FULL PRESS CONFERENCE: Mitt Romney’s statement on Libya and Egypt and Q&A

Mitt Romney gave a statement a few minutes ago on the attack on both the embassies in Libya and Egypt as well as the death of the Ambassador to Libya and those who worked for him.

He also took questions from a hostile press that clearly were pushing the narrative that he had made a mistake yesterday by releasing his statement criticizing the Obama administration for it’s apology from the embassy in Egypt. But Romney stood strong and defended his actions very well.

Watch below:

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    • Idahoser

      no. Better than Zero (anything would be) but don’t project what you WANT him to be, that’s the democrats’ trick.

      • smmy33

        “I consider it part of my responsibility as president of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear,” Obama said to applause”

        Note where the sympathies lie…

      • Conservative_Hippie

        If it means Obama is voted out, then I’m yelling from the rooftops (echoing Mike), PRESIDENTIAL!

    • indthinker

      Presidential and compassionate. Compassion was severely lacking in BHOs speech.

      • Conservative_Hippie

        good point.

  • GUTS!! The Press?? Please the EXTENSION OF THE WHIMP IN THE WH!! They would never criticize their Marxist Leader! Great Job Mitt….we need to show people in the world that Obama is not representative of the American People who believe in Protecting Our Own and that Islam is not Religion of Peace!

  • NO teleprompters . When you speak from the heart, you dont need a script .

    • Sober_Thinking


    • Boris_Badenoff

      He obviously had extensive notes but this was a on the spot presser and not something he could work on for any length of time.
      It was imperative he had facts at his fingertips.

      He did a very good job with it and the dumb assed questions..

  • 4Hoppes2

    Very happy to hear him stick up for his original statement and instead of backing down he doubled down.

  • DavidScottMasiwchuk

    that took huge balls.

  • klynstra


    • DavidScottMasiwchuk

      for what?????Showing how a leader acts?

      • klynstra

        Obviously — and as conceded by John Sununu, among others — pushing this into the political arena before most of the country had even learned their ambassador was killed. It was diplomatically and politically stupid. There was nothing to be gained in either sphere by jumping ahead of the president’s press conference. Plenty of time to address it later, when all the facts are better known and emblematic of someone with no experience in international diplomacy. This will be seen as a knee-jerk reaction — it already is — and will work to Romney’s detriment. But don’t take my word for it. Just watch.

        • DavidScottMasiwchuk

          Showing the idiots overseas that we have men who WILL LEAD is never a stupid move.

        • mike3e4r7

          You’ve gotta be kidding me! He criticized yesterday, the spineless apology from our state department that literally apologized to the mob that stormed our embassy in Egypt, for having offended them. I guess for some people, like yourself, there is never a good time to criticize Obama.

          • klynstra

            The inability to view the effect of his statement in the context of murdered U.S. envoy shows that Romney is ill-equipped and poorly advised. He simply and regrettably jumped the gun. He needs to get better, more experienced people on his team.

            • Guess what…While the great O was congratulating the Libyan security force for protecting the embassy and our people….SOMEONE WHO WAS THERE IS SAYING THEY ARE THE ONES WHO POINTED OUT WHERE OUR PEOPLE WERE MOVED TO. YES, POINTED WHERE THEY WERE TO THE MOB of oh, so peaceful and religious people. Also, the state dept. was warned of danger to our embassies but obviously, chose to ignore the warnings. People like you make me sick klynstra…keep living in your delusional world as the real one burns around you.

              • klynstra

                I’m an independent (as evidenced by the fact that I visit this and other right and left wing sites from time to time) and was leaning Romney on defense until he failed to mention the troops at the convention — another tragic oversight or miscalculation of his team. The fact is that if Romney wants to win he has to convince me, not you, that he’s got what it takes. Today’s events remind me of the foolish bluster of President Bush and VP Cheney, that got us into Iraq. So…delusional? If you think this kind of memory-jogging of the Bush-Cheney years will convince this independent to lean right, you are the one who is deluding yourself.

                • Nothing factual will convince you of the path of destruction we are on, but please, continue in your belief of having an “open mind.” Just don’t let it fall out of your head.

                • 3seven77

                  The troops were indeed mentioned at the convention. Several times. By many different speakers. Apparently you weren’t paying attention.

                • klynstra

                  I said Romney didn’t mention them. Apparently you weren’t paying attention.

                • keats5

                  What convention did you watch. The troops were thanked repeatedly.

                • klynstra

                  Not by Romney. Please show me where.

                • keats5

                  Excerpted from Romney’s Convention Speech:

                  His trillion dollar cuts to our military will eliminate
                  hundreds of thousands of jobs and also put our security at
                  greater risk…

                  Everywhere I go there are monuments and now for those who
                  have given their lives for America. There is no mention of
                  their race, their party affiliation, or what they did for a

                  They lived and died under a single flag, fighting for a
                  single purpose. They’ve pledge allegiance to the United States
                  of America. That America, that united America can unleash an
                  economy that will put Americans back to work, that will once
                  again lead the world with innovation and productivity, and will
                  restore every father and mother’s confidence that their
                  children’s future is brighter even than the past. That
                  America, that united America will preserve a military that’s so
                  strong no nation will ever dare to test it.

                • klynstra

                  I don’t get it. How is that a tribute to the troops in Afghanistan? He has two mentions of military capacity and one mention of monuments.

                • Why would anyone take their time to convince you of anything? The fact that barrack Hussein Obama may be even close to Mitt Romney is a tragedy. People always say they vote the man and not the party, never has their been a bigger gap between the character of two men, study both of their political lives on your own, look how Obama won his state elections, his Senate election, then look at a history of Romney, a man that struggles tooting his own horn, a man used to giving credit to others and his biggest “fault” is he is a people pleaser (and we all know you can`t please everyone and what happens when you try) and all of that white washed media you listen to fails to mention so many details when they attach Romney to healthcare in Mass., or his abortion “flip, flops” or the many faces that any politician wears, but never such a violation when it comes to comparing these two men’s voting records. They leave out his consistent voting record, the fact he vetoed many bills that got passed by the legislature, but he has to walk with the stigma if he is going to accept credit. To not acknowledge the multi faceted aspects of any politician isn`t being honest. Know these two men and I have no doubt you will vote for Romney, the other person just isn`t the right person for this time.

                • Are you forgetting about Obama in Libya and did not get the approval of Congress? Everyone talks about Bush in Iraq but what about Obama going into Libya? Who do you really think is going to pay for all of Obama’s handouts? I don’t want my whole paycheck going for taxes like Europe.We are staring at the biggest tax hike we have ever seen and he isn’t done yet.You cannot spend money you don’t have!

                • rightathome2

                  we totally need Romeny now he is the only one that gets that money doesn’t buy anything with the islamics. We need to push R/R to say that!!! He has bee n to weak on this and also weak on how Obama blew it. I’m saying: Lets get the word to R/R now to be bigger and stronger than he has been!!! Not what the medea says. The FORIN AID Obama is wasting should go to shutting down Libya like we shut down Saddam H. You are right linda!!!

              • E. Lee Zimmerman

                Do you have a source or a link on that one? I read a handful of articles yesterday, but I must’ve missed that one.

            • Are you for real? Did you bother to listen to his comments? He responded to the limp wristed apology from the administration about the occupation of the Egyptian embassy, the death of the ambassador had not happened when the apology and calling out of it by Romney took place.

              That is the problem with liberal and Democrats. Simple comprehension of the English language and sequence of events.

              What you saw in the so-called press conference other than the Obama cheerleading team trying to corner Romney is a leader who is firm in his resolve and will not back down when confronted with a situation that calls for an immediate response that condemns the actions of the Egyptians. But no, instead of condemning, an apology was issued and Obama’s administration had to backtrack like hell.

              Romney is the clear leader on this one.

              • klynstra

                The takeaway for me is that he is not ready for prime time.

                • anotherworriedmom

                  And BO is? He has spent his 4 years of prime time on the golf course, on the basketball court and partying at fundraisers!! Wow you are so clueless.

                • Yes, he spent ALL four years on the golf course : Did you know that W. took more vacations than any president since the ‘great’ Herbert Hoover. And btw, Mittens attends many, many fundraisers. That’s what politicians do, Ms. Clueless. I’ll bet you don’t even know what’s in the ACA.

