Full Speech: Sarah Palin at Right Online 2012

Sarah Palin spoke tonight at Right Online 2012 about the impact the new media is having on the political landscape, all the way from Matt Drudge and his modem to the new media reporters on the ground exposing the Occupy movement. And of coure, her entire speech was inspired by Andrew Breitbart, remembering his massive impact on all media, and all of us.

Watch below:

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  • John_Frank

    RS, thanks for posting the video so quickly.

    As Tony Lee tweeted:

    Tony J. Lee ‏@TheTonyLee

    This is an @SarahPalinUSA speech for the ages folks. Book it for posterity.

  • poljunkie

    Hit ’em with your best shot Gov.

  • Is_Sense_Common

    Worth every second you’ll spend on this!

    Go get ’em Sarah! With truth, a smile, and a few great jokes!! Loved it!

    • Is_Sense_Common


  • virginiagentleman1

    Best ever, a Tour de Force speech! Watch it!

    • Is_Sense_Common

      Gentleman – Where ya been?! Good to “see” you tonight!

      • I second that motion.

        • virginiagentleman1

          Howdy K-Bob!

          I’m looking forward to your analysis of Palins speech. What do you think about it?

          • You’re gonna have to wait till tomorrow. I have a really bad connection tonight Here At The Boogie. We depend on either satellite or cellular out here, and both are bad tonight for some reason.

            So tomorrow I’ll weigh in. The rest of this evening I’ll spend with the K-Missus, and with Mr. Kitty curled up on my chest in the big chair.

            Time to snooooozzzzzzzzz.

            Goodnight everyone, and I’ll Yammer Forward tomorrow!

      • virginiagentleman1

        Greetings my friend! I’ve been busy with fruit trees, plums and cherries. I’ve been here a few times looking over your shoulder and liking some comments!

        What did you think of Palins speech? My impression is that this is easily her best ever.

        • Polarbearpapa

          Hard to beat the “pitbulls and hockey moms” speech….lol

        • Is_Sense_Common

          I thought it was a Grand Slam homerun, Gent! She demonstrated her own style and grace and didn’t have to owe anyone anything. She was magnificent. 🙂

          • virginiagentleman1

            That she was! Certainly she is comfortable in her own skin. As the leftys foam at the mouth spewing their hatred and filth at those of us in the center, the Constitution is the center, she is grace under fire and outmatches them in intellect and courage, all done with humor and a smile!

            • Is_Sense_Common

              I think Ronaldus Magnus would be so proud of her, don’t you?

              • virginiagentleman1

                Indeed, I do.
                Do you have any plans to make it to Tampa in late August for the convention? I’m going to be there if at all possible.
                Some strange stuff going on with the lodging industry in Tampa. A month and a half ago all the rooms were spoken for. Since Romney became the presumed nominee, I get calls all the time telling me that rooms are now available! The business man must be bad for business in Tampa?
                Palins SarahPAC has rented a large space at the ChannelSide Mall. Something is afoot my friend!

                • Is_Sense_Common

                  Well indeed that is interesting!! Unfortunately, August is my busy-time for work so I’ll be relying on Scoop to keep me informed. Or maybe a “mole” from Virginia will give live reports?!

                  The hotel industry is quite a temperamental one. Surely unreliable. Yes, we definitely need a mole there, giving us the details :~)

        • Is_Sense_Common

          And, I’m glad you took a break from the orchards to say hi! Hope your crops are doing well.

        • Nukeman60

          I liked her speech. She covered a great deal of territory and I love the way she tore the left new ones with so many old wounds. I can’t think of any lefty slams and rumors that weren’t slammed back up their backsides, and with a laugh to boot.

          Always the same force, always powerful and always deadly to the left. They must be seething, moaning, and oozing all at the same time right about now.

          • virginiagentleman1

            Nuke, my friend! I enjoyed the speech and her focus on target was awesome! I agree with you, there are some raw gaping wounds in leftyville today!
            The tide has turned on marxism, and America is reaching back to her foundational roots of Constitutional law. Ain’t life grand!

            • Nukeman60

              Good to ‘hear’ your voice again. It’s voices like yours that will put us over the top in November, with God’s grace. Take care.

              • virginiagentleman1

                Your voice is always on target as are your points, my friend. Lets get after ’em!
                God bless you, Nuke.

  • We The People!!!

    Sarah Palin puts an energetic face on the People in We The People!

    Thank you for your energy and support of freedom Sarah!!!


  • speakez6

    She looks great, and hits the target every time.

  • indemind

    Sarah Palin…. Don’t be afraid to be “out there”.

