Full Speech: Sarah Palin at CPAC 2012

Sarah Palin aimed her rhetorical guns at Barack Obama and didn’t stop throughout the entire speech, talking about Obama’s failure of leadership on entitlements and unemployment and his twisted priorities in cutting military spending but nowhere else.

She also talked about the primary process, how competition will make our candidates that much stronger to take on Obama in the general. Of course, in Palin style, she didn’t endorse anyone but I think that was expected. She’s been saying all along what she said in this speech that she wants the primary process to continue.

Before it was over she pointed out the huge need for Tea Party reinforcements being sent to the Congress so that we can strengthen the House and take back the Senate and the White House.

Overall it was a great speech that really fired up the crowd. You can watch it below:

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  • Anonymous

    Scoop… your diligence on this coverage is much appreciated.

    • Thanks las 🙂

      • Anonymous

        here here

        • Eloise Burke

          Hear! Hear!

      • Anonymous

        I appreciate the fact that out of all the websites and blogs out there, I can always come here and get the latest, most relative, conservative news and updates. It’s my first choice among the sites on my bookmark bar. Thanks for the in depth coverage of the CPAC.

        • Anonymous

          Hehe… you know it’s funny. Being in the UK where every establishment is fully in the grip of weird leftists and having an eldest daughter of college age, it seems strangely counter intuitive to have to sit her down and say to her:

          ”Now heed my advice: don’t talk to the professors and make sure you listen to what the strangers on the internet tell you!”

          But that is basically how it is. Thanks RS!

        • Agree. Rightscoop is #1 choice for me, Fox News 2nd. Don’t even check other sites, busy homeschool dad.

          • Homeschoolong – Good for you and thank you. Homeschooling is the best gift you can give both your child and America. Bravo!

        • Hear here, John3.

        • bobemakk

          I agree 100%. And it was too bad that John McCain ran such a “clean” campaign. Sara Palins speech was phenomenal just like the one she made at the republican convention. We could have had McCain/Palin in the White House and maybe we wouldn’t be in this mess with the Obama regime.

          I am not a Romney fan, but will vote for any republican nominated just to rid of Obama.

    • Hear hear — thanks, Scoop.

    • ditto

  • Great speech. One of the most influential Conservative voices in America who will help take down the Obama administration.

    • Anonymous

      too bad we’re stuck with this romney guy.

  • Anonymous

    Love how she took it straight to BHO and didn’t let up. But, she has been doing that for a few years…
    So very happy that she took top billing this year. Overall, was the best speech.

    • Anonymous

      And I noticed she looked right straight at the camera everytime she took on O

      • Constance

        I noticed that too. Me thinks she knew he would be looking back at her. 🙂

    • Yes, the best! How stupid McCain and his advisers were to try to muzzle and remake a true American into a wimpy simpy establishment moderate loser.

      • They weren’t stupid, they were back-scratching RINOs still stuck in their old mindset showing their true colors.

      • Anonymous

        “A wimpy simpy establishment moderate loser.” I’m afraid that’s what we’re gonna end up with this time.

  • Anonymous

    It was fantastic – she is rt on- Gov Palin is a treasure to respect and honor!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Palin was inspiring. That’s what a real conservative looks like. The crowd was fired up. Romney the Severely Conservative RINO can only dream about getting that kind of love.

    • wodiej

      it’s a tough act to follow.

      • Well, true, but I think that hearing her speak early-on would get people in the right frame of mind.

      • Any true conservative is a tough act for Romney to follow.

        • Anonymous

          You mean Mr. Severely?

  • Anonymous

    The CUDA is Back

    • Anonymous

      She never really went away…..

  • She is the best. She should be running. She is the best candidate by far!

    • You know, I think she didn’t run this time around because she knew the GOP Establishment would be so vile in its treatment of her, it would tear the party in half and ruin our chances at taking the WH.

      In a way, the GOP Establishment is the worst enemy of the conservative movement, far worse than the Democrats. They put the “Stupid” in The Stupid Party.

      • Michael DeWitt

        I hear you JR Dogman, but at some point SOMEONE needs do the job. Who better than Sarah? This was the year to try it. If Romney wins the nomination, we either have 4 more years of Obama, or 8 years of the Establishment consolidating power. Guess I’ll just pray really hard…

        • Anonymous

          Prayer does work!

        • Michael,

          I used to think that this was the year to try it, because I believe Gov. Palin would beat Obama in a landslide — in addition to taking Reagan Democrats and so-called independents, I think she’d draw in a ton of people who never voted before or voted intermittently. I even submitted an op-ed to Conservatives4Palin explaining this (http://conservatives4palin.com/2011/03/the-winner-or-wake-up-george-will-wake-up.html), so when she formally bowed out I was beyond disappointed. With the passage of time, however, I began to see why the governor decided not to throw her hat in the primary this time around. The Tea Party handed the Republicans the House in 2010, and was the driving force behind the victories in the Senate, yet the GOP Establishment fought our candidates tooth and nail in the primaries, and even helped sink O’Donnell and Angle in the regular election. Time and again, Establishment players who’d lost to Tea Party candidates refused to help the victor against the Democrats, and in some cases even endorsed the Democrat candidate. Once the new congress got into session, the GOP Establishment set about marginalizing Tea Party candidates who’d won and sitting conservatives who had done so much to energize the Tea Party movement to turn congress over not just to a bunch of people with (R)s after their names, but to conservatives. Rep. Bachmann should have been the speaker, but we got Boehner. I remember Boehner putting on an act during the Obamacare debacle, slamming down the enormous bill on the table in the House and yelling “You’re damn right you didn’t get a chance to read it!” and blah-blah-blah; and I remember thinking what an obvious phony he was, what a panderer — and my estimations of Rep. Boehner’s character were borne out once he’d become Speaker. This is not a man who can or even wants to advance and explain conservatism; he’s a member of the permanent political class Gov. Palin talks about, happy, as Newt Gingrich often reminds us, to manage the decline of the United States. He and the other leadership in the House did not send a repeal of Obamacare to the Senate again and again, did not make an issue out of it, and he and the Establishment strong-armed our Tea Party freshmen into making compromises we did not elect them to make.

          As much as I wish it weren’t so, the GOP Establishment can’t stand the Tea Party; they don’t like conservatives. What they like are their leadership positions, and their power to play with our money and get rich making stock trades that would land you or I in jail, were we to make them going on the kind of insider information they have. That’s it. They don’t have Obama’s desire to fundamentally transform the United States, but they don’t have the courage or the character to do anything to stop the left in their destructive tracks. In many cases (e.g., George Will), they’re so used to having to play by the legacy media’s rules, they are unable to understand that the MSM can only continue to set the narrative if we allow them to do so. Then you have the cocktail party Republicans, like David Brooks, and the climbers like David Frum, whose supposed conservatism is more in line with the eunuchs calling themselves conservatives in England and Canada.

          These people hate us — they despise the GOP base that gives them power. Watch how they push Mitt Romney, notwithstanding his obvious unpopularity with the regular voters that handed the Republicans the House in 2010. Look at how many millions of dollars Mitt Romney had to spend to beat Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum in Florida, and to *lose* to Santorum in Iowa. Look at *how* he had to utilize his huge cash advantage to rack up those supposed successes: by destroying his opponents. Not by advancing conservative ideas with eloquence and passion, but by smearing others with actual conservative track records. Because the man does not have a conservative track record. His record is moderate-left, thus he comes off as a liar because to win the nomination he has to run as a conservative — he has to tell the most outrageous, bold-faced lies about what he’s said and done as a Republican.

          The average conservative voter who is representative of the GOP base does not like Mitt Romney, period. Yet the GOP Establishment is perfectly happy to shove him down our throat, and to become indignant when we refuse. They want our votes, they want our money, and they want us to shut up.

          This is what the GOP Establishment does; it’s who they are. It’s why we had the bizarre situation where John McCain, a man who had made a career out of enraging and insulting the conservative base, became our nominee in 2008. Yes, he and his advisers chose Gov. Palin for the VP slot, but that was a naked political ploy, because she was a woman and John McCain was facing a black Democrat nominee. They didn’t choose her because they look at her like we do; that’s why they didn’t know how to utilize her in the campaign, and so bungled things up and then savaged her — in the middle of the campaign! — and kept savaging her after the election, blaming her for the defeat they caused by being the spineless, visionless SOBs they are.

          Had Gov. Palin run this time around, her number-one obstacle would not have been the Democrat MSM or Barack Obama; it would have been the GOP Establishment. From the minute she threw her hat in the ring, there’d have been smoke pouring out of their ears, and they’d have been all over TV calling her an idiot, a quitter, echoing every single left-wing assault on her. It would have gotten even worse after she won Iowa, and even after she’d won South Carolina and a ton of other states it would not have stopped. You’d have seen non-stop sniping all the way up to election day. While I still think there’s a good shot she’d have won these key states early, and then gone on to win the general, in the event she didn’t win the nomination, the manner in which the Establishment would have put their guy over the top against her would have poisoned the atmosphere so badly, they would depress conservative turnout like never before. And when that happened, the GOP Establishment would blame Gov. Palin for the disaster they had caused.

          These people are incapable of learning, and they have no guiding philosophy; they are as much members of the permanent political class that is bankrupting this country as Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, and Barack Obama.

          I think this is what Gov. Palin realized. It’s not that the country isn’t ready for her kind of leadership yet — it’s that the Republican Party leadership is still dominated by the geniuses that gave us John McCain and are telling us to shut up and end the debate and hand the nomination to Mitt Romney. That’s what this election is about: not merely getting rid of Obama, but turning around the GOP to make it a party that would welcome a nominee like Gov. Palin with open arms — a party that would see how lucky the country would be were we to have a leader of such firm character and vision as President of the United States.

          None of us are outright thrilled with any of the current crop of GOP contenders for the presidential race. I personally favor Newt Gingrich, because of his eloquence, and because his basic instincts are conservative; it is plausible that he might turn out to be a great conservative leader, because he *can* explain conservative principles. He’s doing so now, day after day. That said, if he is not the nominee, I will support whoever is the nominee. Even if, God forbid, Mitt Romney is the nominee, I will pull the lever for him, because there is a possibility that he could be pushed in the right direction by conservatives in congress, whereas there is no such possibility with regard to Barack Obama.

          And if Mitt Romney becomes President Romney, and if he governs as a moderate and does not offer true conservative leadership, we can primary him just like Reagan did to Ford — only this time we’d do it right and kick his ass out of office, back to Massachusetts.

          • Anonymous

            That’s what this election is about: not merely getting rid of Obama, but turning around the GOP to make it a party that would welcome a nominee like Gov. Palin with open arms — a party that would see how lucky the country would be were we to have a leader of such firm character and vision as President of the United States.

            Yes!!! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

            Five million likes!! TEN million likes!!!

            This is about so much more than “beat Obama.” So very much more.