                • anotherworriedmom

                  The ACA contains $1 trillion of new taxes. The “it’s not a tax” really is a tax; and it’s a big one. Additionally, the ACA contains rules mandating that all of the new health care employees that are hired as a result must be union members. This is no surprise since the ACA was written by SEIU. I’ll repeat: the ACA is a huge tax and it’s additional SEIU dues to the tune of $1B annually.

                  Stop swallowing the lib talking points and do your research.


                • Well then when your children graduate from collage or high school and you continue to carry them on your or your spouse’s healthcare coverage so that they are covered until they get a job-you will be able to thank Mr Obama. When you or a loved one are diagnosed with Cancer or a life long chronic condition and the person carrying the health insurance can take a better job without worry of those troubleome pre existing condition clauses we worry about now you can thank Obama. However if you truly believe you shouldn’t have these rights than deny your children healthcare when they graduate, deny your self or your loved one when you develop a chronic or life threatening disease. Better yet deny all family members that are elderly Medicare and Medicaid. Make sure you turn it down when you qualify. After NO one should have health care-unless you are rich and can pay for it 100% yourself.

                • anotherworriedmom

                  When unemployment is 19% (oh, it is NOW) I can thank Obama. When employers won’t hire because of the uncertainty and the tax burden imposed by the ACA I can thank Obama.

                  You imply that Romney will deny seniors medical care. Well, the ACA does that now. The IPAB (aka death panel) will decide who gets what procedure based on their contribution to society. This is an unelected and unaccountable board that will decide who gets medical care. You see, when there is a finite sum of money and medical expenses exceed that sum of money, then someone will be denied. So, when someone’s parent is encouraged to investigate euthanasia because the IPAB won’t pay for their medical expenses I can thank Obama.

                  Romney isn’t suggesting that we never implement the attributes of the ACA that most Americans want. He is, however, suggesting that there is a better way to get there. Allowing insurance companies to write policies across state lines and enacting tort reform are 2 options that come to mind. Competition drives prices lower, not government mandates. In fact, government mandates create shortages. Witness the current decrease in the number of doctors that are taking medicare / medicaid patients. The payments are being lowered so the doctors are just say “no thanks” to the people that use medicare / medicaid as their health insurance.

                  As I said before, you should stop listening to the lib talking points and do your own investigating.


                • anotherworriedmom

                  And now I can thank Obama for the “Arab Spring” too!!!


                • anotherworriedmom

                  And, of course Mitt Romney is attending fund raisers. He’s running for President. BO is already President so it’s possible that he might have more important things to do . like his JOB!!! Rome is burning and he’s attending fund raisers.


                • AbdulBX

                  And Obama was ready for prime-time in 2008? You are not fooling anyone. Good grief.

                • This is prime time, you fool. And who wasn’t ready?

                • klynstra

                  Look, I care deeply about this country and I want to make the right choice in this election. I don’t appreciate being called a fool for having that front of mind.

                • don’t let these fools bully you. they are sheep praying at the alter of their political hackery

                • Yeah, true, he needs to be really indecisive and easily swayed in a moment, like if I was leaning one way and 1 speech would cause me to change my mind, yes, he has too much determination to be a politician, he needs to go whichever way the wind blows, for example, I`m changing my vote, I was leaning toward him, but he failed to mention the troops in this speech so I am changing my mind, I`m not ready to put him in prime time.

            • SierraBear

              The ill-equipped and poorly advised so-called independents are primarily responsible for this hope and change mess in which we currently find ourselves.

              • E. Lee Zimmerman

                On that, I think we can all agree. The independents REALLY need to get their own party.

                • klynstra

                  It’s tempting.

                • SierraBear

                  Don’t let the door hit you in the a$$ on the way out!

            • E. Lee Zimmerman

              On that, we agree.

            • Major914

              Your inability to view your (insipid and pathetic) statement in the context of ‘nobody even remotely cares’ about your cliched leftist twaddle shows how ill-equipped you are…you jumped the gun…you need some more experienced people on your team,…

              Should I, after tea and cakes and ices,
              Have the strength to force the moment to its crisis?…

              I grow old … I grow old …
              I shall wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled.
              Prufrock, T.S. Eliot

          • E. Lee Zimmerman

            Well, there’s a good time, and then there’s an appropriate time. Mitt hasn’t been elected to serve on behalf of the American people yet.

        • mike3e4r7

          And where the hell is the big guy? He finally has a crisis to deal with and he can’t find time for a press conference?

          • klynstra

            Well, a few minutes later the president made a statement that Romney attempted to upstage. This is what is so stupid about Romney’s campaign people. They would have been far smarter to have the last word after they knew what Obama said. Romney’s is probably to worst-managed campaign in modern history.

            • Troll score 0/10 1/10/ 1/10


              Creating a new Discus “screenname” to hide your past posts… Stay Classy!

              • E. Lee Zimmerman


              • PhillyCon

                I did see that it posts at the Atlantic. So, that’s all you need to know.

            • anotherworriedmom

              First the administration made a statement apologizing to the crazies that stormed the embassy and destroyed the flag. Then, when they found out that our ambassador had been killed, disavowed their statement and came out condenming the violence. And the media did their best to cover for this administration’s incompetence during Mitt’s press conference. They only make themselves look bad. And you, by listening to them, make yourself look ignorant.

              • klynstra

                My point is that Romney’s campaign is poorly managed and not well-served by advisers who send him out to early to make easily refuted points. It appears desperate.

                • PhillyCon

                  Why do you care? If he is desperate … why all the posts by you? Shouldn’t you be applauding his “poor managed” campaign by “not well-served” advisers?

                • klynstra

                  It’s a fair question. As an independent, I suppose I was hoping to shake some sense into a group that supports Romney — so you realize that this swing voter is actually pulling for you. But if you prefer to live in an echo chamber, I’ll leave.

                • PhillyCon

                  Do whatever you want. Echo chamber, now that is hilarious, thanks for the laugh. Do you see my screen name? I’m surrounded by Lefties, and so are many posters here … I get a full dose of the “other side” when I turn on the TV, walk outside my door, open (mostly) any magazine, send my kid to school, go to the movies, you name it. But, saying that conservatives are in an echo chamber (even here on RS) when our entire political/social/cultural structure in this country is dominated by the Left, is hysterical to me.

                  I’d argue the opposite-that Lefties and liberals are in their own echo chamber and they “freak out” when someone disagrees with them.

                • klynstra

                  I agree there is plenty of left-wing bias in the media and all around me, too. That’s why I choose to read all sides. Here’s my point — whether you believe I’m independent or not, would you not agree that there has been a significant amount of consternation among veteran Republican campaign advisers and diplomats about Romney’s approach here? Isn’t that evidence enough that many independents would share that reaction? And would you not agree that it is wise for Romney to be mindful of how he’s perceived by independents in an election that, however regrettable, will be decided by independents?

                • Boris_Badenoff

                  klynstra quote:
                  “there has been a significant amount of consternation among veteran Republican campaign advisers and diplomats about Romney’s approach here?”

                  Who give a crap what they think?

                  If I want s#!t I’ll squeeze Karl Roves head….

                • cardinalmike

                  Klynstra: I have no way to know your age but I was in my early 30s when the Iranian Hostage Crisis was a big deal. In that campaingn in 1980, Reagan called out Carter everyday for his lack of leadership. In those days, it was called a political campaign.

                  Romney was correct to point out the instinctive nature of our current State Department. Their instincts are guided by not offending Muslims. That is why the SD issued an apology for a movie they had never seen and a director (?) they had never heard of to get ahead of potential violence. That is just idiotic.

                  One more example. What was Barrack Obama doing in 2008 when he went to Germany to give his one world speech? If that wasn”t injecting politics into the issues of the world, what then would you call it? Remember, Obama was not the president then. Presidential candidates need to let their fellow citizens know where they stand and how their actions would compare and contrast with the current incumbent.

                  That is all Mitt Romney was doing.

                • klynstra

                  The Iran hostage crisis had been under way for many months by the time Reagan called out Carter in the campaign –which was the proper time to address it and fair game. He did not hold a press conference the evening that the hostages were taken.

                • Don’t leave Klynstra! We need your vote. Like you, I’m an independent but have long ago made up my mind for Romney. I think we are all very fortunate to have a guy with Romney’s credentials step in and run. With the eventual death of the Ambassador Romney’s initial response, in hindsight, may look premature. But, what Romney said at the time was spot on and should be recognized as such. And, I’m glad he defends it today. Hang in there and vote Romney. Tell your Independent friends too.

