FULL SPEECH: Romney slams Obama in Chillicothe, Ohio

This has to be the most hard hitting yet inspirational speech I’ve heard Romney give yet, and he does it in a place called Chillicothe, Ohio. He refers to Obama as “intellectually exhausted” and hits Biden for his race-based comments earlier yesterday, saying that he has brought the campaign to a new low and that Obama is out of ideas, noting this is “what an angry and desperate Presidency looks like”. He then tells Obama to take his “campaign of division and anger and hate back to Chicago.” BAM! That was fantastic!

I’d say this is a MUST WATCH and you can watch the full speech below:

UPDATE: Watch ElectAd’s coverage of Paul Ryan’s campaign speeches from yesterday in COLORADO and NEVADA.

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  • Sandra123456

    “Mr. President, take your campaign of division and anger and hate back to Chicago…,”

    Standing O. Amen.

    • maynardb50

      Let him take it back to Kenya or Indonesia or wherever.

  • Best one yet. He’s really on a roll.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    Hell Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!! This guy is really on a roll, and whoever is his speech writer kudos to you my friend. I am telling you this the best speech i’ve heard, he personalized it, he sounded sincere, and the best thing is we are the party that are offering the hope.

    • JoeMontana16

      I’m thinking his speech writer is Paul Ryan. He was a speech writer at one time and ever since he joined the ticket Romney has put his cleats on. I don’t know how but ryan has lit a fire under his ass. Its nice to see.

      • proudhispanicconservative

        I am telling you he looks like he wants to win. As long as he sounds like that he will win.

      • proudhispanicconservative

        I heard he wrote the speech himself, which was great and it sounded like it was coming from his heart and love for this nation.

  • s4m4d4ms

    The next president of the United States needs to make an apology tour. He needs to go around the world apologizing for Obama.

    • maynardb50

      And I want that bust of Winston Churchill back in the oval office, even if we have to purchase it!

    • Our apology to the rest of the world will be:
      Being honest with other countries.
      Being supportive of our friends.
      Putting our enemies in their place.
      By keeping our military strong, so our friends will feel more secure, and our enemies will know just how far they can go, before we and our friends put them in their place.
      By talking with other nations in a clear way so they can understand where we stand.
      I don`t think Romey/ Ryan are going to have time to visit many other counties, because of the mess they are going to have clean up, that obama is going to leave them.
      We all of us have a lot of work to do, to make up for the liberal mess we are in.

  • Nice to see the gloves coming off. The Ryan VP pick really did change the momentum in this election.

    • halonoah94

      Yeah, it’s made it really come alive. I think this pick might have decided the election.

  • sDee

    Great anti-Obama speech. Right focus. Conservative?

    “We wanna make sure the regulators protect the public”. ?!

    “Replacing Obamacare”? Is it the role of government to do anything except get itself out of private industry?

    There are no “trust funds”. They were raided long ago.

    No mention of shrinking the federal government. Both the Dept of Energy and the Dept of Education have created 2 of his top 5 problems.

    I lost track of how many times he said “middle class”. Nice to hear him and the upper class and the political calss are taking care of us folks huh?

    • halonoah94

      He’s more than likely referring to police and safety regulations. Too many regulations also strangle economies and people trying to get new jobs. Thus, the regulators should just regulate, not overprotect. It’s like an overbearing mother, father, spouse, etc.

      He has made a state-wide healthcare before, Romneycare. However, it’s actually not fairing that badly. And by ‘replace’ he probably refers to a different sort of reform, not just installing Obamacare 2.0. Again, elsewhere he mentioned lowering taxes and regulations that halt abilities to make jobs.

      Please state where the ‘trust funds’ part came in.

      He’s mentioned shrinking the government elsewhere, especially on his campaign site. And those two areas require a major lift, as he’s noted.