            • WELL SAID JR DOGMAN

            • Thanks, Celeste. What a nice compliment — ten million likes! If only I had a nickel (or a dollar; either way) for each one. 😉

              • Anonymous

                Well, you said a ton of great things. 🙂 And some of them I didn’t know. But I think you are absolutely right that the GOP is the real, most immediate problem here. Obama is the other problem, and frankly he wouldn’t be a problem at all if the GOP were not a problem. Sarah and McCain would have cleaned his clock easily in ’08 had the party been on track and the other half of the ticket shown the gumption. Easy peasy.

                (psst. I’m not Celeste. :))

                • Yeah… how did my thanks to Celeste end up here? Sometimes this comment system seems not to work — either that or I’m using it incorrectly (a definite possibility).

                • Didn’t it seem to you at times, during the 2008 race, that McCain almost seemed to not want to win, but rather that he wanted to lose as (he thought) a man of character? In any event, I can’t help but be thankful to him for giving us Gov. Palin, despite what an awful campaign he ran.

                • Anonymous

                  He absolutely seemed to want to lose. I remember thinking this man is racing to lose on purpose and I was disgusted by it. He got his wish.

                  How badly I wish he had been on the same page as Sarah! What a different campaign it would have been! They would have won by a landslide!

                  When speaking of the ’08 election I always say I voted for Sarah. People look at me quizzically and ask if I meant I voted for McCain. I say no. I voted for Sarah. McCain was an unfortunate part of the package.

                  I have often wondered what he thinks of how well Sarah has been received. Law of unintended consequences?

                • Anonymous

                  If you liked McCain, you’ll love Romney.

            • Anonymous

              If Romney gets in, he’ll make sure somebody like Palin never gets close to running for office. Romney is a menace.

          • You’re right. Bloody well right!! Thank You Dogman!

            • Woof! Woof-woof-woof! (Translation: Thanks for the compliment.)

          • Anonymous

            Best analysis and reflection of my own views that I have seen. Bravo! See if you can find the Juan Williams op ed on the subject of Chris Christie getting in the race if Palin gets in, to be the heavy and take her out. It references how this would be a fight for the very life of the GOP. Juan is very emotional and the beauty of that is that he lets the truth slip out from time to time. His original post was “cleaned up” within hours, to remove some of the more vicious words he used to disparage the Governor, but I recall that things like “Princess from Wasilla” and Queen of the Tea Party remain. Unfortunately, the rise of the Tea Party threatens members of the cabal, world wide, who want a New World Order. The US Constitution and our Republic and vast resources stand in the way of George Soros and his ilk. One more tid bit………Who owns Fox and who stands to lose the most if we drill and develop our own energy supply? It would have been very dangerous to the Governor and her family to proceed at this time. It needs to be an overwhelming majority of we the people that rise up and stand strong. That is her message. The opposition is far more powerful than just the GOP.

          • Anonymous

            I agree with all your points.
            Rush Limbaugh made a point about a month ago that there is no difference between the RNC and DNC as far as big government is concerned. They both want big and bigger government they just differ on who gets to control the spending. That is why the GOP can’t stand any small government proponent. They really want the status to stay the same and to just put themselves into the drivers seat. Screw the nation, personal power is the name of the game.

            • Anonymous

              Indeed, Romney must be stopped.

          • Anonymous

            Thank you JR! Your post is absolutely true, every word!

          • I agree. Newt/Santorum will be more than enough to kick the Demorats and keep one another accountable to the Constitutional and conservative standards. I believe Sarah Palin will make the best Secretary of State in the admin than run for Prez office. I am a long time Republican from Reagan era and I support her but am not going to vote for Romney or any other moderate!!!

          • MacSwain

            You mention the GOP Establishment “sinking” O’Donnell after she won the primary against Karl Roves very liberal RINO candidate. I will never forget how vehemently he attacked O’Donnell the night of her win and for days afterward, he booked himself on every chat show on television attacking her in the most vitriol he could muster. Effectively single-handedly crushing any chance she had of winning the general. Obviously he took O’Donnells win as a personal defeat since he staked his reputation for political savy on the looser he had picked.

            He is a vile little man and this awaits any Conservative who tries to go against the Establishment GOP. There are loads more out there just like Karl Rove.

            If I could have my wish, in November, immediately following this election we would have a Conservative Party,unafilliated with Repulican Party to put forth a slate of candidates Federal and State for the next mid-terms. This would leave us in great shape come the next Presidential. However great care must be taken to not let any Democrats or Liberal Republicans infiltrate (as they would be sure to do) in the way Liberal Democrats have long since done in the Republican Party. I am saying, if the Liberals like the Republican Party so much…let them have it. Yes I am speaking to Snowe, Collins and Brown to name a few.

        • Maybe, just maybe Romney will ask her to join him…he needs some PUNCH!!!

        • Anonymous

          Good point. If Romney gets into the WH, he’ll set about destroying the conservative movement, his biggest threat.

      • You have that right. But then, the elite establishment – Dem, GOP, Media – you name it are owned and operated by the same people. They are the true enemy of the real American spirit. I HOPE that Gov. Palin will have a prominate voice in the Republican National Convention. Can the establishment get over themselves enough to see the great value in that!

        • Oh, she’ll be at the convention, all right. And like someone above remarked, I hope she’ll be our next Secretary of Energy (that is, if we don’t manage to get rid of the Department of Energy).

          • She could be appointed to dismantle the DOE.

  • Sarah said…

    At 4min. 4sec. –

    We aren’t red Americans
    We’re not blue Americans
    We’re red, white and blue
    And President Obama
    We are through with you



  • Anonymous

    Can someone please explain to me how i can get excited about any of the potential nominee’s after watching Sarah Palin?

    • Anonymous

      I guess the only way is to do that is to vote in hope that she gets Energy Secretary

    • Constance

      She’s a conservative. Through and through. Don’t let the fact that she isn’t running get you down. Look at her as inspirational for who we are and what we stand for. Changing hearts and minds will take time, as will turning around our country. If we, the conservatives, keep pushing more conservatives into Washington, and demanding that our voices be heard, there will one day be a Sarah Palin in the White House. If not her, then someone just like her. Think positive. Look beyond one election in 2012. We are the future. 🙂

      • Anonymous

        I agree with you but the fact is i’ve ate enough crap sandwiches from the GOP that i’m really not looking forward to being served another.:)

        • Constance

          I hear you. Chin up, my friend.

    • The closest we can come is to get excited about the only candidate that has invited her to help him in his administration. Newt.

  • It depends on what the “Tea Party Conservatives” we’ll be sending to congress actually believe in and plan to fight for. If they support the usual Republican mediocrity, it wouldn’t make a difference even if they happen to have a more refined series of talking points.

    Real policy debates and comparisons ended when Cain and his 999 plan took a nosedive due to trumped up sexual harassment charges. Since that time we’ve degenerated into who looks and sounds the best, who is the bigger Catholic, who can speak generic conservative platitudes in a way that appeals to the most generic conservative voters. Anybody can talk about cutting debt and overturning Obamacare, but what do you do to strike a lasting blow against the leftists? This is why plans like 999 are incredibly important for the country… but your average “conservative” or Pub moderate doesn’t have the vision or the strategic sense to really think like that. If someone who happens to support a good, bold idea gets the nomination, it won’t be because of his bold idea, but due to the good fortune of looking and sounding good. Even the “conservatives” prefer their Bread and Circuses.

    As for Palin. I stopped being impressed with her speeches when I heard the same sentiment repeated over and over again by various people for what seems like ages now. All I hear from her is that she is undecided, and lots of platitudes that give energy to the base but aren’t exactly explanations or battle plans. Mind you, since she isn’t running, there isn’t much else she CAN give, since explanations and battle plans should be given by the Leaders who are running. Either way, she is only providing commentary, not leadership.

    • wodiej

      If you weren’t impressed then apparently you don’t have the acumen to know what to be impressed by.

      • If one isn’t being controversial to SOMEONE, then one is probably not providing leadership.

        We all agree on what the problems are. Even Mittens promises to cut the debt and overturn Obamacare.

        The problem is that conservatives are severely lacking in leaders who are willing to do and say things that some or most of their typical constituents might find controversial.

        • Anonymous

          The “powerbase” of our enemies is their ability to take our money and redistribute it to their cronies. That is how the permanent political class stays in power. Take away their power to tax, borrow, and spend and you will cripple their ability to rule over the rest of use. That is what Palin said.

        • RebinTexas

          I must assume that you do not realize Sarah Palin has taken a strong, bold position on every major topic and issue facing US now….including several that some in the gop elite don’t want to see. She has repeatedly expressed her position on the details of what needs to be accomplished – and has proven via her long record that she can and will do exactly as she says.

          Frankly, there is no candidate with her record or her true understanding of the many things that needs to be done. Every single one of her “platitudes” is backed up by the positions she has long espoused – most before anyone else.

          I will continue praying that somehow – America – the red, white & blue America wakes up in time so We The People can find a way to draft and elect “the best man for the job” – Sarah Palin.

        • K-Bob

          You seem to have a history of negative comments about conservatives.

          This site is supportive of Conservatism first, and then anyone who shows they also support a conservative and constitutional view of government.

          If you have some new ideas, fine, but you’ll be far more effective if you don’t wrap them in tarnish.

    • You missed it. The only reason we have the TEA PARTY movement and the 2010 victory was because of Palin’s leadership. The fact that anyone that wants you to think they are conservative mimmics Palin is proof that she is the real deal. The fact that the establishment did everything to destroy her proves the threat she is to their power structure. The fact that she was the keynote speaker at CPAC this year proves her leadership. Helloooooo…….

      • No, we have a Tea Party movement in this country because of Barack Obama. The question is whether or not we will use the momentum that the disastrous Obama has provided for us to make some serious reforms, or if we will waste it all supporting mediocre candidates obsessed with their own image as opposed to reforming the core of the country.

        At this point, I think it’s 50/50 if we waste it or invest it in anything worthwhile.

    • You’re unimpressed because she didn’t tell you who to vote for? You’re unimpressed because simple ideas are the best ideas and only need repeating not improving?

      I hate to be the one to tell you this but you don’t get it and you’ll never be impressed, which is sad, because to be impressed with the spirit of Sarah is WONDERFUL!!!

      • Who cares about the Cult of Personality around any individual? I learned a long time ago that when you start trusting a man too much, or a woman for that matter, that they always fail you in the end.

  • Anonymous

    By Matt Negrin
    Follow on Twitter
    Feb 11, 2012 6:00pm
    Sarah Palin Rocks CPAC, Embracing a Long Primary
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    ap Sarah Palin jt 120211 wblog Sarah Palin Rocks CPAC, Embracing a Long Primary

    (J. Scott Applewhite/AP Photo)

    The most resounding speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference came not from a presidential candidate, or an elected official — but from Sarah Palin.

    The screams and cheers that filled the spacious ballroom in which Palin spoke Saturday felt at times like they belonged at a Justin Bieber concert. A dozen times the conservatives at the conference leaped to their feet to applaud Palin, as she threw them line after line about beating President Obama and reclaiming “traditional values.”