    “Don’t retreat, reload with inspiration.”…

    SarahAmerica…. I Am Andrew Breitbart …… (*_*)

  • Jean_A

    Why is it that I could listen to Gov. Palin for hours and not get bored? It’s because she speaks the truth.

    • virginiagentleman1

      Exactly right, milady.

  • sybilll

    That was SO worth watching again. She is obivously she has her pulse on everything that is going on. Just the motivation I needed.

  • M_J_S

    Does she keep getting hotter? What is up with Sarah?!?!

  • c4pfan

    That means you Hugh Hewitt! Stop being part of the Machine!

  • Boris_Badenoff

    This can be the theme song for Obie and the Misses..

  • mder4thegov

    If there’s any justice…this amazing, patriotic woman will someday reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
    The fact that the permanent political class from both parties–are terrified of this INCORRUPTIBLE, God-fearing lady is evidence enough for me that she’s truly the only person willing and capable of “fixing” this great country.
    Sure, Romney will be 10 times better then Obama, but Sarah would have the crooks resigning on election night (after HER victory). That’s what we need.

    • wodiej

      “Now it is high time to awake out of our sleep for now our salvation is nearer than when we first believed.” Romans 13:11

    • RUexperienced

      If Sarah Palin was “willing” to fix the country she would have run for president.

      As it stands now, she is willing only to give speeches and make last minute endorsements conservatives in certain races.

      • Jean_A

        She endorses where they are needed.

      • keyesforpres

        I think she was thinking of jumping in last year. I believe that is why she was doing that bus tour. Then, Bachmann jumped in and shot to the top. Shortly after that, Palin abruptly canceled the rest of her bus tour.

      • Bogdan51

        You know what, RUignorant? I follow your anti-Palin rants for couple of years already.

        You haunt the various conservative blogs for the one purpose only: to trash and ridicule Sarah Palin.

        Before her fateful announcement, you have been one of those arguing ferverishly agaist her prospective candidacy.

        As I have explained to one of the other participants above, Palin could destroy Romney within seconds if she decided to challenge him at the convention but she won’t do that in fear of splitting the Republican party where the revengefull followers of Romney could even vote Obama (there were rumours that they indicated that already) to destroy Palin’s chances for Presidency.

        Of course, such a dishonest attitude is being fueled by the ignorance of the anti-Palin, quasi-conservative crowd like yourself.

      • That’s a very good impersonation of Hugo Chavez.

        You left out the “Smells like brimstone” sorts of hysterics, but well done.

  • lyndaaquarius

    What a stunningly inspiring leader!!so clear;so fearless! This is how it’s supposed to be. American politics is forever changed and for the better. Thank you governor Palin and the Tea Party!

  • PVG


  • Landscaper59

    Sorry brothers and sisters, i am as american and red, white and blue as they come. Milktoast McCain and Palin handed Obummer the election in 08 and the GOP is to blame. we were out of reagan’s. john needs to retire for fresh blood in his state and send sarah back home to catch a fish. even worse, romney could get smoked in 2012 unless our current “dictator in chief” really blows it. i don’t have the means to move to new zealand, so our GOP better get to “rubber meets the road” issues and let Obummer fall on his swoard. thank you and remember to tip your waiter.

    • John_Frank

      Ah, yes, the PDS crowd.

      Palin, at fault for McCain’s defeat in 2008. Please. Such utter rubbish.

      • Landscaper59

        yes jf, no one is going to piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining ok. we are weak and obama’s crew is going to get down and dirty. wake up man. palin is a past novelty, worth a speech here and there. tax cuts, same sex marrige and pro-life can be fought AFTER november. we will give obama another 4 years unless we go reagan on his ass and ask the still reasonable voters to get off their butts and usher this fool out of office. is that simple enough? we can lose. ok?

        • John_Frank

          LOL …. the Republican party establishment wanted Romney and that’s what they got …. weak. Good luck.

          As to Palin being passe, listen to her speech.

          • Landscaper59

            i did listen.

          • RUexperienced

            Romney’s campaign is keeping Palin at arms length?????

            Why would Romney have ANYONE around him who hasn’t endorsed him?

            Newt endorsed Romney and is now out campaigning for him. Palin could easily do the same.

            • John_Frank

              The reality is that during the midst of the primaries, she made it crystal clear that she will support Romney 100% if he is the nominee.

              But, people get it. Instead of accepting that, people can witness the response.

        • Bogdan51

          It’s rather pathetic as it is ignorant to ascribe any blame for the 2008 shameful defeat to Sarah Palin.

          She was the only bright spot on the murky bog of the “campaign” for which the entire and only blame rests with John McCain and his minions Steve Schmidt and Nicolle Wallace.

          You should make an effort and study the history of the events in 2008 before making any further comments on its course and outcome.

