Full Speech: Rick Perry at SRLC

According to Ed Morrissey, it was the speech of the day. And it was really really good. Note that there is a weird pause at about the 22 sec. mark for about 9 seconds but it will start back up after that.

He will pump you up!

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  • RedDogReport

    I have to agree with Ed, this was definitely the speech of the day. If he can win big in November, he will be a leading contender in 2012.

    Brian O'Connor

  • akw

    That's my governor, and I hope like heck we get him reelected!

  • mikemorrison281

    Oh good grief…this was not the speech of the day. Perry is a liar and a fake. He's all of a sudden talking about the border again??? 20 days after being re-elected he went back on his campaign promise to seal the border. Cutting spending? Really? He brags about the 2003 budget in Texas—he had nothing to do with it. Talmidge Heflin did it. Perry just took credit for it. Quit buying his bullcrap and get past the 200.00 haircut. He's a RINO and he will say ANYTHING, including now talking about the 10th ammendment, to be re-elected. He swore in the primary debates that he would serve his full term and not run for President. Does ANYONE believe that???

    Wake up and smell the bs. Perry is NOT a conservative.

  • RedDogReport

    You and me both!

  • poptoy1949

    I just don't think so.

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  • Almost makes we want to move to Texas!

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