                • klynstra

                  Thank you. I haven’t made up my mind yet, but I am frustrated by the bungling in the Romney camp. I can overlook a mistake or two, but I guess I’m just put off when a candidate injects politics into what is a sensitive diplomatic event and a personal tragedy for the families involved. I’ll probably remain undecided for a while — not for the oft-stated slur of the media pundits that I’m “wishy-washy” but for exactly the opposite reason: that I am determined to make the right choice in this extremely important election.

                • cardinalmike

                  “Sensitive Diplomatic Event”

                  You obviously were not an adult in 1980. The Iranian Hostage Crisis was an integral part of that campaign and no one, Republican, Democrat, or Independent made any comment about it. It was expected and it helped frame the voter’s minds about how the candidates differed in their approaches. Boy, has the world changed!!!

                • klynstra

                  I was 26 in 1980. Old enough to know that, as I mentioned below: The Iran hostage crisis had been under way for many months by the time Reagan called out Carter in the campaign –which was the proper time to address it and fair game. He did not hold a press conference the evening that the hostages were taken.

                • I am applauding his incompetency and “poor managed” campaign by “not well-served” advisers?! Keep it up Mr. Walter Mitty with the dead eyes; you are going to lose.

                • PhillyCon

                  Yeah, I’m quaking in my boots.

                • AbdulBX

                  Lol. When I comment on politicalwire, I don’t pretend as if I want Obama to win. You are hilarious.

            • PhillyCon

              Romney’s is probably to worse-managed campaign in modern history.

              Well, why are you here complaining? Isn’t this a good thing for O and Axelrod, then?

              Secondly, you might want to re-work that sentence and the punctuation.

              • klynstra

                I’m complaining because I’d like to see a competent campaign by the Romney team. I was inclined to support him but concerned that he can’t get his act together. Your assumption that I support Obama is incorrect.

                • PhillyCon

                  Color me skeptical.

                • Boris_Badenoff

                  Your concerned are you? , if you are what you claim then there is no question who to vote for.

                  Do you want to live like a Socialist or not?… If that is too difficult a question for you to handle you are an idiot.

                  I don’t believe you.

            • I agree. The right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing. They’re all over the place with their lies, misleading statements and disorganized platform. He won’t win if he keeps going on the way he is. He’s so arrogant and privileged, he won’t listen to anyone on either side of the aisle. I sure hope he can find work after November.

          • Am come on Mike, cut him some slack! He’s got fund raisers to attend, golf to play! /sarc.

            • mike3e4r7

              True. Priorities after all. I suspect foreign policy and American interests are somewhere around 100 on his list of priorities. His list probably looks something like this:

              1. Me
              2. Me

              99. Me
              100. Other Stuff

          • WordsFailMe

            Romney gave a presser and answered the questions of the hostile press. Obama gave one, said thank you and walked away. As usual, Obama had a woman, semi-woman, Hillary, standing next to him in case he had a math problem or his lip started to tremble.

            Romney, bless the man, did not say, “Thank you.” I was really interested to see how Romney handled the press as compared with President Dung for Brains.

        • rjcylon

          The rest of the world already knows Obama is weak, and can predict whatever he is going to say (something weak).

        • johnos2112

          Uh innocent I mean INNOCENT Americans were killed. What facts need to be addressed here? What Romney said was right on.

          • klynstra

            If Romney is going to politicize a diplomatic event, he should at least do it in a politically intelligent way. He will suffer for this in the long run, unfortunately. Please, Romney, try to analyze these situations in a cool-headed way instead of jumping the gun.

            • anotherworriedmom

              Jumping the gun? “Trayvon was my son.” “The police acted stupidly.” Really? Try thinking instead of regurgitating the standard dem lines.

            • DavidRobertson

              Do I need to break out my extensive list of BHOPAL jumping the gun so that you can exercise your “independent” thought? Need a beer summit? OWS? Giffords? 1967 lines? Can go on and on an on….

            • johnos2112

              How the hell is he jumping the gun?  That country and those around Libya are a bunch of thugs.  Obama and his minions keeping catering to these bastards.  At least Romney has some guts to tackle what we already know.  Obama is a joke!

              • klynstra

                The vast majority of people in Egypt and even Libya do not support this extremist activity. Characterizing an entire country and a region as a “bunch of thugs” is incorrect and fails to take into account the enormous complexity of international relations. I don’t for a moment believe that Obama has been 100% correct, but he has the support of the professional diplomatic community — which is, as you’ll see, stunned by the Romney campaign team’s tactic.

                • johnos2112

                  Okay look.  These people do not support it but if they even try and speak out they are DEAD!  What professional diplomatic community do you speak of?  Americans were killed and these bastards need to be dealt with.  Do you suggest that we sit back and negotiate with these lunatics that killed Americans?

                • yeah right, I saw a pig flying few minutes ago.

                • 3seven77

                  Yes, isn’t it comforting to know that Obama is supported by the Neville Chamberlains of the world?

        • another idiot trying to bolster Obama and his weak foreign policy. Obama let this happen by being weak. then has made it worse by the way he has reacted to it. The only adult in the room is Romney. That why he will be the next President of the United States

        • WI4Walker

          As he said, it is never too early to stand up for America. He was responding to the Egyptian Embassy’s response (ie, this Administration). It shows that he will stand up and defend our principles. We’ve seen leadership from behind and it’s good to know President Romney will do things differently.

        • mike3e4r7

          I suspect he’s crouched in a corner somewhere sobbing…”Valerie, what should I do, what should I do?”

        • Presumably, Mr. Romney didn’t learn about the attack before the President.

          So, if he got his statement out first, is it because he’s already better organized than The One, or just that he’s more concerned about the first Ambassadorial murder since the Carter presidency?

          The Embassy issued a conciliatory statement effectively condoning the hostile reaction of anti-Americans in Libya. Obama followed up by noting that he considers part of his brief as American president to include supporting radical Islamists in their quest to stifle the free speech of American citizens. Romney rightly denounced both for failing to mount an unequivocal and staunch defense of this nation’s founding principles.

          Obama sowed seeds of disaster with his weak mishandling of the Arab Spring. Yesterday, he reaped some of the harvest. It’s going to be a long Fall for the President, but then Proverbs 16:18 applies.

        • keats5

          Good grief. No more facts were needed. Our embassy was attacked and we apologized.

          Sometimes you have to act immediately. Romney’s voice joined many other Americans at that moment, and I was glad to hear it.

        • iberealcool

          BaaaBaaa. There is a sheep in the room.

    • Sober_Thinking

      As a potential future President, it was the right thing to do. I’m hoping he’ll meet with Netanyahu next, since the Poser-and-Chief is too busy campaigning to do his job.

      • Campaigning… And going on Letterman and playing golf… You know… What he thinks are priorities. 🙁

        • E. Lee Zimmerman

          Maybe he’ll ask Dave to meet with the Libyans.

          • Sober_Thinking

            Seriously… let’s see them yuck it up over this tragedy.

        • Sober_Thinking

          For the hundreth time today, I just want to scream…

      • sno_warrior

        Amen! I’d like to see him meet with Netanyahu….they’re friends and Bebe will be in US for the u.n. summit. Obummuer won’t meet with him in this ‘time of crisis’ for Israel, SO it would be seen as ‘Presidential’ for Romney to meet with Bebe. It would be not only ‘good policy’, but ‘good politics’.

    • Did you meant to type “UNCONSCIOUS”? Because that is what you must have been while watching if you thought the response from Romney was truly “Unconscionable.”

    • SierraBear

      Your claim that Romney’s reaction to a blatant act of war is unconscionable is precisely that…unconscionable, not to mention head in the sand ignorant. Wake up! If not to prevent injury to yourself, but for those around you.

    • IwjwI

      I read most of your down thread comments earlier today. Then, I saw a liberal talking head saying the same things about Romney.

  • CMP

    Who else thinks there is a 2012 version of “journolist?” There is no independent press any longer and I hope that someone cracks wide open the collusion that is going on with the MSM and the Democrats/White House. The coordination is so obvious and obscene. I read yesterday that the author of the Vanity Fair interview of Obama gave the White House quote approval? WTH? Everything in the MSM is pure propaganda.

    • Arrrggghhh

      You are absolutely correct. It is so obvious that it just blows my mind that they are not called out on it. I think that people are so used to seeing it that they just don’t notice it. When the press questions Romney, it is, like Scoop mentioned above completely hostile. When they question Obama, it is virtually always with kid gloves. When they do ask O tough questions, it is has become news in itself and is identified as a “Random Act of Journalism.” Can you imagine how O would react if the media consistently questioned him in the same manner that they do Romney?

