioning, no more cars. Crappy medicine, crappy infrastructure, and a return to early death.

          (yeah, I know it’s gone, but I felt like it).

    • Yea, except that isn’t what he said, is it. He was specifically, and it’s very clear unless you choose not to hear it, that he can’t worry about trying to get their VOTES, because they aren’t going to vote for him. It isn’t that he doesn’t care about them or wish to help them…it’s that he can’t waste campaign funds trying to persuade them.

      • Right on!

      • zbig666

        Looking at the video http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2012/09/secret-video-romney-private-fundraiser

        it sure sounds like he really doesn’t care and will not help anyone who’s not in his ‘class’. It’s funny how he lumps the elderly, the poor, the veterans, students who get help via student loans as ‘freeloaders’ when these people (and their parents) have paid into the system with their blood, sweat and tears and deserve to start getting back their investment in social security, medicare, veterans benefits, a good public education.

        • stage9

          Who says ANYONE is obligated to “help you”??? Help yourself you useless drone! What the heck do you think this is? The Soviet Union? The government is going to change your diaper? and burp you?

          Get out and find a job you lunatic!

          • zbig666

            Oh, so when you or your daughter catches a debilitating illness, and you can no longer work and lose all your money, we should just drop you and your child off at the nearest gutter?

            • KenInMontana

              You’ve trolled long enough, I think, so it’s back to MJ for you.

    • stage9

      LOL! OWS gutter trash accusing others of freeloading! LOL! You’re the reason America is failing…you’re a drain on society because you’re useless, not because you’re poor.

  • zbig666

    When Obama was faced with the Rev. Wright fracas, he gave a stunning speech about race and the quest for a more perfect union. Faced with this fracas, Romney spoke haltingly, answered three questions, then ducked out as fast he can. Not very presidential.

    • Bravo Sierra, that was right up there with the “Cairo” Speech, just words, just empty hollow words.

    • stage9

      Yeah, it was stunning alright genius! It’s been stunning to see such a dolt embraced as a phoney messiah figure by a bunch of naive and infantile minded idiots….It’s people like you who will ensure that hell will have a very prosperous future.

  • Rob_Bryant

    My family is in that 47%. I’m voting for him, as I’m DEFINITELY not in Obama’s camp.

    • 1217Chic

      I think this will help Romney……53% are sick of paying for it…..

  • zbig666

    I’m curious, when Santorum said “We’ll never appeal to smart people”–how many people here think that he’s right?

    • stage9

      What does he say to his rich buddies? C’mon, you’re a brilliant left wing drain on society, what does Romney say to his buddies? Clearly YOU KNOW! What? do you have his phones tapped? Are you a part of his inner circle? Enlighten Oh great and brilliant purveyor of gutter politics!

      Please stop talking…your miniscule intellect is showing.

  • ► Israel is a pain in the åss

    • zbig666

      Israel used to be the bullied, but now that they’ve been in power for so long, the way they treat their Palestinian brethren is appalling. If they only provided jobs, good housing, health care, etc., then these people wouldn’t feel like killing themselves in their cause. ‘Cuz when you have a good life, why would you end it? It’s only when you have a hopeless life that you do something like shoot people up.

      • ► Bullied, or resisted? All conquests are resisted, at least initially, and often forever.

        I tell you what if God promised my home to a Jew it’d be a fuçking dead Jew

        • stage9

          And if that Jew was a neighbor and you killed him, you’d be next.

          • ► Yes, that sounds about right, but you don’t get something for nothing now do you?

      • stage9

        Are you INSANE?

        Israel is surrounded by a hundred islamic countries whose sole ambition is to wipe them off the friggin planet and you idiots have the audacity to blame the victim of hate rather than the the aggressors??

        Grow a brain radicals and then you will have earned the right to an opinion!

      • hannah

        The Palestinians don’t want those. They don’t want Israel to exist.

      • Josh

        Wow. You really are uninformed. If you think Israel is the aggressor, you need to have your head examined. Take this little tidbit and chew on it for a while. Gaza consistently fires rockets into Israel. Why? Because they HATE THEM. They HATE them because their great, great, …………… great, great grandfather was not chosen by God to be His people. Period.