    “The president says small Americans, small-town Americans — we bitterly cling to our religion and our guns,” Palin said, referring to a comment Obama made in the last election, as the audience rose and cheered. “You say, I say, we say — keep your change. We’ll keep our God. We’ll keep our guns.”

    For the first time at the three-day conference known as CPAC in Washington, protesters disrupted a speech. But the response from Palin’s loyal supporters was fierce. As protesters chanted at her from the back of the room at the Marriott, a man in the back row leaped over his chair, ran toward them and screamed, “Get the hell out of here, you asshole!”

    The protesters were kicked out as others in the room began chanting “USA! USA!” followed quickly by “Sarah! Sarah!”

    “See, you just won,” Palin ad-libbed to more cheers.

    The GOP’s 2008 vice presidential nominee didn’t endorse a candidate for president, and she said that the drawn-out primary process can benefit the party — as long as Republicans don’t turn on each other.

    “In America, we believe that competition strengthens us,” she said. “Competition relates to victory in 2012. We must stay true to our principles. I believe that the competition has got to keep going. But let’s make sure that the competition brings out the best in our party.

    “We know that the far left and their media allies can’t beat us on the issues, so instead they’ll distort our records,” she added. “Let’s not do the job for them, OK, Republicans? OK, independents?”

    Palin, wearing a bright-red blouse, black skirt and heels, spent her time on the stage bashing both Obama and Washington. But for all the contempt she had for Obama, she borrowed liberally from his most famous statements.

    Perhaps alluding to Obama’s famous red-state/blue-state speech from the 2004 Democratic convention, Palin said in one of her frequent rhyming lines that Americans aren’t “red” or “blue.” She concluded, as the conservatives rose to their feet again, “We’re red, white and blue, and President Obama, we are through with you.”

    “Hope and change — yeah, you’ve got to hope things change,” she added to laughs and more cheers.

    Palin referred repeatedly to the tea party movement that has embraced her, and she demanded of the Republican establishment that conservative members of Congress be treated better.

    “This November, we’re going to take back the Senate, and we’re going to fortify the House,” she said of tea party candidates. “We’ll elect more, and this time, establishment, we expect them to get leadership posts in Congress.”

  • Wow!Sensational Sarah Palin, she trim & tight. She pretty sight. She shine the light. She talking right. She dynamite!

  • wodiej

    One of her BEST….loved it. Still wish she were running for President. But then I’m not sure the majority of American people are smart enough to pick out a real leader.

  • Anonymous

    That was amazing. The only thing I didn’t like about it was that she kept saying our candidate would be a “he”. Don’t be so sure Sarah!

    • Anonymous

      That’s the standard or universal grammatical ‘he’. It doesn’t mean male, just human person.

      • Anonymous

        well that’s encouraging.

  • Anonymous

    Countless other politicians could have given that speech verbatim, but only Sarah makes you feel like it comes straight from her heart. That is what is so endearing about her.

    • Anonymous

      sybilll, I wholeheartedly agree with you. She can put across a speech like no other currently. She resonates right to a person with Conservative principles. She speaks plainly, right to the point, never equivacates with her message. I sincerely hope, she comes back into office in a position that allows her to articulate & practice conservative principles. She has the “right stuff!”

      In your heart, you know she’s right!

  • Anonymous

    Go Sarah!!!

  • i loved the speech so much!!! my fave part was about the jaccuzzi. XD she was so fired up and strong, i really wish she were running. brokered con is my only hope. it just isn’t right that she isn’t running. she described her ideal nominee and it sounded like herself!!

  • KM

    Wow Sarah Wow!

    My wife and I listened intently and wondered how in the hell did the mainstream media label her as “stupid”. She makes the stuttering regime leader look like a first grader.

  • I am glad she talked about getting behind the nominee.

    • I’m not going to get behind a mediocre candidate, even if that candidate happens to make it as the nominee.

      • agree. i will only vote for someone who agrees with my opinions/beliefs, not anyone who PRETENDS to.

        • You make a Lefty sing!! Yeah!! Another stay-at-home voter. That’s one less vote Obama has to get to win!! Good Job!!

          • Better than rewarding GOP incompetence and corruption.

            • So you would rather watch the country be destroyed then to vote for a republican?

      • That’s the hope of the Left. That you will pitch a little fit and sit out. I’m not sure from your posts that you are a conservative, but if you are – vote. Every conservative that gets his panties in a wad over the nominee and sits out is casting a vote for Obama. Don’t be a tool.

    • I absolutely agree. We must get rid of Obama (and take the Senate). Why hasn’t she endorsed anyone? Because if that person doesn’t become to nominee, then her support for the nominee in the general election will be somewhat tainted. Sarah is on the team and she knows what is at stake.
      Listen up you people who can’t support what you consider to be a mediocre candidate. We have a president right now who rates a 0 on a scale of 1 – 10. The worst Republican probably rates a 4-5. That is mediocre. And that is infinitely better than the guy that is running the country right now. A Republican president, whoever it is, is going to sign Republican legislation. BHO will not.
      Look, I’m as conservative as they come and I would love a perfect candidate. Alas, there ain’t no such animal. Fight for your candidate. If they don’t get the nomination, fight for the one who does. And if elected, fight to hold him accountable.
      If we end up with BHO for four more years, it is going to be because a bunch of purist conservatives threw a tantrum and took their toys and went home. I don’t know if I’ll ever forgive them.

  • Anonymous

    And Scoop, thank you for uploading this video onto YouTube for others to see as well!

  • Anonymous

    She’s still my gal.

  • Watched it live on C-Span. A real stemwinder. She’s a natural; electrifying.

  • Anonymous

    ‎”For the sake of our country we must stand united whomever our nominee is—-whomever our nominee is—- we must work together to get him over the finish line so we can start tackling this defense of our republic.” Sarah Palin 2-11-12

  • Romney won the straw poll, but CPAC clearly loved Palin by far.

  • Thanks so much, Scoop! 😀 She is just Incredible.
    How I wish that this conference had opened with Governor Palin and Daniel Hannan. They are so inspiring, but they are sobering. I’m praying that their words are taken to heart by everyone who hears them.

  • Anonymous

    Outstanding inspiring speech.

    She should be the nominee.

    The Marxist Stream Media and the Republican establishment have been vicious in their ad hominem attacks on her, and her family. It is vile. They sent her, or any decent Constitutional Conservative seeking to reform the corruption in Washington, a message. That message being, don’t even attempt to challenge our power or we will malign you and your family until you submit.

    Anyone who has watched the opening of “Undefeated” knows how demonic and evil the attacks on this woman and her family got.

    It is not just Sarah. They have also targeted Herman Cain, Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum. Look at how the Republican establishment tried to redistrict Alan West out of Congress. Observe the scorched earth campaign against Newt after his South Carolina win. The political establishment, their candidates, and their media mouthpieces (of both political parties) will stop at nothing to destroy any challenge to their hold on power. Their goal is to keep the largesse and money flowing even if means they destroy the country in the process.

    God Bless You and Your Family Sarah Palin. You give me hope, real hope.

  • W.

    She looked Obama dead in the face…and told him what for.

  • Anonymous

    The RS is simply awesome!

  • Anonymous

    Sarah Palin is a remarkable person and a national treasure!

  • Anonymous

    God Bless Sarah, God Bless our country.
    The fight is here. Are we strong enough to see it to it’s end.
    If we don’t do it at the ballet box this time, out country as we
    know it is over. I pray every day that we can take this country
    back and make it great again. Please pray with me. God Bless.

  • Anonymous

    Incredible speech AND message.
    Gov. Palin really is in a league of her own…she’s the closest we’ll ever get to Ronald Reagan.

  • Anonymous

    “Mic Check!” Look up “Hope and Change” in the dictionary and you’ll see an occutard useful idiot being led off in handcuffs. What flaming morons.

    Sarah gave what was likely her best speech ever. Though there was a lot of red meat, she spoke with passion, conviction, intelligence and without a teleprompter or notes really.

    She for moments there sounded presidential. 🙂


  • Anonymous

    ull disclosure: I am a Newt support.
    All politicians , stretch the truth, misspeak, do not recall, change their minds BUT NOT ALL politicians try to run on a Holier than thou “I am the true “ROCK RIB” conservative in the race.. Not every candidate says “I stood my ground in 2006 and thats why I got beat.. I held my Conservative views and fought for them knowing it might crush my re-election effort..
    Mr. Santorum–You are actually a Pro-union, big government intrusionist, that voted over and over with deems and big spending gubment..
    In 1993, you voted with the Dems and Clinton “to not allow an EMPLOYER to replace a worker/employee that is on strike…
    Although I disagree with that position, it is a legit position in polticalterms
    What is NOT legit is BLATENTLY lying in Jan of 06, stating you have no idea who Grover Norquist is and have no clue about his projects (KSTREET). Unfortunately, this video proves that well, I guess you have a bad memory ..

    Mr. Santorum, you peaked too early.. When your record comes out>>>Have you ever heard of Irene (good night)





    I guess you FORGOT that you SAID you were going to STRONGLY pops the Tea Party because you thought iit was fundamentally trying to change the GOP

    Being Sanctimonious is a very dangerous thing …. Enjoy you meteoric rise !

    • Anonymous
    • I do my own vetting, always have, and with the internet it’s super easy. It’s amazing that even with all the info at our fingertips the media still sways the electorate by picking and choosing what facts come out to the voter. I can’t imagine not spending an afternoon per candidate to find out who they really are. Heck, I even do it with Judges and Dog Catchers. If I’m casting a vote I’ve completely vetted whomever is on the ballot.

      When conservatives find out about Santorum with his dozens of big government giveaways and his love affair with Dems they’ll be shocked. Hopefully thay’ll find out before it’s too late.

      The only man currently standing that can knock Obama off his perch and right the ship of America is Newt.

      • Anonymous

        I wish I could trust him. Sarah has earned my trust.

        Newt ruined it with his progressive promotions after leaving office.

      • Santorum also pretended to live in an empty house so he could get “in district”
        tuition for his children. That is stealing.

        I think that Romney (and Obama) really fear Newt Gingrich because he knows
        what is going on and is a high percentage conservative; they know what he
        accomplished in the 90’s.

        Therefore, they are going to lay off Santorum in the hopes that his rise in
        popularity will force Gingrich out of the race. If they give Santorum the same
        treatment they recently gave Gingrich he wouldn’t last 5 minutes and Gingrich
        would rise up again. And neither Romney nor Obama want to face Newt in
        the debates. What I wouldn’t give to see that.

        At any rate, once Newt is out of the race, Romney will unload on Santorum and
        cruise to the nomination.

    • K-Bob

      This is off-topic, and spammish, besides. Please read the comment policy.

  • Anonymous

    Well said – fully agree.

  • “Our candidate must be someone who can instinctively turn right to constitutional conservative principles, it’s too late in the game to teach it or spin it at this point, it’s either there or isn’t!” – Sarah Palin

    Here’s winking at you Romney

    • Anonymous

      My thoughts exactly when she said it !

  • Anonymous

    Well, she did well – very well. And the speech was Reaganesque.