      • Does O respond to media? When is the last time you have seen him take a question from the media? The teleprompter doesn’t ad-lib.

        Romney was up there to speak about the tragedy in Libya and the media turned it into a campaign discussion.

        I’m really upset about what happened in Libya. The US needs to respond definitively. I’m afraid the “Administration” is just going to try and let this die out. Better yet, remove any funding to Libya until they give us the responsible party’s head on a platter. Ok, I better stop while I’m ahead.

    • LdyDesign

      What shows the extreme bias of the press is there pathetic criticism of Romney. “The timing of his remarks” That is the best they’ve got? Who gave these idiots a microphone?

      • plenty of Republicans are saying the same thing. Enough with the poo-poo’ing of hiding behind media attacks. The Right’s constant whining about the media is pathetic. The US media is a joke anyway, and the most popular 24/7 news channel is basically GOP TV. The victimization from the modern Republican party is beyond childish.

  • Joengima

    We need him.

  • Orangeone

    Time to dispatch the MSM to US embassies in the Middle East to see how they appreciate defense of their free speech.

  • Just know the people listening for the most part know Mitt is right….the Press exposes themselves for who they truly are!

  • Leadership!! And by the way Mitt has had more press conferences with questions than Obama this year!

    • M_J_S

      Exactly, O-ball-less is trying to Feinstein his way out of the election. The debates loom large!!

      • Boris_Badenoff

        I was just thinking the same thing not more than 2 minutes ago…

        Looking forward to the live debates..

  • dano18

    Mittens put on boxing gloves!

    • M_J_S

      NOOO! Take them off!

  • Sober_Thinking

    The press are a bunch of raving lunatics. Incompetent… missing the whole story here just to attack Romney. What idiots.

    Romney said the right things and did it with more grace than Obama ever could.

    • AMEN!! And that is what the press cannot stand….A true leader with principles and conviction…tell me again people that Obama and Mitt are the same?

  • Romney performed well. Until he is in office and governing like a conservative, he will be “The Flipper” to me. However, the anti-Americanism of the press is so thoroughly disgusting, they have me actually liking Romney.

  • kamiller42

    The Romney campaign strategy has been to constantly stay one step ahead of Obama. This was no clearer than when Romney went to LA and Obama decided to follow. And in this Egypt/Libya situation, the Romney camp did it again. If they keep this up, they will win in November.

    • BHliberty

      Great point!

    • Boris_Badenoff

      Hey go easy on little obie.. He’s probably cramming for his appearance on Letterman..

    • WI4Walker

      And now they need to extend offer to meet with Netanyahu.

  • Milliardo

    Intellectual ammunition. Watch and share.

  • brendawatkins

    Gosh, I wish these reporters were as hard on Obama as they are on the one running for President.

    • E. Lee Zimmerman

      Well, to be fair, Ladies Home Journal really doesn’t keep up on international affairs. I’m not even sure if Redbook has a political correspondent. I know Highlights doesn’t.

    • PhillyCon

      Pretty sad, isn’t it? I wish these reporters would half the amount of skepticism on the Obamacare bill when it was being “considered” as they are on Romney now.

      He’s pretty much had a pass these entire term.

      • brendawatkins

        It’s sickening, really. These reporters are accomplices in the death of a nation. They need to be held accountable.

  • skyfet

    Romney and Ryan can’t stop lying and making stuff up. Where’s the shame?

    • Shame? You support NObama and you ask where’s the shame? Good Gad!

    • AbdulBX

      I hope Mitt takes a page from the Obama campaign and starts lying like crazy. You can’t play nice with the Devil in Chief

    • Troll…take a hike buddy…Obama’s WHOLE LIFE IS LIE MORON…so get Sherlock Holmes and Get a Clue!

    • Rshill7

      On the face of your mother?

      • 4Hoppes2

        Holy Mackerel, that one was top drawer.


      • stevenbiot

        Hahahaha! Damn you for coming up with that. That should have been my line.

    • @skyfet, you must be a total idiot speaking like a true Libtard!!!!! You should be ashame of yourself.

      • E. Lee Zimmerman

        And you should be “ashame” of your grammar.

      • skyfet

        Must have struck a nerve.

  • Well said Mr. Romney! You sounded (and were) Presidential! I felt pride listening to you! I felt confidence in you and my support for you!

    Were the Journos/media whores supplied from Al-Jazeera? Sure sounds like it!

    They tried to pull an full Spanish Inquisition on Romney, and Well, you know how they would fawn and swoon at being in the very same room… Tingles would run up their legs! They’d get goosebumps… Love is a very special thing.

  • AbdulBX

    Wow. Those Obama supporters were really upset. Good job, Mitt.

  • Great contrast to the disturbed, anti-colonial, redistributer in chief – Obama.

  • Susanna958

    Good for him! It needed to be said.

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    He spoke from the heart when he was expressing remorse for the victims and their families and the outrage at the barbarian violence. When he started hammering the President, I heard his handlers trying to make him appear tough. I would be cautious about labeling the timing and content as “Presidential”. Sometimes it’s best to keep your powder dry for a little while and not jump in front of the current President’s press conference with tactical criticism. Let’s see how this plays out.

  • njpat33

    He was asked two or three times if he regrets his statement from last night… each time he affirmed to the inquiring reporter that he does not. He appeared stately and confident.

  • stevenbiot

    Say it, Romney! Despicable Muslims committed the heinous acts. With “those” who reached our embassies? You mean Muslims practicing Islam. Not forces of “extremism.” These are forces of Islam. Another Bush skirt the issue speech.

  • Mitt always the “leader” just like he led the charge during Nam from his Parisian villa.

    • I never see dems on these forums. Romney really did get under your skin.

      • WI4Walker

        No kidding! You know you did something right, when all the left comes out! Entertaining if nothing else.

    • Rshill7

      Where did Bill Clinton lead his “charge” from?

      • KenInMontana

        Looking at his profile, the better question would be , where did Ron Paul or Gary Johnson lead their charges from?

        • PhillyCon


        • Unlike Mitt Romney and Bill Clinton, Ron Paul actually served in the US military (Air Force).

          • KenInMontana

            In the rear with the gear.

      • sno_warrior

        his charge or his ‘discharge’?

    • E. Lee Zimmerman

      Is that a porpoise? Seriously?

      • I always take a porcupine seriously! You ever seen them quills! Oh wait.. 🙂

  • If Mitt makes it to the WH, I hope he continues O’s policy of not having press conferences. These people are disgusting. Speak directly to the people and allow citizen journalists to ask the questions via the internet or some such. These idiots are nothing but mouthpieces. If that had been O up there bashing GWB, they would have been applauding.

    • E. Lee Zimmerman

      See, as much as I hate to agree on that point, I do. I think Mitt’s best tactic would be to shut down as much of the mainstream press as he can. Their collective demonization of America is better suited overseas than it is on our fruited plains.

  • Now Libtards, THAT is how President would respond if we had a President and not a community disorganizer in empty suit sitting in an empty chair scouring the polls trying desperately to figure out what he might have to say next and to who…

    But Despair not! For come November! We will HAVE a REAL AMERICAN President again! And you won’t have to have me tell you how a REAL President would respond because a REAL PRESIDENT, Romney! Will be responding!!!

  • stevenbiot

    Mitt did handle the Obama supporters quite well. Good job, Mittmeister!

  • odin147

    I used to think that politicians and lawyers were scum, but they are not when compared to the scum in the news media.

  • PatKFDem

    Mr Romney, please, listen to the words or another Republican, Abraham Lincoln. “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt”. Words to live by.

  • Boris_Badenoff

    Romney is so much better qualified to lead the country than our current lame a$$ campaigner in chief it is ridiculous..

    His clarity in this presser is readily apparent. Romney in 2 minutes defined his position in greater clarity than obama has done in 4 years.

    Something I have never heard from obama, clarity of purpose.

    Obama wakes up and wonders where his next campaign stop is or when his next Tee time is. Obama will never progress past his community organizer mentality.. Obama has never grown up past his college days, why do you think he spends so much time on college campuses.. He is on the same level of mentality as the students ..still. They give him the adoring feedback he so craves above all else..
    The guy (obama) is a classic narcissist.. Obama’s priorities are all screwed up..