      There’s a difference between worry and trying to ‘take care’ as you’ve put it. Romney knows the best way to a more powerful and efficient America is through a strong middle class, he wants a resurgence of the middle class and knows part of what’s best to do it with. For instance, bringing jobs back and expanding trade and decreasing regulations that stifle a company or business’s ability to pay their employees more. He’s talking about reforming the Education part of the government, as you’ve put, so there’s more skilled labor and skills in general. If he wanted to ‘take care of’ the middle class, then he would’ve put the middle class on welfare to match this ‘ideal’ balance so they’re the absolute middle in terms of money. He would’ve mentioned expanding Obamacare, not trashing it. He would’ve mentioned adding regulations, adding necessary components to companies.

      If he wanted to ‘take care’ of the middle class as you call it, he would talk about instigating socialism. He believes in capitalism, in removing the obstacles set in people’s way to abundance and to a happy and free life.

      • sDee

        A best, he is talking to both the politcal class in DC, which he is inextricably tied to, and conservative voters who are sick of paying for it. Each group hears what it wants to hear. We should not have to make excuses for what he says.

        A conservative would say we can take care of ourselves, that the regulations are killing business and would pledge to eliminate 90% of them and 90% of the regulators who beget more regulations. He did not. Most of these regulations where designed intentionally by lobbyists and law firms to force out small business. It is not the role of Federal government to protect us the “public” form ourselves.

        So it is OK that a socialistic government healthcare plan is “not fairing badly”? A conservative could never bring their hand to sign Romenycare. Anyway, Romenycare is doing horrible and can you tell from first experience working with insurance customers and followups there that insurance costs are going up, coverages being trimmed, deductibles going up, medication cost increasing, care going down, doctors and other providers leaving the system. It is all being propped up by an influx of government money. It will collapse. It is government regulation of an entire industry.

        Romney said the $700 billion came out of the Medicare “trust fund”.

        My point on the “middle class” is that there is no such thing – it is a made up concept defined to be whatever by whoever hears it or says it. He is pandering. I want to hear solutions that treat all Americans equally – restore freedom and economic opportunity for all. I do not want to hear an elitist patronizing me with this middle class talk. We are not supposed to be a nation divided up and categorized by our politicians by “class”. It is the language of the left – just listen to Hussein.

    • Orangeone

      The federal gov’t needs to provide the legislation that allows health insurance to be sold across state lines, to allow small businesses to pool for coverage, etc. The Republicans have passed these plans in the House, Reid is prohibiting the bills being heard in the Senate.

      • sDee

        Than he should say he is not only planning to get rid of Obamaare but he will also remove anyother legislation and regulation that is crippling the healthcare industry.

        He does not intend to just get the government out of healthcare. If he did promise that, he would lose the support of the political establishment which needs governmetn healthcare to continuing growing their power and money. When Romney says “repeal and replace” the politcal class, that lives like parasites off our tax money, hear that the Obamacare honey pot will be replaced with a Romenycare honey pot.

  • Awesome!!! Inspiring!! Keep it up R&R!!

  • The guy behind Romney, to his left, is really funny to watch! LOL! He’s like a child, constantly fidgeting! Hahahaha!

    • sDee

      Obama’s 2008 campaign really maxed out on the “folks in the background” theatrics. I find it annoying, distracting and unprofessional. I guess the idea is we are supposed “identify” with the folks they prop up there.

      • I never watched any Obama campaign videos, so I couldn’t comment on that. But this video was really entertaining! It was also a GREAT speech…it’s really nice to FINALLY have a candidate that is willing to FIGHT back! Forget about taking the high road, I want a candidate that will roll his sleeves up and get dirty right there with Obama. I want a candidate that will FIGHT for us!!! If Romney fits that bill, I believe it will reward him with the Presidency.

        • sDee

          Elephants on the offense. It is a welcome yet unfamiliar sight. 😀

  • rightwingpatriot

    I pray that Romney will win so that we can get the communists out of Washington.

    • sDee

      We will get them out of the executive branch for sure but they are deeply and permanently entrenched in the federal agencies, courts, bureaucracy, legislature and contractors. I hear nothing from Romney that indicates he will change anything about the size or members of the political class.