    Daniel Hannan, Allen West, Marco Rubio… there many amazing speeches given that would have made Reagan proud – including Sarah’s. I think Reagan is being reincarnated in several people. 🙂

  • ApplePie101

    She should have taken the party leaders to the woodshed more pointedly. They took the 2010 victory we gave them and laid it at Obama’s feet.

  • Anonymous

    Well lets see here. Nice blouse, great speech. A pretty woman who clings to her Bible and guns….and can give a great speech…that’s just too sexy for libsticks. Oh and I liked how she and the crowd drowned out the miscreants. Nice….

    Oh was that sexist? Gee that’s too bad. A pretty woman with a brain and a working moral compass is a total turn on.

  • ratsofred

    A truly amazing person .

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for enabling us to view the CPAC speeches!

    I was disappointed in Palin’s speech. She had some good lines, but, on the whole, it was disorganized and rather disjointed. I worry that she is trading, a bit, on being “Sarah” and her anointed status within the conservative movement. I am glad she is not running for anything right now.

    • Anonymous

      You must be a Mittwit…LOL

    • Anonymous

      Flip the record over. I think you heard the ‘B’ side of the album.

    • You must be one of McCain’s establishment organizers that tried your best to destroy her in 2008. But, she is the leader, and you can’t stand it. And, she knows an establishment puppet when she sees one – the MittWit for sure.

    • K-Bob

      I’m glad you only have 14 comments here, proving this is just drive-by “concern” trolling. And a “fair” example of it, too. You didn’t go for the trifecta, though.
      You forgot to write that “she looks tired.” I can’t believe you left that out.

      • Anonymous

        LOL. Thank you. Well stated.

  • Nothing can top an honest American conservative such as Sarah Palin, the conservative others want to try to measure up to and gain her approval. She is the American Conservative voice the regime in the White House and the RINO’S hate. She is the voice for the gun toting, bible thumping, Christian Conservative and she will not be stopped. Happy birthday Sarah Palin, and thank you from all of us to you and your wonderful family!!!

  • damn, what could have been… humm perhaps still possible? Can we draft her at the convention? LET’S KEEP THE PROCESS GOING!

  • Anonymous

    I realize Fox News is having her on Sunday but she is one of thei own and they do not show her speech – Fox should be more respectful of her

    • FOX is stumping for Mittens.
      Sarah’s too conservative for the once-conservative FOXNEWS.

  • Anonymous

    At the 30:00 mark she takes his biggest swipe at Rmoney and then at Ann Coulter on the dog catcher line!!!

    My gosh how I admire this woman!!

    • Yeah! Don’t forget she is the Pit Bull w/ Lipstick. She hasn’t lost it because it is who she is. And, we need her and more like her. Where are they? They are all scared of the big bad establishment.

  • Newt/Palin 2012

    Santorum 2020

  • What can you say? It’s Sarah’s game. She owns the only ball. She makes the rules. Everyone else is just a player.

  • Anonymous

    Sarah Palin Rocks CPAC, Embracing a Long Primary

    The most resounding speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference came not from a presidential candidate, or an elected official — but from Sarah Palin.

    A superb speech!

    P.S. RS, thanks for all that you do!

  • Wow!! She is incredible! She embodies a lot of Margaret Thatcher!! The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance wasn’t a man afterall

    • Yeah, and the elite British snobs hated Margaret Thatcher because she was the daughter of a grocery store owner. And, our elite snob establishment stick their nose in the air and look for a moderate loser puppet that will not threaten their power structure.

  • Anonymous

    This is the best speech she has ever given. Her delivery has really gotten better. Her message is right on.

  • I didn’t like it. Once you’ve gone Romney you never go back. : )

    • I think what you mean is Once You Go Romney You Go Back and Forth.

      • Anonymous

        A new dance craze…Do the Romney!

        • K-Bob

          You put your right views in,
          you put your right views out,
          you put your right views in and you shake them all about.
          You do the Romney Pokey, turnin’ things all inside-out,
          That’s what it’s all about.

          next verse!

          • Anonymous

            That was goooooooooooooooooooooood!

    • Anonymous

      Once the nomination process is finished & Romney retires from politics, we’re going to throw a “Romney Roast” to toast him into retirement. We’ll televise it on the Progressive Network, MSNBC.

  • Steven

    She’s a superstar. Her light has not dimmed but is only growing more stronger. When her time comes, she will rise again like the Phoenix! I am so glad she’s on our side!

    Sarah Palin for president (whenever you decide to run POTUS, now or in the future), accept no substitutes!!

  • Anonymous

    There are two things that I must say. First, I had to leave the house 10 minutes before this speech was given, so I thank you, Scoop for posting it, as well as all the other great speeches, so that all of us could see them at any later dates (one reason why you so deservedly won your award).

    Secondly, I predicted that Sarah would make an endorsement today and I have to say that I was wrong. She gave a great speech, but wants the vetting to continue.

    What can you say about the speech, though. She had so many one-liners in it that you could power 9 months worth of speechs. Her attacks on Obama, who wants government ‘too big to succeed‘, who wants to build ‘Bullet trains to nowhere‘, and who now wants to be ‘Carhart and Steel-toed boots-R-Us‘, were spot on.

    She knows ‘he mucked it up‘. Obama realizes, ‘the door is open‘ for us and it’s time to ‘throw the bums out with the bathwater‘. ‘You can keep your change. We’ll keep our God, our guns, our Constitution‘.

    As she so eloquently said, ‘That is why we are exceptional‘ and because of that, ‘We must stand united‘ to eliminate Obama from the White House.

    God, I love her vision.

  • Constance

    God, do I love this woman. My hero.

  • Anonymous

    Hey all, I just saw that Whitney Houston died at 48. I went on youtube to see her singing the Star Spangled Banner(no one could do it better) because that is how I will always remember her. RIP Whitney.

    • poljunkie

      You’re right, that rendition of the Star Spangled Banner was fantastic.

      Although I didn’t follow her career, she had an incredible voice. It’s too bad Bobby Brown came along and brought the wrong kind of headlines into her life.

      • Anonymous

        I know, fame sucks! But she did the States proud with her rendition of the Anthem….nothing can dim the shining patriotism she radiated that day.

  • Somewhere, a guy named obummer is sweating !!!

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think so. She’s not running against him. The elites are trying to shove our own bummer down our throats. I think Dumb-0 is laughing out loud at the stupid party.

  • First let me say that I really wish Sarah had run. Alas, she chose not to.

    Now I do not want to insult any of my fellow conservatives, but I’m going to do it anyway.

    One characteristic of liberals that I’ve noticed over the years has been that their focus seems to be on feeling good about themselves, and feeling morally superior to rubes like us who want to starve children and old people,etc., etc. It doesn’t matter how their programs have failed and how they have horrible unintended consequences and the restrictions on liberty. The point was, their intentions were good and that, they feel, gives them moral superiority over those who were not in favor of these ‘good’ things.

    I never thought that conservatives fell into the same trap. I thought we used our intelligence, weighed pros and cons, and determined what the best approach was given the resources available, to achieve the desired result.

    I was wrong. I am ashamed to say that a lot of conservatives are more concerned with feeling morally superior than they are with achieving the best possible results given what we have to work with. I am ashamed of some of our candidates and of many people that support them. There are many valid criticisms to make about each candidate, but when we start misrepresenting a candidate in order to trash them, we have stepped over a line. And when we say that we could never support such and such against BHO, then I know that those feelings of moral superiority are a higher priority than the future of our country.

    • Anonymous

      I think many here have observed the machinations behind the Republican primary process, considered the history thereof, weighed the pros and cons in their own individual way, and have decided that the desired result is to never again be presented with an annointed establishment moderate candidate (and called stupid and misguided for resisting the ‘inevitable’, and told that eventually they’ll just have to shut up and fall into line).

      I think you’ll find that if Romney is the nominee there are many who will not support him at all, and many more whose support will be lukewarm at best. The proper time to have been concerned about that was long ago–all the insulting, cajoling, warning or begging in the world isn’t going to change it now.

      Something very similar happened with McCain–but he did not evoke quite the same level of disgust that Romney does, and conservatives now see the game that is played even more clearly than they did before–but the moderate establishment types learned nothing, so they just keep trying…

    • Anonymous

      I respectfully disagree.

      Romney is what GHW Bush referred to himself as a “compassionate conservative.” They are the morally superior. It doesn’t matter how No Child Left Behind, Affirmative Action (yes, that was a compassionate Republican thing), socialized medicine better known as Romneycare, bank bailouts, etc. policies have failed. Yes, the future of the country is at stake and real conservatives take it seriously unlike “compassionate conservatives” who are merely progressives in sheep’s clothing.

      • Major914 and JRD1,
        Look, Romney is not my guy. Republicans seem to have a mentality that tends to promote the ‘next guy in line’. I don’t like it and I am definitely not going to support the ‘next guy’ at any point until the nomination is a done deal. I am not at all persuaded that he is going to get the nomination anyway – I hope not.

        If ‘the establishment’ is somehow in control, they are somehow getting turnout and votes. It is up to the rest of us to do a better job. I don’t think there is any kind of conspiracy, but there certainly is money. Sad to say, I think a lot of Republicans are, well, conservative in more ways than politics. The guy paid his dues, therefore he deserves his shot. I don’t like it, but regrettably it seems to be the way many think.

        I am just as sick and tired as you are of nominating moderates because they are more ‘electable’. Yeah, right. Dole and McCain sure showed ’em. And Bush only squeaked by because people were a bit tired of the Clinton scandals and Gore was not the greatest candidate. I think a real conservative who can articulate real conservative values will do better. So let’s fight to get one nominated.

        But my highest priority is getting BHO out of office and getting a Republican Senate, and I will do everything that I can to see it happen. And I still say that any conservative that would rather have BHO re-elected than vote for a ‘sub-standard’ candidate is more concerned with their own sense of moral superiority than the future of the country. Sorry, that is just the way I feel.

    • K-Bob

      A nice illustration of the old aphorism: “Everything after the ‘but’ is BS.”

      Just busting your chops a lil’ bit.

      I will take your meaning to apply to the supporters of actual conservatives, and not people like Romney and Paul. Romney isn’t running as a conservative, and Paul isn’t either.

      • I mean anyone who claims to be conservative but would rather have Obama re-elected than vote for someone who isn’t ‘conservative enough’. I agree that Romney does not appear to be a conservative, but he is well to the right of BHO. And I’ve never quite figured out Paul – a crotchety old guy with libertarian and isolationist tendencies?

        And yeah, I appreciate your ‘after the but’ comment. I laughed out loud. I’m probably going off the deep end, and I’m sorry if I’ve offended anyone.

        But I am desperate to get the guy out of office. I shudder to think what he may do if he gets four more years. He’ll take it as a mandate and so will the MSM. I think he has already surpassed Jimmah and if he keeps this up he’ll pass Buchanan as the worst president ever. And Buchanan was merely an incompetent ditherer in a time of crisis. I take it back, I think Obama is worse already.