          It is now an almost a public secret that Nicolle Wallace who was in charge of Sarah Palin’s campaign team began undermining her almost from the very beginning. It is also known now that she has connection with Romney through her husband Mark Wallace, Romney’s friend and confidante. It is out the question that Romney wasn’t aware of all the backstabbery that Schmidt and Wallace were doing to Palin so it is alos Romney who is bearing a large part of blame for the loss in 2008 and subsequently for the gigantic “generational theft” as Sarah has described it of now 16 trilion dollars, inflicted on the American taxpayers.

          It is also known that those two degenerates (Schmidt and Wallace) are, or at least have been close to Bushes.

          Your rant is a best proof that the ignorant mob like you is equally responsible for the tragedy of America as is the so called “establishment”.

          • Landscaper59

            it’s an opinion forum right? you have yours and i have mine. we can agree to disagree.

            • Sarah Palin was the only thing that kept McCain competitive. When Sarah Palin was brought on board, the enthusiasm immediately changed
              Polls prove, that until McCain inexplicably stepped into the media’s “erratic” narrative by trotting off to DC to “save the economy,” Sarah Palin had given the ticket a very real chance to win. Steve Schmidt was behind the moment polls prove really lost the 2008 election; when Senator McCain foolishly decided to suspend his campaign and run back to DC . Sarah Palin was the only thing that kept McCain competitive. It was Steve Schmidt who pushed for going all in: suspending the campaign, recommending that the first debate be postponed, parachuting into Washington and forging a legislative solution to the financial crisis for which McCain could then claim credit.
              After the bailout vote, support for the Republican ticket collapsed.

              In Pew’s exit poll in 2008, voters who said Sarah Palin was a factor in their vote went for McCain by 56-43 margin.

            • hrh40

              “We all have our opinions.”

              Sure we do. But that statement is not intended to be conciliatory.

              It is merely the fallback defense of someone whose opinion is not based on any facts.

              • Landscaper59


                • hrh40

                  Actually, your response is weak because again, you state no facts for any of your opinions.

                  You just resort to adjectives and descriptors and generalizations that we all have opinions.

                  Yeah, we do.

                  Some of them are informed opinions.

                  And some are obstinate, back-against-the-wall, uninformed opinions.

                • Landscaper59

                  give it a rest asshole

                • keyesforpres

                  Look who’s talking.

                • John_Frank

                  While opinions may differ, facts are stubborn things.

                  So what is the response, when confronted?

                  Instead of learning.

                  Well, the reader can see for himself.

                • Jean_A

                  What is a matter? You can’t take the truth, ahole?

          • nibblesyble

            well done!

        • Jean_A

          How are we going to go Reagan on his ass when Obama is faCING a liberal to run against. You make no sense. Who is fighting same sex marraige and pro-life except for the dems. You don’t hear any republicans making it their platform. Where are you getting your info from?

          • Landscaper59

            jean, my wife is a doctor. she would advise you to check your blood pressure. you can hate me. my right to speak was paid for in blood. father of a usmc marine combat vet. thank you for your comments.

    • Jean_A

      The corrupt MSM handed the election to Obama.

  • John_Frank

    SarahNET Radio ‏@SarahNETRadio
    Our nation can no longer afford partisan apathy.” -Sarah Palin at @rightonline ‪#RO12‬ @SarahPalinUSA @kevinscholla

    While honoring Andrew Breitbart’s spirit with her speech last night, the people’s Governor inspired. With her optimistic spirit and rapier wit, she told the truth. She took the fight to the Marxists and socialists lead by Obama and their media allies. At the same time she served the GOPe with clear notice.

    Our Republic is at stake. The Federal Government is broke. We need sudden and relentless reform. Be afraid Republicans. We will not be taken for granted. We will not let you take us for a ride. We will not spin or lie for you. We will hold you to account. We will not let you get away with being crooks, thieves and crony capitalists while you break your promises. Don’t govern as common sense constitutional conservatives and we will replace you.

  • Rocko19

    This is for you Palin bashers.
    For all, this is a must watch.

    Obama had what experience?


    Pass it on: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=FgeWjVjiKhA


  • no_kia

    For the Sarah Palin detractors, she was the sole reason many came out out in mass numbers to vote for McCain/Palin, only she energized the base. There were even talks of flipping the ticket, Palin/McCain, that’s how much they liked her. She was a successful Governor from a large State, not knowing dumb trivia isn’t a disqualifier, she’s not competing on Jeoparty. Since Obamao won, America lost that day.

  • Sarah is the best…..old glasses please One of her very best speeches….

  • no_kia

    Obamao’s voters are the Bath Salt, Crystal Meth abusing parasites. i.e. OWS, greedy Unions.