  • Great speech in COAL COUNTRY an area that is being decimated by the Marxist and his EPA. This needs to be addressed more…..The coal industry is suffering big time…thousands and thousands losing their jobs in Ohio, Penn, VA, West Va and Kentucky!! I was so glad to see Mitt there and hitting the Marxist over his absolute obessesion with power!! Mitt let the Marxist answer for all those employees in the coal industry that have lost their jobs because of him and all their HEALTHCARE and how each one of them and their families are dealing with ILLNESSES that are no longer covered because of the Marxist….could we see cancers, heart problems, kidney problems, arthritic conditions, lung and more???

    Keep hitting him Mitt and exposing his ideology!! Right in coal country which is ripe for the picking….Ohioans and others need to know this attack on coal will be driving their ENERGY costs WAY UP THIS WINTER!!! Amazingly right after the election when their first cold month weather bills come!!

    Great job Mitt…it is clear Ryan has energized you along with millions of others!! Keep up the great work and expose the Marxist!!

  • las1

    I just noticed something with this video. The people behind Romney are NOT adoring sheep. Only one guy in the group standing behind has his camera.

    Contrast that to the adoring messiah “worshipers” who can’t get enough of videoing or snapshotting the back of Ozero’s graying head.

    The first five seconds of this clip should illustrate enough effectively…

    The contrasts are jarring.

  • anneinarkansas

    Romney finally has his act together and adding Paul Ryan was a brilliant choice!

  • Now THAT is a what a Presidential Candidate should be like. I wonder how many people have changed their views on Mitt now?

  • odin147

    Good speech, he needs to refute the myth of top down economics failing, he needs to say there is no such thing. This is a straw man argument. The one keeps talking about this in his stump speeches just as he did in ’08. Romney needs to address this in his stump speeches as well

  • Ahwooga

    Great speech. Maybe it’s just me though, but I found Kasich’s behavior throughout the part of the speech that i watched (the first 8 minutes or so) to be somewhat strange. He appeared distracted, antsy, dour; constantly looking around, clapping later than everyone else. It’s probably nothing, but to me just seemed unusual for a politician standing up on stage to be acting that way.

    • Orangeone

      From my perspective, Kasich was keeping an eye on the few hecklers to ensure they were being properly controlled and not getting out of hand. Watch him as he looks to the audience on his left side.

      • Ahwooga

        Thanks Orangeone, that would explain it.

  • p m

    Great speech. Someone finally said that it’s voters who ‘build’ the government. Let’s hope they can unbuild it by keeping the pressure up to end those entities that take away freedom and education.

  • Portia A. Boulger

    If Romney/Ryan are elected, the miners will be in a much more dangerous work environment. They want to do away with regulations, safety codes, NLRB, etc. They don’t give a DAMN about you and me, unless you are a part of the 1%.

    They want to privatize Social Security and Medicare. Their plan will cost Seniors $6,000 more than the current plan.

    They are anti-woman and support doing away with most forms of birth control, and Ryan is trying to weaken VAWA and is against abortion even in cases of rape, incest, and a threat to the mother’s life.

    Romney endorsed by 110% Ohio John Kasich’s SB5/Issue 2 anti-public union worker legislation. Romney/Ryan want to do away with the right to collectively bargain – they support Right to Work laws. They are against miners and ALL workers! They support doubling the interest on student loans. They support fracking!

    Ryan supports the philosophy of Ayn Rand. Romney wants to give $200,000 tax breaks for the wealthy and increase taxes for the 99%. They do not support Pell Grants, want to do away with NPR, EPA regulations, support fracking, and favor Right to Work laws. Want to gut the budget items that make America strong and will continue to do everything he can to cater to the Koch Brothers/ALEC who consider Ryan their up and coming star. Dick Chaney stated that he “worshiped the ground Paul Ryan walked on”. Now, would you really trust Dick’s idea of a good VP?