  • Anonymous

    Sarah knows where it’s at…excuse the poor grammar, please.
    I actually do know English grammar in my sleep!!!

  • Is_Sense_Common

    I was nervous to watch this speech, as my expectations are soo darn high. However, Sarahcuda nailed it! Awesome speech!! Loved it.

  • Anonymous

    Did you see the passion and intensity? Did you notice the blazing enthusiasm she got from the crowd? That is what is so despirately needed in the four nit wits we now must choose from to be our nominee. If any of those guys had have the stuff Palin has, Obam’s defeat would be a forgone conclusion.

    I love Palin to death, but there has not been a single moment since that fateful day in October, where I do not fault her for sitting this one out. I know she choose family first, but my God after all she has been through, could she not have pressed on a little further for the good of the nation?

    Sarah Palin, America needs you.

  • Anonymous

    This is my take on the speech. Not the best she has ever given but it was pretty darn good and ‘spot on’ as usual. For what it’s worth here is my take on it…..

    (23:25 -23:51) “I said in a speech in Americas’ breadbasket over the summer ‘this isn’t the capitalism of free men and free markets, of risk and sacrfice, of inovation and hard work… no it’s the capitalism of connections and of Government bailouts and handouts and waste, corportrate welfare and corruption. This is the capitilism of B.O. and of the permanent political class.'”…… [I call that taking command of the issue and letting everyone know that it was she, the mommy grizzley, that was the first to bring this to the attention of the american public. Once again Sarah strikes first and hardest!]

    (28:30) I fought the political machine….. [and won!]

    (29:30 – 33:36) “We do not know who our nomonie will be to face BO, but we know this election will be hard fought. Our nominee must be ready, strong, fortifitied, passionate, a fighter for American ideals.” …… [Is this talking about Baracuda Palin or what?]

    “Our candidate must be someone who can instinctively turn right to constitutional conservative principals. It’s too late in the game to teach it or spin it at this point. It’s either there or it isn’t!” ……. [Is there anyone else that can do this but Gov. Palin?]

    “A candidates true intentions, their real answers, can be found in their view of government itself. My view comes directely from that most brilliant blue print crafted for us [the constutution]. He (or she) who believes that, that is who I’m looking for. That’s who we are looking for in our nominee”…….. [Is there anyone else who is taking about going back to the ‘constitution’ like Gov. Palin is?]

    “gotta wrap up the nomination right now, yet we believe that competition strengthens us. Competition evelates our game! Competition will lead us to victory in 2012. We must stay true to our principals. But let’s be sure that this competition brings out the best in our party! Our nominee must be vetted to produce the very best candidate to go agains BO.” ……Shortly thereafter she mentions ‘not attacking each other’ and then says, “We can’t let them divide us. Ok Republicans, Ok Independents?”…… “standing as consevertives, with servants heart, for the good of our party. We must stand united and whoever our nominee is we must stand together to get him (or her) over the finish line, so we can start tackling this defense of our Republic.” …….. [Competition also will show that none of the present candidates have to ability, the passion, nor the constitutuonal principals to bring this nation back under the banner of ‘the constitutuon’ except Sarah Palin. She is the only constitutuonal conservative that has a chance to win in November. There is no other constitutional conservative except possibly Rick Santorm, and I would have to question his commitment to that end.]

    (33:30 — 34:15) “This time next year we will have a ‘true conservative’ in the Oval Office and next year may he be here, ONE OF US, speaking to us at CPAC. We will have a president who defends our American way of life instead of apologizing for it. We will have a Commander in Chief worthy of our troops”……. Did you notice she said, “ONE OF US”?! I’ve known all the time that she was running, but for the last few months I was starting to doubt it but ‘Yea baby, SHE IS RUNNING…. the Sarah Palin way, but she is IN THE GAME! Or at least it sounds like she is willing IF the people have the guts and common sense to ‘draft her’.

    So, not to steal the words of Soloman but… Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter. Sarah Palin will be the next President of the United States!

  • Anonymous

    That’s my girl. What a great speech I hope this is the rhetoric she brings to our future candidate. She is a real bull dog.

  • Wow. Brought a tear to my eye. I miss her.
    Thank you Sarah.

    • Anonymous

      You know it is really good to hear such optimism and love for this country and it’s core beliefs. I want to see that torch of lady liberty amd justice ragging again.

  • WOW!!! Palin is the voice of conservative America!!! She has guts, courage, brains and can articulate what we are all feeling. She is a female Ronald Reagon. This is what a true conservative looks like, sounds like, and lives like. Thank you, Sarah!!!!

  • PS Looks like the link to my old op-ed didn’t take. Here it is again:


  • Anonymous

    I love how she recalibrates the mindset. She puts everything in perspective and sets it straight. She’s neither overly subtle such that you would miss her point and who she was aiming at (or away from), nor is she rudely in your face.

    I especially appreciated when she said our candidate must be inherently conservative, instinctively turning right. It must come naturally to him, and that person is the one we must all get behind. Tactful, but not overly subtle or ambiguous.

    “Our nominee must be strong, fortified, passionate, a fighter for American ideals. Our candidate must be someone who can instinctively turn right to Constitutional conservative principles. It’s too late in the game to teach it [to the candidate] or to spin it at this point. It’s either there or it isn’t….He who inherently believes [what’s in our founding documents], that’s who I’m looking for. That’s who we’re looking for in our nominee.

    And we’re hearing now, we’re all hearing from these experts, ‘we gotta name our nominee right now. Gotta wrap it up. No debate for you. cut it off. We’re through.'”

    Then she says competition is necessary. She is right as it will prove who has that natural, instinctive, inherent conservatism. And who does not.

    Not until after she sets these requirements that the nominee must meet does she say we’ve got to stand together with whoever our nominee is. We’ve got to chose and stand together with which ever nominee meets these conservative requirements because he is instinctively conservative and inherently believes our government is of the people, by the people, for the people. Once the competition has proven who that is, that is who we rally behind, and rally we must. But only around the one who has shown himself worthy of it.

    God bless this woman and let her message be heard, understood, received, and acted upon.

    • Dittos…

      “… inherently conservative, instinctively turning right.”

      That describes Santorum, Gingrich, Paul.

      Ron Paul seems to be fading.

      That leaves non-Romney Santorum and non-Romney Gingrich.

      Santorum has the “Bella blessing” providing a sympathy vote going for him and also the “Evangelical blessing” that includes the laying on of hands.

      See the laying on of hands –
      >> http://www.therightscoop.com/abc-dog-whistle-laying-on-of-hands-in-prayer-for-santorum/

      Since Gingrich only polled 15% in the 02-11-2012 CPAC straw poll, does that mean that Santorum is the 1st non-Romney?

      Time will tell.


      • Anonymous

        Yep. I think it’s clear she meant one of those two.

      • Anonymous

        Please Art,

        If you are making your decision on the results of this straw poll, the laying on of hands by some evangelicals, & the “Bella Blessing” I am greatly disappointed in your model.

        I hope you re-think these comments. They do not do you justice.

        Research, research, & more research on your own will help you discover that some of the images you have may not be completely true.

        Start by looking at the voting records of the candidates that have held office.
        Start looking at the real accomplishments of the candidates.
        Make sure you are not being fooled by the emotional activities surrounding the candidate of your choice.

        We need to be right. We do not need a beauty Queen, we need a real qualified, tested and true president to lead this nation.

        Full disclosure: I think Newt is the real deal. He has been under fire, he has accomplished more for this nation and the American people than any other of the candidates. This is fact not fancy.

        Thanks for listening

        • K-Bob

          Art’s comments were spot on. Why not see if you can support YOUR candidate, and stop wasting your time trying to tear down the other ones?

          • Anonymous

            I was just starting to like you and now you post this. Art’s comments were not spot on. Come on K-Bob you are a smart man. Would you base your decision for the president of the United States on the criteria presented in Art’s post. Please K-Bob I just know you would not.

            • K-Bob

              His post is spot on. That’s an entirely separate issue from “what I base my decision” on. People here have proven they can think for themselves. That’s why comments that only focus on negatives of certain candidates are not going to work on us.

              That’s the old-school, pre-internet model. It’s as useful to political debate as a barrel stave is to antiviral research. Even newbies here already know how to operate a search engine.

              • Anonymous

                “Proven they can think for themselves; even newbies here already know how to operate a search engine”. Both are assumptions How do you rally know this? You love to make general statements.
                Last sentence, 1st paragraph is incorrect. It is working, it is working on you. Think about how much you have learned about your candidate in the last 48 hours you did not know before.

                The truth will set you free. Keep digging. Not all the glitters is gold.

                • K-Bob

                  I don’t have “a candidate.” Your old-school cherry-picking is not working.

  • Anonymous

    Here here ! Sarah is great !

  • A comment…
    >> TRS YouTube channel – http://youtu.be/tXsrajvFGk8

    – – – – – – – – – –

    Sarah definitely doesn’t want Romney.
    She doesn’t want the nomination “all wrapped-up.”

    Romney knows EXATLY what she was saying in her CPAC speech.
    The Establishment and GOP-E hate her and Newt Gingrich.
    George Will,
    and the whole creepy, thuggy, Beltway bunch.

    Newt was once a Washington power player,
    he also bears the same unmistakeable patriot rebel marks, as Sarah.
    He too, is terribly dangerous to the globalist, anti-American, ruling class oligarchy.
    Go NEWT!!!

    – – – – – – – – – –

    I stand with Santorum for POTUS, and I second the emotion in the above comment about “Sarah definitely doesn’t want Romney” by the person on the TRS YouTube channel commenting on Palin’s 02-11-2012 CPAC speech.


  • Anonymous

    Wow! ALL of the candidates need to listen closely to that speech and take it to heart.
    What an incredible icon for all to listen to. What an incredible role model for our young women.
    Thank you Sarah – AMAZING speech.

  • I too am disappointed Sarah did not run, however I do not fault her. We don’t know why she didn’t run. Knowing why is essential to laying blame.

    • Anonymous

      She probably didn’t want her family, including her minor children, attacked constantly by the LSM and Hollyweird.

      • Anonymous

        I agree with that being the biggest reason. The LSM would have raked through everything of everyone in her family for any thing that may sound wierd or wrong and constantly blast it out on their media outlets. They are terrified of momma grizzley.

        As yoda once said “Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering.” The left definately fears her, hates her and would cause her family suffering as I mentioned above.

  • Anonymous

    “….you say, I say, we say, Mr Campaigner in Chief, you keep the change, we keep our guns, our bible and our CONSTITUTION”

  • Anonymous

    “…. we refuse to say that a weak America makes a better and a safer world”

  • Dodoforever Canspell

    Thanks TRS.
    That was a great speech. I was hunting around for the full speech on YouTube and you were the only one with the entire thing.

  • Anonymous

    “… it’s about time we drain the jacuzzi and throw these washington bums out with their bath tub and their hot water”

  • Delightful Sarah!