  • Rocco11

    This woman is a National treasure.

  • RightSightings

    The progressives continue to hate her, but the REAL reason behind that hatred is because they’re scared to death of her and the truth she defines with each speech she makes.
    God bless Sarah Palin for being soooooo Right! 🙂
    Thanks TRS for getting these videos out here so quickly!

    • hrh40

      You forgot to add “the GOP Ruling Class” to your statement about who hates her.

  • Stoneyjack

    Thanks for posting this powerful, passionate address by Populist Princess Palin to assembled patriots and conservatives.

  • Landscaper59

    i pissed in some readers corn flakes by not being a palin fan. as a landscaper for many years, some clients have a lot of ideas for a new look and i help them improve their vision and make it happen with my passion for what i do. i always speak my mind on ideas and NEVER tell them what they want to hear. 60% of the time i get hired, the other 40% go their way and in the end both home owners are happy. in a discussion forum, i dont want to be popular but i will be honest. palin is smoking hot and you “guys” already thought that too, right?

    • wodiej

      I don’t like cornflakes so pee away!

      • Landscaper59

        me either

  • waelse1

    Thought I heard on TV she was no longer relevant.

  • wodiej

    “plant the flag and hold the hill…”

    “defeat is an orphan…”

    thank you RS for posting this and so quickly. Gov. Sarah Palin is indeed a fierce and faithful warrior for what is good and right for all Americans. God Bless her and all those who share her vision and GOD BLESS AMERICA!! We are lucky to have her on our side.

  • cudaforever

    As others have stated you MUST watch this video. Sarah, is the best speaker in our Land !!

  • Mama Grizzly was out in full force.

  • the endorser of Orin Hatch and John McCain speaks at a conference on the slowest news period of all weekdays (always Friday afternoon) …Google News counts “8” total news articles in the past 24 hours. How many saw or heard her speak live?

    • cudaforever

      Remove your hatred from this thread you mosquito.

      • actually CudaBabe, the hatred comes from you.

        Every statement I wrote is 100% factual. The question I ask I await a factual response.

        • hrh40

          Here’s a factual response:

          The endorser of Deb Fischer, Richard Mourdock, Ted Cruz, Suzanna Martinez, Nikki Haley, Mary Fallin, Rebecca Kleefisch, Kelly Ayotte, Terry Brandstad speaks at a conference and Google, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Obama administration, which got itself out of $4 billion in taxes by helping the government spy on us, doesn’t place it high on its fixed search aggregator.


          Re google, I suggest you use http://www.startpage.com if you don’t want the government tracking your searches through google.

          • factual response to what?

            • Get a life. You troll Palin threads in order to throw snarky comments. Get a life. Go do something productive instead of constantly tearing down a woman who is simply doing her best to make a positive difference.

              • all i’ve stated are “facts” and one unanswered question.

                SP may be making a positive difference, but it’s not in national politics; her last “stab” at national politics was a bus tour that had no itinerary. More of 1/2 of national population WILL NOT VOTE FOR PALIN.

                She’s a ‘sarapac’ that updates her website when she feels like paying the webmaster. Endorsing Ornery Hatch is the beginning of the end of her influence. 2 years from now, she’ll be a blip.

                • Jean_A

                  Hatch will be reelected. More than half the people will vote for Obama or Romney. One of them will end in the same place as Sarah Palin so what is your point you Palin hater?

    • Bogdan51

      Crap trader, do for America 1% of what she has done and then perhaps you shall acquire some rights to criticise her.

      Even Jesus Christ has lost the battle because the corrupt degenerate despot had support of the ignorant beastly mob.

      Yet we don’t blame Christ for his own death. Neither it diminishes his greatnes.

      So did many phenomenally brave and genial freedom fighters who dared to challenge the power of the totallitarian, barbaric regimes.

      Sarah Palin, metaphorically speaking, represents the glass 99% full. No other candidate comes even to 25%.

      There shall be no one like her at least for the next half century.

      So stop masturbating yourself mentally while searching fo any of her perceived weaknesses and stop gloating if you magnage to find any because any attack on her means one more nail to the coffin in which your own freedom shall be burried.

      • Bogdan51 comments violate decency, engage in personal attacks, use sexual terms as a personal attack and should be edited/deleted by moderator.

        Waiting for the “right thinking” and fellow Christians to condemn such attacks like Bogdan51 write.

        • It won’t happen here because you remarked in a negative though respectful manner about SP and that is WORSE to the commentors here than what Bogdan51 said. SP is doing what she does best and that is where she needs to be.