    • DebbyX

      Get a grip portia! WE ARE LIVING THE DISASTER RIGHT NOW!. Wake up.

    • tcbjims68

      Why don’t you just come out and say that you’re a bleeding heart, left-wing, nanny-state desiring liberal? Even a child can cut and paste the Democrat talking points like you have above….such a shame you don’t really believe in American exceptionalism and entrepreneurial spirit and that you actually believe you should be taken care of by our government (code for MY TAXES). You might as well go join the Occupy Wall Street crowd. I can respect (and even tallk some sense into) an intellecually honest liberal but you are nothing but a kool-aid drinking lemming of the highest order.

      Social Security and Medicare NEED to be privatized or it’s going to go belly-up. It’s not going to be there for anyone here soon and without reform and some belt tightning, no one will have that safety net. And it’s not going to raise taxes or costs on seniors. All those 55 and up will not have any portion of their Medicare raided like Obama has done (to the tune of about 700+ BILLION dollars)…it will stay completely intact. Those under the age of 55 will have more options for plans with privatization. That 6k “increase” would only happen if the current plan stayed in place and privatization wasn’t allowed to happen. With Obamacare gone under Romney/Ryan, that 700+ billion stays AND you’ll have legistation allowing for insurance acquisition across state lines (which has been held up by the Democratic contolled Senate…thank Harry Reid). Competition breeds lower prices and savings for the consumer….or didn’t they teach you that in economics 101?

      They’re not anti-woman in the slightest. Scare tactics from the Obama clan. NO ONE wants to do away with birth control nor is the Romney administration going to roll back Roe v. Wade. Romney/Ryan simply don’t believe (nor do I or a majority of the American people) that other’s should be forced to pay for it if their religion doesn’t allow it. Ever heard of the Constitution and Freedom of Religion? You might want to read up on that little provision. If you want birth control or any other womanly item, it’s always going to be available….you’ll just have to play for it. Tough cookies….not my problem or the problem of everyone other citizen of this country. Plus, their stance on abortion is that it’s a states issue (and it is). Roe v. Wade (whether you agree with allowiong abortion or not) is simply bad, unconstitutional law that was created out of thin air….much like the decision to let stand Obamacare.

      Yes, yes and even more of an enthusiatic YES….this ticket DOES support Right to Work states (as they should) and not allowing the unions of this country to run (and ruin) the very industries they’re supposed to be helping by squashing business expansion and allowing employes the control of their own destiny. Unions are a major part of the problem for this economy and the average worker gets NOTHING for their part in being in a union (been there, done that, got NOTHING back except to have my forced dues go to Democrat cannidates I didn’t support whether I liked it or not).

      As for student loans….NO ONE forced these people to take out loans or even go to school. I understand better than most the value of education (and I’ve paid for my education ON MY OWN through working 2-3 jobs AND raising a family) two degrees later….but I wouldn’t ever begin to imagine that I’m ENTITLED to an eduation. I’m guaranteed Life, Liberty and the PURSUIT (key word there) of Happiness.

      Yes, they support fracking….and coal, oil, gas, wind, solar…so long as we can get it HERE in this country. We have the worlds largest supply of untapped natural resourses and the federal government is sitting on any and every opportunity for us to become independent from the rest of the world so as NOT To allow American companies to tap into those supplies. How about all that wonderful investment money (code for MY TAXES) that was spent by this administration on Solyndra and all the other LOSER projects that simply wasted billions of dollars and created ZERO green jobs. Oh, yeah…unemployment is STILL above 8% so I’m guessing the green energy boom missed the boat at creating all those jobs. And the American tax payer took it on the chin (and their pocket book). You want to become energy independent from the rest of the world? Drill, build refinerys, extract everything we can from our own country and you’ll see energy prices plummet….all for the good of the American economy, the rest of the world, job creation and business expansion (which brings in more revenue to the federal government, Ms. Lib…so you can pay for all those bleeding heart liberal feel-good programs to save the grey spotted, red breasted dodo bird or whatever). And the EPA MUST go…it’s the single worst and most powerful agency in this administration and it’s STRANGLING the American work place and job creating businesses.