    • stage9

      Well, that’s what you radicals get for endorsing homosexuality.

  • Kasandra

    I hope Romney has learned by now that the liberal media is trying to get him into a spin, so he spends all his time answering their stupid questions.

    Just tell them, you said what you meant and end of subject. Then let them go in their corner and try to figure that out!

    They’re a lot easier to play if you pay attention!

  • zbig666

    Romney just announced he’s getting out of the race and running for governor…of the Cayman islands.

    Who does Romney relate to? Billionaires, um, nobody else?

    If Romney becomes President, here’s what he wants to do:
    – bring back no banking regulations so Goldman Sachs can start a new bubble and crash the economy;
    – bring back pre-existing conditions to health care contracts so insurance companies can make a killing (literally and figuratively);
    – cripple the EPA so global warming will lead to more hurricanes, tornadoes and droughts;
    – outsource American jobs;
    – make more for-profit jails to house these unemployed Americans;
    – make war with Iran and send oil prices through the roof and destabilize the whole world.

    • lying seems to come very naturally to you.

    • stage9

      LOL. Thanks for posting this. It helps remind us all of just how utterly insane left wing radicals really are….and our need to eliminate liberalism off the face of the earth.

      I especially liked this one: “cripple the EPA so global warming will lead to more hurricanes, tornadoes and droughts;” as though eliminating the EPA will somehow bring worldwide cataclysmic destruction! LOL!

      Is this what they’re teaching you idiots, really? I’m becoming more and more convinced that Obama isn’t the problem with this country, it’s idiots like this who live in some manufactured alternate reality.

      • It’s called government schooling LOL

    • You have clearly lost your mind after inhaling all those unicorn farts. Moderation, my friend… pace yourself. Leave some of those for the other leftists.

    • WordsFailMe

      Deaf? Moron? Liar? Freak Commie throwback? High fever? Yeast infection won’t let you sleep? Still in public school?

      Does you mama know you still do that with your fingers?

  • Philo Beddoe

    A dose of harsh reality will make people strive to better themselves.

    • stage9

      that doesn’t apply to liberals. If reality doesn’t match their fantasy they burn down reality.

  • the truth will set us free! Forget the liberal, communist, marxist, socialist democrat scabs in our lives who will always have their hand out for the free government neosporin.

    Tea Party Patriot
    Way to go Mitt.

  • The Romney/Ryan plan is exhibited at 6:47 of this cartoon:

  • “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can exist only until the voters discover they can vote themselves largess out of the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidate promising the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that democracy always collapses over a loose fiscal policy, always to be followed by a dictatorship.”

    It is what it is. Don’t apologize for telling the truth, don’t back down. Democrats ARE the party of government dependance.

  • Release the Hounds. Romney needs to start exposing the liberal press, turn to offense, and demand a explanation of Libya and Egypt.

  • I work as a custodian overnight, and so I listen to the radio.

    The “top of the hour” news repeated this “scandalous” news every hour on the hour for at least 5 or 6 hours… every hour I thought WHO THE #### CARES !!!

    It is my firm belief that the radio top-of-the-hour news is the most robotic, liberal-bias, in a dumb simply-repeat-the-meme-or-talking-points way, of any other form of MSM….

    If you agree with me, then “like” this post as an informal poll.

  • BostonBruin

    Kudos to Gov. Romney for once again having the courage to face the media.

    The points he makes about this 47% issue are excellent and exactly what the country needs to hear (like it or not). This election is about competing visions more than anything else. Do people want a government-centered society consisting of “economic slaves” (to quote Allen West) or a country of free enterprise and free individuals.

    His best statement was when he said he wants to lift people out of poverty into the middle class.

  • wodiej

    Romney did an excellent job of stating the difference in what he wants to pursue and what obama has been doing the last 4 years. It does not help people in the long run to assist them too much. We need to feel productive and have goals.

    Overall, he did a great job here on answering questions.