          • what’s negative in what I said? What is untrue? Attempting to justify bad behavior under any circumstance is a sin. Those that support SP and condone this obvious behavior, judgement rests upon them. A logical conclusion then is to compare many SP’s supporters to the Left, and one fails to see ANY difference – they are hateful, negative, juvenile – and like Sarah, incapable of competing on the national political level.

            • Jean_A

              Sarah Palin is doing exactly what she wants to do. If you don’t like it to bad.

            • Bogdan51

              Mr daytrader, I apologise for the brutality of my response to your post above.

              It certainly was over the top.

              However, it doesn’t change the obvious fact that your attacks on Palin are betraying your ignorance and, perhaps, a bad will; You seem to write your posts for the only reason: to trash Sarah Palin while offering nothing positive in exchange.

              Sarah Palin has done for the American conservatism more than anyone since Reagan and she deserves recognition and support and not a mindless criticism.

              Greetings from Aussie

              • an apology followed by “however” has a slightly empty ring to it, imo.

                I have NEVER attacked Palin, but I have been attacked numerous times. Criticism of SP is not attack, stating facts r also not an attack…HOWEVER inconvenient. lol

                I have given her credit for helping elect good candidates, I will continue to criticize her (that’s not an attack, comrades) for endorsing failed candidates like socialist/racist enabler (he voted for well known jerk Eric Holder) Ornery Hatch.

                thx for the apology…remember next time to follow it by a PERIOD. 🙂

                keep it respectful please Palin-bots….

                • Bogdan51

                  Sorry to disapoint you again Mr daytrader.

                  I read almost every your post and I have NEVER seen you defending Palin in an yway.

                  It is rather dishonest to refer to your your own non-existent allegedly pro-Palin diatribes to wriggle yourself out of the intellectual mess you are wading through.

                  Otherwise, GREETINGS FROM AUSSIE.

                • the use of “NEVER” submarines your argument; you’re not to be taken seriously, pretty much the whole Palin-bot “ain’t got no good sex in a long time” clan shall be ignored from this point forward. rightScoop didn’t moderate the comment i asked, so he’s in the same group as the discredited Palin-bots.

                • Right, you only “criticize” everyone else “attacks.”

      • re:”Jesus Christ has lost the battle because the corrupt degenerate despot had support of the ignorant beastly mob.”

        you might want to re-think that statement. Jesus has never lost any battle. Some serious theological errors in your understanding of Christianity, Aussie. Without the shedding of blood, there is no atonement. With no atonement, there is separation from God. Jesus submitted to the Will of the Father, who wants ALL to be SAVED (with him).

        Disappointed that some other Palin-bots didn’t correct your faulty understanding of The Messiah and His Will.

        • Bogdan51

          Wrong Mr Daytrader. I’ve never said Christ lost the WAR. I’ve said He lost the battle.

          That’s a strategic difference…

          • Christ IS God (Father/Son/Spirit) God NEVER loses ; Messianic prophecies centuries earlier predicted what would happen.

            ******* EPIC THEOLOGICAL FAIL ********

            ! unsubscribed !

    • keyesforpres

      Well then, why worry?

    • carmtom13

      I would say quite a lot and even if they did not hear the Governor live, thanks to RS many more will see and hear it. Fyi that’s only Google saying that. People like you just can’t handle one of the smartest political savvy constitutional conservatives to come along in many, many years and to top it off she is a woman!!! Governor Palin gave a great speech. Maybe you should listen to it and really pay attention to what she said.

    • “Always losing money trader”… you must have wandered over here from Business Insider, a liberal backed facade disguised as a business site but advancing liberal slants to as many of the stories as possible. Sort of the slimmy behavour you seem to be engaged in.

      • slimmy????

        smile much??

        wear deodorant??

        btw, I’m to the “right” of Rush, my Maserati Spyder is incapable of making “left” turns!

        • DebbyX

          People with money, usually don’t have to convince others. Maybe you have a Maserati, maybe you don’t. But it just looks small in putting that out there.

    • Jean_A

      You did you little troll.

    • In the days of Twitter, Facebook, Hulu, Netflix and other sites, “live” is slowly becoming a thing of the past (except for breaking news). Social media acts as a video on demand system.

      Thanks for playing. Cheers.

  • no_kia

    If those two judases Schmit/Wallace hadn’t tried to undermine and discredit Sarah Palin every step of the way, McCain/Palin would probably be in the White House right now. We didn’t get to see or hear Sarah Palin completely Unplugged thanks to these two phonies.

    • stage9

      Without adversity liberty cannot be refreshed and appreciated.

    • Is_Sense_Common

      Nor would we have been able to see her unplugged now. Sometimes you gotta go thru the grinder to get to the best part. I hate where we are with Barry, but if McLame had won, there’d be no Tea Party and Sarah Palin would still be under his shadow. Have faith.