  • Anonymous

    Madam President, that was your most fiery and stirring speech yet! Electrifying! I loved it when you called Obama a liar on the C-SPAN broadcast!
    Did you know that was the most watched political speech in modern history? Not just here in America, but around the world? Your speech has gone viral! It is traveling at warp speed! By this time tomorrow, who can say how many 100’s of millions outside the U.S. will have seen it!
    Friends and enemys alike watched it. Friends loved it!
    Enemies (Iran and others ) trembled at the very thought of you being President of the United States. (I think they may have soiled themselves!)

    What? You are not president?

    Obama is? (gasp,gag,vomit)!

    I saw the vid where you are favorable to a brokered convention!
    Will you now answer the call America has sent you? Romney, Newt, Rick and Ron are your helpmates. Use them wisely.

    How will you respond to the calls from India? Israel? Australia? Taiwan and the many other nations whose citizens are clammoring for you? They detest Obama. They love you. How will you answer, Mrs. Palin?
    America and the world await your answer.

    • Anonymous

      Palin is a cute cheerleader. Great showman. She deserves an academy award. Almost as good as meryl streep. But Streep is not Margaret Thatcher and Palin is no Ronald Reagan. She’s an actor. A mask. Couldn’t even finish her term as a governor to chase after celebrity. She has captured her audience.

      • K-Bob

        This is what we call trolling for a fight. This is also what we call your last comment here.

        • Anonymous

          LOL, notice it was “Guest”, such moronic trolls often forget their own names.
          You were right about it being it’s last comment though. It might have forgotten
          where it was.

          • K-Bob

            The ban hammer came down because it was an intentional, drive-by insult. Breaking the comment rules in major fashion on your first visit to the site isn’t going to buy a second chance.

            • Anonymous

              oooo!!!! i hates those rule-breakers too!!!!

      • Anonymous

        HeHeHe you fool.

      • Anonymous

        How interesting! You slander Mrs. Palin but don’t have guts to identify yourself? Your arguement just flew out of the window. Palin HAS captured her audience!
        You’ve captured my contempt.

      • Anonymous

        She did greatly improve her town and her state while she served. She left because of the attacks on her.

        BO didn’t even finish his first term as Senator so that point is moot and he didn’t even accomplish anything while in office. At least Sarah did.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome ! Thank you Scoop !

  • Anonymous

    Awesome ! Thank you Scoop !

  • Anonymous

    Listen to Mitt’s speech, and then listen to Sarah’s. . . .
    Consider what each has been doing over the last few years. . . .

    We know who the warrior leader is, and we know who at best might be her accountant.

    IMO, the GOP, is FUBAR.

    God help us.

    • Anonymous

      what does FUBAR mean?

      • Anonymous

        “F”___ed “U”p “B”eyond “A”ll “R”ecognition
        F U B A R

      • Anonymous

        Fouled Up Beyond All Repair


    • Anonymous

      That was good, even in all caps. 😉

  • Anonymous

    great speech sara!!we are with you!!everyone wake up!!we need to take our america back!!!

  • Sarah is good, very good. Only two politicians in my life have been able to connect with the American people, Ronald Reagan and Sarah Palin. Another great speech.

  • John McWho? You know….the guy that shouldn’t have brought this “chick” aboard.

    Enough with telling people that this or that guy is more electable than the rest.
    Enough with sending around emails saying that Obama is already going to win a second term because of this, that or the other thing (sooooo sick of that).
    And enough with being defensive of conservative values! These are winning values! There is nothing to defend! Tried, true and proven!

  • Anonymous

    OMG!!! I can’t beleive she said “mucked it up”…same expression she used when she saw Bristol plastic surgery in Haiti…ouch! Once her voice is less shrill…she may become a decent orator.

    • Anonymous

      You do realize that she was mocking Obama’s phrase, don’t you?

  • Anonymous

    I watched it again on C-Span tonight. It’s better the second time. Sarah wants a true conservative, which is what I know we need or we will not win. Conservatism will win, moderates will not. McCain, Dole, etc did not win. I’m tired of having the last loser thrust on us as the “frontrunner”. If Romney was the “frontrunner” why have so many not-Romney’s go to the top of the polls? It’s because we do not want a moderate. It’s time to remind the country to true conservatives can do, when we need them and we need one desperately now.

    • Anonymous

      “true conservative.” i keep this this tired line over and over again. perhaps the “conservatives” need to stop demanding the entire Republican party be defined so unreasonably narrow and be a bit more clever about including willing support from less radical fringes. The dems certainly have their radical fringes, but aren’t splintering into 100 whiney fractions demanding their’s is the one true “liberal.” Gives them all the advantage they need to prevail. Conservatives (Republicans), ought to be more clever than they are proving to be.

      • K-Bob

        Yet somehow, here your are, commenting on a truly conservative site.

      • Anonymous

        As Rubio said though “Republicans are usually arguing over who is the most conservative and the most like Ronald Reagan. You never hear liberals arguing who is more like Jimmy Carter.”

        Plus as Bill Whittle states moderates don’t really believe in anything. Why do I want a lukewarm moderate to doesn’t believe too strongly one way or the other in anything.

      • Anonymous

        First, the terms “conservative” and “republican” are not interchangable. One can be a republican w/o being conservative. So, yes, when we write “true conservative” it has a specific meaning, which is why we use that term in the first place.

        Second, there is nothing “narrow” or “fringe” about being a “true conservative”.
        Unless you think that wanting every individual to be successful and live up to their potential is “narrow” and “fringe”.

        Maybe you should educate yourself on conservative values before you make ignorant statements, because you obviously have no idea what being a “true conservative” means at all.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you RS for this. I prefer to watch on television but I missed Rick Perry on C-Span and others. I can watch here. Thank you. Carol

  • Anonymous

    FYI – C-span has now posted their video of Sarah Palin’s remarks, which includes the introduction, the speech and her meeting with the crowd after the speech on its own web page:

    A superb speech.

    P.S. RS, again thank you for all that you do.

  • Anonymous

    Who, oh WHO ever takes the fight to Obama like our Sarah????
    Who, of WHO can expound on Conservativism like our Sarah???
    Talk about the real deal! Happy Birthday, Sarah Palin. You sacrificed being with your husband on your birthday for us. thank you.

  • Anonymous

    Who, oh WHO ever takes the fight to Obama like our Sarah????
    Who, of WHO can expound on Conservativism like our Sarah???
    Talk about the real deal! Happy Birthday, Sarah Palin. You sacrificed being with your husband on your birthday for us. thank you.

  • Anonymous

    You are Mah-vo-lous! ! ! She hit every fricken conservative piston and did one heck of a job!!!!! Better than any of the ‘pack’ we have to choose from.

  • PFFV

    No one got this kind of love as Sarah Palin did, wow! I knew there were millions like me. Sarah Palin is an average american just like 99% of this nation. Sarah is the love of my life, you don’t have to be an ivy-league graduate to know how to fix this nations problems. Common Sense Conservative Solutions is the only way to repair what the Marxist in Chief has destroyed. Sarah is the very best, she speaks for the Tea Party and me.

  • Anonymous

    We love you and regardless of who the republican nominee is, it is you who will show us the way and lead us in taking back our country.
    Now is the time Sarah for you to coalesce the splintered Tea Party movement and lead us forward as the head of an American Tea Party.
    All others have to step aside and assume supporting roles in achieving the goal of taking America back to its position as the leader of the free world.
    There is no one on the left – no politician, no one in elected or appointed office, no one in any part of the media, no lawyer, lobbyist, or influence peddler who could stand in your way. NO ONE.
    Please make what has to be the major sacrifice of leading us in this fight.
    If you do, we will support you, protect you and love you even more.
    Please Sarah, do it for America, you children, your family, and ours as well.
    We’re ready to stand for and with you as National Head of an American Tea Party.
    Just tell us you will and ALL America will win again, and again, and again.
    We’re ready, willing and able. Take the lead and we will follow.

  • This is my first site I go to when I want news that isn’t full of cr**. The next is probably theblaze.com. I visit FOX every 2 months because most of the time their rhetoric doesn’t hold water and is too biased – I heard Arabs have a big stake in it. Then I go to Limbaugh or Levin, but they have fees, which I can’t pay for. I wish Beck’s tv didn’t have a fee attached, but I understand. Sarah’s the best.

    • Anonymous

      Levin’s audio rewind is free in the U.S. as is all the archived material available on his website. I hope you don’t have to pay some kind of international fee to access.

      I’m seriously considering signing up for Rush just because I want more than the daily radio.

  • Anonymous

    Sarah, if I was a woman and you were a man, I would have your baby.

    Sarah and Allen West were the best speeches at CPAC.

    Breitbart, can’t wait till you release those videos of Obama, not just speaking to his own people, but now we and the entire world will see what you REALLY think.

    • Trust1TG

      Here’s a little preview of ‘Young Marxist Islamist Obama’ http://www.americanthinker.com/2011/02/meeting_young_obama.html

      • Anonymous

        Once things start coming out, much like the Breitbart video, it’s going to open the floodgates. Obama is going to have one tough summer and I’m jockeying for front row seats.

    • Anonymous

      Did you hear Rubios? I thought his was tops. Sarah was good as well. I haven’t heard West’s speech yet.




  • What Sarah should be pointing out is the pacs of both parties have made literally all the candidates in either parties dupes, gits and dolts that are polarizing extremes.

    All pacs create nothing but paid-for lackeys shouting sound-bites. It’s time to put our biases aside and recognize the fail of the two-party system and how corrupt it all is from pacs.

    Folks as you know, we are way off track and continuing with either party and the polarizing bias pacs create is simply more wrong-headed, illogical, unreasonable insanity.

    And the cure is to debate and discuss our future openly, rationally and impartially, weighing all the evidence or non-evidence and moving forward thoughfully and consciously. Unfortunately, if we do that, we will be forced to educate ourselves even more about how the World really works – which most, including Sarah, find annoying it seems.

    • Anonymous

      Rick, since this is your first visit here, welcome.
      To address some of your points, there are many speeches where she has spoken against the huge party pacs. You can find them in the title bar at C4P, Sarah net, and Palin TV, and in articles and vids here on the Right Scoop.
      I agree with you about the destructive effect the super ‘party’ pacs have on elections. Candidates should be supported by the citizens thru personal donations to their campaigns, and not mega money machine like the super pacs. Rather then elections being won by a qualified candidate, all to often as we have seen, an office is ‘purchased’.
      Why would you think that anyone would be ‘annoyed’ by educating themselves? Most who post here do understand HOW the ‘world works’, and how politics in America IS NOT working as designed by the Founders.
      Is Sarah annoyed by what she sees? But of course. Perhaps you haven’t read enough of her speeches, articles, books to get a full understanding of her views?
      As you read thru the many articles, and watch the many videos the Right Scoop posts everyday, read thru the comments as well. You will find that a well informed group of people meet here everyday to discus the issues you bring up and so much more.
      The issues you bring up in your first comment here have been well examined and discussed many, many times by Scoopers.
      Bring an open mind and a willingness to engage in positive mutual conversation and I’ll bet you’ll enjoy this site. Again, welcome, Rick.

