FULL SPEECH: Mitt Romney slams Obama on energy in Ohio’s coal country

With a backdrop of coal workers in Ohio, Romney made clear that he supports energy whether it be above or below ground, unlike Obama who he said only supports energy above ground. And he totally called out Obama for spewing lies about energy in campaign ads, challenging Obama to tell the country what he really believes about energy. In fact at one point he told the crowd that Obama is an eloquent speaker, but not to listen to his words. Instead he told them to look at what’s really going on in America. That was fantastic.

You can watch the full speech below:

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  • Wow! Romney is taking it all the way! If you need more reasons not to vote for Obama, here’s 1001 http://rightsided.tumblr.com/1001

  • great speech, like it all the way to the end when he ask people to get to work to get him elected.

  • Thanks for posting the speech. Very inspiring and good to see him so enthusiastic.

  • It will really make Democrats mad to see coal miners applauding their boss.

  • Patriot077

    Great speech but it sure tugged at my heartstrings to see these men who live such tough lives working in a dangerous occupation. I can only imagine how fearful they have been over the past 3 years that they could lose their jobs, too.

    I pray they vote for Romney & convince all their friends to do the same.

  • nibblesyble

    for those that have been in the trenches praying Romney wouldn’t win the primaries, you can understand what I feel now..thank the Lord he is getting it, he is firguring it out, he is serving red meat…I can almost weep in relief because I was terrified he was going to do the opposite. Do I wish it was Newt..goes with out saying, but it isn’t and Romney is redeeming himself slowly but surely. Perhaps he is even learning conservatism as a first language after-all?

  • I’m not trying to be a wet blanket here……but Mitt needs to keep his normal voice when giving speeches. He doesn’t need to try to portray emotion (IMO); I think he needs to portray honesty.

    • p m

      I think it’s his voice that gives out now and then, not forced emotion. He’s been talking non-stop for a while now – it takes a toll.

  • MaxineCA

    Great speech, great setting to talk about the energy part of his 5 point plan! Love that he is coming on strong and staying honest and out of the gutter. I heard today that the union that represents coal miners is NOT supporting O this time around. Hum… maybe folks are starting to wake up. A tanking economy and over regulation hurts everyone!

  • Whew! I’ve seen Mitt give some great speeches, but this one moves to the head of the class.

  • HarrietHT2

    Let’s be clear about one thing, at least: get the federal government out of education. CLOSE the Dept. of Education, the enduring, malignant, legacy of Jimmy Carter. Return CONTROL of education to the states and communities. I support NO ONE — do you hear that establishment Republicans, and I do mean you, Jeb Bush — no one who seeks to “improve” education from a centralized, read that “progressive,” authority.

    Watch yourself, Romney. You are stepping into deep weeds here if you think for one minute that American patriots will support YOU in continuing FEDERAL control of our educational system.


  • p m

    Great speech and wonderful to see the miners applauding. What brave and, at least in some circles, sadly under-appreciated men. You wouldn’t think that no coal = no electricity, the way it’s demonized.
    MR’s five points always start with Energy and that was so fitting for this audience. Thanks for posting.

  • Great Speech. Nice Grass roots plug at the end. At least the man is proud of his country unlike our current administration. That in itself is enough for me.

    It’s amazing to me the people that still defend the Obamanation we have now. It’s all the republicans fault when there are numerous bills sitting on Reid’s desk that he refuses to even bring to vote. It’s also amazing to me the number of people that think the Government should have anything to do with social issues. That is what they are voting on and oblivious to the fact that without a balanced budget, non of that matters because we won’t have a government or country left.

  • EchoMike

    I’d be interested in getting someone’s opinion on this:

    Wouldn’t Solyndra have benefitted as a company if there energy costs were lower?
    Wouldn’t ALL green companies, that liberals love so much, that run factories and build products benefit by seeing a reduction in the cost of operating their business?
    If so, then why not embrace an energy policy that unleashes production of all kinds of energy here at home?

    • p m

      You’re asking for logic, echo, and the libs just don’t do that. I bet most of us would have no objection to successful green companies PROVIDED THEY DON’T GET TAX DOLLARS. Therein lies the rub.

  • warpmine

    Until Romney can give us an alternative to true green energy, unicorn farts and pixie dust, I’m going to have to stay with Obama.

  • anneinarkansas

    Perfect Backdrop, Great Speech!
    Paul Ryan has energized Romney.

  • this is just hilarious and sad. how are you going to improve education when you reduce capital gains tax to under 1 percent, invest in energy production, not cut defense spending and put the kind of money into education that it needs? Mitt Romney has become a Billionaire by robbing the middle class and sending middle class jobs abroad, as he indicated he plans to do again by “opening foreign markets in Latin America” If you think that means anything other than cheap labor for jobs that could be here you need to pinch your self to make sure you aren’t dreaming. I mean Obama is a crook too, so don’t thing that I some preaching democrat. They are all crooks and liars, and our system has been broken and obfuscated by greed. What we NEED is to go back to the drawing board.