  • Don

    McCain choosing Sarah as his running mate in 2008 was probably the top of his list for times he has been right. If he had not chosen her he would’ve been just another Walter Mondale. Mondale carried only one state against Reagan, his home state of Minnesota by less than 2%. Too bad the RINOs can’t comprehend that without the Tea Party, they are the third party.

  • RedDaveR

    Great speech. My takeaway was her referencing Breitbart’s phrase “The Democrat-media complex”. That is what conservatives are up against.

    • Don

      I agree with Breitbart’s term of “Democrat-media complex.” The sad reality is they exist because of the public’s naivete’ in accepting the lies and deceptions they constantly present as being fact.

    • hrh40

      My takeaway is that even if “we” win – notice she never mentioned the GOP or Romney, just independent conservatives and independents – that we must remain vigilant. That this is not the time for partisan apathy. Meaning even if “we” win in November, we must continue to be vocal independent tea partiers and hold the GOP accountable.

      Else we will get a fourth Bush term of high spending and increasing government interference that both H.W. and W. gave us. And to which Romney wholeheartedly subscribes.

  • 12grace

    I love Sara Palin, she is brilliant, truthful and a patriot.

  • tinker_thinker

    Yes, Andrew was fearless and so is Sarah. God bless them both…great speech!

  • keyesforpres

    I love that she is wearing the Star of David!

  • Landscaper59

    When writing replies to this site, put away your spell check, thesaurus and ivy league vocabulary and speak your mind. I have three degrees in my field and make a mid six figure income, yet I will stop and help a fellow motorist with a flat tire and don’t look to see if they have a bumper sticker I do not like. I speak plainly and honestly. The attacks on me for not liking Sarah P and Johnny Mac are comical. I held my nose and voted for them as I will do for Romney. Obummer is a disaster. Thank you.

    • nibblesyble

      I was perusing through all of the posts and noticed quite a lot of yours and I must state you are correct in that you are allowed your opinions. I am just curious why you would come onto a thread where you know most of us are Sarah fans and look for what can only be described as a fight? I notice you are relatively new to Scoop, here we try to show one another respect and not go out of our way to cause discourse. Having said that Welcome to Scoop.

      • Landscaper59

        thanks nibble, yes i am new. i heard about scoop via bill whittle. love that guys take on things. i know i stirred a hornet’s nest but i’m not a fan of what our gop has to offer lately. i think we want another reagan, at least i do and its hard to see this country going down the toilet with obummer, biden and the rest of the fools guiding the ship and leading the usa into a hurricane.

        • nibblesyble

          Yes, Bill Whittle is a favorite of mine and a lot of posters here. You will find that you have lots in common with us more than you don’t. One thing that binds us is our desire to see the man-child ousted out of the White House and back to his corrupt way of living in Chi-Town. I look forward to seeing more of your posts..er-especially ones that don’t involve taking down my beloved Sarah! lol

          • Landscaper59

            i promise to behave nibble. yes, man-child must go indeed. i wrote to our regional paper that i would vote for a very bright german shepard before obama and they published it ! my customers were very amused….

            • nibblesyble


        • Bogdan51

          Mr Landscaper59, while expressing my apology for my rather brutal response to your post above, I’d like to explain to you why Palin’s fans are so prone to impulsiveness.

          You should know that no other public persona in the recent history has experienced so many personal attacks on her and her family, so much bile and poison than Palin has.

          As I also explained those attacks haven’t been nor still are restricted to the American leftoids. It began pretty clear last year that ther was some kind of “jurnolist” like silent agreement within GOP’s establishment to prevent Palin from winning Republican nomination.

          For example, after a Tuscon massacre, John Hindraker, the owner of the “conservative” blog Powerline quoted few high ranking and shadowy GOP apparatchicks who told him: “… forget about Palin getting GOP nomination…”

          So instead of defending her against the absurd accusations and supporting her, as she is always doing towards her fellow conservatives, they actually were stabbing her in tha back.

          Those acts of back-stabbery were so obvious and prolonged that Palin’s supporters became, perhaps, oversensitive towards any attack on their leader.

          Greetings from Australia.

          • Landscaper59

            greetings from the long held “all red” states of the southeast 51.

          • nibblesyble

            Once again..well done!

            • Bogdan51

              Biggest THANKS and WARMEST GREETINGS to you nibblesyble.

              I see the things from the perspective of 20 thousand kms and even better through my experience of having my best years wasted when living under the boot and whip of a communo-fascist regime in Poland.

              • nibblesyble

                Lol, I dwell in Canada…. a social welfare utopia, where abortions are free and plentiful, but free speech is is costly..lest you offend muslims/gays, and a whole host of other ‘protected groups’..I think we are on the road to a better conservative agenda but how long it lasts is anyone’s guess. Lovely to have you here on Scoop!

