FULL SPEECH: Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in Manassas, VA

Romney gave another great speech today in Manassas, VA with Paul Ryan at his side. In fact I think Paul Ryan’s intro speech was even better in Manassas than in Ashland.

Watch below:

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  • Time to get America back…

  • conservative58

    It’s been a good day for America!


  • MaxineCA

    As I was cruising around the internet today, I saw Paul Ryan’s speech at CPAC 2012. Whoo hoo, TRS was credited for the video. Here it is if you want to watch.


  • Orangeone

    Another great video of R&R, thank you TRS

  • marketcomp

    As Mark Levin always reminds us that the TRUTH is the best disinfectant to Marxism and Statism and Paul Ryan can articulate and communicate Obama’s marxist/socialist agenda like no other. I, for one am, looking forward to Ryan’s ability to slash, dice, and burn Obama’s marxist plans for America!

    Romney/Ryan 2012!

    • MaxineCA

      I bet Mark has been doing the happy dance all day! Can’t wait to hear his show on Monday.

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    excellent speech !

  • proudhispanicconservative

    What a beautiful day this is, to have on one side the best of america displayed for the whole day. I see the left attacking ryan for being an extremist. Let me define what the liberals consider extremist:
    Return fiscal sanity to a country that is borrowing 40ct out every dollar
    To cut the budget for a government that everyday becomes a bigger part of your life
    To restore freedom liberty
    To cut taxes across the board
    To end the crony capitalism
    To make sure the next genaration has a better future
    To make sure we live within our means
    To allow americans to keep more of their hard earned money
    To make sure that our great nation does not become Europe
    Etc….. The liberals will have a hard time convincing me and other patriots that this is extreme.

    • MaxineCA

      I’ll add one more to your excellent list – A strong military.

      Yes, it is a sad day in America when following our constitution and having fiscal restraint is considered extreme. But then again, it IS extremely different than what we have now and the path we are on.

      • proudhispanicconservative

        My dear patriot maxine thank you for reminding me of that, i come from the Reagan years and to your point i never thought that we would get to a point in this beautiful nation that being for all those things, for liberty and for personal responsability would be considered extreme. But the optimist in me thinks that there are more americans like me and you then there is of them. At the end you combat evil with good and truth, and I believe the american people are not as dumb as our lousy excuse of a president thinks we are. God bless you and all my fellow patriots.

        • MaxineCA

          I grew up during the cold war, the Cuban missile crisis, etc. As a young adult just starting out on my own, I lived through the Carter economy with high interest rates and long gas lines.

          I always loved and respected Reagan, and miss him to this day. I love listening to his speeches as they are so applicable to the situation we have now. I’ve taken everything off of my “bucket list” as they seem to be superficial and really not that important to my to life. I replaced them all with a visit to the Reagan Library. Now, that would be the thrill of my lifetime!

  • The three Rs, Republicans, Romney, Ryan…the future of America, the last great hope, depends on them.

    • badbadlibs

      What a weight on their shoulders! May God be their strenght and give them favor!

      • freenca

        If all of us help carry the weight, their strength will be a thousandfold at least, HE will not abandon HIS own! Keep America and it’s Light in the fore. God bless America!!!!!!

    • MaxineCA

      I would disagree, but just slightly. I would replace Republicans with Constitution Conservatives. It’s up to us to elect them, but it’s also up to us to hold them accountable. So really it depends on all of us, just not the politicians. That is our great last hope.

  • Tami Nantz

    thanks for this! I was there, but my vid cam died!

  • TheRedWriter

    Ryan says, “President obama put his policies in place and they’re just not working.”
    This is not true and it’s why mainstream Republicans get on my nerves. obama’s policies ARE working; they’re doing exactly what he wanted them to do. This idea that obama is just a liberal, inept policy maker shows willful ignorance on Ryan’s part. obama is intentionally destroying this country and I wish somebody had the guts to say it.

    • freenca

      I think they will say it, at some point, RedWriter. Have you ever heard the Reagan “Integrity” speech, when he was running for CA Governor. Maybe we can get Michael Reagan to Publish that one. It was pivotal in CA way back then, and could be today as well. IMHO!

      • TheRedWriter

        No, I haven’t seen that speech.  I hope you’re right.

  • Okay note to MITT AND LISTEN UP!! The way you spoke today…IS THE WAY YOU REACH PEOPLE AND CONVINCE PEOPLE….it is called conviction, passion and determination. I loved it and this is how you win….get rid of those MASS LIBERAL LOSERS you have on your staff like that DINKLEBERRY SAUL and you will roll. Liberals never know how to speak they just love themselves….HENCE THE MARXIST MESSIAH….put him on a cross with a robe and he thinks he is the SECOND COMING!! A legend in his own twisted mind….must be a small place….hmmmm!!!

    Mitt speak with force and show America you LOVE AMERICA!! You love the American people, love success, love liberty, love seeing people achieve, encourage dreams, tell people America is the greatest place on earth, that people dare to go beyond themselves, that GOVERNMENT enslaves people and is NEVER THE ANSWER and tell people how you represent the best in America vs. the Marxist!! Today you were REAGANESQUE….side note I really miss that man….GOD REAGAN would have made Obama the 6-incher he is….okay back to story!!