    Clint said it best, It’s time to let him go…

  • smmy33

    How can America not see the American press reaction
    My God, why don’t they just join the Obama campaign
    Not since 1979 Carter , has an American Ambassador been killed….

    What does that tell all the years of under Bush, the riots and Al Qeada at it’s most powerful.. Never was a American embassy breached, besides dragging and killing an Ambassador like garbage.

  • Slam Dunk!

  • PatKFDem

    Mr Romney, you should listen to the words of another Republican, Abraham Lincoln. “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt”.

    • How did he sound foolish? I think he said the common sense things that needed to be said, that isn’t being said from the apologizer-in-chief!

      • mike3e4r7

        The trolls are out in force today!

        • i’d say so!

          • Take it as compliment my Conservative friends! They fear us! And, laughingly, they think by sending a few dumbo paid activists, they can unsettle our views… AS if they were like LIbtard “values” and could be swayed by a mere mortal when we asnwer to our Lord God in Heaven!

        • PhillyCon

          They sure are. They are all over Malkin’s twitchy site too. Maybe, Axelrod gave them their double secret special marching orders today.

    • KenInMontana


  • you really are desperate! now fly away, fly fly!

    • Where is the moderators when you need them! :)_ It’s one thing intellectual differences… It’s another thing… Plain dumb trolls such as we find here.

  • IMHO,
    Too soft yet to beat the other beast.

  • Romney does not articulate well, he is reluctant and hesitating, he wants to be nice to everybody, uses soft words, gets a little effect.

    He actually looks like he’s sorry for what happened to Obama. But who cares if he’s sorry?

    In this particular situation, I’d rather have Ginrich (for example).

    • and your an idiot go to hell!

    • another desperate dem. probably the same one as before.

      • An infection of Libtard Trolls! Hey, that’s a compliment to Scoop! They’re worried about his great posts and us contributes! Luckily these 5th columnists are totally clueless and make a game for us at spotting them!

  • WordsFailMe

    And President Pruned Thumb beefs up the security at the Middle East embassies on September 12. Can you get much more stupid? Is there any reason to continue to force quotas in university entrance for unqualified dope smoking human trash like this pervert?

    Is it not apparent that whatever it was we wished we could accomplish by advancing the the least qualified candidates into universities and federal jobs and elected positions has failed?

    Clinton was right Obama should be carrying his bags. His intellectual capacity is short, he’s simply not a particularly smart person. The effect of his drug use on his ability to grasp something large than a bong is obvious. Whenever he sticks his nose into anything but a line of coke, he makes himself, everyone like him and his country looks like assh***s.

  • gunsmithkat

    The Media sure beclowned themselves in that presser. What a bunch of losers. How many times can you ask the same question and get basically the same (correct) answer every time?

  • WI4Walker

    Hostile press is right! How many times can they try to restate the same question? He did a good job.

  • indthinker

    Perhaps you aren’t aware of the word compassionate.

  • Rshill7

    You don’t seem to be living by them.

    • Conservative_Hippie


  • marketcomp

    But Obama lied, the views of the Cairo embassy does reflect the administrations views. Just look at how Iran was handled. A complete disgrace!

  • mike3e4r7

    Just as Scoop said, he faced a typicaly hostile press. But damn, I’ve got to give him credit. He really handled them. They were a bunch of cocky college students trying to show how smart they are and he had a good answer for everyone of their ‘gotcha’ questions.

    • “I’m not going to get into hypotheticals”

      SLAP! Like a boss.

      • E. Lee Zimmerman

        I’ve always responded to questions like this by stating, “Well, hypothetically, I’m going to assume that question wasn’t asked. Next!”

  • GaltLine

    Gov Romney is right on with all his comments except his glowing expectations of the “Arab Spring.” Our White House is behind its inception, beginning with Obama’s apology tour to Cairo and other mideast countries at the beginning of his term of office. Obama is hopeful for unrest and sowed the seeds of anarchy that were on display last night. Obama is interested in democracy only once in any country he disagrees with. Once dictators of his liking are in place he will proclaim an end to democracy in a heart beat.

  • WI4Walker

    Your posts are a joke. We’ve seen the empty chair and it’s name is Obama. Romney showed leadership, both with his comment yesterday and with this brief statement and Q&A this morning. He doesn’t need to defer to anyone to call out inappropriate action and words by this administration.

    And now O can head to Vegas as originally scheduled.

  • odin147

    Paul Ryan’s Convention speech should be Romney’s campaign stump speech.

  • KateNE

    Until Obama starts taking being President seriously (isn’t going to happen) everyone can just shut up about Romney jumping the gun on his statement or stepping on Obama’s toes. Obama is a joke and Mitt Romney is a serious leader.

  • maynardb50

    Romney did good!!

  • WI4Walker

    You might heed ol’ Abe’s words before you make comments…….

  • KenInMontana

    Words you and your candidate would do well to consider.

  • What a dick. And pretty much a liar too. The initial statement from the embassy that he is criticizing was issued before the protests and attacks were made on the embassy. But, apart from that, he is simply criticizing the people who were killed for the statements they made in an attempt (unfortunately unsuccessful) to keep the protests from spiraling out of control. Really, this statement is pretty sad.

    • PhillyCon

      You won me over with “what a dick.” Solid.

  • usajingoist

    Good job…but you do need to work on your transitions. When you are leaving the podium, you should say, thank you very much for your time and questions and I look forward to doing it again soon. Simply nodding and walking away has the feel of running away to avoid further questions.

  • EricderZweite

    Mitt ignored the specific question: “What would you have done differently than Pres Obama regarding the initial Egyptian comments?” Sounds and looks like the “Texa two-step” of movie fame. As usual, the Republicans in general, and MR in particular, try to define an “alternate universe”, devoid of compassion, intelligence and common sense. Should any of us expect anything different from a mental midget on foreign policy??

    • Are you an idiot? he said the three things he’d do different! And they sure as hell are better than what Obama’s doing.


    • usajingoist

      Do you think an Ambassador has the authority to release a statement that alters our foreign policy so drastically? This was approved and it was hoped that it was done in a manner that it wasn’t heard here in the US. If he didn’t approve it, then shame on him for allowing his Ambassadors to feel like they have enough butt-weight to release such a statement. Either way, it is his fault.

    • E. Lee Zimmerman

      What planet are you from?

    • WordsFailMe

      How about having a hairy humpback Chicago slut leading the great Black hope to his next press conference.

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    Mmm. I don’t know. I’m of two minds on the subject. I certainly can respect any politico’s take on current affairs; however, I don’t like it when Presidential candidates begin acting as if he’s already been elected.

    • It’s not like we already have a President… Sure… We have a socialist community organizer pretender.. But a President? NO!

      • E. Lee Zimmerman

        Agreed. I just tend to think that candidates should remain candidates until after they’re elected. If an interview question comes up regarding these matters, I think it’s perfectly appropriate to sound-off on it; I just don’t think candidates should be holding press conferences speaking on behalf of the United States’ people. Just my two cents … otherwise, I agree with your sentiments. Showbama IS the Kardashian President, and this Simon Cowell would’ve voted him off several crises back.

    • indthinker

      Obama wasn’t too quick to respond and when he and Hilary did, they were like cardboard. I like that Mitt picked up where Mr. Obama failed. Let me pose this to you: Do you like Clooney, Pitt, Penn, and the rest of the brainiacs spewing political views and they aren’t running for anything … just running their mouths? What’s wrong with Romney offering up sincerely condolences, and standing up for American where Obama fails? At least he has brass and takes questions even though they were all pretty sad ones

  • nibblesyble

    I am loving Mitt mad! The press in all of their outrage on behalf of their savior could not have been more rabid or breathless in their attempt to shame Mitt. He did not back down…and thank the lord for that!

  • Gustavo

    Nice smirking smile at the end….so Presidential as American officials are being killed because cretinous followers of one Flying Spaghetti Monster have to make fun of cretinous followers of the same Flying Spaghetti Monster.

  • EricderZweite

    Notice how MR ignored the specific question: “What would you have done differently than Pres. Obama regarding the comments by the Egyptian Embassy?” Sounded and looked like the “Texas two-step” of movie fame. The overall tone of this press conference is typical of Republicans in general and Mitt specifically, to attempt to get any and all to buy into their/his “alternate universe”. Mitt and the Republicans seem to love a world where ignorance is RAMPANT, compassion is absent, and cooperation and support is inconceivable. “Nice” job, Mitt–at least you are consistent.

    • Are you an idiot? he said the three things he’d do different! And they sure as hell are better than what Obama’s doing.