            • Bogdan51

              P.S: That also makes me a biggest Sarah Palin’s fan in both countries with a combined population of 60 milion.

              Not bad at all!

  • Jean_A

    Don’t you just like the trolls that say they held their nose and voted for McCain/Palin and will do the same for Romney? What a freckin joke?

  • Landscaper59

    i like scoop! this www stream is nfl linebacker rough. glad i have my man panties on. a scoop disclaimer should warn “you will get punched in the mouth” here.

    • You need to read and think about the Comment Policy if you expect to last long here.

      • Landscaper59

        your reply/threat was as the offical scoop dictator? free speech is free as long as you agree kbob? says who? keep punching bob, i’m a man with two eyes and two ears, willing to listen.

        • Free speech means you can say what you want on your own blog. This is Scoop’s site, and you can either follow his rules or not. Makes no difference to me.

          However, if you don’t comply with the Comment Policy, you will lose your comment privileges.

          Your choice.

  • Reno Reno

    i have lost all respect for her when I read about her one night affair with a black college basketball player. She’s used goods to me.

  • kessi7

    In 2008, there were two applauses that rang through the nation. The first was When O won the election and came out and spoke in Chicago. The second was when Sarah was introduced at the convention. Almost 4 yrs later, only one of them still wields that same influence and power.
    Good things they say sometimes dont last long, when they do, it is a gift from God… Behold one of such. This woman is not just a National Treasure, She is a gift to mankind. America, pls share her… maybe in sharing her with the world will she really accomplish that which you desire. Ever wondered why O spoke in Germany before he was ‘imasculated’?

  • kessi7

    @Bogdan 51
    You are the generation of Citizen Js that she talks about, and you seem to be the doing the noble job of defending The daughter of liberty. You remind me of a certain Jew called Abner, who stood by David…kudos bro

    • Bogdan51

      Thank Kessi. I have my best years wasted (i’ve explained it above as well) when languishing under the communist boot and whip for many years so I feel as immdiate revulsion towards anything that smells LEFTISM and as immediate LOVE towards the true defenders of FREEDOM.

      And no one is better in defending our FREEDOM like SARAH PALIN.

      Greetings from Australia

  • Well, I promised VirginiaGentleman I’d watch this and weigh in later. But for some reason, this video is just not streaming well over my connection. I have blazingly fast fiber optic internet up at Boogie North, but down here in God’s Country, we have to pipe in the bits through 1/2-inch PVC or something. The shorter vids usually stream OK.

    So I can’t comment on the speech. From what I’ve read here so far, I wouldn’t have much to add.

    I will note that, as usual, a Sarah Palin post at RightScoop has drawn in the usual troop of PDS trolls. It would be nice if they got some new talking points.

    Warning, flaming will not be tolerated. There, that’s out of the way.

    If anyone has found a transcript, of this speech or any of the others, feel free to post a link (please don’t cut and paste the whole thing in here). Also any shorter excerpts of the highlights on video would be nice.

    • virginiagentleman1

      You can watch it on c-span1 at 11pm eastern time if you get the chance. It’s a barn burner!

      • Well, I got to it late. I’m recording the other folks, though, and will watch ’em all. Doesn’t look like it’s coming around again, though. I’ll watch it when I’m on the road, I guess. (Uhh, not while driving!)

  • CG patriot

    As alway’s, Sarah delivers another fine speech. It’s a darn shame she didn’t run for POTUS: however and regardless– I love this woman and will alway’s support her in what ever she decides to do with her political career. Her speech was so heart felt for me with her word’s she spoke of in regards to Andrew– I miss him dearly.

    sorry my friends for not posting on a regular basis, been busy working with the re-make of Dallas. I was logged on earlier this morning, but couldn’t muster-up the energy to even post. This ole’ gal is slowing down.

    However– this is a shout out to “dow daytrader”………….. Can-it you candy ass blow-hard!!!

    Have a good evening everyone! 🙂

    • nibblesyble

      Lol, get some rest girl! Always happy to see your posts.

  • It is no mistake that she was wearing a star of David. Sarah is a patriot and a God loving right winger! May God continue to bless Sarah Palin. And to bless America with her wisdom and principles!

  • BarbaCat

    Sarah Palin is a force coming at the right time in history.

  • Tony Lee ( at Breitbart ) has some quotes from this speech by Sarah Palin that are worth reading.

    I found this by looking over at C4P. BONUS: C4P linked this post of Scoop’s!

    Make it go viral, and make leftist heads (and the PDS Republicans’ heads) explode.