      • Thanks for the warm welcome. And you answer your own question about education is annoying in saying, “Rather then elections being won by a qualified candidate, all to often as we have seen, an office is ‘purchased’.”

        Yes, in fact they are purchased by pacs, ahh…just like Cpac. It’s like dancing with the devil to get to heaven. Just thought I’d try to clarify the hypocrisy. IMHO, we must part with corruption of pacs and return to the issues without the extremes. And thanks again for the welcome.

  • Anonymous

    I have to admit now that I really wish Sarah would have run. No one on the right can energize people like her. She has more guts that 99% of the GOP.

  • Anonymous

    It’s hard for me to watch Sarah. Every time she does a speech it makes me think of why she didn’t enter the race. She had to know this was her moment? It’s frustrating! But having said that, her speech was Epic!

  • Anonymous

    She is absolutely spot-on. What a brilliant speaker and thinker. She rocked the house and said what every single American has thought during the past 3 years. “If not US, the who?” is truly the question. “God Bless Israel”– AMEN!

  • Anonymous

    “while America struggles, Washington thrives..” the Washington of the prominent political class.

  • Linky1

    Listening to both speeches, here is the difference between a real conservative (Sarah) and a “Severe” conservative (Mittens)…..real conservatives speak from the heart, stand behind their convictions, love their country and make no bones about it.

    “Severe” Conservatives speak from both sides of their mouths, sit on the fence and have no convictions and stand for nothing but their own self-interest.

    • Anonymous

      Wonderful comparison, Linky! “Severely” good! VG

      • Linky1

        “Real” thanks for your comment, VG1!!!!! Mittens has really branded himself with that clanger and will be mocked for it, I am sure…….

    • Anonymous

      I gotta agree, Mittens had no conviction, his speech was canned, filled with a bunch of patriotic one liners. Sarah is definitely well thought out, her one liners were followed with powerful punches. Man, we need her stay as the coach if not the contender.

      • Linky1

        Sarah needs to stick around to keep things real, to remind voters who is real and who isn’t and to add some punch nad sass to things. Loved when she out-chanted the “occupiers……”

      • Linky1

        That “severe” remark will be the gift that keeps on giving for Santorum and Gingrich.

        • Anonymous

          Now you know, when this becomes widespread, that Romney will ‘severely’ disagree with you. He will say, much like Obama has said, ‘And, and everyone knows I’m a Chrislam, I , I mean Christian’.

          • Linky1

            And I will tell him he is “Severely” wrong. Boy, we’re gonna have fun with this!

            • Anonymous

              We already are having ‘severe’ fun with it, Linky! ‘Severely’ yours, VG

              • Linky1

                I’m waiting for the headline saying “Mittens got beat out “SEVERELY’ as the Republican nominee.

      • Anonymous

        There is one HUGE glaring difference between the two, Palin is a Patriot and a politician. Romney is a classic elitist politician. However, I believe he is a patriot as well, but a politician first.

        • Anonymous

          Right. I agree. He just doesn’t sound convincing, not like he doesn’t believe it but what he knows that it is what his audience wants to hear.

      • Anonymous


  • Trust1TG

    Palin not convinced Romney is a conservative:

    “Most voters in the GOP, and Independents, we will want to see that candidate who we can trust will just inherently, instinctively turn right – always err on the side of conservatism,” Palin said on Fox News Sunday. “I am not convinced [Romney is that person]. And I don’t think that the majority of GOP and Independent voters are convinced, and that is why you don’t see Romney get over that hump.”

    Palin alluded to recent polls that put former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum atop the GOP field, as well as Romney’s tough stretch last week when Santorum shocked observers by winning three primary contests in a row.

    “He [Romney] is still in the 30 percentile mark when it comes to approval and primary wins,” she said. “He still hasn’t risen above that yet because we are not convinced.”

    Palin said Romney – for all the years and millions of dollars he’s spent campaigning – has failed “to articulate his solutions” to the issues that concern voters.”

    More here: http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/210137-palin-not-convinced-romney-is-conservative

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for providing these for us to share! Are you planning on putting Gov. Jindal’s speech up?

  • Anonymous

    Sarah: “I’ve created more impersonators than Obama has created jobs”;

  • Anonymous

    You want to win in November? This is how you do it.

  • Anonymous

    As usual, Sarah’s speach left me speachless!!!! She articulates the true conservative vision and points out how the establishment has hijacked the GOP. She’s been right all along (I have not in asking her to endorse) about letting the race continue and not endorsing a single candidate. Her view that Romney is not conservative has now fired up the base even more than it was previously.As time goes on, Romney becomes weaker. We are all truly blessed to have America’s version of the Iron Lady. A woman for our times.

  • Anonymous


  • B C

    Just came across this site… and I love it.

  • I am in awe of her strength. Her speech at CPAC was bitter sweet. Her words represented my thoughts. However, I can’t help but think SHE is the one who is supposed to be running for POTUS. The other guys just seem like yahooos in comparison.

    • Absolutely agree with you but the thought comes to my mind ” the hand that rocks the child rules the world,” maybe she is chosen to “rock” all the republican candidates in all levels of government.

  • StNikao

    Excellent review of Gov. Palin’s speech by Tony Lee:

  • Anonymous

    Interesting that the best speeches were given by non-candidates,West and Palin.

  • Anonymous

    The Speech was brilliant !! I thought the room was going to explode with energy. ONLY Sarah !!!

  • Well, if you people love Sarah so much, and want her in the President’s cabinet, vote for NEWT, and send money to NEWT.org.’

    NEWT said she could be ENERGY Secretary.

    I quit GBTV because I don’t trust Genny Beckster anymore and he hates NEWT, and never lets up trying to destroy him. So I sent the $120 I will save to NEWT.

    Something is up when so many of all sides keep asking for NEWT to drop out.

    IF he does well on Super Tuesday, things will change VERY FAST.

    Don’t let the narrative get to you that if he does not finsh second in Arizona and Michagan, he has to drop out?

    Since Rick has won some, it is going better for NEWT than he planned.
    ALL “experts” were expecting Mitt and Paul to win February and NEWT woud have been further behind..

    The manipulation of the American People has been mind blowing and stunning how evil it is HAS BEEN trying pick the candidate for you.

    They even JOKED about the “manipulation” (in the open mind control) on SNL, “NEWT should drop out”, so that I have NEVER seen before but I hear it 3-4 times a day at least, even when he was finishing 2nd.

    Debate coming up soon on 22nd, and I expect NEWT to be on FIRE!


    The Democrats have this “enemies list” — denominated in epithets aimed at the people whose wallets they wish to hijack and take up residence inside. You can be a “Racist!” and you can be a “Terrorist!” and you can be a “Dictator” and you can be a “Hostage-taker!” and you can “Wear a tinfoil hat!” and you can be a “Homophobe!” and you can be a “Teabagger!” — a homosexual man taking his partner’s scrotum into his mouth. You can be “Selfish!” and you can be a “Wacko!” and you can be a “Hick!” and you can be a “Rube!” and you can be “Uneducated” and you can be an “Extremist!” You can be a “Right-wing-nut!” and you can be “Mentally Ill” and you can be “Deranged!” and you can be a “Flake!” and you can be a “Warmonger!” and you can be “Unenlightened!” and you can be a “FatCat!” and you can be a “Nazi!” and you can be a “Fascist!” — although no one more closely approaches the precise description of “Nazi!” or “Fascist!” than the usual Democrat propagandist — either official, or self-appointed.

    Lies, after all, are the heart and soul and the sword and shield of the Democrat party.

    So all you have to do to occupy multiple epithets on the Democrats’ enemies list is to insist that they take their hands off yourself, off your wallet, off your property, off your kids, off your diet, off your healthcare, off your household appliances, off your car, off your bank account, off your weapons of self-defense, off your liberty, and off your freedom of speech. Insist on all these good things – and that qualifies you to be spat upon by nasty, mean-spirited scum — by The Friends of All Mankind — by a gang of lying, thieving, dope-smoking, pill-popping, coke-snorting, sticky-fingered, bloodsxcking, tax-eating, gun-stealing, predatory humanitarian hoodlums, thugs and gangsters — by the Democrat party, in other words. No political party in the history of America more profoundly deserves absolute and outright destruction.


    OhBummer is a b00b and a fool for attacking the American Tea Partiers. Heck, he thought that he had all of us hoodwinked, hornswoggled, and bamboozled. He’s annoyed that the Tea Partiers are not grateful to him for hijacking the American healthcare system — the greatest act of vandalism perpetrated upon the American people since a gang of jihadi frootloops and loonytoons hijacked some planes and crashed them into the World Trade Center towers — and the Pentagon, and made a failed attempt to crash into the White House — and instead drilled a hole in a Pennsylvania farm thanks to some very courageous American passengers.

    And — now widely seen for what he is — the president presents a problem for the Democrat-captured media. They pump out his propaganda for him — and, like the opinion monitors in Ayn Rand’s novel, “Atlas Shrugged” — they are dodging brickbats and rotten vegetables.

    He’s pompous, pampered, and pretentious — a pseudo-intellectual fop. He’s a glorified, smooth-lyin’ dandy, and slicker than Sick Willie Clinton. He’s a dictator-on-the-make, a bloodsxcking, predatory humanitarian thug, and a low-down skunk.

    He’s a fraud and a swindler. He lies when he inhales and he lies when he exhales; his oxygen is the falsification of reality. He lies, placidly and laconically, as if deception were a soporific drug.

    He’s a friend of the poor and the downtrodden — indeed, you can hear the milk of human kindness sloshing around inside of him when he walks.

    He declares himself the post-racial leader — “Let me be clear!” he intones — and he hides behind his race, daring his critics to put their reputation for fairness at risk.

    He pauses to ponder the portent of his propaganda — and it is fakery; he smiles and his mendacity comes shining through. Shake hands with Barak Hushpuppy OhBummer — “The Mistake of ‘08” — the illegal alien squatter in the White House until his “papers” have been lab-tested for age and chemicals, etc — the community organizer of the OhBummer Wrecking Crew, the Fleabagger-in-Chief, the King of The Republic of Lies — and America’s first and last Arab president. Now count your fingers.



    A few months ago I began referring to OhBummer as a pathological flea, inasmuch as the majority of Americans see him as a bloodsucking fraud and a dishonest propagandist.

    In the first week of October, 2011, I bumped into a blog comment referring to the Occupy Wall Street gang as “the flea party” and I warned the author that I would STEAL his ingenious reference and use it wherever it could inflict the most damage on the enemies of the American taxpayers.

    On October 12, my favorite columnist, Ann Coulter — she a Christian and myself an atheist — published a column entitled “WINGLESS, BLOODSUCKING AND PARASITIC: MEET THE FLEA PARTY!” at her anncoulterdotcom website.

    Clearly, things have gotten out of hand. This prairie fire of flea-mongers is raging out of control, wherever you turn. ~:<)

    It's a lot more people than just "the rich" who despise OhBummer and his rioting foot soldiers.