      • EricderZweite

        As usual, and like most Republicans, you fail to address the specific issue–rerun the video and re-read my post. I was not interested in Mitt’s generic 3-point foreign policy “plan”. I, like the questioner, wanted a specific response to what he would have done differently than President Obama in this EXACT situation regarding the Egyptian Embassy comments. By the way, no, I’m not an “idiot”, nor am I dependent upon “name-calling”(another typical Republican ploy to distract from intelligent conversation)–Are you a good conversationalist?

        • “Mitt and the Republicans seem to love a world where ignorance is RAMPANT, compassion is absent, and cooperation and support is inconceivable.”

          yeah, i saw that and the one word that came to mind is idiot.

          Anyways i think YOU need to re watch it again, because he he did answer the question he was asked, which was if he could explain how he would be better qualified to handle foreign policy issues IN GENERAL and he gave his three-point policy plan!

          The question that you wanted him to answer was not the question he was asked! “Facepalm”

    • Conservative_Hippie

      Yes he’s consistent, consistently not Obama, and he has my vote!

      • EricderZweite

        Hey, this is fun ruffling the feathers of ultra-conservative non-thinkers. I didn’t realize how easy it was and also, I guess, kind of sad that you guys only seem to have your own interest in mind–not the nation’s.

        • Forget it troll.. We’re onto you! Some of us are seasoned erm.. debaters and spot a Libtard troll from erm… Lets just say a long way and leave it at that….

          Sorry you won’t get paid your minimum wage – to match your minimum intelligence – for being a paid operative sent by you Libtard masters to disrupt us! Which… By the way, we take as a compliment! 🙂

        • Conservative_Hippie

          I’m glad you’re having fun. Now let me try ruffling your liberal feathers… I think Abortion is Murder!

    • Boris_Badenoff

      I know it is hard to understand a person that has real ethics and morality..
      Just as he did not campaign yesterday out of respect he would only go so far in his criticism. He is respectful of not crossing the line in making statements that might damage current situations.
      He stated they had differences in opinions and explained how and what he basis his opinions on.
      Unlike his opponent who will say and out anyone and any ongoing operation as long as it is to his benefit..

  • That was the media of the US? What a joke. They all acted like hateful Obama supporters at a rally. Where has the integrity of the American press gone? They are a waste of skin, in my opinion.

    Obama acts like a slick used car salesman of the 70’s and Romney acts presidential. Romney sticks up for our country, Obama apologizes for it. It is so obvious that Obama resents Americans and what we stand for. We are less safe than we were 4 years ago.

  • Conservative_Hippie

    Romney’s growing on me.

    • Me too! See how he comes across as human an American and concerned when he moves away form the stodgy image? He need to do more of that.

  • Don’t forget that, even now, Romney has more experience in government at the Executive level than Obama does. For those who pile on him as being inexperienced to run for executive office, you obviously have a selective recollection of history.

    Romney also has the right to address this issue as a political candidate. To say (or imply) that he should butt out of international affairs is an asinine position to take. Perhaps Romney should go to Germany and give a campaign speech there. After all, no-one complained when Obama did that in 2008.

  • Conservative_Hippie

    I love the fact Romeny used the phrase “Sovereignty of our nation”.

    • poljunkie

      I thought he did well too.

    • Cindy09

      Me too!

  • Well, somebody had to speak and act like a president. Fortunately, Romney was around to fill in for Obama and actually BE president, if for only a news conference. I actually felt proud seeing him there. Romney will make a good president.

  • Conservative_Hippie

    Did someone let in foreign media? When will the US media ask questions? /sarc

  • white531

    Very Presidential performance by Mr. Romney. I think he gave the press a taste of what they’re going to experience for at least the next eight years.

    As for the comment that we should only have one President at a time speaking on foreign policy, that’s apparently what we have, and his name is not Obama.

    A measure of how effective he was, is evidenced by the number of trolls here this morning. They seem to have turned out in record numbers.

    Good job, Mr. Romney.

  • Can’t wait for him to be President! I think he is going to surprise a lot of us conservatives in a good way.

  • Polarbearpapa

    Hmmmm..Looking for last nights Sarah Palin’s Facebook post on the potus response to this incident and I don’t see it…..

    Is there a reason it is not posted?

    • StandProudNow

      I don’t see it either…. ???

  • drphibes

    I can’t wait until the adults are back in power.

  • white531

    It was refreshing to see someone who aspires to the Presidency, actually speak up for America and defend her against our enemies. It gave me a good feeling. It’s been so long since we have seen something like that at the Presidential level.

  • Constance

    “Do you regret….” “Do you regret….” “If you had known….”
    Same questions from the idiot press over and over and over again. What a bunch of tools. Here’s what I regret – that my country is so stupid to continue listening to these media fools and that my country has elected a complete waste of space to the presidency.

  • we will be in CAPABLE hands with PRESIDENT MITT ROMNEY
    not ALLAH
    HE IS A BETTER LEADER than the SOB Barry ‘Obama’ Sotoro.
    THANK GOD 4 MITT no APOLOGIZING 4 us when we were under ATTACK.
    WE NEED MITT ROMNEY for this mess &not a terrorist sympathizer.

  • 12grace

    Dignified, Intelligent and strong- no wonder the left hates Romney.

  • Boris_Badenoff

    klynstra quote:
    “there has been a significant amount of consternation among veteran Republican campaign advisers and diplomats about Romney’s approach here?”

    Who give a crap what they think?

    If I want s#!t I’ll squeeze Karl Roves head….

  • MiketheMarine

    Ok, I’ve got an idea for a dream book. As Maobama flies AF1 to Nevada, the Arizona National Guard scrambles F-15’s and forces AF1 to land. Upon disembarking, Jan Brewer and Sheriff Joe Arpaio arrest the traitor for treason and give him some pink drawers. Who wants to co-author with me?

  • Just for grins, can anybody explain precisely what is so awful about the embassy statement, which — please note — was issued _before_ the attacks on the embassy? Here it is in full:

    The Embassy of the United States in Cairo condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims – as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions. Today, the 11th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States, Americans are honoring our patriots and those who serve our nation as the fitting response to the enemies of democracy. Respect for religious beliefs is a cornerstone of American democracy. We firmly reject the actions by those who abuse the universal right of free speech to hurt the religious beliefs of others

    Really? And remember this statement was issued by the embassy on the ground in Cairo in an effort to calm the brewing outrage over the incendiary video attacking the Islamic religion. I know this a conservative board for posts, but I just don’t get comments here.

    • 3 posts – troll alert!

      • that is your response to the question? Really?

        • Trolls are to be rooted out! You.. are a troll! Go away! BTW… How much did they pay you to infect this fine website? Do you get paid per post or per how stupid and moronic you come across? Just asking?

        • My response is you are a dick! Stop being such a parrot. You moron!

          • Articulate and compelling. Tell us more.

        • ObamaPelosi

          I support Mitt Romney but I am condemning the attacks on David Kent. His post was not rude and he did not say anything inflammatory. He asked a simple question, and people should not be calling him out as a troll. He has a right to ask a decent question, and you have a right to disagree with him, but calling him names like troll and other disgusting words is wrong, and it does not help the party we support. We should be open and honest in our feelings, but we should not put down others, especially someone who did not put you down. Please show some civility.

        • They can’t articulate their anger, so I’ll do it for you:

          The right hates everything Obama. Anything in the world that is negative is Obama’s fault. Everything in the world that is positive has nothing to do with Obama. Hence yesterday’s attack on a consulate is Obama’s fault. It’s that simple.

          • WordsFailMe

            You’ve just won a prize in the gallactically stupid division. Wonder who’s feeding your beaver while you stroke your keyboard?

    • ObamaPelosi

      As I stated in a previous post on this thread, this attack was not in response to the outrage over an incendiary video, this was a pre-planned attack which used the video as an excuse to make war with the US by attacking our embassy and murdering our Ambassador.

    • WordsFailMe

      Turn the page right side up and read it again

    • Here Kent the reason the statement was terrible was because in an attempt to try and ease the tensions was seen as a sign of passive weakness and therefore open to attack. The mentality is that of a bully towards a kid. If the kid does not stand up then the bully takes it as a sign to keep attacking because it is all about power. So with that in mind the last sentence was seen by these people that the U.S. would do nothing out of fear of offending Muslims. Does that answer the question?