  • The American Iron Lady – Loved it!

  • Finally!

  • GreenBeretWay

    I read the comments here. Wow, hostility doesn’t further a cause nor does it flatter it.

  • SaraPFan

    Sarah Palin makes a good point about how the vanguard media knows how to research, investigate and share a story but they just refused to do so with Democrats. She cites the example of how they “discovered” Todd was not a registered Republican but rather an Independent. (Blasphemy!!) I remember this story being mainstream. Why couldn’t they apply the same research, protocol etc. “discovering” Obama was registered as a Socialist and paid membership dues to the party when he was a novice politician? I like when Palin reveals these contrasts.

  • Flashback: You may (or may not) recall that treasonous “listserve” known as the Journ“O”List, where Liberal media-types conspired during the 2008 election cycle to suppress news that would hurt Obama, including the fact that he attended Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s racist “church” for 20 years . . . or that he held his political coming-out party in the living room of domestic terrorist, Bill Ayers. Heck, the Journ“O”List even organized attacks against Sarah Palin’s son Trig who was born with Downs Syndrome! In other words, their actions were evil. Sadly, their control of what many Americans saw and read back then, helped give Obama, in effect, the presidency. File this under “When the Fourth Estate became the Fifth Column.”

    Note: It turns out the “O” in Journ“O”list stood for “O”bama <–sick.

  • Go to YouTube and watch this video:
    “She called it, folks!”

  • Awesome!

  • Sarah Palin is The BEST of The BEST….

  • Sarah Palin is Our GREAT American LEADER and HERO….

  • BarbaCat

    Her speech made me feel like I did when March came, and I knew Spring was at hand, even tho it was still snowing outside, and I was shivering with cold.

    Sarah is like knowing the Vernal Equinox is at hand. She’s the promise of daffodils n’ tulips n’ lilacs…

  • Trust1TG

    As a Governor – Palin beats out Mitt the wuss and a number of other governors.

    Palin’s RECORD – http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2012/05/07/who-is-the-real-sarah-palin

  • porightscoopfan

    DrudgeReport is linking to the segment of Palin’s speech talking about him.

    Palin is once again winning her would-be critics. With her 2:28 minute succinct, accurate, positive recollection of Matt Drudge’s contribution to citizen journalism, he has now choice but to respond with a cordial overt acknowledgement.

    Palin endorsed Orin Hatch to the consternation of Michelle Malkin, but did so by recalling the positive aspects of Hatch’s record of fiscal conservatism during the Reagan era. Forcing Hatch to earn his endorsement on the explicitly stated basis for her support. Palin phrased her endorsement with terms so cordial that Michelle Malkin was constrained to abide within the obvious region of their mutual agreement.

    On a side note, Allen West was looking very Vice Presidential this morning with his family joining him (for the first time I remember) for an on camera interview. He seemed to keep his ladies out of the camera’s field of intrusion during his first election. Perhaps he’s ramping up his ‘team’ in preparation for a more visible role in coming months. (Here’s hoping!)

  • When you go down the scorecard item by item it is difficult to find much contrast at all between Obama and Romney in terms of their objectives. Both want to step on the Second Amendment just in different ways. Both think government bailouts are essential but differ on who should get them. Both trust the most expensive ‘consensus’ government money can buy that humans cause global warming but just differ slightly on the means to ‘fix’ it.

    On the subject of health care, both openly endorse the very ‘industry’ that created the foundation for higher medical costs in the first place – insurance companies. Insurance companies do NOT care about your health. Name me the insurance company who took an oath to do no harm and heal people to the best of their ability? Like any corporation their sole obligation is to make money for their investors but when a corporation can effect crony laws that favor them, (via one of the most effective federal lobbying efforts on earth), to LIMIT competition and stipulate ‘profit controls’ on the basis of only a percentage the result is right in front of you. The more health care costs – the more money insurance companies rake in! Why should they care how much it costs you? Romney believes states should force you to buy insurance and Obama thinks the federal government should force you to buy insurance but can anyone explain exactly how putting insurance companies between you and your doctor can do anything to lower the cost of health care? This is something NEITHER of them can answer.

    And then there is gay marriage – Obama and Romney have both waffled to suit their political aspirations whenever it is convenient. Romney has actually signed a pledge to defend DOMA that was signed into federal law by Bill Clinton but whenever he is asked about the pledge he deflects and dodges, always trying to run away from the issue whenever it is brought up. That doesn’t seem very different from Obama who will say one thing today then the opposite tomorrow.

    What our country really needs is Sarah Palin as our next president. She could easily win against the Obamaromney platform of “more of the same either way”. It is her time, it is OUR time to fix our country NOW. Run Sarah, RUN!