    The Fleabaggers in OhBummer's Flea Party [Occupy Wall Street and its metastasized little cancers in other cities] are the ideological blackshirts, brownshirts, redshirts and no-shirt thugs tasked and directed in their riots by OhBummer allies Michael Moore, David Astroturf Axelrod, and Van Jones, by MoveOn.org, the SEIU, the Huffington Post, and OhBummer's former employer, ACORN — and, naturally — by Barak Hussein Hushpuppy Hoover OhBummer, himself — with a cameo appearance by dopehead rugmuncher Roseanne Barr-The-Beheader.

    Oh, the corporations! Oh, the banks! Oh, BOO HOO! Most of these demonstrators and rioters have a wind-up key sticking out of the middle of their backs with OhBummer's fingerprints all over it. He pooped all over their brains and they LOVED it, crying, "Oh! Oh! More poo, please! More poo!"

    This so-called "spontaneous, leaderless civil unrest" is a White House operation, conceived in the bowels of Barak Hushpuppy OhBummer's fetid little mind — while he sat ruminating in the bowels of the White House, evacuating his bowels — and enacted by OhBummer's chosen proxies, surrogates, cronies, and confederates.

    OhBummer and the OhBummer Wrecking Crew have been promoting envy [mental illness] and trying to shift blame to "Greedy Wall Street" and away from themselves — they who are what novelist Ayn Rand called "greedy for the unearned."

    I advocate that the police arrest and jail every one of OhBummer's rioting troops who obstructs traffic or trespasses on private property or in any way threatens or attempts to intimidate any of their critics or their intended victims.

    Yes. These are the lying, arrogant, GREEDY-FOR-THE-UNEARNED, bloodsxcking, tax-eating Democrat hoods, thugs, and gangsters. I advocate and I seek their destruction.

    There are still approximately 120 million privately-employed nongovernment taxpayers in America today, and while this pathological flea, Barak Hushpuppy OhBummer, and his minions, are promoting street riots, I advocate that all 120 million of these privately-employed taxpayers stage a riot on the bridge of OhBummer's nose. That skunk wants race riots and class-warfare riots — and he should get a riot that will make history.

    $ $ $ $ $

    Meanwhile, back at the hacienda…. In 2008, the top 1% of earners paid more than 38% of all Federal income taxes. Check this out at ntudotorg, "who pays income taxes."

    And so to the President of the United States of America and to the so-called "99-percenters" in OhBummer's street-gang Fleabaggers who claim victimhood — go blow smoke up your own axxes.


    $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $


    “We were the first to assert that the more complicated the forms assumed by civilization, the more restricted the freedom of the individual must become.”

    — Benito Mussolini, fascist dictator of Italy

    $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

    “Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice; moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.”

    — Karl Hess, libertarian speechwriter for AZ Republican US Senator Barry Goldwater


    Conservatives and libertarians should stop calling Democrats “liberals” —- because they are helping the Democrats with this label — not hurting them.

    While many Democrats and other leftists agitate in favor of socialism or communism [distinctions without a difference], the majority of them prefer the Nazi / fascist economic model — which works out in practical terms to the “crony capitalist progressivism” now practiced by Barak Hushpuppy OhBummer, the OhBummer Wrecking Crew, the Democrat party at-large, and the “establishment” / “RINO” [Republican-In-Name-Only] Republicans.

    Keep in mind here that Hitler and Mussolini launched their political careers as Marxist communists and later they adopted political disguise for their agenda of moral cannibalism and “eating the rich.” Does this sound familiar, given who now controls the White House and the Senate?

    Note that progressivism, socialism, Nazism [“national socialism”], fascism and communism are all joined-at-the-hip in their common contempt, enmity, and disdain for human rights. More on this, later.

    The Democrat [and other leftist] technique for character assassination is what it has always been — a barrage of outright lies, half-truths, misrepresentations, innuendos, misinformation, disinformation, and poisonous propaganda — all of that directed at anyone who obstructs their access to our wallets and our other property — and especially any public figure who rises to fight them with any prospect of beating them and liberating the American people from the Democrats’ kleptocracy.

    In the past thirty years or so, from Ronald Reagan going forward, the technique has been to try and destroy anyone before they rose within striking distance of the Supreme Court, the Congress, or the White House.

    These Democrat propagandists could and can count on the corrupt, compliant, Democrat-captured media to help keep their propaganda afloat and their dictatorship fastened on the backs of the American people.

    Listen up, if you are a privately-employed, non-government taxpayer — and thus a member of America’s # 1 class of victims.

    We are ruled by armed force and by fraud by lying, thieving, arrogant, bloodsucking, greedy-for-the-unearned, tax-eating government hoodlums, gangsters, and thugs, by spies, spooks, and snoops, and by their sticky-fingered constituents and assorted limpets, lampreys, barnacles, parasites, and other hangers-on.

    And they are our “protectors!” Just ask them and this predatory humanitarian Mafia will tell you so. Who protects us from our protectors? The First and Second Amendments to the US Constitution are there so that you can protect yourself from them.


    Now, are you ready for this?

    What this country needs is a truly LIBERAL president and congress and judiciary! And I forgive the reader for suspecting that this must be some kind of bad joke!

    But the Democrats believe in “statism” — not “liberalism.”

    Strip them naked of their “liberal” camouflage and behold their ugliness.

    They benefit from the imprecise American political terminology —- we say “the government” here in the USA —- rather than “the state.” And that’s a dangerous problem.

    Famous brands of statism in recent centuries have been Nazism, socialism, fascism, communism, progressivism, and welfare statism —- these last two are mixtures of fascism and socialism.

    Liberalism, on the other hand, is a political philosophy of small, cheap government —- it is a constabulary —- and the job of a liberal government is to enforce human rights within its own jurisdiction.

    What “human rights?” I speak of the unalienable and perfectly-natural and universally-valid human rights of life, liberty, private property, and the pursuit of personal happiness.

    A slave is owned by someone other than himself — but a free man owns himself. The first article of private property is “the self” — and all other rights are derivatives of and flow from these cardinal rights.

    These rights —- The Rights of Man —- are the gift of nature or of nature’s god —- and they belong to all human beings, everywhere.

    Show me a Democrat who subscribes to all of the above, without qualifications or weasel words.

    The words “liberal” and “liberalism” were hijacked by the Democrats, socialists, progressives, and fascists, long ago —- and it was the mistake of conservatives and libertarians to let them get away with it.

    It is long past time that liberalism be reclaimed, defined, and explained by its rightful owners —- by the champions of freedom, i.e.: not by Democrats.

    Friends of freedom! Friends of peace-through-strength! And friends of prosperity!

    Declare yourselves to be “liberals,” then —- and kick over the bloody coffee tables — and overthrow and trounce the Democrats in 2012! Destroy them!



    “You darkeners of counsel, who would make the property, lives and religion of millions depend on the evasive interpretations of musty parchments; who would send us to antiquated charters of uncertain and contradictory meaning, to prove that the present generation are not bound to be victims to cruel and unforgiving despotism, tell us whether our pious and generous ancestors bequeathed to us the miserable privilege of having the rewards of our honesty, industry, the fruits of those fields which they purchased and bled for, wrested from us at the will of men over whom we have no check.

    “Contemplate the mangled bodies of your countrymen, and then say, What should be the reward of such sacrifices? Bid us and our posterity bow the knee, and supplicate the friendship, and plough, and sow, and reap, to glut the avarice of the men who have let loose on us the dogs of war to riot in our blood and hunt us from the face of the earth? If you love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom – go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.

    “Courage, then, my countrymen, our contest is not only whether we ourselves shall be free, but whether there shall be left to mankind an asylum on earth for civil and religious liberty. Dismissing, therefore, the justice of our cause, as incontestable, the only question is, What is best for us to pursue in our present circumstances?”

    “It does not take a majority to prevail….but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.”

    “Among the natural rights of the colonists are these: first a right to life, secondly to liberty, and thirdly to property; together with the right to defend them in the best manner they can.”

    “The Constitution shall never be construed… to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms.”

  • Anonymous

    Throw the bums out with the bathwater! Love it! What a gem you are Sarah!

  • That’s right, altho’ Marco Rubio was real good, too. No good deed goes unpunished, so that all you need to do to disqualify yourself from major office is to tell the exact, precise truth.

  • I thought I would share a comment I wrote elsewhere, I thought it was pretty good and about 300 others thought so too.

    Sarah Palin, what is there to say? The media poured through 24,000 government emails to find she was pure as a snow flake and as honorable and forthright as a Buddhist monk. The MSM, the Democrats and Establishment Republicans attacked her and she came out stronger for the forging. When a piece of iron is heated and annealed with the fires of condemnation, to only come out the other side like a samurai sword, you have to embrace truth of the conviction, she is just a soldier in the fight for freedom. What exactly is it that the leftists hate? Her refusal to kill her child? Her conviction of non corruption? Her beautiful but flawed family (which family was ever perfect, which person but Jesus was ever perfect)? Her choice to put her Republic before her self in resignation? Her ability to encourage hope? Her ability to take advantage of the free market system?

    WHAT exactly does the leftists hate? All of the above, because she did not NEED them to succeed, she did it all on her own, while raising a family!

  • ElExtremo1312

    People! This is a binary choice! You either get the republican (whoever it is with whatever bad points) or you get 4 more years of the worst president in history!
    I am not at all sure that we would survive it. Are you willing to take that chance by making that binary choice?

  • Breath of fresh air, restores my hope for America after all the negative news everywhere. For whatever it’s worth remember that Golda Meir (Israel), Indira Gandhi (India), Margaret Thatcher (UK) governed their countries with iron fist and made great progress during their time. Sarah Palin must choose her time and take that leap, hope I get to be a part of such history making.

  • Van4AZUSSenate

    The Problem with the GOP is they treat it like a Franchise and if you haven’t had a location and gone along with all the Social Progressive Issues they’ve also promoted then they won’t help you.
    I’m running for the US Senate from AZ and I have been slowed down at every turn by the GOP and the other two chosen Candidates as a result of not going along with the system that selected them as I was told by a sitting Congressman who said when told I’d be running you can’t do that we already have Our Candidate.
    They’ve asked me to drop out and kept me out of events and postings on websites and the corrupt press in AZ both Dem and GOP go along with this.
    I’ve had a political talk show in the Phoenix area and interviewed most of the statewide office holders as well as Candidates for office and they also disappoint me in the way they treat me as well not a Member of the Good Old Boys Club.
    I hope the Voters Wake Up before we lose Our Country as I believe it’s already turned into a Socialist Democracy at best and must be returned to a Republic by once again restoring Our Country into a Constitutional Republic.
    I hope you’ll all do more than talk about Restoring this Nation and support Constitutional Conservatives wherever you might find them. God Bless You All; Van


  • Anonymous

    Our nominee must be some one like Palin or at least some one with a similar fierceness to defend our American way of life, and totally free of political correctness.

  • Anonymous

    Sarah is a Blessing to us all !!

  • Classic_Brian

    I know its not popular, but I really hope she runs again.

  • tiredoftherunaround

    Me, too.