      • thanks. I am not sure I agree completely, but I understand the point. I appreciate the response

  • NOZERO2012

    Good job, Gov.


  • Sparky5253

    This was Romney’s golden moment to be a hawk, Presidential and at the same time, inflict a mortal wound to the Obama campaign.

    Epic FAIL! Romney is WEAK, weak, weak!

    God, I hope McCain’s useless and incompetent campaign team is not running Romney’s campaign.

    • look you are far too obvious dem, my advice go to chicago visit the oral office at man country bath house so named after Obama. I think he left his mark there multiple times. Go to hell you pervert!

  • muzzyskat

    “Never let a crisis go to waste”. Mitt was flawless in his presser and the campaign had to put the wind up in the sails before Obama played pretend commander in chief . Team Obama is just upset that they have an opponent who won’t let Carteresque blunders and apologies go unchallenged. How in the world will Obama get through 90 minutes without a teleprompter and look as confident and articulate as Romney?

  • celestialjunk

    What a pathetic milquetoast … he had several chances to stick the knife in and turn it … but no, he used the weakest possible adjectives and expressions which made him appear neither presidential nor significantly in better command than the Big-O.

    This was not a presidential looking press conference … Romney had a fantastic opportunity, but he blew it. He is weak … just when he got rolling he dialed it back and came across as a kitten.

    His description of Obama’s foreign policies should have come as assertive but blunt condemnation. He tried to say that, but nobody will get the message when he speaks like “pretty pony” and not a confident commander in chief.

    This guy is a bean counter … sure, he can destroy hundreds of jobs to turn a profit when it can be done on a spreadsheet … but commander in chief he ain’t. More like Pretty Pony in Chief.

    No wonder the polls are so close.

    • your a dem go to hell

      • celestialjunk

        Ha ha … John and Antistuff, both of you really need to go back to school to re-do “reading” lessons. I’m criticizing Romney for being too weak, for not going after Obama in a more assertive and definitive manner, and you call me a Dem.

        • I understood your point. I do want clarification on what you meant for Romney to do against Obama? Are you blaming Obama for this terrorist act also? Do you typically Blame America First when such things happen?

          • celestialjunk

            You clearly don’t understand my comment … “turn the knife” describes directing mortal blows to Obama and Liberal notion that free speech need be condemned under this circumstance. Romney’s interview should be the moment at which this campaign turned in his favor for good … instead, it’ll be forgotten by all but die hard Repubs.

            It was a gift wasted … but so typical of Romney.

            Watch the Newt interview from today, Scoop has it up … now that’s how you use the English language to crush your enemy … both DNC and Islamist.

    • turn the knife to what? More Blaming America for the terrorist attacks in Libya? Is that what you want from Mitt Romney? Go F yourself.

  • marketcomp

    I want to see the movie that got these ignorant people so upset that they killed 4 Americans!


  • Retired_Coach


    • Secret Service, attention on aisle two.

      Once the drones start raining down missiles in Benghazi, I’m sure you’ll find a reason to hate Obama for it. Romney too.

  • Romney repeats falsehood about apology. There was no apology. Period. Go look and try to find one, doesn’t exist.

    So Romney’s political strategy is to criticize tweets from embassy staff under siege? WOW SIGN ME UP THIS GUY IS A CHAMP!

    • ObamaPelosi

      The tweet was from the US Embassy in Egypt. The attack was happening in Lybia. The Embassy staff in Egypt was not under seige. And they reiterated the original tweet even after the attacks. Get your facts straight.

      Pretty soon the truth will come out that this was a planned attack, in part helped along by the Lybian security forces who were supposedly there to protect our Ambassador, and that it was not about a stupid YouTube video made by some random person in the US which had nothing to do with the government whatsoever. This is all a heaping bunch of b.s. Al Qaeda used the video as an excuse to start a war they were determined to have on the 11th anniversary of 9/11. They planned this for a while and the “offense” of a You Tube video, not even a real movie of any justifiable quality, a video which I would have closed if I had happened to stumble upon it by accident; was just used as a backdrop and an excuse to start a war that Al Qaeda wanted to start anyway for the killing of Osama Bin Laden and some of the other Al Qaeda leaders killed.

      • it wasn’t an apology, you know this too which is why you didn’t quote the tweet. this is very tired. Stop blaming America for the work of terrorists.

    • Notice when challenged to provide facts to back up made-up assertions, the replies are silent. Deafeningly silent.

  • styxman65

    If that was was Obama on stage instead of Mitt, the questions would be,,, “president Obama, what was your kids doing when you heard of the attacks?”….. “Does your dog bark when the red phone rings?”……… If the press would ask the hard questions toward Obama as they do any Republican, Obama’s real rating would be about 20% among the American people.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    The trolls are out in full force, that means Romney did an excellent job. Their legs are shaking after seeing this perfomance by our next commander in chief. Go Mitt and dont back down.

  • He is looking really presidential today, especially following his awesome troll job against the Cairo twitter account. If I know anything, and I know some things, is I want a president who can answer in snarky, Blame-America-First ways to tweets after our brave State Department men and women are slaughtered by terrorists. That’s the president we deserve, amiright?

    • KenInMontana

      “Blaming America” is the purview of the current administration (The Cairo apology speech, among other prominent examples) and the those of your ilk. What we have witnessed in the Administration’s handling of these events is what happens when rank amateurs occupy positions of leadership, you can’t just muddle through by voting present, by skipping more than half of one’s daily intelligence briefings or phoning it in. Those who died in the attack of the consulate in Benghazi, died as a result of incompetence and bad policy decisions, decisions that can be traced directly to the “Commander in Absentia”.

  • stikeman

    OMG! Are you joking? You think that went well for Romney? That’s not what everyone else- including most Republicans- are saying. This was a disaster for Romney- and rightfully showed that he’s just not presidential material.

    • WordsFailMe

      Try again

    • KenInMontana

      Actually, what these events show us what a joke our current administration is, blatantly incompetent, dangerously naive and derelict in the performance of their sworn duties.

  • msverde1

    Yes sir, give ’em hell for making such a bombastic apology, Governor Romney. It is unacceptable and should not be tolerated, one least bit. This puts my brother (US Army paratrooper) and my nephew (Air Force airman) in jeopardy when you acquiesce and genuflect to cowards, people who refuse to bring intellect and civil discussion to the table.

    • I’m sure your brother isn’t thrilled with Romney blaming America for terrorism either.

      • WordsFailMe

        Anti Stiff u again?

      • lovestorun

        Are you for real? That is a far out question.

  • stikeman

    Here: read what even CONSERVATIVES are saying about Romney today. It’s not just hostile press. There is universal agreement- Romney is an idiot.

    Mitt Romney’s attack on President Obama for the “disgraceful” decision to “sympathize” with the murderers — and his decision to stick with the political attack in a press conference Wednesday — “is likely to be seen as one of the most craven and ill-advised tactical moves in this entire campaign,” Time’s Mark Halperin says. The “campaign faces a near consensus in Republican foreign policy circles that, whatever the sentiment, Romney faltered badly,” BuzzFeed’s Ben Smith writes. “I’ve been inundated with emails and calls from elected GOP leaders who think Romney’s response was a mistake. Not today,” MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough tweeted. Peggy Noonan said on Fox, “I don’t feel that Mr. Romney has been doing himself any favors, say in the past few hours, perhaps since last night… Sometimes when really bad things happen, when hot things happen, cool words or no words is the way to go.” Former George W. Bush pollster Matthew Dowd tweeted, “Romney react feels a lot like ready, fire, aim.”

    • Sounds like progressive talking points to me. Obama basically said the same thing. Once one says it, they all say it trying to somehow make it ture.

    • lovestorun

      That’s a list of Obama’s campaign helpers. You don’t really believe them when they put Romney down do you? Most conservatives are sticking behind Romney becasue he was right. Where’s Obama today? He’s on his way to Las Vegas for more campaigning.

    • a bunch of strawmen and Scarborough, yep….a GOP consensus…..what?

  • It’s refreshing to hear someone that doesn’t throw shout outs before talking about a tragedy like Obama did to Dr. Joe Medicinecrow.

    • is it refreshing that Romney blamed America first too?

      • Really how so?

        • I suppose Anti means the complaint against the embassy themselves parroting the WH apology to offended Muhammadans.

  • strong leadership

  • It smacks of real leadership. Of course, think about what you yourself would do in way of response if you only had 1 1/2 years of voting present to support you in times as tough as these.

    Welcome a new leader with abilities equal to the task.