    Mitt contrast that with OBAMA’s IDEOLOGY you must tie him to his IDEOLOGY…IT IS A MUST…yes call him a SOCIALIST..call him the lover of BIG GOVERNMENT, the man that will crush American business, that downplays America, that wants to rule America, that plays CLASS WARFARE, CLASS ENVY, that turns American against one another….that hates CAPITALISM and INDIVIDUAL SUCCESS. YOU MUST EXPOSE HIS RADICAL IDEOLOGY and HE INATE DESIRE TO TRANSFORM AMERICA….Once you do that and you open his left flank and begin to create a narrative about him….DOUBT will creep in and then CLOBBER HIM WITH RIGHT UPPER CUT over the ECONOMY!! AND CHECKMATE!! He cannot defend his record….and once you open people up with his IDEOLOGY to the left of Marx….more and more people will see beyond the FALSE IMAGE he creates and will look at his ABJECT FAILURE on the ECONOMY AND ELSEWHERE!!

    You began today Mitt and I was so happy!! Reagan would be proud….expand on it and run with it and you will win!! Paul Ryan I tell you I am so looking forward to seeing you hammer the Dems with facts and figures….your family looks so cool and it creates such a great American Story and Image….

    I guarantee you Paul…many women are swooning over seeing you….LOL…LAUGH AT ME AS YOU MAY…but trust me many women were checking him out….even those LIBERALS UGLY MEDUSAS!! They will condemn you Paul but secretly oh they wish you would look their way!!

    Why is it that conservative women are hot and sexy and liberal women are just butt ugly!!

  • Oh an Mitt you want to reach Hispanics, Asians, Eastern Europeans and other groups….tell they came to America because they wanted to pursue the AMERICAN DREAM which you represent and believe in…remind them the reason they lefy their countries was to get away from SOCIALISM AND MARXISM and show them how Obama represents the very way of life they came to America to get away from!! THAT WILL WORK WONDERS!!

  • freenca

    R/R= Recovery!! R squared=Recovery!! R&R= Recovery!! R & R 2012= Recovery!! Which ever way you put it – Romney/Ryan=Recovery!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • scrubjay

    Ryan is truly a dynamic campaigner. He gets the crowd going in a back and forth fashion that creates energy. The way that he rolls off the statistics without seeming dry is a gift. Romney should be taking notes.

  • Steven

    I am afraid to come out and express my support for this ticket, because I don’t want to jinx them (every candidate I’ve supported for 2012 has lost), but oh well! If we lose in 2012, we have a deep bench in 2016!

    Growth, Jobs, and Prosperity! Romney/Ryan 2012!

  • kwiley9711

    Both of these men are a breath of fresh air. WOW!!!!!! WE WILL WIN AND TAKE AMERICA BACK.

  • Edward La Guardia

    Let me just say first that I’m an incredibly staunch independent who holds both conservative and liberal ideals in my head and heart and who has voted for both Republicans and Democrats…but I cannot fathom in any way shape or form how ANYONE could consider voting for Barack Obama to give him another 4 years. I don’t care what race, age, religion, gender, etc. you are, it is clear that he has done everything he can to hurt this nation so very much. No matter the liberal spin the numbers do not lie. God knows I pray every day that this tyrannical and terrible president leaves Washington D.C. for good come January.

    Let’s go Romney/Ryan!! ;D

  • Rob_Bryant

    YES! Dude, if Romney will govern how he speaks, I am ALL about it.

  • las1

    This is really the best speech I’ve heard Romney give. And Paul said one very revealing thing. Obama’s policy is hard left.

    If R&R hammer this home, like Michael in his comment above said, and hammer Obama’s hard left socialist ideology from all angles and expose Ozeros leftist associations, his terrorist/murder pal Ayers for example… this would be a good start.

    Romney needs to expose Obama’s inviting the Muslim Brotherhood into the White House and all his MB implicated appointments like Ingred Madsen, even Clinton’s Huma Abedin (Walid Shoebat will be revealing more on Abedin this week), or Rashad Hussain, Obama’s Special Envoy to OIC. All this just for openers. The treasure chest of Obama’s malfeasance is full of diamonds and gold… just for the taking. Romney better start taking.

    I also hope that Ryan will be bringing more informed and updated contacts and advisors to Romney’s team. It is sure needed.

    The clouds are parting and sun is poking through.

  • las1

    Don’t you just love it when the audience shouts “USA… USA… USA”

    Just like the way they do in the Democrat rallies… no wait…

  • stevenbiot

    It’s time to go to war with liberals. Let’s get in the trenches and do work for our ticket.

  • It’s going to work.

  • All without TOTUS!! That’s how you know what is in the politicians heart. What they say off script is their true ideology. Case in point Ryan= fiscal conservative & proud American Obama= spread the wealth business hating Marxist!! Can not wait for the 1st Wed of Nov!!!! R&R!!!

  • noright

    Didn’t realize there were so many 1% ers in my hometown.

  • noright

    Didn’t realize there were so many 1% ers in my hometown.

  • noright

    Didn’t realize there were so many 1% ers in my hometown.