  • Ayyapillai

    Thanks for your grateful informations, this blogs will be really help for Students loan.

    • RosiesSeeingRed


  • Sober_Thinking

    Mitt has spoken more truth and stood tall and firm much better than the poser-and-chief has. Mitt is much more of a President than Obama could ever hope to be. At least Mitt isn’t a coward and attacks the problems head on. Obama delays, distorts, and defers to Valerie on what his next word or deed should be.

    One other point: Mitt could pass gas at a Stuckey’s and that would make news. Obama does all the stupid, horrible things (most of which were many times worse than anything Bush ever did) – and there are too many to list – and yet he gets a pass. The LSM is one of the primary causes of this country’s downward slide. Their distortions and blatant lies are utterly contemptable and sickening.

  • Leonardo Fuentes

    And the hood rats are staying home cause the media has decided that Obama is going to win… wee-tuards!

    Hood rats come in all colors for the record. If you don’t think so, you’re a racist. Now, if you make your conclusion based on statistics I can see why you would come to the conclusion that they all have whiskers…. cause you know they don’t shave them hairs off they face.. i mean, dang girl, just a little wax… you got a mustache!

  • DINORightMarie

    Sounded strong. Good answers. He is standing by this. BTW-this is the most FREE PRESS he has had to get HIS message out there……and he did it. I wish he’d said more about the INCREASE in numbers of people in poverty just since Obama’s inaugural. But solid. They will spin NOTHING into SOMETHING…….no matter what; the MSM wants Romney to be gone. But, thankfully, he just keeps on, standing up against their mudslinging. Good!! Pound it, sir! (Oh, and maybe sic Ryan on ’em to counter this faux attack…… ) 😉

  • Is there any “secret” video from Obama’s Las Vegas fundraiser held just hours after our embassies were sacked and four members of his State Department were murdered in a terrorist attack on 9/11? I’d be very interested in hearing the President’s remarks to that group of uber-wealthy high rolling democrats. At least there he might have felt an obligation to take a few questions. I doubt he treats his mega donors like us cheapskate taxpayers who would like to know a bit more about these mid east attacks. Instead PBO turned on his heals and ran to AF-1 fleeing Dodge instead of answering the shouted questions from the WH press corps. Maybe what happened in Vegas, won’t stay in Vegas? Better hope not.

  • anneinarkansas

    To those who say this has ended his campaign, I say just wait to see!
    This may be the thing that propels his landslide.
    Everything he said was true.

    • zbig666

      A landslide that’ll bury him.

    • poljunkie

      A perfect analogy for me is when Obama said some of us were clinging to our guns and bibles. Some then speculated that could have taken away the sliver of indies that were thinking of voting for him.

      Didn’t even impact him at all. NOT. ONE. BIT. ( I wish it would have)

      • zbig666

        Because Obama didn’t show disdain for gun and bible toters–he actually said they shouldn’t be swept aside but appealed to, unlike Romney’s comments where he basically says he doesn’t care about 47% of the population.

        • poljunkie

          Your short term memory is failing you buddy.

  • Here are four quotes from Thomas Jefferson that best summarizes what Mitt Romney try to convey to the lame stream media.
    ” I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.”
    ” A wise and frugal government, which shall leave men free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned – this is the sum of good government.”
    ” I own that I am not a friend to a very energetic government. It is always oppressive.”
    ” The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.”

    • zbig666

      Nice quote, unfortunately, it doesn’t apply to reality. There is a myth of the deadbeat nation. 61% of those 47% who don’t pay Federal Tax actually pay payroll tax! They pay sales tax and other taxes. The majority of those who depend on government entitlements are Republicans: white, elderly, who survive on social security, medicare/medicaid in nursing homes. If Romney has his way, the people who voted for him will be thrown out of the nursing homes ‘cuz Romney wants to severely cut Medicaid which is the majority payer for the elderly in nursing homes!

      • Keep up with the hilarity. Smells like desperation.

      • crosshr

        ..Majority of those who depend on gov. entitlements are republican….”