  • bhaskin

    Very nice i plan to vote for this man with clarity, resolve..Etc Etc..

  • bhaskin

    Very Nice press conference, I plan on voting for this man as all should with clarity and resolve!

  • stage9

    ‘Should you have made such a statement so soon since these events were still unfolding?”

    THIS COMING FROM THE MEDIA??? THE SAME MEDIA who continuously jumps to conclusions every time a mad gunman murders innocent people in America — calling them Tea Partiers??


  • I thought about the criticism and wondered if Romney should have waited. Then it occured to me that I, too, am outraged! I was on FB last night asking WTH is the POTUS? Why is he not standing up front and center and declaring that we will not stand for this? I needed to hear him say that our flag and our diplomats are to be respected! I would slam the national wallet closed so fast that the rest of the world would sit in traffic, so to speak. I like Mitt Romney better today than I did yesterday. And while I have never been a fan of Obama… he will surely be happier when he can suck up to every foreign country full time and on his own dime.

  • chatterbox365

    Since Zero’s media is sh*tting and p*ssing all over themselves about this, looks like Romney’s press conference had its intended effect. Somebody had to show leadership since the Jive-Talker-in-Chief was too busy trying to get his a$$ to Vegas.

    • The embassy burns, and he’s off to the Letterman show.

  • elizabeth kiss-wray

    Obama is weak in both foreign and domestic affairs. He lacks love for America. He embraces an anti-American view. He wants America to fail. He plans to keep poor dependent Americans poor and dependent on the government. What some may view as charisma, I see as a damaging and dangerous narcissistic ego. SAD that so many Americans have gotten sucked into his socialistic web.

  • Dodoforever Canspell

    Yup … he handled all the aggressive questions very well. There’s hope for a turnaround for America if he wins. Let’s keep our fingers crossed…. our toes as well.

  • wodiej

    Good grief, how many times was he going to get asked if he regretted his statement so soon.

  • PVG

    WOW! An adult!!!

  • Reckoner_3

    As a person who’s been enthused about Romney being the replacement leader ….that was a good display of leadership … and not in a “political gain/points” type of way.

    Something I felt was missing in the GOP convention, politically calculated.

    Romney should continue to be his executive self, and not his politically-oriented handlers self….

    If he can do that in the debates , be himself and treat Obama as one of those losers he had to deal with in business….we are going to be pretty good in securing the changing of the guard.

    AKA kicking Obama and his marxist schooled cronies out of office.

  • wingzone

    The Right will defend Romney’s position regardless whether he’s right or wrong.
    The Left will do the same for Obama. There’s no changing minds of zealots.
    The people who really will make the difference in this election are those of us who will not be swayed by Party Politics and can see passed the spin & lies. So spin it however you will, but Romney made a huge blunder today…. anyone not blinded by over-zealous devotion to the Romney Camp can see that. Sorry folks, but many clearly see the gravity of this tragic situation & any candidate who would double down & defend such a mistake makes it even worse. Unless Obama makes a bigger blunder, Romney just took himself out of the running for me and probably many more like me.

    • What? I think I just read the planted blog watcher Democratic talking points.

    • wingzone – give it up! We are on to you!!!!

  • wingzone

    The Right will defend Romney’s position regardless whether he’s right or wrong.
    The Left will do the same for Obama. There’s no changing minds of zealots.
    The people who really will make the difference in this election are those of us who will not be swayed by Party Politics and can see passed the spin & lies. So spin it however you will, but Romney made a huge blunder today…. anyone not blinded by over-zealous devotion to the Romney Camp can see that. Sorry folks, but many clearly see the gravity of this tragic situation & any candidate who would double down & defend such a mistake makes it even worse. Unless Obama makes a bigger blunder, Romney just took himself out of the running for me and probably many more like me.

  • keats5

    Once again, the press has embarrassed itself. Have they no shame?

  • Jesus, the press is so pathetic.

  • Seriously though, can you believe the questions they asked him? Talk about sand bagging, wow, complicity to the nth degree! Romney speaks from the heart, not polls and when he does he is condemned, when he proceeds “with caution” his is condemned, man this guy can`t win, until Nov.!!!


  • PapaLouie

    The press accuses Romney of being out of line for speaking out “too soon” after a tragic event. Yet they had no problem with Democrats speaking out against Bush in wartime and during tragedies like Katrina. Heck, even the press got into the act. They called a general “General Betrayus” during wartime. What hypocrites!

  • You know what this reminded me of? It reminded me of Reagan press conferences where he had to defend American values against a bias free press that spends more time challenging American values than asking poignant questions related to the journalistic circumstance that begs for acknowledgement of the right to dissent in favor of American traditional values rather than always folding in the shadow of assumed corruption in conservative viewpoints.

  • The question “Was it inappropriate making these statements as they unfolded in real time?” WHAT A DUMB QUESTION, Ever heard of the 60/40 rule reporter? yes, he should have waited for a poll to come out, he should have waited to see what Obama thought, oh that doesn`t work so “Wasn`t it inappropriate as Americans where being killed…..?” Yes, again, he should have waited…..it WAS PERFECT TIMING, A LEADER IN TIMING, LEADERSHIP ON DISPLAY, AWESOME STANDARDIZATION AND CLARITY OF FOREIGN POLICY. HE WON, HE WON!!! YES!! LOOK AT THE LAP DOGS, HOWLING DURING A GREAT SYMPHONY, A WELL THOUGHT OUT DOMINATION BASED ON TRADITIONAL AMERICAN VALUES! I am awed at his timing, the timing of a man that loves his country-too see anything else is anything but patriotic and anything other than BIPARTISAN, for some who don`t know, this occurrence is the same as being attacked on our home soil and I love how Romney assumed everyone knows that. Amazing……

  • iberealcool

    How many times could these dumb asses ask the same question? Wasn’t that a creative bunch of air heads?

  • If this would have been Obama 2008 it would have been oooo ahhhhh ooooo ahhhhhh “greatest foreign policy rebuttal in history, give him the Nobel Peace Prize. lol

  • Also, the obvious bias in the questions aside, did anyone catch how many of the question showed that the reporters didn`t even listen to his speech, he answered most of their questions. They didn`t even listen to the speech and the questions were lame, I have lost respect even more for the press, they walked right into Romney`s wheel house when they actually thought (because they buy into their own propaganda) that Romney doesn`t know foreign policy and they could “gotcha” him, they (as in the words of Reagan) thought he would be passive, they thought wrong.

  • How can Romney be a grown man that thinks for himself, shows true leadership in the face of “Donnie Most”, “Fred ‘Almost all'” and “Jimmy even his own” all part of the the one in OZ looking for a brain camp (strawmen dude) LOL!!

  • Dan Swanson

    This is the first time I have seen Mr. Romney look the media in the eye and show conviction. Imagine that, a man with core values and conviction tell the liberal press to basically get a life. It is ok for a president to get pissed of and tell the world how he feels. To tell the murderers that if he was president they better run and hide, because he ain’t taking their crap! After that kind of attack, there is no reason for diplomacy according to Mr. Romney. Bravo…..

  • Romney did great! Thank you.
    The reporter who asked “Do you regret…” is definitely a libral democrapy.

  • First paragraph: Empty words. Yeah, I’m sure you are going to mourn, Mitt.
    Second paragraph: Mitt, there is no way you can clean up the mess you made of this.

  • Where are the condolences to the families of those that died?

  • Not a mixed signal. It is very clear to every one but him. He said, “It is wrong to stand by the statement” then seconds later he admits that he knows “The White House distanced themselves from the statement” Just 22 seconds later. I have never seen a politician contradict himself so quickly.

  • All negative comments on Gov Romney are ad hominumd–the least informative and responsible. Serious attacks demand clear, serious responses, not equivocations.

  • Ad hominum statements lack information or clarity. Attacks by killers demand clear, serious responses.

  • klynstra

    I’m just curious if anyone’s opinion here about Romney’s statement has changed in the past couple of days.

  • You know, it’s anyone’s right as an American citizen, to comment on the President’s comments or lack of comment. We can state our agreement or disagreement, and I dont believe we have to wait and see what he is next going to say. Besides, saying “Romney jumped the gun” is hilarious. You dont think the media beat his door down asking where he stood and what he thought of the WH statement issued and the Embassy statement issue. More than likely, as left as the media is, all with the intent of jabbing for a comment they can use against Romney’s campaign……as was exactly done! Come on, open your eyes and ears America!!