      Ryan doesn’t support Rands philosophy…he thought she was on to something great about her economic views on socialism vs. capitalism (and she was). He’s NEVER believed in her personal philosophies. You need to do a little research before you spout off those lib talking points (BTW, do they e-mail those to you daily?). And Romney supports tax cuts for EVERYONE. BTW, it’s not a tax cut by not letting the Bush tax cuts dissapear. You’re still leaving in place the cuts that were already there! Duh?! By letting them expire (which is what Obama wants to do) you are increasing taxes on the small businesses and job creators of this country. Do you like seeing 8+% unemployment? It will only get worse if we allow the Bush tax cuts to go away and for Obamacare to be fully enacted.

      It’s very tiring sometimes to have to squash liberals like yourself with those pesky little things called FACTS, but I will continue to do so until this Marxist Socialist president is out of office. I’ve got until November.

      • proudhispanicconservative

        Now thats how you respond to a cut and paste liberal talking point, I salute you my friend.

    • westernhunter

      I will vote my own interests as well as OUR COUNTRY. That will be to get rid of obama.

    • keninil

      Do miners want jobs??? Under O they would not have any. He is closing all the coal plants thru EPA regulations. So are you for or against coal? Or are you just for miners as long as they don’t mine any coal. We are paying enough non-working people in this country. So how could you support coal and not fracking for natural gas. I have a natural gas stove in my kitchen; no scrubbers or vents needed.

      Did you understand what Scott Walker did in WI?? He broke the union monopoly on union health care; a monopoly that was charging twice the going rate (until they had to compete) — is that where you want your education dollars going, a union leaders pocket — maybe your pocket? Walker made union membership optional for school districts, over 25% quit the union. Kasich was trying similar reforms; but unfortunately the citizens of Ohio will have to keep paying big unions until he has another go at reform. You must be one of those $300K/year union officials.

  • Are those protesters in the background at about the 5:30 mark?

  • America needs some R&R.

  • Well said. Ryan did mention competition as a way to lower health care costs, but I haven’t heard Romney say it…yet. Insurance companies have very strong lobbyists, and I hope with all my heart that they do not win over Romney/Ryan. We do need tough competition. We need people to have some skin in the game in order to provide the best health care for the lowest costs. I am on medicare. I see 2 big problems. Right now, I know people who run to the doctor once a month for no reason at all. (Sniffles, hang nail). Since they have no skin in the game, there is no need to limit these visits. And doctors are pulling back from medicare since the government will not be paying them a reasonable amount for medicare visits. It’s already happening.

    • sDee

      Healthcare is a private industry as is health insurance. Government just needs to get out and turn it back to a free enterprise. I agree with you, I have never heard Romney say that. He hedges. He is after all the Father of Obamacare.

  • My, my, I am impressed! What a great speech! Fired me up! And no teleprompter in sight (Obama brought his teleprompter twins out again today) and Mitt rarely looked at his papers. Can’t wait to vote this November… 84 days and counting down…

  • carolt2

    I read about this speech last night but did not see the video, I am so glad I found it here! Thank you TRS!

  • For the time and/or bandwidth impaired, Stacy McCain has fulltext from the Romney team up at his site (it may vary slightly, since it’s the actual speech Romney wrote… yes, wrote, not a transcription of what he ended up saying).

  • dk_in_tn

    Romney has all the right stuff to turn Obama’s shipwreck around.

  • deacrick

    Aren’t the other guys from the USA too?

  • xiaoxiaobin746


  • If Romney wins, his economic plans will destroy what little recovery we have seen so far, and simply put billions more into the pockets of his backers with little left for everyone else. Also, quit invoking god, we have a ‘wall of separation’ between church and state, and can thank an actually great American, Thomas Jefferson, for that. Disagree with me if you will, but mark my words, if Romney wins and then does what he says he’s going to do, we’re going to see a deep recession and perhaps a depression.