        NY, CA, MA, MI, these are most broke bankrupt states in the union, they are Bluest of Blue . Now tell Obama to put back 716 billion dollars he stole from Madicare to use on Obamacare

  • stage9

    This is the epitome of the word “asinine”.

    Why is this such a revelation to the idiots in the media who are the ones who spend their time constantly reminding us of poll numbers?

    If I’m going to sleight Obamney, it isn’t going to be over something as stupid as this.

    • Stage,

      This is the most frustrating thing that all Republicans do, bow down to the mighty media thinking that they will be eventually liked by them. I scratch my head as to why they do not take a lesson from Reagan and run with it. One needs to speak beyond the media and use them instead of vice-versa. It has to be that inside the beltway mentality, not realizing that there are better means out there.

      • zbig666

        Romney’s not as witty as Reagan. Romney is one-dimensional, brought up with a silver spoon in his mouth, not used to adversity. He thinks everything should be as easy as putting a dog on top of the roof of his car for 12 hours.

  • zbig666

    People who’ll vote for Romney can be categorized this way:
    – super rich who don’t want to pay taxes;
    – people who’ve been conned into thinking Romney will be for them (isn’t it obvious he says one thing to you guys but smirkingly thinks different);
    – people who just hate Pres. Obama;
    – corporations who don’t want to be regulated so they can pollute, bribe, and con their customers;

    Am I leaving anyone out?

    • People who understand that another four years of Obama will destroy this country. Other than that…..

      • zbig666

        Obama must be a slow worker, considering he failed to ‘destroy’ the country in his first four years. What about Bush — he turned a Clinton surplus, a thriving economy, lots of jobs, peace in the world into a recession, two wars, mass unemployment, exposing government agents, the destruction of two buildings in New York, not to mention a bunch of planes and the Pentagon…ah the list goes on. And you want to return to that kind of management? oh yes, incompetent handling of a natural disaster in New Orleans.

        • You’re absolutely right about Nagin and Blanco and New Orleans. That’s why Louisianans dumped her incompetent derriere out of there.

    • J S

      American Patriots that want America to prosper
      People who want Romney to pick the projected next 3 SCOTUS and preserve the 2nd amendment
      People who want our military to be able to protect us from enemies who are trying to kill us
      Mothers and fathers with 26 yr old children still living at home without a job
      People with disabilities (I am One of them)
      People who want to work but cannot compete with job seekers with masters degrees for a 30,000 job opening
      People who want the President to uphold the Constitution and FREE SPEECH
      People who do not want to bow to Sharia/radicals
      People who do not want a Communist America
      People who are tired of Obama giving away money to his campaign bundlers(Solyndra)
      People who are tired of Govt picking the winners and losers (aka Green Companies)
      People who do nt want Govt in the Dr office with them
      People who want to make their own choices
      People who want a strong defense of our country
      People who are sick and tired of the biased media
      People who are tired of the Sandra Flukes of the world crying about a false war on women
      People who do not want the Muslim Bro hood in the White House

      That’s all I have time for.

      • Garym

        Easy now j s, thats way too much for this commie/Obamazombie to spin.

      • zbig666

        Nice list. Too bad it’s not based on facts but conjecture. A fantasy created by Fox News.

        • crosshr

          fox have brain , sanity ? fox can reason even from both side for fair and balance ? wow ! oh ah I get it Andrea Mitch and Solidad Obrian don’t work for fox ! sarc.
          Try again !

    • poljunkie

      People who think for can think for themselves.

    • usajingoist

      Women who don’t vote their vaginas!

    • Conservator1

      I’m voting for Romney and I’m not super rich. In fact, I’m disable and rely upon Medicare. I want Mitt/Paul to tackle this entitlement program so my children can depend upon it.

      The only people conned are like you zbig666 who continue to support the weakest and most incompetent president since Carter. In fact, I look back at the Carter years as the good old days.

      I like President Obama, his wife and children. They are a great First Family. I disagree strongly with his foreign and domestic policies. Leftist like you call that HATE because your to ignorant to debate these policies.

      I guess you don’t work. Why else would you attack corporations; large or small? When I read corporations don’t want regulations so they can pollute, bribe, and con their customers, I know I dealing with someone who’s feeble minded at best.

      BTW, you did leave something out. Your either an OWS member or aspire to become one.

    • crosshr

      I am vote R/R. Certainly non of your crap ideas itemized. I am not a Mitt fan, still vote for him, compare mitt to Obama, what planet are you from. What have Obama specifically done for you ? What is Obama in your dream will do for you after all his lies even from the beginning ? Try again

  • Max Ferguson

    Wow, the rancor in the comments section is palpable on this site. Do you guys really think that someone would put in all the trouble of running for president, spending four years in the job, and then running for re-election because he hates America. If you look at the GW Bush years you see ample evidence that in 8 years a President can indeed nearly ruin America. If you take on faith that this wasn’t GW’s aim then lets say with diligent effort a President could absolutely drive this country into the ground. So either:

    A. Barak Obama does not have the goal of “destroying America” nor does he “hate America”


    B. He is spectacularly incompetent when it comes to destroying our country given that he’s helped millions of uninsured American’s get healthcare (mostly on the private market, as well as ending pre-exsiting conditions etc), He helped arrest the greatest financial crisis since the great depression, and he gave the order that saw Osama Bin Laden dead, in spite of Republicans in Congress who have mostly acted like spoiled children throwing a temper tantrum upstairs because Momma and Dadda voter sent them to their room without dinner.

    Get a grip folks. If you can’t figure out that we are all in this together, including Barak Obama, then you are the PROBLEM not the solution.

    • zbig666

      Completely agree.

    • KenInMontana

      He is spectacularly incompetent

      Oh look! A kernel of truth in all that spew.

      BTW, it’s Barack not “Barak”.

    • ronchris

      I’ll take “spectacularly incompetent” for $16.4 Trillion, max!

  • zbig666

    Vote Romney! Why? Because…

    – He loves firing people;
    – He thinks its fine and dandy to strap the family dog to the roof of a car for 12 hours;
    – He thinks people who get medicare, social security, food stamps and students loans should be thrown in the gutter while shifting the money to his billionaire friends and to military contractors;
    – He thinks singing ‘who let the dogs out’ will attract African-American voters;
    – He has no compunction to run over Ron Paul supporters;
    – He loves to lie and distort the truth;
    – He wants a war with Iran and Russia.

    What wonderful qualities to be President!

    • Josh

      Vote Obama! Why? Because…
      – He causes entire businesses to go under;
      – He ate the dog;
      – He thinks there should be more people who get medicare, social security, food stamps and students loans while shifting the money to his billionaire friends and to militant Muslims;
      – He thinks playing golf will attract more white voters;
      – He has no idea what compunction is unless it is spelled out on the teleprompter;
      – He lies and distorts the truth and is caught doing so regularly;
      – He thinks Iran and Russia are superior to the United States.

      What wonderful qualities to be an idiot!

  • zbig666

    I wonder how many people here would actually prefer Obama to Romney if he were white and his name was something ‘usual’ like ‘James Parker’ or something.

    • Conservator1

      My bad; I accidently clicked the “like button” on this comment posted by a leftist cheerleader of Obama.

      • If you hit the “like” button again, it flips the state of your “Like”.

        • Conservator1

          Thank you – I did click the “like” button again and your right – it removed my error.

    • JoeMontana16

      Wonder no longer dude. Your brother Carter is white and he has the name Jimmy Carter and we wouldn’t and didn’t vote for him.

    • JoeMontana16

      I am really glad TRS let you stay here. I begged for it. I need to know what the dip$hits think cause I don’t know many. Like B.A. Baracus on the A-Team said, ” I pity the fool.”

    • ronchris

      I wonder how many people would prefer Romney if he were brown and his name was something ‘Latino’ like Hector Ramirez or Che Guevara.

  • zbig666
  • Alborn

    Anybody but Obama!!! Nothing more needs to be said. As Mark Levin says an orange juice can would be better. Wake up freedom loving Americans. I believe in smaller government, level tax rates with no loopholes and The original intent of the constitution and rule of law equally applied. None of this can be said as policies of the current administration. Communist did not take over the democratic party in one election cycle. We have to take it a step at a time. Just get o out this go round and we keep working on bringing the R party back to the party of small national government.

  • tvlgds

    He’s exactly right! Certain people just can’t handle the truth!

  • Mormons are disciplined and they are hard asses too. Go Romney!

  • Hallelujah and Amen!

  • I believe Scoop removed the commenter and his comments went with him.

  • What a genius! How many of those businesses are actually run by Democrats, have had, or do have Democrats in executive or management positions? How many of them have contributed and continue to contribute to the Obama campaign? Oh no! More facts are in the way! What is the poor leftard to do?

  • Wrong again. This is too easy.

  • It’s coming across my stupid yahoo account login page that the family of Jew Hatin’ Jimmy (Carter) is responsible for the leaked vid of Romney at the fundraiser.

  • Don’t worry. Prez O is making sure that the country is wrecked and that our standard of living closely resembles that of a banana republic. If El Presidente is re-elected, we will need those guns to protect ourselves on our own soil against his leftist, revolutionary, and jihadist buddies.

  • I’m sure they need the assistance, Rob. It’s not that they are purposely staying on the government dole. That’s what the leftards and Dems don’t understand. They see everybody as a victim who needs large, expanding government to be their nannies. They lie about Romney in that they are distorting his words to fit their narrative that all Republicans are heartless, calloused [email protected] who don’t care about the “underprivileged”. They are using this to score more political points and distract everybody from Prez O’s disastrous handling of the problems in the Middle East.

  • RosiesSeeingRed

    This is the top lead story on the NBC Nightly News tonight, painting this as a huge gaffe that Romney might not be able to recover from which is going to derail his campaign, which even the “right” is criticizing — JOE SCARBOROUGH AND BILL KRISTOL. Give me a freaking break. Then the 2nd story is about Romney, then the third story is Pres. Obama’s reaction to Romney’s statement. Where’s the story about Obama lying to us about Libya???

    I’m livid, and I know this is par for the course, but c’mon! Breitbart was right when he said the liberal media is the greatest threat to this country. They are treasonous as far as I’m concerned.

  • And over at Stacy McCain’s site, he’s pointed out that Bill Kristol just called Romney “arrogant and stupid.” Also David Frum (idiot) and David Brooks (Full-bore RINO, also idiot).

    • bayway48

      Bill Kristol is a tool. Nothing makes his whiny butt happy. When Kristol calls anybody “arrogant and stupid,” he needs to look in the mirror.

  • bayway48

    This truth had to be said. Awesome job Mitt and thank you Jimmy Carter IV and crew for bringing it to light via of all rag piles Mother Jones! People who have been taught that hard work is part of our country knows exactly what Romney was saying. The “you owes me” gang have no clue or cares about anything except carrying on the “value” of being entitled. They could care less about Obama! The only reason why they love Obama so is that he gives them a “piece of the pie.” Remember Obama saying….The US was a pie…we all are entitled to some pie….give me a piece of the pie.” Romney ——–> values, ethics, hard work, trust. Obama—-> give me, owes me, freebies. When the money is gone, those freebies will be the first thing down the toilets…if there are any toilets left!
    Right on Romney!!!

    • There will be toilets. They just won’t flush worth a d*mn. Like the green ones they sell now. May as well buy a shovel and go outside.

  • I have worked since I am fourteen years old, came from the low income projects and put myself through college and law school; I paid taxes for forty years and continue to pay taxes. My son (16) is severely disabled and I rely not on my incrediblty expensive private health insurance (who refuses to provide any nursing asistance), but rely on the state loophole FOR MEDICAL COVERAGE ONLY to pay for nursing care so I CAN WORK, I am certainly not one of the 47%, really do not like either candiate, but now I have now choice but to vote for Obama since Romney scares me more than Obama. Romney continues to talk about his vision and getting people back to work (which I agree) but offers no clear plan on how he will put this policy into effect, other than to cut the aid which allows me to work and support my family.